SOCIAL DEVIANTS/MICK FARREN - 10" GARBAGE(Legendary 60s psych with Gary Grimshaw artwork)

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LAST FEW!  10"  of Mick Farren's legendary 60's psych group. Stunning artwork by Detroit artist Gary Grimshaw. Ltd. edition.

Farren has stated that The Deviants were originally a community band which "did things every now and then—it was a total assault thing with a great deal of inter-relation and interdependence". Musically, Farren described their sound as "teeth-grinding, psychedelic rock" somewhere between The Stooges and The Mothers of Invention.[citation needed] The Deviants have been described as a transition between classic British psych and the punk/heavy metal aesthetic of the 1970s

A1   Garbage    
A2   I'm Coming Home    
B1   Deviation Street    
B2   Nothing Man