Jan 29, 2021


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ATTALLA-ST (70s hard rock Sabbath style)Label:SELF RELEASE Prepare for total amplifier worship: this is ATTALLA's self-titled debut album, originally self-released on vinyl in 2014. Marrying the stoned swagger of early Sabbath to the leafiest of '70s hard rock, this Wisconsin quartet doesn't so much go back in time as stops time itself. CD $15 SKU:24117

LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE-Dead Shrine (spaced-out vibes and '60s acid blues )-Label:PROJECTION Psychedelic folk, rock and eastern music. A follow up to 2019's 'Align In The Fourth Dimension', this album has all that you'd come to expect from this long running project, but this time with a more acid rock vibe, burning fuzz guitars, hypnotic drums, effects, sitar, mellotron, stoned trance-like vocals all combine to make this release unique amongst his previous releases. CD $17 SKU:23750

RADIO MOSCOW - LIVE AT ROCKPALAST 2015 (2CD+DVD)-Label:MIG On March 23, 2015, the power trio Radio Moscow performed as part of the Crossroads Festival in the Bonner Harmonie on Rockpalast. Parker Giggs spreads casual licks and wafting vibes into the sloping fan auditorium, his vocals are at their peak, Marrone and Meier unpack the steam hammer. The official heavy blues rock retro clap is guaranteed without slipping into any clichés. Radio Moscow show themselves at their best. CD $24 SKU:24113

RAIN- 1971 The Lost Album Label:JARGON Rain was a popular blues inspired rock band from Rochester, New York. Members were Brad Morse on vocals, Ted Paris on bass, Mick Guerin on drums and led by guitar maestro, Helmut Getto. Rain was a real powerhouse in their day! This legendary band broke up shortly after recording their studio album in 1971. Lost and forgotten for nearly 50 years, the album was never released! '1971... The Lost Album', a collection of original songs that the band recorded in the summer of 1971, was originally planned to be a follow up to their first record, 'Live Christmas Night', which came out on the band's label, Whazoo Records in early 1971. Through fate's twists and turns, the plan changed and the studio album fell by the wayside. Decades later and after lots of detective work, the studio tapes finally surfaced! These eight previously unreleased original songs have finally manifested themselves on CD, and Jargon Records are proud to present to you this epic treasure of rock history as a part of Jargon Records' Time Capsule Series! CD $19 SKU:24271

SEYMOUR, PHIL -Price of Power Pop- ONE ONLY Label:BIG BEAT + 11 UNISSUED TRACKS' - Presented on CD are the best solo-recordings by the American power pop drummer, singer, guitarist and songwriter, best known for the single 'Precious To Me', plus 11 previously unreleased recordings. Though Phil Seymoure had a major role in the seminal pop group Dwight Twilley Band, his solo-work is also highly revered among fans of the power-pop genre. CD $22 SKU:21540

SONIC FLOWER-Rides AGain (psychedelic groove, rock, funk, and doom metal) Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS The music is a mixture of psychedelic groove, rock, funk, and doom metal. For fans of Cactus, Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond, The Meters, Graham Central Station and Funkadelic. On the album you can find four original songs plus two cover tracks: 'Earthquake' from Graham Central Station and 'Stay Away' from The Meters. CD $16 SKU:24014

TELESCOPES -EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME-Label:TAPETE The 11th full-length from The Telescopes consists of eight songs and incantations that form a series of sonic convulsions stretching the parameters of intuitive composition to the point of auditory illusion. CD $21 SKU:24112

DIGGIN FOR GOLD- Vol 11 (obscure '60s beat/garage/pop nuggets from around the world)-Label:BUSY B Since 1993 the 'Diggin' For Gold' series has unearthed obscure '60s beat/garage/pop nuggets from around the world. Lovingly curated by master collectors extraordinaire, remastered from the best sources and packaged with informative liner notes and pictures. Busy Bee are proud to help put out the 11th installment in the series, jam-packed with delights you've never heard of. After two volumes of only US bands this one goes back to the initial formula -45's from all around the world- and once again lets you explore great sixties punk and pop from Africa, Asia, America and Europe. Unfortunately no tracks from Antarctica. Maybe on vol 12, right? Limited edition of 500 copies, vinyl only. Grab it while you can! SIDE 1: 1. DICKIE LOADER & BLUE JEANS - I Hate Getting Up In The Morning (South Africa) 2. MOON SPINNERS - Soul On Fire (Norway) 3. LEX RELAX - Quatre-Vingt Cavalliers (Switzerland) 4. PRINCE OF ISRAEL - Try To Understand (Israel) 5. BOYS - Walk Back To Me (Singapore) 6. KANO Y LOS BULLDOGS - Todo Quedo Atras (Uruguay) 7. LIGHT STONES - Mary-Ann (Liechtenstein) 8. LES VIPERES - Please Go Away (Belgium) SIDE 2: 1. MENACE - You Don't Even Wink Your Eye (Hong Kong) 2. MAVI ISIKLAR - Ain't That So (Turkey) 3. TEENAGERS - I Can Hear Them Play (Sweden) 4. LES HOU-LOPS - Lonely Riverman (Canada) 5. LOS FLECOS - Estas Lejos (Spain) 6. RACKERS - Love Is Lavish (Germany) 7. LES MARQUIS - Silence On the Shore (Austria) 8. JUDGE WAYNE & THE CONVICTS - I'm Crying (United Kingdom) COMP LP $24 SKU:23727

