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PANIC -Before they were Black Flag: New book unearths shots of Panic in 1978 Label: DELUXE EDITION INCLUDING OVER 70 NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED PHOTOS OF EARLY BLACK FLAG. Forty years ago, the ink was still wet on Bomp! Records’ deal with a South Bay punk band called Panic. Several months would elapse before the group played its first real show at a Moose Lodge on the Pacific Coast Highway, but Panic had already committed eight well-rehearsed songs to tape, and Bomp! had agreed to release half of these on a seven-inch record before Thanksgiving. “Nervous Breakdown,” “Fix Me,” “I’ve Had It,” “Wasted”: all pure expressions of the Southern Californian desire for an immediate, total brainectomy.
Bomp! sat on the Nervous Breakdown EP. The 60-day period stipulated in the contract came and went. By February ‘79, when guitarist Greg Ginn released his band’s debut record through his ham radio mail-order company, SST, they had changed their name to Black Flag. But in October ‘78, when they were still called Panic and still expecting Bomp! to bring Nervous Breakdown into the world, Ginn sent the label a packet of photos and negatives for promotional purposes. These sat in a filing cabinet until about 2007, when they turned up in the excavation of the Bomp! warehouse that followed the untimely death of label boss Greg Shaw. Now, Ryan Richardson has collected them in the handsome hardcover volume PANIC! BOOKS & MAGS $35 SKU:20390


LYRES-Some Lyres (essential GARAGE) RED Label:TAANG Fabulous collection of absolutely essential Garage tunes by Boston's finest!Limited Edition RED VINYL Exclusive!Includes plenty of hits like Busy Body, How Do You Know, Here's A Heart, Touch, She's Got Eyes, Don't Give It Up Now… every song's a hit! LP $21 SKU:19697

MASON -HARBOUR (1971 hard rock) Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) The great 1971 offering from this Virginia Beach band that broke all sorts of records for concert attendance in the early 70's up and down the east coast!!!Barnstorming hard rocker with an early progressive sound and overtones of folk and blues from Virginia, circa 1971. Originally released on the Eleventh Hour label with an alternate paste-on cover. Powerful vocals, loud guitar, flute, and killer Hammond organ -- in the Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Grand Funk vein. Master tape sound; includes repro of the original multi-page insert plus liner notes. (sealed) LP $15 SKU:19415

MOVE- Shazam (1970s kaleidoscopic pop) 180 GRAM- Label:MUSIC ON VINYL Reissue on 180-gram vinyl. 'Shazam' is the second album by The Move, originally released in the UK in February 1970. The album functioned as a bridge between the band's quirky late '60s pop singles and the progressive, long-form style of Roy Wood's next project, the Electric Light Orchestra. It was the last Move album to feature the group's original lead vocalist, Carl Wayne. LP $18 SKU:17948

NERVEBREAKERS - Hijack the Radio 180 gram ( 70s ) - Label:RAVE UP An anthology of mid to late 70s studio recordings, some of which ended up on the Nervebreakers' late-70's 7" vinyl releases on Wild Child Records, some on the 1979 Texas punk LP compilation Are We Too Late For The Trend? (ESR Records), some on a volume of Italian label Rave Up Records series of American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets, and others that have up-to-now never been publicly released. LP $14 SKU:10760

NERVEBREAKERS - We Want Everything 180 gram (Texas 70s punk ) -Label:GET HIP Hailing from Dallas, the Nervebreakers first got together in 1973, but didn’t take off until the mid-’70s punk movement started to affect most larger urban areas of the US. Nervebreakers quickly rose to the top of the pack in Dallas releasing three singles which are now hard to find. This album was recorded in 1980 and was to have been their debut LP. The reissue on Get Hip has been remastered and is finally out on vinyl again on 180-gram wax! LP $14 SKU:11535

