Mar 17, 2023


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DEEP - VOL. 1 (Italian)-(fuzzed out 70s riffs) Label:TRANSUBSTAN OK, so you hear about a lot of bands fetching inspiration from the 70's/80's heavy scene. Now here's a band that does more than fetch inspiration from that era - they ARE that era. Italian sludge masters DEEP has with their debut album 'Vol. 1' successfully turned back the clock 30 years, combining fast fuzzed-out riffs with doomsday drum beats. This is an utterly retro sounding production with raw distorted guitars, and a feeling of old satanic sacrifice, taking the best from then and now. Right up the alley of old PENTAGRAM, old DEATH SS, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, and new comparisments of ORNE, WINDFALL and LORD VICAR to mention a few. CD $12 SKU:26159

EYE (UK) -DON'T SLEEP (indie psych)-Label:PINK HEDGEHOG LAST COPIES. Eye are three English musicians who write and record indie-psychedelia and alternative pop. Rick Hammond sings and plays acoustic guitar, Simon Swarbrick plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, mandolin and strings and Andy Trim plays drums. The album also features guest appearances from all of The Lucky Bishops! Dont Sleep is their debut release and is a classy pop record of the highest order - recommended for all fans of Radiohead, Elbow and The Doves. Sadly, frontman Rick has since passed away, but his music continues to be listened to and enjoyed by people all over the world. CD $12 SKU:26183

KILLER BOOGIE - DETROIT ( 70s riffs fuzzy sound with psychedelic shades)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) CD in a digipack. Killer Boogie mix '70s riffs and bluesy frequencies into an extremely fuzzy sound with psychedelic shades. The line-up consists of Gabriele Fiori on guitars and vocals (Black Rainbows) , Luigi Costanzo on drums (The Wisdoom) and Matteo Marini on bass. Killer Boogie grounds its roots in the sound of Blue Cheer, The Stooges, MC5, Cactus and Radio Moscow. This is their debut album, with killer artwork. CD $14 SKU:26184

CAN'T PLAY A PLAYGIRL1960’S GIRL GOODIES LOST & FOUND-Label:TEENSVILLE Presented on CD, 'Cant Play A Playgirl (1960s Girl Goodies Lost & Found)' spotlights 34 obscure female pop productions from the greatest decade in music. Almost all of the tracks make their digital debut here. This release includes a 20-page booklet with an essay and many photos. COMP CD $19 SKU:26145

FACES FROM THE DARK-BEAT AND PSYCHEDELIA FROM THE MODERN MUSIC CENTRE 1965-1969 -Label:TOP SOUNDS During the mid to late 1960s the Modern Music Centre in London welcomed hundreds of bands. Over seventy acetates at least on the studio's own label are known to exist but the fact that few have ever been released has ensured the studio remains a largely forgotten venture. Its relatively prolific output of discs however has enabled a most entertaining expedition with 'Faces From The Dark,' from singular beat to unhinged psychedelia, amidst a good measure of fuzzed our frazzles. COMP CD $19 SKU:26092

VEGETARIAN MEAT, VOL. 2-All the best in psych and garage-Label:STOLEN BODY The 'Vegetarian Meat' compilation is back once again featuring all the best in psych and garage. Two tracks each from 8 artists. This time moving the boat a little futher out and touching on psych jazz all the way to psychedelic folk. While touching on a wider spectrum of sounds the compilation still sticks to its routes with some of the best current garage rock coming out. 'Vegetarian Meat 2' also works as a showcase for things to come on Stolen Body Records. Most of the artists featured have something lined up with the label for 2015. Most of the songs have never previously been released and are exclusives for the comp. Limited to 250 copies. COMP LP $19 SKU:26158

ACID’S TRIP-STRINGS OF SOUL (High energy rock'n'roll )SPLATTER VINYLLabel:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS "High energy rock'n'roll with string-bending licks, a touch of soul and a blazing organic beat." This best describes the Gothenburg-based quartet that has taken the timeless sound of past decades to a whole new level. 'Strings Of Soul' is Acid's Trip's debut-album. LP $24 SKU:26146

AVON -DAVE'S DUNGEON (L.A. DESERT ROCK) YELLOW VINYL Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by James Childs, 'Dave's Dungeon' presents a group that is totally on fire! Avon is led by Alfredo Hernandez who has played on some of the very best desert rock albums ever, including 'And The Circus Leaves Town' by Kyuss and the critically acclaimed self-titled debut-LP by Queens Of The Stoneage. Edition on YELLOW VINY LP $24 SKU:26147

