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CORDS - GHOST POWER- DBL 45 REISSUE FROM 1969 MASTER TAPES - Label:OKTAY The Cords were a group of Franciscan monks from Pulaski, Wisconsin, who made an album and two great singles for the legendary Cuca label in 1970. Both singles are reissued here on this double seven-inch vinyl release, packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve and sourced from the original master tapes. "Ghost Power" (famous from its appearance on Back From the Grave) is a wild Farfisa-driven instrumental, as is the deranged "Cords, Inc," while "Trink" and "Waiting Here For You" are excellent mournful garage-pop vocal numbers. Liner notes by Gary E. Myers tell the band's story, and the attractive gatefold cover includes photos of these musical monks in their heyday. (OKtay Records) 45 RPM $17 SKU:20230

BATTERHAM, NICK - Golden Boy(Aussie pop w big hooks, jangling guitars) -Label:POPBOOMERANG At first you might think the big hooks, jangling guitars and layers of harmonies on Nothing lasts – the glorious, infectious radio-hit-in-waiting second track on Golden Boy – don t fit with the rest of the album s generally sparse and subtle landscape. In fact, Nothing lasts , which is as accomplished a pop song as anything Batterham wrote for The Earthmen, fits the mood of this album to a tee CD $10 SKU:20040

BEAT TABOO - Dirty Stash(Aussie Garage-beat-swamp stompers)Label:OFF THE HIP Garage-beat-swamp stompers abound on the debut ten track album from Melbourne's The Beat Taboo. Featuring a primo garage pedigree: The Crusaders, King Daddy, The Reprobettes, Dollsquad, Alchatrash, to name a few. Recorded and mixed by Raul Sanchez (Magic Dirt/Midnight Woolf) and mastered by Mikey Yound (ECSR, Total Control). CD $10 SKU:20036

GRINDHOUSE- Can I Drive Your Commodore (Garage Proto punk )Label:OFF THE HIP Reservoirs prolific purveyors of Garage Proto punk rock Grindhouse are back with their third long player instalment "Can I Drive your Commodore". Coming in at just over 25 minutes the boys deliver 10 blistering tracks of non stop high octane rock,n,roll. This time the boys coerced Steven McDonald Redd Kross/ OFF!/ Melvins to come to Frankston to work his recording and producing magic on this hard drinking classic. "Can I drive your commodore" grab your copy of this bad boy NOW!!!!!**Peter Russell Clarke was not harmed in the making of this record.
CD $10 SKU:20039

LITTLE MURDERS- Best of (Legendary Australian Power Pop)-Label:OFF THE HIP Legendary Australian Power Pop band who've been releasing classic guitar songs since 1979. Rob Griffiths and co are celebrating four decades of their brand of modish-powerpop with a best of Cd and tour of Japan.From their debut 7" to tracks from their most recent album, Little Murders' best of Cd covers their entire career. CD $10 SKU:20038

MJ HALLORAN - Comes the Light (Aussie blues punk style) Label:OFF THE HIP Australian-born artist MJ Halloran formed The Sinners in New York during late 2009 as a platform for his blues/rock/punk songs of perversion and antipathy.
MJ has played and recorded with Spencer P Jones, Brian Hooper, Dee Pop, and John Nolan, recorded in New York, Gijon(Sp.), Melbourne and Berlin, and toured Europe. CD $10 SKU:20224


INSTANT FLIGHT- ENDLESS JOURNEY (psych pop rock)-Label:HEADSPIN 2nd and follow up album to their highly acclaimed debut 'Colours & Lights' from 2005. INSTANT FLIGHT is a London based 4 piece psychedelic pop/rock band, who have also worked closely with 'the god of hell fire' Arthur Brown, forming his backing band - they play on the Dvd "Arthur Brown Live at the London Astoria". This second album features 12 glorious psychedelic pop/rock tunes that stick to the mind like bees on honey. All tracks breathe the UK 1968 freakbeat atmosphere, though melodic & timeless, songs loaded with nice lead guitars/slide guitars, mellotron, organs, even the 60's r&b harmonica is present occasionally, as well as flute, trombone, trumpet & bouzouki. Some songs feature typical St. Pepper's type arrangements and shine like "Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds", colourful and surrealistic, while others float on a middle eastern carpet, taking you on a journey beyond the land of dreams. The CD comes with a nice colourful 12 page booklet including all lyrics and is illustrated with surrealistic paintings by Marco Magnani, singer/guitarist/songwriter of the band. An 'Endless Journey' to 'Dreamland' in a 'Universe In A Verse' going 'Back To The Light' where 'The Best Part' of 'The Land Is The Same' with a 'Vanishing' 'Magic Stream' of 'Gentle Waves Of Sound' were we 'Celebrate' and 'Play For A fool' so we can 'Get Away' and fly forever more... CD $10 SKU:18751

