TWO GALLANTS - The Throes plus FREE! Nothing To You ! CD

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 2 CDs for a great price!  The Throes CD  plus  FREE!  Nothing To You DIGIPACK EP 

Remixed and remastered. Equally adept at dark, brokenhearted ballads shot through with a whiskey-soaked wit that belies their youth and punked-up jigs that make the duo sound like a pared-down version of The Pogues tackling Harry Smith's anthology of American folk music. "A gloriously passionate, valorous, booze-stewed stumble". – Mojo. “The band's desperately emotive debut, 'The Throes', is the stuff rail riders and Kerouac would have rave about, delivered in a drunken Pogues-meet-Dylan-on amphetamines mess of wonder.” - Paste

PLUS: Features two remixed songs from ‘The Throes’ plus 'Sweet Baby Jesus,' and 'Fail Hard to Regain (live)'. "Refreshingly ungarnished garage-folk, and as with Dylan, storytelling is paramount.” – Harp   The

Tracklist (The Throes)

1 You Losin' Out 3:00
2 Two Days Short Tomorrow 4:57
3 Nothing To You 4:29
4 Crow Jane 8:03
5 Fail Hard To Regain 3:12
6 The Throes 6:44
7 Drive My Car 6:55
8 My Madonna 7:23
9 The Train That Stole My Man 7:49