Apr 27, 2022


Yes it’s our famous mid week bargain Email-blast. Lots of items at near cost, and some re-stocks of some of your faves too.

Also just in, THE BLACK KEYS on blue marble vinyl, 180 gram. It’s a beauty!

Check it all out below. THANKS!
Suzy Shaw

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21849, 24652, 17694, 23286, 24771, 24636, 24679, 24614, 24226, 21074,


23928, 24752, 24753, 23746, 23622, 16772, 22620, 23624, 20915, 17079, 12358, 18137, 19467, 14994 , 17467, 22639, 14424, 21529, 11567, 16531, 24413, 22024, 20327, 15698, 5613, 23728, 10387, 17728, 22673, 20585 , 20337, 22179, 23558, 24231, 19438, 24225, 24684, 23948, 23288, 24749, 25000, 23485, 19866, 22146, 22107, 13525, 23161, 24523, 19790, 24513, 17393, 24577, 10948, 24833, 17885,


BLACK KEYS- The Big Come Up LTD EDITION of 100 BLUE MARBLE Label:ALIVE Comes with the classic ring-wear look cover . This is their debut LP from 2002. LTD EDITION OF 100 BLUE MARBLE VINYL available only thru Bomp . LP $25 SKU:14710


LONESOME SHACK - City Man (Great boogie blues groove)Label:KNICK KNACK On the surface, it's easy to burrow into City Man and imagine it was recorded in some Mississippi juke joint a long, long time ago (accentuated by the fact that Todd pushes both his guitar and the vocal through the same little amp). But when you put an ear to what's really going on, you start hearing all the subtle-but-wild-ass stuff Garrard's doing - or the cool how-did-he-do-that riffs Todd pulls, tugs, and flecks out of his Tiesco's strings or Bergman's not-what-you-would've-expected-was-going-to-happen approach to blues bass. And therein lies the secret to Lonesome Shack: you can have a happy, casual hangout with City Man and have a good time or you can dig into the thing as deeply as you like and find a treasure trove of mind-blowing grooves that go somewhere beyond the traditional. --Brian Robbins, Brian-Robbins.com, January 1, 2013 CD $10 SKU:21849

LUCIFER -ST (Legendary NY wasted garage Grand Funk style)Label:VOID Only real legit! CD reissue of one and only album by legendary NY wasted garage rockers. Originals of this album go for 4 digits buks, so we very much welcome this reissue. Sounds like an early garagy GRAND FUNK RAILROAD mixed with IRON BUTTERFLY magic. This CD version has 1 extra track, NOT on the AKARMA and a nice group picture aswell, (void) CD $17 SKU:24652

MACARTHUR - ST (1979 U.S basement psych-prog monster)SAALE!Label:OUT SIDER U.S. basement psych-prog monster released in 1979 as an ultra-rare private pressing of 200 copies. MacArthur were formed when a young guitar player and songwriter named Ben MacArthur met a 17-year old prodigy musician called Bill Heffelfinger in Saginaw, Michigan, in 1978. Bill was not only a gifted guitar player but also a genius arranger and keyboard wizard. When Ben showed him some of the stuff he had written, Bill took the songs and transformed them into classic pieces of music. They soon recruited Jeff Bauer on bass and Scott Stockford on drums. The chemistry of MacArthur was born. The first MacArthur album, known in collector's circles as The Black Forest due to the vinyl bootleg of the same title released in the '80s, was recorded in 1979 using a four-track machine. Produced by Bill Heffelfinger, MacArthur is a progressive/psychedelic concept album highlighted by devastating, ripping fuzz guitar solos and Mini-Moog/synths attacks. CD $15 SKU:17694

MAGIC BUS - THE EARTH YEARS (Devon psych rangers Dead style) SAALE!Label: BACK TO THE GARDEN Totnes, Devon-based psychedelic rangers Magic Bus have been weaving together their own cosmic tapestry for 10 years with sources as diverse as the Canterbury scene, California jam bands, eastern mysticism, and '70s prog. There are some new and familiar sonic influences on this one... certainly a hint of The Grateful Dead, Gong and maybe even The Beatles... but very much the Magic Bus sound. CD $15 SKU:23286

BETWEEN-And The Waters Opened (1972 Krautrock)-SALE!Label:WAH WAH A truly astounding piece of work that towers on its own in the history Krautrock and Kosmische, Wah Wah's beautiful vinyl reissue of Between's 1972 masterstroke, "And the Waters Opened", levels the playing-field and melts the mind with its sounds.** 2021 Reissue ** We did already reissue Between's "And The Waters Opened" ten years ago and it sold out very fast. Since then, many of you have kept asking for copies of it, so we've just done a new deal to produce a new run of 500 copies only. This is one of the most interesting kraut LPs, be sure to grab a copy for your collection! First released in Vertigo in 1972 and often regarded as Between's most exotic and beautiful opus, it is a huge droning masterpiece with oriental nuances that might recall Popol Vuh, Fripp and Eno or Taj Mahal Travellers. A classic album from the early German 1970s scene! - Wah Wah Records LP $25 SKU:24771

BIG BOY PETE-THE COSMIC GENIUS OF BIG BOY PETE (mysterious brit psych guitarist)SAALE Label:MONO-TONE Big Boy Pete (real name Pete Miller) was a mysterious British guitarist who in the '60s cut lots of oddball non-hits which have amassed quite a reputation among psychedelic collectors. Now available on vinyl is a superb compilation of his recordings. One side features his best '60s stuff and the other side offers seven unreleased gems from the '70s, with styles ranging from wild and fuzzy garage to psych-pop and even freaky country-rock! SIDE 1: 1. Cold Turkey 2. Baby I Got News For You 3. Knit Me A Kiss 4. Paranoia 5. Nasty Nazi 6. My Love is Like a Spaceship 7. Me SIDE 2: 1. Tic Tac Toe 2. The Blowjob Song 3. Pollination Blues 4. Soi Eighteen 5. The Washington 400 6. Never Said I Loved You 7. Message To The A&R Man LP $25 SKU:24636