J.RIDER- NO LONGER ANONYMOUS(1976 Acid Archives fave!)Label: MACHU PICCHU Officially licensed from the group, here's a remastered CD with the entire 'Lunar Dust' sessions as bonus tracks, plus sleeve notes by Aaron Milenski (co-author of 'The Acid Archives'). Hot on the heels of the reissue of Anonymous' classic album 'Inside The Shadow', Machu Picchu reissues their elusive and legendary follow-up. After the 1976 release of 'Inside The Shadow', the group decided to change their name to J. Rider (after the second cut on the Anonymous LP) and pursued a similar rich vein of impeccable songwriting, but this time adding more hard rock to the mix, resulting in a fantastic sounding album that sadly went unreleased at the time. The excellent reissue label OR Records already put out a small edition in 1996, but now there's a deluxe edition of this gem, complete with new sleeve art. It also happens to come with an entire unreleased 10-song album, recorded in the '90s by the group's visionary songwriter Ron Matelic and featuring most of the members of Anonymous. It's a fascinating complement to the Anonymous and J. Rider albums. CD $14 SKU:19408

JAMES GANG - RIDES AGAIN (70s rock)Label:BGO Second album (1970)by the Cleveland, OH area’s own James Gang, featuring the many talents of future music biz big shot Joe Walsh. This was the first album after Dale Peters replaced Tom Kriss on bass. More to the point here, "Rides Again" includes the popular single ‘Funk #49’ as well as the band’s AOR classic ‘The Bomber. CD $8 SKU:19202

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - Live at the Fillmore 1966( full-color booklet with background notes and rare images ) Label:KEYHOLE (UK) Grace Slick joined Jefferson Airplane in mid-October 1966, and this incredible live set was recorded at San Francisco's most renowned live venue a month later, during the sessions for their breakthrough Surrealistic Pillow (1967) album. It captures the band at the end of their embryonic journey, as they evolved from their folk-rock beginnings into the psychedelic style for which they are best known, just before the San Francisco scene exploded internationally. Includes a full-color booklet with background notes and rare images. CD $15 SKU:16491

JEFFERSON STARSHIP- SAN FRANCISCO, DECEMBER 1979 (2CD)-Label:ROX VOX Featuring remastered sound, this is a DOUBLE-CD of KSAN FM Radio broadcast live recordings of a December 1979 show at the X in San Francisco. This is the line-up with singer Mickey Thomas and drummer Aynsley Dunbar CD $12 SKU:18470


JOY OF COOKING -FILLMORE WEST, SAN FRANCISCO 1971-Label:AIR CUTS A release of remastered radio broadcast live recordings of cult band Joy Of Cooking, captured performing in San Francisco 1971. Liner notes and rare archival images are included. CD $16 SKU:19289

BEAUTIFUL DREAMS -Ember Sixties Pop: Volume 5, Ember Girls (66-69) Label:FANTASTIC VOYAGE The concluding chapter of the Ember Sixties Pop series, which covers the years 1966 to 1969, and compiles the releases of three fine female singers. The publicity conscious Ember boss Jeffrey Kruger saw an opportunity to promote supermodel Twiggy as a singer, and signed her to the label in 1966. Her two singles were written and produced by Tommy Scott, who had overseen Twinkle’s hits ‘Terry’ and ‘Golden Lights.’ At the time, the singles became huge hits in Japan, which resulted in Twiggy appearing at the Budokan Hall in Tokyo, not singing her songs but parading the latest fashions while a local group played Beatles covers as accompaniment! Linda Thorson was a television favorite as the glamorous sidekick on The Avengers TV series. Ember revealed the singing side of her talents via a deal in 1968 with singer-songwriter/producer Kenny Lynch. Lynch came up with four very commercial songs for the recording sessions: ‘Here I Am’ ‘Better Than Losing You,’ ‘A Bad Time To Stop Loving Me,’ and ‘I’ll Just Pick Up My Heart.’ Linda’s next Ember session occurred in May 1970 in Beverly Hills, so, for completeness sake, they have extended the timeline to present those three songs in this compilation. Julie Rogers, a powerful singer with stunning looks, shot to fame in 1964 when her second Philips single, ‘The Wedding’ was a transatlantic hit both in the UK and USA. Her next contract was signed with Ember in 1969. Two sets of sessions that year produced the fourteen tracks that made up her album “Once More With Feeling,” presented here in its entirety. All recordings are mastered from tapes and the booklet is illustrated with sleeve and label shots. The original Ember records are highly collectable: so you can’t beat these great beat and rock collections from the Ember vaults. Nice shrink-wrapped slip-case packaging COMP CD $8 SKU:19204