CLAMPS- BLEND, SHAKE, SWALLOW (stoner/rock'n'roll)GREEN vinyl Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS This album by the three-piece stoner/rock'n'roll band from Italy contains 11 speed-rock'n'roll tracks in a hi-quality production. The perfect soundtrack for a fast and furious car ride on the highway to hell! Fans of Motörhead, Hellacopters and Nashville Pussy will be delighted! Cover artwork by famous comics designer Maurizio Rosenzweig. LP $22 SKU:26148

KRISTIAN -ST (rare west coast psych inspired album from 1972)Label:SVART Reissue of this rare west coast psych inspired album from 1972. With all lyrics and liner notes by Jaakko Riihimaa. Bengt Huhta, known by his nom de plume Kristian, made this unusual album in 1972, after enjoying a pop star career in the late sixties. Limited to 300 copie LP $32 SKU:26138

PROTO IDIOT -STILL STUPID (Great trashy power pop)Label:RED LOUNGE Andrew from the Hipshakes getting wacked in the head by his instruments and desperately trying to defend himself! Great trashy power pop. LP $17 SKU:26155

SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT - LONG DISTANCE TRIP- 2LP+CD/COTTON,MARBLE VINYL Label:World In Sound World In Sound celebrates the ten year anniversary of the 'Long Distance Trip' double album with this limited special edition. This album grew worldwide to one of the "top-must-have-albums" for timeless heavy psychedelic (kraut)rock collectors. The debut presents the band from its various shades, often long-terms jamming but well concepted and never losing their point. The attached bonus CD is an ultimate collection of Samsara Blues Experiment's roots: 10 tracks, 69 minutes of running time; the mostly unreleased and unique material are the origins and present the fundament for 'Long Distance Trip,' (also seperately released on CD, WIS-3035). SBE takes you back to those times, when music still was music! Includes 4 page LP format insert and a sticker. LLimited to 500 copies on green-marbled transparant vinyl in green cotton bag. LP $60 SKU:26128

TV IDOLS - 17, DESPERATE & ALL MESSED UP (Japanese late 70s style punk) Label:SCREAMING APPLE Japanese late 70s sounding punk outfit, featuring 2 members of the PHANTOM RATS. Great songs, catchy hooks, and a hard edged guitar sound + a really driving rhythm section is their trademark. LP $17 SKU:26156


BLODWYN PIG - THE LIVE SESSIONS (70s prog) Label:LONDON CALLING Blodwyn Pig, live in session for John Peel, as peformed in London, 1970. In late 1968 Mick Abrahams left Jethro Tull to form Blodwyn Pig. Combining his sensitive guitar playing with powerful horns, they became one of the country's most respected progressive rock bands. This set gathers two superb radio broadcasts from 1970, featuring different line-ups on a selection of the band's material. They are presented here together with background notes and images. Comes with 12-page booklet. Al audio remastered. CD $17 SKU:25853

BULLDOG BREED - Made in England ( 60s UK psych )w bonus tracs NEW LO PRICE -Label:UK LION Orig. rel. in 1969 on Deram. Official rel. of one of the best late 60’s UK sike lp’s. w. members of PLEASE, NEON PEARL and the FLIES. Original stereo master tapes. Complete with incredibly rare 1969 Deram single 'Portcullis gate' / 'Halo in my hair' as 2 bonus tracks.Sleevenotes and previously unseen photos. CD $10 SKU:23495

DUG DUGS - ST ( 70s Mexica psych! ) mini-LP replica jacket - Label:LION DUG DUGS A heavy, explosive album, a record which captures the fever/dream humidity of flower children running amok on a July afternoon. Essential.! CD $10 SKU:12592

ENGLAND - ST (mid '70s classic hard rock )Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES A re-mastered edition of this rare, mid '70s hard rock outfit's sole album, originally issued in a small quantity courtesy of the Deroy customs label, that spawned a number of collectable releases (most notably by Complex). This edition, that comes with interesting memorabilia, will appeal to those who like a hard edge to their classic rock! CD $12 SKU:20600

