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NEW RACE – FIRST AND LAST -TEST PRESSING SET- 1997 with archival press release and articles PLUS CD! Label:TOTAL ENERGY



(2) CD FROM 2002



w/Ron Asheton, Warwick Gilbert, Deniz Tek, Dennis Thompson, Rob Younger. This is the record that united members of RADIO BIRDMAN, the STOOGES & the MC5 for a one and only Australian tour in 1981. This U.S. release presents the original LP plus one bonus track, re-mastered from the master tapes.
ALL PACKED IN OUR EXCLUSIVE poly envelope with UNIQUE ARTWORK Looks great and keeps your items in one place!

TAKEN FROM THE BOMP FILES, SOON TO BE DONATED TO A MUSEUM. BUT WE WANT TO SHARE SOME OF THE ITEMS WITH YOU GUYS!TItle long out of print, only 5 white label test pressings were made $75 SKU:25011

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BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS -RASTAMAN VIBRATION -DELUXE EDITION DBL CD Label:TUFF GONG NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP The booklet , digipak case, COMES IN plastic slip case CD $25 SKU:26076

JAMES CARR - THE COMPLETE GOLDWAX SINGLES Label:ACE/KENT NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . Regarded by many as the greatest soul singer of all time, Carr's major & best work was recorded in Memphis for Quinton Claunch's Goldwax Records between 1964 & 1970. He cut 14 great singles which amazingly enough have 28 (both a & B sides) different songs that vary in quality from good to stupendous. Here is the complete re-mastered set of sides on one CD. Includes 12-page booklet with extensive liner notes & photos. Ace/Kent Records. 2003. CD $10 SKU:26070

LOU REED-METAL MACHINE MUSIC -25th Anniversary reissue. HOLOGRAPHIC SLIPCASE Label:BUDDHA NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $15 SKU:26074

NEIL YOUNG -ST- Neil Young Archives Official Release Series JEWEL CASE 2009Label:REPRISE NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP -ST- CD $10 SKU:26077

ROLLING STONES- GET YER YA YA’S OUT -2009 JEWEL CASE ED- Label:ABKCO 90052 NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $10 SKU:26073

SMALL FACES DELUXE EDITION- SEALED DOUBLE CD-Label:DECCA . Digitally remastered and expanded two CD deluxe edition of the British quartet's 1966 debut album featuring plenty of bonus material including rare and previously unreleased material. The album was recorded at the IBC Studios, Portland Place, London in February 1966. Glyn Johns was the studio engineer. Keyboardist Jimmy Winston was asked to leave after the band's second single 'I've Got Mine' released on November 5th, 1965 failed to make the charts. He still appears on many tracks on this album, including joint writing contributions to 'It's Too Late' and providing keyboards and vocals on various tracks. Winston's replacement Ian McLagan appears on the album cover. CD $15 SKU:26075

VELVET UNDERGROUND WHITE LIGHT WHITE HEAT -DBL CD 45th Anniversary Deluxe Edition.Comes in a double CD digipak sleeve with a 28-page booklet. Label:POLYDOR SEALED BUT A SMALL TEAR IN THE SHRINK WRAP CD $25 SKU:26072

WAILERS- CATCH A FIRE DELUXE EDITION - DBL CD, Deluxe Edition, Remastered, Digipak, SlipcaseLabel:TUFF GONG NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . Disc One: Recorded and mixed at Dynamic Sound Studios, Harry J. Studios & Randy's Studios, Kingston, Jamaica. Mixed at Universal Studios East, January 2001. Disc Two: Recorded at Dynamic Sound Studios, Harry J. Studios & Randy's Studios, Kingston, Jamaica and Island Studios, London, England.Mixed at Island Studios, London, England.Catch A Fire, Island ILPS 9241, was released April 13, 1973.Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York, January 2001. CD $15 SKU:26071

WHO- SELL OUT DELUXE EDITION SEALED-DOUBLE CD Issued in four-panel Digipak, with generic deluxe edition outer slipcover. Includes 28-page booklet.Label:POLYDOR Hype sticker affixed to slipcover (with cat. # 5315336):
The Who Sell Out
2-CD Deluxe Edition Of The Classic 1967 Who Album.
Re-mastered from the original stereo and mono masters for the first time with 11 previously-unreleased songs and mixes.
28-page booklet with in-depth liner notes, unseen photos and period ads.
There are two hidden tracks on Disc 2:
2-23.b: Armenia City In The Sky (isolated backwards track)
2-23.c: Great Shakes (commercial jingle)CD $15 SKU:26078

WOODY GUTHRIE- SINGS FOLK SONGS SF CD 40007- 1992 JEWEL CASE RELEASE- Label:Smithsonian Folkways NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP This one is as influential as it is essential. Woody is accompanied here by Lead Belly, Cisco Houston, Sonny Terry and others. "Hard Travelin'," "Oregon Trail," "The House of the Rising Sun," "John Henry," "Boll Weevil Blues," and more. 14 tracks in all. Smithsonian-Folkways. CD $10 SKU:26079


