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This weekend we have a humongous list of new stuff for you guys, everything from a nearly free zine to cds to vinyl. Ltd quantities on these, we’ll allot the merch to the first orders. Click on the pretty pink box to see the list and go to the NEW STUFF section for images and track listings.

THE REAL KIDS limited editions are back in stock too, don't miss out if you missed them last time.

Lots of restocks on other previously sold out titles too.

Happy weekend!
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The BONNEVILLES announce a UK/IRISH tour, check the dates here:

Cool review of BUFFALO KILLERS “Alive And Well In Ohio” from CLASSIX magazine (IT)

Hope you read Italian, I think they said it was the very best record in the world!

And a 4 star review of BEECHWOOD “Songs From The Land Of Nod” from Daglad van het Noorden (NL)


ACID BEANS- ISSUE #0 NEW PSYCH ZINE A new paper magazine focused only on "psychedelic things" (not only music...)! Volume 0 will be a pilot issue (16 pages including cover) to test format and contents. Includes reviews, interviews with TWINK, VIBRAVOID and MATTEO GUARNACCIA and an article about Italian thrilling-pop b-movies from the '60s. Comes with an AWESOME cover created by Chistian (Chris Cook) of Vibravoid! BOOKS & MAGS $1 SKU:19734

ARIEL- A STRANGE FANTASTIC DREAM (rare Brit psych 1969 w liners and photos) Label:PROG TEMPLE (UK) Ariel was an Australian band that formed from the ashes of Spectrum and Tamam Shud. Released on EMI's progressive imprint Harvest in 1973, A Strange Fantastic Dream, if having certain similarities to early British progressive rock (Procol Harum, Uriah Heap) and the art rock of Supertramp, has a wry, bluesy rock swagger that's distinctly Oz. The album fared well commercially and critically, reaching #12 in the LP charts in February 1974. CD $10 SKU:19679

BROTHERHOOD, THE -STAVIA(1972 Ohio hippie acid rock) -Label: OUT-SIDER Originally released in 1972, in a private edition of 200copies, the sole album by this fine Ohio-based outfit gets reissued on CD. Musically we're talking an imaginative blend of hippie-flavoured acid/psych-rock, and soul and funk. Badlybootlegged in the '90s, as an lp including tracks from a totally unrelated band, 'Stavia' byThe Brotherhood, at last sees a proper and official revival. Liner notes by band member John Hurd are included. CD $17 SKU:19671

DEAD MAN - EUPHORIA (Swedish heavy psych) -Label:CRUSHER digipack The remarkable and excellent new album from these Swedish psych-heads. 11 notably well written tracks in which progressive folk and darker, heavy psych-rock (with exciting guitar eruptions) go hand in hand. A superb follow up to their promising, self titled debut from 2006. CD $15 SKU:7850

DEAD MEADOW-THE NOTHING THEY NEED(60s psych/early'70s hard rock influenced style)-Label:XEMU Another superb delivery from Dead Meadow, continuing in its very own '60s psych and early '70s hard rock influenced style! The album features eight far out tracks that won disappoint the ever growing legion of fans. CD $16 SKU:19733

DEAD VIBRATIONS ST (SPACEMEN 3 STYLE)Label:FUZZ CLUB Dark and gloomy noise pop from Sweden, channelling a mix of visceral Mary Chain-esque guitars, droning psychedelia in the vein of Spacemen 3, and even Seattle grunge at times. CD $15 SKU:19710

DEVIL'S WITCHES -VELVET MAGIC(far-out heavy psych celebration of late '60s/early '70s worship)-Label:FORBIDDEN PLACE The debut-album by Devil's Witches from Glasgow is a far-out celebration of late '60s/early '70s worship, full of heavy psychedelia, fuzz, doom and a deep fascination for the Vietnam War! Limited edition of 300 copies. CD $15 SKU:19515

GREEN SEAGUL- SCARLET FEVER (Left Banke, The Kinks style)Label:MEGA DODO Debut album by the England's Green Seagull. Taking their name from a mis-heard Rolling Stones lyric, Green Seagull are the latest band to burst out of London's burgeoning neo-psych scene. Their harmony-laden baroque/freakbeat sound draws upon influences such as The Left Banke, The Kinks, and The Association. CD $16 SKU:19711

KILLER BOOGIE -ACID CREAM (early '70s-influenced fuzz psych)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) The second full-length serving of tasty, early '70s-influenced retro'n'roll, enriched with loads of fuzz and mind bending psychedelia, from the Italian outfit! CD $16 SKU:19731

LIVING ROOM -TIMES LIKE LAKES (1997 German acid-psych)Label: WORLD IN SOUND This short lived German acid-psych Sextet had one private limited edition release in 1997, called "Chambers" (vinyl only). Until today it became a rare high-rated collectible among psychedelic underground fans. While numerous bands in the 90s & 2000s tried to revive the true 60/s70s spirit & sound - Living Room reached a high level in authenticity.when you hear it you will bet, that this was made in 1968!!! They used vintage equipment and effects such as Farfisa-organ, fuzz & echoing guitars, flute and two beautiful girl voices. These recordings present their previously unreleased second album, a heavy floating but also a mystic folk listening pleasure - 8 cuts which reflect Krautrock inspirations in the vains of Amon D2, Hove" hippie-spirit. Look forward to enjoy sos like "Orange Plastic", "Rising Dawn" or "Times Like Lakes" (which can be heard on CD on: Trip In Time Vol.3, WIS-2503). The CD, well remastered, comes in a limited digipack cover, with 4 bonustracks (from their debut "Chambers"). Those guys took their "Trip In Time" about 10 years ago, with this "timeless" artistic statement from the underground - truly a catchy psych gem! CD $18 SKU:19719

