Jan 27, 2023


Another big batch of new arrivals and restocks from Europe this week, and a couple more of those TEST PRESSING box sets you love so much. Check all of our Box sets and Bundles here.

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ATTENTAT-PUNKHJÄRTA (70s punk wave band with new album) Label:BUSY BEE Attentat were pioneers in the first Swedish punk wave in the late 1970s, along with bands like Kriminella Gitarrer, KSMB, Göteborg Sound and Ebba Grön. After more than 40 years on the Swedish rock scene, Attentat has never felt more relevant. With their 2019 album 'Punkhjärta' (Punk Heart) producer
Mattias Glavå (Dungen, The Amazing, Ice Age and others) has carved out a cleaner more raw sound but the fighting spirit, energy and sing along refrains remain. Attentat are still set on changing the future without forgetting their past and in 2019 they are better, smarter, stronger and more fun than ever. They have nothing left to prove, but still do. The day our planet is flawless Attentat will quit. But that day seems far away. CD $17 SKU:25848

CRYSTALLINE - AXE MUSIC booklet with unseen pictures and liner notes by Paul Cross -Label:GUERSSEN First reissued by Guerssen in 2012 as LP with CD and out of print for many years, here's a new, improved CD repress of this UK psych holy grail. Axe (known also as Axe Music and finally Crystalline by the time they recorded their rare acetate) were an obscure British psych band led by acid-rock guitar player extraordinaire Tony Barford and graced by Vivienne Jones' ethereal vocals. The band hailed from Northampton (home also of their mates Dark of 'Dark Round The Edges' fame). In 1970, they recorded a demo album of which only 12 copies were pressed as a demo acetate. Here's a straight reissue of this legendary artifact, as the previous "reissue" on the Kissing Spell label from 1993 and credited to Axe was altered without the band consent and included newly edited tracks, artificial echo/phasing effects, altered song titles... Here you'll find the acetate recording on its pure form: 100% unadulterated heavy psych and acid-rock sounds full of raw, fuzzed-out guitars and dreamy female vocals. Four impressive original songs plus a long, psyched to the max cover of Love's 'A House Is Not A Motel' which has to be heard to be believed.
Carefully remastered from an original acetate copy in 24-bit. Unfortunately, no masters survived and no 100% clean copies are known to exist of the original acetates, but you'll get the best result for the possibilities. In fact they've managed to improve the sound a bit over the first edition from 2012. Comes with new artwork (the original acetate came in blank sleeve), booklet with unseen pictures and liner notes by Paul Cross (Sweet Floral Albion). CD $19 SKU:25796

GOLDEN BOYS- Electric Wolfman (digipack )Texas pop with extra booklet. -Label:ALIEN SNATCH The newest album from Austin, TX rockers, GOLDEN BOYS, is a shambolic collection of organ driven moonshine howling (Electric Wolfmen), folky pop nuggets here is nothing like a perfectly titled record. On Thee Electric Wolfman, the latest from the Golden Boys, this five-piece doesn’t so much scream beer-soaked obscenities as much as they howl them. These 11 rollicking tunes don’t just get the party started, they continue it long into the night. There’s a crusty underbelly to tracks like “She Said It” and “I’m Black and White” that showcase the Golden Boys’ ability to make jangly, harmonic pop tunes sound as haunting as your worst morning after.Taking further cues from Beggar’s Banquet-era Stones on “Old Man’s Coat”, a remarkably mature number, the Golden Boys prove that not only are they capable of sonically evolving, but they still possess the formula for having a good time. It’s an uncomplicated listen, but there is nothing simplistic about it. The scariest thing about Thee Electric Wolfman is probably how good it actually is. POP MATTERS CD $17 SKU:11371

WHEELS ON FIRE --LIAR, LIAR (garage-y-keyboard driven power pop/rocknroll )Label:ALIEN SNATCH Welcome to the Land of the Haunted Houses! The WHEELS ON FIRE are a young & gritty four piece hailing from Athens, Ohio and we're excited to exclusively present their new full length album Liar, Liar on CD/LP. The quartet plays garage-y-keyboard driven power pop/rocknroll grown up in Time Bomb Highschool. Mix the GREG OBLIVIAN's latest output with the modern pop edge of swedish LOST PATROL BAND or CAESARS (for adults: put ELVIS COSTELLO or electrified 60s sunshine in here) and you get what you need for the summer or the long wait for the next summer. Its the midwest where you can listen to the best records, develop a magic antennae for great songwriting and still take it easy sing about UFOs and deliver the soundtrack for any beach blow-out. Two guitars, no bass, a feverish beat and girl on the keys. Yep! Well crafted songwriting full of hooks and a great vocals - check! CD $17 SKU:25913

