SMOGTOWN - Tales of Gross Pollution- Early Recordings 95-96 (90s Beach punk) CD

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Features the previously unreleased early recordings of the now defunct band from '95 & '96. 'The final nail in the box of Dana Point's grubbiest sun bleached safety pinned Beach Punk phenomenon SMOGTOWN, whose demise came way too early in my crummy opinion, and meant us folk in Europe never got a chance to experience the mayhem first hand. Bah! Anyways, I've still got all the great memories on compact disc and vinyl to remind me why this bands music gave me such a buzz - no fucking around, snotty and raw self-destructo Punk Rock. "Tales" is a ragged 19 track collection of early demo material, that's essentially for anal fucks like yours truly to tie their SMOG collection off.' - Zonked



1 Cheap American Bruise  
2 No More Waves  
3 Secret Agent Superstar  
4 Thats The Difference  
5 Police Of The World  
6 Gravity  
7 Neighborhood Brat  
8 Berlin Girls  
9 Disaster Channel  
10 Friday Night  
11 Sex  
12 Tina's Guns  
13 Gunna Buy A Gun  
14 Nobody Cares  
15 Blue Murder  
16 No School  
17 Riot Time  
18 Suicide  
19 My Only Mistake