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ACID MESS -II (STONER PSYCH) Label: NOOIRAX On vinyl, this is the second full-length from Spanish psychedelic/stoner/space/experimental rock band Acid Mess. LP $22 SKU:18733

DEADSMOKE -MOUNTAIN LEGACY(STONER PSYCH)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Mountain Legacy' is an album exploring something fundamental to humanity: isolation. The illusion of silence, which in nature is a non-existing concept, is perfectly described by the synthetized sounds and noises from Deadsmoke's newly acquired member Claudio Rocchetti (from In Zaire). His sounds were missing on the self-titled release, but now the old tracks have been enriched and new ones have been composed providing a consistent psych-disturbed synthetized sound. These six tracks, featuring deep guitar fuzz and growling bass, take the listener on a journey through the woods, alternating slightly groovy rhythms with sludge-doom cadences. CD $14 SKU:19163

ELECTRIC KISSES- ST (POWER POP)Label:FULL BREACH A 3-piece power pop outfit who deliver their rock 'n' roll with electrifying male and female vocals, The Electric Kisses do not rely on a trendy "punk" identity to sell themselves. Instead, they deliver eleven foot-stomping tunes on their debut album with an exciting energy reminiscent of the Real Kids, Nikki and the Corvettes, and of course, The Ramones. This band is about that one good riff, that one good hook, that one good song that will make your tiring day a little more bearable. CD $7 SKU:19129

HACKENSACK-GIVE IT SOME(70s gritty blues rock)-Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Repressed CD. Here are 15 previously unreleased tracks, recorded between 1969-1972. This material was intended for a proposed debut album on Island and dates from the band's early recording period, highlighting their gritty hard-edged blues rock origins. CD $10 SKU:19161

HACKENSACK-LIVE-THE HARD WAY(70s gritty blues rock)-Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Repressed. A blistering uncensored LIVE SET for Swiss radio, recorded in 1973. Included are 4 bonus tracks, recorded live that same year, among which two frenzied versions of their tour de force 'Up The Hard Way'. CD $10 SKU:19162

KLENCZON, KRZYSZTOF-POWIEDZ STARY GDZIES TY BYL- Label:KAMELEON On CD, this is a reissue of his 1978 LP with 14 bonus tracks. Also included is a free DVD featuring a TV broadcast of the last Polish Klenczon concert. Krzysztof Klenczon was one of the most important musicians in the Polish '60s and '70s rock scene. He was a member of the well-known psychedelic '60s group CZERWONE GITARY, and after that group disbanded he achieved much success with his quality solo albums. CD $14 SKU:19152


BOLD CHICKEN - ST (70s hand numbered rarity) Label:LYSERGIC SOUND (USA) For the first time anywhere on vinyl, Lysergic Sounds Distributors proudly presents Bold Chicken. Formed in 1970 in Akron, Ohio by future Rubber City Rebels leader, Buzz Clic, the band began gigging around north east Ohio sneaking their own crude original tunes in amongst the usual top 40 fodder, which must have truly bummed out the rust belt bar denizens swaying and singing along to 'Smoke on the Water!' Bold Chicken went into the studios in 1972 and recorded an ultra-crude demo of four depraved songs which deal exclusively with the seedier side of fornication, including a misunderstood homosexual in 'A Fellows Lament,' the teenage sexual frustration of not sealing the deal in 'Gears and Tears,' an amorous ode to a lady of the night in 'Streekwalkin' Queen,' and ending the set up with a song about contracting VD (natch!) titled 'Oh Doctor Please.' The tunes have a sound that Todd Killings of Victim of Time described as 'a top-notch find in the vastly unpopular world of Midwest bad glam-punk in a pre-Ramones America. Not as art-bent as Debris' and not as straightjacket-worthy as the nearby Electric Eels, this is more a quality studio recording of a "far-out" drunken quaalude party... It can definitely stand on it's own with anyone else hitting their stride in '72, as it's heavy, but not metal, crazed, but not psychedelic, punk but not prog, and even dumber than the Stooges.' This is a limited fully licensed hand numbered edition of 350 directly mastered from the original tapes." "Holy fuck, man; that Bold Chicken done went and psyched out my mama! This is such a bluesy ride, it throws me for a loop. Then those nasty choruses kick in and singer Buzz Clic (ooh!) puts forth those massive whoops, hollers, and rants and I totally get why this session, recorded in Ohio in 1972-73, needed to see the light of day again. The production is bound to be a bone of contention for treble-obsessed psych folk, and that’s exactly the reason I dig its guttural hound’s tooth growl." —Tiny Mix Tapes 45 RPM $10 SKU:19131

