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It’s Wednesday BARGAIN day again, with the usual pile of discounts, last copies, and label features. Adds to the awesome $5 and Underand $5-$10 sectiontoo. Dig deep!

And I’ve highlighted a few LABEL releases that you should really have if you don't already. Check out below.

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PAUL COLLINShas just finished a new album for us, it’s the first time he has played guitars and drums since the NERVES, it’s sounding great. The cover shot is by legendary photographer Bob Gruen.

HANDSOME JACKhas a new album out in October and they will be touring in the fall with All Them Witches, we’ll post the tour dates as we get them.

GOSPELBEACHwill have a vinyl-only release out this Christmas, they’re touring in May and June so be sure to go see them if you can.



The Bonnevilles are the 200 proof rocking real deal. – CHATTANOOGA PULSE

This great album deserves to be heard far and wide. – FEAR AND LOATHING

The group carries on their signature sound with a hint of lo-fi 1960s rock, reminiscent of groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. – PASTE MAGAZINE

If these are the “Dirty Photographs” they are prepared to show the world, then goodness only knows what they’ve got behind closed doors on the tour bus. We probably don’t need to know, just revel in the glory of this instead. – MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC


Whether you call it power pop, folk rock or alt-country (at times all of these terms apply) GospelbeacH are bursting with melody, with terrific harmonies to boot. This is straight-up genius song writing: honest, brilliantly played and superbly produced. – LOUDER THAN WAR (9/10 review)

If there’s a more perfect song for the Summer of ’17 than “Hangin’ On,” I don’t want to know about it. Here, Rademaker and his gang (which includes Jason Soda abetting Rademaker on guitars and vocals, Jonny Niemann on piano, organ, and mellotron, and Rademaker’s co-songwriter Trevor Beld Jiminez; plus a host of guests from the Beachwood Sparks, Wilco, and Eels extended families) have crafted a timeless tune destined to be on mixtapes throughout the hot months and beyond. – BLURT MAGAZINE

Aesthetically, what sets this one apart from their debut, Pacific Surf Line, is the sound: more 70’s FM rock than 60’s AM gold. Rademaker’s writing continues to evolve becoming tighter and poppier with a warmer more classic rock feel, nodding heavily towards early power poppers Cheap Trick, Big Star and fellow Floridian ex-pat Tom Petty. Not to worry, those sweet vocal harmonies are still there (along with the cascading guitar solos)… – AQUARIUM DRUNKARD

Steeped in the golden sounds of Buffalo Springfield, and particularly Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman’s contributions to The Byrds, while the LP title evokes rock music’s 1967 high tide, the band far beyond mere revivalists and the pool of influences runs wider than rock’s fulcrum year. – BEARDED MAGAZINE

LAST COPY! Selling at near cost.

BO STREET RUNNERS -EXILE ON BO STREET(brilliant 1964-1966 recordings by legendary band) -Label:MUNSTER Collected on 12-inch vinyl for the first time are the brilliant 1964-1966 recordings by British r&b/mod-legends The Bo Street Runners. With a line-up that included legendary musicians s.a. Mick Fleetwood, Mike Patto and Tim Hinkley, the band released a number of singles on Decca, Oak and Columbia Records. Though back in the day the band didn't manage to hit the charts, these 7-inches have become essential releases for later generations of genre addicts. LP $22 SKU:19351

BOBKAT'65-THIS LONELY ROAD (60s garage style)Label:GET HIP Inspired by mid-1960s American "Teenbeat-Kiddie Garage" records, three friends from Asturias in Northern Spain decide to form a band. Even their name is unique, inspired by the Bobkat model guitar manufactured by the Harmony Company in the mid-60s. LP $10 SKU:18900