BONGZILLA/ TONS DOOM SESSIONS, VOL. 4 WHITE/BLUE/RED) Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS A split album between the Wisconsin legendary Cannabeasts Bongzilla and the Italian heavy sludge weedriffers Tons. All the tracks are never released before. An impressive heavy doom and sludge, high trip!!! Awesome artwork by the mighty Branca Studio. Limited to 150 copies on white/blue/red vinyl. LP $25 SKU:24679

BOSTON TEA PARTY- ST (1968 psych pop classic)-Label:ENDLESS HAPPINESS A lecture in '60s psych pop - almost power pop with flashes of hard rock - with consistently solid melodical, up-tempo, organ driven songs, soaring vocal harmonies, anthemic choruses. Psyched, poppy and fun. Originally released in 1968. LP $26 SKU:24614

BURN RITUAL-THE VOID (doom, stoner rock, heavy psych and a sound that oozes Sabbath RED VINYL SAALE!Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACT Blending elements of doom, stoner rock, heavy psych and a sound that oozes Sabbath worship - this is Burn Ritual. Based out of Texas, the band is the project from multi-instrumentalist and producer Jake Lewis. Hazy vocals, heavy fuzzed out riffs, and dark mysterious tones have been the goal from the beginning of the project. Started as a one man project by Jake, then later as a full band and now once again a one man band. The evolution has now come full circle. Comes on red vinyl. LP $25 SKU:24226

CAROLYN HESTER COALITION-Magazine (1969 hippie psych fuzz) -Label:MISSING VINYL Both Carolyn Hester Coalition albums are fine examples of US west coast style hippie fuzz psychedelic folk rock, like Neighb’rhood Children, Birmingham Sunday and similar outfits. They were recorded in 1969 and 1970 on the METROMEDIA label and are considered to be a must have for US dreamy folk psych music collectors. First ever reissue on vinyl. Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, exact reproduction of the original first pressing. Great US psychedelic folk rock album from 1970.” A little more info: After a handful of traditional folk albums, Carolyn Hester went on a mini trip with The Carolyn Hester Coalition—a completely different beast, which took her in a psychedelic direction. The albums are fine West Coast-style Hippie fuzz Folk Rock/Pop affairs, with Hester singing in a decidedly non-folky Acid Bubblegum style. Solid all the way through, the albums should appeal to any fan of Neighb'rhood Child'n, Birmingham Sunday, Daisy Chain and similar pop/psych trips. The opening of the debut, ‘Magic, Man,’ is well known due to its inclusion on the “Hippie Goddesses” compilation LP $26 SKU:21074


ABACUS- Long Ryder, John Cage Meat Puppets -FEB 1988Label: In Very Good condition with some wear overall. BOOKS & MAGS $20 SKU:23928

BIG STIR MAGAZINE #1- ARmoires, Plasticsoul ..Label: Premiere Issue! Lovingly created by and for the international Big Stir music community, Big Stir Magazine is a 21st Century spin on the classic Zine format, published quarterly. Not just music reviews and features (although we have those, from some of the best critics out there), it's just as much a lifestyle journal, with the prime movers from your favorite bands musing on whatever may strike them: books, food, culture, history, and of course records and live shows. All 36 pages are packed with original illustrations and comics from the contributors, designed by the always-brilliant Champniss of London, making Big Stir Magazine a feast for the eyes as well as the mind and soul. As diverse, whimsical, and loose as the community it represents, BSM aims to be an antidote to the divisiveness that too often pervades social media, and a reminder that music, now more than ever, can and must bring people together. Contributors to Issue 1 include Carl Cafarelli (This Is Rock & Roll Radio), Rex Broome (The Armoires) and his daughters Miranda and Ridley, Steven Wilson (Plasticsoul), Blake Jones (Blake Jones & the Trike Shop), Peter Watts (Spygenius), Patrick "Pooch" DiPuccio (The Condors, Flipside Fanzine), Sumishta Brahm (13 Frightened Girls), Christina Bulbenko (The Armoires) and her daughter Larysa, Andy Rennie (The Fast Camels), John Borack (Goldmine Magazine, Popdudes), David Bash (International Pop Overthrow Festival), Keith Klingensmith (The Legal Matters, Futureman Records), Jeff Charreaux (The Walker Brigade) and Andy Creighton (The World Record). Also included are special interviews as Big Stir Annoys the Women of Pop: Ella Pearson (Hux & the Hitmen), Karla Kane (The Corner Laughers), Lindsay Murray (Gretchen's Wheel), Ruth Rogers (Spygenius), Christina (The Armoires) and Teresa Cowles (Pacific Soul LTD and Mod Hippie among many others)!BOOKS & MAGS $3 SKU:24752