3 HUREL- ST (70’s psych fuzz guitar ) - Label:World Psych Korea Recorded between 1970 and 1975 by the talented HUR EL brothers. CD $10 SKU:9009

ARCHIE WHITEWATER- ST -LAST COPIES! ( for collectors of 70s psych, funk, jazz rock, etc)Label:RPM RECORDS Archie Whitewater was not a person, but an eight-member band, none of whom were named Archie Whitewater. Their sole and self-titled album attracted little notice on its 1970 release, in part because it was recorded for the Cadet/Concept subsidiary of Chess, which was nearing the end of its time as an active label of consequence. Fast forward to today, and the album is extremely in-demand among fans of funky breaks, selling regularly for £100+, attracting collectors of psychedelia, funk, jazz rock, horn rock and hip-hop alike. Based in New York, Archie Whitewater were spotted by Robert Stigwood and signed to the same Chess stable as the acclaimed Rotary Connection. Re-mastered from the original tapes. 'Highlight Cross Country' was famously sampled by hiphop legend Common (on Chapter 13 - Rich Man Vs Poor Man ) while 'Hulk' was borrowed by Blahzay Blahzay. CD $15 SKU:19081

BERMUDA TRIANGLE- Missing Tapes (70s trippy 77 hippie psych) Label:WINTER SOLSTICE This is a compilation of Live and previously unreleased tracks from the 70's. Another extremely rare piece of Psych reissued. Originally released as a private pressing in 1977. This wild album is extremely trippy & has to be heard. import CD $10 SKU:19050

BILLY BOND Y LA PESADA- ST (heavy psych 1972) - Label:CLOUD FOREST A wildly eclectic brew of driving heaviness, looser trippiness, and even some delicate moments from Billy Bond -- a more freewheeling and ambitious mix of post psychedelic wildness from Brazil's Billy Bond & co! Volume 3 from 1972 is made up of 2 lengthy suites, " Lado 1 -- Acustico" and "Lado 2 -- Eectrica Camplementaria". The former is surprisingly lean in spots, with some folky psychedelia in the blender. The latter is full of abrupt, dramatic stop-start dynamics. Volume 4 from '73 includes "No Nos Paran Mas", "Hacia Algun Lugar", Gracias Al Cielo", "Estamos Hartos", "Ano 1939", "Algo Esta Por Suceder" and more. This one is more of a wild and wooly rock & roll set, and a deliciously unpredictable one! CD $10 SKU:18947

BLACKOUT - ST (groovy 60s garage)-Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) At last a reissue of a great album that features some of the cheesiest organ sounds (meant in a good way) carved into wax in the 1960’s; groovy and bizarre Hammond runs are present and accounted for, residing happily with the smart songs, the fine guitar playing, and the gravelly vocals of the band’s singers (male and female), on the only album this Polish band ever saw released, just before they changed their name (to Breakout), and their sound (to progressive rock); they started as a beat band, albeit one addicted to the dark side of beat as demonstrated to them in person by Eric Burdon & the Animals; they developed their own weird sound, which was dubbed “Big Beat” by someone clever—a term that still exists in the former Eastern Bloc to describe this sort of offbeat (so to speak), wigged-out and intense home grown music; after some radio success, Blackout apparently recorded a slew of singles, some of which appear here as bonus tracks; twenty songs in all, mostly written by underground novelist and poet Bogdan Loebl, plus liner notes that include an interview with band-leader Tadeusz Nalepa as well as an overview of the recording industry in Poland in the 1960’s. It’s not every day you get historical background and interesting music in the same package! CD $10 SKU:18953

