ASTRAL DAZE -VA VOL 1 (70 s Psych South African Rock) COMP CD

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This collection brings together rarities from artists we know (tracks from Abstract Truth, Suck, Otis Waygood, Freedom's Children, John & Philipa Cooper, McCully Workshop, Third Eye, and Hawk), as well as others we1ve not heard before, like Omega Ltd., the Bats, the Fireflies, the Idiots, Tidal Wave, and the Invaders.

Although the South African rock movement of the late sixties and early seventies was not a major commercial success, it's participants heralded an exciting new age in South African rock and started a movement aimed at changing the musical tastes of fans in a spectacular way.

Stadium concerts became the vehicle for feeding the youth with heavier rock sounds, and behind studio glass were producers like Clive Calder, Billy Forrest, Graham Beggs and Selwyn Miller who acted as change agents to transform conventional pop into heavier 4 to 5 minute songs.

The movement's struggle for recognition through airplay remained unanswered and only the true fans of rock knew about their existence.

The Whip - Suck
Astral III - The Invaders
The Boy And The Bee - Omega Limited
Straight Ahead - Otis Waygood
My Back Feels Light/What Can You Say - Abstract Truth
The Eagle Has Landed - Dickie Loader with Freedom's Children
You Keep Me Hanging On - The Flames
Blurry Visions - Buzzard
Fire - The Third Eye
Predictions - Hawk
Kafkasque - Freedom's Children
Blue Machines and Dreams - Bryan Miller's Destruction
The Mad Professor - John and Philipa Cooper
Cathy Come Home - The Fireflies
Morning Light - Tidal Wave
Race With The Devil - The Bats
Magic Dragon - The Idiots
Birds Flying High - McCully Workshop