TURPENTINE BROTHERS - We Don't Care About Your Good Times (bastard lovechild of 60's soul and Nuggets proto-punk) LP

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The Turpentine Brothers are two parts Kings of Nuthin' (singer/guitarist Justin Hubbard and organist Zack Brines) and one part Mr. Airplane Man (drummer Tara McManus). “What you get are some dark yet disturbingly exciting masterpieces that would sound perfect in a dark, smokey nightclub. This shit is just the way I like it, dirty, gritty, lowdown rock'n'roll. Get this album or miss out on one of the most exciting and important new releases of the year.” - Kopper / Garagepunk.com



A1 People Are Talkin'  
A2 Somethin's Not Right  
A3 Why Can't I Do  
A4 Fool For You  
A5 Wrong Night  
A6 I Wanna Be Close  
B1 Wastin' Time  
B2 All The Same  
B3 Pow Wow  
B4 Love's Gone Bad  
B5 One Man  
B6 We Don't Care About Your Good Times