BUFFALO KILLERS-BENT CORNER BARGAIN! Dig Sow Grow LoveYELLOW VINYL LAST COPIES -Label:ALIVE SLIGHT CORNER CRUNCH. Here’s your change to get some great tunes at an amazing price. On Buffalo Killers‘ fourth full-length effort "Dig. Sow. Love. Grow." the Ohio-based trio have created an album that stampedes with the ferocity of their first two albums (the Dan Auerbach-produced "Let It Ride" from 2008 and their self-titled debut from two years prior), yet it also incorporates much of the loose, organic nature from last year’s highly-praised album "3".
"Dig. Sow. Love. Grow." is a heady synthesis of not only their own previous efforts, but also the many unique styles of music cultivated on American soil over the last five decades. From late ’60s psychedelia, blues, Americana, garage rock and the folk-rock sounds that rolled out of Laurel Canyon in the early ’70s like a sweet cloud of Acapulco Gold, brothers Zachary and Andrew Gabbard along with Joseph Sebaali have brought them all together to create an intoxicating album that sounds as timeless as it does remarkably fresh… and quite unlike anything else being released today. Buffalo Killers have toured extensively with greats such as The Black Crowes, The Black Keys and, more recently, North Mississippi Allstars. LP $5 SKU:26083

DATURA4-BENT CORNER BARGAIN! W WEST COAST HIGHWAY COSMIC- SPLATTER VINYL 70s style psychLabel:ALIVE SLIGHT CORNER CRUNCH. Here’s your change to get some great tunes at an amazing price. Last copies of the splatter.
DATURA4 “West Coast Highway Cosmic” is the groovy new album by the Australian psyched-out blues rock combo. The band is led by legendary guitarist/singer Dom Mariani (Stems, DM3, The Someloves) an inductee of the West Australian Music Industry Awards Hall of Fame.Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed third album, “Blessed is the Boogie”, Datura4 have hit the motorway running for another sonic journey through burning boogie, dirty blues and psychedelic rock & roll soundscapes . LP $10 SKU:26081

MONDO DRAG -BENT CORNER BARGAIN! New Rituals - psych / stoner PSYCH discovered by Parker Griggs of Radio Moscow ) - Label:ALIVE TSLIGHT CORNER CRUNCH. Here’s your change to get some great tunes at an amazing price. rip out with Mondo Drag! From deep in the cosmos of Iowa, this psychedelic outfit has created a strange brew of garage, psych, space, sludge and stoner rock. "New Rituals," their debut for Alive, is an incursion into extended psychedelic blues guitar jams and haunting vocals over heavy, steady bass lines and thumping percussion. Mondo Drag has shared the stage with bands such as Witchcraft, Dead Meadow, Pentagram, and Radio Moscow, to name just a few. "They rock. Most songs clock in at over 6 minutes, yet you don't notice the time go by because they seem to take that long just to rev up. Each song stretches, cries, screams, and tears itself apart." - Berkeley Place LP $5 SKU:26082


AVIATION BLONDES - Edge of Forever (POWERPOP) -Label:GET HIP A short and sweet 7-song debut CD by Pittsburgh’s new Power Pop band! The Aviation Blondes play an energized, tuneful brand of rock ‘n roll full of delicious pop hooks, loud guitars and brazen attitude and mesmerizing female vocals. CD $10 SKU:22086

BABY BERTHA - JUST THE BEGINNING (heavy 1972 blues metal monster )-Label:SEELIE COURT 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs)Pre-Charge crunching heavy blues/metal monster. Only 50 copies were pressed in 1972. A slew of original tracks led by killer lead guitars and pounding rhythm section, fragments of Hendrix crash into John Mayall. Sleeve notes by main man Dave Ellis. CD $20 SKU:24920

BABY MONGOOSE - Enter The (80s BLONDIE style JAPANESE garage ) - Label:DIONYSUS .The most powerful techno rock attack straight out of Akihabara!! Formed in Tokyo in 2003, this five-member band is a super fun amalgamation of lo-fi, new wave, garage and techno sounds. The 80's flavor that resonates through their songs brings to mind Debbie Harry of Blondie and Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons. Still, their sound is their own, distinctly Baby Mongoose. CD $5 SKU:19743

BACHS - Out of the Bachs (1968 underground garage psych ) -Label:GEAR FAB Original of this was release in 1968 and is one of the rarest 6o’s garage/psych LP from the 6o’sUS underground. A Chicago-based jangle guitar/psych with gorgeous aching vocals,masterful guitar work CD $10 SKU:21940

BACKBITER -GET TOGETHER (70s style punk R roll) -Label:BLUE MAN FROM URANUS Get Together Review by Becky Byrkit - Backbiter's exhilarated debut Get Together is a collection of emphatic and distinct songs that nod to punk's alliances with R&B, as well as the screamy male emoting of late-'70s rock. Guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Hall delivers original and articulate lyrics on seven of the nine cuts, most notably on the melodic "Get Together" and "Rolled," released as a coveted single by Blue Man from Uranus (and co-written with bass player Heath Seifert). Spattered with competent, even magic acoustic moments, Get Together is a great record for remembering that in punk'n'roll, drums mean everything, thanks to a typically brilliant (and mercifully unburied) contribution by Claw Hammer's Bob Lee. CD $10 SKU:25258


