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Lots of new LIMITED imports this weekend, along with a batch of previously unlisted GEAR FAB titles, I had them send me anything obscure and new that I’d never listed before, some pretty good stuff here!

Thanks for all,
Suzy Shaw

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A CID SYMPHONY - VA (108 Minutes of weirdness! folk-psych, rock, jazz,and more. DBL Label:GEAR FAB Mortgage your house for an original version of the LP, or buy the Gear Fab Double CD The 1967 classic triple LP recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley .108 Minutes of folk-psych, rock, jazz, acoustic mellowness, flamenco guitar, and other improvisational styles which reflected the order of its day and their association with The Free Speech Movement, The Diggers, The Monterey Pop Festival, and The San Francisco Human-Be-ins. Off the Master Tapes and with liners by none other than the Producer himself: Dustin Mark Miller. Includes Three bonus tracks CD $10 SKU:22020

BIG BOY PETE-World War 4 (1969 by UK KING OF FREAKBEAT) -Label:GEAR FAB WORLD WAR IV is his masterpiece. Created in 1969 by England's King of Freakbeat, this 47 minute Symphonic Poem graphically depicts the final hour of destruction for planet Earth. Having toured extensively with the Beatles, Pete presented WORLD WAR IV to his old mate John Lennon who wanted to release it on Apple Records. Taken from the original master tapes. Pete Miller spent 12 months writing and recording WORLD WAR IV in his English studio from March 1968 to March 1969. CD $10 SKU:22019

CHAPLIN HARNESS-ST (1969 New Jersey fuzz psych)Label:GEAR FAB -From New Jersey, their great 1969 Psychedelic studio project that features great fuzz guitar and screaming organ!! CD $10 SKU:22021

DRUM CIRCUS -Magic Theatre (1971 truly insane psych with LSD drenched lyrics)- Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS Rare album by Swiss band, featuring two members of Brainticket including their leader Joel Van Droogenbroec; truly insane psychedelic music with LSD drenched lyrics by Timothy Leary; first released in 1971. "Founder and leader of Drum Circus was master drummer Peter Giger. “A giant on drums”, as the newspaper “Rhein-Main-Zeitung” called him. He was joined by two additional drummers, as well as by Joel Vandroogenbroeck and Carole Muriel, both from Brainticket. Therefore, it’s not surprising that “Magic theatre”, with its LSD-dripping lyrics (partly written by Timothy Leary, partly influenced by The Tibetan Book of the Dead), is a lot like early Brainticket. “Magic theatre” was recorded in the excellent studio of Horst Jankowski in Stuttgart. Yet, it remained unreleased. Shortly before his death, Horst Jankowski gave the tapes to Peter Giger CD $19 SKU:21973

EX NORWEGIAN-SOMETHING UNREAL: THE BEST OF (arcane US pop/rock with hints of psych) DOUBLE Label: THINK LIKE A KEY A best of compilation for this arcane US pop/rock outfit led by Roger Houdaille that showcase their love of classic power pop with of hints of psych and garage. This double-CD features a 16-page booklet and bonus disc full of rarities, live tracks and willfully obscure covers from their 10 years of music making CD $16 SKU:21493

GLASS MENAGERIE - HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN WHO WE ARE?-ANTHOLOGY 1968-69' (psych)Label:TIME BOX The Glass Menagerie emerged in the late 1960s, in the Lancastrian backdrop of Burnley in the north of England. A move to London in 1968 led to a handful of singles with Pye before changes within the band marked a new chapter under Chas Chandler. A rapidly changing music scene and a lack of investment eventually took its toll on the band who split at the tail end of the decade. From 1968 to 1969, they recorded five singles, and various sessions for Top Gear, Saturday Club, and host Brian Matthew. The majority of songs from these live sessions, would be heading towards their unreleased album. Have You Forgotten Who We Are? presents a missing link in the British psychedelic phenomenon, and provides a precious glimpse into the world of "Frederick Jordan" and what might have been. Professionally re-mastered original sound recordings with a handsome 12-page booklet with expansive liners, interviews and rare memorabilia. CD $19 SKU:21830