LOVELY EGGS - COB DOMINOS(kraut-influenced psych punks)Label:EGG Now on their own label! The second album by this eggstraordinary duo from Lancashire. Underground grunge-pop that's bizarre, ironic, surreal and full of twists. CD $16 SKU:19667

LOVELY EGGS - This is Eggland (kraut-influenced psych punks)Label:EGG The mind-melting 2018 album by England's kraut-influenced psychedelic punks The Lovely Eggs. Be prepared for a joyous riot of a ride! CD $16 SKU:19668

MOURNING AFTER-THE TENTH CENTURY (organ-crazed, psychedelic grooviness)-Label:HEAVY SOUL Garage legends from Sheffield, the mighty Mourning After are back again with more of the same agitated, organ-crazed, psychedelic grooviness that we have come to expect of a band that have put out 13 singles since 1993, but strangely only two albums. Heavy Soul! Records is excited, scared and enthralled to release the third long-player. Twelve original tracks in all, the recent Heavy Soul! single 'Get Wrong Off Me' included and a sound that is unique in the UK for it's sheer authenticity. Also, checkout that eye-catching artwork supplied by renown Sheffield artist Martin F. Bedford. CD $17 SKU:19641

NEW YORK DOLLS- BUTTERFLYIN-gatefold card slv Label:EASY ACTION Rare, re-mastered and audio restored live recordings from the classic Dolls period, featuring the line-up that recorded the two seminal Dolls albums. The CD is presented with liner notes by Dolls biographer Nina Antonia and is packaged in a gatefold card sleeve with stunning artwork. CD $15 SKU:19725

RAMONES- LIVE IN AUSTRALIA 80-Label:ROX VOX Last copies. The Ramones on stage in Sydney, 1980, recorded for live radio broadcast, now on CD with remastered sound! Liner notes and rare images are included. CD $16 SKU:19672

RUNAWAYS -JAPANESE SINGLES COLLECTION-Label:CHERRY RED he first CD-collection of The Runaways' Japanese singles.The CD features all of the band's highly collectable Japanese picture cover single sleeves, lyrics, discography and sleeve notes. The CD also offers two bonus tracks, the UK single 'Right Now' and its B-side 'Black Leather'. This was the band's final single release. CD $18 SKU:19673

SNOWCHILD-AGE OF CHANGE(stoner, psych, blues and hard rock )-Label: KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ The Wichita fuzzers Snowchild managed to birth a debut album that comes on like a churning maelstrom of sound, and continues to punch listeners in the face with a heavy sound that mimics the stoner rock of yore, but is also undeniably their own. Snowchild throw stoner, psych, blues and hard rock into a big melting pot, chuck in a big dollop of groove and serve it molten hot. This tastes like Sabbath, Pallbearer and has hints of Cream. CD $16 SKU:19732

STONE MACHINE - ROCK AIN'T DEAD (Blues-based hard rock band from West Virginia)
Label: GROOVEYARD The excellent third album by a blues-based hard rock band from West Virginia. Here are 11 tracks of awesome dynamic Southern inspired guitar rock. Recommended to fans of Led Zeppelin, Free, Bad Company, Humble Pie, Whitesnake, James Gang etc. CD $16 SKU:19728

THREE SEASONS-THINGS CHANGE(vintage'70s sounding acid blues rock)COLORED VINYL Label: TRANSUBSTANS THREE SEASONS is one of today's leading vintage '70s sounding acid blues rock units. On their fourth album these Swedes will teleport your right back to the early '70s when heavy blues rock bands were dominating the world. But it's not just blues oriented hard rock what we have here, there are elements of many other styles. The result is an absolutely fabulous album with amazing production, that takes the band to the next -incredibly high- level. CD $16 SKU:19712

UNIVERSAL HIPPIES -- MOTHER NATURE BLUES(heavy guitar power trio rock)Label: GROOVEYARD A CD by the awesome instrumental heavy guitar rock band from Greece, featuring the excellent six string skills of axemaster Stavros Papadopoulos on guitar. Here are 10 tracks of impressive, creative, dynamic, way-kool, blues-based, heavy guitar power trio rock mojo of world-class proportions. CD $17 SKU:19729

WHITE HILLS & DER BLUTHARSCH-DESIRE (psych) -Label:VAN 'Desire' is a collaboration between psychedelic rockers White Hills and Austrian experimental musician Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand, who began as a dark ambient project before morphing into a psychedelic rock band. The one-sided album is rich with lush textures, fuzzy guitars and ethereal vocals. The composition of the five songs found on 'Desire' is meandering and calm, less straightforward than the riff-driven guitar rock of both artists' normal output. CD $17 SKU:19714

AFRICAN SCREAM CONTEST- Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds (70S PSYCH) -Label: ANALOG AFRICA Analog Africa's highly-acclaimed and mind-blowing African Scream Contest -- a collection of funk-fused psychedelic music from Benin and Togo.
- Compiled by label boss and vinyl collector Samy Ben Redjeb.
- Housed in a slipcase package including a detailed 44-page booklet.
- "African Scream Contest easily joins the ranks of the most essential African funk compilations, partly by covering ground no one else has walked on, but mostly just for relentlessly kicking ass for over an hour. This is some of the best funk ever recorded anywhere..." --Pitchfork (8.9 COMP CD $24 SKU:9332