SHINDIG!- #36 Country Joe and the Fish Flying high with San Francisco's hippie-rock agitators. THE ARTWOODS: The London R&B kingpins who should've been huge. PRINCIPAL EDWARDS MAGIC THEATRE: -Performance art meets folk-prog! BIG JIM SULLIVAN: The life and times of Brit session guitarist extraordinaire. Plus RD LAING, THE ORGONE BOX, AFFINITY and much more... BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:15564

COLLINS , PAUL -NERVES) LONG TIME GONE/TO BEAT OR NOT TO BEAT-CDLabel:LOLLIPOP Paul Collins' (from The Nerves, The Breakaways) two long lost EPs with his band The Beat from the early '80s make it to Lolipop Records as the first re-issue on all formats in over 30 years, from the "king of power pop" himself. To Beat Or Not To Beat was recorded in New York in 1983 at The Ranch with John Mathias (The Romantics) and Paul Collins/Steven Huff producing. It was released in the U.S. by Jem/Passport Records and then it was later released in Europe on Closer Records France and Dro Records Spain. The single "All Over The World" was featured regularly on KROQ in Los Angeles and got a lot of airplay in France and in Spain. Steve and Paul toured in Europe off that record for several years until they wound up in London where they recorded their follow-up EP Long Time Gone, just before returning to the States. Long Time Gone was released in 1985 on Closer France and Dro Spain, and both records were released as a two-fer on Wounded Bird Records in 2004. Paul recalls those days fondly, "I remember getting an $800 royalty check for 'All Over The World' when I was living in San Francisco so I went out and bought a used green Datsun B210! I would always hum 'All Over The World' as I drove up and down all those hills in SF!" CD $12 SKU:18781

CRAZY PEOPLE - Bedlam(pioneering 60's Psych)Label:GEAR FAB he innovative and pioneering 60's Psychedelic band from Lumberton, North Carolina. All 10 songs from their classic 1969 LP, 4 earlier recordings from 1966 by the bands' predecessor group The Young Ones, 2 tracks from the post-Cykle band from 1969 -The Rhodes Scholars, plus solo material from Jimmy Sossamon. 17 tracks in all!!!! CD $10 SKU:19616

DOMNICKS- Hey Rock and Roller EPCD (garage power pop ) Label:OFF THE HIP The DomNicks combine the Perth Garage Rock/Power Pop legend Dom Mariani (The Stems, DM3, Someloves), with the British punk attack of Nick Shepherd (The Clash, The Cortinas). CD $8 SKU:11254

FOX- Simple Songs (West coast pop 1972) - Label:GEAR FAB On the heels of the Majic Ship breakup, guitarists Phil Polimeni and Tom Nikosey added the alents of Jim Ayoub to form Fox, the Brooklyn-based acoustic trio whose original melodies and harmonies set the stage for their move West to California in 1972.These recordings have been revived, sounding amazingly fresh and timeless. Half of Fox's tapes were made at the infamous Glenn Holly Studio, owned and operated by Phil Polemini, where may famous musicians would hide away to record, late into the morning hours. This is the very studio where Phil's friend and legendary guitarist Tommy Bolin jammed endlessly from 1972 through 1976. CD $10 SKU:19649

FROWNING CLOUDS-Listen Closlier )60s style garage Pebbles style)Label:OFF THE HIP Amazing debut album by 5 teenagers from Geelong, Australia playing the most authentic sounding garage, beat and R'n'B you’ll hear today. You'd swear this album was recorded circa 1965. If you have ever listened to the comps; Back From The Grave, Pebbles, Ugly Things or Nuggets then you'll be instantly blown away by this fantastic record. The Frowning Clouds don't pummel you with fuzz. No, their's is a sadder, more forlorn look at impossible love, teenage angst and rabid yearning. CD $10 SKU:11326