JONATHAN & CHARLES -Another Week To Go (1967 Simon and Garfunkle style)Label:GEAR FAB The great 1967 folk-rock troubadours from Roanoke, Virginia. Musically, they are very similar to Simon & Garfunkel and their music expressed both the optimism and frustrations of youth during those times. CD $10 SKU:22022

LOS BRASILIOS- Brasilian Beat 67-Label:GEAR FAB Released in early 1968 and featuring the beautiful harmonies of The Juan Morales Singers, this Marimba band did a great job of singing the cover songs CD $10 SKU:22024

LUX AND IVY DIG THE BEATNIKS-VA- A COLLECTION OF FINGER LICKIN' GROOVES, DEEP THINKIN' DIATRIBES AND EXPLOITATION 45s' - DBL Label:RIGHTEOUS - A double CD featuring a host of classic beatnik 7" releases as dug by The Cramps' Lux and Ivy. Featuring super rare sides, weird pontification, finger clicking hipness, deep thinking diatribes and the inevitable mention of goatees on a set of suitably ginchy grooves. All tracks remastered. COMP CD $22 SKU:21681

LYRES -LIVE AT THE RAT, SEPTEMBER 3 1980-Label:CRYPT Crypt continues its delve into the BOSS-TOWN LOW-DOWN with this shit-hot 39 minute BLASTIN' MUTHA (don't ya know!) of LYRES at their most ferocious and in top rip-roaring fidelity thanks to a reel to reel tape discovered in August 2017 in the vaults at Erik Lindgren's studio! Erik set one line direct into the board and one mic suspended above the audience and the result is a BEAST of a set! Jeff Conolly (natch!) on organ and vocal and tambourine, DMZ cats Peter Greenberg (guitar) and Mike Lewis (bass), plus ex-Real Kid Howie Ferguson on drums. Gatefold sleeve with unseen photos plus liner notes by Peter Greenberg, Mike Lewis and longtime Boss-town fanatic/scribe Bill Tupper. The MUSIC? ripping, absolutely ripping ROCK and ROLL music LP $22 SKU:21766

MASON-HARBOUR (70s Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Grand Funk) style aCID ARCHIVE FAVE!) Label:GEAR FAB Smokin' heavy rock with an early progressive sound and overtones of folk and blues from Virginia, 1971. Originally released on the Eleventh Hour label, which also released Polyphony's Without Introduction (OSR 024LP, 1971). Powerful vocals, loud guitar, flute, and killer Hammond organ -- think Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Grand Funk... Master tape sound; includes repro of the original multi-page insert plus liner notes. "This is an interesting and diverse hard-rock album. If you can picture slow, organ-rich heavy prog, jazzy sax instrumentals, and snappy riff rockers, you'll have an idea of what you're in store for there. There's an air of professionalism usually absent from this kind of self-made records. 'Tell Me' has a fuzz guitar tone to die for." --Aaron Milenski, The Acid Archives CD $10 SKU:22026

NOSY PARKER-ST (RARE and CLASSIC 1975 Brit psych/prog)Label:GEAR FAB CD-reissue with sound taken from the original masters. This is a RARE and CLASSIC 1975 album from this New York band. Musically heavily influenced by Britsh psych and progressive folk rock, combining use of 6 & 12 string and distorted guitars. Psychedelic folk sounds with lots of ACID GUITARS, a bit in the style of Arthur Lee Harper. CD $10 SKU:22025

OOSTEN, MICHAEL -sT (1974 Dutch psych folk Fairport COnvention style) Label:GEAR FAB The rare and much sought after 1974 folk/psych LP by this Wisconsin native. Right off the master tapes!!CD issue of the one and only and EXCELLENT album by Dutch born PSYCH-FOLK artists MICHAEL OOSTEN from USA. Originally released in 1974 privately in an edition of 400 copies. Outstanding electric folk rock feat smke great vocals and guitar work. By Many compared to the music of FAIRPORT CONVENTION CD $10 SKU:22027

