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MUNSON ,ALAN -First light (70s Calif laid back psych) Label:GUERSSEN And here’s the last of the 70’s works by our friend Munson! This one got released in 1979, again in small quantities, on the Parallax label in California. The “First light” album doesn’t easily fit into a music category box. The songs range from psych rock, to some fairly laid back folk-rock, and even a song with a country rock feel. Instruments played on the record include electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass and drums. Lead solos are all played on electric guitar; a clean sound on the acoustic based songs and guitar effects were used on the psych rock songs. Strong lead vocals and background harmony vocals, making this another excellent album as a result. Also one unreleased bonus track is added, all remastered from the original tapes. First time ever reissue as well; comes with a booklet, and outer carton slimcase CD $10 SKU:20126

MUSHROOM & ALISON FAITHLEVY -Yesterday, I Saw You Kissing Tiny Flowers...(space rock SF psych groove masterss) Label:4ZERO The space rock Eartha Kitt joins the maverick San Fran psych-groove masters. Space rock / psychedelic jazz groovers Mushroom join forces with singer/songwriter Alison Faith Levy, known for her own albums (with members of Camper Van Beethoven) and as a member of the Loud Family (featuring Scott Miller of Game Theory). With Mushroom, Alison soars soulfully into another realm - that one reviewer described as "The Space Rock Eartha Kitt." Previous reviews of Alison's solo material have said: "Alison Faith Levy, like her fellow San Franciscan Mark Eitzel, seeks to reconcile 1960's pop loveliness with the bleakness of the coming millenium." - SnackCake Magazine. On this new CD, Mushroom with it's ever expanding and changing line up includes: Guitarist and vocalist (via his special megaphone) Josh Pollock - who has had the good fortune to collaborate with the likes of John Cale and Flea (both at the Patti Smith-curated Meltdown Festival in London), as well as Damo Suzuki, Kevin Ayers, and Gong mastermind Daevid Allen, with whom he's recorded the latest Gong album, plus five CDs with their band Daevid Allen's University Of Errors, and two CDs with that unholy hybrid of Gong and Japanese psych-terrorists Acid Mothers Temple, Acid Mothers Gong. University of Error's bassist Michael Clare plays on several songs. When not playing percussion for Mushroom, Dave Mihaly can be found on stage and in the studio with country/folk star Jolie Holland. On their album "Yesterday, I Saw You Kissing Tiny Flowers" - Alison Faith Levy & Mushroom take you on a journey to the centre of your mind- led by Mushroom drummer and producer Pat Thomas CD $10 SKU:20693

NATURALS -We are the Naturals (60s vibe KINKS,BEATLES STYLE) Label:OFF THE HIP Their 1960's vibe and songwriting prowess is something that comes very naturally to both Aaron and Keiren having eagerly picked up instruments during their teen years whilst simultaneously "discovering" such bands as The Beatles, The Kinks and The Zombies. CD $8 SKU:19147

NEW RADIANT STORM KING -WINTER'S KILL( Quirky U.S. pop )Label:OFF THE HIP Once expected by some to be "'next big thing' in indie rock," Storm King instead maintained a cult following throughout its years. Their song "The Opposing Engineer (Sleeps Alone)" was covered by Guided By Voices in 1995.[ Matt and Peyton were the guitarists on the Silver Jews album The Natural Bridge CD $5 SKU:19212

NEWS -Hot Off The Press(unique '70s pop obscurity-Label:RIVERMAN (Korea) A unique '70s pop obscurity. The lead instrument is a pedal steel guitar, played with more imagination than anywhere other than the Misunderstood's studio recordings, often with some nice, fuzzy distortion. It rarely sounds "country." The songs are strong pop/rock, with Beach Boys-style harmony vocals on the softer songs, and tougher (but still melodic) singing on the rockers. Other than the opening "song" (three minutes of a guy fiddling with a radio dial), everything here is memorable, and no two songs sound alike. Highlights include the powerful "Loser," with a stunning steel guitar solo, and the long album-closer "New York City," but this is consistent enough that any given listener could feel equally strong about any two others. This is exactly the kind of band a daring major label executive would have struck gold with in the '60s, but nobody would dare to touch in the '70s. The endless streams of slide on these songs makes you almost woozy, but in that pleasant, A.M. radio, hot car/hot summer day, off-kilter '70s way. Surprisingly groovy. Includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks. CD $12 SKU:20455

NOSFERATU- ST (1970 osbscure Krautrock)Label:OHRWASCHL Amongst the most obscure of Krautrock bands, due to being so early and on an unlikely label. In their early days they were fronted by guitarist/vocalist Michael Winzkowski (who went on to Epsilon), but apart from that, nothing is known of their history, except that winds player Christian Felke also guested later with Epsilon. Nosferatu's sole eponymous album was housed in a sinister bizarre cover, that perfectly captured the dark edge of their music, being an atypical Krautrock fusion betwixt Xhol Caravan, Message and Out Of Focus, hinting at British bands like Gravy Train or Jade Warrior. For 1970, they were pioneers, unusual in how Michael Thierfelder's vocals are often sung across the music, which so often tends to surge out into space, fronted by the dual solo instruments of guitar and sax. “This is the big aggressive sound of today, performed by Nosferatu. The first time, I heard them, they were auditioning together with several other new groups, all managed by the young and ambitious German promoter Peter Hauke. I was so enthusiastic about Nosferatu’s splendid musical ideas and their irresistible drive that I signed them immediately for "Deutsche Vogue" and cut this album a few weeks later. Don't let me describe their music—all self-penned—just listen and enjoy it as much, as Conny (the engineer) and me did, when we recorded this first step into the recording business of the unusually gifted, young German group Nosferatu!”—Tony Henrik CD $10 SKU:20165

NOSY PARKER - ST (1975 Brit folk prog) Label:GEAR FAB Nosy Parker, their classic 1975 self-titled LP. Nosy Parker's one and only album is a collection of original folk songs and ballads. The music was influenced by British folk-rock and progressive styles, combining acoustic 6 and 12-string guitar with the dramatic effects of synthesized guitar, sustained distortion, and background keyboard support. CD $8 SKU:20322

NUMBER ONES - ST (power/punk-pop heaven)Label: DERANGED he Number Ones take you to power/punk-pop heaven with their razor sharp 10-track s/t debut album. They are a Dublin based four-piece featuring members of Cian Nugent and The Cosmos (Matador, No Quarter), Cheap Freaks (Big Neck), Strong Boys (Milk Run) and The Pacifics (Bachelor). Each track is a golden nugget of power pop fun that never stretches the three minute limit. Although this sort of music is been done a million times before, it sounds fresh in the hands of The Number Ones. This is pure summer fun for fans of Rudi, Protex, Exploding Hearts, Buzzcocks and The Tranzmitors. CD $14 SKU:20262

