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Happy weekend my darlins, we have some more of those wild and crazy imports that you love so much, along with a big batch of previously sold out items.

And our friends at the L.A. psych label Hypnotic Bridge have supplied us with their two new releases, Black Watchand Electric Looking Glass. Get ready to drop some acid and freak out!

GOSPLEBACH premierws their new single via POP MATTERS! Hear “Let it Burn” from their new album on ALIVE and read the interview the Brent.

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BLACK WATCH -Crying All The Time (glorious acid pop psych, Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE b/w “One Hundred Million Times Around The Sun” and “Much Of A Muchness”
“Crying All The Time!” transports TBW into the realm of glorious pop psych, launching listeners into its stream of soaring, sonic splendor (and mellotronic majesty, courtesy of ex-BJM keyboardist Rob Campanella). Undoubtedly the first and only song to offer up such sumptuous words as delirious, imperious, mysterious, insidious and perfidious in a single set of lyrics. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21638

ELECTRIC LOOKING GLASS - Death of a Season (Bee Gees, Left Banke and Kinks circa '68 influenced) Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Electric Looking Glass are a baroque pop group from Los Angeles whose shared love of early Bee Gees, Left Banke and Kinks circa '68 informs their phenomenal songs. Fresh on the scene, the four far-out dandies create flash melodies in full harmony with jangly guitars, whirling Hammond and a belting backbeat. Sounds of yesterday, visions of tomorrow, yet fully focused on the perfect here and now. Death Of A Season With a slow, groovy build riding deep, powerful currents of Hammond organ and buoyed by ethereal vocals, “Death Of A Season” envelops you in its sensuous sea of psychedelia before taking you to the top of a tidal wave of intense, climactic 45 RPM $10 SKU:21637


TRIPTIDES-Nirvana Now (sun-drenched psych)-Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE “Nirvana Now” b/w “She Is Dressed In Red” An ecstatic reflection on a dream shared by “all who were there”, the paean to enlightenment encapsulated by “Nirvana Now” takes Triptides’ sun-drenched psychedelia to new glorious new heights. Awash in aural delights emanating from a Wurlitzer electric piano along with Epiphone Casino and fuzz guitars, the song has all a seeker of psyched-out bliss could ask for. Shimmering with dronalicious sitar, Farfisa organ, 12-string guitar and Beatle bass, “She Is Dressed In Red” is the perfect marigold comedown after spinning the A-side at maximum volume. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21476

TURNS - Doorman (timeless essence of West Coast psych)Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE “Doorman” b/w “Just Like You” Doorman” is the opening salvo in a new direction in The Turns’ sound, with soulful vocals and a slow, powerful build that soars with the psychedelic splendor of bands like The Buffalo Springfield, The Jefferson Airplane and Love. The timeless essence of West Coast psychedelia is encapsulated in the lovely groove of “Just Like You,” which blossoms in the mind like memories of sunny summer afternoons spent lazing on paisley picnic blankets. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21477

HIGHER STATE - In The Morning (psych-folk spirit of ’66 )Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE “In The Morning I Will Roam” b/w “Winter Is Blue” The psych-folk spirit of ’66 comes jangling through the mists of time with the profound sounds and imagery of “In The Morning I Will Roam”, transporting those who listen intently into the pensive, rustic realm of classic British troubadours, from Donovan Leitch to Vashti Bunyan.“Winter Is Blue” is, in fact, one of Vashti’s own early classics, transformed into a perfect complement to the A-side by The Higher State’s visionary take on her obscure contribution to 1968’s “Tonite Let’s All Make Love In London” soundtrack. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21478

MAD WALLS- It Turns (Floydian sounds drifting within a stream of dreamy psych).
Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE MAD WALLS- It Turns “It Turns” b/w “Eternal Light” Curated to complement each other, the songs on this single are among the trippiest yet from The Mad Walls. “It Turns” arrives like an echo from the past broadcast from the future, with early Floydian sounds and sentiments drifting within a stream of dreamy psych.“Eternal Light” gallops with muted hooves through a fever dream of dense butterscotch brilliance, an Edwardian ghost swirling alongside holding a spliff the size of a torch, illuminating facets of strange, undulating gems along the path. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21479

CREATION FACTORY - Swirling Sight Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE “Swirling Sight” b/w “Sunflower” With a promise of mind-melting kaleidoscopic visions, “Swirling Sight” launches its phase-a-delic trip instantaneously, pulling you into The Creation Factory’s most glorious slice of sixties-style psych-pop ever pressed to vinyl. A roiling, driving beat gives denizens of the dance floor (and the DJs who inspire them) the chance to groove with delirious lysergic abandon. A sitar-laden psychedelic soundscape that evokes The Beatles’ “Flying” boosted supersonically to the edge of space, “Sunflower” blooms beautifully in a scintillating cycle of deep, droney, organic intensity. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21480


AKBAYRAM, EDIP -DOSTLAR- SINGLES OVERVIEW 74-77 (70s Turkish fuzz psych) Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS B-sides from hard-to-find 45s that never made it onto albums during singer Edip Akbayram's 1970s psychedelic period with the awesome Dostlar as backing band.- Akbayram's voice glues together disparate arrangements that put ridiculous analog synthesizers up next to centuries-old mystic poetry; Anatolian melodies are enveloped by western touches like breakdowns for cosmic whispering, slammin' organ, or wild phasing effects on folk instruments that were never meant to support them.- Includes booklet with liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records) and photos. - Remastered sound. CD $12 SKU:21634