NITE JEWEL- It Goes Through Your Head LTD ED ( 80s pop Cyndi Lauper style )Label:MEXICAN SUMMER With a melody like the one found on It Goes Through Your Head, you're going to find that it'll stay there as well, bridging a pop sensibility beginning with Cyndi Lauper, continuing on through '80s pop R&B like Expose and The Jets, and ending with Ms. Gonzalez's winning charm and tremendous voice. Remixes by DaM-Funk and the Samps on the flip side reinforce the inherent danceability in these exclusive tunes. Play this record, then get out, get organized and do something awesome today!" Hand-numbered limited edition of 1000 copies. LP $5 SKU:1289


NURT - COMPLETE RADIO SESSIONS 1972/1974 (first Polish heavy rock band )DOUBLE CD WITH DVD-Label:KAMELEON On 2 CD complete recordings of the first Polish heavy-rock band. 13 tracks published first time ever. Third disc is DVD with two videos of the band. Remastered edition in digipack with 24 page colour booklet, 8 page insert with song lirycs. 150 minutes of music. CD $14 SKU:19156

O’JAYS- In Philadelphia(70s R&B soul)Label:BIG BREAK The O'Jays spent time on various labels and released successful singles working with H.B. Barnum and also Gamble & Huff, who were working as a production team for Neptune Records. 'The O'Jays in Philadelphia' (1970) was the group’s only studio album to be released on Neptune Records. This album heralded a long run of success and one of the most fruitful partnerships in the history of soul music with The O’Jays becoming the biggest act on Gamble and Huff’s legendary Philadelphia International Records imprint throughout the 70’s. It starts with the amazing ‘One Night Affair,' released as a single in the summer of 1969. The track has an up-tempo propulsive groove backed up with lush strings and horns to compliment the gritty gospel influenced vocal from Eddie Levert as he pleads for a night of passion with no strings attached. The second single was ‘Branded Bad,' a quintessential Gamble/Huff production with some great instrumentation including a crunching organ motif towards the end. ‘Deeper (In Love With You),' the third single, is a swinging soul track in the 60’s style with a demanding ‘walking’ bass line. Single number four, ‘Looky Looky (Look At Me Girl)’ is an energetic track with the group pleading for attention from the fairer sex. Other standout tracks are the stunning ballad ‘Let Me In To Your World’ and the mid-tempo groovers ‘You’re The Best Thing Since Candy’ and ‘I Should Be Your Lover’. BBR is very proud to present 'The O'Jays in Philadelphia' expertly re-mastered and complete with extensive liner notes and the album’s original art work on CD for the first time. Absolutely essential listening for all R&B and Soul fans, especially those who champion the Philly Sound! CD $6 SKU:19083

OCCULT DETECTIVE CLUB - Crimes digipack (With echoes of The Jam, Boys, Clash, Sham 69 ) SAALE - Label:ALIVE With echoes of The Jam, Boys, Clash, Sham 69 and the passion and forward thinking of Billy Bragg, Occult Detective Club is the sound of today with a nod to the past. Taking a cue from an increasingly active underground Texas music scene, they play a mix of first wave punk and new wave music with a focus on the catchy chorus, the thoughtful lyric, and a DIY mentality. The band has previously released their ten song debut LP " Tortures" in the of spring 2010 on Red Lounge, and fellow Texas gore-hounds Hex Dispensers covered one of their songs. Occult Detective Club is formed by Alx Anguiano on vocals/guitars, Andrew Messer on guitars, Chris Reeves on drums, and Tyler Shults on bass. CD $5 SKU:12596