BEAT BEAT BEAT - LIVING IN THE FUTURE (Japanese garage psych pop)Label:ALIEN SNATCH! Great bloomy garage psych pop out of Nippon JAPAN . Apart from the overall oddity, 'Never Bloom' is full of exotic driving twangy folk melancholy, and mind-warping harmonic upbeat kicks. This album is a rSick, savage songs bursting from the white hot criminal underbelly of Atlanta. Atlanta is exploding with great new punk rock bands. making up one of the most vibrant, talked about punk scenes in the USA. The claims are rised rightly - we present one of them, BEAT BEAT BEAT is rough classic punk group sharing members with the CARBONAS and FRANTIC. They got the key to meld 77 punk hooks with the energy and forward drive of early 80's hardcore, complete with attention-to-detail, power pop songwriting skills. They have that certain down under murder punk feeling. Think SAINTS meet SUICIDE COMMANDOS. BEAT BEAT BEAT follows up their insanely well received 7" on Atlantas own Douchemaster Records and two big US tours (the most recent of which with The CARBONAS) with this, their debut full length. Recorded in Atlanta by Dave Carbona, "Living In The Future" unleashes 12 sleazy, swaggering punk and slices of perfection on to the undeserving masses, including a stunning cover of Australian legends The FUN THINGS "When The Birdmen Fly". The Sound is dry, stripped down with the perfect on-the-first-look undercooled mix of high-pitched melodic (three!) guitars, snotty vocals from somewhere in the back and great up-tempo rhythm section having an subversive impact on listeners. There isnt a big sound and beefy bass lines but distinctive vocals and you hear every hook of the great songwriting. And, it gets better with every listen! CD is out on fellows label DIRTNAP Records in the USA. Vinyl is on 180g virgin vinyl.eal treat for pop, psych and garage fans. LP $19 SKU:25911

CHRISTOPHER- ST (NEW REPRESS- 70s West Coast ACID PSYCH orig artwork, insert with liner notes ) -Label:OUT-SIDER NEW REPRESS IN HARD CARDBOARD SLEEVE + OBI + RESEALABLE OUTER SLEEVE.Official reissue. Original artwork. Includes one-sided insert with liner notes. One of the holy grails of American psychedelic rock and the rarest album originally released by the collectable Metromedia label. Christopher were an underground acid rock trio featuring future Josefus drummer Doug Tull. They evolved from United Gas, a psychedelic band from Houston who rubbed shoulders with legends like The 13th Floor Elevators and Moving Sidewalks. After relocating to Los Angeles - where they changed their name to Christopher - they played at numerous biker parties and recorded their sole album in 1970 for the Metromedia label. It's an amazing example of West Coast psychedelia/acid-rock featuring strong fuzz-wah guitar, great compositions and superb musicianship. It was housed in a terrific cover depicting the band at the same hippie crash-pad where some scenes from the 'The Trip' movie were filmed. Repress in hard cardboard sleeve with obi and insert with liner notes. Remastered. LP $28 SKU:24219

FRUIT TONES- PINK WATER FACTORY (ubblegum glam, jeans rock'n'roll)Label:ALIEN SNATCH! A production team casted spandex bubblegum glam, jeans rock'n'roll, black leather lust all for the Fruit Tones. Expect a truck load of fun rolling from Manchester, UK of garage feel-good rock times. It's a '70s rock'n'roll chocolate marshmellow death match, a blue print for a dance party. LP $22 SKU:25910

GARBAGE & THE FLOWERS- CINNAMON SEA (Velvets stye psych pop) Label:FIRE Sounding like a mixture of Velvet Underground and the best of the Elephant 6 catalogue, 'Cinnamon Sea' is the 2022 album by one of Wellington's most brilliant underground/dream pop/psych pop bands, The Garbage & The Flowers! A download is included. LP $30 SKU:25908

HOLOGRAM PEOPLE - RETURN TO CHAPEL PERILIOUS 60s/70s style psych) Clear vinyl and Obi strip Label: UP IN HER ROOM Repress of 'Return To Chapel Perilous' by The Hologram People. Available on ultra clear vinyl limited to 200 copies. Includes a brand new sleeve design by the legend Gerry Carnelly, reworked from the original art. Heavy Moebius vibes on this one! This edition also includes a new obi strip and download code. LP $32 SKU:25856