OPA-Back Home: The Lost 1975 SessionsLabel:LION Rhythm-laden tracks that range from the heavily funkified to chilled out, shimmering, and trance-inducing. A 16-page booklet includes band history and photos. CD $10 SKU:20343

ORQUESTA-Coatzacoalcos (RARE 1965 big mambo sound) ONE ONLY -Label:VAM RECORDS (MEXICO) This rare album from 1965 features a fantastic big band mambo sound. The original record's notes describe the album perfectly: "This magnificent LP presents danceable music with the flavor of a provincial orchestra. Here we present the formidable Orquesta Coatzacoalcos, whose sound and stupendous rhythm will please you from the first second. In this volume we've selected the best of Orquesta Coatzacoalcos' danceable repertoire, with a focus on the most popular dance numbers that will ensure that your party or get-together will be a huge success." Enough said! CD $10 SKU:19756

OS SAMBEATLES- (MANFREDO FEST) S/T (rare 1966 take on BEATLES songs!) -Label:Braz-Bossa-Roots Reissue of rare 1966 album with a bossa nova take on songs by the Beatles, all served up with plenty of great keyboard work from the legendary Manfredo Fest (well know for his combo sides of the 60s); although this album is an obscure effort by Fest, it’s in a similar vein to his better-known albums: all instrumental, strongly jazz-based, with piano or organ as the main solo instrument, soaring over the top of some tight, crackling rhythms! The tunes are all played with inventive touches that really take them from their roots as rock songs, and open them up as groovers filled with keyboard improvisation. CD $12 SKU:20344

LEAFY - ST(Norwegian stoner fuzz)-Label:MORE FUZZ Debut album by Leafy from Norway. They have a strong classic stoner rock sound with burning riffs that will hook you in instantly! Prepare for strong vocals combined with an avalanche of fuzzy riffage a la early Truckfighters, Lowrider, Dozer or Steak. LP $16 SKU:19621

LOVELY EGGS - This is Eggland (kraut-influenced psych punks)Label:EGG The mind-melting 2018 album by England's kraut-influenced psychedelic punks The Lovely Eggs. Be prepared for a joyous riot of a ride! LP $18 SKU:19622

MERKIN -Music from Merkin Manor (70s rare West Coast psych) insert with liner-notes IMPORT- Label:OUT SIDER Fabulous and ultra-rare U.S. West Coast psychedelic album from Merkin. Newly remastered sound Released in 1973 on Windy Records (same label as Creation Of Sunlight) but sounding more 1967-1968 with fuzzed-out/jangly guitars and melodic, floating harmony vocals. LP $14 SKU:19526

MILLARD & DYCE - ST AKA OPEN (ACID ARCHIVES GEM, 70s folk rock) Label:VOID •Vinyl reissue debut for this Acid Archives gem. "... Impressive, successful mix of electric and acoustic contemporary folk blues, with three guitars and bass. The typical private press weakness in singing and playing is missing; instead we get earthy, convin cing vocals delivering no-bullshit tunes on Native Americans, the environment and society, mixed with more private love songs. A definite Tim Hardin influence can be heard, and as often it’s an advantage, especially since the emotional commitment of Millard & Dyce is so very real. A musical equivalent of those great old 70s movies like “The Scarecrow” or “Five Easy Pieces”; skillfully spun tales from the American underbelly with no desire to compromise. Fenner, Leland & O’Brien is a possible comparison, and this is at least as good." —Patrick Lundborg (RIP), Acid Archives. LP $17 SKU:19625


PERCY & THE GAOLBIRDS WHO CAN HELP ME- 1966 Battle of the Bands winnersLabel:BACCHUS/DIONYSUS 1966, this group won a battle of the bands contest, which led to the recording of these three mid-'60s beat-mod classics and a rather demented, up-tempo Schlager-beat raver. Super toll und kult to ze max 45 RPM $3 SKU:20684

MUSTANGS - And That’s for Sure- Riverside 60s garage legends Label:UGLY THINGS Full-color 16-page booklet packed with rare photos of the band, plus full liner notes by Mike Stax ) Two minutes and five seconds of tough fuzz, stomp and bad attitude, the Mustangs' 1965 single "That's For Sure" is considered one of the Holy Grails of '60s garage rock. That one, hopelessly rare 45 would be their only release. However, in January 1966 the Mustangs went into Locy Sound in Riverside, California, where they recorded 14 more songs, demonstrating not only their dynamism and versatility as a live cover band, but also their remarkable talent for original material, from wailing rockers to haunting Beatlesque ballads. Those tracks are presented here for the first time, along with "That's For Sure" and its grooving instrumental flipside "Nova Blues." This CD only release includes a full-color 16-page booklet packed with rare photos of the band, plus full liner notes by Mike Stax. CD $8 SKU:4641

MYSTIC TIDE- Solid Sound (60s LONG ISLAND psych) - Label:DISTORTIONS This Long Island group released four singles on their own labels in 1966 and 1967, while the production on these is fairly raw, the group had genuine original talent, pursuing a dark, psychedelic vision with overloaded distorted guitar breaks. CD $10 SKU:18757

NAHUATL - ST Vol 1 (stunning 1971 Mexican HEAVY PSYCH ROCK) Label:DENVER Reissue of stunning Mexican HEAVY PSYCH ROCK piece from 1971. Great heavy FUZZ leads all over with some backward guitars and other effects. Remastered for CD. CD $10 SKU:1367

NAMELOSERS- Fabulous Sounds From Southern Sweden ( complete collection of 7", flexi and unreleased tracks )-Label:GOT TO HURRY Swedish beat produced to absolute perfection, complete collection of 7", flexi and unreleased tracks from Sweden's leading proponents of wild beat, recorded 1964-1966 CD $8 SKU:6055

NATIONAL WAKE- ST (80s South African rock)Label:FRESH National Wake, the band Ian Kadey led in the late 70s and early 80s, were South Africa's first, and indeed only, multiracial punk band. CD $14 SKU:20406

NAZZ- From Philadelphia (60s early Rundgren ) SALE! DBL CD Label:AIR MAIL compilation of alternate takes and demo recordings contains also Todd Rundgren's early work with Woody's Truck Stop which is much more better than the disappointing album they did at the end of the sixties without him. This double CD was released on Air Mail Recordings in 1997. CD $12 SKU:498

NEBULA-DEMOS & OUTTAKES 98-02(psych heavy rock power trio)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Includes 5 tracks that have never seen the light of day before (!!), alongside rare demos as well as cover songs such as the unique live version of Black Flag's 'Nervous Breakdown'! Beside these never published demos to date, the known tracks on this album are different to what Nebula originally released on their previous records such as on 'Charged' or 'To The Center'. Some tracks were written and recorded in these sessions, some never made it on any of these or were used for B-sides and singles, and then we get songs such as 'Whalefinger' which has been the first song Eddie Glass ever wrote and which originally made it on a 7" B-side by Olivelawn, where Eddie has been playing drums for. CD $14 SKU:20800