OCHS, PHIL -The Broadside Tapes 1 (60s) LAST COPIES!-Label:SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS Phil Ochs's unique emotion, topical humor, songwriting chops, and sophisticated political perspective are evident throughout these 1962–64 recordings. One of the most compelling voices of the 1960s, Ochs performed these 16 original songs mostly at the offices of Broadside so the magazine could capture their music and lyrics for print. (They're reproduced in the booklet insert.) It's a wonderful mix of tunes, including the whimsical 'Spaceman' and 'Christine Keeler'; 'Hazard, Kentucky,' 'Spanish Civil War Song,' and 'I Another Country' (written after the killing of Medgar Evers); the Beatles' 'I Shoulda Known Better' (a 1964 duet with Eric Andersen at the Village Gate); and the poignant 'Remember Me,' 'The Passing of My Life,' and 'That's the Way It's Gonna Be.' Leon Wieseltier of Washingtonian deemed Ochs to be "the most brilliant and serious and moving and funny singer of the '60s, the movement’s most intelligent contribution to American popular music." Ochs took as a model union organizer and songwriter Joe Hill, who said that "a pamphlet, no matter how good, is never read more than once, but a song is learned by heart and is repeated over and over." Folkways' impeccable sound and documentation does this artist proud, setting Ochs' work off as the treasure it is. CD $5 SKU:19199

ODYSSEY- -Setting Forth (One of the ten rarest psych albums from the USA)gatefold mini-LP slv Deluxe Ed. 2xCD Label:LION This is truly one of the pinnacles of underground psychedelic music, recorded in 1969, released in an edition of fewer than 100 copies, and impossible to find as it only came in a plain white cardboard sleeve; an incredible, musically accomplished, hard rocking album of originals that jumps right out of the speakers and grabs you, from it’s opening In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida-esque riffs right to the grooving end. The 24-page booklet that accompanies this two-disc set has the complete band history by Odyssey leader Vinny Kusy, as well as rare photos from his own archive. Bonus tracks on disc one are three “basement recordings” from the “Setting Forth” era. The second disc contains Odyssey “Live at Levittown Memorial Auditorium: 1974,” a live recording that was never really meant to be, recorded by Odyssey’s sound engineer on a portable cassette recorder. It is the only document of Odyssey in their progressive rock phase, just before sometime Odyssey keyboardist Tom Doncourt and band-member Fred Callan recorded their legendary Cathedral “Stained Glass Stories” album.•One of the ten rarest psych albums from the USA•Sleeve notes by the group's leader and keyboardist Vinny Kusy CD $14 SKU:15490

ODYSSEY- Live at Levittown Memorial Auditorium: 1974- Label:LION A live recording that was never really meant to be, recorded by Odyssey’s sound engineer on a portable cassette recorder, and recently unearthed! “Live at Levittown” is the only document of Odyssey as they were in their progressive phase, just before Fred Callan and sometime Odyssey keyboardist Tom Doncourt recorded their legendary album as Cathedral. Bonus tracks include three “basement recordings” from the “Setting Forth” era—two untitled originals that never made the album, plus the band’s version of "Whiter Shade of Pale". These three tracks have been salvaged as well as possible from the cassette that is the only recorded evidence of these songs. Important note: this disc is not audiophile quality sound! despite our best efforts, it’s rough sounding, but we think that you’ll find it well worth listening to, despite the source limitations. Twelve-page booklet has a continuation of the Odyssey story by band leader Vinny Kusy, as well as rare photos from his own archive. CD $8 SKU:19980

OLIVE, BRIAN - ST (Proclaimed to be "the most talented musician I've ever met" by Dan from the Black Keys. Get this and you wont be disappointed. - Greenhornes/Soledad Brothers _ Label:ALIVE Henry Oliver (aka Brian Olive) is ex Soledad Brother and Greenhornes guitarist whose solo debut is a richly imbedded Stax-influenced late 60's, early 70's rock & roll circus. If you're a fan of the classics like I am, look no further, this is your album of 2009. - Electric Soul. "A pretty impressive self-produced affair that takes the trashy, rollicking, Brit invasion revivalist sound of his former groups and then injects a healthy dose of bluesy soul backbeats and N'awlins horns to the mix." - Other Music. CD $5 SKU:10246