BOLDER DAMN- Mourning ( 60s psych gem ) ONE ONLY! Label:SHADOW KINGDOM BOLDER DAMN from the U.S. is a prime example of how amazing a band can be, but yet virtually still unknown to a lot of people until now. Talk about HEAVY, this band was extremely heavy for the time of their debut release in 1971. They certainly challenged Black Sabbath in terms of heaviness. Their closing song “Dead Meat” would be considered some of the heaviest/proto-doom riffs to be heard back then. “Dead Meat” was an epic barnburner for the time. Even to this day that song still carries the same impact it did when it was originally released, much like the song “Black Sabbath”. For people that know more obscure greats like 70’s era Pentagram and Sir Lord Baltimore, this album fits right in with those. It’s a little more in the psych/fuzz heavy rock genre, but what’s not to love there? The album was re-mastered and the booklet contains a history of the band, lyrics, and old photos. CD $18 SKU:10975

CIPOLLINA,JOHN - Raven (Quicksilver Messenger Service 1976)-Label:RHINO The legendary guitarist from Quicksilver Messenger Service recorded this album in 1976, shortly after returning from a UK tour with Welsh band Man. The great thing about John Cipollina is his guitar playing. But the other great thing was his willingness to play rock and roll. He was not concerned about his status as a star but clearly was a musician who liked the idiom and liked to perform and liked to do so with other kindred spirits. Sharing his wealth of talent is the mark of a special man, of a man with humility and a generous spirit and these attributes are clearly in evidence in these performances. “Raven” is described as Cippolina's version of a big band and the album is a testament to that idea. There is a tightness in the performances which shows the familiarity of the material and sense of sharing. It is clear too that the band members shared a closeness which is more than friendliness, a sort of spirituality which is very special. An enjoyable album as a historical record, as an example of John Cipollina’s playing, as a part of the Bay Area musical legacy, and as the work of a rock 'n 'roll band. Extensive notes on the story of “Raven” and the trials and tribulations of bringing it to fruition. All songs have been remastered from the original tapes. CD $10 SKU:18989

COUSINS,DAVE -Two Weeks Last Summer (70s rock w STRAWBS/DEEP PURPLE) -Label:WITCHWOOD MEDIA 1972, between Strawbs albums, band leader Dave Cousins slipped away to make his long-promised solo album. Surrounding himself with rock musicians, including Dave Lambert who would shortly join the band, and some really big names from the rock world such as Roger Glover from Deep Purple and Jon Hiseman from Colosseum, he made an album which easily stands alongside the best of the Strawbs' releases. Whilst the songs on the album are to some extent songs which never quite made it onto earlier albums, that was certainly not for reasons relating to their quality. Some are Cousins classics: the title track, 'October To May' and 'We'll Meet Again Sometime'. Other highlights are the superb 'Blue Angel' suite, 'The Actor' and 'Ways And Means.' A sign of Cousins' increasingly rock-oriented aspirations, the out and out rocker 'Going Home' was recorded initially with Dave Lambert's vocals, but Cousins replaced them with his own and released it as a single CD $8 SKU:19075

EDIP AKBAYRAM NEDIR rare 70’s Turkish psych! Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) A very different take on the Anatolian rock sound (tracks date from 1975-76), with strange keyboard washes leading to arrangements that feature wah-wah fuzz guitar and (I think) wah-wah saz, Akbayram's powerful swirling vocals, all backed by funked-up drums; many of these tracks have a tough hashish rock sound that somehow meshes well with folk instruments, and/or the odd addition of Jethro Tull-esque flute; keyboards and arrangements from "genius" Murat Ses (Mogollar) supplement the Dostlar line-up; probably the most important non-Erkin Koray, 3 Hur El, or Mogollar album from Turkey; among the best that Turkey produced in the seventies—and that's saying something; lyrics and photos in 12-page booklet. CD $10 SKU:18949

ELLIE POP- St (70s psych pop)- Label:World Psychedelia Definitely a pop/psychedelic classic-in-waiting, whose time has perhaps finally come; great songs right from the start, all oozing Beatles harmonics, with tracks such as 'Some Time Ago' and 'Caught In the Rain' especially thick with Beatles influence (thus explaining their appearance on the "Pepperisms" compliation CD $10 SKU:4132