NEGATIVE FX_ Government Warplans 1982 demos As seen in the documentary AMERICAN HARDCORE - Label:DISTORTIONS Contains a 4-page booklet with detailed liner notes, rare flyer scans and photos of this legendary Boston hardcore band."
Contains the pre-Taang LP demos from early 1982, much rawer and more powerful than the later Taang sessions. Includes the unreleased title track, as well as CD-only college radio commentary on the group from old '80s hardcore radio shows! CD $8 SKU:18759

NERVES - One Way Ticket (powerpop legends) digipack -Label:ALIVE After nearly 30 years of being transmitted in the form of bootlegs and mixtapes, of being covered by other bands, of becoming the stuff of rock & roll legend, the Nerves' four-song EP has finally seen a proper reissue on Alive Records' new One Way Ticket - along with unreleased tracks, demos and live cuts. And guess what? It's better than Chinese Democracy, and cost $13 million less to record. - LA Weekly CD $10 SKU:9039

NIGHT SHADOWS - Vol 2 Little Phil Era 1964-67 (Atlanta gritty garage ) -Label:HATTRAX Gritty garage work from one of the coolest combos of the south in the 60s -- Atlanta's Night Shadows, a group with a sound that would have been right at home on the Sunset Strip! This second chapter in the group's career showcases the time when Little Phil took over as their lead vocalist -- a singer with a style that's much hipper than you might guess from his name, with a sense of darkness that really matches the raw pre-psyche guitars in the group. CD features 16 pages of notes and images from the group's history -- plus 14 titles that include "60 Second Swinger", "The Hot Rod Song", "I Did My Part", "In The Air", "So Much", "Dancing To A Different Beat", and "Perils Of Pauline". CD $8 SKU:8546

NIKKI AND THE CORVETTES - ST (80s garage pop goddesses) Japanese reissue W LYRICS, BONUS TRACKS &OBI STRIP Label:MEERKAT 16 track Japanese reissue in mini LP-style replica Gatefold Sleeve limited to 1,500 copies. Features the original 1980 artwork plus unreleased photos from Nikki's personal archives, as well as the lyrics. CD $10 SKU:8464

NOCTURNE- Guide To Extinction (1995 Texas dark wave /industrial music-Label:TRIPLE X DRILLED CASE .A blend of dark wave and industrial music . After its release, they toured with Ministry, Genitorturers, Christian Death, Godhead, Switchblade Symphony, Ohgr, and even Marilyn Manson. CD $3 SKU:20779

O BANDO - ST (!969 Brazilian super group) Label:Discos Mariposa “Reissue of the sole album (1969) from this Brazilian rock “super-group” formed in São Paulo in the end of the 1960’s. O Bando’s music blended MPB, regional music and Tropicalistic “psicodelia”—this engaging combination no doubt thanks to Rogério Duprat, who provides arrangements (along with Damiano Cozzela and Júlio Medaglia). It’s a bizarre record, which starts off with a blast of rampaging brass before searing fuzz guitar and disturbing astral keyboard sound effects kick in; the end result sounds like an insane hellfire version of soundtrack/library music of the period. The rest of the album is quirky in the best of all possible ways: some definitive Tropicalia moments, including a cover version of Toquinho e Jorge Ben’s “Que Maravilha,” funky break intros to many of the songs, and nice harmonies too, when required. Although they used single names in O Bando, the singer “Marisa” was Marisa Fossa (she later recorded more material with Rogerio Duprat), Paulino was Paul de Castro who also played in Os Mutantes and other Brazilian rock legends, and “Dudu” was famous Brazilian drummer Dudu Portes, who has backed Elis Regina, Milton Nascimento, and Gal Costa, among others. Booklet includes a nice essay on (and discography for) Rogério Duprat. CD $10 SKU:20342

O’JAYS- In Philadelphia(70s R&B soul)Label:BIG BREAK The O'Jays spent time on various labels and released successful singles working with H.B. Barnum and also Gamble & Huff, who were working as a production team for Neptune Records. 'The O'Jays in Philadelphia' (1970) was the group’s only studio album to be released on Neptune Records. This album heralded a long run of success and one of the most fruitful partnerships in the history of soul music with The O’Jays becoming the biggest act on Gamble and Huff’s legendary Philadelphia International Records imprint throughout the 70’s. It starts with the amazing ‘One Night Affair,' released as a single in the summer of 1969. The track has an up-tempo propulsive groove backed up with lush strings and horns to compliment the gritty gospel influenced vocal from Eddie Levert as he pleads for a night of passion with no strings attached. The second single was ‘Branded Bad,' a quintessential Gamble/Huff production with some great instrumentation including a crunching organ motif towards the end. ‘Deeper (In Love With You),' the third single, is a swinging soul track in the 60’s style with a demanding ‘walking’ bass line. Single number four, ‘Looky Looky (Look At Me Girl)’ is an energetic track with the group pleading for attention from the fairer sex. Other standout tracks are the stunning ballad ‘Let Me In To Your World’ and the mid-tempo groovers ‘You’re The Best Thing Since Candy’ and ‘I Should Be Your Lover’. BBR is very proud to present 'The O'Jays in Philadelphia' expertly re-mastered and complete with extensive liner notes and the album’s original art work on CD for the first time. Absolutely essential listening for all R&B and Soul fans, especially those who champion the Philly Sound! CD $6 SKU:19083

OCCULT DETECTIVE CLUB - Crimes digipack ( With echoes of The Jam, Boys, Clash, Sham 69 ) SAALE - Label:ALIVE With echoes of The Jam, Boys, Clash, Sham 69 and the passion and forward thinking of Billy Bragg, Occult Detective Club is the sound of today with a nod to the past. Taking a cue from an increasingly active underground Texas music scene, they play a mix of first wave punk and new wave music with a focus on the catchy chorus, the thoughtful lyric, and a DIY mentality. The band has previously released their ten song debut LP " Tortures" in the of spring 2010 on Red Lounge, and fellow Texas gore-hounds Hex Dispensers covered one of their songs. Occult Detective Club is formed by Alx Anguiano on vocals/guitars, Andrew Messer on guitars, Chris Reeves on drums, and Tyler Shults on bass. CD $5 SKU:12596

