Jul 29, 2022


Lots of new arrivals for you guys this weekend, including some one-only archive cds straight from the BOMP/ALIVE offices.

Back at ya Monday, happy weekend!
Suzy Shaw

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20613, 25333, 24006, 25331, 19272, 17090, 25335, 16350, 19498, 20978, 21250, 25330, 25334, 25354, 25349, 25351, 25350, 25352, 25353, 25348, 25347, 25345, 25346

ANGKOR POP - VA CAMBODIAN TRIBUTE TO IGGY POP-Label:HIGHLY BONGABLE RECORDS (Australia) Angkor Pop!' is an exotic and ambitious compilation project showcasing the very best of Cambodia's new wave of East/West fusion groups_an homage that marks several astonishing milestones in rock'n'roll history: the 50th anniversary of The Stooges, the 40th anniversary of the seminal Iggy Pop/David Bowie albums 'The Idiot' and 'Lust For Life,' and, not least, the occasion of Iggy Pop's 70th birthday!! The best of Cambodia's music scene, acts like The Cambodian Space Project, Doch Chkae, Kampot Playboys, Professor Kinski with Miss Sarawan and Jessica Lisha Srin, Bokor Mountain Magic Band, Phnom Skor just to name a few -each covering selections from Iggy Pop's astonishing back catalogue- with the full blessing of the man himself, who seemed (and seems) rather chuffed with this tribute coming from far flung Cambodia. Produced by Julien Poulson and Jason Shaw, this collection puts a unique, contemporary Cambodian spin on Iggy's poetry and rock-action. COMP LP $24 SKU:20613

BADGE -Collected Singles (KATH) Collected Singles -Ltd ed ORANGE with insert-Label:LION First time reissue for any of the Badge material
•150x hand-numbered copies on Transparent Orange (Gold) vinyl
•Comes with an eight page insert w/liner notes by Kath and Badge leader Val Rogolino and a plethora of photos from his personal stash.

Not many albums can get you in the mood to blow out your speakers quite like Kath “1”, the hideously rare and expensive 1974 low-fi, DIY psych made by members of Maryland band Badge, recorded in the home of band leader Val Rogolino (and, yes, dedicated to his girlfriend and their pet monkey!). The Kath album is full of well-written melodic songs with loose, semi-ramshackle, low-fi/no-fi production values. The fact that Badge had been a going band for awhile, and that they released several singles and EPs — written by Val and recorded the same way, on the same equipment as the Kath album, seems to have been overlooked — until now. What Patrick the Lama said in Acid Archives about Kath, is equally applicable to Badge: “Obscure and impressive melodic basement garage/psych excursion with a lo-fi atmosphere that would have most purveyors flip out… at times the vibe is almost like Mystery Meat or Index, and that's not something you run across every day… Nuts lo-fi recording quality and impossible-to-figure production values gives this a nicely zonked almost real-people vibe. Keyboards, fuzz, heap of amateur avant spirit.” LP $32 SKU:25333

CONSTANT SOUND-ST One of the Holy Grails of 1960’s sunshine pop and lyte psych.” — Patrick Lundborg, “The Acid ArchiveLabel:LYSERGIC SOUND Superbly constructed pop psychedelia c. 1968, performed by some of the best musicians in the world! •First commercial release of any kind and in any format of these recordings
•Comes with an 8-page booklet with photos and detailed information of the creation of this rarityFor more than fifty years, vinyl collectors and music archivists from around the world have speculated about this ultra-obscure twelve-song demo-only disc from the 1960’s: When was it pressed? Who were the musicians and the singers? Who produced this gem? What was the purpose of the record, especially considering the high talent level and the fact that it seemingly had never had a commercial release?No less an expert than the late Patrick Lundborg, one of the world’s leading experts on psychedelic culture and music and author of “The Acid Archives”, the ultimate guide to underground sounds from the 1960’s and 1970’s, called The Constant Sound demo disc "one of the Holy Grails of 1960’s sunshine pop and lyte psych," comparable to the the California sunshine style on the very rare Birmingham Sunday record, and added: "this is bound to blow the mind of any genre fan, as it delivers on all the key areas and has no obvious weaknesses." High praise from the psychedelic guru! LP $26 SKU:24006