BRACKETT,ALAN LEE-Peanut Butter Conspiracy Theories: Lost Songs 1967-1968-Label:OUT-SIDER Out-Sider present Peanut Butter Conspiracy Theories: Lost Songs 1967-1968, previously unreleased recordings by The Peanut Butter Conspiracy's main-man, Alan Lee Brackett. Mostly written and recorded in 1967, when PBC were at their fame peak, Alan explores a number of different styles, encompassing fuzzed-out garage numbers, sunshine pop, folk rock and full blown psychedelia. Including ahead of its time garage-psychedelic, DIY homemade recordings on which Alan plays all instruments by himself plus pro-sounding studio cuts. Although best known as a member of The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Alan Brackett enjoyed a long career in the music business that book-ended his time with that legendary group. A multi-talented musician so adept at playing numerous musical instruments, he was a veritable one man band, and a skilled songwriter who penned many of the PBC's best loved songs. Alan's musical pedigree is second to none. From his early days on the folk circuit through his time with one of the West Coast's premier psychedelic groups and on to his solo career in the seventies, he crafted a body of work that many musicians would envy. Most of the tracks included here were recorded by Alan between 1967 and 68 at his home studio, using a Teac A1200 tape deck. His employed an innovative DIY approach: he used improvised drum kits made up from household objects and manipulated amps and guitars to create feedback and distortion effects. The remaining tracks from this collection were laid down during sessions at a pro studio, Hollywood Sound, although such is the quality of Alan's home recordings you would be hard pressed to single out which ones were made in more professional surroundings. There are surprising guests such as Glen Campbell, who plays tasty lead guitar on "Freeways Of Love". Alan also collaborates with his friend Knox Henderson (songwriter of some of the hits for Mouse & The Traps) on a couple of tracks included here. Songs like "Shell Of A Man", or "Blowin' My Mind Over You" could've been easily included on any of the Peanut Butter Conspiracy albums, while others like "Summertime Changes" or "Love's Only Sleeping" are amazing examples of homemade, DIY psych-fuzz. Master tape sound; Insert with detailed liner notes by Gary Newell (Shindig!, Ugly Things), track-by-track comments by Alan Lee Brackett and rare photos. LP $18 SKU:18296

BRAINBOX- Dark Rose - (60s Dutch psych) Label:PSEUDONYM It comes packaged in a magnificent gatefold-cover with rare photos and liner-notes including exclusive interview material. Remastered in the 24-bit domain from the original master tapes. Brainbox was something special. The band not only featured some of the Netherlands' most preternaturally talented musicians, but in less than three years they produced a recorded legacy that was truly world class. Much of their best work appeared on their 1969-71 singles, which have been compiled on this definitive 2-LP collection, pressed on 180gm vinyl and dynamically re-mastered from the original tapes. The original lineup with lead-guitarist Jan Akkerman, bassist Andr Reijnen, drummer Pierre van der Linden and vocalist extraordinaire Kaz Lux deliver the goods on pile-driving blues rock songs like 'Down Man' and 'Dark Rose,' and the hard-hitting Hendrix-inspired rocker 'Amsterdam, The First Days' -- all presented in their original mono mixes. After Akkermans departure, Brainbox expanded its musical palette with guitarists Rudy de Queljoe (ex-Dragonfly) and John Schuursma (ex-Rob Hoekes R&B Group), recording memorable tracks like 'Between Alpha And Omega,' 'Doomsday Train,' 'Mobilae' and the blisteringly powerful 'Virgin.' Dark Rose / Their 45s also includes previously unreleased demo-versions of 'Virgin,' 'Dark Rose' and the epic 'Sea Of Delight.' LP $26 SKU:14720

BROOKINGS, DAVID -KING WITHOUT A THRONE(POWER POP) Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS A Best Of compilation featuring 12 songs that span Brookings seven albums released 2000-2016. Another perfect Power Pop record! (2017) LP $14 SKU:18512

COSMIC DEAD -ECCIE BAM YAS, E?Label:MONORAIL Eccie Bam Yas, E?' began life as a meditative piece rather than the rocket-fuelled out-rock the band is more associated with. Spliced and reformed by the band, using jams and improvised sets taken from the 'Rainbowhead' recordings in Kyle of Lochalsh, a small village in the North of Scotland. In this remote setting the band recorded a myriad of improvised pieces inspired by the rural surroundings. The resulting material was then scattered across the three albums 'Easterfaust' (2014), 'Rainbowhead' (2016) and 'Eccie BamYas, E?' (2017). LP $22 SKU:18801


FLASHCUBES--Boogie City POWERPOP TWEAKED CORNER BARGAIN! Label:NORTHSIDE BW /Hey Miss Betty The Flashcubes may be the great lost power pop group of the 1970s. Formed in 1977 in the sleepy little city of Syracuse, NY, the Flashcubes combined their love for the timeless British Invasion rock 'n' roll of the Beatles, the Kinks, the Hollies and the Who with the high-energy sounds of the punk rockers just starting to make a big noise around that same time. Throw in a healthy reverence for classic power pop acts like Big Star and the Raspberries--and a healthy irreverence for everything else--and you've got a fair picture of what made the Flashcubes shine so brightly. 45 RPM $8 SKU:18846