BEAT (AL)BOOM 1968-1970- VA DOUBLE CD Label: SUPRAPHON It may (still) not be common knowledge yet, but one of Europe's best beat scenes of the '60s could be found in Czechoslowakia. This awesome compilation contains recordings from essential representatives s.a. Petr Ulrych & Atlantis, Hana Ulrychova & The Bluesmen, Cardinals, Crystal, Flamengo, Framus Five, George & Beatovens, Juventus, Komety, The Matadors, Olympic, Prudy, The Rebels, The Soulmen, Synkopy 61,Vulkan, Blue Effect, Viktor Sodoma & Apollo Beat, Pete Kaplan & Samuels Band, Colour Images a.o. DOUBLE-CD EDITION! COMP CD $17 SKU:19715

BIG BEAT LINE 1965-1968 - VA DOUBLE CD Label: SUPRAPHON It may (still) not be common knowledge yet, but one of Europe's best beat scenes of the '60s could be found in Czechoslowakia. This awesome DOUBLE-CD compilation contains recordings from essential representatives s.a. The Beatmen (6 tracks), Crystal (4 tracks), Flamengo (9 tracks), Juventus (5 tracks), Matadors (6 tracks), Mefisto (6 tracks), Olympic (10 tracks), Synkopa Ob Pierov (3 tracks) and Vulkan (6 tracks). COMP CD $17 SKU:19716

HE & SHE -VA 2 FAR-OUT POP PSYCH DUOS from the late 60's!!Label:Pet Records "It pretty much began with Sonny and Cher. When the teener template of Paul and Paula and Dick and Deedee got superimposed on the hip set, a new genre was born. The success of co-ed pairings like Mimi and Richard and Nino and April had coffee house folkies shacking up in droves and soon every town had it?s own dynamic duo. There were variations too. Paul and Mary found their Peter. John Phillips had two chicks so he had to find another Papa. But the sound was what made it, the call and response, the traded verses?love stories acted out over twelve-strings ringin?, like shaggy-topped Romeos and Juliets in tight slacks and pilgrim belts. You?ve heard some of the reissues?the Blackburns and Snows, the Jims and Jeans?their stories and music made public again after years in obscurity. Now hear the ones who didn?t quite crack the radio charts, at least not for long. The ones whose songs remain unsung. Heroes and heroines in the nightclubs and studio booths. Reaching out in the darkness, and the sunshine too. In love and touching forever. She and He. He and She." COMP CD $18 SKU:19730

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS SAMPLER - VA Vol 3 Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) Heavy Psych Sounds Compilation gives a chance to all Heavy Psych Sounds fans to be able to know all the bands of the 2015/2016 roster. Composed of 17 artists who occasionally cooperated with Heavy Psych Sounds or that are permanently part of their family. Featuring: Ape Machine, Banquet, Black Rainbows, Deadsmoke, Duel, Farflung, Glitter Wizard, Holy Grove, Isaak, Killer Boogie, Killer Boogie, Monsternaut, My Home On Tress, Old Man Lizard, Stoned Jesus, Throneless, Wild Eyes, Nick Oliveri's Mondo Generator. COMP CD $10 SKU:19727

TRIP IN TIME- VOl 1Delighted By Psychedelic Rock -Label:WORLD IN SOUND While music industry continuously looks for 'new' concepts, trends and music styles to serve the mainstream, Trip in Time ventures look to the past. We present the artistic, emotional and intensive side of music, the concept of progressive psychedelic rock. It appeared in the public consciousness for the first time in 1966, created by the ,13th Floor Elevators". By 1956 the English psychiatrist Humphrey Osmond had already formulated: ,To fathom hell or soar angelic just take a pinch of psychedelic." - 50 years later, we invite you to join the bride uncensored spektrum of music with a fine feel for intensity and a variety of interesting influences. On Trip In Time events, , we build an audio-visual bridge from 1969 to today, creating by a sensitive choice of artists, an electrifying, mesmerizing ambience. - TRIP IN TIME, a sub-label of WORLD IN SOUND (Germany) presents their first CD-issue, an 11-track compilation (73 mins), 12p. colour booklet, containing some of the hottest acts from the international Rock Underground. It features, well remastered, fresh live-recordings as well as non-album tracks and other exclusive material. COMP CD $17 SKU:19720

TRIP IN TIME- Vol 3 Psychedelic Adventures On Planet Earth Label:WORLD IN SOUND This is the 3rd Chapter of the Trip In Time Psychedelic Series, and at least as interesting as the previous ones, only unreleased material! - It presents 18 of the recent Top-Hard-Psych-Garage-Kraut-Underground Bands (several from Scandinavia and Germany, but also from Spain, France, US, Peru), listening to this Compilation you will NOT believe that all songs are contemporary recordings (most are very well produced but reflect a very intense RETRO-SPIRIT - nearly unbelievable). The music itself ranges from hard&heavy "Doors" Sound, Pink Floyd style, Blues Hard Rock a la Mountain, true 60s Garage Beat but also early Amon D2 or Brainticket flashes. A running time of 78 mins + a 12p booklet will guide the way to the music of TOMORROW COMP CD $17 SKU:19721

UPSIDE DOWN - VOL 5 (lysergic pop extravaganza)Label:PARTICLES A lysergic pop extravaganza featuring original artefacts from the psychedelic age with twenty flower-power wonders from way Down Under! The 16-page booklet contains liner notes and rare colour photographs. COMP CD $12 SKU:19675

UPSIDE DOWN - VOL 6 (lysergic pop extravaganza) Label:PARTICLES A lysergic pop extravaganza featuring original artefacts from the psychedelic age with twenty flower-power wonders from way Down Under! The 16-page booklet contains liner notes and rare colour photographs. COMP CD $15 SKU:19676