BACHELOR PAD-ALL COCK AND HASH-THE VERY BEST OF-(80s Psych indie punk poppers)Label:EMOTIONAL RESPONSE During the '80s and early '90s, Glasgow's psychedelic indie-punk poppers Bachelor Pad released some astonishing music, bringing to mind The Buzzcocks fronted by Syd Barrett! This album features many highlights from those records. LP $24 SKU:24047

BRINCOS- WORLD DEVIL BODY (Spanish psych/prog masterpiece from 1970-DBL LP Label:GUERSSEN // MUNDO DEMONIO CARNE 50th Anniversary deluxe edition of this Spanish psychedelic/progressive masterpiece from 1970. First ever vinyl reissue featuring the intended but never used at the time nude gatefold cover design by painter Claudio Bravo. This double set includes the Spanish version of the album plus, for the first time on vinyl, the alternate English version, which has a different tracklisting. Comes with 12-page colour insert with detailed liner notes in English and Spanish and rare photos plus poster. LP $35 SKU:24049

CHECK 1-2-BRING IT ALL DOWN (Dutch 60s garage style) Label:CRASH This sophomore album from the Dutch band showcases a variety of styles and influences, including rock, soul, country and -of course- '60s garage. The fact that the band has two vocalists adds to the diversity. You'll also hear a Dutch vintage Philicorda organ and a twangy Fender Telecaster, all of which contribute to the deliciously edgy result. Features ex-members of The Skidmarks. LP $19 SKU:24120

EYE (USA) - VISION AND AGELESS LIGHT 70s Sabbath style) Label:LASER'S EDGE BACK IN PRINT! Eye's music reflects the progressive sides of '70s icons Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, ELP, Yes and cult favourites Nektar. Add some DNA from bands such as Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep and Deep Purple for extra toughness, and you've got a potent and mighty tasteful cocktail. LP $25 SKU:24228

JULIAN'S TREATMENT - A TIME BEFORE THIS (2LP) GATEFOLD (spacy 70s prog rock)Label:GUERSSEN Debut, double album by musician/sci-fi writer Julian Jay Savarin. Originally relased on Miki Dallon's Youngblood label in 1970, this is a classic since the early days of record collecting. Hammond dominated, spacey, psychedelic prog-rock with long tracks, cool female vocals and a cosmic, sci-fi concept vibe. This reissue features the original gatefold sleeve, master tape sound in 180g vinyl, and detailed liner notes by Andy Morten (Shindig!). Essential to anyone into early UK prog-rock! LP $28 SKU:24233

KILLER BOOGIE- DETROIT ('70s riffs and bluesy frequencies) BLACKLabel:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Repress on black vinyl! Killer Boogie mix '70s riffs and bluesy frequencies into an extremely fuzzy sound with psychedelic shades. The line-up consists of Gabriele Fiori on guitars and vocals (Black Rainbows) , Luigi Costanzo on drums (The Wisdoom) and Matteo Marini on bass. Killer Boogie grounds its roots in the sound of Blue Cheer, The Stooges, MC5, Cactus and Radio Moscow. This is their debut album, with killer artwork. LP $25 SKU:24051

MAGIC - ST (ultimate West Coast acid-rock 1969 )Label:SURVIVAL RESEARCH Spanning the divide between backwoods swamp rock and US psychedelia, Magic evolved from Lansing, Michigan-based band, Next Exit, which singer-songwriter Duane King and his bassist brother Nick joined in 1968. The following year the group became Magic and things stepped up a gear with the introduction of lead guitarist Joey Murcia, a Miami native that was a session player for TK Records. The band moved to Miami and became the first white act on TK, their debut album released on their own Armadillo label. Returning to Michigan in 1970, Motown producer Scott Regan brought them onto the Rare Earth subsidiary for these three tracks. Mastertape sound, insert with liner notes. Hideously rare 1969 album by U.S. band Magic. Psychedelic and bluesy West Coast sound with ripping fuzz guitar much in the vein of Crazy Horse, Quicksilver, Vindicator-era Arthur Lee and the likes. The 12-minute long "I'll Just Play" is full of endless dual guitar attacks and effects, and is the ultimate acid-rock jam. LP $19 SKU:24016