BEVIS FROND- The Aunt Winnie Album (80s psych legends)Label:CHERRY RED 80s psych legends. Re-issue of the masterful double CD from 1989 with additional rarities including the 26 minute plus ‘Death Trip’. Sixth album by The Bevis Frond, originally released in 1989, and ripe for rediscovery. Four stars in Sounds, it was hailed as mixing “cosmic psycho instrumentals, melodic subterfuge plus guitar and Hammond duelling,” which was applauded as being “groovy as hell.” Hero worshipped by Byron Coley in Forced Exposure, raved about in psych fanzines across the globe, ‘Auntie Winnie’ is a timeless freak out that traverses the four corners of the world especially on the Egypt-inspired ‘City Of The Sun’. A true buried gem from one of music’s unsung heroes now rightfully re-evaluated. Remastered from the original sound sources with sleevenotes by The Bevis Frond's Nick Saloman. DBL CD $12 SKU:21602

BORRACHO- ATACAMA (Washington DC old school stoner rock)Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ BORRACHO is a three-piece heavy rock band from Washington, DC. On the trio's sophomore album, 'Atacama', we hear a band that continues to focus on song construction and memorable melodies. This is heavy, classic, old school stoner rock. CD $12 SKU:21565

BYRDS - Preflyte Plus with bonus material DBL CD! Label:FLOATING WORLD (England) The most definitive collection yet of the BYRDS' pre-Columbia Records material—includes an extra 20 minutes of material only recently found, not included in the previously available Sundazed Records 40 track collection. On November 10, 1964, The Byrds inked a deal with Columbia Records. Or more accurately, Jim (later Roger) McGuinn, Gene Clark and David Crosby signed to Columbia Records, with Michael Clarke and Chris Hillman officially joining the roster later. The band’s pre-Columbia days have been anthologized over the years almost as extensively as their “official” catalogue, with the earliest release coming in 1969 on Together Records, simply titled Preflyte. The recordings were compiled in 1988 for the CD era in an expanded version by Rhino Records. Other assorted tracks trickled out over the years, and in 2001, Sundazed issued a 2-CD, 40-track version, The Preflyte Sessions (SC 11116). Now, Floating World Records assays these early Byrds tracks on "Preflyte Plus," which retains the 40 tracks on The Preflyte Sessions (compiled by Roger McGuinn and Bob Irwin), and adds an additional eight songs. You’ll hear embryonic versions of familiar songs, produced by Jim Dickson at Los Angeles’ World Pacific Studios, including 'You Showed Me' (the McGuinn/Clark composition later popularized by The Turtles) and 'Mr. Tambourine Man,' the group’s first Columba hit. Dino Valenti’s oft-recorded 'Get Together' premiered on the Sundazed set in a solo rendition by the young David Crosby, the singer who first caught Dickson’s attention. Four of Crosby’s early solo performances are included. Columbia Records’ Terry Melcher re-cut six of the World Pacific tracks for the band’s first two major label albums: 'It’s No Use,' 'Here Without You,' 'I Knew I’d Want You,' 'You Won’t Have to Cry,' 'It Won’t Be Wrong (Don’t Be Long)' and 'She Has a Way.' The latter languished in the vaults for nearly thirty years. All of the original versions of these songs are present on Preflyte Plus. This new set also includes eight never before released bonus tracks from a demo reel mixed by Jim Dickson before his death in 2011 at the age of 80. These include unreleased takes of 'Mr. Tambourine Man' and 'You Showed Me”' plus more unheard World Pacific-era tracks including 'She’s the Kind of Girl,' 'Everybody’s Been Burned' and 'I’m Just a Young Man.' ('Everybody’s Been Burned' was re-recorded for The Byrds’ "Younger than Yesterday" LP, and 'She’s the Kind of Girl' reunited The Byrds on "Roadmaster," a solo album by the song's writer, Gene Clark.) DBL CD $12 SKU:13932

DEADNECK -LEVITATION (stoner blues metal)-Label: KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ Deadneck is a stoner blues metal band hailing from Finland, with a sound that could have been dragged from the swamps of New Orleans. But 'Levitation' is more than just your bog standard "stoner metal" outing. Throughout its six tracks, the listener is taken deeper into the rabbit hole, as the band experiments with psychedelic sounds and droning doom, all wonderfully contrasted by the soulful blues soaked vocals. CD $15 SKU:21567

HILLS-ALIVE AT ROADBURN (Byrds style psych)-Label:ROCKET Hot off the Swedish psychedelia revival of the past few years and after their hailed 2015 album Frid (LAUNCH 079CD), Hills connect the dots to their country's rich and intoxicating past with a handful of new sepia-toned tunes. Like their predecessors unholy trinity of Pärson Sound, International Harvester, and Träd Gräs Och Stenar, Hills penchant to stretch out beyond, performing what feels like openly casual exhortations into intricate Eastern tones and primal hypnotic rhythms. These four tracks sit deeply buried in oblivion, bones, skin, sweat, grooved with fearless intensity with no diminution of the interplay, spontaneity, and feeling onstage, the band are entombed in mantric repetition while the vapor trail of The Byrds' (Untitled) epic; "Eight Miles High" descends into an Elysian Field, where the dead enjoy happy tranquility, until they come to life and rise up again. CD $16 SKU:21561