AURA- Sativa(70s SF w band memorabilia, three unreleased bonus tracks) - Label:CICADELIC S.F. based psych-funk band that formed in 1974 and played extensively throughout Northern California. Replete with rare band memorabilia and three previously unreleased bonus tracks. CD $8 SKU:12753

BAUDELAIRS- MUSK HILL (psych garage) -Label:OFF THE HIP Stomping through the dreamy, substance-induced house-party haze of their previous EP Be a Baudelaire! (2014), the new album delves into the crunchin' boogie of psych-garage territory. Recorded over 3 days on a property of the same name on the Mornington Peninsula, Musk Hill was mixed by Baudelaire's own Grischa Zahren and mastered by Melbourne music legend Mikey Young. CD $13 SKU:18181

BISCUIT- 20 Years, A Million Beers, & A Lotta Nerve (CATCHY STRONG POWERPOP)-Label:OFF THE HIP Catchy and strong powerpop from Spain - this disc collects songs from throughout their 20+ year history! CD $13 SKU:19248

BROWN SPIRITS -ST (Hammond-driven Kraut-laden psych jams)Label:OFF THE HIP Collating a love of Hammond-driven Kraut-laden psych jams, down-tempo beats and elements of atmospheric guitar noise inspired by the Italianlibrary/soundtrack genre. Think early 70's German underground experimental rhythms meets Pink Floyd circa-69 with a dash of benzo-riddled insanity from a vintage super 8 'adult' film and you start to get the picture CD $13 SKU:19315

CATZILLA -ST (Inspired by the monster B-movies and garage sounds of the 60s)Label:OFF THE HIP Inspired by the monster B-movies and garage sounds of the 60s, CATZILLA burst onto the Perth scene 18 months ago, with a self-released vinyl EP "Going Wild”. Since then they’ve performed at one of the legendary Back From The Grave garage events in Tokyo and played with Japan’s no.1 60s beat combo the Neatbeats. Fast-forward to 2017 and the band have cut 14 “Zilla killers” for their debut album, out on Off The Hip records on 3rd November. The opening blast ‘Boy From Another Time’ is an infectious slice of garage rock n roll, featuring CATZILLA’s signature fuzz guitar, keys and girl vocals - it’s perfect for your next go-go party! CD $13 SKU:19316

CENTRAL RAIN - Kick the Moon-Label:OFF THE HIP HIP Central Rain is the antidote to auto tune: no-frills, melody-drenched indie rock that blurs The Church, Neil Young,R.E.M. and the Go-Betweens.. CD $13 SKU:19183

CHAINS ST (60s pop The El Paso Beatles!)Label:TAJ RECORDS Referred to as "TheBeatles of El Paso," The Chains recorded four singles - all examples of 1960's garage rock at its finest. This first ever compilation of the Pinney brothers' '60's music includes all of the 45s released by The Dolphins and The Chains as well as many never-before-heard and previously unreleased demos and acetates .16-page color booklet with detailed band history by Tor Pinney 20 songs - 10 never before issued! Rare photos CD $10 SKU:8929

CHALLENGERS (Puerto Rico) - ST (1969 fuzz guitar)-Label:GEAR FAB The Challengers- From 1969, an undiscovered gem from Puerto Rico. Featuring 9 original tracks, all sung in English, these Psyched-Out Vanilla Fudge/Santana styled songs are full of fuzz guitar and screaming farfisa organ!! CD $10 SKU:19614

CHEATS-HATS OFF TO THE CHEATS-Label:OFF THE HIP 2 piece garage from Melbourne CD $8 SKU:19224

CHRISTOPHER - ST (1969Texas Psych) -Label:GEAR FAB GREAT PSYCH! Another one of Texas' wealth of interesting late '60s psychedelic bands, Christopher came together in 1968 in the Houston area. The 1969 Self-Titled LP from the Houston, Texas band which featured Richard Avitts on Guitar and Doug Walden on Bass and Keyboards. All 10 tracks from the LP plus the true story of the band as told by Richard & Doug!! This is Psychedelic music much in the style of Cream and Jefferson Airplane!! CD $10 SKU:6993