PREACHERS- Nod, Shake & Stomp With (UK mid 60s Stones/Herd style) ..- Label:TENTH PLANET Seminal obscure band From UK's mid 60's, with links to family trees of STONES and HERD. Only release 1 single in '65. This full length album contains 2 unearthed previous UNRELEASED studio demos from '64 and no less then 14 quality live tracks from the same year. Altogether this makes this an album of classic vintage swaggering British teenage beat/R&B. PREACHERS featured 2 members of the HERD, early STONES drumer Tony Chapman, as well as astonishing young guitarist Steve Carroll, who died in car crash during the recording and was replaced by Peter Frampton. Bill Wyman provided the full story on the band documenting his journey from pre-PREACHERS band THE CLIFTONS to the STONES, with some nice unpublished pictures. Limited 1000 copies and 190 grams. IMPORT LP $19 SKU:24288

SCAMPOLO- UNDER THE RAINBOW (1968 Hungarian rock/soul) Label:MOIRAS Limited edition of 330 copies, housed in a nice gatefold sleeve! It's a twist of fate that it took the first rock'n'roll band that reached star status in Hungary 48 years to release their first album. At the beginning of the 1960s the band was the most popular among the few Hungarian rock'n'roll groups, their shows' atmosphere was often quite heated. The band existed until the early '80s except for some short pauses and with a few changes in the lineup. The first Scampolo album represents the period between 1968 and 1970 when they left their rock'n'roll roots behind and played a repertoire that was unique in Hungary. It consisted partly of British and American progressive rock and soul hits, partly of their own compositions. These were collected from studio, rehearsal and concert recordings. LP $25 SKU:24235

SIMONES- CORRIDOR OF DREAMS ('70s US private press legends)Label:KRAUTED MIND Pressed on coloured vinyl and presented in a special cardboard cover, this is a limited edition (500 copies) reissue of Al Simones' 1993 album. Long revered as a trade secret amongst record dealers and collectors, Simones' music is among the great secrets of the home recording revolution that took root in the late 1980s. Ohio born Al Simones combined his love of '60s and '70s psychedelic rock music with vintage instruments, and produced four highly collectable handmade albums between 1992 and 2009. All of them are filled with intense psychedelic guitar music that invokes the energy and passion of his influences -including Jimi Hendrix and Phil Keaggy of The Glass Harp- whilst also possessing the mystery and spiritual intensity that surrounds '70s US private press legends such as Jeffrey Liberman and Mystic Siva. LP $28 SKU:24216

STEVENS, MEIC - SEPTEMBER 1965: TONY PIKE SESSIONS ( lost acid folk classic) Label:TENTH PLANET Regarded as a national treasure in his native Wales. In 1965 however he was just another Dylan/Donovan folkie. In 1965 he recorded this batch of songs to hawk around the various labels as a finished album. Unfortunately the acetates were lost. Recently rediscovered and including previously unheard songs like "Winter of the clan", "Not for me mister MP" and "It ain't for me to ask the reason why". This is the first ever release of this long lost demo album. 190 Gram, vinyl only pressing including liner notes by Meic and limited to 1000 copies. LP $21 SKU:24291


CENTAURS -From Canada to Europe (mid 60s Canadian garage punk)-Label:VINTAGE TRAX The Centaurs were one of the top rock bands to come out of Vancouver Canada in the mid 1960s. With their long hair and bad boy image, they were way ahead of their time in both their sound and style. They left Vancouver seeking fame and fortune and ended up in Holland and Germany where they quickly rose to the top of their game, sharing the stage with some of the biggest groups of the day and gaining thousands of adoring fans. The tracks represented here are high quality studio recordings from 1966 transferred from the original analog master tapes, plus a few live bonus tracks recorded in 1967 in Amsterdam, Holland, just to give the listener a feel of the period from the band's own perspective. Fans of '60s garage/punk music will greatly appreciate these never before released tracks, remastered by award winning mastering engineer Stephen Marsh in Los Angeles CD $15 SKU:20911