LANDING - THIRD SIGHT (rural psych)Label:EL PARAISO Connecticut's Landing have specialized in a mild and rural kind of psychedelia for almost two decades. 'Third Sight' - recorded specifically for El Paraiso Records' Impetus series - builds on the hallucinatory soundscapes of the band's earliest days. There's a unique sense of motoric drift to these four long pieces, and an or-ganic blend of rock instrumentation and analog electronics that brings to mind Eno's best 1970s collaborations. But the group's flair for fuzzy drones and new weirdsy commune-folk also betrays their affiliation with the experimental American east coast scene - playing shows with Bardo Pond and releasing a split EP with Windy & Carl among other things throughout their career. CD $17 SKU:21560

LARRY’S REBELS- I Feel Good The Essential Purple Flashes of Larry's Rebels 1965-1969 -Label:RPM Larry's Rebels had one of the goofier names in the history of rock & roll -- it invites the question, who is this Larry and why does he have his own set of rebels? -- but nobody laughs at their moniker in New Zealand, where for five years they were one of the nation's biggest and best beat groups. Larry's Rebels were sometimes compared to the Animals in their homeland (they released a solid cover of "Inside Looking Out"), and while they lacked the fierce blues power of the British band, they shared their talent for taking well-known songs and giving them a distinctive spin of their own. Singer Larry Morris had a strong, versatile voice that worked with sunny pop numbers and harder blues-based material, and guitarist John Williams (no relation to the classical guitarist or the film composer) could play tough, howling leads dipped in fuzz and feedback; this was a band that could cover the Who and the Creation and, if not surpassing the originals, deliver versions that had a backbone and a personality of their own. (And "Flying Scotsman," an obvious lift from "Train Kept A Rollin'," burns nearly as bright as the Yardbirds' variation on the theme.) Larry's Rebels were stars in New Zealand and fared well in Australia, but they failed to break through in the U.K. and were unknown in the United States, and for many fans of '60s rock, I Feel Good: The Essential Purple Flashes of Larry's Rebels 1965-1969 will be their first exposure to the band. And these 24 tunes (with a vintage Coca-Cola commercial tacked on as a bonus) confirm that plenty of folks were missing out on a worthwhile band that could tackle moody pop ("This Empty Place"), sneering R&B ("Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It"), raunchy garage punk ("Coloured Flowers") and proto-psychedelia ("Halloween") with equal confidence and skill. Featuring a well-written history of the band by Grant Gillanders and lots of rare photos and clippings, I Feel Good: The Essential Purple Flashes of Larry's Rebels 1965-1969 is a definitive single-disc overview of the band's brief but remarkable career, and anyone with a taste for U.K. R&B or freakbeat of the era will enjoy this sampler of the rock & roll kings of the Antipodes. MARK DEMING CD $17 SKU:21636

POWER OF ZEUS-THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ZEUS (heavy psych/funk-rock 1970)-Label: MR. BONGO Seminal heavy psych/funk-rock album originally released on Rare Earth in 1970. Featuring the monster breakbeat on 'The Sorcerer Of Isis'. Formed in Detroit in 1968, Power Of Zeus became the first rock band to be signed by Motown subsidiary label Rare Earth. The group drew inspiration from British hard rock and heavy metal giants like Cream, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin when they created this well-produced, seminal post-hard rock album. After 'The Gospel According To Zeus', the group never made another album and the band slipped into obscurity, until it was discovered by the hip hop diggers. The drum beat from 'The Sorcerer Of Isis' has been one of the most sampled in hip-hop music, including KRS-One, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Cyprus Hill, A Tribe Called Quest and Eminem to name a few. Half-speed mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, London. CD $16 SKU:21494

QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE- Carousel Ballroom, April 4th San Francisco 1968 DBL Label:BEAR Part of a series of live recordings unearthed after 40 years, this album is said to present an appearance by Quicksilver Messenger Service at the Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco on April 4, 1968, a month before the release of the group's self-titled debut album. Although earlier shows presented in the series demonstrated that QMS certainly were ready to record years before they did, this performance is recognizably one by the band that made the first album and its follow-up, Happy Trails, a group comfortable improvising for 12 or 13 minutes at a time on 'Who Do You Love' and 'The Fool.’ The second disc however is the real pull for Quicksilver fans as it contains just the one track of the band doing what they do best and what sealed their reputation as a live band. The disc is taken up with The Jam an extended piece which never outstays its welcome but which underpins the bands musical inventiveness and dexterity. To nit-pick, the April 4, 1968, performance by QMS actually occurred at the Fillmore Auditorium, not the Carousel. (it wasn't until July 1968 that promoter Bill Graham took over the Carousel and renamed it the Fillmore West.) That is assuming this concert even took place on April 4, 1968. On the recording, someone comments that it's Easter Sunday; April 4, 1968, was a Thursday. Easter Sunday 1968 occurred on April 14. QMS did not play a show on April 14, 1968, but they did play at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on the night of Saturday, April 13; maybe this is actually that show? Still, it is great live QMS. CD $10 SKU:21599

QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE -Live at the Filmore 4th of Feb 1967- DBL Label:BEAR The second in a series of rare live recordings by the Bay Area rockers. This 1967 recording contains many highlights including superb versions of 'You Don't Love Me' and 'A Fool for You'. Also includes 'Gold and Silver', 'Walkin' Blues', 'I Hear You Knocking' and 'All Night Worker' and shows the band were flexible and able to put together a set that highlighted their musical dexterity. While the sound quality isn't the best and seems to be in mono, there are nice things to be found here. The band's then line up was David, Greg, John and Gary with Jim Murray who left before the first album. This disc also has guest appearances from Nick Gravenites who appears as a guest vocalist on 'Walkin’ Blues' and 'Year of the Outrage' while Dino Valente shows up for 'A Fool for You' and 'I Can't Believe It.' CD $10 SKU:21600

QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE -Live at the Filmore 6th February 1967 - Label:BEAR Quicksilver Messenger Service is considered to be one of the most important bands to come from the San Francisco music scene of the sixties along with their contemporaries The Grateful Dead and The Jefferson Airplane. The band initially came together in 1965 and proceeded to play a great many gigs across America.Another performance from the Fillmore in San Francisco, this recording comes just two days after another release in this series of live recordings from Quicksilver Messenger Service. This recording while being a single disc contains many highlights including superb versions of You Don’t Love Me and A Fool For You. Whilst not radically different from the set of the 4th of February although shorter the set does include Gold and Silver, Walkin’ Blues, I Hear You Knocking and All Night Worker and shows the band were flexible and able to put together a set that highlighted their musical dexterity and also their choice of material although the performances are different. CD $10 SKU:21601

RAYMEN-THE GOO GOO MUCK SESSIONS (legendary 84 recordings) Label:TRASH WAX Legendary recordings, made in 1984 and originally released as a limited fanclub cassette. This issue comes with completely remastered sound and artwork inspired directly bt the cassette release. The title takes its name from one of the very first cover versions of a song made famous by The Cramps. CD $14 SKU:21525

ARCADIUM- Breathe Awhile (ACid drenched 60s heavy psych Label:ETHELION Originally released in 1969. Arcadium's ominous, cathedral-like organ, distorted guitar and anguished vocals are clearly derivative of bands such as The Doors, Iron Butterfly and Vanilla Fudge - very much in the 'downer-heavy' school of the genre that was popular at the time. Their album is something of a bad-trip soundtrack that relies on minor-key melodies, ghostly harmonies and anguished vocals. What with all its flaws - bad production, sloppy vocals and doomsday atmospherics - its historical significance is immense. The music's intensity and sense of urgency, the blazing acid-drenched guitars, the tortured vocals and heavy nightmarish sounds all perfectly convey the late '60s atmosphere. LP $24 SKU:21452

ARZACHEL -ST (UK psych pre-EGG legends 1968)Label:ETHELION Reissue on vinyl of very rare one and only album by UK psychedelic pre-EGG legend, featuring Steve Hillage on guitars. Weird psychedelic freak blues rock with great acid guitars and psych-effects. Originally released in 1969. Includes 3 rare psychedelic tracks from Uriel from 1968 as bonus LP $24 SKU:21453

ELECTRIC FUNERAL-The Wild Performance -Ear-splitting hard-rock / proto-doom-metal from the early 70s! BENT CORNER BARGAIN! DBL LP! Label:SOMMER VERY small crunch on corner, I had to look to find it but we got a deal on them! Ear-splitting hard-rock / proto-doom-metal from the early 70s! double LP version; includes download. Ear-splitting hard-rock/proto-doom-metal from the early '70s, Electric Funeral were a pioneering Swiss hard-rock band who sadly never registered any studio recordings at the time. Formed in the late '60s by Edi Hirt (drums), Pierrot Wermeille (bass), Alain Christinaz (guitar), and Dominique Bourquin (vocals), they were influenced by bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin. Famous for their loud (they played behind giant stacks of Marshall amps) and powerful shows, their sound was too heavy-sounding for a regular label to offer them a contract. The Wild Performance is made of private live and rehearsal tapes recorded in 1970 -- very raw and lo-fi -- but it's the only testimony of their brutal sound. First released in 1991 as a limited LP, this is an expanded edition with newly remastered sound and four killer bonus tracks, taken from reels and tapes recently found in the band's archives. These tracks were also recorded in 1970 except for "My Destiny", which dates to 1973. The sound is still lo-fi but slightly better than the original tracks, especially on the killer "You Can Help" (proto-punk á la Electric Eels), "My Destiny" and the alternate version of "You Can Help". RIYL: Black Sabbath, Iron Claw, Edgar Broughton Band, Moses, Sainte Anthony's Fyre. Includes insert with rare photos and liner and notes by Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic Baby). LP $25 SKU:20957

ELIAS HULK Unchained1970 hard rock)BENT CORNER BARGAIN!Label:SOMMOR A classic in the collecting circuit since ages, the sole release by UK group Elias Hulk was out in 1970 on the Youngblood label. Raw hard-rock, adding some Eastern and blues-rock elements as well. First-ever licensed vinyl reissue, pressed on 180 gram vinyl in a one-off 500 copies pressing. Insert with photos and extensive liners by Andy Morten. LP $22 SKU:21632

