SSM- (Heavy Detroit 70s style electro fuzz psych )Prod by Dan of THE BLACK KEYS! -CD

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Debut album by this Detroit rock'n'roll trio formed by ex-members of the Hentchmen, Sights and Cyril Lords.

"There are two differences between SSM and countless garage-rock revivals: the sound is scruffier and the songs are smarter. Despite the vintage equipment, this is no 1960's revival; it's a warped reinvention." - The New York Times.

Sometimes described as heavy psychedelia with 70's electro influences, SSM has created a unique sound, an original rock'n'roll hybrid where fuzz guitars, lumbering bass, pop and art-rock all find their way into the mix.

"Strap on your space helmets, kids: this is Garage Rock 2.0." - Blogcritics. "SSM's debut album is anything but cookie-cutter Detroit rock, its tangle of unexpected moments and blend of guts and brains making it truly memorable." - Detroit Free Press.

"Not Just Another New Band." - The Crutch. "Absolutely essential debut release so much so that you'll never want for those Pebbles compilations ever again." - Losing Today