COUNTRY FUNK -ST (1970 psych/blues/country) Label:SLIPSTREAM First released in May 1970, Country Funk's debut was a confident and heady mix of psych, blues rock and country rock. Despite achieving little success in their day, 40 years on the "Funkers" are now highly regarded, finally achieving the credit that they were originally denied. The 'Country Funk'-LP was released in May 1970 after a few name and line up changes, plus a short prison sentence. At the album's heart lie the influences of Buffalo Springfield, Poco and a dose of hairy Byrds, Moby Grape and the Dead. Although not a classic, this loosely groovin' but tight collection of songs moves along nicely with genuine heart and soul." Country Funk's debut has been newly packaged with extensive liner notes, unpublished photos and 4 unreleased bonus tracks, and four 1967 cuts from earlier outfit ADAM including the superb Bee Gees like 'Woman' (later covered by Pure Prairie League) and the trippy 'Melrose Street 5829' (which easily rivals anything Emitt Rhodes cut around this time). CD $14 SKU:23525

BEAUTIFUL FREAKs-Waving Our Flag High, Wave On, Wave On: Music From The Original Counter Culture- DBLLabel:TAD This set comprises songs from the '60s and '70s that were way too far out for the average underground dweller. Among the featured artists/bands we find The Holy Modal Rounders, The Fugs, Yoko Ono, The Fool, Country Joe & Fish, David Peel & The Lower East Side, Hapshash & The Coloured Coat, Witthüser & Westrupp, Brigitte Fontaine, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Gong, Hawkwind and more. COMP CD $22 SKU:21803

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 11(60s Pop / Psych) Label:FLOWER MACHINE A Palette of US/Canadian 60's Pop-sike & other delights COMP CD $17 SKU:18694

FADING YELLOW - VOL.17 The Better Side (20 Timeless Gems Of US Pop-Psych & Other Delights) Label:FLOWER MACHINE Volume 17 of the compilation series which have named an own genre of '60s styled sunshine psych pop called simply 'Fading Yellow'. This time including US and some Canadian 45's from 1965 to 1971. A magical smörgåsbord of songs with that special FY vibe. Among many highlights is the original version of 'Kites' made famous by Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, The Rooftop Singers did the original version. Limited edition of 500 copies with 8 page booklet with info about the tracks and pictures COMP CD $17 SKU:22217

ELECTRIC LEMONADE ACID TEST - VA Vol 3 (60s/70s UK Psych Pop -An Anthology Of The Spark Label 1967-1970) - Label:TENTH PLANET IMPORT in the series of obscure dig-ups from UK Psych-pop undergound scene from late 60's to early 70s. Here we have 17 track anthology of the SPARK label including wispy highly collectable popsike nuggets from the likes of ELMER GANTRY'S VELVET OPERA, FRUIT MACHINE, ICARUS, THE EGGY, TIMOTHY BLUE, JUST WILLIAM, THE BABY, CARYTER-ALQUIST, and others. Suberp 'Rubble'-style sleeve with insert detailing the story of the label and all bands. 190 grams vinyl , 1000 copies COMP LP $19 SKU:24290

BABY SHAKES -TURN IT UP (60s Motown style inf by RAMONES )-Label:LIL' CHEWY The 2017 album by the rock'n'roll-punk band from New York City featuring Mary on lead vocals and guitar, Judy on lead guitar and vocals, Claudia on bass and vocals, and Ryan on drums. With catchy melodic vocals over dirty guitars and a killer rhythm section, their influences range from The Ramones and Slade to Chuck Berry and '60s Motown girl groups. LP $21 SKU:19088

BONNEVILLES-GOOD SUITS AND FIGHTIN' BOOTS- WHITE VINYL Label: BLUES FOR THE RED SUN he Bonnevilles don't so much play punk blues as it as a spring board to create a completely new genre. The Lurgan duo take Mississippi Hill blues and punk rock and mix into their own unique dark Northern Irish punk blues brew. LP $26 SKU:20636

GREEK THEATRE BROKEN CIRCLE (:west-coast influenced psych Label:SUGARBUSH The long awaited second album by Sweden's premier west-coast influenced psych act. This time around the material dives much deeper into full-on psychedelia, yet retains -and even improves on- the band's excellent songwriting. While a lot of contemporary psych bands revel in endless blasts of somewhat monotonous spacerock, it has become a rare thing to find an album of song based psychedelia, which is exactly what 'Broken Circle' is. This edition is limited to only 200 copies on black vinyl. LP $22 SKU:21758

YUM YUMS -FOR THOSE ABOUT TO POP! (power pop) Label:SCREAMING APPLE The Yum Yums' fifth full-length is called 'For Those About To Pop!' and it's stacked with catchy hi-energy, guitar-driven power-pop songs, complete with multi-layered harmonies. These Norwegians know exactly how to put together the essential ingredients of the music of The Ramones, Plimsouls and Ohio Express. LP $19 SKU:23554