FALLEN ANGELS-Mad Hatters Meet The Fallen Angels (unreleased 1966 Byrds style) Label:CICADELIC In 1965, Barry Seidel formed a music company called Traydel Productions. The first band Seidel signed was the Mad Hatters from Washington DC. In the course of one year the band released three stunningly great singles, 'I Need Love,' 'Go Find a Love' and 'I'll Come Running,' all with Dylanesque-PF Sloan sounding folk-rock songs as the B-sides. Mad Hatter live shows were legendary as well, as is exemplified by the explosion of the amps during their electrifying medley of 'Since You've Been Gone/I'm All Right/The Mad Hatter Theme' and their rocking version of 'I Need Love,' both included on this album along with all their singles, making this the most complete collection of Mad Hatters' material ever released. The Fallen Angels were the second band Seidel signed and they are represented by a six song set of singles and unreleased recordings from 1966. These are the earliest recordings by the band and range from folk-rock ('Pebble In My Sand,' 'Hello Girl,' 'I Have Found') to Love (Arthur Lee) type ballads ('Have You Ever Lost A Love,' 'Every Time I Fall In Love') and garage ('Who Do You Love?'). In addition to all this excitement are two previously unreleased 1966 folk-rock Byrds sounding gems from the Loved Ones, plus a 1967 version of 'I Need Love' by the Time Stoppers. Rare photos and radio promos make this a complete trip back to 1966, when the Mad Hatters and the Fallen Angels were the two hottest bands in Washington DC and 'I Need Love' mania swept the airwaves." CD $10 SKU:19087

MICHAEL ANTON AND AMOK- Jesus Makes You High (STRANGE 70s GERMAN GARAGE PSYCH)Label:GERMANOFON A very strange project for Achim Reichel and legendary Krautrock producer Conny Plank and the Gorilla Musik production company (owned by Achim Reichel, coincidentally): a professionally produced German hard rock record with heavy Jesus lyrics... although it's more for the sound collage elements here that this album has attracted some notice. The title track from this album has attracted attention from appearances on “Prae Kraut Pandemonium” and “Obscured by Krauts” garage/psych compilations. First-ever reissue includes full lyrics and two bonus tracks from their only 7" release. CD $10 SKU:19037

REICHEL, ACHIM- AR5 Autovision (70s Legendary underground freak -Label:GERMANOFON: Legendary underground freak from the '70s German head scene.” (Freak Emporium) the label says: "From 1974. Achim Reichel’s fifth excursion with echo-guitar, a collection of group and solo recordings, would be his last studio album in the mind-blowing style. Available again with improved packaging." and a little bio for good measure: German singer, songwriter, musician, and producer Achim Reichel enjoyed a long and varied career that began during the beat boom of the ’60s, when he founded the Rattles, and carried on well into the next millennium, by which time he was still recording albums and performing large-scale rock concerts. Born on January 28, 1944, in Wentorf bei Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Reichel began his music career in 1960, when he, as a singer/guitarist, formed the Rattles with bassist Herbert Hildebrandt in Hamburg. The band, along with the Lords, proved one of Germany’s leading beat bands of the day, for instance touring England with the Rolling Stones in 1963 and touring Germany with the Beatles in 1966. Reichel left the band in 1966 after several albums, including Twist im Star-Club Hamburg (1964), Liverpool Beat (1965), and Hurra! Die Rattles Kommen (1966), and subsequently entered the Bundeswehr (i.e., the German armed forces). Upon Reichel’s departure from the military, he formed another band, Wonderland, whose debut single, “Mocow” (1968), was a Top 15 hit. Next he formed the experimental solo project A.R. & Machines, which debuted with Die Grüne Reise (1971) and followed with a succession of Krautrock-fashioned albums: Echo (1972), 3 (1972), 4 (1973), and Autovision (1974). CD $10 SKU:19033

SPRIGUNS -Revel, Weird and Wild (1976 Brit folkrock)-Label:ESOTERIC "So, you love English folk/rock, but you’ve never heard of Spriguns? Don’t feel bad... Many people outside of England don’t know this group, or their singer, Mandy Morton, even though in her homeland she is considered on a par with such well-known English female folk singers as Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention), and Maddy Prior (Steeleye Span). Formed in 1972, the band was originally known as Spriguns of Tolgus and were formed by Mike and Mandy Morton. The band’s debut album was produced by Tim Hart of Steeleye Span and brought them to the attention of Decca Records for whom the album "Revel Weird and Wild” was recorded in 1976. By this time the band were known as Spriguns and had become more rock influenced. The album "Time Will Pass” followed in 1977 and was perhaps the band’s finest hour, with orchestral arrangements by Robert Kirby, famed for his work with Nick Drake. Perhaps not quite as rare as Mellow Candle’s sole Decca LP; even so, both Spriguns albums are in the same league musically as that of their Irish label-mates. Both of these Esoteric Recordings reissues have been newly remastered from the original Decca master tapes and include a booklet that fully restores all original album artwork. Two superb and often overlooked major label folk rock classics, now available at an affordable price. Morton’s voice is lovely and captivating, the songs lilting and Celtic-ish—if this is a sound you like, these albums are for you!" CD $10 SKU:19079