GOLEM - Orion Awakes (70s Kraut psych space rock)Label:ACME/ LION Epic early to mid-1970's instrumental psychedelic space-rock from the Pyramid Records archive, said to be pseudonymous after-hours studio sessions featuring the biggest names on the Krautrock scene at the time; heavy drums, jamming guitars and Hammond organ: in short, and amazing improvised free-form trip of impressive magnitude, on par with the music of Krautrock heavyweights like Neu! and Gila. An adventurous atmosphere throughout, whether the result is hallucinogenic and jazzy ('Jupiter'), the heavy freak and roll of 'The Returning,' with crushing guitars and massive, repetitive almost funky rhythm, or the Jimi Hendrix-inspired 'Godhead Dance.' Booklet essay examines the controversy surrounding this and other recordings first made known to the world via Virgin Records' three disc "Unknown Deutschland" series of compilations from the 19901s, including the fact that one "Genius P Orridge" is named as producer of the Golem album. It1s clear enough to all that Genius P Orridge is strangely similar to the name Genesis P Orridge, he of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV fame. The fact that the other names on the Golem album jacket lead nowhere only adds to the confusion. In any case, a deep and fascinating record, still fresh despite the years... and meant to be played loud. 3A space-rockin' hybrid of Gila and instrumental Hendrix type moves, Golem were another band from the lost Pyramid Records archive. Totally instrumental, and a feast for guitar fans... On first listen Golem comes across as a lost classic of Krautrock without a doubt, with a music that blends everything from Neu! to Novalis, and all crammed full of solos.2 ‹Crack in the Cosmic Egg CD $10 SKU:11999

HUMAN ZOO-st (70s garage psych) Label:LION Along with The Human Expression, The Human Zoo were from the Los Angeles suburbs of Westminster and were signed to Accent Records. Their album, released in 1970 was pressed in limited numbers and has become a rare collectors item. The Human Zoo album is a quirky blend of psychedelic, garage, and funky music. Managed by Jim Foster of The Human Expression and originally called The Circus, the band changed their name to the hipper sounding Human Zoo in 1969. Now for the first time since 1970, here is an exact re-issue of The Human Zoo album, taken from the original master tapes with all album artwork faithfully restored. CD $10 SKU:11893

ITHACA- Game For All Who Know ( Uruguayan 70s rare home recordings folk psych ) Label:LION 16 page booklet and bonus tracks. Incredibly good and extremely rare home recordings from psychedelic-folk masters Peter Howell and John Ferdinando, that had made the AGINCOURT album two years earlier. For the first time from the original master tapes! The addition of three previously unreleased bonus tracks is cause for much rejoicing! The sixteen-page booklet has lengthy band history, lyrics, and rare photos CD $10 SKU:23500

JULY- Second of July ( Stunning demos by one of the most important psychedelic bands to ever exist ) -Label:ACME/LION •Digipack with 12-page booklet detailing the history of July and their recordings
•Available again on CD after more than a decade By this time, anyone with an interest in psychedelia that stretches beyond the Beatles or maybe Strawberry Alarm Clock (at a pinch), knows who July is. Well, at least they know that a band called July put out a super rare album that is considered by many to be one of the pinnacles of the psychedelic era. There's no way to overstate the excellence of the album, with its eerie sound, Indian-influenced chord sequences, studio trickery (tape loops/phasing), and heavily reverb-laden vocals. But that’s not the story we’re here to tell. Even before that quintessential psychedelic album was made, band leader Tom Newman was experimenting with home recording equipment. In 1967, he installed basic recording facilities in the bedroom of his flat in an old Victorian house in Ealing. There, he and guitarist Peter Cook tried out ideas, coming up with many of the standout songs from the July album. The demos they recorded display the kind of confidence that Newman feels was lacking in the album proper (yes, the ultra- famous psychedelic classic album!) that they recorded in 1968. Let’s go back to the near-beginning of it all, to a flat in a Victorian house in Ealing, and listen in on demos recorded with DIY alacrity by a studio whiz, tracks which will change the face of psychedelia, eventually, after decades of obscurity. CD $10 SKU:16165

LEADFINGER- NO ROOM AT THE INN (Mc5,Birdman, Petty style) Label:CITADEL No Room at the Inn revisits classic seventies rock (think Tom Petty, Big Star, Flamin Groovies) without forgetting the bands seminal roots (MC5, Radio Birdman. Eschewing modern-day gadgetry and production tricks, the band relied on vintage recording gear and great songs to create an album that could easily be mistaken for a lost seventies masterpiece. CD $12 SKU:21677