GOLDEN RAIL - TRAILS FROM NOWHERE (classic rock/pop 60s 70s style) Label:OFF THE HIP The album has a classic rock/pop combination of guitars, bass and drums with some generous harmonies and occasional keyboard flourishes. It's a reading of 60's and 70's popCD $10 SKU:19149

GREEN CIRCLES- Mr Cocking’s Descent - GARAGE ROCK - Label:OFF THE HIP The Green Circles have more hooks than a piranha's mouth. - Phil Suggitt, Shindig CD $10 SKU:17855

INFERNO -Death and Madness (rare 80s German Punk)Label:GTA Records LAST 3 COPIES OF OUT OF PRINT TITLE Inferno is a punk band from germany with Zong/bass Archi/guitar Howie/vocals and Haxe/drums. Death and Madness includes 72 minutes of crucial German hardcore trash from 83-87. Tracks also include demo and live recordings. CD $25 SKU:16900

INFINITY- Collected Works 1969-70 (UK psych legends) Label:ACME Legendary UK psych outfit Infinity formed in 1969 from the ashes of “Chocolate Soup” psych faves the Flies and Cymbaline. The mission: to develop a heavy psychedelic/pop sound, and express it through complex original songs. Thanks to some funky Hammond organ, punchy guitars, and the band’s unique harmonies, Infinity were no run of the mill outfit. Upon their return to mainland England from a residency in Jersey, they joined the high-profile NEMS agency, alongside heavy hitters like Pink Floyd, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Soft Machine, and Pretty Things. In late 1969 and early 1970, following support slots with The Searchers and Marmalade, Infinity recorded original material for a proposed album, which was meant to explore “time, space, matter, energy and chicken phal, said in some circles to be so hot in a culinary sense that it's temperature approached infinity,” or so they have said, with tongue-in-cheek, we have to believe. Sadly, they broke up soon after the sessions. The good news is that the band left behind the recordings presented on this disc, which can now be enjoyed in the digital format after the passage of more than four decades! Comes with a 24-page booklet which includes band history, photos, and more, printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy. CD $10 SKU:11333

JACOBITES / NIKKI SUDDEN-God Save Us Poor Sinners-Label:BOMP Records Nikki Sudden's third album with the Jacobites, in collaboration with guitarist/singer Dave Kusworth. Beautiful songs of bittersweet life stories, a waterfall of guitars, and carries the unmistakable mark and sound of Nikki Sudden. Nikki’s first band Swell Maps has been one of the main influences of Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. Members of REM recorded an album as his backup band in 1992 and the Lemonheads, among others, covered one of his songs. This CD has four different tracks from the European version, and different artwork. CD $10 SKU:2056

JAGGED EDGE AKA THE OFF-SET-LAST COPIES! A CHANGE IS GONNA COME (60s garage psych)Label:BREAKAWAY Break-A-Way presents the bands first complete long player incl. their two sharp 45s and for the first time a fistful of six vintage demos. The LP has the bands 1966 all-time garage classic debut 45, "You Cant Keep A Good Man Down b/w How Shes Hurtin Me" and their second single release "A Change Is Gonna Come" b/w their wild psychedelic raga classic "Xanthia" recorded under the moniker "Off-Set". Additionally there are two alternate takes of single tracks and four completely unreleased 1965/66 recordings such as the psych/punker "Lies I Spoke" completely with psychy effects and a raga-esque break; the strong moody folkrocker "Look In Her Eyes" as well as "Reflections" and "Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself", two tracks from the poppier side of the band. This collection proves : the Jagged Edge were way ahead of their times and finally carve out their slice of rock history. All tracks are painstakingly remastered for the garage connoisseurs listening pleasure CD $14 SKU:8383

(1) PAINKILLERS digipack CD
(3) BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES - A Touch Of Someone Else's Class CD
(6) JAMES LEG- Below the Belt DIGIPACK CD

JOHN THE CONQUEROR -ST (great bluesy heavy rock) Label:ALIVE John The Conqueror’s self-titled debut album is an amalgamation of the many sounds and styles (old and new) mined from both the North and the South. Cousins Pierre Moore (vocals & guitar) and Michael Gardner (drums) are natives of Jackson, MS, while bassist Ryan Lynn hails from Philly – where the trio now call home. Together they mix a bedrock of raw deep blues with funk, soul, punk and scuzzed-up rock-n-roll into one helluva potent musical Molotov cocktail. Moore and Gardner have been playing together in bands since their college days in Oxford, MS, and Moore learned to play guitar in his early teens from a homeless man who slept in the back room of an auto repair shop.