OLIVE, BRIAN - Two Of Everything (Prod by Dan of the Black Keys)digipack - Label:ALIVE ex-Greenhornes guitarist & Soledad Brothers) Following his 2009 self-titled debut , which was praised for skillfully blending soulful R&B with raunchy garage and psychedelia, Brian Olive takes us further on his latest full length “Two Of Everything”. Listeners will recognize a number of musical touchstones here (Night Tripper era Dr. John, Exuma, early Funkadelic, Canned Heat, West Coast psych, etc…) but the end result is completely Olive’s own, an insanely dynamic, soulful , psychedelically-rich summer album perfect for intergalactic flight, night visions, or voodoo rituals.
“Two Of Everything” was recorded and produced by both Olive and Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys at The Diamonds in Cincinnati, and Easy Eye Sound in Nashville and features a revolving cast of talent including long time right hand man Mike Weinel, Detroit psychedelic caveman David Shettler (SSM, the Sights), Daniel Allaire (Darker My Love), Jared McKinney (Greenhornes), and with Courtney Jaye, Leisa Han, Kari Kragness, and Sarah Benn on backing vocals. The hauntingly beautiful artwork is by Laura Dolan. CD $5 SKU:12970

ONE THOUSAND YEARS- GET YOUR RABBITS FOOT AND RUN (Black Crowes styled blues /classic rock)CLOSE OUT SALE! Label:OFF THE HIP Black Crowes styled blues /classic rock & roll with a dash of blues and a pinch of soul. CD $5 SKU:19247

OOSTEN, MICHAEL - St (70s hippie psych) w 3 bonus tracks.-Label:WAY GONE + LION PRODUCTIONS (USA) It was sometime during the mid-'60s that the countercultural and rock & roll lifestyles merged. Any kid with an acoustic guitar and songwriting ambition suddenly had accessible role models in the folk and rock worlds to emulate, and plenty of venues throughout America at which to try out their songs and pick up new, progressive musical tricks in the process. Michael Oosten began his musical journey playing in various rock bands. Keeping a band together was difficult. He had begun writing songs that veered away from pop-song copies; and then there was the relative ease and lack of responsibility required for hauling around a guitar. And so, Oosten began a solo career. With a Martin guitar in hand, he took off, playing in coffeehouses and clubs across the country. By the end of 1973, he was ready to record an LP. Oosten settled on five songs and rounded up a couple of friends to fill out his folk/rock/psych sound: some piano from Tom Hennick on ‘Hey Babe,’ vocals from Jan Reek on ‘Garden,’ and bass from Al Byla on ‘Sunny Day.’ True to Oosten's nature, the album was sunny and full of charm, and it reflected his itinerant philosophy of life at the time. University of Wisconsin art professor George Cramer, and Mercury Records graphic artist, John Craig, came up with airbrushed artwork which graces the album's sleeve, and Oosten and friend Lester D'ore (former editor of Chicago countercultural paper Seed and designer of the Yippie flag) holed up at D'ore's Wisconsin commune farm to silkscreen each LP jacket by hand. And what an odd record, full of buoyant psychedelic folk/rock—woodsy, spare, and warm—that sounds as if it could have been recorded on the front porch of a country house. Needless to say, considering the individualistic nature of the album's genesis, marketing and publicity for the album was limited to Oosten driving to radio stations in surrounding cities to hand-deliver copies to DJs. Still, ‘Wayfaring Boy’ received quite a bit of airplay in Madison, and the album as a whole gained solid play on college campuses. Columbia Records expressed interest in Oosten's music; but after a single meeting with the label, it was clear that the album would be too difficult for the mainstream honchos to market. Oosten's whimsical, wayward talk-singing puts us in mind of other meandering vocal faves from various eras (like the Incredible String Band, or the Meatpuppets, to name but two). The album has plenty of lovely musical and instrumental bits, from the bouncy ‘Hey Babe’ to the brightly smiling ‘Sunny Day,’ while on the epic ‘Hungry Horse Montana,’ Oosten switches seamlessly from Celtic picking to Middle Eastern chord progressions. Oosten proves himself a stellar guitarist along the lines of John Fahey or Leo Kottke, only in a more eccentric and percussive mode. This new re-release has bonus tracks: three previously unreleased songs from 1973, to be exact. All told, the work of a true renegade, ripe for rediscovery. Oosten’s own version of his terrific album, exclusively. CD $5 SKU:13363