BAD NERVES -ST (Brit garage IYL Ramones/Clash/STrokes- SAALE!Label:SUBURBAN Highly anticipated debut album from British 5-piece garage rock band Bad Nerves. These guys bring a cocktail of The Ramones, Radioactivity, The Clash, Libertines, The Strokes and Jay Reatard. CD $18 SKU:24212

BAINS, LEE - There is a BOmb in Gilead (Gram Parsons, the Allman Brothers, Muscle Shoals, early Skynrd, Canned Heat, Creedence and all that Southern boogie goodness,digipack CD - Label:ALIVE Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, LEE BAINS III & THE GLORY FIRES are the latest accomplished outfit to emerge from Alive Naturalsound. "There is a Bomb in Gilead" – which is a lyric of a traditional spiritual about the salvation of the soul (the “balm”, not “bomb”) that Bains misheard as a child – incorporates some of the most iconic regional styles of American music. With a nod to Jim Ford, Gram Parsons, the Allman Brothers, Muscle Shoals, early Skynrd, Canned Heat, Creedence and all that Southern boogie goodness, "There is a Bomb in Gilead" sees Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires deconstruct the music of the Deep South, strip it down and reassemble it, to make a righteous ruckus that sits at the vanguard of the vernacular. ( NOTE - CD and lp have the same tracks. ) CD $5 SKU:13826

BAMBOO KIDS -ST (Clash/Heartbreakers style NYC power trio) Label:GET HIP U.S. DEBUT BY NYC POWER TRIO! TIGHT BOUNDLESS ENERGY WITH HOOKS & SONGS TO BOOT.The influences include The Clash (the band name is taken from a line in the Clash song "Straight to Hell"), The Damned and The Heartbreakers. CD $10 SKU:21923

BANANA SPLITS / HERE COME THE BEAGLES- 2 LPS on one cd plus bonus tracks ( mid 60s pop rockers !) . Label:HOLLYWOOD LIBRARY This 1,000-copy limited-edition CD reissue does collectors -- a favor by putting a wealth of material by the group on one disc, with plenty of rare tracks... ten tracks from the rare 1967 LP by fellow kiddie TV group the Beagles, who are actually not bad mid-'60s pop/rockers with a Beatles-Merseybeat influence to the songs and harmonies CD $10 SKU:15159

BARDS- The Moses Lake Recordings (60's psych fuzz driver guitars) LAST COPIES! - Label:GEAR FAB Great Pac NW band that rel. over a dozen 45s on both the Piccadilly, Parrot and Capital labels. This is their prev. unrel. LP from ‘69. From the master tapes. Both experimental and psych in nature feat outstanding keyboards, vocal harmonies and fuzz-driven guitar work. CD $10 SKU:25338

BARRACUDAS-Thru the Mysts of Time (POWERPOP demos and outtakes) LAST COPIES!~ -Label:VOXX Great collection of demos & outtakes from the time of the first album, with liner notes by the band and cool photos: simply great! CD $10 SKU:23952

BEECHWOOD- Inside the Flesh Hotel digipack CD Label:ALIVE Rock and roll is back, give these kids a chance and get their CDS. Time for fabulous outfits and glam , NY Dolls style! Henry Rollins pick, he plays this on his show regularly! CD $10 SKU:19895

BENJAMIN DELANEY LION - SATORI (rare 1969 psych folk)Label:SEELIE COURT 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs) Super rare psychedelic folk album from 1969. It has influences from the Incredible String Band and Donovan, with mystical lyrics, flutes and a serene vibe throughout. CD $20 SKU:24921

BIG BOY PETE - THE MARGESTON DEMOS ( 60s trippy psych ) -Label:GEAR FAB Darling Boy Pete is at it again! 23 Previously unreleased psychedelic and trippy jams from the 1967-1968 period. 68 Minutes of music CD $10 SKU:19413

BILL BISSETT AND THE MANDAN MASSACRE --Awake In The Red Desert (Rare 68 bizarre acid symphony)Label:GEAR FAB Awake in the red desert- one of the rarest canadian lps ever........From 1968, this ultra-rare, bizzare, off-the-wall acid symphony/dreamies/crazy people all rolled into one test pressing is one of the rarest finds from this era.....Includes never before heard bonus tracks!! CD $10 SKU:20004