LOS PACIFICOS - Havana 1967(Beatles/Kinks style) Label:DAPP Only known recording of late 60s Cuban rock music inspired by The Beatles and the Kinks, of course. The tapes were stashed in a closet and smuggled out decades later. Digipak.An old tape missing for more than 30 years in warm and humid Cuba. Nine rock songs recorded in 1967 in two hurried hours, with borrowed instruments and without previous rehearsal. Four students, each about 17 years old, who filled the Havana student underground with the peace logo and forbidden music for two years: music that sent people to jail, or provoked strong discrimination just by listening to it. An incredible performance with professional standards, recorded in a completely censored environment. A musical program with covers of the Kinks, Beatles, and more, as well as original Cuban rock songs written by Los Pacificos. A unique session stolen from a system that locked doors to rock and peace. The only known recording of a Cuban rock band from the sixties. CD $10 SKU:21639

MICHAEL ANTON AND AMOK- Jesus Makes You High (STRANGE 70s GERMAN GARAGE PSYCH)Label:GERMANOFON A very strange project for Achim Reichel and legendary Krautrock producer Conny Plank and the Gorilla Musik production company (owned by Achim Reichel, coincidentally): a professionally produced German hard rock record with heavy Jesus lyrics... although it's more for the sound collage elements here that this album has attracted some notice. The title track from this album has attracted attention from appearances on “Prae Kraut Pandemonium” and “Obscured by Krauts” garage/psych compilations. First-ever reissue includes full lyrics and two bonus tracks from their only 7" release. CD $10 SKU:19037

ODYSSEY- Live at Levittown Memorial Auditorium: 1974- Label:LION A live recording that was never really meant to be, recorded by Odyssey’s sound engineer on a portable cassette recorder, and recently unearthed! “Live at Levittown” is the only document of Odyssey as they were in their progressive phase, just before Fred Callan and sometime Odyssey keyboardist Tom Doncourt recorded their legendary album as Cathedral. Bonus tracks include three “basement recordings” from the “Setting Forth” era—two untitled originals that never made the album, plus the band’s version of "Whiter Shade of Pale". These three tracks have been salvaged as well as possible from the cassette that is the only recorded evidence of these songs. Important note: this disc is not audiophile quality sound! despite our best efforts, it’s rough sounding, but we think that you’ll find it well worth listening to, despite the source limitations. Twelve-page booklet has a continuation of the Odyssey story by band leader Vinny Kusy, as well as rare photos from his own archive. CD $10 SKU:19980

WHISKEY HOWL- ST(Obscure 1972 heavy Blues)Label:PACEMAKER First time available on CD for this obscure Canadian funk-laden heavy blues rocker, originally released in 1972 by Warner Brothers. Whiskey Howl remains one of the great success stories of the early CanCon era. They were a blues band that enjoyed a large following, appeared on legendary concert bills and yet, they left only one (memorable) studio album. The record quickly garnered rave reviews and airplay on FM stations across Canada. And that was that. The LP took some time to come out; by the time it was released in 1972, the band had broken up. Anyone who likes driving harmonica blues should have this in their collection. The LP took a little while to come out after its recording; by the time it was released in 1972, the band had broken up. Canadians all tell me "What a band!": John Witmer, vocals; Michael Pickett, harp and vocals; Richard Fruchtman, bass and vocals; Dave Morrison, guitar and vocals and Wayne Wilson, drums. Even though they are virtually forgotten, this has got to be one of the best jumpin' blues albums out there, with versions of Memphis Slims Mother Earth, Louis Jordans Caldonia and Let The Good Times Roll and B.B. Kings Early In The Morning. It also featured an oddity in those days of electric Chicago blues, an a capella version of Leadbellys Rock Island Line. There are good originals on the album as well, and one can only speculate as to what might have happened if the bands momentum could have been maintained. Sadly, some of the original members are no longer with us to see the LPs return to existence CD $10 SKU:26201

ARF! ARF! - El Cheapo 2-CD Sampler 60's psych ) - Label:ARF ARF Best in 60’s garage & psych & incredible strange music. All the tracks are previously unavail. on cd, inc alt/demo versions and prev. unre material. Inc.Lost, Six Feet Under,Erik Lindgren,Legends,LazySmoke,Flowerz,Rising Storm,Fredric,etc COMP CD $10 SKU:26218

DIE TODAY- VA (RARE 60S GARAGE)- Label:TOMBSTONE RECORDS 24 track collection of rare & outstanding US 60s garage featuring straight boss 60s punk, teen garage coolness and moody teen anthems. Many tracks compiled for the first time and all tracks first time on CD.* COMP CD $14 SKU:24491

