SULFUR CITY - Talking Loud (gritty blues Grace Slick, Patti Smith style!) CD

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Fronted by singer/electric washboard player Lori Paradis, Canadian band Sulfur City comes roaring out of your speakers with echoes of Grace Slick, Patti Smith and Janis Joplin. This is no wimpy chick rock! Sulfur City is the first female-fronted band on Alive, and their balls-to-thewall, high-energy gritty blues style fits right in with label mates like the Black Keys and Left Lane Cruiser.

Former truck driver Paradis towers throughout, evoking Joplin, Slick and even Patti Smith on full-tilt blasters such as Whispers and Raise The Hammer; early 70s-style conscious blues-rock on War Going On; and shining on moody, swirling psych ballad One Day In June.

The band’s raging but luminescent dynamic, vividly captured by producer Dale Morningstar, gains extra depth through Keith Breit’s keyboards. In the words of an old jazz correspondent, this band “slices so much ass the room is waist-deep in ass”. We say a new star has come among us. – Kris Needs / CLASSIC ROCK

Paradis was raised in a small mining village in Northeastern Ontario, and her lyrics reflect her life experience, which has included jobs on the rougher side of blue collar life such as a truck driver on a construction crew, a bartender and a house painter, to name a few. The singer channels this into her onstage presence, and as a result she manages to tap into aggressive, bluesy vocals that are ideally suited for her talented band. – GLIDE MAGAZINE



Side A

1. Whispers

2. War Going On

3. Pockets

4. Ride With Me

5. Tie My Hands To The Floor (Don't Lie To Me)

Side B

6. Sold

7. Kings Highway (Highway)

8. Johnny

9. One Day In June

10. Raise The Hammer

11. You Don't Know Me (BONUS TRACK - CD only)