SWAMP DOGG - Gag a Maggot - w/ new liner notes by Swamp and bonus tracks- digipack CD

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Another Southern Soul rarity re-released for the first time on vinyl since its original release in 1973! (I can't recall the vinyl color) "This album is so funky that it'll gag a maggott and drown a drop. Due to the fact that a maggott is the funkiest thing on earth; if this LP can make him gag which it already has, no telling what itÍll do to your funny ass .. – Swamp Dogg Swamp Dogg's "Gag A Maggott" was recorded in 1973 at TK in Miami with an all-star cast. The CD Digipack version features two unreleased bonus tracks recorded live at KSAN radio in 1972, and includes a 6 page booklet with new liner notes and rare photos. The song "Choking To Death (From The Ties That Bind)" was recorded by Canned Heat in 1974. Thematically, this seems to be a fairly conventional soul LP -- great cover of "In the Midnight Hour" and lots of love and money in the lyrics. Granted, "Wife Sitter" is as nasty as Jody songs get, mostly because Dogg plays the cuckold-making Jody with such relish. And to call your sweeest love song "I Couldn't Pay for What I Got Last Night" is to combine the two themes more intimately than most soul men consider necessary. Nor do most soul men drive so hard -- Ivan Olander's drums, Little BeaverÍs guitar, even the horns of the Swamp Dogg Band maintain a fierce momentum that's not conventional at all.î _ Robert Christgau (Dean Of American Rock Critics



1 Wife Sitter 3:37
2 Choking To Death (From The Ties That Bind) 5:27
3 I Couldn't Pay For What I Got Last Night 2:47
4 Mighty Mighty Dollar Bill 5:01
5 Midnight Hour 3:24
6 Please Let Me Kiss You Goodbye 3:15
7 T T 2:50
8 Why Must We Fall (When We Fall In Love) 3:23
9 Plastered To The Wall (Higher Than The Ceiling) 5:01
  Bonus Tracks
10 Mama's Baby, Daddy's Maybe 5:01
11 Honky Tonk Woman 5:01