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BEAUSOLEIL, BOBBY- LUCIFER RISING O.S.T-Label:AJNA OFFENSIVE This score was originally pressed on LP in 1980 and then presented as a 4LP boxset (and 4CD boxset) featuring the original release plus additional session recordings. Now we get an affordable, remastered release of the legendary/notorious 'Lucifer Rising' soundtrack that was originally composed for Kenneth Anger's film of the same name. CD $17 SKU:22994

ELECTRIC FUNERAL -THE WILD PERFORMANCE (60s Deep Purple/Zep/Sabbath style) W BONUS TRACKS Label:SOMMER Swiss band Electric Funeral was influenced by bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Famous fr their loud and powerful shows, their sound was too heavy for a regular label to offer them a contract. 'The Wild Performance' is made of private live and rehearsal tapes recorded in 1970. Though the sound quality is very raw and lo-fi, it's the only testimony of their brutal sound. Released in 1991 as a very limited LP, here is an expanded edition with a remastered sound and four bonus tracks CD $18 SKU:22998

NORVINS -No Tyme for Tears (60s garage-fuzz-punk style-Label:SOUNDFLAT Fast and fuzzy songs, organ fuelled tunes, psych and we even get a folky composition. The tracklist features mostly originals, but there also are covers of The Huns and The Epic Five. CD $17 SKU:22939

SONIC DAWN- ENTER THE MIRAGE (STONER PSYCH)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS 'Enter The Mirage' is arguably the most blazing and powerful album yet by The Sonic Dawn. It has an unusual live feel for a studio album, packing much of the raw energy and electricity that has made The Sonic Dawn's psychedelic concerts famous in the rock underground CD $14 SKU:22931

KAMINARI VOL. 2-NINETEEN MORE JAPANESE GARAGE MONSTERS (60s style beat, surf and garage)-Label:GROOVIE rue to its original concept, this volume of 'Kaminari' brings you another batch of 19 exciting underground bands from all over Japan. If garage rock, trash punk, '60s beat, fuzz or surf is your thing, then you'll dig 'Kaminari' like candy. The LP features artwork by Christophe Lopez Uci. COMP LP $26 SKU:22902

ARROGANTS - No Time to Wait (Wild Garage psych)Label:DIRTY WATER Top-notch garage-rock from France, with a sound that's pure, minimal, psychedelic and WILD! LP $24 SKU:22996

BOONARAAAS!!! MORE KNICK-A-KNACKS (WILD all girl 60s Punkrock)-Label:SOUNDFLAT ..FOR YOUR BRIC-A-BRAC SHELF The Boonaraaas!!! are wild and spirited all girl 60s Punkrock from Germany; these four energetic ladies deliver exciting 60s Garage music with wild guitars, fine melodies, great riot grrrl-vocals - and everything with a proper Punkrock attitude. The band exist for more than 15 years now, delivering untamed and powerful live-shows all over Europe. LP $19 SKU:22935

CYCLE- Cosmic CLouds (70s Brit prog) DBL GATEFOLDLabel:RISE ABOVE RELICS Cycle were a very popular progressive hard rock band from the Northeast of England, who performed locally between 1970-1975. During that time they recorded two full length albums, the first of which (recorded in 1971) was privately pressed by the band in a quantity of less than 100 copies, without artwork. These were distributed amongst friends, fans, family and sent to various publishers, record companies, promoters and record companies. The album is now a major want on many serious collector's lists, values at £1,500-2,000 for an original white label copy. In 1973, they self-financed the recording of a second album, though this wasn't released at all (until now). After several years of intensive research, Rise Above Relics is delighted to bring you this fully authorised release, featuring all of Cycle's studio output. All recordings have been painstakingly restored to the highest spec possible. The 2LP edition comes with a gatefold sleeve and an insert, outlining the history of the band with tons of photos and flyers from the band member's personal archive. Cycle were, without doubt, a truly excellent band during the underground progressive era of the early '70s. There is no denying that they should have received wider recognition and a proper recording contract. Although very much a band of their time, Cycle combined the heaviness of Black Sabbath with the cosmic vibes of Hawkwind. 'Cosmic Clouds' is a truly obscure cult artefact from the golden age of underground British hard rock. Limited to 500 copies on silver vinyl LP $29 SKU:22783