GO GO CULT -INTO THE VALLEY OF THE GO GO CULT-Label:TRASH WAX Their brilliant debut album on vinyl for the first time! Licensed from Western Star, this classic trash album has it all. Think early Tall Boys, The Cramps and the big Gretsch sound of The Cult Of The Psychic Fetus. Pure class! This release comes with great new sleeve artwork by Marcel Bontempi and is limited to 500 copies.
LP $19 SKU:21524

GRAVE FLOWERS BONGO BAND- FLower Pot(scorching 70s-UK-a-delic spiel) Label:PERMANENT Gabe Flores is in charge of at least half the electricity as lead guitarist in L.A.’s cataclysmic Hooveriii, but Grave Flowers Bongo Band (with Vaughn Christensen and Andy Caly) is his acoustic project—which isn’t to imply it’s any less intense. First single “Sacred” is a frantic two-minutes not far from (as their bio accurately promises) pre-T. Rex duo Tyrannosaurus Rex and/or/especially Steve Peregrin Took’s Shagrat, with bongos a la Lemmy’s early outfit Sam Gopal and a general sense of barely contained Syd Barrett-style chaos. Really, “Sacred” is a scorching 70s-UK-a-delic spiel, delivered in one long desperate breath. Think of it as freaked-out folk more than freak folk, and file it as close to Fresh Maggots as you can LP $22 SKU:21635

MONUMENT - First Monument (London 1971 hard rock) BENT CORNER BARGAIN! Label:GUERSSEN Ding on one corner, very small, GREAT deal! Heavy organ and guitar doom hard rock recorded in London in 1971 by the members of cult hard-rockers Zior. A must for fans of early Black Sabbath or Leafhound. High quality carton cover, pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Mastertape sound quality. Includes an insert with extensive liner notes by Andy Morten. LP $22 SKU:21633


A FINE DAY AND A BRILLIANT EVENING -Cherry Red Rarities 1983-85 (willowy pop)Label:CHERRY RED More willowy pop of yesteryear from the vaults of Cherry Red. The second release in the Cherry Red Rarities series, is a collection of rare and upstanding tracks from three of Cherry Red’s most popular artists: Jane And Barton, Grab Grab The Haddock (yes, they really did exist) and In Embrace. “The juxtaposition of the three artists here seems coincidental, yet they successfully present different facets of the sound of the label during the early 80's. Jane & Barton start with the acapella 'It's A Fine Day' which was later turned into the Opus III dancefloor smash. Flute and percussion accompany Jane on 'I Want To Be With You' to nice pastoral effects a la Virginia Astley, although the latter would have never named one of her songs 'Ha Bloody Ha', which poses such thought-provoking questions as "Did you hear about the woman who died" or "What part of a vegetable can't you eat". Simple voice and piano arrangement on 'There Is A Man' and 'You Are Over There' makes ideal lazy afternoon listening, only to be rudely disturbed by Mr.Barton's grating screech on 'You Are Over There Part Two'. Onto the marvelously named Grab Grab The Haddock, which included two of the three Marine Girls after Tracey Thorn went on to form Everything But The Girl. They pretty much carried on with the style of their previous band, only now augmented to a four-piece. Lightweight summery guitar pop, the stuff that made Cherry Red famous. In Embrace played moody melodic pop with guitar and synths. Although once described as 'introverted and emotionally unfathomable' the songs are actually quite classy and the sentiments deeply felt. 'The Darkest Horse' features a spine-tingling chord progression slightly reminiscent of the Cocteaus. They should have been big. The CD ends with a bonus video of 'It's A Fine Day'. COMP CD $5 SKU:20498

ARF! ARF! -BLITZKRIEG (60's psych/ glam/ and oddities) Label:ARF ARF This cheap compilation comprise a track from each Arf! Arf! release, so whether you are a garage fiend or a lover of incredibly strange muzak or a glam hound, there is no better way to check out this extraordinary catalog. Including LUCIA PAMELA, SPACE NEGROS, NOBLEMEN, FLAT EARTH SOCIETY, THE LOST, THEE WYLDE MANIACS, THE ELECTRAS, etc. COMP CD $8 SKU:20125

BLACK SPIRIT -ST( 69-78 Black Sabbath style) Label:OHRWASCHL The album is mainly a hard rock affair in Black Sabbath style, sung in English, with some rock-blues influences—very far from the typical Italian sound. According to the sleeve-notes, the tracks had been recorded between 1969 and 1978. The style is heavy progressive, with some Cream, Man, and Quicksilver influences, with plenty of choice moments. all the members of this band were of Italian origin working in Germany, and it was in that nation that their super rare first and only album was released by the small and collectible Brutkasten label. CD $14 SKU:21428

CURIOSITY SHOP -VOL 3 (A Rare Collection Of Aural Antiquities And Objets D'art 1968-1971) Label:PARTICLES Psych, Garage and obscurities COMP CD $12 SKU:21283