COLOR HUMANO -II(Argentine Hendrix-Style Rock) FACING FORWARD IMAGE MINI SLV. - Label:MICROFON Argentinian import. Reissue on Cd of debut album by Argentian power trio strongly influenced by JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, CREAM aswell as GROUNDHOGS and MAY BLITZ. Featured ex-ALMENDRA members. Contains some excellent guitar work by EDELMIRO MOLINARI CD $12 SKU:4851

COLOR HUMANO - ST -FACING BACKWARDS(Argentine Hendrix-Style Rock) - Label:MICROFON Argentinian import. Reissue on Cd of debut album by Argentian power trio strongly influenced by JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, CREAM aswell as GROUNDHOGS and MAY BLITZ. Featured ex-ALMENDRA members. Contains some excellent guitar work by EDELMIRO MOLINARI. import CD $12 SKU:19369

COLOURS- S/T (60s psych Pop )Label:World Psychedelia A reissue of the 1968 self-titled album from this psychedelic pop combo, whose liner notes claim the band "have the crystalline sharpness of the Beatles before they turned acid." Orchestrations, disturbing time and key changes, and sitar drone are all added to the mix. Includes the standouts "Bad Day At Black Rock Baby," the commune-song "Brother Lou's Love Colony"--later covered by Moon--and the eerie "Cataleptic." CD $10 SKU:3258

COMMON PEOPLE- Of the People (60s garage psych ala Seeds and Lollipop Shoppe)-Label:ACID SYMPOSIUM By the People, For the People.. This superbly moody album first appeared on Capitol in 1969. Produced by Lord Tim Hudson (The Seeds, The Lollipop Shoppe) and arranged by David Axelrod, its a superb blend of garage rock and orchestrated psychedelia, featuring a threesong opening salvo truly unlike anything else in pop. This is its fullest-ever release, complete with liner notes detailing what little has ever been discovered about the band CD $8 SKU:6040

CONCRETE RUBBER BAND -Risen Savior ( insane underground basement psych)-Label:HIDDEN VISION RECORDS (USA) Abundant fuzz guitar, organ, and male and female lead vocals.. A very strange rock album (in the best way), which just happens to have religion as its subject. "Official reissue of this insane underground basement psychedelic rock album, a massively-rare 1974 release on the Missouri-based American Artists label of which only two or three copies are known to be exist in private collections. The label says this about it: "Some of the most ‘out there’ psychedelic sounds can be found on this Kansas trio's mega-rare custom LP. The song, ‘Christian,’ for example, opens with a Bach fugue before laying in its steady rock beat punctuated with subterranean wah-wah guitar and a wild, heavily modulated lead. The song, ‘Wicked,’ opens side two with a bizarre amalgam of what sounds like synthesized, bubbling lava pits, frequency oscillations, distorted, sci-fi vocals and shortwave, static patterns. This is psychedelia at its most underground and extreme, with all the ear marks of a bad drug trip which, given the songs dark subject matter, works just fine. Likewise, ‘What Shall We Do?’ opens with a lengthy outpouring of some of the most vicious, distorted, fuzz guitar ever then relaxes into a spooky, dream-like ballad before it climaxes with a flying saucer effect that sounds straight out of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.” There are several fine and moody garage tracks here as well. The overall impact is difficult to describe: the songs are highly listenable and quite creative. Dense echoes add to the homemade feel of the entire project. Duncan Long, the main man behind the synths, guitars and song writing is now a published science fiction author, which explains a lot, we think. CD $10 SKU:18995

COSTA, CESAR -LA Historia De Tommy (1963 Mexican rarity) ONE ONLY! Label:DIMSA MINI LP COVER . La Historia de Tommy is a varied set of tunes from Mexican actor and singer César Costa cut in the 1960s that starts off with the story of our titular Tommy. Tommy, a speed demon it seems, just couldn't control himself on the track and fatally flips his car. Lucky for us, he has time to send his girlfriend a message of eternal love in the form of a bouncy yet plaintive pop ballad. The songs offer everything from Sinatra-esque swing and highly-orchestrated pop to sax-driven R&B. Titles include "La Historia De Tommy," "Té Para Dos," "Bethilde," "Laura," "Historia De Me Amor," and more. CD $15 SKU:19518

COUNT FIVE - Psychotic Reunion live ( 60s psych)-Label:PERFORMANCE LAST COPIES! Cool 14 track live set from ‘87. CD $5 SKU:1192