EMBRYO -Father, Son And Holy Ghosts (ltd ed of 1,000 with 44 page booklet) Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS Father, Son And Holy Ghosts' was the third LP by Embryo. The title was not meant to be Christian-religious - they didn't want to stoop to that level. The outstanding Siegfried Schwab shines on guitar, veena and tarang and brings in Indian sounds. The vinyl in a gatefold cover contains a deluxe 44-page booklet in LP format with a three-page band story in German and English, an interview, a very detailed discography, many reproductions of posters, a concert list from 1969 to 2000 and many photos. Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies. LP $32 SKU:25331

HONEST JOHN - SAILOR (Unreleased underground Texas hard rock from 1975)-Label:SHROOMANGEL (USA) Unreleased underground Texas hard rock from 1975! First release anywhere, anytime! Heavy grooves with dense, layered guitars and Deep Purple/Black Sabbath style vocals from bassist T.J. Sanders. Honest John was a band that meant business at a time when most bands were softening their sound for radio. Not these guys! Honest John did release an extremely rare 7" on the Baron label (BRN45006): slinky track 'Brighter Day' b/w the chunky and hard driving 'Face the Crowd'); but that was all that ever emerged from the sessions until now. It was in fact all the world knew of Honest John, aside from folks blown away by hearing them on tour in Texas playing frat parties, bars, military bases, and sleazy rock clubs in the early 1970's. Honest John's "Sailor" is a living, breathing tribute to Ottis Coleman, who should have long ago been celebrated as a true Texas guitar great. Features Coleman's stellar guitar and engineered by future Mojave Audio honcho and key figure in 1970's rock in Houston, Dusty Wakeman. Coleman and Wakeman both later joined Houston blues rockers Buzz Bone, which featured Dan Mitchell and Tom Moore post-Moving Sidewalks. But it has always been the Honest John sessions that they longed to have released., at long long last. A small press run of 500x copies, housed in a deluxe gatefold tip-on jacket, sourced from original master tapes. A definitive statement of heaviness. •Underground Texas hard rock from 1975 •First release anywhere, anytime! •Sourced from original master tapes •Small press run of 500x copies, housed in a deluxe gatefold tip-on jacket. a link to an mp3 sampler, which has a little taste of every track on the record: LP $24 SKU:19272

JARVIS STREET REVUE Singles and More(RARE CANADIAN PSYCH plus insert and liners) Label:VOID WOW! Here's a collection of singles and unissued tracks by Canadian underground psych masters JARVIS STREET REVUE, best remembered for their 1970 LP 'Mr. Oil Man', which remains one of the most extreme albums ever to appear through major Columbia. LP $22 SKU:17090

KROKODIL-FIRST RECORDINGS (1970 Krautrock legends) DVD PLUS LP Label:LION The year was 1968. We were playing, practising and experimenting every single day until late into the night in a basement in the heart of the city of Zürich. We were determined to follow our own musical path. Meanwhile, Serge Meier was setting up his recording studio on the outskirts of town. The generous financial offer from the cigarette company was too good to refuse. We bought ourselves the amplifiers we needed and recorded our first single, ‘Camel Is Top,’ with him. This also led—in the spring of 1969—to the recordings that we are now releasing to the public for the very first time. Teddy Meier, EMI Switzerland‘s A&R man, travelled to Munich with the tapes and handed them to the renowned producer Siegfried E. Loch. This paved the way for our band‘s first recording sessions in Germany for the American Liberty label. When the 1968 generation took to the streets, armed with Mao‘s Little Red Book, we were on a completely different trip. On the road with a sitar, violin, tambourine and harmonica, the beat, the bass, rhythm and blues, guitars and a keyboard, the congas and drums, we made our own music. Krokodil Music!" The bonus DVD contains his exciting account of the Krokodil story. For this definitive issue, Krokodil band leader Düde Dürst has assembled photos and film material painstakingly collected over many years.
Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide.Unreleased studio takes from 1969 recordings by these Krautrock legends.180 gram vinyl—also includes bonus region free DVD! LP $40 SKU:25335