DEVIL’S KITCHEN- ST (SF 60s psych ) Label:LYSERGIC SOUND First ever release by DEVIL’S KITCHEN, perhaps the best of the greatly talented but “forgotten” bands from the legendary San Francisco psychedelic scene of the late 1960’s. This heavy guitar-powered psychedelic four piece band moved from their original Southern Illinois base to the Bay Area during The Summer Of Love. The band came to the attention of Bill Graham and Chet Helms in 1968 and was soon playing on a regular basis at The Fillmore West. A short time later Devil’s Kitchen became the house band at Helms’ Family Dog Ball-room on The Great Highway in San Francisco and remained there in that capacity from the spring of 1968 until the summer of 1970. Devil’s Kitchen played all the major venues in The Bay Area and Los Angeles during this time period, opening for and playing frequently with many very well-known bands, including The Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Santana, Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Allman Brothers, Big Brother And The Holding Company with Janis, The Charlatans and many, many others. The band spurned a recording contract offer from Mercury Records in 1968, displeased with the lack of creative control offered them by the label. Consequently, they never released any recordings. There are eight original unreleased tracks on this album and all were taken from the original master tapes that were recorded in 1969 at The Family Dog Ballroom On The Great Highway in San Francisco and the Sierra Sound Recording Studio in Berkeley. The music has a great and unmistakable late 60’s acid-drenched West Coast guitar-driven blues-psych sound with snakey electric slide and roaring fuzz guitar throughout, provided by the talented Robbie Stokes who later went on to play with Quicksilver Messenger Service and appeared on Mickey Hart’s 1972 “Rolling Thunder” LP, just to mention two of his many musical credits. The discovery of these master tapes and this subsequent release of Devil’s Kitchen’s first full length album, more than forty years after the recordings were made, is an exciting find for the collectors of obscure 60’s psychedelia. How a great band like this remained under the radar and unreleased for all these years is mystifying. Limited pressing of 1,000 hand-numbered copies. Welcome again to the great San Francisco sound of the late 1960’s! LP $21 SKU:12995

DOS-MUKASAN-ST(1967 Soviet Kazakh psych fuzz )Label: SOVIET GRAIL The long-awaited, extended and official reissue of the selft itled album of the Kazakh vocal-instrumental ensemble Dos-Mukasan, which has become a holy grail for sophisticated diggers and record collectors from all over the world. The average cost of the original record on the secondary market is 500 euros. And it is no accident... After all, the album is one of the few examples of exotic and psychedelic sound of the day where foggy and beautiful vocal arrangements are intertwined with fuzz guitars refs, and drum beats are carried out in unison with their broken rhythms. The reissue from Soviet Grail provides an excellent opportunity to finally enjoy this album from beginning to end in the best and most accessible form. CD $19 SKU:21465

GROOVE CLUB 2- VA Cambodia Rock Spectactular 70s rock w 36 page booklet w photos -Label:LION Packaged in a deluxe casebook with a 36-page booklet filled with rare photos and the heart-wrenching stories of the most beloved artists in the Khmer Rock movement . Most of these tracks were recorded live, with traditional instruments finding a place alongside any keyboards or guitars that could be found. And yet, it was these experiments of Khmer rock musicians which transformed the nightlife of the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh—and which many years later have seduced countless listeners around the world with their groovy sound. Alas, in 1975 came an entirely different type of transformation: the rise to power in Cambodia of the fanatical, anti-Western Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot. Within roughly four years, implementing their “concept of Year Zero,” Pot and his regime were responsible for the deaths of an estimated two million Cambodians, many in the notorious “killing fields.” Even the most famous and beloved Khmer musicians could not escape. Sinn Sisamouth (“the Emperor of Khmer Music”), Ros Sereysothea (“The Golden Voice of the Royal Capital”), and Pan Ron—all featured on this collection—met their deaths at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. Cambodian rock music is (rightfully) adored in Cambodia. The music is wild and anarchic, rhythmic and undulating (in an “Ethiopiques” way, we’d say), or sweet and lyrical, but always moving, and with that deep soulfulness (regardless of actual musical genre or style) that singles out the best music. We have assembled what we consider to be the most definitive collection of classic Cambodian rock music to appear thus far—without the later overdubs that confuse the mind, without the artificial speeding up of tracks that often has marred compilations over the years; what you’ll find here are crucial Khmer rock tracks, made available in the best possible sound, assembled with love and respect for the artists who made the Khmer rock scene as thrilling as we find it to be. And so, without further ado, welcome to “Cambodia Rock Spectactular!” COMP CD $10 SKU:12985

HEATHCLIFF, JUSTIN- ST (70s paisley pop psych) - Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA "Long before attaining fame as a soundtrack composer and new age artist, Osamu Kitajima adopted a sufficiently Anglo pseudonym and released this amazing homage to British pop-psychedelia in 1971. Issued by Warner Bros. in Japan only, the LP has unsurprisingly climbed skywards in price ever since, and only a cave dweller could miss the faithful nods to Syd, Marc, John, Paul, George and Ringo in the original compositions and English lyrics. Osamu's ability around a studio was evident even then and the choice of genre to lovingly imitate predated the whole retro/'paisley' psych movement by about ten or fifteen years." CD $10 SKU:5970