DIGGIN' FOR GOLD- Vol 6 (rare and obscure 45s) 180 GRAM GOLD Label:PAST & PRESENT RSD 2018 release. Rubble presents a collection of rare and obscure 45s from around the world in an international showdown of teenage angst, despair and delinquency. The toxic sound of '60s garage punk never sounded so good! Blasted through 60-watt amplifiers on a diet of amphetamines and adrenalin, 'Diggin' For Gold' offers torment and misery with an explosive twist in mind-bending mono! Comes on 180 gram gold vinyl COMP LP $32 SKU:19723

DIGGIN' FOR GOLD- VOL 2 (rare and obscure 45s) 180 GRAM GOLD Label:PAST & PRESENT RSD 2018 release. Rubble presents a collection of rare and obscure 45s from around the world in an international showdown of teenage angst, despair and delinquency. The toxic sound of '60s garage punk never sounded so good! Blasted through 60-watt amplifiers on a diet of amphetamines and adrenalin, 'Diggin' For Gold' offers torment and misery with an explosive twist in mind-bending mono! Comes on 180 gram gold vinyl COMP LP $32 SKU:19722

BLEU FOREST-ICHIBAN Live At Jimmies(1969 summer of love HENDRIX STYLE) Label:GOLDEN PAVILION The very first recordings by The Bleu Forest took place after the group had played a show at the Hey You Coffeehouse in Ventura, CA. Jimmie Haskell invited the psych/acid-rockers to come to Hollywood and record on the spot at his place. His intention was to capture how the band sounded live, and that is exactly what 'Ichiban' does, thanks to the band members in fine form, two mics, a recording machine, and lots of spontaneity and raw energy with no retakes. It's a time-capsule direct from Jimmie's place in August, 1967. Limited to 500 copies. LP $29 SKU:19491

BRAINTICKET -CELESTIAL OCEAN (+CD)(1973 Swiss Krautrock legends) Label:LILITH Repress! 1973's brilliant 'Celestial Ocean', by the legendary Swiss krautrock band Brainticket, is a concept album that details an ancient pharoah's journey into the afterlife (substitute the word "journey" for "trip" and you'll get what they were driving at). However, Brainticket were not mere products of their time, they explored some truly compelling musical territory and produced a superlative blanket of sound-featuring a pioneering mix of early synthesizers, flute, zither, sitar, and male / female stream-of-consciousness spoken word vocals-that ebbs and flows in the same general cosmos as classic Gong, going on to influence bands like Sonic Youth, Stereolab, Skinny Puppy, The Legendary Pink Dots, and more! This reissue is fully remastered from the original master tapes. Coming with a CD version of the album. LP $25 SKU:19707

SATURNA -LOST IN TIME (RAdio Moscow, Led Zep style)Label:WORLD IN SOUND Saturna's third full-length bursts with the vibes of 1970s hard rock legends such as Buffalo, Bloodrock and Led Zep with, additionally, an excessive fresh and fiery feeling. If you feel that today's rock heroes like Wolfmother, Radio Moscow or Horisont sound fresh, your mind will be blown by Saturna's catchiness and the band's remarkable old-school hard rock vocals, bluesy guitar solos, and very well-adjusted rhythm section. Edition on BLACK VINYL. LP $25 SKU:19717


KIDS/REAL KIDS -1974 DEMOS/1977/78 DEMOS/LIVE(+BOOK Label:CRYPT Eight previously unissued proto-punk godheaded rippers from the pre-Real Kids combo The Kids recorded on Nov. 10 1974 - plus four previously unissued Real Kids demos from spring 1977, recorded by DJ Oedipus at WTBS radio station with 1 mic suspended above the band - plus 10 BLASTING live cuts recorded at the Rat on January 22 1978! 22 cuts, 78 minutes of GREATNESS! Includes 204-page booklet crammed with tonsa liner notes, NEVER SEEN photos, flyers, press-clippings, info etc. on John Felice's days with The Modern Lovers, his combos The Children's Rock & Roll Band, The Kids, and The Real Kids!! CD $25 SKU:19646

KIDS/REAL KIDS -NOVEMBER 1974 DEMOS/SPRING 1977 DEMOS- Label:CRYPT Eight previously unissued proto-punk godheaded rippers from the pre-Real Kids combo The Kids, recorded on Nov. 10 1974 plus four previously unissued Real Kids demos from spring 1977, recorded by DJ Oedipus at WTBS radio station with 1 mic suspended above the band! The LP in gatefold sleeve includes a 32-page 12"x 12" booklet crammed with tonsa liner notes built mostly upon Dave Laing of Dog Meat Records mucho-extensive March 1995 inteview whilst key band members Billy Borgioli and Alpo were alive, NEVER SEEN photos, flyers, press-clippings, info etc. on John Felice's days with The Modern Lovers, his combos The Children's Rock & Roll Band, The Kids, and The Real Kids!! LP $26 SKU:19647

REAL KIDS -LIVE AT THE RAT! JANUARY 22 1978-Label:CRYPT Red Star press release, late-January 1978, by Miriam Linna: "A three day engagement at Boston's Rat club (Jan. 20, 21, 22) kicked off the release of The Real Kids' premier LP for Red Star Records. The club was packed to capacity despite the two-odd feet of snow and ice which had closed several of the city's main thoroughfares during the week. The highlight of the weekend came that evening with a live broadcast on WCOZ-FM, one of New England's top FM stations. Featured on the live show were several tracks from the new LP, entitled simply, The Real Kids." And THIS here is that night. Comes in gatefold cover and with 2-sided inner sleeve. LP $24 SKU:19645