TAPESTRY OF DELIGHTS- VA Tribute to UK 60's/70's psych!-Label:BLACK WIDOW A trip through, and tribute to UK 60's/70's psychedelia with four psyche revival groups STANDARTE, SUNDIAL, FANTASYY FACTORYY and the Isle of Wight folk-psyche group BEGGARS FARM. These bands are covering late 60's/early 70's bands like ATOMIC ROOSTER, GODS, SOFT MACHINE, ACTION, HAWKWIND, HIGH TIDE, PINK FARIES, JANUS, ARCADIUM, ARZACHEL, and more. (Black Widow) COMP CD $12 SKU:20602

TRIP IN TYME -Vol 5- 22 time travelling US '60s garage jewels-Label:MANIC MUSTANG iLmited edition 500 copies. A cool collection of US mid sixties rarities including rare and amazing snotty '60s punk, cool teen garagers and excellent moody winners. The CD has a whole lot of megarare garage 45s, 90% of all tracks never before on CD, many previously uncompiled. Coloured label reprints for the garage connisseur's perfect pleasure. Includes tracks by VOXMEN, END RESULT, VEE JAYS, MARK 5, NOVAS, TOMBSTONES, STONE CUTTERS, GLASS THREADS, PUBS, UNITED NOTIONS, SATINS and many more COMP CD $14 SKU:

BISCUIT -TIME FOR ANSWERS (60s style psych freakbeat) -SAALE! Label:NO TOMORROW Biscuit is one of those (rare) bands than take their inspiration mainly from 60s sounds (beat, garage, psychedelia, freakbeat, hard-rock, folk-rock, soul, rocknroll) but do not sound like just another 60s band. Their sound is uniquely their own, and trying to compare them to another band is so silly that lazy reviewers come out with comparisons as diverse as Urge Overkill, Soundtracks of Our Lives, the Byrds or The Prisoners in the same line. Which of course are all wrong. What is sure right is that these guys have a good thing going when it comes to combine meaty, solid guitar riffs with beautiful melodies. They know the secret of how to make well-crafted, passionate songs, the kind that grow with every listen. They can rock as fuck one minute and melt your heart the next. You can feel the anger, rage and desperation in their songs, but also the gratefulness, love and tenderness. You can feel the people behind the music. In a phrase, they've got soul. In my book, a truely classic record". LP $19 SKU:19899

BUBBLES/ A BOLHA / - Raw and Unreleased (A BOLHA ) unrel studio tracks, insert w rare photos 70s psych SALE -Label:GROOVIE As a bonus, two tracks taken from the fantastic first single recorded as A BOLHA from 1971 are included. Remastered sound and insert featuring liner notes and rare pics. LP $20 SKU:11422

CRAMPS - (YELLOW) URGH...THE COMPLETE SHOW-Label:BILOCATION Live at Santa Monica Civic, 15th August 1980, Los Angeles, CA, FM broadcast. It's live and loud. It's urgent and proud. Hot, crowded, amped venues scattered across L.A. It's big hair, little hair, guys, girlz. It's catchy, it's topical, it's angry, it's playful, it's live. And it lives on in a rocking, throbbing, sights-and-sounds showcase. Turn it on, turn it up, this means war: The Cramps live at 'Urgh! A Music War.'
LP $32 SKU:25960

FLIED EGG - DR. SIEGEL'S FRIED EGG SHOOTING MACHINE (1972 psych prog) -Label:COSMIC ROCK 1972 debut album by cultish Japanese combo! This unbelievable psychedelic/progressive rock band came together the same year after Shigeru Narumo and Hiro Tsunoda shelved their project Strawberry Path (they had a sole album release in 1971 and eventually a 7 inch). Their sound is pure adrenaline, a stormy hard blues kinda thing, with heavy Hammond organ riffs and more than a freakbeat influence. Partially informed by contemporaries, British bands like Deep Purple or Uriah Heep, they opened to more gentle and sophisticated arrangements in the soulful ballad 'I Love You' with an epic string section. The hypothetical single 'Plastic Fantasy' could have been an alternative dancefloor classic with that Traffic/Brian Auger feel in the end. LP $30 SKU:25791

SNOWCHILD -II (Fuzzed out psych)ORANGE vinylin gatefold slv-Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ Comes on 180 gram opaque orange vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Snowchild releases their second album, simply titled 'II' in a haze of fuzzed out psychedelic doom rock. The Kansas trio throws stoner, psych, blues and hard rock into a big melting pot. An amazing blend of doom styles, yet always maintaining a Sabbath vibe throughout. Sounds like doom meets Cream. Limited to 300 copies. LP $34 SKU:25904