OXFORDS - FLYING UP THROUGH THE SKY PART ONE (Jefferson Airplane style 1970) w ten bonus tracks!-Label:GEAR FAB When this Louisville, Kentucky Band recorded this classic 1970 LP, they also recorded 16 additional tracks between 1967 and 1971. These newly discovered tapes offer us more of their unique Spanky & Our Gang, Jefferson Airplane, and The Mamas & The Papas sound influences. All never before released. Oxfords sole 1970 privately pressed album is one of the best late 60s US psychedelic soft rock albums. Excellent male female vocals and complex original songs. It contains 4 bonus tracks from their pre-LP 45", which were not included in the original album. CD $10 SKU:22028

PACIFIC NORTHWEST FUZZ BOX -VA 60s Garage-punk stompers from Salem's enigmatic Garland Records-Label:BEATROCKET The drive's cranked all the way up and the needles fully in the red for this set of uptempo garage-punk stompers from Salem's enigmatic Garland Records. Packed with killer, crunchy bass, pummeling drums, in-your-face vocals, and (of course) mountains of fuzz-guitar! Loaded primarily with originals, plus distorted deviations of select known numbers, all ranging from impossibly rare to previously unreleased COMP CD $22 SKU:21832

SCIENTISTS - NOT FOR SALE: LIVE 1978/'79-Label:GROWN UP WRONG The Aussie garage-rock legends, captured live during theirearly days. The material consists of radio broadcast recordingsand rare rehearsal tapes. Including liner notes and seldomlyseen photographs, this CD is a great and relevant addition to the collections of all Scientists-fans. CD $24 SKU:21848

SENDELICA -THE COSMONAUT YEARS VOL. 1-SPACEMAN BUBBLEGUM AND OTHER WEIRD TALES FROM THE GOLDMINE-Label:FRG Between 2007 and 2010 Sendelica released three CD only albums on the Russian label R.A.I.G. A lot has happened in Sendelica land over the following decade but these three albums represented quite a turning point in the band's direction. As a ten year celebration they are really proud to announce that these three albums are finally available on CD again and that this whole prolific era of their musical journey is getting an overhaul with many unearthed recordings receiving a first time airing. Limited to 150 copies CD $20 SKU:21763

SENDELICA -THE COSMONAUT YEARS, VOL. 2-THE GIRL FROM THE FUTURE WHO LIT UP THE SKY WITH GOLDEN WORLDSLabel:FRG Between 2007 and 2010 Sendelica released three CD only albums on the Russian label R.A.I.G. A lot has happened in Sendelica land over the following decade but these three albums represented quite a turning point in the band's direction. As a ten year celebration they are really proud to announce that these three albums are finally available on CD again and that this whole prolific era of their musical journey is getting an overhaul with many unearthed recordings receiving a first time airing. Limited to 150 copies. CD $20 SKU:21764

SENDELICA THE COSMONAUT YEARS, VOL. 3- STREAMEDELICA SHE SIGHED AS SHE HIT REWIND ON THE DREAM MANGLER REMOTE -Label:FRG Between 2007 and 2010 Sendelica released three CD only albums on the Russian label R.A.I.G. A lot has happened in Sendelica land over the following decade but these three albums represented quite a turning point in the band's direction. As a ten year celebration they are really proud to announce that these three albums are finally available on CD again and that this whole prolific era of their musical journey is getting an overhaul with many unearthed recordings receiving a first time airing. Limited to 150 copies. CD $20 SKU:21978

