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READ WHAT THE CRITICS ARE SAYING ABOUT THE BANDS ON ALIVE: Here are our releases for 2014, collect em all.

(1)BLOODHOUNDS- Let Loose- HOT PINK VINYL - The band has a Stones-y retro sound drenched in Farfisa organ and harmonica.  CELEBSTONER

  (2)HANDSOME JACK- Do What Comes Naturally  ORANGE VINYL.    "Between The Lines" is the most obvious example of the Stax influence : its major key guitar and bass groove is straight out of Memphis. But it's "You And Me"'s three-note guitar solo that best captures the band's ethos : keep it simple, keep it raw, make it groove.  Stephen Lawson / The BLUES

(3) PAUL COLLINS- Feel The Noise  STARBURST VINYL "The production recalls the tight, immediate sound of the classic debut album from the Beat, and Collins is writing songs that play to his strengths as a rock & roller while displaying the lyrical viewpoint of a grown man. "

  (4) RADIO MOSCOW- Magical Dirt ON STARBURST VINYL        (T shirt available )" I would be lying if I did not say I have been completely taken with this, the fourth album from lovingly/freakishly retro combo Radio Moscow, a fabulous trio from Iowa including the amazing guitarist/singer Parker Griggs, bassist Anthony Meier and drummer Paul Marrone. With an album cover that absolutely evokes another album I have seen in my lifetime but simply can't remember- must be the font, you've got to love these guys-the band actively evokes all that was great about hard-rock trios of the '60s, the Blue Cheers, the Creams, etc., but does it with such gleeful abandon you've got to admire both their spirit and whatever time capsule they rode in on. Great fun."  Dave Dimartino / ROLLING STONE

(5) SWAMP DOGG- The White Man Made Me Do It BLACK VINYL only -   " Nothing matches the mind-blowing power of these R&B/rock/protest/ progressive masterpieces."  ROCTOBER

(6) LONESOME SHACK- More Primitive  BLACK VINYL Todd's droning blues figures display the influence of guitarists like Junior Kimbrough and John Lee Hooker, players whose playing could be described as raw, but display a powerful elegance. - PHOENIX NEW TIMES

(7) MOUNT CARMEL- Get Pure - PURPLE VINYL  -   "To play boogie so hard it sounds like hardcore you have to be some bold, badass, bombastic, boredom breaking boog-ers! They get a top rating from the BBBB The Better Boogie Bluesrock Bureau)" .  ROCTOBER

(8) JOHN THE CONQUEROR- The Good Life - RED VINYL -  There's more soul in the opening 10 seconds of "Get Em" than in most major label output combined in the past decade. - Benjamin Ricci / PERFORMER MAGAZINE

(9) HOLLIS BROWN- Gets Loaded   RED VINYL -  RUST MAGAZINE Hollis Brown makes today the best day ever. Their debut album "Ride On The Train" is an immediate classic. Pulling from the roots of rock, soul, ballads, folk and jam this hybrid sound feels as comfortable as your old jeans and sneakers on a stroll through sunlit paths. Get-up-and-jam tracks are mixed with patient ballads and they all sound distinctive. Superior songwriting, analog processing and a self-evident dedication