COUSINS,DAVE -Two Weeks Last Summer (70s rock w STRAWBS/DEEP PURPLE) -Label:WITCHWOOD MEDIA 1972, between Strawbs albums, band leader Dave Cousins slipped away to make his long-promised solo album. Surrounding himself with rock musicians, including Dave Lambert who would shortly join the band, and some really big names from the rock world such as Roger Glover from Deep Purple and Jon Hiseman from Colosseum, he made an album which easily stands alongside the best of the Strawbs' releases. Whilst the songs on the album are to some extent songs which never quite made it onto earlier albums, that was certainly not for reasons relating to their quality. Some are Cousins classics: the title track, 'October To May' and 'We'll Meet Again Sometime'. Other highlights are the superb 'Blue Angel' suite, 'The Actor' and 'Ways And Means.' A sign of Cousins' increasingly rock-oriented aspirations, the out and out rocker 'Going Home' was recorded initially with Dave Lambert's vocals, but Cousins replaced them with his own and released it as a single CD $8 SKU:19075

CREEP OUTS- Hopeless Friends (60s style FOLK POP from the UK )Label:OFF THE HIP Folk/pop from the UK, 60s style. CD $8 SKU:19219

DUNHILL BLUES - HARD TRUTH RAW POWER Sonics, /MC5, / Dictators/ New York Dolls style -Label:OFF THE HIP The Dunhill Blues, hailing from Sydney, are the ultimate bourbon-drenched, B-movie party band. Their expertise in pumping out a spicy hybrid of soulful garage rock, snotty punk, scuzz-bucket country, twisted surf and fried-brain psych ensures that this album absolutely shakes with the type of primitive, ‘ice-pick through the amps’ raw power that made legends such as The Sonics, The Monks, The MC5, The Dictators and The New York Dolls so much eardrum-exploding fun." - BY GRAHAM BLACKLEY CD $8 SKU:18918

FICTION - Negative Fun-Label:OFF THE HIP 1978 Aussie punk/powerpop, pre Little Murders. CD $13 SKU:19470

FINKERS- Epilogue (Aussie Powerpop) DBL CD-Label:OFF THE HIP Complete studio recordings from this mighty Australian powerpop quartet, featuring Michael Carpenter, Mick O'Regan, Matt Allison and Off The Hip boss Mickster. In 1999 they released their impressive debut album "Fresh Set-O-Prints", containing classic tracks like "This Time It's Love", "Adeline Now", "Tonight" and many more. During their 3 year existence they recorded 52 tracks of powerpop laced with garage nous over 2 albums, 2 cd/eps, countless compilation tracks and songs for tribute releases to The Stems, The Replacements, Gene Clark, The Flamin' Groovies, The Real Kids and Radio Birdman. Comes with 16 page full colour booklet including rare pics, and extensive linernotes from main songwriter and all round skin pounder Mickster. All tracks recorded by Michael Carpenter at his Stagefright stuido. All tracks produced by Mickster and Michael Carpenter. All tracks remastered for this release by Ernie-O! CD $16 SKU:8976

LAST L.A. EXPLOSION (early L.A. punk nuggets) LAST COPIES, WITH ARCHIVAL POST CARD! Label:BOMP Records LAST COPIES! We thought this one was gone, but our distributor had a few. Their debut album -the band were to record some of the best L.A punk nuggets ever to be committed to tape. CD $15 SKU:5415

LITTLE MURDERS- Dig For Plenty (Aussie Power Pop) -Label:OFF THE HIP Dig For Plenty" is full of new stage favorites from the opening power pop treats of "For You" "Pretty Penny", and "Rock Academy" to the London jet set swing of "Roxy" and the bouncy pop delight of "Girl What's On Your Mind?". The album is full of simply great Little Murders tracks. The garage rock groove that is "Running Man" the psychedelic rock trip of "Velvet (Get Out Of Bed)". And more. CD $13 SKU:14424

MOLTEN UNIVERSE- THE GREEN RAY (EX LIME SPIDERS heavy garage) -Label:OFF THE HIP Debut album feat ex-Lime Spiders.MOLTEN UNIVERSE hails from Sydney, Australia and plays a heavy brand of garage rock, similar in vein to Australian legends THE LIME SPIDERS' early 7-inch output. Not surprising really when three members of MOLTEN UNIVERSE cut their teeth in that seminal OZ band! CD $9 SKU:19239