SIGMUND SNOPEK III- Virginia Wolf Label:GEAR FAB The 1973 classic 'Sgt. pepperish' masterpiece from former member of BLOOMSBURY PEOPLE, a progressive 60's pop band. Sigmund Snopek's style of PROGRESSIVE ROCK and fragmented classical passages, left field lyrics and unexpected time changes are all part of his musical stew. An outstanding and trippy experience. has 2 previous unreleased tracks. CD $10 SKU:22031

SOUL INC - Vol 1 (NOT SOUL! 60s psych from Lousville!) Label:GEAR FAB Don't let the name fool you!! SOUL INC were one of the biggest bands in Louisville during the 60's and released 7 singles between '65-'69. They recorded much more that was recently discovered in the studio archives. Great PSYCHEDELIC music that shows the band transition from mid- to late 60's when they became 'Elysian Field'. CD $10 SKU:22032

SWEET MARIE -VOL 1(1971 hard edged acid rock fuzz) Label:GEAR FAB On CD, this is the first of two great albums released by this obscure Hawaii-based band. The album offers the same style of exotic-blues, light psych and hard-edged acid rock as their second album 'Stuck In Paradise' (reissued by Gear Fab -on CD- in 2001). These guys really knew how to play! CD $10 SKU:22029

T. SWIFT &THE ELECTRIC BAG- Are You Experienced (1968 fuzzed out Byrds/Doors style)-Label:GEAR FAB This exploitative 1968 LP has got a lot more to offer than just a great fuzzed out rendition of the classic JIMI HENDRIX features other great outstanding tracks that show the influence of such bands as the BYRDS, THE DOORS and VANILLA FUDGE. CD $10 SKU:22030

WILD MEXICO- Vol 2(SILKSCREENED HAND NUMBERED COVER LIMITED to 66!) (RARE 60s TRACKS)Label:PINCHE 2nd volume of amazing quest for 60's Mexican gold! Filled to the rafters with same untamed spirit that made Vol. 1 such an special record. Fun, frantic and obscure R&R at its best! 14 trax of pure Mexican awesomeness to set your ass on fire! Orale!!! COMP LP $21 SKU:21826


JOYNSON, VERNON - A SHARP SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM- 'A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO UK PUNK, NEW WAVE, POST-PUNK, MOD REVIVAL, NEO-PSYCHEDELIA, GOTH-ROCK & ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1976-1986'-Label: - Following his critically acclaimed Two Volume 'Tapestry Of Delights', which has become the definitive encyclopaedic guide to UK rock and pop of the 1963-1976 era, this stunning publication applies exactly the same format used for 'Tapestry' and focuses on the revolution the music business underwent in the UK over the next 10 years and analyses the bands and artists from several exciting new genres that changed the face of music forever. 'A Sharp Shock To The System' is a numbered, limited edition publication of 1,000 copies containing 1,670 entries across 1,400 profusely illustrated pages plus 12 pages of full colour illustrations. Each entry contains detailed artists discographies and line-up details for the 1976-1986 era, bibliographies and, in most cases, comment and a critique of their music, details of compilation appearances and an up to date rarity scale for all featured artists' album, EP and 45 releases between 1976 and 1986. Where artists continued beyond 1986, bibliographies continue until the present or until the artist ceased performing and/or recording. There is nothing similar in print covering this era that has the scope and depth of this publication. BOOKS & MAGS $105 SKU:21887

AINTS -THE AINTS!PLAY THE SAINTS(73-78)-Label:FATAL On the 40th anniversary of the release of The Saints' groundbreaking '(I'm) Stranded' album, guitarist, songwriter and founding member Ed Kuepper took to the stage performing the material he had written for that seminal band across their first three albums '(I'm) Stranded' (1977), 'Eternally Yours' (1978), and 'Prehistoric Sounds' (1978). Joined by like-minded souls, bassist Peter Oxley (Sunnyboys), drummer Paul Larson (The Celibate Rifles) plus keyboard player Alister Spence and a guest brass section, 'The Aints! Play The Saints' captures that energy of the original band delivering on a promise made 40 years ago and not heard since. Tracks include the incendiary '(I'm) Stranded', everybody's favourite 'Know Your Product', the blistering cover of Ike & Tina Turner's 'River Deep Mountain High', the epic 'Nights In Venice' plus 'This Perfect Day', 'Messin' With The Kid' and more. Released on the Fatal label, home to The Saints' original '(I'm) Stranded 7" in September 1976. CD $14 SKU:21391