TIMEMAZINE -#10 PLUS CD AND 7” Special 10th anniversary issue of the psychedelic fanzine about the '60s and beyond. 100 pages, A4 size (not photocopied) in hard laminated cover. All text in English. Contents: Interviews with Johnny Echols of Love, Aleck Janoulis of The Nightshadows, Astral Son, Big Foot (solo project from Dor Koren, vocalist/bassist of psychedelic band Tree from Israel) and Sir Robin & The Longbowmen (Germany), 1967-2017: Thoughts & Memories by the '60s minds, Dennis Loren: 'Dressing The Music With Graphic Designs For 50 Years', 'Summer Of Love' by Nick Kontogouris (everything you wanted to know about Hasbury & Swinging London), 67 garage-psych singles of 1967 (how psychedelia infused into garage), 67 Albums of 1967 that defined, developed and established psychedelic rock), 67 UK psych freak beat singles of 1967 (by Nick Kontogouris), the story behind 'Time Has Come Today' by The Chambers Brothers and LP/CD/EP/7" reviews. The split 7" features Vibravoid's 'TimeMazine Woman' and Echo Train's Portland 69 BOOKS & MAGS $26 SKU:19467

APE MACHINE-COALITION OF THE UNWILLING (70s style heavy psych)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) Portland, Oregon's four-piece Ape Machine has been called "a rock and roll band with a finger on the pulse of the '70s and their asses firmly in the present" and "real heavy-psych for the iPhone generation" that delivers "true guts and glory rock and roll." Combining psychedelic, classic and progressive rock with arena-worthy metal, bluesy stoner-rock and catchy riffs in odd signatures, Ape Machine's music carries an organic depth and warmth rarely heard since the time of rock's glorious early years (or your Dad's bad ass record collection) infused with an exceptional modern sensibility. CD $10 SKU:18479

CATHERINE’S HORSE- Garage Blues from Connecticut (rare 1969 5 star POKORA FAVE!) Label:BREAK- A-WAY RECORDS (Germany) Due to a long time growing interest into local 60s rock, most band stories, even of those who did put out rare and local records, have since been written. Not so with Connecticut band Catherine´s Horse. Their sole album dates from 1969 and was released only in an inner sleeve and no cover. Due to its rarity it is still a largely unknown release among today's record collectors and honoured with five stars in Hans Pokora’s “1001 Record Collectors Dream Book”. But those who happen to be familiar with it, appreciate it for the fresh sound of the music and the clear production. That and the fact, that it’s an amazing white blues rock album with a strong garage attitude provided by five high school students who never played professionally. The tracks are nearly all cover versions of classic, often moody blues tracks reminiscent of early Paul Butterfield Blues Band or Blues Project. The LP incl. long time standards such as “Good Morning Little School Girl”, “Think Twice”, “One More Mile” or “Can’t Keep From Cryin” mixed with covers of Jimmy Brenstons’ “Rocket 88” or Jagger / Richards “Good Times, Bad Times”. The only group original ''Sun Going Down'' hints at the talent and potential the band had and rounds off the groups effortless white electric bluesrock expertise. As the vinyl release from 15 month ago, this CD release comes with the originally intended coloured cover-art. The detailed booklet has the band’s history as related by original members Roger Goodspeed, Jay Geary and Putnam Smith, alongside rare photos and memorabilia. A 100% legit release and a must for late 60s rock collectors.500 copies only! CD $12 SKU:13721

COSMIC DEAD-PSYCH IS DEAD-Label:RIOT SEASON Formed in 2010, The Cosmic Dead are a quartet from Glasgow, Scotland who share their music through good vibes and better vibrations. Known for their improv, chaos strewn, Buckfast smashed against the wall take on space music, they have roamed from Roadburn to Las Vegas, Dundee to Bangalore with each album offering a meditative window into a certain time and space. 'Psych Is Dead' is the sixth full length album from the band, the glowing embers of a few days spent recording in a sweaty Sardinian kitchen overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. CD $15 SKU:18534

CYMBELINE-1965 - 1971 (homemade psychedelia, teenbeat and fuzz-psych)Label:GUERSSEN *Insert with photos and liner notes by band member Michael JournathPreviously unreleased DIY homemade psychedelia, teenbeat and fuzz-psych/prog by this amazing Swedish band, 1965-1971!!
Tracks like “Third Image” or “Look at the stars” are an incredible find for anyone into US garage-psych (they wouldn’t sound out of place on any Pebbles or Psychedelic Unknowns volume!) and others like “Flicka”, “Stolta Vingar” or “Mittuppslag” are top notch ‘70s fuzzed out Scandinavian psych/prog. We can’t believe that such fabulous stuff has remained hidden in a carboard box until now.
Formed in the industrial town of Norrköping in the mid ‘60s, Cymbeline (also known as Motala Ström and W&J) only released a 45 in 1971 before breaking up. But during their existence, the band recorded a lot of stuff, included here for the first time along with their rare 45. So, 40 years later, here’s the LP that Cymbeline always dreamed of.*Remastered sound CD $17 SKU:19430

DEAD END ALLEY BAND -STORMS (HEAVY PSYCH)Label:FORBIDDEN PLACE Hailing from Lima, Peru The Dead End Alley Band push the envelope to the absolute limit within the modern heavy psych movement. Like a glimpse into the mind of an evil wizard they will confuse and destroy you all at the same time. CD $15 SKU:19562