PYRAMIDIACS- Teeter-Totter (great Aussie powerpop )-Label:OFF THE HIP Australian powerpop quartet's 2nd LP originally released in Spain in 1996 The original pressing sold out and the album became a collectors powerpop nugget!! Features two members of the mighty FINKERS!! CD $13 SKU:4197

RECKLESS HEARTS-GET UP AND RUN (Milwaukee powerpop) -Label:OFF THE HIP While Powerpop certainly didn’t take its first steps here in the Midwest (we can actually thank the first wave of ‘60s Britpop bands, such as The Kinks, The Who, The Small Faces and, yes, even The Fab Four, for this distinction), it, nonetheless, became fertile ground for many of today’s most respected Power-poppers. Rockford’s Cheap Trick, The Shoes from Zion, IL and Chicago’s Pezband all helped redefine the genre for a new generation of music fans.Joining the new wave of Midwestern Powerpop bands is the Milwaukee-based four-piece, The Reckless Hearts, featuring Thomas Culkin (vocals, guitars), Ian Lund (bass, vocals), Joel Kopp (guitars) and Jered Piencikowski (drums). Built from the ashes of the late, great Kenosha punk band The Danger, The Reckless Hearts have traded the sweat and saliva from their previous incarnation in favor of melody-driven pop songs filled indelible guitar riffs, hooks galore and unbridled energy. CD $8 SKU:19226

SHIMMYS, THE- Brunettes On The Rocks - GARAGE ROCK -Label:OFF THE HIP For fans of Gore Gore Girls, Headcoatees, 5678's, and "girls in the garage" styled trash. Second album of garage trash from Australia's premier all girl combo. Suzi, Babs and Kitty return with a more ferocious garage stomp this time 'round. So beware, don't let their saucy looks fool you into thinking they're all sweet 'cause this album proves The Shimmys will dig their fingernails in DEEP once they get their hooks on you!! Includes killer new originals like "Doctor Doctor", "Two Pot Screamer", "He's My Werewolf" plus a few raunchy covers; "Don't Slander Me", "Whatcha Gonna Do". CD $13 SKU:17857

SHINDIGGERS- MAXIMUM BEAT dbl cd (The Aussie Milkshakes)Label:OFF THE HIP Authentic beat/r-n-r band, often referred to as The Australian Milkshakes. This release contains the Melbourne combos complete studio recordings, plus lotsa rarities of which most appear on CD for the very first time. Comes with 16-page booklet and liner notes from mainstay singer Bill Leggett. CD $16 SKU:8168

SOLE STICKERS- WE GOT ALL THE THINGS THAT ARE GOOD- IMPORT (POWERPOP FROM TASMANIA)Label:OFF THE HIP POWERPOP from Tasmania Smashing their way like a magic bus full of power pop love, Tasmania’s Sole Stickers plant their Converse sneakers on the pedal and grind the gears up the hip shaking highways of rock’n’roll on their debut album We Got All Things That Are Good. Nailing a classic British infused garage style, Sole Stickers enlisted Jon Auer of The Posies, who mixed the album and added his musical finesse via internet collaboration from the super fuzz capital of Seattle (USA). CD $8 SKU:19234

VILLENETTES- LADY LUCK(girly/garage/surf/rockabilly) Label:OFF THE HIP The Villenettes are a rock’n’roll girl gang from Adelaide, Australia. They love Elvis, bad horror movies, leather jackets, and running amok on a Saturday night. They play loud riff-driven songs about zombies, cowboys and jerks and sound a bit like The Shangri La’s jamming with The Ramones, with Poison Ivy on guitar. They want to make you dance like the devil and party like it’s 1959.
CD $13 SKU:19251


WILD MEXICO- Vol 1(RARE 60s TRACKS)Label:PINCHE So you think you've heard everything when it comes to rare and wild '60s rock'n'roll, right? Oh well, you're dead wrong! Throw this stick of dynamite at your next lame party and watch the universe go apeshit! Features 14 explosive tracks. (2017 COMP LP $21 SKU:19342

BOKAJ RETSIEM -PSYCHEDELIC UNDERGROUND (Trippy 67 German explotation Hendrix, Animals style)-Label:HIMALAYA This 1967 German exploitation LP features fuzzed out vibrato guitar, wailing organs, and strong english vocakls very much like Hendrix, The Animals, Vanilla Fudge, and Iron Butterfly. A real psychedelic trip!LP $17 SKU:19536