ODYSSEY- -Setting Forth (One of the ten rarest psych albums from the USA)gatefold mini-LP slv Deluxe Ed. 2xCD Label:LION This is truly one of the pinnacles of underground psychedelic music, recorded in 1969, released in an edition of fewer than 100 copies, and impossible to find as it only came in a plain white cardboard sleeve; an incredible, musically accomplished, hard rocking album of originals that jumps right out of the speakers and grabs you, from it’s opening In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida-esque riffs right to the grooving end. The 24-page booklet that accompanies this two-disc set has the complete band history by Odyssey leader Vinny Kusy, as well as rare photos from his own archive. Bonus tracks on disc one are three “basement recordings” from the “Setting Forth” era. The second disc contains Odyssey “Live at Levittown Memorial Auditorium: 1974,” a live recording that was never really meant to be, recorded by Odyssey’s sound engineer on a portable cassette recorder. It is the only document of Odyssey in their progressive rock phase, just before sometime Odyssey keyboardist Tom Doncourt and band-member Fred Callan recorded their legendary Cathedral “Stained Glass Stories” album.•One of the ten rarest psych albums from the USA•Sleeve notes by the group's leader and keyboardist Vinny Kusy CD $14 SKU:15490

ODYSSEY- Live at Levittown Memorial Auditorium: 1974- Label:LION A live recording that was never really meant to be, recorded by Odyssey’s sound engineer on a portable cassette recorder, and recently unearthed! “Live at Levittown” is the only document of Odyssey as they were in their progressive phase, just before Fred Callan and sometime Odyssey keyboardist Tom Doncourt recorded their legendary album as Cathedral. Bonus tracks include three “basement recordings” from the “Setting Forth” era—two untitled originals that never made the album, plus the band’s version of "Whiter Shade of Pale". These three tracks have been salvaged as well as possible from the cassette that is the only recorded evidence of these songs. Important note: this disc is not audiophile quality sound! despite our best efforts, it’s rough sounding, but we think that you’ll find it well worth listening to, despite the source limitations. Twelve-page booklet has a continuation of the Odyssey story by band leader Vinny Kusy, as well as rare photos from his own archive. CD $8 SKU:19980

OLIVE, BRIAN - ST (Proclaimed to be "the most talented musician I've ever met" by Dan from the Black Keys. Get this and you wont be disappointed. - Greenhornes/Soledad Brothers _ Label:ALIVE Henry Oliver (aka Brian Olive) is ex Soledad Brother and Greenhornes guitarist whose solo debut is a richly imbedded Stax-influenced late 60's, early 70's rock & roll circus. If you're a fan of the classics like I am, look no further, this is your album of 2009. - Electric Soul. "A pretty impressive self-produced affair that takes the trashy, rollicking, Brit invasion revivalist sound of his former groups and then injects a healthy dose of bluesy soul backbeats and N'awlins horns to the mix." - Other Music. CD $5 SKU:10246

OLIVE, BRIAN - Two Of Everything ( Prod by Dan of the Black Keys) digipack - Label:ALIVE ex-Greenhornes guitarist & Soledad Brothers) Following his 2009 self-titled debut , which was praised for skillfully blending soulful R&B with raunchy garage and psychedelia, Brian Olive takes us further on his latest full length “Two Of Everything”. Listeners will recognize a number of musical touchstones here (Night Tripper era Dr. John, Exuma, early Funkadelic, Canned Heat, West Coast psych, etc…) but the end result is completely Olive’s own, an insanely dynamic, soulful , psychedelically-rich summer album perfect for intergalactic flight, night visions, or voodoo rituals. “Two Of Everything” was recorded and produced by both Olive and Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys at The Diamonds in Cincinnati, and Easy Eye Sound in Nashville and features a revolving cast of talent including long time right hand man Mike Weinel, Detroit psychedelic caveman David Shettler (SSM, the Sights), Daniel Allaire (Darker My Love), Jared McKinney (Greenhornes), and with Courtney Jaye, Leisa Han, Kari Kragness, and Sarah Benn on backing vocals. The hauntingly beautiful artwork is by Laura Dolan. CD $5 SKU:12970

ORIENTAL SUNSHINE - DEDICATED TO THE BIRD WE LOVE (70s Norwegian psych folk) -Label:SUNBEAM! Korean import. Norwegian psyche-folk like Magic Carpet but with even nicer melodies and haunting soft Hammond organ to mix with the sitar and guitars, and the sweetest girl vocals, all in English -- highly recommended. CD $14 SKU:1833

ORSON WITH THE SQIDS INC -ST (Aussie alternative rock 1997) DBL CD Label:OFF THE HIP Reissue from 90's indie Adelaide outfit. An alternative rock band formed in late 1997 out of a love for original music and with a quest to record as much as possible. The bulk of songs were formed from extended jam sessions at their home Skuzzfud studio.With a unique style of eclectic alternative rock and a no fear policy of basically trying anything and everything, the result is a blend of excitement and fun for all involved. CD $10 SKU:20805

OUBA - Freak Out Total (rare 1968 psych)Label:GEAR FAB Another ultra-rare Canadian lost classic. From 1968, this 30 minute long free for all psychedelic party features wild screaming organs and guitars and VERY LOUD drums.. CD $10 SKU:19001

OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY- Universal Malcontents SAALE digipack - Label:ALIVE Leader/songsmith MATTHEW SMITH is more on form than ever before, whether on a cosmic blues rocker like 'Outsider,' a shimmering psych popper like 'Feels Like Shadows,' a glam-inflected choogler like 'I Recognized Her' or a sardonic stomper like 'It's Not Rock N' Roll (And I Don't Like It).' Universal Malcontents is, I think, Outrageous Cherry's most consistently engaging album, and that's saying a lot. - The Big Takeover CD $5 SKU:9539

OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY - Seemingly Solid Reality ( glam psych ) - Label:ALIVE After the critically acclaimed glam/psych miasma of 2009's UNIVERSAL MALCONTENTS, and subsequent tours in Europe and the USA, O.C. returned to their analog cave to record Matthew Smith's latest batch of tunes. Throughout SEEMINGLY SOLID REALITY, sweet melodies and harmonies soar over the gnashing of vicious, urban Motor City guitar workouts. Motown-fueled bass and drums throb hypnotically. OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY recently got a lot of love from The NEW P*RNOGRAPHERS who recorded a EP of their songs for Matador titled "Togetherness - The New P*rnographers play Outrageous Cherry" CD $5 SKU:11568

Now Playing In A Stereo Near You! - Promo CD housed in a movie tin! Label:RHINO NOTE: NOT SEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP COMP CD $20 SKU:21042

KORAY,ERKIN -ELEKTRONIK TÜRKÜLER(70S TURKISH PSYCH)GATEFOLD - Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS You probably wont find any other Turkish psych record better than this. A real killer from start to finish, this was originally released in 1974, and is a brutal masterpiece of psychedelic rock blended with Turkish traditional music. The electric guitar of Erkin is outstanding, so is the electric saz used here too, and all tracks are absolutely fantastic. We cannot recommend this one more than we do. Limited reissue of 500 copies with the original artwork in beautiful gatefold cover LP $25 SKU:21070