BILLY BACON AND THE FORBIDDEN PIGS - Pig Latin ( So Cal 1984 Tex Mex, R&B, Rockabilly, Pop )Label:TRIPLE X DRILLED BAR CODE BUT NEW AND SHRINK WRAPPED -Vocalist, bassist, songwriter and bandleader Billy Bacon has been leading the Forbidden Pigs for over a decade. This group is dedicated to preserving the best elements of American roots music and spices them up with aBilly Bacon And The Forbidden Pigs were formed in 1984 in San Diego Ca. amidst the southern California roots rock craze of the ‘80’s, which included such notables as; Los Lobos, The Blasters, Rosie Flores, Mojo Nixon, The Beat farmers, and The Paladins. Like these contemporaries, the emphasis was on solid song writing and raucous live shows consisting of an eclectic and vibrant stew of American roots music including Tex Mex, R&B, Rockabilly, Pop and classic Country which brought enthusiastic crowds throughout the region.Tex Mex flavor. This album is a must hear and see (the cover art is pretty tasty). Tracks: "Tina Mas Fina," "Border town" "Flyin' South," "Una Mas Cerveza," "Wooly Bully," "Hasta Manana Iguana" and more! CD $5 SKU:20811

BILLY BACON AND THE FORBIDDEN PIGS - The Other White Meat ( So Cal 1984 Tex Mex, R&B, Rockabilly, Pop )Label:TRIPLE X DRILLED BAR CODE BUT NEW AND SHRINK WRAPPED -Vocalist, bassist, songwriter and bandleader Billy Bacon has been leading the Forbidden Pigs for over a decade. This group is dedicated to preserving the best elements of American roots music and spices them up with aBilly Bacon And The Forbidden Pigs were formed in 1984 in San Diego Ca. amidst the southern California roots rock craze of the ‘80’s, which included such notables as; Los Lobos, The Blasters, Rosie Flores, Mojo Nixon, The Beat farmers, and The Paladins. Like these contemporaries, the emphasis was on solid song writing and raucous live shows consisting of an eclectic and vibrant stew of American roots music including Tex Mex, R&B, Rockabilly, Pop and classic Country which brought enthusiastic crowds throughout the region.Tex Mex flavor. CD $5 SKU:20921

BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES -- A Touch Of Someone Else's Class PRODUCED BY DAN OF THE BLACK KEYS! blues groove monsters" deliver another blues/soul/rock masterpiece- Label:ALIVE PRODUCED BY DAN OF THE BLACK KEYS! Black Diamond Heavies is a self-described punk-ass blues duo from the South consisting of John Wesley Myers on bass keys, fender Rhodes, organ, and lead vocals and Van Campbell on drums, percussion and vocals. "A Touch Of Someone Else's Class" is the follow up to their acclaimed 2007's debut "Every Damn Time" (Alive), and it's a another slab of grungy, dirty, blues punk rock'n'roll with a heavy, greasy, touch of soul. This time the two-piece traveled to Akron, Ohio, to team up with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and record in his newly built studio, equipped with vintage gear. The result is everything one would expect, and more. The "blues groove monsters" deliver another blues/soul/rock masterpiece of gothic proportions. Worth mentioning is a guest appearance by Ralph Carney on horns, best known for his long-time association with Tom Waits. The CD version includes one song NOT AVAILABLE on the vinyl (featuring Dan Auerbach on guitar), and comes with 2 DIFFERENT covers; one CD cover features John's KEYBOARDS, the other one features Van's DRUM Kit. "With a sound that's blues-rooted but steeped in Stooges sludge, the Heavies' cranky, cranked-up sets burn black as tire fires-think Exile on Main Street recorded in Howlin' Wolf's casket. Nothing smooth or clean here. Just eight-bar skronk in bad need of a tetanus shot." - The Pitch. "Their attack of drums and keyboards is a mean, f-ed up, gospel punky hybrid and rocks with ragged, soulful passion." - Rock Sound. "Tom Waits growls. Joe Cocker growls. Myers bark like a man who had his throat ripped out by a wolf. He gargles the thick blues drawl of a man who has never inhaled without a Marlboro Red in his gob." - NME CD $10 SKU:23845

BLACK KEYS- Thickfreakness (raw, heavy garage blues) Digipack Label:FAT POSSUM The band's debut album The Big Come Up had been tremendously successful for an independent rock band and Thickfreakness further increased their profile. It continues The Black Keys' tradition of raw, heavy blues-influenced garage rock. CD $15 SKU:15734

BLACK SABBATH- 1970-1978 -Symptom of the Universe -2 CD SET Label:RHINO NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP , unsealed - CDs mint, slight corner crunch on box and cds. This 29-track collection gathers the key tracks from Black Sabbath's earliest days and most popular era with Ozzy Osbourne as co-founder and frontman. Includes the rare ""Evil Woman,"" a non-LP single available on compact disc for the first time in the United States. Completely besting the once-classic and classically named best-of, We Sold Our Souls for Rock 'n' Roll, Symptom of the Universe captures one of rock's heaviest tidal forces in all their glory--and in some more compromising moments. Ranging from the eponymous dirge that opens the set to the boogie-laden energy of more minor Sabbath gems like "Evil Woman" and "After Forever," this two-disc overview doesn't skimp on stone-cold gems like "Paranoid," "War Pigs," "Iron Man," and "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath." The second CD serves up the solo acoustic "Snowblind," a piano-and-Ozzy interlude, "Laguna Sunrise" (from the album Black Sabbath, Vol. 4), and the silly, aptly named "Fluff." Here the quartet reaches beyond their grasp, eschewing the grinding, hefty sound that fit Ozzy's flat vocal delivery like a glove; this stuff isn't great, but it's revealing. Decades after their debut, Sabbath's dystrophic rejoinder to '60s and '70s rock still energize nearly all hard rock. So this is rock history, and a blast at that. --Andrew Bartlett CD $15 SKU:25467