DEEP SIX-IT'S HAPPENING((Hollies/Beatles/Who style pure 60s mod) Label:HEAVY SOUL After a string of limited 7" vinyl singles The Deep Six return with a second album of pure 60s mod coolness. Featuring the song-writing skills of Mark McGounden of the highly regarded Makin 'Time and Upper Fifth and Paul Hooper-Keeley from The Threads the album is jam-packed with nods to The Hollies, Beatles, Who and Small Faces whilst keeping it fresh enough to be a powerhouse live. "It's Happening" is available as a digipack including 8-page booklet. CD $17 SKU:21659

EL CUY - ST(Peruvian power trio Led Zep style)Label:WORLD IN SOUND Dirty old school Sabbath/Zeppelin sound, truly organic HIGH OCTANE ROCK. El Cuy is a "kick ass" power trio from Lima, Peru which seems to be one of the most intense RocknRoll cities for heavy Underground Rock today. CD $12 SKU:21745

HUNGER- Strictly From (one the RAREST PSYCHEDELIC ALBUMS ever from the USA '69!)Label:AKARMA Reissue on CD of one the RAREST PSYCHEDELIC ALBUMS ever from the USA '69! Lots of spooky, swirling Farfisa organs, dreamy vocals, psychedeic effects and furious LEAD GUITARS! This Cd version contains also the later remixes with Ed King, showing a much heavier approach. CD $12 SKU:22017

IAH-11 (stoner/psych rock band from Argentina ) Label:NECIO RECORDS AH is an instrumental stoner/psych rock band from Argentina that creates heavy spaced-out sounds. Though the sound reveals elements of Karma To Burn, Colour Haze and some other influential instrumental rock bands, IAH brings its own sounds to the table. CD $18 SKU:21426

JACKETS -QUEEN OF THE PILL(Raw wild Swiss psych fuzz garage)Label: VOODOO RHYTHM 10 songs of pure raw wild Swiss psychedelic fuzz garage at its best fronted by the wildest woman in Europe. This is their fourth full length album and the second released on Voodoo Rhythm. For this album The Jackets have once more assembled their "dream team" of recording engineer Nene Baratto (Movie Star Junkies) and His Royal Highness King Khan who produced their single in 2017, but it gets better! Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Cambodian Space Project) has joined the team to mix and master and believe me, this album is a blast! Raw amazing full-fuzz-power-punk-beat with a touch of psychedelia! You have never heard The Jackets on vinyl like this before! 10 songs. All killer. No filler! CD $16 SKU:22018

LONE CROWS-DARK CLOUDS(blues psych jams)Label:WORLD IN SOUND With their s/t debut album from 2013, The Lone Crows, a young and promising quartet from Minneapolis, garnered a lot of praise for their mix of blues and psychedelic jams. Now they present their second LP 'Dark Clouds'. With no frills, analogue production, the captivating dynamics and spirited compositions take you on a trip back to 1970 and even further beyond. The group takes their dominant blend of Heavy Blues and Hard Rock elements and mixes it with influences such as West Coast Psychedelia, bits of funk and soul, grunge and alternative, and their progressive thrash metal roots. You can hear parallels to bands like Led Zeppelin, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Canned Heat, Santana, The Beatles, Robin Trower, Spooky Tooth, Spirit, The Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. Each song showcases strong and melodic vocals, intense and soaring guitar work, and a multi-faceted, driving rhythm section. 'Dark Clouds' is the perfect album for a long road trip, and it's highly addictive! CD $14 SKU:21750