LAGHONIA-UNGLUE (Peruvian 60s Kinks/Yardbirds stly in English!) digipack Label:REPSYCHLED RECORDS 100% unrel material by one of the best 60´s & 70`s S .American Rock bands, This unique Peruvian band,one of a few in South America that sang in English and used Hammond B2organ in the studio and live performances, and played only original compositions influenced by The Beatles, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, Cream and many others. 54 minutes of music, recorded at rehearsal sessions for their first album between 1967 and 1970, contains two unrel tracks andamazing alt versions of Glue album tracks.Good quality mini LP foldout package, insert (cool photos) and original artwork by Manuel Cornejo. IMPORT CD $14 SKU:4279

LIGHTMAN, AARON -ST (HIDDEN pop GEM 1969)-Label:WAH WAH This amazing LP from 1969 is one of the most beautiful hidden gems in the field of pop arranged singer-songwriters. Originally issued on Poppy Records, home of psych heads The Mandrake Memorial among others, Lightman's deserves to be discovered by all the fans of the soft rock, orchestra arranged sounds. Think of an american reply to the early works of Duncan Browne, Bill Fay, Nick Garrie or even Donovan at his most popsike sounding recordings. Fans of the early Bee Gees will also enjoy this LP! Credit for the arrangements and production goes to the great Ron Frangipane and David Christopher, who is also credited as a co-writer of the albums songs. The album came housed in a beautiful Milton Glaser sleeve (Glaser was the main designer at Poppy at that time) which the Wah Wah reissue respects, and featured an insert with the lyrics which is also reproduced on our reissue. Housed in quality sleeves and pressed in 180 gr thick black vinyl for the delight of the most discriminating audiophiles. Limited to 500 copies. LP $25 SKU:21289

LOST SOULS--ST mid 60s unknown U.S. Brit Invasion/ psych)Label:LION The Lost Souls never released any records, yet the meager recorded evidence that survives indicates that they were one of the finest unknown American groups of the mid-'60s, able to write both catchy British Invasion-type rockers and, in their latter days, experimental psychedelic pieces with unusual tempo changes and song structures. The band were also unusual in their occasional embellishment of the typical period guitar-bass-drums lineup with flute, sax, and mandolin. Although popular in their Cleveland hometown, they broke up in 1968 to attend college. Rhythm guitarist Denny Carleton, who wrote and sang some of their best material, went on to briefly join The Choir, their chief (and more successful) rivals." —Richie Unterberger The music scene in Cleveland in the mid to late 1960’s was ripe with talent: the James Gang with Joe Walsh and Glenn Schwartz, The Choir, Eric Carmen (pre-Raspberries), Glass Harp with Phil Keaggy, the Damnation of Adam Blessing… and the Lost Souls. Of all those bands, only the Lost Souls never released a record. Then again, they were in high school, trying to navigate dress codes and bullies—and playing in front of a couple thousand fans when not suspended. Sure, they lost a battle of the bands at Teen Fair 1968, but it was to the James Gang with Joe Walsh. And somehow it is the Lost Souls who emerge from that time and place with the greatest mystique and some of the most adventurous music, music which few have heard. Lost Souls main songwriter Denny Carleton released a cassette of the band’s original recordings in 1984. It received airplay on hundreds of college and public radio stations in the USA (and around the world), and garnered glowing reviews… and that was it, until now.Not only is this the first time the music of the Lost Souls has been available since that cassette, our Lion Productions edition is the first release for many additional Lost Souls cuts, including alternate versions of key tracks like the insightful ‘Things That Are Important’ and ‘I’m Falling’ (the closest to a hit the band ever had), all taken from the original tapes and carefully mastered. Seven bonus tracks highlight the work of Lost Soul's main songwriter Denny Carleton (one-time member of The Choir, and more surprisingly, punk legends the Pagans); selections by The Choir, Moses, Milk and Carleton, many in all possible low-fi glory, recorded on various 4-Track devices, ranging from power-pop to grimy garage.•Whopping 32-page booklet has the full story of the band and info on the recordings by Carlton •Includes a multitude of unseen photos from his personal archive•Carefully remastered from the original tapes (+ the occasional post-Lost Souls 45 single)•”One of the great lost groups of the 60's.” —Option Magazine CD $14 SKU:20365

OUT OF FOCUS- ST 180g Vinyl (70s Krautrock w psych influences) Label:MISSING VINYL heavy progressive Krautrock from the very early seventies, with lots of organ/guitar/flute riffing; this is their jazzier second album, from 1971, which includes the seventeen-minute long "Fly Bird Fly Television Program" (a great song, a great song title); extended instrumentals and abundant solos. Fully authorized. Limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl, expertly remastered from the master-tapes.
LP $22 SKU:20983

PICTURES- COOL DAYS (power pop)Label:BIPBIP LAST COPIES. Second album by The Pictures, after their celebrated BETTER THAN WORDS. In a similar and brilliant power-pop mood. CD $10 SKU:21505

SPOT - ST (rare 1971 Swiss heavy rock album in the Deep Purple/Taste/Led Zeppelin style.) GATEFOLD Label:Ohrwaschl Reissue of rare 1971 Swiss heavy rock album in the Deep Purple/Taste/Led Zeppelin style. Features two bonus tracks. Spot's single, eponymous album was released in 1972 and is one of Switzerland's rarest collector's items from the 1970s.Part of its mystique comes from the fact that its only availability outside the relatively few copies of the LP in existence was on a bootleg vinyl release. LP $22 SKU:21593