BLIND RAVAGE- ST (60s Hard rock blues)-Label:GEAR FAB Blind Ravage were formed in Montreal in the late '60s by well-seasoned musicians, including keyboard virtuoso Serge Fleury and ace guitar player Jean Charbonneau. In 1971 they released their only album, on the Crescent Street label. Hard rock with bluesy overtones, heavy guitar playing, punkish vocals, and swirling Hammond organ. Nine original songs plus a killer hard rock version of "Susie Q." CD $10 SKU:18872

BLUE MAX -ST - LIMITED EDITION (Led Zep Jethro Tull style 1975 Canadian fuzz rarity) Label:GEAR FAB The rare 1975 LP recorded in the Maritime Province of Nova Scotia. Truly one of Canada's best unknown bands, the musical influences of Led Zepplin and Jethro Tull abound. Hard driving fuzz guitar, booming bass, and hard drumming come on each and every track. CD $10 SKU:20005

BLUES BY ROOSEVELT THE HONEY DRIPPER SYKES -1995 JEWEL CASE EDITION- Label:SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP. ykess powerful music tells of life and living through a voice full of emotion, which richly contrasts with his insistent, driving piano. Booklet includes updated notes, lyrics, discography, and bibliography. 14 tracks, including Sweet Old Chicago, 44 Blues, and Memphis Slim Rock. "A seasoned bluesman and a showman whose magic fingers work the ivories like pistons pumping in a freshly oiled engine." The Chariho Times CD $5 SKU:25992

BLUES GOES ON - ST (70s basement psych rock from Hamburg)Label:GEAR FAB Unpolished exploitation basement psych rock from Hamburg, with a genuinely stoned underground vibe, wasted vocals and stunning guitar brilliance! Originally released by the German budget label Ken in 1971, The Blues Goes On may very well be be the strongest delivery from the trio responsible for those awesome early '70s Hendrixploitation LP's that were credited to The Live Experience Band. At last reissued on CD for the very first time, The Blues Goes On is the real deal, for exploito geeks and 'serious music lovers' alike!! The CD is presented in a cardeboard miniature LP-sleeve and features informative liner notes from renowned record collector and historian Hans von Seydlitz. CD $10 SKU:19655

BEAUTIFUL FREAKs-Waving Our Flag High-Music From The Original Counter Culture- DBLLabel:TAD This set comprises songs from the '60s and '70s that were way too far out for the average underground dweller. Among the featured artists/bands we find The Holy Modal Rounders, The Fugs, Yoko Ono, The Fool, Country Joe & Fish, David Peel & The Lower East Side, Hapshash & The Coloured Coat, Witthüser & Westrupp, Brigitte Fontaine, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Gong, Hawkwind and more. COMP CD $22 SKU:21803

BORN TO LOSE - LA Punk , unrel tracks by Zeros , Iggy, Modern Lovers and more ) LAST COPIES -Label:ALIVE Soundtrack to underground punk rock movie periphery of the LA music scene. Witth rare and unreleased tracks by some of the coolest bands around : ZEROS, LAZY COWGIRLS, JONESES, FANCY LADS, WHITE FLAG, DARLINGS, etc COMP CD $10 SKU:23941

BROWN ACID- THE FIFTH TRIP (60S PSYCH RARITIES)COLORED Label:RIDING EASY HEAVY ROCK FROM THE UNDERGROUND COMEDOWN' - For the fifth lysergic journey, Riding Easy Records has assembled 10 heavy slabs of obscure rock the likes of which have never been seen before... not in this form anyhow. And as usual, the tracks from these impossibly rare records have all been fully cleared through the artists themselves. COMP CD $10 SKU:19534

CORNFLAKE ZOO # 25(mind blowing psychedelic pop and freakbeat from the '60s)Label:PARTICLES Here's another great serving of mind blowing psychedelic pop and freakbeat from the '60s, featuring bands from a.o. Germany, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Denmark The Netherlands and Belgium. The CD comes with remastered audio and a 20-page booklet. COMP CD $17 SKU:24786