DUSTAPHONICS - BIG SMOKE LONDON TOWN (70s style punk/R&B/GARAGE) Label:DIRTY WATER THE DUSTAPHONICS' music is a fantastic mash-up that details their musical influences. We hear elements of booze-soaked 1950s rhythm and blues, vintage stomping buttshaker soul, '60s garage rock and British beat/r&b, Vegas lounge, sleazy grind instrumentals and surf guitar. And the whole deal is sealed and delivered with the spirit of '70s punk. The best of vintage music styles, performed and produced in a way that can suit modern ears. LP $24 SKU:22997

HIGHSPEED V - Demented R&B (Swedish '60s garage-punk revivalist) Label:GROOVIE RECORDS A collection of all the existing recordings (including previously unissued tracks) from the short lived Swedish '60s garage-punk revivalists, active in the '80s. They included two members from the well known Crimson Shadows. The LP incluides an insert offering rare photos, and the full story on Stockholm's neo-garage scene (plus family tree) by Patrick Lundborg, author of The Acid Archives and Psychedelia books. LP $20 SKU:16149

MOVING SIDEWALKS- FLASH (60s Texas psych rock)
Label:AUDIO CLARITY Originally released in 1968, the sole LP by the Texas-based psych-rock band featuring a young Billy Gibbons (later of ZZ Top!) makes its return to vinyl. This edition spins at 45rpm for maximum sound quality! LP $22 SKU:22897

SNAILS (GREECE)- ST ( garage kicks, sixties psych mythology and punk )Label:BELUGA A blend of garage kicks, sixties psych mythology and punk insolence. The solid rhythm section, hell-fuzzed guitars, haunted vocals and a possessed harmonica will blow your mind. Included are great covers of the Third Bardo's 'I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time', Santana's 'Gypsy Woman' (with additional vocals by Angel Lo Verde and Dimitris Beleniotis from the legendary Cardinals) and 'Satisfaction Guaranteed', originally by Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes. The album is housed in a pretty trippy cover LP $19 SKU:21664

SONIC DAWN - ENTER THE MIRAGE-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Arguably the most blazing and powerful album yet by The Sonic Dawn. It has an unusual live feel for a studio album, packing much of the raw energy and electricity that has made The Sonic Dawn's psychedelic concerts famous in the rock underground. LP $22 SKU:22930


TIMEMAZINE -#11 PLUS CD AND 7”(Greek psych zineThe eleventh issue of this Greek psychedelic fanzine contains 100 pages (A4-not photocopied) all in English and comes in full coloured/hard laminated cover and with a 13 track free CD compilation. Contents: Danny Norton (guitarist/songwriter) of EXPEDITION TO EARTH (interview), JR Nichols (lead guitarist) of THE BEAT OF THE EARTH (interview), Mike Lassandro (drummer/vocalist) of THE TEA COMPANY (interview), Roy Blumenfeld (drummer) of THE BLUES PROJECT (interview), remembering Demian Bell (guitarist/singer) of MAYPOLE (interview), Klaus Lemur Esser (guitarist) of early AMON DUUL (interview), Support the "NOW" Underground: 5 bands-5 countries-5 interviews: DIRE WOLVES (USA), DE LORIANS (Japan), AL DOUM & THE FARYDS (Italy), ATOMIC SIMAO (Ukraine), DURY DAVA (Hellas), 68 LPs of 1968 that transformed psychedelia to psych, the influence of psychedelic concert posters on rock album cover design by Dennis Loren. Greek band of the issue: CRYSTAL THOUGHTS (interview). Ultimate '60s time songs - 'Before My Time' by THE OPEN MIND and tons of LP/CD/EP/7" reviews. CD Compilation: 01. EXPEDITION TO EARTH - Expedition To Earth 1968 02. VIBRAVOID - World Of Pain 2019 (Special TMZ Edit) (previously unreleased) 03. THE TEA COMPANY - Flowers (Edited Single Version) 1968 04. AL DOUM AND THE FARYDS - Unity Is Brotherhood 2018 05. DE LORIANS - A Ship Of Mental Health 2019 06. ATOMIC SIMAO - Chemical Time Machine 2018 07. DIRE WOLVES - Earth Rising Earth 2019 (previously unreleased) 08. DURY DAVA - Tsantiri 2017 (previously unreleased) 09. THE LOVE EXPLOSION - Anarchy! 2019 10. SILVER CLOUD EXPRESS - Postcards From Outer Space 2019 11. THE AGUILAR BLUMENFELD PROJECT - Plutonium Bob 2017 12. THE EXPEDITION - Dance Gypsy Dance 2017 13. THE QUIRK - Blame It On Yourself 2018 (previously unreleased) BOOKS & MAGS $24 SKU:22608