"The trio from Mississippi, now based in Philly, have the smoothness of classic 50’s soul mixed with a southern twang." – Knuckle Rumbler

"It’s all smokestacks, greasy ball bearings, mudslides, and corn liquor swilled from mason jars; raggedly scorching guitar riffs, a thunderous rhythm section, and howled vocals. ‘Say What You Want’ rockets me off my rear every time." – Brian Greene / Happening Magazine

"Leader Pierre Moore has a matter-of-fact singing voice, tasteful six-string skills and a tuneful writing style that balances licks and melody and avoids classic rock overload." – Michael Toland / The Big Takeover.

"They will bring you from the church to the juke joint in four quick minutes." – Mad Chicago

"John The Conqueror's new LP is downright street smart funky." – Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout.

"Pierre Moore is a charismatic frontman, strutting the stage, ripping away at guitar licks and belting out dynamic vocals. Joining Moore are his cousin Michael Gardner, a force of nature on drums, and local guy Ryan Lynn, who brings a rumbling low end to the mix." – The Key WXPN CD $10 SKU:14629

JOHN THE CONQUEROR - The Good Life (great bluesy heavy rock) Label:ALIVE There's more soul in the opening 10 seconds of "Get Em" than in most major label output combined in the past decade. - Benjamin Ricci / PERFORMER MAGAZINE CD $10 SKU:15749

JOYNER,BRUCE & THE UNKNOWNS- ST (Early Sire band) Label:MARILYN Anthology of this seminal LA band from the early 80s which recorded for Sire. The album includes unreleased material and liner notes by Bruce Joyner. CD $5 SKU:2359

JUAN DE LA CRUZ-HEMIG NATIN(GREAT 70S GARAGE PSYCH from the Philippines)Label:VICOR First release of this essential album (1973) by hard-rock powerhouse power trio (a band, not a man) from the Philippines, who flourished in the 1970s-their first studio only album .Includes the garage-psych great, I Wanna Say Yeah. CD $10 SKU:1959

JUAN DE LA CRUZ- MASKARA (bluesy stoner jams)-Label:VICOR ENTERTAINMENT (Philippines) Totally rocked out bluesy stoner jams, with sex and party obsessed lyrics that are pure rock ‘n’ roll. "Maskara" was originally released in 1974—it’s the band’s second studio album— and is another outstanding collection of heavy duty rockers featuring the classic band line-up of Wally Gonzales, Mike Hanopol, and Joey “Pepe” Smith. Highlights abound: ‘Pinoy Blues’, ‘Nadapa Sa Arina’, ‘Beep Beep’, ‘We Love You’, ‘Palengke’, and ‘Pagod Sa Pahinga’—quite a few of which were featured on the unofficial “Shake Your Brains” disc from a few years ago (always a customer favorite). No-frills packaging, but still a great way to acquire some of the best material by these heavy rock legends. Digitally remastered. CD $10 SKU:18948

JULIETTE SEIZURE & THE TREMOR-DOLLS- NIKKI AND THE CORVETTES STYLE POWEPOP!Label:OFF THE HIP "CHEWING OUT YOUR RHYTHM ON MY BUBBLEGUM- Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls set out to be a blend of first wave punk and 60s girl-groups, taking the brattiness of the Zeros and the diabetes inducing sweetness of the Chiffons to make a mutant creation for fans of the Muffs, Nikki & the Corvettes, Tina & the Total Babes and anyone who likes their powerpop with a healthy dose of punk. CD $10 SKU:18018

JULIETTE SEIZURE & THE TREMOR-DOLLS- Seizure Salad (punk 60s girl group style)-Label:OFF THE HIP Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls are a six-piece band from Australia. They have set out to be a blend of first wave punk and 60s girl-groups, taking the brattiness of the Zeros and the diabetes-inducing sweetness of the Chiffons to make a mutant creation for fans of The Muffs, Nikki and The Corvettes, Tina & the Total Babes and anyone who likes their powerpop with a healthy dose of punk. Tremor-Dolls have combined all of their favourite elements like distorted guitars, three-part harmonies, matching outfits CD $10 SKU:19184