KROKODIL-SWAMP(1970 Krautrock legends) 180 gram Label:KROKODIL First official reissue of the second Krokodil album, "Swamp". The infectious album, originally issued by Liberty in 1970, shows a band in flux between the scorching boogie-workouts of their eponymous debut and the massive stoned psych action of their third album masterpiece ("An Invisible World Revealed,"). Many German and Swiss groups attempted to sing in English to broaden their audience and virtually all failed to do so. Yet "Swamp" reveals itself to be one of the best examples of this phenomena, venturing into Van Morrison, Fairport Convention, and even Wailers territory at times, even as the rest of the band experimented with sitars, flutes and avant percussion. A great artistic development for the band without ever drifting into pop clichés. Recorded at Bavaria-Tonstudios, München. Comes on 180-gram vinyl, presented in a gatefold sleeve with an embossed crocodile leather front cover. The printed inner sleeve offers many previously unpublished photographs. •First official reissue of the second Krokodil album. •180 gram vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with an embossed crocodile leather front cover LP $30 SKU:20980

LAZY SMOKE- Corridor Of Faces (ORIG copies of 1993 reissue IN PLAIN WHITE JACKET!)-Label:ONYX Copies with jacket going for $2500.00!~ . Original copies in a plain white jacket of the very highly regarded Onyx label reissue from 1993. "In a genre built on obscured and unsung genius, “Corridor Of Faces” transcends and stands out as a true psyche masterpiece. Rising above any number of recently unearthed late-60s anglo-pop platters, the sole offering from small town Massachusetts phenomenon Lazy Smoke is a cohesive, solid, classic album in every sense. Ten songs that weave into one-another, painting some beautifully drifty sonic picture as they go. The first remarkable trait of Lazy Smoke's sound is the lead vocals' uncanny similarity to John Lennon. If that likeness was the whole story, we would have a Beatles sound-alike on our hands, and that would be that. Upon digging just a little deeper below the surface, we instead find a darker tone and a patient, eerie and almost shut-in feeling resonating through the songs. While bands like The Beatles and The Left Banke were singing about love, lament and hallucinated travel experiences, the songs on Corridor Of Faces get sincerely dark right away. Even the seemingly-light teenage love-themed 'Sarah Saturday' shares an undercurrent of on-the-edge uncertainty and dread. It's this undercurrent that calls to mind comparisons to Forever Changes-era Love and the more damaged end of the pop spectrum. Originally privately pressed in MA in an edition of only 500 copies in 1968 LP $18 SKU:21224

LEE, JACK (NERVES, 70s POWERPOP ) BIGGER THAN LIFE -ANTHOLOGY- AUTOGRAPHED STARBURST GATEFOLD DBL LPLabel:ALIVE GREAT POWERPOP - GORGEOUS HAND MIXED STARBURST VINYL GATEFOLD COVER - LTD. EDITION OF 150. AUTOGRAPHED BY JACK LEE! Anthology from The NERVES main singer / songwriter and author of "Hanging On The Telephone". Features 23 classic tracks reissued for the first time since the 1980's! Legendary singer/songwriter Jack Lee has been on the radar of rock fans since the late 70’s, when he formed the legendary powerpop band The NERVES, alongside Paul Collins and Peter Case. His songs have been covered by a multitude of artists (BLONDIE, SUZY QUATRO, CAT POWER, PAUL YOUNG), but fans have found his solo work very hard to come by prior to this release. “Bigger Than Life” is a double album filled with 23 memorable songs, all reissued for the first time since the 1980’s, and showcasing the incredible songwriting craft of this reclusive and pop genius. LP $25 SKU:20859


LEOPARDS - Magic Still Exists (Repress of the orig 1987 Kinks-style garage release ) PURPLE Label:VOXX In 1987 The Leopards sounded as wonderfully Kinky as ever, and when the band got around to releasing Magic Still Exists, the Kinks had a lower profile than ever, which made this album a most welcome arrival. A now classic record from the first wave of garage revival repressed for the first time since its original release on Voxx Records. LP $10 SKU:13570

LIGHTSHlNE - Feeling( 1976 psych masterpiece Pink Floyd style) Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS (Germany): A psychedelic masterpiece, with flute. A pleasure for your ears. Very ambitious. Like early Pink Floyd or Amon Düül II. From the master tapes. One of the very best records on Garden of Delights. Purely psychedelic music—impressive songs played by talented musicians, recorded professionally. Everything fits together quite perfectly. Fans of early Pink Floyd will thoroughly enjoy the LP. All songs, except for the rather catchy "Lory", are very mysterious and reveal their real beauty only after being listened to for several times. It's a shame that Lightshine from Emmerich did not release any further material, as this album is an aural pleasure from the first to the last. The original LP was released on the Trefiton label in 1976. The new edition contains a four-page insert with a detailed band history in German and English, song lyrics, discography, photographs, and much valuable information on the Trefiton label. LP $24 SKU:20886

LIVING SACRIFICE BAND-Beauty for ashes (75-82 West Coast Xtian heavy rock) - Label:ANAZITISI From 1975 to 1982 the Living Sacrifice Band would play literally hundreds of concerts from the west coast to the east coast and privately produce 3 albums between 1977 and 1981. "Beauty for ashes" is their second one, from 1979. Side A contains 5 pleasant xian folk-rock ballads, with beautiful female vocals and excellent flute and keyboards work, reminiscent of early 70's UK bands. Side B seems to be different enough, containing three extended rock (you could even call them heavy rock) tracks with female and male vocals as well and lots of fuzzy, distorted guitars, and wild flute leads. 3 tracks of the album are (co-)written by Jim and Vicky Tsapatoris of Last Call Of Shiloh fame. This is an officialy reissue, represented here with the original B/W cover which is much rarer than the second edition from 1980, with the well-known "Flower Girl" cover. Fully laminated cover. Includes extra triptych (6-pages LP-sized) insert with bio, photos, lyrics and memorabilia and a reproduction of the second 1980 edition's ("Flower Girl") front and back cover. Reproduction of an LSB original poster is also included. Limited to 200 black and 100 coloured copies. 180gr vinyl as usual. PVC protective outsleeve LP $22 SKU:20838

LONE STAR-ADELANTE ROCK EN VIVO(1973 Spanish hard/progrock)-Label:LS RECORDS Reissue of 1973 album by Spanish hard/prog rock band. Recorded on April 16, 1973 at the Gema 2 studios in Barcelona with a dozen friends as audience, this is the first live hard rock album recorded by a Spanish band. The album was recorded with the whole group playing simultaneously LP $26 SKU:20947

LOONS - Red Dissolving Rays of Light ( 60s style garage psych) ! Label:BOMP The third album by critically acclaimed San Diego garage rockers featuring ex-members of the TELL-TALE HEARTS (the infamous Mike Stax of Ugly Things) and the DIABOLIKS. The album features all new material in the band's distinct- Red Dissolving Rays of Light ( 60s style garage psych) - LTD ED OF 150 on BLUE vinyl ! ively original style, which combines the hard, kinetic drive of European freakbeat, the melodic cool of the '66 Sunset Strip, and intense, atmospheric psychedelia. Features special guest appearance by legendary psychedelic steel guitarist GLENN ROSS CAMPBELL of the sixties band the MISUNDERSTOOD LP $14 SKU:16098