BIG STIR MAGAZINE #2Label: is a whole new labo(u)r of love for you. The second issue has so many astonishingly fantastic contributors that we have to look through the proofs to make sure we haven't missed anyone! Brilliantly designed as alway by Champniss of London, BSM #2 features our regular correspondents: Food Follies with Christina Bulbenko (The Armoires, BSR), Blake's Heaven with Blake Jones of the Trike Shop, Steven Wilson of Plasticsoul with more Mondo Obsesso, notes from the Nashville desk with Patrick "Pooch" DiPuccio (The Condors, Flipside Fanzine), whatever Rex is on about, and new illustrated installments of "The Embarrassment of Satchmo PaNDa" and "Great Power Pop Things”, this time with “The Plasticsoul Story” Also on board this time: Ed Huerta of Rockford, The Creachies, Simon Glickman of The Ex Teens, Mark Cotton of Northampton England, Carl Cafarelli of This Is Rock & Roll Radio, Ray Gianchetti of Kool Kat Musik, David Bash and Rina Bardfield of IPO, Peter Marston of Shplang, Aaron Kupferberg of Powerpopaholic, Mark English of The Gold Needles (Hull, UK), Steve Rosenbaum of San Diego's Mess of Fun, John Borack of Goldmine Magazine & The Popdudes, Jeff Beals of Rockford (with a crossword puzzle!) and art from Ridley Broome, Larysa Bulbenko (The Armoires), Andy Rennie (The Fast Camels), and Sumishta Brahm (13 Frightened Girls).
BOOKS & MAGS $3 SKU:24753

BOB DYLAN CHRONICLES - VOL 1 By Bob Dylan Label:SIMON AND SCHUSTER Original unclipped dust jacket , VG condition. From the collection of Greg Shaw. A memoir written by American musician Bob Dylan. The book was published on October 5, 2004, by Simon & Schuster. The 304-page book covers three selected points from Dylan's long career: 1961, 1970, and 1989, while he was writing and recording Bob Dylan, New Morning and Oh Mercy, respectively.
"I'd come from a long ways off and had started a long ways down. But now destiny was about to manifest itself. I felt like it was looking right at me and nobody else." So writes Bob Dylan in Chronicles: Volume One, his remarkable book exploring critical junctures in his life and career. Through Dylan's eyes and open mind, we see Greenwich Village, circa 1961, when he first arrives in Manhattan. Dylan's New York is a magical city of possibilities -- smoky, nightlong parties; literary awakenings; transient loves and unbreakable friendships. Elegiac observations are punctuated by jabs of memories, penetrating and tough. With the book's side trips to New Orleans, Woodstock, Minnesota and points west, Chronicles: Volume One is an intimate and intensely personal recollection of extraordinary times. By turns revealing, poetical, passionate and witty, Chronicles: Volume One is a mesmerizing window on Bob Dylan's thoughts and influences. Dylan's voice is distinctively American: generous of spirit, engaged, fanciful and rhythmic. Utilizing his unparalleled gifts of storytelling and the exquisite expressiveness that are the hallmarks of his music, Bob Dylan turns Chronicles: Volume One into a poignant reflection on life, and the people and places that helped shape the man and the art BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:23746

BOMP MAGAZINE- #20 - 1079 with NICK LOWE -Label: LAST COPIES Next-to-last issue from 1979, with features on Nick Lowe, Detroit punk, Stiff Records, Sire Records, and reviews ofeverything else that was happening in music all over the world at that moment in time BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:23622

BORN IN THE GARAGE- MIKE STAX- Label: BOMP PART II is a heavyweight celebration of the roots of rock fandom. Eye-popping cover art by the immortal WILLIAM STOUT! This is the ultimate anthology of rock 'n' roll fandom from its inception to its mid/late 1970s heyday. The book includes 300 pages of reproductions from Greg Shaw's pioneering 70s era zines WHO PUT THE BOMP and BOMP! ESSAYS BY Jon Savage, Alec Palao, Ken Barnes, Suzy Shaw and Mike Stax 60s GARAGE AND BEAT ,SURF MUSIC ,BRITISH INVASION ,GIRL GROUPS ,ROCKABILLY ACID PUNK and PSYCHEDELIA,along with obsessively detailed DISCOGRAPHIES and LABEL LISTINGS , plus reams of readers' letters and never before published material. The sheer volume of historical information is almost mind-boggling. Also included are reprints from Shaw's obscure personal zines, METANOIA and LIQUID LOVE, circulated in 1970-72 to just a handful of friends and fellow writers. BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:16772

LOUD FAST RULES- Fall 2006 (no CD)-With article about BOMP and gREG SHAW Label: The usual minor cover wear, but in great conditon. BOOKS & MAGS $5 SKU:22620

PHONOGRAPH RECORD MAGAZINE- MAy 78 with Lester Bangs, Greg Shaw and moreLabel: very rare mag from the 70’s with writers and columnists including LESTER BANGS, GREG SHAW, Articles on Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Patti Smith, Beach BOys and Buddy Holl BOOKS & MAGS $ SKU:23624

ROCK GENERATOR - ISSUE #1 WITH CD Label: Rock Generator is a promotional magazine created by Off The Record Label and No Dust Records, both record labels from Kampen, The Netherlands. This first edition is a 20 page, A4, full colour magazine and includes a 14 track compilation CD, featuring Spillage, Truly, REZN, Temple, Witchcult 71, Xenophile, Toxik, Stone In Egypt, Uncrossing and more. Including articles about Truly, Void King, Boudain, Spillage, Xenophile, Toxik, Witchcult 71, REZN, Stone In Egypt, Syrus and more. Interviews with cover artist Mario Lopez and Lothar Keller (The Skull, Sacred Dawn). BOOKS & MAGS $1 SKU:20915

SECICH, FRANK - Circumstantial Evidence -Label:High Voltage Publishing Frank's autobiography featuring untold stories of Franks' rock and roll journey with his bands Blue Ash, The Dead Boys, Stiv Bators Band, Club Wow and his current band The Deadbeat Poets plus many other stories from Franks life. He certainly has some great tales to tell and has encountered many famous people along the way - we could name drop but the list is way to long. BOOKS & MAGS $22 SKU:17079

