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StumpTone defies labels, but is clearly in the psychedelic realm. What changes - quite drastically - from song to song (and even within songs) is the level of the music's aggression. Sometimes the music is heavy droning wall of sound psych, but most of the heavy music is pleasingly melodic and makes room for lots of freaky synth sounds, backwards loops, and wild voice samples. The lineup indicates a number of guitarists and the influences are many. The guitar parts can be fantastically interstellar.

Space jams that recall early Pink Floyd but with a bit more drumming madness to accompany the guitars. When this band soars they burst through the atmosphere and the ride is hard but fun. But StumpTone has its quieter moments as well. Melancholy acoustic pieces are scattered throughout the disc, crosses between Nick Drake and the kind of bluesy tracks that tended to pop up on Pink Floyd albums. There's a gorgeous, but all too short, echoed slide guitar during one song. That it didn't continue for a while is my only real disappointment on the album. In summary, StumpTone will appeal to those who like both heavy tripped out psychedelia and quieter but still spacey psych. Aural Innovations #9 (January 2000)