MIGHTY IONS - FACE RAKIN' ROCK (Total fun, goofy Dictators rock, Ramones simplicity and Undertones pop hooks.)Label:ALIEN SNATCH! 1981-1982 Recordings from Boston cult band, featuring members of UNNATURAL AXE and the 1st line-up of GG ALLIN & THE JABBERS. Total fun, goofy Dictators rock, Ramones simplicity and Undertones pop hooks. All 15 songs are here on vinyl for the first time! This is obscure (not included on any of the KBD and Bloodstains volumes), overlooked, great garage punk, catchy as a jeans commercial on almost every one of its 3-minute romps! Comes in killer full colour wrestling style artwork and includes a 24-page booklet. LP $18 SKU:25912

MOVING SIDEWALKS- FLASH (60s Texas psych rock)- Label:AKARMA One of the most wanted albums that ever came out of the psychedelic rock scene, originally released in 1968 on Tantara Records. An underground masterpiece, and the only album ever done by this great band lead by Billy Gibbons (of later ZZ Top fame), reissued with its original artwork. LP $28 SKU:25767

SNOWCHILD -II (Fuzzed out psych)ORANGE vinylin gatefold slv-Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ Comes on 180 gram opaque orange vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Snowchild releases their second album, simply titled 'II' in a haze of fuzzed out psychedelic doom rock. The Kansas trio throws stoner, psych, blues and hard rock into a big melting pot. An amazing blend of doom styles, yet always maintaining a Sabbath vibe throughout. Sounds like doom meets Cream. Limited to 300 copies. LP $34 SKU:25904


BLACK SPACE RIDERS -WE HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE DBL CD (heavy space psych )Label:BLACK SPACE Discover a a rousing musical journey through sound, space and time on 2 CDs, 15 tracks, over 84 minutes... the perfect soundtrack for your own personal movie. Everything is there that the BSR fan loves about this band and also some new things to discover. The tracks: from concise to exuberant, from
melancholic to massive. The music is filled with a great love of melodies, atmosphere, groove and arrangement: sometimes quiet and dreamy, then again progressively intricate flowing into powerful riffing. FFO: Porcupine Tree, Killing Joke, Tool, Motorpsycho, Mastodon, Anathema, Baroness, Monster Magnet, Faith No More, Alice In Chains, Crippled Black Phoenix. CD $18 SKU:25790

DRAGONMILK-WOLFMAN MACABRE (ripsnorting prog/psych 1972) Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES An updated edition of this ripsnorting prog/psych period piece, recorded in 1972 and taken from the original tapes. This atmospheric live recording really captures the moment and was made under the band's auspices to help gain a recording contract. 'Wolfman Macabre' represents the original and earliest incarnation of this east London band with the set featuring a dominant Hammond organ sound throughout, showcasing a mix of original material and period classics. Highlights include a brilliant rendition of the Nices Intermezzo and the frenzied 'Wolfman' with its crazed vocals and frantic tempo. The CD includes sleeve notes and cool archival memorabilia. CD $10 SKU:20988

ELDER KINDRED- KINDRED SPIRITS (Early 70s Finnish prog) Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES CD issue! Magnificent well crafted melodic prog rock by a versatile early '70s Finnish clan. We hear eight long and previously unreleased tracks from '71-'73, with sound from the original masters. CD $10 SKU:21839

HARBINGER - Second Coming - 60s loner folk -Label:GUERSSEN The beyond rare second album released by loner/downer folk legend Dave Bixby, recorded around the same year as his first one, the now famous "Ode to Quetzalcoatl". Musically is equally as good and very similar to the first one but this time the recording took place in a professional studio, so the sound is improvedFeatures carefully remastered sound from a clean vinyl (no master tapes exists) done at Shadoks Music Studios, and an insert with extensive and detailed liner notes by Matvei Procak - the guy who found Bixby in 2006 - plus some rare pictures. Includes a free MP3 download code as well CD $12 SKU:21114

KING BEE -ST (1979-81 unreleased and live )Label:DOOMTOWN SOUNDS More than 40 YEARS IN THE MAKING! Doomtown Sounds, in collaboration with Toody Cole and the surviving members of the band, is proud to present the release of the King Bee album, containing a dozen unreleased studio and live songs recorded between 1977 and 1981. King Bee was Fred Cole's late '70s band, and their music occupied an important position in Fred's development as a songwriter. This often-overlooked part of Fred's career saw him combining elements of his '60s roots with this new sound called punk rock, and it was this synthesis of styles which led to the Rats, and, eventually, to the creation of Dead Moon. These missing gems are being made available here for the first time ever, recovered from archived tapes, carefully restored and mastered. Compiled from master reels and cassette tapes that had been stored in a box for more than 40 years, this album contains more than a dozen unreleased studio and live tracks, as well as the three tracks from the band's 1978 7" EP. CD $18 SKU:25517