TIMEMAZINE -#5 w CD (Psychedelic Greek Fanzine in English ) - Label: The Psychedelic Fanzine about the 60s and Beyond. 88 pages - A4 size - full of Psych - all in English. Contains exclusive interviews with from and about: - BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY (Sam Andrew) - QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE (Gary Duncan) - GARY LEE YODER (Oxford Circle/Kak/Blue Cheer) - FIFTY FOOT HOSE (Cork Marcheschi) - RAVEN (the one and only) - THE FINCHLEY BOYS (G.Oostdyk, G.Faber, L.Tabeling) - THE FOURTUNE-TELLERS - THE 4 LEVELS OF EXISTENCE (Greek Band of the Issue) ALSO: - UNITED TRAVEL SERVICE (by band-member Ray Doern) - FRUITS DE MER RECORDS (Andy Bracken) - The Sixties Mind of Merrell Fankhauser - Ultimate 60s Time Songs -'Time Is' by It's A Beautiful Day Plus tons of LP/CD/EP/7" reviews... BOOKS & MAGS $20 SKU:12358

TIMEMAZINE -#9 PLUS CD Peanut Butter COnspiracy, Twink and more -Label: This issue of the Greek psychedelic fanzine contains 96 pages (A4 printed, not photo copied), written in English and for the first time in full-colour. Also included are an 18-track CD compilation BOOKS & MAGS $22 SKU:18137

TIMEMAZINE -#10 PLUS CD AND 7”-Label: The split 7" features Vibravoid's 'TimeMazine Woman' and Echo Train's Portland 69 Special 10th anniversary issue of the psychedelic fanzine about the '60s and beyond. 100 pages, A4 size (not photocopied) in hard laminated cover. All text in English. Contents: Interviews with Johnny Echols of Love, Aleck Janoulis of The Nightshadows, Astral Son, Big Foot (solo project from Dor Koren, vocalist/bassist of psychedelic band Tree from Israel) and Sir Robin & The Longbowmen (Germany), 1967-2017: Thoughts & Memories by the '60s minds, Dennis Loren: 'Dressing The Music With Graphic Designs For 50 Years', 'Summer Of Love' by Nick Kontogouris (everything you wanted to know about Hasbury & Swinging London), 67 garage-psych singles of 1967 (how psychedelia infused into garage), 67 Albums of 1967 that defined, developed and established psychedelic rock), 67 UK psych freak beat singles of 1967 (by Nick Kontogouris), the story behind 'Time Has Come Today' by The Chambers Brothers and LP/CD/EP/7" reviews. BOOKS & MAGS $25 SKU:19467

TIMEMAZINE -#7 w CD -Strawberry Alarm Clock and more -(Psychedelic Greek Fanzine in English) - Label: Psychedelic Fanzine about the 60s and beyond ‘em (96 pages - A4 size (not photocopied) - full of Psych - all in English) BOOKS & MAGS $20 SKU:14994


LINK PROTRUDI & THE JAYMEN-Hit and Run collection of balls-out bone-crushers)Label:GET HIP This steamin’ slab is a testimonial to what real rock’n’roll is all about! Link & the Jaymen’s first two LP’s, Drive It Home (1987) and Missing Links (1989), are featured here on this collection of balls-out bone-crushers, totally remastered and appearing for the first time on CD (fer those of you who need to grasp every subtle nuance that modern digital enhancement can milk outta 4 tracks – ha ha). Up till now, these gems have only been available on import vinyl. CD $10 SKU:22639

LITTLE MURDERS- Dig For Plenty (Aussie Power Pop) -Label:OFF THE HIP Dig For Plenty" is full of new stage favorites from the opening power pop treats of "For You" "Pretty Penny", and "Rock Academy" to the London jet set swing of "Roxy" and the bouncy pop delight of "Girl What's On Your Mind?". The album is full of simply great Little Murders tracks. The garage rock groove that is "Running Man" the psychedelic rock trip of "Velvet (Get Out Of Bed)". And more. CD $10 SKU:14424

LOCKSLEY HALL-ST (1969 Spokane psych rarity) Label:GEAR FAB This relatively unknown Spokane, WA. psychedelic band recorded this eerie and haunting LP in the Spring of 1969 at the legendary Audio Recorders in Seattle, WA. Produced by Sonics engineer Kearney Barton and long time Northwest guitarist Ned Neltner (Mark Five, Gas Company, Junior Cadillac), the beautiful vocals of Shannon Svenson are very reminiscent of the sounds being produced at that time by It's A Beautiful Day, Jefferson Airplane, and Big Brother & The Holding Company. CD $10 SKU:21529

LOONS - Red Dissolving Rays of Light ( 60s style garage psych) - Label:BOMP The third album by critically acclaimed San Diego garage rockers featuring ex-members of the TELL-TALE HEARTS (the infamous Mike Stax of Ugly Things) and the DIABOLIKS. The album features all new material in the band's distinctively original style, which combines the hard, kinetic drive of European freakbeat, the melodic cool of the '66 Sunset Strip, and intense, atmospheric psychedelia. Features special guest appearance by legendary psychedelic steel guitarist GLENN ROSS CAMPBELL of the sixties band the MISUNDERSTOOD CD $10 SKU:11567

LOONS - Inside Out Your Mind w MIKE STAXLabel:BOMP With 'INSIDE OUT YOUR MIND' The Loons have created their most compelling and original album to date. Once described as "a perfect pairing of Love-influenced garage-psych and British underground in the mould of The Pretty Things", The Loons are Mike Stax of Ugly Things Magazine, Anja Stax on bass, Marc Schroeder and Chris Marsteller on guitar, and Mike Kamoo on drums and production. CD $10 SKU:16531

