ASTRAL PROJECTION -The Astral Scene (1968 Pop/Psych-get out the lava lamps!)CD

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This 1968 Pop/Psychedelic Rock album is just chock full spacey instrumentation and utilizes horns, woodwind, and string sections very much like those used in Sgt. Peppers. The theme of this release is based upon the thoughts and feelings experienced if one were to leave the physical body (Astral Projection) and become the spiritual embodiment (Astral Body).

The Astral Body begins to go back into the physical body and causes one to think about The Astral Scene..There are some very nice male and female vocals which are backed up by the great orchestration and this LP is one to set the lights down low on and turn on the Lava Lamps!!!


1 (Astral Projection...Leaving The Body) Overture The Sunshine Seekers 3:00
2 Plant Your Seed 2:48
3 (Mind Flight) ...Overture The Airways Of Imagination 3:23
4 The Happening People 3:15
5 Accordion Pleated Mind 2:32
6 (Astral Exploration) ... Overture Dreams, Shadows, And Illusions 3:10
7 Whatta We Gotta Lose 2:58
8 Something To Believe In 2:47
9 Today I Saw The Sunrise 2:14
10 (Spiral Interiorization) ...Overture The Astral Scene 4:10