SUMMER TURNS TO AUTUMN - Ember Rock, Vol. 2 (RARE 60S PSYCH& PROG)-Label:FANTASTIC VOYAGE British indie label Ember released a number of rock albums and singles between 1969 and 1972, which today are much sought after by collectors of psychedelic, progressive and folk rock sounds. Many of the best tracks from these are gathered on “Summer Turns To Autumn”. Foremost among the artists compiled here is progressive rock band Blonde On Blonde, represented by tracks from both of their Ember albums. Fantastic Voyage has salvaged two tracks from Blue Beard s album. An early songwriting/production project for Bob Welch, who next surfaced in Fleetwood Mac, the album was only released in Italy, but the single ‘Sly Willy’ was more widely available and is highly prized by collectors of funky rock. Tyrannosaurus Rex-style acoustic hippy duo Knocker Jungle and progressive folk group 9.30 Fly each managed one now highly collectable long player for the label. The remainder of the material ranges from the fuzzy psychedelic rock of Canadians The Dorians and the melodic folk rock of Paddy Maguire, backed by heavy friends Steve Winwood and Jerry Donahue (of Fotheringay), to the soul-rock fusion of Milt Matthews Inc, here interpreting a Blind Faith song, and a previously unissued folk rock rendition of ‘East Virginia’ by Polly Niles. “Summer Turns To Autumn” complement Fantastic Voyage’s existing, highly popular compilations of Ember Beat and Ember Pop, with no duplication of tracks. Nice shrink-wrapped slip-case packaging. COMP CD $10 SKU:19046



TWO TIMING BABY -Ember Sixties Pop: Volume 2, 1961-1962Label:FANTASTIC EMBER In 1960, Jeffrey Kruger launched Ember Records as an independent, one of very few in the UK, where the majors held sway. Straight away, the label set about trying to break into the charts with many fine pop releases. The Ember Sixties Pop series compiles the best of those records. “Two Timing Baby” picks up the story from where Say When: Ember Sixties Pop Volume 1 (FVCD044) left off. Carter, Lewis & The Southerners first Ember single ‘Two Timing Baby’/’Will It Happen To Me’ features Joe Meek engineering, Geoff Goddard on piano, Albert Lee on guitar, Chas Hodges on bass and Bobby Graham on drums. The Meek connection continues with Mark Douglas only single: Joe produced ‘It Matters Not’/’Upside Down’ and Tornado Clem Cattini confirms he drums on both tracks. American songwriters Buddy Kaye and Phil Springer penned many hits, including ‘The Next Time’ for Cliff Richard. They brought several songs to Ember and Grant Tracy was the adaptable vocalist on ‘The Great Matchmaker’/’The Tears Came Rolling Down’ and the follow-up flip ‘Taming Tigers.’ Other beneficiaries of the prolific Kaye and Springer were Johnny Carson (‘Are You Anyone s Girl’/’Teenage Bachelor’ and, again, ‘The Tears Came Rolling Down’) and Sandra Gale (‘Hello Heartache’/’If She s Right For You’) who had been girl singer with the Ray Ellington Quartet, joining Ember when Ellington did. Kruger chose the songs for Lita Roza’s single with the aim of moving her sound towards pop and rock n roll, and she turns in fine performances on ‘Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean)’/’(He s My) Dreamboat,’ aided by a driving band led by Tony Crombie. Brooklyn-born Kerry Adams recorded her single in New York, conducted by future soul giant Jerry Ragovoy. The Dale Sisters cute harmonies are evident on their second Ember single, ‘Road To Love’/’Secrets.’ Tommy Sanderson’s second Ember 45 combined trad-jazz ‘Ding Dong Rag’ with groovy ‘Piano A Go Go,’ which would have made a great theme for a TV detective show. Many of these original singles are highly collectable (mint copies of Mark Douglas are valued at £75, Carter, Lewis & The Southerners at £50 and Lita Roza at £30). Subsequent volumes will carry the story through to the end of the sixties, with further sought after tracks included. The series is complemented by compilations devoted to beat and rock from the Ember vaults. Recordings are mastered from tape, where available, and booklets illustrated with sleeve and label shots. Nice shrink-wrapped slip-case packaging. COMP CD $10 SKU:19205

BROWN ACID- THE FIRST TRIP (60S PSYCH RARITIES) RED MARBLE Label:RIDING EASY A series of compilations of 60s and 70s bands Wikipedia doesn't even know about—but absolutely influenced the sound and direction of your favorite doom, heavy psych, stoner, sludge, and straight up, no-frills rock 'n' roll bands, without ever making a dime. From Flash Beverage to Cold Swett, this compilation will transport you to a time when only two things mattered: the music and the mojo.Kick back and take the trip, but still, don't take the brown acid. A solid set of unknown hits! Hearing this LP you won't believe this material failed to make an impression back in the psychedelic era. But now, in 2015, 'Brown Acid: The First Trip' gives these long-lost gems their well deserved moment to shine. COMP LP $20 SKU:18501

DUKE ,DORIS- I’m a Loser - RED VINYL LTD ED of 200 remastered! Label:ALIVE Originally released in 1969 on Canyon records, this record is now considered to be one of the greatest deepsoul albums of all time. Produced by Swamp Dogg and featuring Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Bandon two tracks, “I’m a Loser” was recorded in Macon, GA with a terrific backing band : Paul “Berry” Hornsby(organ), Johnny “Duck” Sandlin (drums), Pete “Beaver” Carr (guitar), and Robert “Pops” Popwell (bass)."A masterpiece of soul singing, song writing, and production". – FUNK MY SOUL LP $22 SKU:25079