MCKAY-Into You ( WEEDBURNER- One of the holy grails of 70s Indianapolis private-pressdom ) -Label:LION w Updated liner notes and exactly-transcribed lyrics. One of the "holy grails" of Indianapolis private-pressdom (surpassed only by Zerfas and Anonymous) available again in its original format! Ray "McKay" Pierle and his musically-adept brothers and friends partied, jammed and partied some more on Indy's south side throughout the mid-70's, forming a band (Loos) which managed to garner zero media attention at the time. However, Ray's trusty Teac four-track was always close at hand and countless hours of home recordings were induced onto magnetic tape, as well as a few songs laid down at a local studio. After a brief hiatus, the core members reconvened as McKay, and created their sole document, the 300-press "Into You" album (1978); the LP was given to friends and family and consigned in nearby record shoppes. A mere 15 years had to pass before the collecting world discovered the highly-personal songwriting, tight playing, and not-so-well-hidden West-Coast stylistic touches. A vinyl reissue was locally produced back then but it's long gone, so here's a new all analogue, master tape edition for a new generation to savor. •All-analogue pressing, cut directly from the original master tapes. •Licensed from Ray Pierle with his full cooperation and support. •Updated liner notes and exactly-transcribed lyrics. LP $24 SKU:16350

MCKENNA MENDELSON BLUES- ST (bluesy psych demo tapes from 1968) -Label:PACEMAKER Another great album from Canada's legendary Paragon label, a set of super bluesy psych demo tapes from 1968; the band’s album “Stink” was received not just as a great album of electric blues, but as some sort of revelation when it appeared in the second half of 1969. Lead guitarist Mike McKenna spent time ('67-'68) in the Ugly Ducklings, but he had already developed a 'local hero' tag by playing hard electric blues as a member of the legendary Luke and the Apostles. Together, he and Joe Mendelson made arrestingly earthy music, which soon attracted another of Toronto's rock gods of the day, bassist Denny Gerrard from the Paupers, whose legendary talents had served him well on the stage of the Monterey Pop Festival, where his work with the Paupers was (and still is) considered a highlight. The material included on this disc, which was demo material that now the band claim was “bootegged” by the legitimate Paragon label (a little revisionist history, perhaps?), is arguably even more rare and interesting than that on their classic McKenna Mendelson Mainline "Stink" album. LP $24 SKU:19498

MYSTERY PLANE-Still Life (70s Amon Duul style)-Label:COLOR DISC : Mystery Plane formed in 1980 from the ashes of 70's new wave band 3D5 who's line-up also featured future Cure member Porl Thompson. This record was originally a demo cassette made in 1981 that was hawked around record labels with a view for release. Later Color Tapes released a 100 copies edition. To support their demo at the time the band played such gigs at the Marquee, Rock Garden and The Bridgehouse supporting bands such as Fad Gadget, Modern English and Henry Padovani (Ex-Police) in London. This sublime minimal basement krauty synth LP was inspired by bands such as Neu, Amon Duul ll, and "Vienna" period Ultravox. The album features guitar work of Gerald O' Connell who was a big fan of Ash Ra Tempel's guitarist Manuel Gottsching. A year later he went on to form Lives Of Angels who made the classic cold wave album "Elevator To Eden" which was originally released on Color Tapes in 1983. Mystery Plane have been featured on the sold out Cold Waves Of Color compilation series. The album has been remastered by Denis Blackham and comes complete with a poster insert. (LP) Import edition, limited to 250x copies. LP $22 SKU:20978

SWEET SLAG -Tracking With Close-Ups (1969 heavy dark psych cult rarity )-Label:ACME/LION •First official reissue of this superb album. •Comes with printed insert containing archive band photos, many previously unseen. •Taken from the original master analogue tapes. Formed in 1969, this 4-piece UK outfit went on to record one ultra collectable album in 1971 for President Records. Originally the album was going to be titled "guerilla jazz rock" but came instead to be renamed "Tracking With Close-Ups," which is a good thing, as this is not a jazz rock album! The band toured extensively, supporting the likes of Deep Purple, Stray, Nucleus, Graham Bond, Black Cat Bones and Third Ear Band. Over the years the Sweet Slag album has built a cult reputation with collectors. The album is certainly different from many released at that time—it has a unique heavy dark psychedelic aspect running through the album; it almost borders on proto-metal on several tracks, as well as having some darker progressive elements and Beefheart and Zappa moments, making it a thoroughly unique and classic album. Original copies of "Tracking with Close-Ups" are very scarce nowadays... which is fine, as for the first time here is the first official reissue of this superb album, taken from the original master analogue tapes. The real deal early 1970's UK underground! Import edition limited to 250x copie LP $24 SKU:21250