VAVOURA BAND - Live, the Early Days (heavy psych prog) -Label:IKAROS Heavy progressive (in the Black Sabbath vein), bluesy hard rock, even psychedelic and spacey improvisations and greek ethnic and traditional elements. A unique sound with countless lead guitar riffs and a solid and hard kicking rhythm base. All songs in English." CD $8 SKU:19068

VOX DEI- Cuero Caliente!(70s Argentine power trio) LAST COPIES- Label:DISC JOCKEY (Argentina) "the power-trio Vox Dei is often regarded as one of the most important Argentinean bands; in 1973.Just after the release of their masterpiece album "La Biblia," the band re-recorded for the Disk Jockey label most of the songs from their debut album (which had originally been recorded for the now-bankrupt Mandioca label); the LP included rock numbers such as 'Reflejos' and 'Compulsión,' as well as great ballads like 'Canción para una mujer (que no está),' which had been released as a single; this classic of Argentinean rock is now available in an edition that includes both sides of their single from 1971 as bonus tracks. CD $12 SKU:5872

COOL AID BENEFIT ALBUM- 1969 jam w 3 discs(2xCD + DVD)Label:REGENERATOR Originally released on LP in 1970, this amazing album captures both the innocence and the time period of Vancouver's Local music scene in the late 60's. Some of the city's top bands of the day appear on this album including Mock Duck, Papa Bear's Medicine Show, Hydro Electric Streetcar, Route 9, Blacksnake Blues Band and Spring. The original LP has always been a collector's item and the re-issue has been in the works for a while now.
Back in 1969, there was a house in Vancouver that existed solely as a home for Hippies and homeless youth, known to locals simple as "the Cool Aid House." It operated mainly from donations and funding from the government; when that funding stopped, the house was in danger of closing. Top area of bands united (in 1970) and offered their songs for a benefit album—and since the local music scene produced some of the best bands in Canada, the album has long been a much sought-after collector's item. What no one knew was that the original LP was intended as a double-album set: contractual problems forced the Cool Aid House founder, John Walsch, to remove tracks by the great Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck—tracks that are now restored to this package, along with the remainder of what would have been the original second LP. So, the end result is this three-disc package, jam packed with tracks by the city's top bands of the day, including Mock Duck, Papa Bear's Medicine Show, Hydro Electric Streetcar, Route 9, Blacksnake Blues Band and Spring, as first released; it also has unreleased tracks by Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck, Spring, Greydon Moore and Leo Jung, a band called Nancy, Blacksnake Blues Band, Route Nine (listed on the tape box as 'Root' 9), Hydro Electric Streetcar and Mock Duck. Both CDs are taken from the original multi-track studio tapes, and sound incredible. The third disc is a DVD which has footage from the archives of CBC Television: see Cool Aid proprietor Elmore Smalley in historical newsreel footage along with Hippies and other residents of the Cool Aid House; the DVD also features original film footage of Mock Duck, Papa Bears Medicine Show, Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck, and Spring performing on CBC's Let's Go show in 1968-1969, freshly transferred for this project, with remastered audio. COMP CD $16 SKU:19065