EDGAR'S HAIR-JONATHAN'S DIVE(KRAUTROCK) WOODEN BOX DOUBLE-Label:HOOR75 Presented on DOUBLE-CD, this is a 94-minute concept album by Dutch band Edgar's Hair (featuring ex-members of I$I$ and Oak). The music represents an exploration into an inner bleakness and a 'higher plane of existence', resulting in the most magical aural trip you can imagine. This mind bending work combines acoustic ethnic instruments with vintage electronica. If you enjoy high quality Krautrock, or bands s.a. Soft Machine, this release will definitely get you excited. Comes in a specially designed oversized wooden cover. Limited to 100 copies. CD $25 SKU:19617

ELECTRIC MOON -FLAMING LAKE(acid rock)Label:SULATRON A highly rated Electric Moon album, reissued on CD. You get four long tracks, recorded and mixed by Sula. Cover artwork by Lulu! CD $16 SKU:18706

FARFLUNG -5(psychedelic, fuel-driven space rock)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) Internationally recognized as torchbearers in the contemporary space rock scene, the guys in Farflung have been altering people's minds with their hugely psychedelic, yet fuel-driven space rock for over 20 years. This album features the likes of Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Jensen Bell, David Catching and Gene Trautmann (Queens Of The Stone Age, Eagles Of Death Metal). CD $12 SKU:18477

FAUBERT, SHANE- KALKARA (leader of the CHEEPSKATES, 60s style fuzz psych) Label:MUSIC MANIAC Leader of the New york Cheepskates! One of the best pop albums. 60's inspired popsongs with psychedelic effects, feedback and fuzz. CD $5 SKU:19128

GRUPA ABC ANDRZEJA NEBESKIEGO-MOJA ABC(60s Polish psych pop legends)-Label:KAMELEON A collection of never before released tracks in excellent quality (radio sessions from Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia + live recordings), recorded in 196 by the Polish '60s legends. CD $14 SKU:19154

GRUPA ABC ANDRZEJANEBESKIEGO - RAZEM Z NAM(60s Polish psych pop legends)-Label:KAMELEON A collection of never before released tracks in excellent quality (radio sessions from Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia + live recordings), recorded between 1970-1971 by this Polish psych-pop legends. It's 60's beat with elements of rhythm and blues & soul. CD $14 SKU:19153

IN THE LABYRINTH-ONE TRAIL TO HEAVEN (90s SWEDISH PROG PSYCH)-Label:TRAIL LAST COPIES. We were lucky to meet one of the brightest representatives of the Swedish progressive psychedelic music scene, the artist and musician Peter Lindahl and his psychedelic folk band "In The Labyrinth". He founded the band In the Labyrinth and in the mid to late 1990s recorded a number of engaging albums in which Northern psychedelic folk blends harmoniously with Middle Eastern music. The band's new compilation album "One Trail to Heaven" includes their most fascinating compositions as well as some previously unreleased material and alternate versions of songs from Peter's exclusive personal archive. Produced and engineered by Peter Lindahl in his studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Compilated and released with an improved sound quality on Trail Records in 2011. Limited collector edition CD $14 SKU:19354

JOY OF COOKING -FILLMORE WEST, SAN FRANCISCO 1971-Label:AIR CUTS A release of remastered radio broadcast live recordings of cult band Joy Of Cooking, captured performing in San Francisco 1971. Liner notes and rare archival images are included. CD $16 SKU:19289

KLENCZON, KRZYSZTOF-POWIEDZ STARY GDZIES TY BYLPLUS DVD - Label:KAMELEON On CD, this is a reissue of his 1978 LP with 14 bonus tracks. Also included is a free DVD featuring a TV broadcast of the last Polish Klenczon concert. Krzysztof Klenczon was one of the most important musicians in the Polish '60s and '70s rock scene. He was a member of the well-known psychedelic '60s group CZERWONE GITARY, and after that group disbanded he achieved much success with his quality solo albums. CD $14 SKU:19152

NEBULA-DOS E.P.'S (psych heavy rock power trio)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Guitarist Eddie Glass and drummer Ruben Romano formed Nebula in 1997 after breaking away from desert rock pioneers Fu Manchu, eventually recruiting bassist Mark Abshire. This power trio specializes in feedback-drenched heavy rock, incorporating liberal doses of Black Sabbath riffery, psychedelia, and space rock. 'Dos E.P.'s' includes the material originally released on 1999's 'Sun Creature' and the Nebula/Lowrider split. Includes 2 bonus tracks: 'Anything From You' and 'Rollin' My Way To Freedom' (both recorded October 20, 1999 by Jack Endino, Crocodile Seattle - mixed November 11, 2017 By Jack Endino). CD $16 SKU:19683

NURT - COMPLETE RADIO SESSIONS 1972/1974 (first Polish heavy rock band )DOUBLE CD WITH DVD-Label:KAMELEON On 2 CD complete recordings of the first Polish heavy-rock band. 13 tracks published first time ever. Third disc is DVD with two videos of the band. Remastered edition in digipack with 24 page colour booklet, 8 page insert with song lirycs. 150 minutes of music. CD $16 SKU:19156


RINGERS- Let Them Be Known (Obscure 60s L.A. garage)-Label:BREAK AWAY 21 Track collection (COMPLETE output) of obscure 1965/1966 garage beat from Los Angeles, including rare 45s, great sounding unreleased tracks, and their 1970 Peruvian-only LP. Detailed 12-page insert with complete history and rare pictures. Featuring drummer BILL LYNN, who also played with Elvis Presley. CD $12 SKU:7537