NIGHTSTALKER- GREAT HALLUCINATIONS(Legendary space psych stoners)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS The legendary stoner rockers are back! One of the first bands of the genre present their 8th album after their first EP ('SideFX') back in 1994 (the grunge rock era). This time the album hits directly to the soul. 8 tracks which are different to each other, combining groovy parts with heaviness and melodies. The guitars are still heavy but spacey and psychedelic at the same time. The bass is always groovy with intense playing. All together with a lot of catchy melodies and the power of Argy's vocals are the secret of the music of Nightstalker. Raw rock'n'roll simplicity, stunning riffs and electric haze are what have kept the band going for more than 20 years. Produced by Nightstalker again and this time it is recorded and mixed at Wreck It Sound Studios. Listening to Nightstalker you can figure out why Greece is the perfect country for stoner rock bands and why the Greek stoner scene is one of the greatest worldwide. For fans of Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Monster Magnet, Kyuss. CD $14 SKU:21368

TAMBLES-DON'T YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TAMBLES? (Dutch powerpop) Label:BICKERTON Hailing from the Dutch town ofa Gouda, capital of the world of cheese, The Tambles recorded an awesome, kick ass album, created with pieces of garage-rock, powerpop, pub-rock, rock'n'roll and folk-rock. CD $14 SKU:21802

WIGGY BITS - ST (1976 hard rock w Blues Magoos member) Label:ROCK CANDY Originally released in 1976, the sole album by this melodic US hard rock band (featuring ex-members of a.o. Blues Magoos, The Illusion and Barnaby Bye) gets reissued on CD, including remastered audio and a 12-page booklet. CD $17 SKU:21761

BEATFREAK! Vol 1 (Rare And Obscure British Beat 1964-1968) Label:PARTICLES Original Sound Recordings From The British Beat Archive COMP CD $12 SKU:21279

GUNSMOKE - VOL 3 &4 ( oddball country weepers, moody rockabilly tunes and popcorn noir from the 50s and 60s)Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) The tracks from the second two vinyl 10-inches on one compact disc. This is a collection of oddball country weepers, moody rockabilly tunes and popcorn noir from the 1950s and early '60s. So turn out the lights, sit back and relax to the sounds from a jukebox in a ghost town... COMP CD $17 SKU:21451

I KNOW THAT I GOT A HEAVY SOUL, VOL. 3-VA((Eclectic mix of soul, beat, psyche, pop moderniste and funk)Label:HEAVY SOUL The third installment in this popular series features a host of bands that are inspired by the sounds of the '60s. On offer is an eclectic mix of soul, beat, psyche, pop moderniste and funk. COMP CD $15 SKU:21845

MIXED UP MINDS - Pt 3 British Pop - Label:PARTICLES The Mixed Up Minds series sets forth into the deep and wondrous valleys of British pop, daring to bring forth a collection of rare, overlooked and obscure gems that have so far eluded compilers worldwide, gleaned from the flamboyant underbelly of British rock and adolescent pop of the late 60s & early 70s. This eagerly anticipated third volume presents twenty slabs of melodic disgrace from a variety of bad-tempered boy bands when it was cool to be boys in a band! On this collection, we present the final days of British Garage punk with echoes of freakbeat and psychedelia being laid to rest in this celebratory volume of Rare and obscure British Rock and pop. COMP CD $12 SKU:14439

SOUL LIKE FIRE-VA- (beat, garage and mod comp)Label:HEAVY SOUL A great beat, garage and mod compilation, featuring The Movements, Woggles, Blow-Ups, Frantic V, Lost 45's, Modus, Heretics, Patterns, a.m.m. The CD offers 18 tracks in COMP CD $8 SKU:21847

