TELESCOPES -As Approved by the Committee (Shoegaze/ Psych) CD

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As Approved by The Committee . An unbeatable combination of all their best stuff, out of print and never before released in the US. "Like mad cultural terrorists, they've taken the norm and fed it through a psychedelic blender.

It's all rather jagged and unsettling, the musical equivalent of cackling maggots spilling out through the eyeholes of the beautiful - and is both timely and exciting" (Melody Maker, 1994)



1 I Fall She Screams  
2 There Is No Floor  
3 Threadbare  
4 Anticipating Nowhere  
5 Please Before You Go  
6 Silent Water  
7 Suicide  
8 Pure Sweetest Ocean  
9 Everso  
10 Never Learn Not To Love  
11 Celeste  
12 Flying  
13 The Sleepwalk  
14 Celestial