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Just in time for the holidays, we have a huge shipment with everything from an almost-free psych zine to lots of 60s and 70s psych, garage and prog, both on CD and vinyl. Lots of restocks of previously sold out items too.

Limited quantities on these imports, as always, so shop fast!

Thanks for all,
Suzy Shaw


ACID BEANS- ISSUE #1 NEW PSYCH ZINE Label: A new free paper magazine focused only on "psychedelic things" (not only music...)! Volume 1 features Giöbia, '60 underground press and more... BOOKS & MAGS $1 SKU:20437

ABIOGENESI- LE NOTTE DI SALEM (Italian prog 70’s style)-Label:BLACK WIDOW 3rd album by Italian PROGRESSIVE ROCK band sounding very much like the early 70's Italian PROGRESSIVE legends and therefore a MUST for all PROGRESSIVE lovers. long tracks with a strong CAMEL feel. CD $12 SKU:20583

ABYSSION- LUONNON HARMONIA (Finnish black metal psych) Label:SVART ABYSSION is a Finnish black metal outfit with seriously psychedelic undertones. This is the CD version of the band's 2015 album, presented in a DIGIPAK. CD $12 SKU:20585

AMAZING- WAIT FOR A LIGHT TO COME (Swedish Folk-Rock-Psych-Pop perfection.)-Label:Subliminal Sounds Gatefold digipack. Brand new recordings of Swedish Folk-Rock-Psych-Pop perfection. The Amazing fell far from the tree. A natural process: coming together through affection, then slowly crystallising into a folk-rock-psych-pop- collective slowly pushing, bending then playing with any preconceived notions of pop. Friends first and foremost, its this kindred spirit that imbues the bands debut with a feeling unlike that of most releases - one of natural harmony, persistent progression and with a panoramic gaze fixed on distant settings. Their 2009 debut album has received unanimous critical acclaim worldwide. This is their follow up a new mini-album with an all-encompassing sonic soundscape of groovy electric folk rock, psychedelic pop and heavy jams. The core musicians in The Amazing are Christoffer Gunrup, Reine Fiske, who doubles as the lead guitar wizard in Dungen and whos solos so furiously its as if somethings trapped inside him that must be turned into melody or hell burst into flames, Johan Holmegard (who doubles as the drummer in Dungen too) and Fredrik Swahn. With special guests including some of Swedens finest musicians; Gustav Ejstes (Dungen) and Moussa Fadera (Life on Earth!) amongst others, nothing on Wait for a light to come is introverted or overworked - everything is balanced, kept together by natural melodies, soulful vocals and just how perfect should be. The Amazing is a feeling, an organic consequence of something that effortlessly came together, the start of a quite extraordinary tale. CD $12 SKU:20587

BABY GRANDMOTHERS -MERKURIUS (Sweden's psych pioneers)-Label:SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS Here on CD, released in an edition of 500 copies (packaged in a silver foil sleeve), is the 2018 album by Sweden's psych pioneers Baby Grandmothers. The band was originally founded in Stockholm in 1967, after which the guys supported the Jimi Hendrix Experience on the Swedish leg of the '68 tour. Then the band expanded to a 4-piece and gradually morphed in to the legendary Mecki Mark Men. After 50 years in the service of psychedelic music, this contemporary album finds the Baby Grandmothers at their peak and as timeless as ever. CD $17 SKU:20574

BEYOND-O-MATIC-TIME TO GET UP(SAN FRANCISCO SPACE ROCK)-Label:TRAIL LAST COPIES. This album by San Francisco's space rockers Beyond-0-Matic offers a mixture of psychotic mind bending melodic jams and extended trippy Can-like loopy textures. The useBEYOND-O-MATIC of conventional as well as non-conventional instruments provides the music with a special appeal. Seven tracks, recorded in 2003-2004. CD $14 SKU:19353

BOHEMIAN VENDETTA- ST (60s garage acid punk legends Label:EARLY DAWN Reissue of legendary and classic, one and only, 1968 album by US psychedelic rock band! The Bohemian Vendetta are also known for playing as backing group for Faine Jade on their '68 album 'Introspection'. This is one- ST (60s garage acid punk legends) of the best acid-punk LPs ever! Excellent Vox organ/fuzz teen garage psych and the covers are pretty fantastic as well. The cough syrup high school play vibe of 'Deaf, Dumb & Blind' must be heard to be believed. Easily one of the best on the label with lots of classy psych-punk originals and a truly unique vibe all through it. CD $15 SKU:20577