ROOSTERS All of Our Days(60s jangly garage W stunning never-before-seen photos. Label:BREAK-A-WAY The Roosters have been known among fans and followers of the Californian mid 60s folk rock scene for a long time. Their “One Of These Days” b/w “You Gotta Run” 45 has been included on early garage compilations and is a huge favourite among collectors. Less well known is their second and at least as brilliant 45 “Rosebush” / “Ain’t Gonna Cry Anymore”. Additionally there´s a rare 1965 surf/mersey punk single released under the name “Five More”, an early 1965 acetate put down as the Avengers and most of all, three 1966 stunning unreleased folk/garage janglers recorded at Gold Star Studio. This collection finally puts all these gems in one place and unravels the enigmas behind the band on a LP sized full glossy insert with a detailed history of the band emerging from the memoirs of guitarist and songwriter Timothy Ward and the band’s vocalist Ray Mangigian. This is embellished with a load of stunning never-before-seen photos. Finally here´s the legacy of an underrated, but excellent band direct from Los Angeles, the mid-Sixties epicenter of jangle – The ROOSTERS! CD $15 SKU:19670

TEEN TRASH VOL. 5- DOUBLE NAUGHT (60s style garage) LAST FEW! -Label:MUSIC MANIA REISSUE from the now deleted debut ROCKADELIC album from 2 years ago here with 2 extra unreleased tracks wich also apear on the 'MUSIC MANIAC' vinyl version! USA 60's inspired screaming fuzz-punk CD $6 SKU:18774

TEEN TRASH VOL.10- Falling Spikes (60s style garage)-Label:MUSIC MANIA The FALLING SPIKES have been making great music in the Northwest corner of the United States since 1985. This collection is theirEntire recorded output, with two exceptions: the master tape of 'My Baby Hurt My Head' was destroyed and 'The Twitch' remains available only on Chaos Records. CD $6 SKU:18775

TOMORROW - LIVE RECORDINGS: 1967-68 (UK pysch)Label:THINKPINK50TH.COM 16 live tracks of Tomorrow in their prime! Presented in chronological order, this is the first time the complete live output of this legendary UK psych group has been available! The album features Tomorrow's set at the legendary 1967 London psychedelic all-nighter 'Christmas On Earth' where they played alongside Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd and more! This set is bookended by Tomorrow's 1967 BBC appearance on the first episode of John Peel's 'Top Gear', and their hard-to-find 1968 appearance on the same show. CD $19 SKU:19618

TWINK - SOUND OF SILK: DEMOS & RARITIES 1969/1970-Label:THINKPINK50TH.COM Crazy daze at Lighting Wizard Studios. I would arrive there in Hornsey after a Pretty Things gig and start experimenting with sounds and songs. Julian Briggs (bass guitar) and I would roll up some temple balls to smoke and then play. The studio was decked out in Afghan rugs on the floor/walls and was exceedingly comfortable. When I left The Pretty Things I moved into the flat upstairs with my girlfriend Silver and Steve Took, until eventually moving to Notting Hill Gate." -John "Twink" Alder, 2017. Recorded in 1969/1970 except tracks 4, 12, and 13. CD $17 SKU:19619

WEDGE-KILLING TONGUE(1960s garage/psych style)-Label: HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS CD version in a digipack. Sophomore full length by Berlin based '60s garage/psych outfit Wedge. Their sound is accordingly archaic, extremely effective, made from solid rock and when used correctly, causes fire... especially live! CD $14 SKU:19624

YOUNG BEATS, LOS - Exciting Sound of (rare Columbian 66 garage)-Label:BREAKAWAY incredibly rare Columbian 1966 garage LP .15 cool and wild partly English/partly Spanish vocal tracks, w. snarling versions of 'Baby Please Don't Go', 'Train Kept A Rollin', 'Hearts Of Stone', 'For Your Love', 'Not Fade Away' and 'You Really Got Me'. Comes with four 1967 BONUS CUTS by TIME MACHINE, another Colombian band. Completely different artwork than vinyl rel. with 8 page booklet, rare pics and band history Painstakingly remastered in excellent sound. Honoured with five circles in Pokoras '1001 RC Dream Book'. CD $12 SKU:19659


FADING YELLOW - VOL. 1( 60s Pop Psych Label:FLOWER MACHINE REPRESSED!! AT LAST, HERE IT IS - The second press of much sought after Fading Yellow Volume 1 CD. Already considered a bona Fide Classic! Including magical 60s Popsike & other delights. Out of print since 2003. Limited edition of 500 copies. From the people who brought us the mighty 'Diggin'; For Gold' series comes the long awaited CD version of the FADING YELLOW comp. from 1995. 25 Tracks, 8 of which were on the original vinyl version. Mostly UK acts, but also some unique tracks from Europe. Included is a track by KOOBAS,(only available as a 7" b-side in Denmark) + other timeless pop-sike COMP CD $16 SKU:18692

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 11(60s Pop/Psych) Label:FLOWER MACHINE A Palette of US/Canadian 60's Pop-sike & other delights COMP CD $16 SKU:18694

SIXTIES REBELLION Vol 16- The Living Room (U.S. 60s garage) Label:WAY BACK This volume has been complied by Freddy Fortune, and features 17 amazing tracks of of rare 60s American garage :. Artwork by Rudi Protrudi of the Fuzztones. Import. COMP CD $5 SKU:1699

TRIP IN TYME -Vol 2 -23 time travelling moody US '60s garage sounds Label:MANIC MUSTANG Another 25 track collection of US mid sixties coolness with more incredible '60s punk, teen garagers and moody winners. Again all contributions from established Lance LP series. Featuring AMBUSHERS, BEARINGS, ETHICS, CHOZEN ONES, CAVEMEN, DORSAL & GATORMEN, GROUP INC., JIM CARTER & THE SENATORS, RAINMAKERS, KASUALS, MISFITS, OSCAR FIVE, YOUNG ALLEY CATS, LIVIN END, IDOLS, KORNERS OF TIME, JUVENILES, etc. Coloured label reprints, painstakingly remastered and 90% of all tracks never before on CD. COMP CD $14 SKU:17718