GOOD TO THE LAST DROP- VA Killer Rare Sixties & Seventies Soul - Label:FANTASTIC VOYAGE (England) Killer collection of obscure soul tracks! Ember Records founder Jeffrey Kruger sought out the best soul sounds, and the label maintained a steady stream of classy soul releases throughout the sixties and seventies. The CD begins with five well-known Northern Soul tracks: Mr. Floods Party come in with a propulsive version of the Gene McDaniels song ‘Compared To What’; dance-floor favourite ‘Looky Looky’ by The Brothers Grimm is included here too. R&B flavoured items such as Jewel Akens ‘Wee Bit More Of Your Lovin’ have been getting more exposure in the clubs in recent years. The Casinos were known for their ballads, but ‘That’s The Way’ proves they could deliver a commanding performance on uptempo tracks too. Milt Matthews gives impassioned performances on four of his compositions, ‘Oh Lord (You Gotta Help Me),’ ‘That’s What I Feel For You,’ ‘Disaster Area’ and ‘Can’t See Myself Doing You Wrong.’ The Pac-Keys hip instrumental ‘Dig In’ was recorded at Hi Studios in Memphis. Dee Edwards has two tracks: the sprightly dancer ‘Why Can’t There Be Love’ and the yearning ballad ‘Hurt A Little Everyday.’ Tony & Tyrone whip up a storm on their pounding dance tracks ‘Everyday Fun’ and ‘Whip Your Loving On Me.’ Fork In The Road have the most sought-after Ember soul 45—both sides, ‘Can’t Turn Around Now’ and ‘Skeletons In The Closet’ are included. Ed Robinson’s ‘Hey Blackman’ is fine deep soul, a heartfelt call to black Americans to assert themselves. Mary Frazier Jones was best known as a professional gospel singer and offers a sanctified performance on Jackie DeShannon’s rousing message song ‘Put A Little Love In Your Heart.’ The catchy disco track ‘Good To The Last Drop,’ that also provides the title of this compilation, was produced by music business veteran Johnny Otis together with his son, guitar-star and incredibly underated solo artist Shuggie Otis. Nice shrink-wrapped slip-case packaging. COMP CD $8 SKU:16375

REMBRANDT RECORDS STORY:- OPEN UP YOUR MIND 1966-67 - PLUS+ 7 (60s garage psych) - Label:BREAK-A-WAY REMBRANDT Records, a Chicago based Garage and Psychedelic label of the sixties. After the first release by the Nite-Owls failed to chart, Rembrandt Records’ owner Reggie Weiss moved in a different direction. His next release, “Open Up Your Mind” by the Nuchez, merged pop with psychedelic music. The song was based on an LSD trip and response to the single was positive. Soon other psych and psych-pop singles were issued by The Circus, The Nickel Bag, and Monday’s Children. Cash Box magazine began plugging Rembrandt Records during the fall of 1966. By 1967, Weiss was devoting all of his time to promoting a high-school band called The Lemon Drops. He wrote another LSD inspired song titled “I Live In The Springtime” for the band. Unfortunately, the single was unable to chart, even regionally. Over the ensuing decades though, the reputation of The Lemon Drops, The Nuchez, The Nite-Owls and other Rembrandt artists has grown immeasurably. This compilation contains the most important singles sides issued on Rembrandt Records between 1966-1967, plus a number of essential previously unreleased versions that are appearing for the first time ever on vinyl. The fourteen recordings on this album make it apparent that Rembrandt Records was way ahead of its time when these treasures from the psychedelic 60’s were recorded. First 500 copies with 7" Single incl. two unreleased 1967 first time on vinyl recordings by the Nite-Owls.
COMP LP $17 SKU:16555

BEAD GAME- Baptism ( 70s pop psych rarity, last copies!) - Label:AMERICAN SOUND (USA) Last ever copies!!! Recorded in 1970 but not released until 1996. Follow up to their highly heralded album “Welcome” which is a classic psych album. This one is psych flavored pop/rock. Comes with paste-on sleeve LP $16 SKU:7188