COSMIC GARDEN -SUN SECRETS (German techno psych) Label: SELF RELEASE The debut full-length CD, 8 tracks, a 56 minute journey. THE COSMIC GARDEN blend krautrock with ambient music and psychedelic soundscapes. THE COSMIC GARDEN combines the influence of the pioneers of German electronic music (Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh) with ambient, techno, art-rock and experimental soundscapes. CD $10 SKU:20596

DARK RAGS - ST Greek 60’s garage punk style)Label:FUZZ OVERDOSE LAast copies! Here comes the first full length CD of a cool 4-piece combo from Athens, Greece. It contains 11 original compositions which lead you back to the Garage Punk of the '60s, the NYC Punk Rock of the '70s, and the Australian '70s and '80s revival sound! This CD is a great mixture of garage punk and power-pop and is sure to be one of the best Greek releases of the year!!! Rock'n'Roll dynamite to the max. DIG IT!!!! CD $10 SKU:20597

DARXTAR-TOMBOLA (Swedish psych heads! Hawkwind/Pink Floyd style) Label:RECORD HEAVEN Swedish psych heads! Mixing the best elements of HAWKWIND and FLOYD, they present us a heavy psychedelic journey CD $10 SKU:20598

DEAN ALLEN FOYD - CAN BE SO CRUEL (Swedish psych) -Label:CRUSHER DEAN ALLEN FOYD is a Stockholm based psychedelic band with a wide range of music styles. Everything from garage, delta blues, folk and space-rock can be heard in their music. Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, Arthur Lee's Love and Captain Beefheart can be easily picked as some of their influences but at the same time the band takes a step forward into making their sound modern and updated with the present times. The Sounds Can Be So Cruel is an album presenting nine ingeniously composed songs with elements of, aside from the obvious ones, theremin, strings, slide and flute for instance. The music is packaged neatly and matching along with an equally attractive as bold cover. CD $12 SKU:20599

ENGLAND - ST (mid '70s hard rock)Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES A re-mastered edition of this rare, mid '70s hard rock outfit's sole album, originally issued in a small quantity courtesy of the Deroy customs label, that spawned a number of collectable releases (most notably by Complex). This edition, that comes with interesting memorabilia, will appeal to those who like a hard edge to their classic rock! CD $12 SKU:20600

FROZEN PLANET1969-THE HEAVY MEDICINAL GRAND EXPOSITION(Australian psych-/jam-rockers) Label:PEPPER SHAKER The sixth album by Frozen Planet....1969 is another improvised heavy-psyched-out instrumental adventure. This time however, the music invokes the spirit of the old travelling medicine shows. This is a return to the "concept album" by the band (their first three albums were also concept albums). The tracklisting is quite simple, but the concept and layout is much more complex. Two tracks; the title-track as track one, lasting an entertaining thirty-nine and a half minutes, followed by a neat little "encore" of about six minutes. Track one is of course spread over two sides for the vinyl edition due to playing-time restrictions. However, the fade-out at the end of side one could be viewed as a lead into an intermission! The parts of the title-track serve as the acts of the show. The band takes twists and turns to help guide you through the story, while Doctor Berner is on a quest to sell bottles of his glowing green elixir with the help of some colourful characters CD $18 SKU:20575

HERONIMUS FIN -BLOODGUILT (UK psych prog)- Label:GARDEN Third album by this psychedelic underground prog rock band from the UK. CD $17 SKU:20510

HERONIMUS FIN -RIDING THE GREAT FANTASTIC ( UK psych guitar band Barrett-era Pink Floyd)Label:GARDEN Reissue of the second album from UK psychedelic guitar band Heronimus Fin, a band with a great love for the UK psych music scene of 1966-1973. A journey through crunching phaser-drenched guitar rock with whipping wah-wah solos and melancholic folk psych ballads. Drenched in Barrett-era Pink Floyd. Beauty! Originally released in 1998. CD $17 SKU:20511

IGGY POP -SANTA MONICA '77 FEATURING DAVID BOWIE Label:PROTUS Now on CD, boasting remastered sound and packed into a 4-panel digipack, these are radio broadcast live recordings of a legendary 1977 Iggy Pop performance, also featuring David Bowie! Background liners, interviews and rare photos are included. CD $19 SKU:20459

