BEAUTIFUL LOSERS - Nobody Knows the Heaven (70s French Bolan style ) CD

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If the LP had been released in 1971, everyone would point to T-Rex as an influence, and call it “glam folk”; fast forward to today and it’s hard not to think “loner,” and draw comparisons with the music of Devendra Banhart, albeit recorded 35 years ago!

We’re now several decades further on in the world’s slow self-destruction, but this sole recording by the Beautiful Losers has lost nothing of its freshness and superb arrogance. Blessed be the listener who is going to discover such a hidden treasure!

Bonus Tracks: 17. Nobody Knows the Heaven (alternate version) (4:48)


1 Welcome  
2 Oxford 1825  
3 Spanish Woman  
4 You Are Free  
5 Nobody Knows The Heaven  
6 Rendez-vous  
7 I Wonder Why You Cry Today  
8 All Is Gone  
9 Like An Old General  
10 African Queen  
11 Something To Do  
12 The Shining Car  
13 Suicide/inside Out  
14 All Is Going So Slow  
15 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah  
16 There Is A Blow  
17 Nobody Knows The Heaven