LORD'S FAMILY- COMPLETE SCHLOSSL RECORDINGS (legendary hippie commune band 1971) SAALE!~Label:SIREENA This CD contains all the audio recordings of the legendary German hippie commune band, dating back to the years 1971-1974. Lord's Family was a rural and music commune that at the time lived in an old castle called The Schlossl! The group's mystical and ecological self-image, being one of the first bands to combine German-language texts with idiosyncratic music, made them a forerunner of the ecological, green movement. CD $14 SKU:24413

LOS BRASILIOS-- Brasilian Beat 67-Label:GEAR FAB Released in early 1968 and featuring the beautiful harmonies of The Juan Morales Singers, this Marimba band did a great job of singing the cover songs CD $10 SKU:22024

LOS CHECKMATES- With The (1967 S American Beatles, Stones,Monkees covers) Label:GEAR FAB Gear Fab's first venture into the vastly untapped bands of South America. Recorded in Mexico City in 1967, the band were actually comprised of musicians from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Holland. These cover tunes are done better than even some of the originals, and they are all sung in English!!! With a distinctive "Garage Edge", this unknown and rare LP is not even listed in any record collector encyclopedias!! Features music of The Beatles, The Stones, Herman's Hermits, The Monkees, and more!! CD $10 SKU:20327

LOST & FOUND- Everybody's Here (Elevators style 60s psych - Rigid digibook w 16-page illustrated booklet plus 3 bonus cuts ) -Label:CHARLY Originally known as The Misfits, Lost & Found came together in Houston in 1965, changing their name just prior to undertaking a six-month residency at Houston's Living Eye Club -- one of the centres of the area's thriving psychedelic scene. Like anyone who frequented the club, smoked the odd joint and worshipped at the altar of The 13th Floor Elevators, they became friends with Roky Erickson. He in turn introduced them to Lelan Rogers of International Artists, who promptly signed them up. The group's sound displayed a marked Byrds and Love influence, which doubtless stemmed from the time they had spent in L.A. A planned follow-up album for International Artists unfortunately never came to fruition after the band disintegrated after a 30-day Texas tour with national garage gods The Music Machine. Band member Peter Black later joined Endle St Cloud." Comes in a deluxe digibook with 16-page booklet and International Artists catalog. Includes three bonus tracks: "When Will You Come Through," "Professor Black" and "25 MPH." CD $14 SKU:15698


LOVELY EGGS-I Am Moron(heavy psych/pop)SAALE!Label:EGG The Lovely Eggs' 2020 full-length 'I Am Moron' once again offers a delightful mixture of heavy psych, catchy pop and strangeness. CD $10 SKU:23728

LOVETONES - Be What you Want (AUSSIE psychpop) promo- LAST copies Label:Evil 9 (same as regular, in plastic envelope with a drilled bar code, but includes booklet.)
Although these guys are from Sydney Australia, if you didn't know any better you'd swear they were from the UK, as Be What You Want is filled with the kind of textural, psychedelic-tinged sounds that the un-informed mainstream press will liken to Radiohead. Lead vocalist Matthew Tow (formerly of Drop City) possesses a powerful instrument indeed, which serves the band well on cool, Brit-pop tunes like 'The Sound And The Fury', 'Give It All I Can', and 'Something Good'. The album has its lighter moments as well; 'Drink The Night (My Love)' will recall Squeeze with its octave-separated vocal harmonies and 'The One And Only', with its soulful bent guitar notes, is as catchy as pop music gets. There's also the standout ballad 'It's Always Been This Way', which has the kind of gut-wrenching impact that Dennis Wilson provided on Pacific Ocean Blue. Good stuff, this! (Shindig review).
"Guided by brilliant production, Be What You Want, is a pop-rock classic. Distinguished by golden melodies and a subject matter that is emotionally direct and largely autobiographical, the Lovetones are reviving the true essence of psychedelic pop."[Rolling Stone]
"The best Australian band you haven't heard of yet. This punchy debut will be blasting from a radio speaker near you soon. It leaves you hungry for more."[Courier Mail].
Out of print now, BUT we have a few promo copies, packed in heavy plastic sleeves rather than jewel cases and with a hole drilled thru thebar code, otherwise like regular copies CD $5 SKU:10387

LUMBEE- Overdose (60s hard-edged fuzzed/freak-out psych)Label:GEAR FAB This period piece typifies the habits, moods & practices of the youth during the late 60’s. The music is a hard-edged fuzzed/freak-out psych experience CD $10 SKU:17728

LUTHER -N- THE B.B.B.'S-BEST OF VOL #2, (NY-based power-pop)Label:JARGON The B.B.B.'s (Bothered By Boredom) is a Rochester, NY-based power-pop band with singer/guitarist Luther Holtzman being the only constant in an ever-shifting line-up. Although the group formed in the early '80s at the University of Rochester and remained an on-and-off presence on the local scene thereafter, it wasn't until 1998 that the B.B.B.'s first proper album was released. This is their second one, containing great tracks that combine the style of Chuck Berry with British Invasion-affected rock'n'roll. CD $17 SKU:22673

MAD TIMOTHY- A Very Snug Joiner (previously unknown late ’60s/ early ’70s acetate, BLue Cheer style)-Label:GEAR FAB First ever release for this previously unknown late ’60s/ early ’70s acetate, rescued from a thrift store in Chicago. Damaged heavy blooz–psych in the vein of Blue Cheer, Majic Ship, Mount Rushmore, Houston Fearless, Apryl Fool, Sweet Slag, Mutzie, Aum, Screw, or a wasted teenage Canned Heat. CD $10 SKU:20585