OUBA - Freak Out Total (rare 1968 psych)Label:GEAR FAB Another ultra-rare Canadian lost classic. From 1968, this 30 minute long free for all psychedelic party features wild screaming organs and guitars and VERY LOUD drums.. CD $10 SKU:19001

VIP VOP TAPES- Vol 2(obscure and rare rockabilly put together by Lux Interior)Label:MMR Volume two in the 'Vip Vop Tapes' series. These legendary compilations were put together by Lux Interior himself. He compiled these tapes to be played before The Cramps would take to the stage, mixing obscure and rare rockabilly, doo wop, surf and just plain weird tracks with crazed voice-overs and excerpts from B-Movies and worse! Should be considered as complimentary to 'Born Bad', 'Songs The Cramps Taught Us', 'Purple Knif Show' and 'Forbidden City Dog Food' albums. This is an ultra-limited edition of 300 copies and will sell out in a matter of weeks. COMP LP $22 SKU:19576

BEAT, THE (Paul Collins ) - ST ( power pop )Label:GET HIP One of TOP 10 BEST POWER-POP albums of all time! First album by PAUL COLLINS project (of NERVES and BREAKAWAYS fame) Includes favorites like ROCK AND ROLL GIRL, WALKING OUT ON LOVE, WORKING TOO HARD etc LP $13 SKU:19132

MCKENNA MENDELSON BLUES- ST (bluesy psych demo tapes from 1968) -Label:PACEMAKER Another great album from Canada's legendary Paragon label, a set of super bluesy psych demo tapes from 1968; the band’s album “Stink” was received not just as a great album of electric blues, but as some sort of revelation when it appeared in the second half of 1969. Lead guitarist Mike McKenna spent time ('67-'68) in the Ugly Ducklings, but he had already developed a 'local hero' tag by playing hard electric blues as a member of the legendary Luke and the Apostles. Together, he and Joe Mendelson made arrestingly earthy music, which soon attracted another of Toronto's rock gods of the day, bassist Denny Gerrard from the Paupers, whose legendary talents had served him well on the stage of the Monterey Pop Festival, where his work with the Paupers was (and still is) considered a highlight. The material included on this disc, which was demo material that now the band claim was “bootegged” by the legitimate Paragon label (a little revisionist history, perhaps?), is arguably even more rare and interesting than that on their classic McKenna Mendelson Mainline "Stink" album. LP $17 SKU:19498

MERKIN -Music from Merkin Manor (70s rare West Coast psych) insert with liner-notes IMPORT- Label:OUT-SIDER Fabulous and ultra-rare U.S. West Coast psychedelic album from Merkin. Newly remastered sound Released in 1973 on Windy Records (same label as Creation Of Sunlight) but sounding more 1967-1968 with fuzzed-out/jangly guitars and melodic, floating harmony vocals. LP $15 SKU:19526

MILAN -HELL BENT FOR LEATHER (60s LEGEND FROM PEBBLES SERIES) LAST COPIES -Label:LICORICE SCHTIK A stunning, absolute must-have vinyl only release for any decent '60s music fan!!! From his earliest incarnation in the record industry as a Xmas twister, the enigmatic Milan has changed his name and re-invented himself several times: a teen idol with a cute hairdo and a preppy look, a garage gonzo savage, an all dressed-in-black biker stud, a psychedelic screamer in love with satellite sounds and other characters known or waiting to be discovered. One thing is for sure, few people can claim so many identities in less than a decade. Composer, interpreter, producer & arranger, Milan is also all of these throughout the '60s. This anthology would like to pay homage to the man. The A side is dedicated to the singer and performer, and the B side to the producer and arranger. Unfortunately, Milan's fame was due to be short and by the end of the '60s he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and disappeared from the music business. LP $15 SKU:18505