EL PERRO--Hair of LTD ED RED VINYL Label:ALIVE EL PERRO is a brand new band led by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/producer Parker Griggs of RADIO MOSCOW. The sound contains elements that fans of Radio Moscow will recognize, but this is rock music with a new, fresh spin and feel. The band’s debut album, “Hair Of El Perro”, takes heavy psychedelic rock as a starting point but jams into more syncopated territory, spicing its sound with Latin rhythms and hints of Funkadelic-style grooves. You could say that EL PERRO plays psychedelic funk rock, and you wouldn’t be wrong."The heady combination of psych-rock, funk, Latin rock, and soul come together in one blistering wave of shredding. Indeed, this may be a new direction for the Radio Moscow musician, but it is still 100% cranked guitar rock at the core.” – GLIDE MAGAZINE LP $25 SKU:25125

EMBRYO -Father, Son And Holy Ghosts (ltd ed of 1,000 with 44 page booklet) Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS Father, Son And Holy Ghosts' was the third LP by Embryo. The title was not meant to be Christian-religious - they didn't want to stoop to that level. The outstanding Siegfried Schwab shines on guitar, veena and tarang and brings in Indian sounds. The vinyl in a gatefold cover contains a deluxe 44-page booklet in LP format with a three-page band story in German and English, an interview, a very detailed discography, many reproductions of posters, a concert list from 1969 to 2000 and many photos. Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies. LP $32 SKU:25331

EMPIRE -EXPENSIVE SOUND(1981 offshoot of legendary UK punk band Generation X) Label:MUNSTER Empire was an offshoot of the legendary UK punk band Generation X. Originally released in 1981 and now reissued on vinyl, 'Expensive Sound' had a huge influence on Washington D.C.'s '80s hardcore scene and the UK's neo-psychedelic movement of a few years later. This LP may somehow be regarded as a missing link between new wave, post-punk and grunge. LP $30 SKU:25297

FARREN, MICK- Vampires Stole My Lunch Money :(1977 Deviants member reissue)Label:MUNSTER Finally back on vinyl is the noteworthy 1977 full-length from ex-Deviants member Mick Farren. Farren was rooted in the psychedelic subculture, but this album also reveals punk influences and some rhythm'n'blues jammin'. Participating musicians included Wilko Johnson (Dr Feelgood), Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders), Sonja Kristina (Curved Air) and Andy Colquhoun (Warsaw Pakt). The LP includes liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things Magazine). LP $25 SKU:24954

FELT- JACKSON, MYKE - Alone(obscure 70s psych folk/power pop /lounge rock!) SAALE!~Label:ANAZITISI This is the first ever official reissue of this under-rated and very rare record (rarer than Felt on Nasco). You will not find it in the Acid Archives, Endless Tr ip or Fuzz, Acid & Flowers books.Myke Jackson (aka Mychael John Thomas) famous for his FELT LP in 1971, privately pressed "Alone" in 1975. This is an extraordinary LP: a dream for worldwide record collectors.This nine-song album encompass all those great different kinds of music the 70s has produced (psychedelic folk, power pop, lounge-rock etc..). Now it’s time to re-appraise this brilliant one-man project LP $24 SKU:20820

FINCHLEY BOYS -Lost Tributes (8 unrel. heavy psych tracks recorded 1968 - 1971)Label:ANAZITISI “Lost Tributes” consists of eight unreleased heavy psychedelic tracks recorded between 1968 and 1971 by this prolific Illinois band. Included is the scheduled, but never materialized 7” single from 1969, which would have contained different, punchy and more wild, recordings of two Finchley Boys standards, 'Hooked' and 'Outcast'. It also includes the almost 9 minute long 'Who goes there?', perhaps the most psychedelic offering by the band. LP $34 SKU:20821

FLUX-ST (1973 monsterpiece King Crimson style) GATEFOLD Label:SEELIE COURT Searing art rock monsterpiece dominated by a relentlessly coruscating lead guitar sonic attack as if played by a demonically possessed John McLaughlin. Flux is ex-Babe Ruth, ex-Motiffe, with lead guitar by John Grimaldi before he joined Argent and worked on their prog masterpiece 'Circus'. This LP is taken from a mono mastertape recorded on a BBC Mobile Unit at a live gig in 1973. A shocked Record Mirror journalist witnessed the concert and described it in a published Record Mirror review as 'a new form of music'. Sound quality is great and this is a band in top form playing exactly what they want, in a zone a bit like King Crimson's 'Red', but with insane guitar leads that bludgeon the listener to death. The vocalist later joined Italian prog rockers Flea On The Honey. Play this with a hangover and you will die in screaming agony. One very short track, and four very long ones. The gig ended with an IRA bomb scare. Yes really. LP $28 SKU:24151