MORNING REIGN - CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT (Prev unrel 60s garage psych))-Label:PERFECT TOY It does not happen very often anymore that unreleased music from 50 years ago surfaces. And it's even more unlikely that the songs put on tape are such treasures. But that is exactly what we have here. The Morning Reign was a crowd pleasing band that played throughout the Pacific Northwest during the years between 1966 and 1972. Their journey was peppered with lots of travel, whether they were playing gigs in Crescent City or Aspen, and they also made a gaggle of trips to LA to record, or once, to film a TV appearance. Surprisingly, they have released only four 45rpm singles during their existence although they had recorded enough material for an entire album. However, the songs remained in the can. This is the story of The Morning Reign, a band of young fellas who could have become famous and mentioned in the same breath as The Doors, Eric Burdon & WAR, and all the other music legends of the garage/psychedelic rock era - if their songs had been released back in the day. Dive in and enjoy the sound of Morning Reign, it is truly special. Perfect Toy Records are thrilled to be the label to finally release their work, and sincerely hope that they will finally receive the worldwide appreciation they so richly deserve. CD $17 SKU:20489

MOTHER MARS-ON LUNAR HIGHLANDS (Aussie psych blues) -Label:PEPPER SHAKER The fourth full-length album by this Australian band is a bluesy, psychedelic space trip to the rocky outer realm and back! CD $18 SKU:20576

SUPANOVA-100 MILES FROM HEAVEN (1977 garage) Label:GARDEN Tracks taken from Spaceward Studios Cambridge (1977).Zella Studios, Birmingham (1976). live and demo tapes from various locations mainly The Golden Eagle Pub, Birmingham (1975-1977), thanks to those garage hunters for this piece of history. First ever release by this Budgie-style UK (Birmingham) heavy rock group from 1975-1977. Interestingly two of these rockers went on to join punk band The Killjoys. Contains foldout poster. 500 copies pressed. CD $17 SKU:20512

THANATOPSIS- GOLDEN VOICE (Unreleased pop-psych masterpiece 1968) Label:ALONA'S DREAM Unreleased pop-psych masterpiece from Morton, Illinois' Thanatopsis. This album was recorded ca. 1968 at Golden Voice Recording by Jerry Milam and unheard until 2018. Thanatopsis treats us to everything from baroque pop to psychedelic teenbeat garage. This release contains the first and only official reissue of the songs from their sought-after Golden Voice 45 as well as 10 other cuts, ranging from Mothers Of Invention inspired wackiness to sincere late '60s teen pop. Thantaopsis pushed the limits of the freshly built four-track studio with new sounds and experimentation. CD $17 SKU:20116

ATENSHION! REFLESHION!-(Spanish Psychedelic Grooves, 1967 - 1976) Label:FLOATING WORLD Get ready for the ultimate psychotronic party!! Underground soul, psychedelic funk, Hammond and library grooves, dirty fuzz guitars, wah-wah, horns, drum breaks, crazy bongos. 14 tracks taken from rare and unknown until now Spanish records from the late '60s and early '70s, many of them released on small and private labels, including the Türkish style hard-psych-groove of Pedro González with 'El Samurai' and the ultra-rare private pressing EP by Alcy Agüero Y Su Orquesta Pop featuring the killer scat-fuzz dancer 'Quiero Bailar'. But wait... there's more! Powerful soul movers by Juan Muro, Tios Queridos and Los Goya, Hammond grooves by Marquez and Polos Opuestos, library-fuzz-groove by Jou Cogra, Calderón and Greg Segura, progressive soul by Microns... COMP CD $16 SKU:20580

CORNFLAKE ZOO- #15 (acid-mod and freakbeat dementia )Label:PARTICLES Episode 15 of 'Cornflake Zoo' presents another frivolous dose of acid-mod and freakbeat dementia from the starry European cosmos. Included are tracks from great Dutch '60s bands s.a. The Motions (both sides of a rare 1968 single), The Haigs (ft. Golden Earring front man Barry Hay), After Tea and popsike giants Zen (also pictured on the front cover of the CD), Swedish heroes Ola And The Janglers, and many more... This release includes a 20-page full-colour booklet with liner notes. COMP CD $17 SKU:20579

