BILLY BOND Y LA PESADA Del Rock and Roll - 1-2 (heavy psych 1972) CD

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Heady and heavy work from Billy Bond and La Pesada Del Rock & Roll -- a guitar heavy group from Argentina, and one with plenty of blues rock overtones!

The guitars are definitely turned up to 11 here -- jamming with an intensity to match some of the best hard rock sides from Peru reissued by the Lazarus label in recent years -- and like those sets, there's a sound here that's an intensification of earlier beat group modes -- taken into much harder territory for the 70s. The production is great -- earthy, trippy, and a little bit spooky -- and the album's got an oddly unsettling feel, one that's familiar at first, but then increasingly estranged as the record moves on.

Quite compelling.



  Volume I
1 Salgan Al Sol 3:14
2 Divertido Reventado 1:50
3 Verdes Prados 3:07
4 Buen Día Señor Presidente 4:36
5 El Parque 4:43
6 Cada Día Somos Más 4:37
7 Dueño De Tu Piel 2:26
8 Voy Creciendo 8:26
  Volume II
9 La Pálida Ciudad 2:57
10 La Máquina 4:40
11 Blues Para Mis Amigos 7:26
12 Que Descanses En Paz 2:04
13 Para Qué Nos Sirven 3:10
14 Voy A Ver Un Amigo 3:38
15 La Marcha De San Lorenzo 5:32