BONE MAN - III (STONER psych) -Label:PINK TANK RECORDS The fifth album by German psychedelic rockers Bone Man. The way they seamlessly move from psych to stoner to punk and back again is a joy to behold. Limited edition of 350 copies on black vinyl. LP $22 SKU:18671

BRAIN SOUND -An Attempt To Record Coincidence (rare Aussie 1972 Hans Pokoro fave) -Label:NERO’S NEPTUNE (USA) Pictured in all its tantalizing, eye-popping glory in Hans Pokora's 1001 Record Collector Dreams, this hellishly rare Austrian avant-garde LP from 1972 is nothing short of astonishing. There are no instruments, but rather varying configurations of solo, duo and ensemble vocal improvisations, presumably informed by the aforementioned (and nearly impenetrable) code (or “charts”). Although this might be seen as part of an interesting continuum, this unique and prescient music will stun even the most astute followers of outsider art. Describe it, you say? Shape note singing for acidheads, perhaps? From an avant-classical perspective, one might mention late 60's Penderecki as a possible reference point (along with Ligeti, or perhaps even Nono). In improvised music, the Spontaneous Music Ensemble’s larger workshop groups similarly feature masses of vocal sounds; comparisons with Alan Watts’ This Is It are as plausible as they are inevitable. Ultimately, though, nothing will quite prepare you for this LP. In fact, when an original copy landed at Nero’s Neptune headquarters, one notorious ‘outsider’ label chief/collector extraordinaire's peni-meter became so perilously engorged that he nearly burst with envy, casting ridiculous offers of rare wax and unmentionable ‘favors’ our way whilst begging to let him take over. In other words, we strongly recommend purchasing this limited reissue while you can and securing appropriate spiritual condiments for the trip. After all, you CAN be anyone this time around.” High-gloss tip-on sleeves with HQ-180 gram vinyl. LP $17 SKU:19494

BRAINTICKET - COTTONWOODHILL (ACID PSYCH 1971 (+CD)Label:LILITH Repress! On 180-gram vinyl and coming with a bonus CD of the album. Being as LSD was first developed in a laboratory in Basel, it is perhaps no coincidence that one of the most "far out" albums of all time was made by this Swiss band (no small feat, given the competition!). Brainticket's 1971 debut, 'Cottonwoodhill', begins normally enough with two fine psychedelic/kraut rock-influenced tracks, but the remainder of the album plays like an acid trip with a soundtrack, dominated by Joel Vandroogenbroeck's endless droning organ, a variety of musique concrète-type sound effects and vocalist Dawn Muirs trippy vocals. The album, banned in several countries, even came with this self-imposed warning: "After Listening to this Record, your friends may not know you anymore." / "Only listen to this once a day, your brain might be destroyed!". LP $24 SKU:19708

BREAKAWAYS(NERVES related) Walking Out On Love/The Lost Sessions LTd to 300 on TURQUOISE vinyl! LAST COPIES Label:ALIVE Back of the jacket features a collage with rare/unseen photos of Paul and Peter, as well as liner notes by the both of them. After spending nearly 30 years gathering dust in a closet The Breakaways makes its worldwide debut! Born in 1978 after the demise of The NERVES, this short lived combo was formed by PAUL COLLINS and PETER CASE, just prior to the formation of The Plimsouls and The Beat. "Walking Out On Love - The Lost Sessions" compiles all the band's known material, including studio recordings, demos, and acoustic rehearsals. "This is the sound of pop on the streets of Los Angeles circa 1978." -- Paul Collins. "I'd forgotten these tapes even existed. We were definitely homing in on something." -- Peter Case. LP $18 SKU:10802

BRIMSTONE HOWL - Guts Of Steel(produced by DAN OF THE BLACK KEYS! ORANGE LAST COPIESLabel:ALIVE LAST COPIES. A furious mix of 60's influenced garage and old school from Nebraska. "4 Beatles-headed psych-nerds with a taste for razor-sharp snake rock."-NME. "Cranked, lo-fi blues-rock from NE hoodlums."- Uncut. "A foot-stomping, ass-shaking, roof-rattling, 30-minute sonic assault."-HearYa. "Singer John Ziegler channels the ghosts of Jim Morrison and Rob Tyner with reverence and aplomb whilst his able bodied mates.- Amplifier. "Part bluesy roots punk ala Gun Club, part Oblivians/Childish lo-fi raunch, part 60s British Invasion slop; Brimstone Howl is ALL rock'n'roll.”– Lowcut LP $16 SKU:8086