CURIOSITY SHOP -VOL 7 A Rare Collection of Aural Antiquities and Objets d'Art 1967-1969Label:PARTICLES Volume 7 of 'Curiosity Shop' presents another compelling chapter from the 'Enpsychlopedia Britannica'. Overground, underground, wherever you may be, this is the sound of bygone late '60s Britpop. Enjoy! The 24-page booklet features background info and rare colour pix. COMP CD $17 SKU:20581

RAKS RAKS RAKS -VA 27 GOLDEN GARAGE PSYCH NUGGETS FROM THE IRANIAN 60S SCENE-Label: FLOATING WORLD ' - This is one of the most anticipated as well as unexpected compilations from the global depths of 60s and 70s rock'n'roll: The Persian scene. Let alone coming across with a representative compilation, even solid evidences of such a scene has not been seen until now and has been largely suspected, maybe save for a select few of eager garage and psychedelic record collectors and enthusiasts of worldwide rock, who have been trying to hunt such sounds on the internet and private collectors' circles, usually to no avail. Needless to say, the most important factor in this has been the obvious hideously rare status that Iran's pre-Revolution East-West cross cultural artefacts are in right now. As with almost all Asiatic countries, the Shadows and the Ventures seem to be the true and primal influence in the Iranian music scene of the most part of 60s for the rock sound and attitude to penetrate the country's fledgeling record industry and its swinging public base. In 1964, the legendary Top4 company opened up and started releasing choice chart hits from the worldwide lists, on 4-track EPs, followed soon by MonoGram and other companies. These mixed up records featured a lot of popular songs of the day, spanning the whole European continent i.e. including what's referred to now as 'Euro pop' hits and the 'big brothers', UK and US charts. The day's youth back then was lucky: they could follow the West moment by moment now. The foremost impact of these were to feature and spread British invaders, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, otherwise available only on radio. Come 1966, 60s was in full swing in Iran too! COMP CD $17 SKU:20582

SAIGON SUPERSOUND- Vol 2 (60s Beatles Hendrix influenced)Label:SAigon Supersound Saigon Supersound continues to present more interesting tunes of a musical era that has long been obscured. In 1965, the first American troops landed in Vietnam, bringing with them the musical influences of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley. The Vietnamese people quickly integrated it into the repertoire with hope to further diversify the music of Vietnam. Constantly changing and learning from different cultures, the modern music of Vietnam cuts a window into the soul of a Vietnamese person and the country's history as a whole. 'Saigon Supersound Volume 2' takes you on a trip back to the unique atmosphere of Saigon through the many different palettes of music that this beautiful place offers COMP CD $22 SKU:20557

TAPESTRY OF DELIGHTS- VA Tribute to UK 60's/70's psych!-Label:BLACK WIDOW A trip through, and tribute to UK 60's/70's psychedelia with four psyche revival groups STANDARTE, SUNDIAL, FANTASYY FACTORYY and the Isle of Wight folk-psyche group BEGGARS FARM. These bands are covering late 60's/early 70's bands like ATOMIC ROOSTER, GODS, SOFT MACHINE, ACTION, HAWKWIND, HIGH TIDE, PINK FARIES, JANUS, ARCADIUM, ARZACHEL, and more. (Black Widow) COMP CD $12 SKU:20602

THE ECSTASY OF GOLD, VOL. 1VA 23 KILLER BULLETS FROM THE SPAGHETTI WEST 60s and 70s--Label: FLOATING WORLD Selected from one of the most complete Spaghetti Western audio archives, this 5-volume series showcases the most inspired tracks in this legendary genre. Digging deep to excavate a treasure trove of obscure and rarely-heard tracks by some of the genre's greatest composers and vocalists, Ecstasy of Gold is the definitive series for aficionados of Euro-Western films and the music that they created. COMP CD $14 SKU:20589

TOO MUCH MONKEY BUSINESS- VA 23 global Beat 'n' Garage raves from 64 -67 - Label:APE RECORDS 23 global Beat 'n' Garage raves from 64 -67 feat swinging beaters, tough and dirty RnB and boss punkers incl. band fromGermany, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, France, Finland, Yugoslavia, Chile etc * All tracks first time on CD COMP CD $12 SKU:7352

CRAMPS, THE- BIG BEAT FROM BADSVILLE (UK)- CREAM VINYLLabel:BIG BEAT Garage? Rock'n'Roll? Psychobilly? Punk? The Cramps are all that and then some! Here we add even more pzazz to this legendary Cramps album and it is pressed on linen coloured vinyl. LP $29 SKU:19766