MAGIC - Enclosed -RARE GUITAR ACID PSYCH 60s )- Label: GEAR FAB An original sound by an uncommon band. Very rare music by this band from psychedelic era. Guitar acid sound on the trails of sixty California Heroes such us Quicksilver Messenger Service and Dead. CD $10 SKU:20337

MAINLINERS-BRING ON THE SWEETLIFE (Stooges' raw exuberance with good old British R&B and a taste of Kinks pop) Label:GET HIP The Mainliners combine the Stooges' raw exuberance with good old British rhythm and blues and a taste of Kinks pop sensibilities, producing an explosive yet soothing sound. Frontman Robert Billing's voice is reminiscent of a young Van Morrison and will surely give the Hives' Howlin' Pelle a run for his money. Such a visceral voice is accented by furious guitar work, trashcan drum beats, and solid bass lines.The Mainliners are not formula rock. Their musical influences go from '60s Them to '70s Mott the Hoople to '80s Sweden garage cult band The Creeps. They're smooth, confident and original, attacking rock 'n' roll with a fuck-all attitude and the songs to back it up! CD $10 SKU:22179

MAJIC SHIP- ST (70s pop psych Vanilla Fudge style ) Label:GEAR FAB Finally their 1970 original LP released on the Bel-Ami label, new liner lotes by the band accompany this improved sound and photo quality of the release. CD $10 SKU:23558

BEATRICE-TAMADAS! (70s Hungarian power trio) SAALE! Label:KEPT ALIVE Punkish, boogie-ish, ironical, but at its roots it is blues rock - played by a Hungarian power trio (guitar/bass/drums) and led by Nagy Feró, singer and lyric writer. Beatrice caused a huge scandal in Communist Hungary during their 1978-1981 period, which ended with a total ban of the band! Here is their legendary September 1980 gig played for a public of 10.000 fans, titled 'Támadás!' (Attack!). Some excerpts were already published, but the entire set remained unreleased to this day. Limited to hand numbered 350 copies. LP $28 SKU:24231

BEECHWOOD-- From the Land of Nod ((Nuggets style true psych/rock and roll) STARBURST Label:ALIVE HANDMIXED STARBURST VINYL Incredible record! Bomp fans and ALIVE fans alike will love this band. Echoes of everything from Stiv Bators to the Electric Prunes to Johnny Thunders. Nuggets style true psych/rock and roll from an amazing band. These guys are going to be huge.

) STARBURST LP $25 SKU:19438

BENJAMIN DELANEY LION- SATORI (1969 super rare psych folk)Label:SEELIE COURT Super rare psychedelic folk LP from 1969. Only 70 copies were pressed back then by this band, which presented influences from the Incredible String Band and Donovan, with mystical lyrics, flutes and a serene vibe throughout. Comes with the original 48-page booklet filled with lyrics and poems. LP $32 SKU:24225

BERTIE - Algy Lord Gray (1970 Kinks influenced)Label:SEELIE COURT A gloriously mad Kinks-influenced underground Edwardian progressive masterpiece. It’s as if Noel Coward, Hawkwind, The Incredible String Band, Neu, The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and The Kinks were scrambled together in a disastrous Star Trek teleportation accident. In 1970 the Berties took over a crumbling mansion in the wilds of Wales, made this LP, sent it to John Peel (whose letter of reply is reproduced on the sleeve), and never left. They remain in Wales to this day. Bertie is a deranged subversive and witty concept album about a man’s descent into ruin. ‘Dragonfly Wings’ combines proto-motorik drumming (predating Neu) with Hawkwind and Incredible String Band influences. The surefire future hit ‘Would You Like a Brown Ale?’ is pure Ray Davies filtered through the demented minds of this ex-Etonian band of dissipated aristocratic youths mangling La Bamba into a Kinksian breakdown. ‘Would You Like To Score? says it like it is, without the wishy washy metaphors of the proletarian bands of the time—there is no ‘purple haze’ here, only, ‘where can we buy drugs’. Far better than SF Sorrow, Tommy or Arthur, Bertie is a powerful argument for the return of a feudal system and a new British Empire. To reiterate, Bertie is the greatest LP ever made, and we wish to the gods we could press it on Shellac. Only two or three original LPs are known to exist, with fabulous hand sprayed covers. THE BEST LP IN THE WORLD. Originals valued at over £4,000. "The greatest LP ever made” — Seelie Court LP $35 SKU:24684

BIG MIDNIGHT - Everything For The First Time (Former RICHMOND SLUTS ) LAST COPIES -Label:ALIVE Nice power pop/garage album from Shea & Chris from Richmond Sluts.. With a sound that knocks spots off the current scuzzy would-be 60's garage bands, it's loud and proud. As lovingly put together as a Sire-period Groovies record.” - Bucketfull of Brains LP $20 SKU:23948

BIKINI WIPEOUTS-ETERNO VERANO AL SOL (Teenage 60s pop styleLabel:FAMILY SPREE The Bikini Wipeouts bring their debut album with fourteen tracks, full of instrosurf, melodical vocals, reverb and fuzz. An album full of pop melodies and teenage sixties spirit. Cover artwork by Roberto Arguelles. LP $19 SKU:23288