LOONS - Inside Out Your Mind LTD ed of 150 on PURPLE VINYL - Label:BOMP With 'INSIDE OUT YOUR MIND' The Loons have created their most compelling and original album to date. Once described as "a perfect pairing of Love-influenced garage-psych and British underground in the mould of The Pretty Things", The Loons are Mike Stax of Ugly Things Magazine, Anja Stax on bass, Marc Schroeder and Chris Marsteller on guitar, and Mike Kamoo on drums and production. LP $16 SKU:16458

LOVEMASTERS w Ron Asheton - Hot Pants Zone( 10” Detroit Stooges style) LAST COPIES Label:TOTAL ERERGY Detroit guitar action featuring ex-Ramrods Robert Mulrooney, and with Ron Asheton of the Stooges making a guest appearance. “The groove-savvy, born-in-the-garage-set-the-world-on-fire sound explosion of Motor City's MC5 and Stooges - the same sound that drove Radio Birdman, the Scientists, Big Chief, etc all to create such great fare - is alive and kickin' on the Lovemasters' six-song EP. Led by local legend Bootsey X, a.k.a. Robert Mulrooney (ex Ramrods), the Detroit band cranks it up, puts it into drive and rocks - hard.” - L. Anderson / CMJ LP $5 SKU:4491

LULA CORTES - Rosa de Sangue (1980 Brazilian psych rarity) - Label:LIFE Deluxe reissue of this Brazilian private press monster rarity; originally custom pressed in 1980, “Rosa de Sangue” is the closing chapter of the amazing Recife psychedelic movement that flourished briefly in the Brazilian sun, centered around the singular talents of Lula Cortes. The Recife story began in 1973 with the creation of “Abracadabra,” Lula’s loose art/music/design collective. By the time of “Rosa,” Lula had produced and privately released Satwa (Brazil’s first private press LP) as well as Marconi Notaro’s “No sub reino dos metazoarios” LP (both in 1973) Cortes then started the legendary but incredibly short lived Solar label, releasing only two albums: 1975’s “Paebiru” double album under his own name, and a year later the lone album by Flaviola eo bando sol. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also heavily involved in other productions, and performed on seminal albums coming out of the region, including many collaborations with Alceu Valença. By the end of the 1970’s, the Rozemblit recording studio/pressing plant had been destroyed by repeated floods, Abracadabra had run its course, and along with Lula’s marriage, the Solar label was no more. So, “Rosa de sangue” was conceived as a final tribute to the dying era. As Lula himself said, “I want to close all of this with a golden key”—and a golden key it is. Entering a small local studio with a head full of songs and his freshly road tested “mountains band,” Lula created an album overflowing with ideas. Along with the backing of his power trio, he was assisted by old friends, including Alceu Valença, Flaviola, Ze Ramalho de Flauta and Paulo Rafael. With hints of the past era and also of things to come, it is a truly wild audio experience, covering many styles and moods, from crazed ethno folk-rock, to magical, gentle, jungle folk/psych zones, to hard hitting, coke dusted fuzz rock, to insane mutant disco dance floor groove, to acid vocal raga trance, and way beyond. All throughout, Lula’s beautiful tricordio work pins things down. When things are mellow, you could easily imagine you’re hearing an outtake from Marconi Notaro or “Paebiru,” but the next moment you’re dropped into a raging street party or dimly lit booze drenched bar scene vibe: frenzied guitars, a powerful rolling bass groove, soaring violin, moog weirdness, dusted backup vocals, and great drum/regional percussion interplay. But the story doesn’t end there. While the album was being recorded, Lula signed a major label contact which would produce 1981’s far tamer “O gosto novo da vida.” When his new label got wind of “Rosa de sangue,” they were displeased, to say the least. As soon as the pressing was complete, the entire small edition was seized and destroyed, making this album by far brazil’s rarest—so rare, in fact, that even among the most hardcore Brazilian collector’s the original LP is often only rumored to exist, often cited as unreleased. A few copies did survive, and now, 29 years later, the world can finally hear this “golden key” from a truly visionary artist. Comes packaged in a heavy vintage style cover with exact reproduction original artwork, including the huge full color, double sided, foldout poster insert, plus an extra insert featuring new liner notes from Lula Cortes, as well as translated song titles; 180 gram audiophile virgin vinyl pressing with exact repro label art. Limited edition one time pressing of 1000 copies. Psychedelic at heart, but brimming with flashes of tropicalia, punk, prog, and pure hot blooded rock & roll—a bizarre & amazing album. LP $18 SKU:10334

MAGIC - Enclosed (ultimate West Coast acid-rock 1969 )Label:GEAR FAB Mastertape sound, insert with liner notes. Hideously rare 1969 album by U.S. band Magic. Psychedelic and bluesy West Coast sound with ripping fuzz guitar much in the vein of Crazy Horse, Quicksilver, Vindicator-era Arthur Lee and the likes. The 12-minute long "I'll Just Play" is full of endless dual guitar attacks and effects, and is the ultimate acid-rock jam. LP $17 SKU:19414

MANÇO, BARIS -Nick The Chopper (iKng of Turkish psych/Anatolian rock)-Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS •Newly designed artwork. •Insert with photos and liner notes. Second proper studio album – originally released in 1976 – by the king of Turkish psych/Anatolian rock. Recorded in Belgium with help from session musicians related to Placebo, Janko Nilovic and Mad Unity among others, Nick The Chopper features lyrics in English, huge orchestral sections, and re-arrangements of many of the melodies from his masterpiece “2023.” Barı spent his whole life trying to communicate to the wider world outside Turkey. This was his last attempt at doing so with an album before turning to a travel television show to visit faraway places and talk to the young and old, one on one. Every production trick of the glorious 1970s was deployed to push Barı up the European charts, and now they can push him right into your brain instead LP $17 SKU:20788

MANDHYLON -Negra ciudad(68-70 Argentine blues psych )LP + color insertLabel:LION From the ashes of the mythical Argentine duo Sandhy & Mandhy—who recorded in 1969 the intensely rare and beloved album “Para Castukis” (reissued by Lion Productions on vinyl and CD), a record suffused with beat and psychedelic influences—comes this resurrection by Mandhy of his "Celestial Stories." Alberto Vanasco Jr. (Mandhy) resumes his musical tale with twelve tracks written between 1968 and 1978. Recorded with the analogue essence and sound of the 70s, using vintage instruments like Farfisa and Hammond organ, and fuzz guitar. Features Argentine rock legends Nexus as the backing band. A record which brings together all of the various crucial elements of Argentine rock music: psychedelia, heavy blues, classic rock, and progressive rock. Stunning LP $22 SKU:20954