FROZEN PLANET-1969(YELLOW/GREEN) THE HEAVY MEDICINAL.(Australian psych-/jam-rockers) Label: HEADSPIN The Australian psych-/jam-rockers ..GRAND EXPOSITION: A HERBAL MIRACLE' - The sixth album by Frozen Planet....1969 is another improvised heavy-psyched-out instrumental adventure. This time however, the music invokes the spirit of the old travelling medicine shows. This is a return to the "concept album" by the band (their first three albums were also concept albums). The tracklisting is quite simple, but the concept and layout is much more complex. Two tracks; the title-track as track one, lasting an entertaining thirty-nine and a half minutes, followed by a neat little "encore" of about six minutes. Track one is of course spread over two sides for the vinyl edition due to playing-time restrictions. However, the fade-out at the end of side one could be viewed as a lead into an intermission! The parts of the title-track serve as the acts of the show. The band takes twists and turns to help guide you through the story, while Doctor Berner is on a quest to sell bottles of his glowing green elixir with the help of some colourful characters. This is all illustrated in a wonderful vintage comicbook style. Simply follow the program inside the gatefold and you'll have a grand old time! 200 copies on yellow green vinyl. LP $22 SKU:20488

STAR VISITORS -ST. (Science fiction garage psych 10")Label:DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUB Laboratory psychedelics. Science fiction garage. Space-age rawness. Star Visitors have arrived to enrich the musical universe with their swampy psychedelica. Formed with members of The Paranoiacs and Sunpower, this sensation from Belgium delivers an explosive 10". 'Mercury Dancing', taken from this album, has been used in a promotional reel by the renowed filmmaker and photographer Bjorn Tagemose ('Gutterdämmerung'). This special edition has an etched B-side and an 8 track download code, which includes remixes by Trushkadelic. Limited to 350 copies. LP $22 SKU:20555

TOM THUMB-ESSENTIAL RECORDINGS 1966-1970Label:BREAK-A-WAY During the period 1966-1970 two incarnations of Tom Thumb, a band from Wellington, New Zealand, cut eight singles and one ground breaking prog rock EP. This LP collects the essential tracks, including excellent fuzzy covers of The 13th Floor Elevators, Small Faces, Alan Bown and Jim Pepper. The tracks from the 1970 EP 'The Ludgate Hill', New Zealand's first ever progressive rock record, are also featured. Presented with rare photos, this LP is a treat for fans of 'that kiwi '60s sound', which ranges from garage to psyche. An awesome release! LP $18 SKU:18899

TRANS LUV AIRLINES-VRIJE VAL (60s 70s style fuzz , reverb) -Label:DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUBAfter their limited edition 7" debut 'Suiker Mij', Trans Luv Airlines now returns with an album full of love for the '60s and '60s love. Drenched in fuzz, reverb and healing simplicity. Fly with TLA into a world inhabited by dog catchers, masochists and half deads, threatened by liars and egocentric talking machines. Trans Luv Airlines offers Musical Comfort in lukewarm times. All in Dutch language! The album is mixed by Solo Moderna and comes with a luxury lyrics text sheet. Limited to 400 copies. LP $26 SKU:20556


CHEEPSKATES-Remember ( power pop )- Label:MUSIC MANIAC Long overdue CD version of this early 90's album by singer-songwriter-guitarist Shaun Faubert finally released Shaun with his CHEEPSKATES at his best and at his melodic. Cheepskates music belong to the best sixties influenced pop the nineties. CD $5 SKU:18773

FAUBERT, SHANE- KALKARA (leader of the CHEEPSKATES, 60s style fuzz psych) Label:MUSIC MANIAC Leader of the New york Cheepskates! One of the best pop albums. 60's inspired popsongs with psychedelic effects, feedback and fuzz. CD $5 SKU:19128

LAST DRIVE-Their Story,So Far(Greek 60s style) FORMER VOXX BAND-Label:MUSIC MANIAC 1st and 2nd on one CD. Twilight of the Greek Gods. the velvet underground meet the 50's. LA's Paul B. Cutler produced these guys and barked proudly: 'This is the best I've ever done'. He enjoyed all this so much, that you can hear him as a fifth member. ' CD $5 SKU:4297