SUMMER TURNS TO AUTUMN - Ember Rock, Vol. 2 (RARE 60S PSYCH& PROG)Label:FANTASTIC VOYAGE British indie label Ember released a number of rock albums and singles between 1969 and 1972, which today are much sought after by collectors of psychedelic, progressive and folk rock sounds. Many of the best tracks from these are gathered on “Summer Turns To Autumn”. Foremost among the artists compiled here is progressive rock band Blonde On Blonde, represented by tracks from both of their Ember albums. Fantastic Voyage has salvaged two tracks from Blue Beard s album. An early songwriting/production project for Bob Welch, who next surfaced in Fleetwood Mac, the album was only released in Italy, but the single ‘Sly Willy’ was more widely available and is highly prized by collectors of funky rock. Tyrannosaurus Rex-style acoustic hippy duo Knocker Jungle and progressive folk group 9.30 Fly each managed one now highly collectable long player for the label. The remainder of the material ranges from the fuzzy psychedelic rock of Canadians The Dorians and the melodic folk rock of Paddy Maguire, backed by heavy friends Steve Winwood and Jerry Donahue (of Fotheringay), to the soul-rock fusion of Milt Matthews Inc, here interpreting a Blind Faith song, and a previously unissued folk rock rendition of ‘East Virginia’ by Polly Niles. “Summer Turns To Autumn” complement Fantastic Voyage’s existing, highly popular compilations of Ember Beat and Ember Pop, with no duplication of tracks. Nice shrink-wrapped slip-case packaging. COMP CD $10 SKU:19046

TERRY & THE PIRATES- Comanche Boots (70s San Francisco Quicksilver Messenger Service )-Label:ACADIA Twenty nine years after the release of the original Too Close For Comfort comes the third issue of this priceless and timeless music from San Francisco's own Terry & The Pirates.” Another view: “Probably only remembered today as one of the many bands graced by the guitarwork of John Cipollina following his departure from Quicksilver Messenger Service, and as a footnote in the career of Nicky Hopkins, Terry and the Pirates deserve much greater recognition. Although Cipollina’s feral guitar is undoubtedly essential to their charms, the work of Terry Dolan himself should not be underestimated. His voice is an acquired taste, a strange mixture of David Crosby and Captain Beefheart, but as such, it’s impressively distinctive. Meanwhile, his songwriting mines that same rich vein of American folk which yielded ‘Pride Of Man’ (so memorably covered by Quicksilver). The best songs on this collection of various live and studio recordings are certainly Dolan’s own. Whilst a version of Jackie Wilson’s ‘Higher & Higher’ might be entertainingly audacious, covers of ‘Mystery Train’ and ‘Don’t Do It’ aren’t going to make anybody forget those by The Band, despite some impressive sparring between Cipollina and second guitarist Greg Douglass on the latter. In this context, tracks like ‘Inside and Out’ and ‘Inlaws and Outlaws’ distinguish themselves as fine examples of original Californian rock n’ roll. Even if none of this is especially ground-breaking or epoch-defining music, it’s played with spirit and any fans of West Coast music who might have easily overlooked it should be sure to rectify their mistake. CD $8 SKU:18999

TOMORROW - LIVE RECORDINGS: 1967-68 (UK psych) Label:THINKPINK50TH.COM 16 live tracks of Tomorrow in their prime! Presented in chronological order, this is the first time the complete live output of this legendary UK psych group has been available! The album features Tomorrow's set at the legendary 1967 London psychedelic all-nighter 'Christmas On Earth' where they played alongside Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd and more! This set is bookended by Tomorrow's 1967 BBC appearance on the first episode of John Peel's 'Top Gear', and their hard-to-find 1968 appearance on the same show. CD $15 SKU:19618

TOMRERCLAUS-ST (1978 (Danish psych legend Hendrix style) Label:KARMA MUSIC Danish psychedelic music legend Tomrerclaus. A vinyl reissue of the legendary 1978 release from Danish guitar guru TOMRERCLAUS on his own label Karma Music. Expect a massive feast of distorted JIMI HENDRIX inspired tracks, performed both on guitars and distorted cellos! Add a handful of heavy psychedelic and mushroom affected melodies, and you'll conclude that this monster belongs between the cream of Scandinavian '70s albums! Original pressings are impossible to find, so this reissue is more than welcome LP $30 SKU:21058

YAYS & NAYS- ST- (60s garage 6 stars in Pokora book!) MINI LP SLV Label:GROOVIE SPAIN "Monster rare USA private pressing from 1968, rated with 6 stars in the Hans Pokora 3001 book. The Yays & Nays were a groovy, hip group comprised of three guys and three girls. This is a truly unique sounding album, full of creative songwriting and vocal arrangements and a style that defies any categorization. There's some fab garage folk-rock on it (the opening track 'Gotta Keep Travelling' is really astounding!), and also some tracks in a bizarre crooner-lounge 'Incredible Strange Music' vein. Reissued for the first time, in collaboration with band members, and with original artwork." CD $10 SKU:14713