BUMP - 2 (fantastic Detroit Stooges/MC5 psych style psychedelic monster LP,) Label:SHADOKS Italian import Recorded in 1971.The great organ dominated, heavy guitar laden band from Michigan that released this classic LP in 1970.Off the Master Tapes, this heavy psychedelic sound is but a sampler to their unreleased but soon forthcoming second LP!! LP $17 SKU:19478

CASE, PETER- The Case Files , PINK vinyl ltd ed LAST COPIES -Label:ALIVE The Case Files collects demos, out-takes, one live shot and other unreleased material from the 1985-2010 span of PETER CASE’s solo career following his work with his pioneering bands THE PLIMSOULS, THE NERVES & THE BREAKAWAYS. Compiled by Peter himself. MORE INFO ON SITE LP $20 SKU:12834

CENTURY EXPANDED-Concerto For Wah Wah- (Prev unknown trippy early 70s psych gem)-Label:WAH WAH Wow!! What a find!! A previously unknown Gem from early 1970. Originally released on the ultra-rare Perspection label, this Psychedelia Jam features two long tracks of Wah Wah, fuzz and tremolo dueling guitars, spacey vibes and percussion, and an overall trippy sound reminiscent of the Summer Of Love San Francisco sound LP $17 SKU:19523

CHILDREN - Rebirth ( 68 TEXAS PSYCH)- Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) Great psych coll. from Texas band who released only one classic album in ‘68. Starting out as Stoics back in 66, they evolved into Mind's Eye. Inc all their 45's as Stoics, Mind’s Eye and Children lp from ‘68 plus more unre material as Children from 1969-1970. 77 min. 26 tracks. From master tapes. LP $17 SKU:19347

COLLINS, PAUL & THE BEAT - FLYIN' HIGH -180 GRAM power pop(NERVES related ) Label:GET HIP 1979 PAUL COLLINS recorded, with his band THE BEAT, the album that many consider THE BEST POWER-POP RECORD OF ALL TIME. "Flyin' High" has an organic feel reminiscent of his early solo releases, and some of late Beat recordings. LP $15 SKU:11914

COLLINS, PAUL & THE BEAT - - Ribbon of Gold ( Nerves related 60’s style powerpop ) 180 gram - Label:GET HIP Produced by Chips Kiesby (Hellacopters, Nomads) Ribbon of Gold features 10 new songs from pop’s illegitimate son, Paul Collins. After a 12 year recording silence, Paul Collins re-surfaced with Flying High, recorded at home with his new comrade in arms, guitar slinger Octavio Vinck and what would become the start of his new Spanish band. Flying High was a simple affair sporting songs that spanned Paul’s musical career and landscape, from the Beat-ish power chords of Rock n Roll Shoes and More Than Yesterday, to the all out melodic pop of Helen to the roots rocking Will You Be A Women the record encompasses all the facets of Paul’s writing ability, showcased with a simple and straight forward production style. LP $15 SKU:11915

COLLINS, PAUL & THE BEAT - Kids Are The Same - Powerpop 180 gram -Label:Columbia-Get Hip The Paul Collins Beat is back and better than ever, touring constantly in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Japan! We are very proud to present after some 32 years in the bargain basement bins….The Kids Are The Same! Now re-mastered and reissued for the first time on 180 gram vinyl, The King of Powerpop rides again! LP $15 SKU:13701

COLLINS, PAUL- The Beat - One Night (1987 Nerves related POWERPOP)-Label:FRODIS Recorded in the twilight of 1987 and released only in Europe, One Night was the fourth full-length release by power-pop legends the Paul Collins’ Beat. Recorded in San Francisco by long-time Van Morrison band member David Hayes, the album saw Collins and co. enhancing their trademark melodies with acoustic arrangements. One Night would prove to be a temporary swan song for the Beat, and the last album to feature original bassist/co-songwriter Steven Huff; by the early ‘90s, Collins had struck out on his own, casting off his band’s moniker until 2006’s Flying High.To celebrate the first-ever American release of One Night, Frodis Records has lovingly remastered the album from Paul’s original quarter-inch masters. LP copies of One Night come with a special bonus download of “She Says (Drums Version)”, an outtake recorded during the album’s sessions and only available here! LP $14 SKU:18146