WAVES OF FURY - Thirst - ( Lou Reed, Iggy & The Stooges, the New York Dolls influences) CD

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" Thirst " is the debut album from Somerset based Waves Of Fury. This 10 track long player sees Carter Sharp (vocals), Bim Williams (horns), Fil Ward (guitars/vocals), James Macphee (drums) and Jamie Bird (pianos/ vocals) take up the rhythm & blues blueprint and filter it through a 40+ year historical path that encompasses everything from Motown & Stax to The Stooges, Clah, Spiritualized & The Mary Chain. It's a sonic blast of an album, and a welcome breath of fresh air. Thirst was recorded at PJ Harvey's studio in Bristol.

"Scuzzy proto-punk in the vein of Iggy Pop morphing into a Motown-beat driven garage track. Sounds like a mess; but this isn't impossibly cluttered, it's impossibly good. All bursts of horn and screeching vocals _ it sounds like a forgotten gem from the Ace Records catalogue, but it's brand new." _ Nicholas Burman / Artrocker  

"They have found a way to reconcile their twin passions: Stooges and Stax, garage and soul, rock'n'roll's trash aesthetic and the exuberance and jubilation of old-style R&B."   The Guardian  

" Has a Rolling Stones swagger- it's like Steppenwolf jamming with The Commodores and is every bit as magnificent as that alliance should be." God Is In The TV 

" An unholy alliance of scowling, snarling vocals, sleazy guitar licks, Motown horns, and high octane percussion." The Mad Mackerel 

"A full assault on the senses. Lou Reed, Iggy & The Stooges, the New York Dolls influences are clear. A sonic treat!"  Blast 1386  

 "WOF really don't sound that much like anyone else. The closest comparison is probably to the jazzier numbers on The Clash's London Calling, but this is far, far weirder. Lead single "Businessman's Guide to Witchcraft" , manages to tie soulful piano and razor-edged horn stabs to raging, spitting vocals and noisy guitar - it sounds improbable and unpleasant, but, incredibly, it works wonders." The New Thing