MUNSON ,ALAN -First light (70s Calif laid back psych) Label:GUERSSEN And here’s the last of the 70’s works by our friend Munson! This one got released in 1979, again in small quantities, on the Parallax label in California. The “First light” album doesn’t easily fit into a music category box. The songs range from psych rock, to some fairly laid back folk-rock, and even a song with a country rock feel. Instruments played on the record include electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass and drums. Lead solos are all played on electric guitar; a clean sound on the acoustic based songs and guitar effects were used on the psych rock songs. Strong lead vocals and background harmony vocals, making this another excellent album as a result. Also one unreleased bonus track is added, all remastered from the original tapes. First time ever reissue as well; comes with a booklet, and outer carton slimcase CD $10 SKU:20126

RED SPEKTOR- HEART OF THE RENEWED SUN (heavy psych stoners!) Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ Much revered psychedelic stoners Red Spektor return to the fold with their mesmerising sophomore album. Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, this heavy rock trio has crafted a hard-hitting valve driven sound loaded with layers of psychedelic blues, which tips its cap to the late '60s and early '70s. In taking cues from early Sabbath and Purple, underpinned by the intoxicating flow of Jimi Hendrix and the musicality of Fleetwood Mac, Red Spektor have developed a solid live reputation and many loyal followers. CD $12 SKU:23684

SPACE COKE - LUNACY ( Georgia based psych stoner rock outfit )Label:FORBIDDEN PLACE 2022 album by Savannah, Georgia based psychedelic stoner rock outfit Space Coke. Includes a Danzig cover. Limited to 100 copies. CD $19 SKU:25783

DOWNER-ROCK GENOCIDE- THE MUSTARD GAS EDITION (70s UK underground) Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Heavy duty follow-up to the original 'Downer-Rock Genocide' compilation featuring various downer-rock bands championed by Audio Archives. 78 minutes of choking riffs and wailing vox from the UK undergroun COMP CD $17 SKU:25785

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 2- A 21 Course Smorgasbord Of US Pop-Sike & Other Delights 1965-69Label:FLOWER MACHINE Volume 2 in the FADING YELLOW series present us 21 course smorgasbord of U.S. POP-SIKE and other delights from 1965-1969. COMP CD $17 SKU:21217

PLATE SHIFT -UK TECTONIC ROCK RARITIES (heavy UK underground)Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES An extremely powerful early '70s compilation of some of the heaviest UK underground bands. Highlights include a rare, previously unreleased Clear Blue Sky track, the ferocious, previously unheard Flying Hat Band proto-metal scorcher 'Green Skies' plus a 17 minute live rendition of 'Rocking Man' by Welsh legends Budgie. Comes with free sticker. COMP CD $16 SKU:25786

BUTTSHAKERS SOUL PARTY. -VOL. 13(60s)SOUL LOVER RHYTHM & BLUES NORTHERN SOULLabel:MR LUCKEE Another great volume in one of the best compilation series ever! Again, this is an amazing selection of very rare and groovy cuts, this time focused on Latin soul, boogaloo and beyond. COMP LP $25 SKU:22221

WILSON, BLIND OWL-ST ( Canned Heat -psych blues )Label:MISSISSIPPI/SUT Second press. Blind Owl Wilson was a truly great guitarist and vocalist whose deep well of psychedelic blues songs were buried amongst the catalog of major label rockin' blues band Canned Heat. Blind Owl served as Canned Heat's guitarist and would chip in a song here and there as a front man. A couple of those songs became huge hits in the '60s - 'Going Up The Country' and 'On The Road Again'. Blind Owl's songs for Canned Heat stood in stark contrast to the bands blustery blues rock - his was a gentle and nuanced voice and the themes of his song were all about personal heartbreak, grasping for cosmic understanding, and ecological justice. Here we have an LP of Blind Owl's songs from Canned Heat's records - left to sit alone and take you somewhere unexpected. Blind Owl's personal vision quest can be heard throughout these songs. 'Poor Moon' tells the tale
of Alan's heartbreak as he watches the moon being misguidedly bombed by man, 'My Time Ain't Long' confronts death, 'Parthenogen In 3 Blind Owls' and 'Parthenogen Childs End' take you to the psychedelic limits, and oh yes, we have the hit tunes on here too. Co-release with Sutro Park records.A true psychedelic masterpiece! Black vinyl LP in black and white jacket with miniature two color booklet. Limited second pressing! LP $25 SKU:25048