MARCANO,PAUL, & LIGHTDREAMS 10,001 Dreams (1982 cosmic pop psych revelation ) DOUBLE Label:GOT KINDA LOST “…stretching our understanding of pop-psych and bursting our tiny minds with visions of unfound landscapes, [10,001 Dreams] is thee underground psychedelic masterpiece from Canada…”—Aaron Levin (Weird Canada) A thematic sequel of sorts to the sci-fi psych odyssey exploring cosmic ideology that was the British Columbians debut— LP $24 SKU:20789

MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER -Let It Slide (Black Diamond Heavies) LTD ED OF 150 STARBURST LP -Label:ALIVE Guitarist, singer, harmonica player, and songwriter MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER is a founding member of the seminal Tennessee punk rock blues band The Black Diamond Heavies (with John Wesley Myers aka James Leg, and Van Campbell of the band King Mud).

MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER plays the blues, and his music is the sound of the truth. He has traveled around the world and the US, and played at festivals, clubs, in the streets, at churches, in public toilets, army surplus stores, and in a mental hospital or two. After more than a decade of struggling with depression and addiction, he has finally come back home, in Chattanooga TN, and assembled a first rate power trio.

His debut “Let It Slide” is a blistering blues album that marries both the modern and the traditional. “Let It Slide” has been described by the Chattanooga Pulse as “Boogie, sans bullshit. Dirty roadhouse music. Juke Joint jamming. Swamp rock. Too rock for blues, too blues for rock, the music is hungry, hard and mean."

CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Got the record last week, haven't taken it out of rotation since. Really great stuff,Velvet Underground meets Junior Kimbrough and the best version of Stagger Lee I've ever heard."- Alan. LP $20 SKU:17716

MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER - Death and the Blues (Black Diamond Heavies) LTD ED OF 150 STARBURST LP -Label:ALIVE Guitarist, singer, harmonica player, and songwriter MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER is a founding member of the seminal Tennessee punk rock blues band The Black Diamond Heavies (with John Wesley Myers aka James Leg, and Van Campbell of the band King Mud).

MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER plays the blues, and his music is the sound of the truth. He has traveled around the world and the US, and played at festivals, clubs, in the streets, at churches, in public toilets, army surplus stores, and in a mental hospital or two. After more than a decade of struggling with depression and addiction, he has finally come back home, in Chattanooga TN, and assembled a first rate power trio. His debut “Let It Slide” is a blistering blues album that marries both the modern and the traditional. “Let It Slide” has been described by the Chattanooga Pulse as “Boogie, sans bullshit. Dirty roadhouse music. Juke Joint jamming. Swamp rock. Too rock for blues, too blues for rock, the music is hungry, hard and mean." CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Got the record last week, haven't taken it out of rotation since. Really great stuff,Velvet Underground meets Junior Kimbrough and the best version of Stagger Lee I've ever heard."- Alan. LP $20 SKU:19266

MASON -HARBOUR (1971 hard rock ACID ARCHIVES FAVE) Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) Smokin’ heavy-rock with early progressive & folkie, bluesy overtones from Virginia, 1971. Originally released on the same label as Polyphony. Powerful vocals, loud guitar and killer Hammond organ, flute... Think Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Grand Funk. Master tape sound. Repro of the original multi-page insert plus liner notes. “This is an interesting and diverse hard-rock album. If you can picture slow, organ-rich heavy prog, jazzy sax instrumentals, and snappy riff rockers, you’ll have an idea of what you’re in store for there. There’s an air of professionalism usually absent from this kind of self-made records. “Tell Me” has a fuzz guitar tone to die for. – Aaron Milenski (Acid Archives) LP $17 SKU:19415

MAY BLITZ - ESSEN(1970-rare 70s LED ZEP/ SABBATH STYLE Label:THOR’S HAMMER May Blitz have been compared to Led Zeppelin, the early Black Sabbath, or early Uriah Heep—the only difference being that May Blitz never had their great breakthrough. Their history ended after only two LPs which are today in high demand. On Tuesday, 22nd October 1970, the group performed in the Gruga Hall at the third Essen Pop & Blues Festival. The event was recorded semi-professionally by the promoters. The recordings were mastered in a first-class sound studio with great effort and care. The sound, however, is naturally not as good as that of the two studio LPs. Comes in deluxe gatefold cover. The 8-page insert in LP size contains a long band history in German and English, a detailed discography, numerous cover and label repros, as well as a personal retrospective report by guitarist and singer James Black. A must for collectors. It is the first legitimate release of a May Blitz live recording. LP $24 SKU:18028

MAZINGA PHASER -Cruising In The Neon Glories Of The New American Night long defunct and o/p Label:AETHER RECORDS Psychedelic space rock group from Denton, Texas active during the latter half of the 1990s. Upon their formation in 1994, Jessica Nelson (vocals/keyboards), Cole Wheeler (bass), Wanz Dover (guitar/programming), Eric Hermeyer (guitar), and Mike Throneberry (drums) would be otherwise known as Mazinga Phaser in their native of Denton, TX. Playing out a thick but melodic hybrid of psychedelia and space rock, the band would capture this sound on their first full-length, "Cruising the Neon Glories of the New American Night," through Aether Records in 1996. Not too long after relocating to Fort Worth, TX, Idol Records eventually put out their second album, Abandinallhope, in 1997 and the follow-up EP, Counting Breaths, two years later. But after their third album, Dissatisfied Customers of Hallucination, in 2000, Mazinga Phaser called it a day with Dover moving on with Falcon Project. The band's "Dream of Lost Rivers" was used in David Gordon Green's 2001 film George Washington LP $10 SKU:20563

MC5- Powertrip - WAREHOUSE FIND LAST COPIESLabel:TOTAL ENERGY LAST COPIES !! 6 track 10” on Total Energy label. LP $15 SKU:18967

MCKAY-Into You (WEEDBURNER- One of the holy grails of 70s Indianapolis private-pressdom ) -Label:LION w Updated liner notes and exactly-transcribed lyrics. One of the "holy grails" of Indianapolis private-pressdom (surpassed only by Zerfas and Anonymous) available again in its original format! Ray "McKay" Pierle and his musically-adept brothers and friends partied, jammed and partied some more on Indy's south side throughout the mid-70's, forming a band (Loos) which managed to garner zero media attention at the time. However, Ray's trusty Teac four-track was always close at hand and countless hours of home recordings were induced onto magnetic tape, as well as a few songs laid down at a local studio. After a brief hiatus, the core members reconvened as McKay, and created their sole document, the 300-press "Into You" album (1978); the LP was given to friends and family and consigned in nearby record shoppes. A mere 15 years had to pass before the collecting world discovered the highly-personal songwriting, tight playing, and not-so-well-hidden West-Coast stylistic touches. A vinyl reissue was locally produced back then but it's long gone, so here's a new all analogue, master tape edition for a new generation to savor. •All-analogue pressing, cut directly from the original master tapes. •Licensed from Ray Pierle with his full cooperation and support. •Updated liner notes and exactly-transcribed lyrics. LP $21 SKU:16350