BITTER SEEDS/ROCK SHOP -STATE OF YOUR MIND (superb psyche release of remastered sixties recordings)Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) A superb psyche release of remastered sixties recordings from a Monterey-based gang, active between 1966 and '70. In those heady days The Bitter Seeds were gigging regularly at all of California's legendary venues, opening for a.o. Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly and Steppenwolf. In 1967, The Bitter Seeds recorded their only 45, issued under The Rock Shop moniker, as they wanted to avoid confusion with The Seeds. 'State Of Your Mind' b/w 'Is That Your Halo' was released on the Rowena label and is a brutal garage-psych double sider. The following year the group recorded four studio tracks which have remained unreleased until now. These are perfect examples of the transition from R&B-garage to early psychedelia. Also including rare live recordings from '66, this is an exciting release for all lovers of obscure and lost West Coast psychedelia. Also included is a 4-page insert with liner notes and lots of photos and memorabilia. LP $28 SKU:24749

BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES -All To Hell - Their Baddest and Greasiest” - LTD. ED of 300 CLEAR ORANGE VINYL PRESSINGLabel:ALIVE BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES is a punk-ass blues duo from the South featuring John Wesley Myers a.k.a. JAMES LEG
(vocals/keys), and VAN CAMPBELL (drums/vocals). “All To Hell - Their Baddest and Greasiest” includes 3 TRACKS RELEASED ON VINYL FOR THE FIRST TIME AND 2 PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED LIVE TRACKS featuring founding member Mark “Porkchop” Holder (guitar/vocals). All the material on this release has been remastered.
“Their attack of drums and keyboards is a mean, f*cked up, gospel punky hybrid and rocks with ragged,soulful passion.” – ROCK SOUND LP $25 SKU:25000

BLACK GREMLIN -The Fun is Over (The MC5, The Pink Fairies, Motörhead style) SAALE! Label: RETRO VOX Based in Parma, Black Gremlin releases 12 shameless tracks full of attitude and ignorance. Compared to the band's previous EP, this album sounds slightly more retro. Influences include The MC5, The Pink Fairies, Motörhead, Zeke and Thin Lizzy's rowdy and rough rock'n'roll. The whole thing is dressed up with the sharp riffs and the fast rhythms of early '80s thrash metal and hc punk LP $19 SKU:23485

BLACK LIPS- ST hand mixed STARBURST vINLY l 50 ONLY! LAST COPIES Label:BOMP Garage/punk's new kings of mayhem! "Stripped down and dirty punk rock and roll that will suffice for the perfect soundtrack to a whiskey filled night of mischief. Youthful and deep dyed garage rock taken to the next level!". LP $25 SKU:19866

BLACK MERDA -PSYCH-FUNK OF BLACK MERDA (70s psych funk) Label:FUNKY DELICACIES A hard hitting collection of totally out-there material from these '70s US psychedelic funk-rockers, including tracks recorded with/by vocalist Linnie Walker, bass player VC L. Veasey and the Hendrix-inspired, pre-Black Merda outfit Soul Agents. Essential stuff for fans of Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic, Parliament, Sly Stone, Scorpion, Purple Image and the like. This LP was first released in 2006, now it's finally available again. LP $32 SKU:22146

BLAIR 1523 (Spacemen 3 related ) -- Beautiful Debris ( brought to us by Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 -Psych/Drone ) LAST COPIES! -Label:VOXX LAST COPIES (Voxx 060) Brought to us by Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3, this remarkable band from the bucolic shire of Cornwall had a variety of strengths, from strong pop songwriting to a penchant for extended freakout jams, all of which is captured on this, the only record they made before sadly breaking up. To those few fortunate enough to have heard it, it remains an esoteric favorite.. Psychedelic swirl/drone pop Early Floyd/ Elevators sound by his amazing UK band. “This album is worth buying for the cover alone. Dripping with glassy pastels of brilliant greens, pinks, purples, yellows and blues, the art work complements a round of houka hits supremely. The music picks up where Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd left off in the '60s.” - American Music Press

This album is worth buying for the LP cover alone. Dripping with glassy pastels of brilliant greens, pinks, purples, yellows and blues, the art work complements a round of houka hits supremely. The music picks up where Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd left off in the '60s. LP $20 SKU:22107

BLOPS- ST (1970s highly sought after killer South American psych/prog rarity -180 gram ltd to 300 ) SAALE! Label:GUERSSEN First official reissue of this early 1970s highly sought after killer South American psych/progressive rarity Known as 'Del Volar De Las Palomas' ('The Flight Of The Doves'), this is the second eponymous album from Chile's legendary psychedelic folk-rock outfit Los Blops. Originally released in 1971, while the band lived in a communal house known as 'Manchufela', it's another superb psychedelic folk-rock offering with a slightly more electrified sound on some of the tracks. Expect great songs, melancholic atmospheres, deep vocals (in Spanish), acoustic and electric guitars, flute, organ, percussion, drums, cello, violin, backward effects and more. The colour insert features photos and liner notes in English/Spanish and the record is housed in an old style heavy cardboard tip-on sleeve. LP $25 SKU:13525

BOBBY LEES - Skin Suit- (produced by underground punk legend Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion) BLUE VINYL WITH INSERTLabel:ALIVE LIMITED EDITION ON BLUE VINYL! INCLUDES INSERT WITH LYRICS! Add the CD DIGIPAK with 2 BONUS TRACKS and a 6 PAGE BOOKLET for a great price.

The BOBBY LEES’ album “Skin Suit” was produced by underground punk legend Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion.