TRIP IN TYME -Vol 5- 22 time travelling US '60s garage jewels-Label:MANIC MUSTANG iLmited edition 500 copies. A cool collection of US mid sixties rarities including rare and amazing snotty '60s punk, cool teen garagers and excellent moody winners. The CD has a whole lot of megarare garage 45s, 90% of all tracks never before on CD, many previously uncompiled. Coloured label reprints for the garage connisseur's perfect pleasure. Includes tracks by VOXMEN, END RESULT, VEE JAYS, MARK 5, NOVAS, TOMBSTONES, STONE CUTTERS, GLASS THREADS, PUBS, UNITED NOTIONS, SATINS and many more COMP CD $14 SKU:18363

BEACH-O-RAMA-VOL.2(+CD)-Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY Summer is finally here. No more jukeboxes and smoky bars, long live turntables on the beach, with rubber rings and frisbees... The black vinyl crêpe, like the wheel of firtune, never stops spinning, carried along by a music full of life, love and good vibes. Today, just as in 1957, the ideal soundtrack for this coastal excursion is called 'Beach-O-Rama'... Volume 2! COMP LP $25 SKU:18901

BEACH-O-RAMA-VOL.1( boogaloo, twist, rock'n'roll and surf songs)PLUS CD-Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY Lovingly compiled by El Vidocq, boasting the same impeccably cool artwork as the earlier Strip-O-Rama and Shake-O-Rama comps! This time you're melodiously transported to a sun-drenched beach for endless summer boogying. Instrumental and voiced boogaloo, twist, rock'n'roll and surf songs furiously follow one upon the other. Naturally this is no ordinary compilation, but rather 16 rare vintage gems carefully selected for demanding connoisseurs such as yourself. COMP LP $24 SKU:18903

EXOTIC-O-RAMA + CD- Rare 45s from the 50s and 60s!-Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY Faithful to his ever-frenzied rhythm, El Vidocq never ceases to delve into his treasure trove of 45 rpm vinyls. And the nuggets, they keep a-comin'! For this 4th volume the tropical heat warms your ears and sends you travelling without you ever having to leave the fireplace. A groovy journey through Africa, Latin America and the Middle East of the 1950s, whose singular exoticism seduced listeners. As you'll see, this period was already open to mixings of all sorts: R'n'B is easily blended with African flavors by Guitar Gablé, doo-wop is cooked up Cuban-style by the Sultans, a big band is given a voodoo makeover by Les Elgart, a Mexican twist is belted out by Chuck Rio. (Much) less expensive than a budget flight and a hell of a lot faster. Climb aboard for a mini world tour in 40 melodious minutes!COMP LP $24 SKU:18390

SICK AND TIRED- VA (14 Unknown US 60's Garage Rarities) Label:LANCE Unknown US 60's Garage Rarities COMP LP $16 SKU:10612

YOU'RE SO SQUARE- VA mid 60's USA garage band jewels IMPORT -Label:LANCE Euro release. Compilation of 14 mid 60's USA garage band jewels, featuring DEAN KOHLER (Gooseberry Pie), ROGUES (Opportunity), TRESPASSERS (Come With Me), TRACERS (Watch Me), PICKWICK PAPERS (You're So Square), JADES (Come Back), COMP LP $15 SKU:11596

DEVIL'S ANVIL -HARD ROCK FROM THE MIDDLE EAST(ULTRA-RARE PSYCHEDELIC 1967)Label:MUSIC ON VINYL Reissue ULTRA-RARE PSYCHEDELIC 1967 hard-rock album from US studio formation DEVIL'S ANVIL. Oriental (Turkish, Arab and Greek) tunes blown to pieces by PSYCH EFFECTS and FUZZ. Produced by Felix Pappalardi. LP $26 SKU:19623

LEAFY - ST(Norwegian stoner fuzz)-Label:MORE FUZZ Debut album by Leafy from Norway. They have a strong classic stoner rock sound with burning riffs that will hook you in instantly! Prepare for strong vocals combined with an avalanche of fuzzy riffage a la early Truckfighters, Lowrider, Dozer or Steak. LP $24 SKU:19621

LOVELY EGGS - This is Eggland (kraut-influenced psych punks)Label:EGG The mind-melting 2018 album by England's kraut-influenced psychedelic punks The Lovely Eggs. Be prepared for a joyous riot of a ride! LP $24 SKU:19622

RUNAWAYS -Live At The Agorà Ballroom, Cleveland July 19, 1976- SALE! Label:VINYL LOVERS (ITALY) Here are The Runaways, recorded live on the 19th July 1976, at The Agora, Cleveland, USA. Why have there never been more all girl rock'n'roll bands? I guess by virtue of when The Runaways formed, and their style of music, they are often linked with the new wave / punk scene, whatever category you feel obliged to stick then in, they play a pretty nifty show. LP $24 SKU:17108

THREE SEASONS-THINGS CHANGE(vintage '70s sounding acid blues rock)COLORED VINYL Label:HEADSPIN THREE SEASONS is one of today's leading vintage '70s sounding acid blues rock units. On their fourth album these Swedes will teleport your right back to the early '70s when heavy blues rock bands were dominating the world. But it's not just blues oriented hard rock what we have here, there are elements of many other styles. The result is an absolutely fabulous album with amazing production, that takes the band to the next -incredibly high- level. LP $24 SKU:19361