VIITH TEMPLE-- Under The Burning Sun(late 70s hypnotic psych prog)-Label:FEDERAL GREEN Recorded in late '70s Ontario, just prior to the synth-punk masterpiece by their alter-ego, Drama, this is a heady stew of hypnotic psych prog pomp, coupled with bashing drums and mystical and magickal lyrics. Each song swells as it progresses, reaching a frenzied climax, drawing you into the same place out of time this was birthed in. Incredibly rare in its original state, this is a lovingly remastered improvement on the impossibly expensive original. Limited to 300 copies. LP $30 SKU:25330

XHOL CARAVAN- Electrip (1969 German psych infl) -Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS Xhol Caravan from Wiesbaden was one of the first and best-known underground groups in Germany, part of the student movement and pioneers of psychedelic music with jazz influences. Emerging from Soul Caravan in early 1969, their only records were the 7" single 'Planet Earth'/'So down' and the LP 'Electrip', both released on Hansa in the same year. This vinyl re-edition also contains the two tracks from the single as well as a deluxe 68-page booklet with a four-page band history in German and English, two interviews, a detailed discography, many reproductions of posters, a concert list and lots of photos. Limited to 2000 hand-numbered copies. LP $30 SKU:25334


BYRDS- Sweetheart of the Rodeo - DBL CD gatefold with booklet Label:Columbia/Legacy NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP ,UNSEALED BUT MINT CD $10 SKU:25354

LAST POETS - ST (1970 proto-hip-hop, poetry to a beat, embracing revolution) Label:RESTLESS ,NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP , jewel case. Unsealed but mint. CD $15 SKU:25349

LITTLE BOB STORY-- Livin in the Fast Lane & 6 Inedits -Label:FNAC NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP ,UNSEALED BUT MINT Jewel case 1991 French release. CD $20 SKU:25351

LITTLE RICHARD- King of Rock and ROll -RHINO HANDMADE 3 CD- Label:RHINO NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP ,unsealed but mint promo copy. CD $50 SKU:25350

LOVE- Forever Changes DOUBLE CD SET Label:ELEKTRA/ RHINO NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP SEALED
This is a 2-CD collectors Edition of Loves definitive 1968 masterpiece, featuring an alternative mix of the entire album plus ten additional rare and previously unreleased bonus tracks. CD $10 SKU:25352

MARCUS HOOK ROLL BAND -Tales of Old Grand Daddy Label:Parlophone NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP ,UNSEALED BUT MINT Tales of Old Grand-Daddy is the only studio album by Australian rock band Marcus Hook Roll Band, released in Australia in 1973. The album is noted for being the recording debut of future AC/DC founders Angus Young and Malcolm Young CD $10 SKU:25353

MIKE DE VILLE Le Chat Bleu Label:WOTRE ,NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP , jewel case. Unsealed but mint. Le Chat Bleu is the third album by the rock band Mink DeVille, released in 1980. The album received critical acclaim and elevated lead singer and composer Willy DeVille to star status. CD $10 SKU:25348

MITCH RYDER & The Detroit Wheels-- Breakout- Label:Sundazed NOTE: UNSEALED but mint Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP otor City legends Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels set unsurpassed standards for balls-out American white-boy R&B, influencing rockers from the MC5 to Springsteen. Under the aegis of crack producer Bob Crewe, the Wheels shot to fame, propelled by Ryder's sweat-soaked soulful vocals, the piercing, mile-a-minute guitar sting of Jim McCarty, and the piledriver drum attack of Johnny Bee. Sundazed presents the High-Definition Vinyl debut of their second album, 1966's Breakout...!!!, in galvanizing mono from the absolute original analog master tape, with original album artwork and liner notes faithfully reproduced and an ultra-rare bonus track! CD $10 SKU:25347

RIVERS, JOHNNY- John Lee Hooker -Label:LIBERTY NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP , jewel case. Unsealed but mint.
Tracks 1-6 from the album Johnny Rivers - Whisky A Go-Go Revisited (1967)
Tracks 7-17 from the album Johnny Rivers - More Live At The Whiskey-A-Go-Go (1969) CD $5 SKU:25345

ROCKPILE-- Seconds of Pleasure w bonus tracks- Label:Columbia/Legacy ,NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP , jewel case. Unsealed but mint. Seconds of Pleasure is a 1980 album by Rockpile, a band consisting of guitarists/vocalists Dave Edmunds and Billy Bremner, bassist/vocalist Nick Lowe, and drummer Terry Williams. CD $20 SKU:25346