The Bobby Lees are a young bone-shaking Garage Rock band out of Woodstock, NY. This is punk rock music for the new millennium performed by a young band WITH attitude (the guitar player Nick recently turned 18). The future of rock begins anew with The Bobby Lees! LP $25 SKU:23161

BOJAK RETSIEM -PSYCHEDELIC UNDERGROUND (67 German explotation) Hendrix, Animals style) LTd ed BLUE 180 GRAM Label:FUTURE SHOCK This 1967 German exploitation LP features fuzzed out vibrato guitar, wailing organs, and strong english vocakls very much like Hendrix, The Animals, Vanilla Fudge, and Iron Butterfly. A real psychedelic trip! LP $25 SKU:24523

BOLIDES- Science Under Pressure (Cramps style garage/pop/punk) -Label:DIONYSUS he Bolides play a little like a faster, more conventionally garage rock version of the Cramps on their debut album. There are influences from the most basic of '60s garage bands and the more hook-driven '70s punk acts. LP $10 SKU:19790

BONGZILLA- WEEDSCONSIN - stoner psych (SPLATTER) sAALE! Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS On the fringe of chaos, in the Year of the Pandemic, the Cannabeast has awoken!! Bongzilla is back with a full length album, 16 years since their last record. These "Pioneers of Weed Metal" would like to present 'Weedsconsin' to the universe. An album written by the three long standing original members of Bongzilla - Muleboy (bass, vocals), Spanky (guitar), and Magma (drums). Recorded and mixed by the late John Hopkins at Future Apple Tree Studios in Rock Island, Illinois in October 2020. These six tracks will blow your mind! In a single instant you are contaminated by the classic weed-infected sounds the band is known for, while also finding new elements mixed into the bowl. In the unique piece that is 'Weedsconsin', Bongzilla delivers heavy doses of crushing stoner doom and psychedelic space rock that sets it apart from earlier material. (That's why HPS Records is the perfect label to release this stuff). This record travels down a path of heavy riffs, mind-expanding jams, sonic tones, and stomping beats in the band's first release as a thunderous three piece, with Muleboy moving from guitar to bass. Approaching these songs as a three piece has created more space musically and allowed the band to showcase their musicianship in a different way. It results in a sound that is very heavy, along the lines of 'Gateway' tone-wise, but sonically more clear. The album is mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, Illinois, and Eli Quinn (Madison, Wisconsin) is the artist behind the astounding cover art. 'Weedsconsin' is dedicated to the memory of John Hopkins. Comes on transparent green and red splatter vinyl. LP $25 SKU:24513

BONNEVILLES- Arrow Pierce My Heart - STARBURST GOLD SPLATTER VINYL PLUS CD LAST COPIES Label:ALIVE LIMITED EDITION OF 200 . The Bonnevilles are a Garage Punk Blues duo straight out of Northern Ireland. With two studio albums already under their belt the band has become one of Europe's top alternative blues acts, sharing the stage with bands such as Left Lane Cruiser, James Leg, Johnny Walker and Guadalupe Plata, and appearing at both The Deep Blues Fest in Clarkesdale Mississippi, and its counterpart in Germany.Rick Saunders on his Deep Blues blog describes them as "deep dark punk and stylish hard roots music with good pop-sense and without a whiff of retro poly stink”. LP $30 SKU:17393

BRADLEY, SID- CHILD OF THE SEA (70s psych pop/ proto power pop) BLACK Label:GUERSSEN Lost and found studio recordings (1971-79) by US singer-songwriter Sid Bradley including some of the sought-after 45 sides released with his band Erik in the early '70s plus fabulous previously unreleased tracks. This is serious stuff, folks!! Pro-sounding sound, ranging from fuzzed-out psychedelic hard-rock to psych-pop and proto-power pop. Master tape sound and insert with liner notes by Sid Bradley and Paul Osborne (Shindig!). LP $24 SKU:24577

BRIMSTONE HOWL- Big Deal What’s He Done Lately - GREAT 60s STYLE GARAGE ORANGE VINYL Label:ALIVE Lincoln, NE's favorite garage sons, and their third LP for Alive records.LAST COPIES, tghe other two are out of print. This time the gang went to Costa Mesa, CA, to record "Big Deal. What's He Done Lately?" (the title references a quote from Johnny Ramone about Phil Spector) at The Distillery under the guidance of engineer/producer Mike McHugh (known to produce some of the most heinous, blown-out sounds this side of the galaxy, including Black Lips, Jon Spencer and Andre Williams). The result is considerably more fuzzed than their previous work with Detroit producer Jim Diamond but still pummels. The main characteristic of this album is its heat. Analog from start to finish. Recorded to tape. Mixed to tape. And from tape the wax was cut. This record sounds hot! LP $15 SKU:10948

BUBBLEGUM - WHERE IS MATTHEW SMITH? (hidden powerpop jewel)Label:FAMILY SPREE Bubblegum was formed in Ovedo by musicians active in the Asturian scene. They released a self-titled debut album followed by '10 Stereo Pictures'. After their last, and the more mature sounding mini album 'Fast forward' from 2013, the band quit. Here comes a reissue of their hidden powerpop jewel, originally released only in CD format in 2008 by Rock Indiana, now for the first time available on vinyl. LP $24 SKU:24833

BURNT SUITE ST- ( ‘72 hippie psychedelic stoner rock) SAALE! Label:VOID A wonderful vinyl reissue of the one and only album by Burnt Suite, a rural hippie psychedelic stoner rock release from 1972. This LP has been a big collector's item for many years. This legitimate reissue, with involvement of members Bill Florian and Woody Andrews, finally sees the light of day in a limited edition of 500 copies on black vinyl and including an insert." Released on the BJM label, in 1972, the only release by East Hartford, CT's Burnt Suite is a mix of country rock and harder rock with mild psych influences. The lack of personnel, coupled with the spartan production, yields a weirdly stripped down sound, and a vibe that they may not have exactly been going for, but is very desirable and modern and underground in its feel. At times a Creme Soda-esque 60's throwback sound emerges from the mix, or some bars of frantic rhythm guitar, and then it's back to the minimal style. A record with many admirers." LP $24 SKU:17885