MCKENNA MENDELSON BLUES- ST (bluesy psych demo tapes from 1968) -Label:PACEMAKER Another great album from Canada's legendary Paragon label, a set of super bluesy psych demo tapes from 1968; the band’s album “Stink” was received not just as a great album of electric blues, but as some sort of revelation when it appeared in the second half of 1969. Lead guitarist Mike McKenna spent time ('67-'68) in the Ugly Ducklings, but he had already developed a 'local hero' tag by playing hard electric blues as a member of the legendary Luke and the Apostles. Together, he and Joe Mendelson made arrestingly earthy music, which soon attracted another of Toronto's rock gods of the day, bassist Denny Gerrard from the Paupers, whose legendary talents had served him well on the stage of the Monterey Pop Festival, where his work with the Paupers was (and still is) considered a highlight. The material included on this disc, which was demo material that now the band claim was “bootegged” by the legitimate Paragon label (a little revisionist history, perhaps?), is arguably even more rare and interesting than that on their classic McKenna Mendelson Mainline "Stink" album. LP $17 SKU:19498

METABOLISME -Tempus Fugit ( 1977 French prog )-Label:REPLICA (France): First inspired by hard-rock as played by Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, the band then discovered the works of Uriah Heep. With the help of keyboards player Thierry Scaduto, a symphonic touch added a nice aspect to the music. Under the influence of Genesis, Yes and Premiata Forneria Marconi, Metabolisme changed its musical style to play Progressive rock. Signed to RCA's Crypto sub-label, Metabolisme were great at dark atmospheres, processed fuzzy guitars and lost vocals. When they burst out of a slow number and rip into a tight ensemble piece you might hear touches of Arachnoid. The spacey Pink Floyd atmosphere recalls Pulsar, especially at the time of "Pollen" . The album opens with the longest track, nearly 16 minutes of pure delight, featuring two lush keybords passages and great guitar chops. One instrumental track, 'Tempus,' shows that they were capable to creat great prog rock, with captivating guitar keyboard parts. Released as late as 1977, the album didn't stand a chance of making it to a larger audience in a time in which punk rock started its devastating heyday. The music offered on the album was far to fine- drawn for the period in which it was released. Still, Metabolisme's "Tempus Fugit," their one and only album, is a treasure for those who love lush organs in the style of Yes, sophisticated guitars Uriah Heep and French vocals a la Mona Lisa. Is that you? then you need to buy this record. LP $24 SKU:21016

MIJ - YODELING ASTROLOGER ( 68 HIPPIE PSYCH -Label:JACKPOT RECORDS (USA) An album which “could be considered an anomaly, a one-off or a miracle of circumstance in the history of psychedelic pop music. Mij, a.k.a. Jim Holmberg was discovered by ESP owners while playing in Washington Square Park in the summer of 1968. His style and persona mesmerized the label heads, and he explained to them a recent auto accident had fractured his skull but left him changed. He perceived sound, color and vision differently and he had funneled this new world of perception directly into his music. All this was enough to warrant getting Mij into the studio to lay down a record of his rambly, cosmic folk songs. The entire album was recorded in three hours, first-takes and impromptu production intact, then pressed up and introduced to the world shortly thereafter. To focus on the yodeling aspect of the Yodeling Astrologer would miss some of the depth of this album. Not just a hippie novelty act of the time, this is a truly thoughtful and somewhat frenzied document. Like Buffy St. Marie’s “Meditations”, Linda Perhacs’ “Parallelograms” or “Cold Fact” by Rodriguez, this is an album of sincere folk songs colored with subtle psychedelic touches. Uneasy reverberations and soft echoes glide over Holmberg’s breezy songs, creating a consistent sonic environment as spontaneous as it is intriguing. Available on vinyl for the first time since an incredibly limited original pressing in 1969 on ESP Disk. Sales Points: • Remastered from the original master tapes; • First ever reissue since original pressing in 1969; • Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing. • Audiophile vinyl press at RTI. • Sturdy old-style tip on jackeT LP $10 SKU:16389

MIKE STUART SPAN - ST (60s British psychlegends! ltd ed of 100 color vinyl , 16 page booklet , photos etc )-Label:ANAZITISI Remastered from the original acetates and tapes. It contains a 16 page booklet with lots of information for the band and dozens of photos and memorabilia. Limited to 100 copies on 180 gram coloured vinyl. British psychedelic legends, known for their well compiled 'Children Of Tomorrow'/'Concerto Of Thoughts' single from 1967. This album contains all the MSS unreleased recordings made between 1967 and 1968, plus the above mentioned single plus two previously unreleased on vinyl songs from their early days (1966) when the band had a 6-members line-up. Later the band transformed to the Leviathan, who had an unreleased LP, recently resurfaced from the Record Collector magazine/records. This album contains some of these Leviathan tracks in their embryonic demo stages while the band was still known as Mike Stuart Span. Licensed by Cherry Red and the band. Band members gave their much appreciated help to gather all the songs and make the first ever complete MSS vinyl LP. LP $19 SKU:16544

MIRLOS,LOS -Cumbia Amazon (Compilation with their best tracks from 1972 to 1980) -Label:PHARAWAY After the celebrated “Cumbias Chichadélicas” compilation, we present our second collaboration with the legendary Infopesa label from Peru. Los Mirlos were one of the most celebrated Peruvian Cumbia bands who recorded for the famous “orange” label. Featuring the incredible electric guitar of Gilberto Reátegui, Los Mirlos released a total of seven LPs for Infopesa. Spanning 1972- 1980, Cumbia Amazónica features all of their classics like ‘El Sonido de Los Mirlos’, ‘Sonido Amazónico’, ‘Poder Verde’ and more. Real Amazonian cumbia / chicha sounds straight from the jungle, full of surf, echo & reverb drenched electric guitars, cheap keyboards, exotic percussion and effects. Master tape sound, insert with liner notes and photos LP $12 SKU:20757

MO -First album( rare 70s psych heads) LAST COPIES Label:ANAZITISI "First Album" is a very rare album, originally released in a small edition of 200 only copies. This is the first ever reissue and comes as a faithful reproduction for the label, the cover and the number of copies.Psychedelic, acid freakout, space, funky soul, progressive, electronica, avant garde, folk, americana; Name it whatever you prefer and all together at once (if you want to be precise) and you have the right music style to categorize this one of a kind LP, which is really recommended to all the psych heads LP $22 SKU:20824