WHO WILL BUY THESE WONDERFUL EVILS...vol 6 LTd 500 (The Pebbles series of Sweden. 60s rare psych ) Label:BUSY BEE PRODUCTION Since 2003 the 'Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils' series has conducted archeological diggings in record vaults and sound archives constantly in search of hidden artefacts and smooth hits worth shining a light on again. The Swedish '60s and '70s produced a mind expanding mixture of happy-go-lucky pop and feral grooves and way too many tracks didn't reach their audience, neither in its homecountry nor the rest of the world. The 'Who Will Buy' series is on a mission to save a slice of Swedish pop-history from the grubby paws of connoisseurs and collectors. Vol. 6 includes everything from Swedish Beatles-covers to mind melting freak outs. Quietly bubbling introspection, mysterious agent-pop, finger tapping cocktail lounge and sun kissed summer pop with its shirt off. COMP LP $24 SKU:21837

CRAMPS -- PERFORMING SONGS OF SEX, LOVE AND HATE-Label:MIND CONTROL BROADCAST FROM LONDON AND STOCKHOLM, A DATE WITH ELVIS TOUR, 1986' - Two hard to find radio broadcasts from the 'A Date With Elvis' tour finally restored and available on vinyl. For all Cramps' fanatics out there LP $21 SKU:21776

TRIPSICHORD -ST(California 60s/70s DOUBLE LP GATEFOLD Label:AKARMA Repress! This is one of the most experienced Californian groups in the '60s/'70s, although they were almost disregarded. This album was originally released on two different labels, Janus and San Francisco Sound, therefore a lot of confusion has been made about its very first edition. Anyway, both of them are rare and expensive. This album and a few 7"s are actually everything Tripsichord ever recorded. They were produced by Matthew Katz (who had produced Moby Grape) and their music is based on that acid and psychedelic sound from California, very close to Quicksilver Messenger Service, with its weaving of excellent quality solos. They weren't lucky and never got the success they deserved, but they have all the characters of a great band LP $ SKU:21883

TROLLEY - CAUGHT IN THE DARKNESS(psych-pop, garage, powerpop Label:SUGARBUSH The second album by the amazing Trolley offers a truly excellent combination of psych-pop, garage, powerpop and moptop jangle. This edition is limited to 250 copies on orange sorbet coloured vinyl. LP $22 SKU:21759


BLUE MAX -ST - LIMITED EDITION (Led Zep Jethro Tull style 1975 Canadian fuzz rarity) Label:GEAR FAB The rare 1975 LP recorded in the Maritime Province of Nova Scotia. Truly one of Canada's best unknown bands, the musical influences of Led Zepplin and Jethro Tull abound. Hard driving fuzz guitar, booming bass, and hard drumming come on each and every track. CD $10 SKU:20005

CHAPLIN HARNESS-II(60s psych)Label:GEAR FAB Off the master tapes, their follow-up lp to their self-titled album in 1969 recoded at Mod Sound Studios. Featuring the beautiful female vocals of Geri Mingori, more great late 60s Psychedelic music with distorted guitars and heavy organ. CD $10 SKU:12224

FEVER TREE - San Francisco Girls (TEXAS 1968)-Label:GEAR FAB The great Houston, Texas band that had a slew of 45's, EP's and LP"s out between 1967-1970. Collection contains all the original 10 tracks from their first self-titled 1968 LP on UNI + 5 previously unre. tracks. From the original mastertapes.17 tracks CD $10 SKU:18658

FOX- Simple Songs (West coast pop 1972)Label:GEAR FAB On the heels of the Majic Ship breakup, guitarists Phil Polimeni and Tom Nikosey added the alents of Jim Ayoub to form Fox, the Brooklyn-based acoustic trio whose original melodies and harmonies set the stage for their move West to California in 1972.These recordings have been revived, sounding amazingly fresh and timeless. Half of Fox's tapes were made at the infamous Glenn Holly Studio, owned and operated by Phil Polemini, where may famous musicians would hide away to record, late into the morning hours. This is the very studio where Phil's friend and legendary guitarist Tommy Bolin jammed endlessly from 1972 through 1976. CD $10 SKU:19649