GOOD MISSIONARIES-Pylons (long lost 80s post punk classic)Label:LION /COLOR TAPES Limited edition of 500 copies . Includes poster insert with archive band photos and slee• The hipness and success of London punk-explosion photocopy fanzine Sniffin’ Glue was almost entirely due to the irreverent, pugnacious sincerity of its founder/spark-plug Mark Perry. That Perry should form a band (Alternative TV) seemed a natural progression; that it was any good at all a surprise; that it maintained a stance utterly disdainful of compromise a small miracle.”The Good Missionaries emerged, phoenix-like, from the ashes of Alternative TV (ATV). They released one live album “Fire From Heaven,” before ATV founder Mark Perry left. Ex-ATV guitarist/vocalist Dave George and bassist Keith Rodway continued the band, with several line-up changes during those days. The Good Missionaries toured and gigged with such bands as The Fall, The Pop Group, Crass, Scritti Politti, Delta Five, Poison Girls, Nik Turner’s Inner City Unit and The Transmitters. Which in retrospect makes sense, as their post-punk/dub/experimental inclinations dovetails perfectly with the music those more storied bands (more successful bands) were making at the time. The Good Missionaries released several singles on their own Unnormality label, before splitting in 1982. LP $21 SKU:25096

GRAVEDIGGER V - All Black & Hairy (60 PEBBLES style Classic cave garage) BLUE Label:VOXX 1984 RECORDING. ORIGINAL RAINBO PRESSING. The one proper album the band released in its lifetime, All Black and Hairy is both perfectly named and perfectly performed -- if it's nothing but a re - All Black & Hairy LTD ED of 150 CLEAR BLUE VINYL! (60 style Classic cave garage ) -vivalist approach at heart, it's such a damn entertaining one that there's no cause for complaint. With its title track taken from the appropriately goonball back catalog of Screamin' Lord Sutch and its general snot-mouthed attitude from every last Nuggets and Pebbles selection ever, about the only thing missing are the lava lamps and garage stink. Saying the band uses the right combination of fuzztone guitars and echo and heavy frug rhythms is a bit like saying the sky is blue -- it's just one of those things to be expected -- but the sheer energy and abandon present keep everything from simply retracing the past to no point. Leighton's credit is for "lead screaming," and that about sums it up -- he's not so much singing as pulling off the ultimate teen-wannabe-Mick Jagger performance, only even more aggressively snotty. Ted Friedman's lead guitar solos with the right rave-up spirit and John Hanrattie keeps the core melodies going, while the Tom Ward/David Anderson rhythm section aims to get rears shaking instead of sitting. The album is half split between inspired originals (check out the concluding "Stoneage Stomp") and actual songs from the time, the latter resulting in fun versions of tracks like the Uncalled For's "Do Like Me" and Larry & the Bluenotes' "Night of the Phantom." About the only thing missing is the original studio recording of the band's best number, "It's Spooky," but anyone wanting a quick blast of '60s punk thrills filtered through later years could do much worse than to dig this one up. LP $20 SKU:16261

HANUMAN- ST - (1971 German prog Krautrock)180 GRAMLabel:MISSING VINYL Hanuman was a post MURPHY BLEND, that recorded this excellent German progressive Krautrock album on the KUCKUCK label in 1971. The lyrics are strongly politically and socially engaged, while it is musically very similar to the first two OUT OF FOCUS albums, but more lyrical. This album, is a perfect example of the early 70s German progressive Krautrock scene and should be part of every serious 70s progressive rock collection.Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, exact reproduction of the original first pressing.Classic German Krautrock album from 1971 Post Murphy Blend outfit.Fully authorized. Limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl.Expertly remastered from the mastertapes. First ever exact reissue.” LP $28 SKU:24796

HEATH GREEN AND THE MAKESHIFTERS-ST CLASSIC BLACK VINYL Label:ALIVE ALIVE NATURALSOUND RECORDS are proud to announce the signing of HEATH GREEN & THE MAKESHIFTERS, a group of incredible deep-feel musicians hailing from Birmingham, Alabama.The band is fronted by Heath Green, a singer who bears the Eddie Hinton mantle as much as anyone living does. The Makeshifters’ heavy sound has been compared to Leon Russell and The Shelter People, Humble Pie, and Joe Cocker.Heath Green and The Makeshifters’ self-titled debut album will be released early 2017 on Alive Naturalsound records.Check them out performing live in the studio for the Spectra Sonic Sound Sessions here. Prepare to be blown away! LP $10 SKU:18299

HECK- HECK YEAH!!(Dutch '60s style garagepunk-trio) SALE! Label:SOUNDFLAT 'Heck Yeah!!' is the second album by the Dutch '60s style garagepunk-trio The Heck. Musically the band still moves somehere between The Sonics and Reigning Sound, with a touch from The Hives as well, while never losing their main focus: writing future sixties pop classics, served with the power and intensity of punk. LP $19 SKU:24494