OLIVERS - Lost Dove Sessions( ltd ed 60s U.S. psych ) - Label:BREAK The Olivers from Fort Wayne, Indiana are best known for their highly sought after 1967 Picture Cover 45 on Phalanx Records. 'I Saw What You Did' b/w 'Beeker Street'. The single got picked up by RCA Records for nationwide release and is today rated as one of the best and most exciting double sided major label garage 45s of the 1960s. A planned second single and LP release for RCA never happened. Long standing rumours of a "Lost LP" however, were confirmed when a one-of-a-kind reference acetate of an unreleased GRT album by The Olivers was found recently. The album, recorded after several line-up changes in early 1969 at Dove Studios in Minneapolis turned out to be a psychedelic jewel. An amazing album featuring the amazing rich and significant voice of leadsinger Billy Franze and on a par with the legendary psych albums of the era. “Dove Sessions“ features the nine minute long 'Jessica Ryder', the spooky 'Mushroom', the brooding organ driven 'The End', plus psychers such as 'Ball Of Fire', heavy rockers such as 'Free' and the trippy never ending 11-minute slashing guitar freakout of 'Social Slavery'. Unjustifiably shelved 40 years ago, this amazing organ drenched fuzzfest proves that the band does not only deserve the plaudit "Indiana Sixties Rock Heroes", but also had the potential for the national breakthrough that never happened. The LP captures the incredible talent and versatility of the Olivers and adds an essential piece of vinyl to their discography. A four-page LP sized insert documents the band's career as told by its original members and a cache of unseen photos completes the band's 1963 – 71 history." Only 500 copies. LP $17 SKU:14566

ROOSTERS - All of Our Days ltd to 500 copies w unseen photos (60s jangly garage BYRDS style ) SAALE - Label:BREAK-A-WAY Californian mid 60s folk rock s. This is embellished with a load of stunning never-before-seen photos. TRACKLISTINGS ON SITE LP $16 SKU:12957

BACK FROM THE GRAVE-Vol 1 & 2 (60s Garage/Punk)Label:CRYPT Compiles Back From The Grave VolumE 1&2 in a sleek, single-disc digipak. COMP CD $19 SKU:17664

BACK FROM THE GRAVE- Vol 3 &4 (60s Garage/Punk) Label:CRYPT All 30 cuts from LPs #3 and #4. Fully re-mastered and with swank new 24-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans. DIGIPAC format. COMP CD $19 SKU:17663

BACK FROM THE GRAVE- Vol 5 & 6 w 24 page booklet (60s Garage/Punk) Label:CRYPT All 30 cuts from LPs #3 and #4. Fully re-mastered and with swank new 24-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans. DIGIPAC format. COMP CD $19 SKU:18345

BIG BEAT CELLAR SCENE 11-LOST SOUNDS OF ADELAIDE 1965-1970Label:Nickoff Records A superb collection of raw Australian garage, beat and r&b, featuring bands s.a. The Others, The Outcasts, The Silhouettes, The Reins, The Harts, Animation Unlimited, Wee Hike, The Syssys, The Rhythmen, London Criers, Blues Syndicate, Blues Rags'n'Hollers, Five Sided Circle, Autumn, The Buckets, The Zoot, Nozmo King, Inside Looking Out, Machine Gun Kelly Rejects, a.m.m,. COMP CD $22 SKU:17918

BIG BEAT CELLAR SCENE VOL 2-LOST SOUNDS OF ADELAIDE 1965-1970-Label:Nickoff Records A superb collection of raw Australian garage, beat and r&b, featuring bands s.a. The Others, The Outcasts, The Silhouettes, The Reins, The Harts, Animation Unlimited, Wee Hike, The Syssys, The Rhythmen, London Criers, Blues Syndicate, Blues Rags'n'Hollers, Five Sided Circle, Autumn, The Buckets, The Zoot, Nozmo King, Inside Looking Out, Machine Gun Kelly Rejects, a.m.m,. COMP CD $22 SKU:17920

NEDERBEAT:BEAT,BLUF & BRANIE Vol 1(60s Dutch LTd to 500 )DOUBLE LPLabel:CONCERTO At record conventions, the singles and albums of Dutch beat groups from the '60s are still among the most sought after objects. This so-called Nederbeat offers a perfect musical reflection of the optimism and vitality of those years. The creme de la creme of this movement is featured in this excellent compilation series. Limited to 500 copies on purple vinyl. COMP LP $32 SKU:17889

NEDERBEAT:BEAT,BLUF & BRANIE Vol 2(60s Dutch LTd to 500 )DOUBLE LP RED VINYL Label:CONCERTO At record conventions, the singles and albums of Dutch beat groups from the '60s are still among the most sought after objects. This so-called Nederbeat offers a perfect musical reflection of the optimism and vitality of those years. The creme de la creme of this movement is featured in this excellent compilation series. Limited to 500 copies on red vinyl. COMP LP $32 SKU:17890