PAPIR MEETS ELECTRIC MOON -- THE PAPERMOON SESSIONS: LIVE AT ROADBURN ( For fans of kraut rock and psych)Label:SULATRON Sula Bassana and Komet Lulu from Electric Moon, all the guys from Papir and Mogens Deenfort from Oresund Space Collective got together for an exciting show at the 2014 edition of the well known Roadburn fest in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The recording offers two long tracks, which include all the power and love these six people share in a musical way. Fans of kraut rock and psychedelia should definitely check this out. The CD comes in a digipack and is limited to 1.000 copies. CD $18 SKU:20385

RADIO BIRDMAN- Ritualism (Jan 1996 )-Label:CRYING SUN January 1996 saw the reformation of Radio Birdman after an 18 year hiatus. The band themselves were as surprised as everyone else by this development. At the time there was no thought of an ongoing future, only a wait and see approach with the focus being solely on a successful completion of the tour. After all, this was the tour that should have taken place way back in 1978 after their well documented break up and they wanted it to be as good as possible with no damage to their mythology. During the pre-tour rehearsal time, there had been discussion as to whether recording live material for strictly archival purposes should be considered but nothing definite agreed upon. When Melbournes Radio Triple R approached the band's management regarding an appearance on their Caught In The Act live music feature, a window of opportunity opened. This was an workable way to obtain quality live material without the headache of organising a fully blown live recording. Although there were no specific plans for a release, things went well and Ritualism became the end result. (jewel case ) CD $14 SKU:12514

SOUND EXPLOSION- THE EXPLOSIVE SOUND OF .(Greek fuzz garage legends 60s style) Label:LOST IN TYME After 24 years since their first classic album, this legendary Greek garage band entered the studio again to record this album! 'The Explosive Sounds Of... The Sound Explosion' contains 14 songs and time seems to have stopped. Taking their inspiration from all the classic and the most obscure American garage bands of the '60s, they have created a statement of how a true garage band should sound! A record that's gonna melt on the turntable of each fan. They're back to turn on the fuzz! CD $18 SKU:20387

CORNFLAKE ZOO- #14 Il Sogno Psichedelico Originale ( psych gems from the years 1966-1970.)-Label:PARTICLES Subtitled 'Il Sogno Psichedelico Originale', episode 14 in the 'Cornflake Zoo' series is dedicated to rare Italian (and in one case Swiss) psych gems from the years 1966-1970. The CD includes a 20-page booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare full-colour photographs. COMP CD $17 SKU:20295

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 13 Lazy Days (U.S 60s Pop Psych and other delights) Label:FLOWER MACHINE Another mighty fine collection of magic US 45s on a compilation for the very first time. Limited edition of 1000 copies COMP CD $16 SKU:13484

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 11(60s Pop / Psych) Label:FLOWER MACHINE A Palette of US/Canadian 60's Pop-sike & other delights COMP CD $16 SKU:18694

TRIP IN TYME -Vol 5- 22 time travelling US '60s garage jewels-Label:MANIC MUSTANG iLmited edition 500 copies. A cool collection of US mid sixties rarities including rare and amazing snotty '60s punk, cool teen garagers and excellent moody winners. The CD has a whole lot of megarare garage 45s, 90% of all tracks never before on CD, many previously uncompiled. Coloured label reprints for the garage connisseur's perfect pleasure. Includes tracks by VOXMEN, END RESULT, VEE JAYS, MARK 5, NOVAS, TOMBSTONES, STONE CUTTERS, GLASS THREADS, PUBS, UNITED NOTIONS, SATINS and many more COMP CD $14 SKU:18363

CIRCLES END - VA (1968-73 Dutch psych pop comp) Label:MISTY LANE Dutch folk/pop/lite psych compilation featuring 18 rare/previously uncomped Dutch artists 1968-1973. Selected by Mike'n'Ernie, with a rich detailed liner notes insert, pictures, 45s labels and cool illustration of Italian artist Alessandra Monoriti on the cover. Limited to 500 numbered copies. COMP LP $30 SKU:20361

DOWN IN THE VALLEY- Vol 1 A heavy selection of mod-rockers, garage and psych-funk tracks-Label:PERFECT TOY A heavy selection of mod-rockers, garage and psych-funk tracks," runs the sub-title of the compilation series 'Down In The Valley' from Perfect Toy, encapsulating in a nutshell the multifarious pleasures on offer. COMP LP $22 SKU:19967