MILLARD & DYCE - ST AKA OPEN (ACID ARCHIVES GEM, 70s folk rock)Label:VOID •Vinyl reissue debut for this Acid Archives gem. "... Impressive, successful mix of electric and acoustic contemporary folk blues, with three guitars and bass. The typical private press weakness in singing and playing is missing; instead we get earthy, convin cing vocals delivering no-bullshit tunes on Native Americans, the environment and society, mixed with more private love songs. A definite Tim Hardin influence can be heard, and as often it’s an advantage, especially since the emotional commitment of Millard & Dyce is so very real. A musical equivalent of those great old 70s movies like “The Scarecrow” or “Five Easy Pieces”; skillfully spun tales from the American underbelly with no desire to compromise. Fenner, Leland & O’Brien is a possible comparison, and this is at least as good." —Patrick Lundborg (RIP), Acid Archives. Millard and Dyce was a folk-rock band formed in the 1970's, and based in Baltimore. They toured on the east coast for several years and released just the one album via custom vinyl purveyors Century/Kaymar in 1973, which has since become a rare collector's item, recently selling in excess of $400. First time reissued on vinyl. LP $17 SKU:19625

MIXTURE-The Perfect Relationship-Label:PINK FRUIT THE MIXTURE is a nuclear blast of reality in a mundane world…. where no one is allowed to be magnificent… And while you’re spinning this sizzling platter, keep an ear out for guitar slinger Lenny Kaye (of the Patti Smith Group and “Nuggets” fame), legendary vocalist extraordinaire P.P. Arnold (the “angel of our moring”!) and Steve Craddock, a man of wealth and taste (Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene). Which leaves you, dear sir or madam. Rock and roll music, if you like it, you feel it, you can’t really help but move to it. That’s what happenes to me when I listen to THE MIXTURE. I can’t help it. And neither can you!” —Bennet FreedLP $27 SKU:20115

MORNING DEW - ST DOUBLE LP (60s rare psych collectors fave ) -Label:LION Morning Dew have been psych collector faves for ages. Their sole release, "At Last" (much like the Morgen album on Probe) becomes more obviously crucial with each passing year. After recording their legendary album for Roulette in 1969, Morning Dew headed back to Topeka feeling good about their prospects. But Roulette had problems. They did finally release "At Last" late in 1970... and marketed it so well it became a psychedelic rarity and a cult favorite. Even so, Morning Dew's producer at Roulette urged the band to record a demo of songs for a second album. They went to a local studio in August 1970 and blasted out eight songs, bolstered by new recruit Ferdy Baumgart's Hammond B3. Band leader Mal Robinson also made acoustic two-track recordings in his basement: new songs, plus others from the Morning Dew repertoire—just vocal and guitar. The band gigged while Roulette and it's honcho Morris Levy withered under scrutiny by law enforcement. A second album came to nothing. Still under contract with Roulette and still dealing with broken promises, burnt out and broke, Morning Dew disbanded in June, 1971. But those demos... they need to be heard. That's where we come in. Two records, chock full of your new favorite Morning Dew songs, plus solo acoustic versions of band classics like the monumental 'Crusader's Smile,' alternates, and more, most of which is previously unreleased.
One more thing: all of this material is making its vinyl debut. LP $25 SKU:18280

