AVE ROCK- ST (70s Argentine space psych)CD

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Excellent debut album from one of Argentina’s best groups, which included Daddy Antogna from Orion’s Beethoven; very spacey psychedelic progressive from 1974, featuring the sweet ‘Ausencia’, the moody ‘El absurdo y la melodía’, and the great guitars and organ of ‘Gritos’; the best track might well be the long improvised instrumental ‘Viva Bélgica’; a very good effort, full of shifting rhythms and rich melodies.

“Ave Rock were Argentina’s version of a progressive Deep Purple; great guitar driven heavy prog/psych drenched in tons of Hammond organ. Songs are very well developed with some nice mood variations and dynamic arrangements. Although there are some vocals they play a minor role as the album is mostly instrumental.

The entire album is pretty trippy and spacey, with tons of guitar, bass, drum and Hammond interplay. I Clearly one of the classics of Argentinian rock, and a fantastic record.



1 Ausencia  
2 El Absurdo Y La Melodia  
3 Gritos  
4 Dejenme Seguir  
5 Viva Belgica