DOWN IN THE VALLEY- Vol 2-A heavy selection of mod-rockers, garage and psych-funk tracksLabel:PERFECT TOY A heavy selection of mod-rockers, garage and psych-funk tracks" runs the sub-title of the compilation series 'Down In The Valley' from Perfect Toy, encapsulating in a nutshell the multifarious pleasures on offer. COMP LP $22 SKU:19968

LA DISCOTEQUE PSYCHEDELIQUE,- Vol 1 17 LATE 60s/EARLY 70s TRANS-EUROPEAN FOLKY FUNKY & POP-SIKE TUNES'Label:BOSS A TONE As suggested by the subtitle itself, this psychedelique dance floor in between the late sixties and early seventies presents a great selection of funky grooves, usually with at least slightly progressive touch to it, and with just an occasional detour towards the folky or pop-sike side of the matter. This is a selection of the best 17 tracks from the original compilation out on CD only in 2007, featuring rare U.K. and European danceable pop-sike, acid folk and funky numbers for the first time on vinyl. COMP LP $32 SKU:20259

THE THREE SEASONS -The Spring, Summer And Autumn Of Love (1967,68 and 69 PSYCH, ACID FOLK AND ROCK) Triple LP Color Label:FRUITS DE MER 1966-1967-1968, arguably the most creative period in modern music, the first signs of psychedelia, through the summer of love, onto the comedown. Acid-folk and psychedelia, rock and early prog, Fruits de Mer Records revisits some of the classic and long-lost songs of that period, thanks to a gathering of a total of 27 new-to-the-label artists, long-time Fruits de Mer favourites and the holy trinity of The Yardbirds, The Electric Prunes and The Pretty Things COMP LP $38 SKU:20292

RADIO BIRDMAN-DESCENT INTO THE MAELSTROM Documentary Label:LIVING EYES 'THE RADIO BIRDMAN STORY' - Feature length documentary about the legendary Australian rock band, directed by Jonathan J. Sequiera. In 1974 Radio Birdman brought high energy rock'n'roll to Australia and changed the landscape forever. Kicked out and shut down, they started their own venue, attracting a 'New Race' of inner-city kids and a cult-like following. From their first empty gigs to the notorious 'Van Of Hate' tour of England and the bitter break up that resulted. Radio Birdman perservere, re-uniting years later, their intensity undimmed. For fans of the Stooges, MC5, Ramones and Sex Pistols, this is ESSENTIAL viewing. Yeah Hup! Comes in 16 page digipak, with over 1 hour of bonus content. Subtitles in English, Spanish, Italian, German and French. DVD $21 SKU:20291

CRAMPS, THE-(BLACK)LIVE AT CLUTCH CARGO'S,DETROIT 1982-Label:STAY SICK Never before released live show from 1982, featuring Terry Graham of The Gun Club on drums! Comes with totally remastered sound and in gatefold sleeve with amazing design. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl. LP $34 SKU:20075

REAL KIDS- WE DON'T MIND IF YOU DANCE (2LP)-Label:CRYPT More unissued stuff, way more pix and stories of Boston's finest rock & roll band. Essential? We'd leave this decision up to you, but definitely a must for ye Real Kids fans out there! Twenty-four previously unissued cuts - 23 live cuts from 1977-1978 chosen as best from a stack of 44 cuts, plus 1 crude rehearsal from April/May 1976. 19 originals and 5 cover songs housed in a double gatefold LP plus inner sleeve crammed with photos, zine clippings and liner notes. Extra liner notes by longtime Boston music scribe Bill Tupper and Worcester radio's LB Worm LP $29 SKU:20435

REAL KIDS-SEE YOU ON THE STREET TONITE (2LP)-Label:CRYPT More unissued stuff, way more pix and stories of Boston's finest rock & roll band. Essential? We'd leave this decision up to you, but definitely a must for ye Real Kids fans out there! Twenty-four previously unissued cuts -kicks off with 10 crude rehearsals from April/May 1976, of which 6 were never re-recorded in a studio setting- plus 14 live cuts from 1976-1977 chosen as best from a stack of 31 cuts. 21 originals and 3 cover songs all housed in a double gatefold LP plus inner sleeve crammed with photos, zine clippings and liner notes LP $29 SKU:20436