MORNING DEW - Early Years (60s psych ) W INSERT AND PHOTOS - Label:Break- A-way The Morning Dew are mainly known for their highly regarded 1970 psychedelic album recorded for Roulette Records. Between 1966 – 1969, the band had already established a live-and recording history as a local and regional garage and psychedelic band and along with The Blue Things, were one of Kansas' most exciting regional top-acts. This LP presents fourteen early recordings including the 1966 Audio House session, both their 1966/67 singles A´s & B´s for Fairyland Records and alternative versions on side one. Side two features the band‘s 1968 Fairyland summer sessions, which forged a complex psychedelic sound that culminated in a record deal with Roulette Records. This release covers the band’s local years from 1966 – 69 and includes material never before released or unavailable on vinyl for years. LP $16 SKU:10857

MOUNT CARMEL - Get Pure LTD EDITION of 150 ON PURPLE (for Radio Moscow fans! ) -Label:ALIVE Amid the current industry of cool, Mount Carmel’s lack of gimmick is a welcome anachronism. The trio’s third album “Get Pure” is full of swagger, packed with great songs and inspired performances. This is true rock music like you haven’t heard in years. Crank it up!Mount Carmel reeks of surging guitar riffs and thunderous backbeats. They’re a power trio in the truest sense of the term and certainly nowhere near as anonymous as their cover art would have you believe.As you may have guessed, this is an album for the heavy blues guitar freaks. – 194 LP $18 SKU:16039

NERVES- Live At The Pirate's Cove, Cleveland OH, May 26th 1977 -Yellow vinyl ltd ed w. inner sleeve Label:ALIVE Remastered from an analog tape recently discovered by Jack Lee in an unmarked box, tComes with INNER SLEEVE featuring a collage with Nerves MEMORABILIA, RARE PHOTOS, NOTES by Jack Lee, and Paul Collins original TOUR DIARY entry related to the show. his 1977 previously unreleased performance showcases the trio live in Cleveland during their infamous Magic Blistering Tour.All the classics are here, "Hanging On The Telephone," "Walking Out On Love," "When You Find Out," "Stand Up And Take A Good Look," etc, all delivered with blistering energy in front of a small audience of enlightened scensters that included Dave Thomas of Pere Ubu, and with Devo as the opening band. LP $16 SKU:10745

NERVES - One Way Ticket - LTD ED of GRAY AND BLACK HAND MIXED STARBURST VINYL - Label:ALIVE Incredible STARBURST vinyl ltd to 100, you have to see this vinyl to believe it, it’s so great you’ll want one just to put on your wall. Even the images dont do it justice. You wont be disappointed! -
Formed in 1975 by guitarist JACK LEE, bassist PETER CASE, and drummer PAUL COLLINS, the Nerves are one of the most influential garage/punk pop outfits to come out of the mid-70's LA scene, and certainly one of the least documented... until now. Mostly remembered for their classic "Hanging On The Telephone," a Jack Lee composition which has been covered over the years by a myriad of artists from BLONDIE to L7 to CAT POWER, the Nerves were above all a high energy rock'n'roll band with all three members composing and singing. Playing fast, ear-catching garage pop songs, sometimes wearing matching suits, the trio had more than a bit of the stripped down street energy of the Los Angeles's early punk movement. They shared the stage with the Ramones and Mink Deville during their infamous US "Magical Blistering Tour," played the Punk Palace and the legendary Masque in Hollywood, and headlined shows with the Avengers, the Zeros, The Dils, The Screamers and Shock, to name just a few. After the band's break-up in 1978, Peter Case and Paul Collins formed The BREAKAWAYS, and later went on to front the legendary PLIMSOULS and The BEAT, respectively. Following the success of "Hanging On the Telephone," JACK LEE has mostly focused on his songwriting career, releasing an album in 1981. Both Peter and Paul are still recording and touring. PETER CASE's latest album "Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John" (Yeproc 2007) was nominated for a Grammy. This collection, authorized for the first time ever by the three band members, features their 1976 EP (now regarded as a power pop classic), as well as demos and previously unreleased live recordings, REMASTERED and complete with notes and photos. LP $20 SKU:17632

NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE-Powerglide (ultimate psych country rock w JERRY GARCIA )-Label:LION In the days before genre obsession, a rock and roll fervour drew on a rediscovery of blue grass, folk, blues and ‘country music’. Add to the mix consciousness-expansion afforded by the proliferation of psychedelic drugs, and the music scene of the West Coast of America percolated, powered by this heady brew. At the heart of this experiment in new music and consciousness the New Riders of The Purple Sage were born. The history of the New Riders will forever be intertwined with that of their fellow travelers the Grateful Dead. Both bands shared a down-home vibe, and shared members for recording dates. Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead co-founded the New Riders with John Dawson and David Nelson as an opportunity to play pedal steel guitar—although he plays banjo and dobro on Powerglide, first released in 1972. Dawson and Nelson returned the favor, playing on Dead masterpieces "American Beauty" and "Workingman’s Dead". Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart of the Dead rounded out the New Riders rhythm section until David Torbert took over on bass and Spencer Dryden of Jefferson Airplane fame took over on drums. Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzman plays percussion on this album. To add to all that star power, noted British pianist Nicky Hopkins (Beatles, Kinks, Stones) played keyboards on Powerglide. Dave Torbert's ‘California Day’ is a gem, a hymn to the West Coast with some beautiful slide and fuzz guitar work; ‘Contract,’ is an equally impressive blend of country rock and old west imagery. NRPS's cover of 'Willie and the Hand Jive' has a distinctly Grateful Dead jam vibe to it. This wasn’t music desperate for chart success, it was a soundtrack to an outlaw, countercultural lifestyle that aimed to escape the city and get away to the mountains. So, saddle up! LP $16 SKU:18630


NICKELS AND DIMES- VA (unreleased 60s garage) -Label:DISTORTIONS Limited Edition 1000 copies with insert, 140 gram vinyl! Contains unreleased 60s garage from Camden, New Jersey best known for having the highest crime rate in the USA. What has remained unknown is that between the years 1967-1968, a garage band
called Nickels And Dimes recorded a nine song 33 RPM acetate album of original, pure 60s garage rock tunes. LP $14 SKU:12274

NOLAN, JERRY & THE PROFILERS - The Final Recordings LTD ED EP PINK VINYL (NEW YORK DOLLS) Label:STRAIGHT TO THE TOP 12 " EP recorded with the late NY Dolls drummer Jerry Nolan -We got these straight from GREG ALLEN , he says there are only a few left! recorded with the late NY Dolls drummer Jerry Nolan -We got these straight from GREG ALLEN , he says there are only a few left! “"This final recording from New York Dolls/Heartbreakers drummer Jerry Nolan is an inspired marriage of Nolan’s NYC circa ’76 punchdrunk proto punk panache and stalwart guitarist/vocalist Greg Allen’s switchblade swagger. A last hurrah worthy to the L.A.M.F. legacy." — Alan di Perna (Guitar World, Guitar Aficionado)."These recordings were made in September of ’91, half way between Johnny [Thunders’] death, and Jerry’s own demise. In addition to Greg Allen on guitar and vocals, and bassist Chicago Vin Earnshaw, there are guest appearances by old pals Buddy Bowser on sax, and Walter Lure on guitar. The music is straight ahead Stones/Dolls/Heartbreakers style rock’n’roll. It’s what Jerry loved most and did best." James Marshall - April 2012, NYCQuotes about Greg Allen’s music in general"Greg Allen happens to be quite a musician and he writes good songs...He's good. He's really, really good."- Jerry Nolan, Tee Vee Tunes Records interview, 1991"Greg Allen played with ex-New York Doll Jerry Nolan and his band features some other folks with good bloodlines. They play rock music or, more specifically, "the kind they don’t make anymore..."- Bob Gulla, The Providence Phoenix, 2004 (Jun 18, 2004) LP $25 SKU:19308