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    DIGIPAK  - Recorded in 2010 during a 14 show US tour this year, the groove on this new studio album is pure T-Model Ford. Backed by his regular touring band GravelRoad, and with stellar guest appearances by Brian Olive and Matthew Smith, Taledragger is a perfect party album with the feel and honesty of a night at the juke joint.

    Despite a mild stroke in April 2010, T-Model still plays with an intensity and consistency that belies his age. Now 90-years old, the self proclaimed “Boss of the Blues” continues to show his strengths. Playing the blues is his life, he knows no other way.  The well-documented Bad Man can be noted to, at times, simply have it bad, man.

    "More eccentric than innovative, Ford revisits riffs and motifs well-known in both Delta and Chicago blues. But he has an advantage over '30s performers, who were limited by the three-minute running time of 78-rpm records. The guitarist slips, lurches and churns until the groove becomes hypnotic. T-Model Ford may not be an originator, but when he bends a song like taffy, he twists it into a shape that is his alone." – Mark Jenkins / WASHINGTON POST

    "This is no music for the precious and wanky-fedora-headed-claptonite-bloozers who whine about sh*t being out of tune and wring their hands over a guitar being japanese-made. This is primal jankety-ass rattlin’ and buzzin’ raw music." - DEEP BLUES BLOG



    1 Same Old Train 7:08
    2 Comin' Back Home 3:44
    3 Someone's Knocking On My Door 5:14
    4 Red Dress 3:21
    5 How Many More Years 5:41
    6 Big Legged Woman 7:57
    7 I Worn My Body For So Long 4:28
    8 Little Red Rooster 3:15



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