REED, LOU - Banging On My Drums- Double CD w rare tracks, photos and interview -Label:KEYHOLE Includes Velvet Underground classics, solo album gems and unreleased tracks, rare photos and a revealing background interview. This superb live double album contains rare recordings made by rock legend Lou Reed in America, Canada, Australia and Holland between 1975 and 1977. Taking in Velvet Underground classics, gems from his solo albums and a smattering of unreleased tracks, it finds him at arguably the peak of his powers, and comes complete with rare photos and an illuminating background interview. CD $22 SKU:16292

REED, LOU - Hassled in April (1978 ) -Label:KEYHOLE The broadcast recordings included on this release showcases Lou Reed's eighth solo album, Street Hassle, which was issued in April 1978, during the most prolific period of the man's recording career. CD $16 SKU:16425

BAD TIMING- Compiles the best of the late 80's perth garage/pop scene - Label:OFF THE HIP Compiles the best of the late 80's perth garage/pop scene: THE STEMS, THE NEPTUNES, THE MARIGOLDS, THE TRIFFIDS, CHAD'S TREE, THE GRAVEROBBERS (ex-BAMBOOS), THE JACKALS, DIDDYWAH HOODADDYS, NEVER NEVERS, THE PALISADES and KRYPTONICS. COMP CD $10 SKU:4509

BORN TO LOSE - LA Punk , unrel tracks by Zeros , Iggy, Modern Lovers and more ) LAST COPIES -Label:ALIVE Soundtrack to underground punk rock movie periphery of the LA music scene. Witth rare and unreleased tracks by some of the coolest bands around : ZEROS, LAZY COWGIRLS, JONESES, FANCY LADS, WHITE FLAG, DARLINGS, etc COMP CD $5 SKU:1871

BOSTON UNDERGROUND - VA 79 -82 Includes a 4-page booklet, lots of nice photos.- Label:MOULTY Post-punk from groups who played the legendary Underground Club, 1979-1982. Includes unreleased material that sounds like early The Cure, Joy Division, Gang Of Four, etc., but with Boston accents! Bands are: Native Tongue, Insteps, Young Snakes, Lori Green, Dangerous Birds, Maps, Art Yard. Lots of cool photos, info on these little-known bands who never got any attention or recognition, some of these groups never released records back then. Includes a 4-page booklet, lots of nice photos. COMP CD $10 SKU:18758

BURIED ALIVE -Vol 1 Rare Bad Religion, Redd Kross, MIA, RF7 ( 80s Punk ) LAST COPIES Label:BOMP Records Orig released in 1987 cassette-only, this is the first time for most of these tracks on CD and vinyl. Has two classic Bad Religion tracks, "Bad Religion" (a completely different version from their first single, cut specially for Smoke 7) and "Drastic Actions". COMP CD $10 SKU:2095

BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ- Vol 2- More of the high art of.... ( 60s Psych ) - Label:ARF ARF In this collection of 28 boss '60s instrumentals, you'll experience mynd-expanding sonic textures, mellifluous lines, and day glow sonic creativity. Lying aesthetically somewhere in the orbit between "Telstar" and the "Third Stone From The Sun," these vintage musical sagas will prove that the world ain't square nor our universe flat. COMP CD $12 SKU:20042

ChOP SUEY ROCK - VA Vol 2 - Songs about the Orient (obscure 60s garage) Label:HOT AND SOUR Fantastic mix or rare and obscure 60s Rock & Roll tracks with an oriental flavor. COMP CD $14 SKU:11455

ChOP SUEY ROCK - VA Vol 1 - SOngs about the Orient (obscure 60s garage) Label:HOT AND SOUR Fantastic mix or rare and obscure Rock & Roll tracks with an oriental flavor.COMP CD $14 SKU:20045

DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUB-Vol 1(garage, surfbeat and film noir pastiche)- Label:DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUBA garage, surfbeat and film noir pastiche on CD, featuring screaming guitars, smoking bass, torn vocal chords and sweet organs. That is 'Down At The Nightclub'. On Vol. 1 you will find a collection of the finest Dutch bands currently around, including The Black Marble Selection, The Reaction, Holy Joe & The Alcoholites, The Bunny Bonanzas, The Surfbeat Club, The Miners Of Muzo, The Malbehavers and De Stekkers. COMP CD $15 SKU:19428

DUTCH BEAT EXPLOSION- 60S DUTCH BEAT BEATLESQUE-Label:DISTORTIONS Great compilation of Dutch beat. A style typical for Holland in the 60's and based around beatlesque mid 60's tunes. Bands included ao CAVALIERS, SOUND SPECIALS, DOUBLE DUTCH, SCARLETS, SANDY COAST, JAYJAYS, NICOLS, TOREROS, KWYET, TYKES, PENNY WISE, HAIGS, HAMLETS, WOW, MIDNYTT FYRAN, and many more.
T COMP CD $10 SKU:18753

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS SAMPLER - VA Vol 2Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) Here's the second chapter of the mighty 'Heavy Psych Sounds Records' sampler. These tracks were taken from the label's releases of late 2016 and also includes some unreleased gems from 2017. Black Rainbows and Killer Boogie both recorded a cut exclusively for this release! COMP CD $8 SKU:20021

MORE PSYCHEDELIC GUITARS - & PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS - 2 ON 1 CD (Extremely rare 1960s Exploito albums ) - Label:GEAR FAB Psychedelic Guitars & Psychedelic Visions- Extremely rare 1960s Exploito albums recorded by unknown studio musicians. Very much in the vein and style of Tswift & Bokaj Retsiem, these albums show the mainstream Music Industrys attempt at cashing in on the then new Psychedelic Sounds coming from the East & West coasts. Turn on the Lava Lamps!! COMP CD $10 SKU:11170

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- Arkansas In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB This is Gear Fab's first trip to the Razorback State! Many of these tracks have never before been heard, let alone compiled in the past. Features music by Five By Five, The Light Brigade, The Rubber Band, The Spires Of Oxford, Paul Allen, The Vectors, AND MORE COMP CD $10 SKU:6530

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- Alabama In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB More great unearthed 60's stuff by recently discovered bands from Alabama. Lots of unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18599

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- FLORIDA In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB Featuring many never before heard bands. Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18601

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- FLORIDA In The 60’s VOL 2-Label:GEAR FAB Featuring many never before heard bands. Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18604

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- FLORIDA In The 60’s VOL 3-Label:GEAR FAB Featuring many never before heard bands. Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18605

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- FLORIDA In The 60’s VOL 4-Label:GEAR FAB Many unseen photos and stories. 26 tracks. COMP CD $10 SKU:18606

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- MARYLAND In The 60’s DOUBLE CD -Label:GEAR FAB DOUBLE CD Featuring many never before heard bands. Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $14 SKU:18609

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- MISSISSIPPI In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB Featuring many never before heard bands from the great delta state! Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18611

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- MISSOURI In The 60’s VOL 1&2 DOUBLE CD Label:GEAR FAB Featuring many never before heard bands. Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $14 SKU:18612

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- OHIO In The 60’s VOL 2-Label:GEAR FAB 27 rare and never before released tracks from the great state of Ohio! any unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18614

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- WISCONSIN In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB 31 Rare and unreleased tracks!! COMP CD $10 SKU:18616

PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS- Vol. 3 (legendary 60s garage psych ) - Label:SCRAP Another ace volume in this legendary series sees a reissue. With tracks by The 4 Of Us, Bx2 9/29/2014The State Of Mind, The Xtreems, The Crome Syrcus, The Trolls, The Touch and more... Excellent new artwork too!! COMP CD $14 SKU:1154

TRIBUTE TO THE STEMS-The Great Stems Hoax (19 Australian and international garage & power-pop bands)Label:OFF THE HIP Nineteen Australian and international garage & power-pop bands have been compiled to pay tribute to one of Australia's most influential bands- The Stems! While the quintet enjoyed considerable success at home and abroad on an indie level they all but suddenly disbanded at the height of their popularity August of 1987. Reliving their 60's flavoured pop are bands like Even, P76, The Nuggets and The Crusaders to name a few. Comes with a full 16 page color booklet & liner notes from their true fans. For fans of The Hitmen, Hoodoo Gurus, DM3 and the Flamin' Groovies. COMP CD $10 SKU:19210