3 HUREL- ST (70's psych fuzz guitar)CD

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1972 debut album by Turkish ethno psych-rockers, 3 Hür-El. it was in the late '60s when they formed 3 Hür-El, releasing two wonderful albums. Feridun created the double-neck saz-guitar -- a combination of electric saz and electric guitar in the same body -- and Haldun's drum set was an assemblage of darbukas (a Turkish percussive instrument which is also used in North Africa & the Arabian Peninsula) in different sizes, which were made by the copper masters of the Beyazit Bazaar in Istanbul. Their self-titled debut is comprised of a brilliant set of Turkish ethno-influenced folk-rock with a psychedelic/progressive feel, some great electric guitar and fantastic Eastern percussion. This very rare album is now available again.



1 Aşk Davası  
2 Ve Ölüm  
3 Haram  
4 Gurbet Türküsü  
5 Anadolu Dansı  
6 Lazoğlu  
7 Madalyonun Ters Yüzü  
8 Diday Dom  
9 Kara Yazı  
10 Gül'e Ninn  
11 Ölüm Al Ben  
12 Pembelikler