7SHADES-BURSTING(prog/punk/pop/psych pranksters)Label:SNAFU RECORDINGS The much anticipated second album from prog/punk/pop/psych pranksters 7shades. Crammed to the gills with all manner of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic deviance, this is a band that is clearly not afraid to venture into the lesser-travelled realms of maximalism. Self-professed devotees of the work of Tim Smith and Cardiacs, that inherited DNA is still in strong evidence throughout 'Bursting', but as a whole the album seems to be striking out in a myriad of other directions. Influences from Gong, King Crimson and Mike Patton are evident, for example, but it is far from being any kind of mere prog copycat affair CD $15 SKU:22630

ELECTRIC FLASHBACKS -THE LOVELY ART OF ELECTRONICS( 60s garage/beat "obscure-classics)-Label:TEEN SOUND Tito and The Brainsuckers were one of the most deranged garage-r'n'r acts in Italy in the past decade, playing a lot live also with Leighton Koizumi of The Morlocks/Gravedigger V band for a while. Today Tito's ELECTRIC FLASHBACKS release sort of a compilation of 60s garage/beat "obscure-classics" that have accompanied his evolution. Not just covers but very personal and classy versions to match. A must CD $19 SKU:22551

ELECTRIC HOLLERS - RISE(Psych blues rock from Holland)-Label:SELF RELEASE Electric Hollers is a psychedelic blues/rock sensation from the northern part of The Netherlands. Get ready to be blown away by a wall of vintage sound and energy! Heavy bass tones, thundering drums and guitar solos that drag you to past times. The band is 3/21/2020inspired by bands such as Led Zeppelin, Santana and Ten Years After and this first album was released in 2018. It produced rave reviews and a full agenda. CD $15 SKU:21966

HUNS(NY-CONQUER ITHACA-1966 garage-Label:JARGON After 50 years of collecting dust, 1966 - Ithaca, New York's Garage - Frat Rock band, The Huns, finally release their long awaited album "CONQUER ITHACA, NEW YORK, 1966!" as part of the "Time Capsule Series" from Jargon Records! Infectious hooks coupled with electric guitars & farfisa Organ. Features songs recorded in Ithaca College’s “TV Station” on 1/4” Mono Analog Tape... plus more! Including a 12-page booklet with cool photos & liner notes!!! CD $18 SKU:22674

LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE- FROM THE MYSTIC RAYS OF ASTROLOGICAL LIGHT (70's cosmic psychedelic)-Label:ASTRAL PROJECTIon It is a must for fans of Amon Duul II, Pink Floyd and classical raga style. The combination between the genres is well defined, providing a freak out journey throw eastern vibes. Great follow up to the 'Earth, Spirit & Sky' album. A more 70's cosmic psychedelic jam. CD $17 SKU:22713

LUTHER -N- THE B.B.B.'S- BEST OF, VOL. 1Label:LAKESIDE MUSIC "This is an oddly fascinating record, as it covers the nearly two-decade career of a band all but unheard of outside of a 25-mile radius of Rochester, NY. These 25 tracks, recorded between 1982 and 1997, include such parochial standbys as a Christmas single, a radio jingle for a local business, and a snippet of live tape recorded at a dance marathon at the University of Rochester. Holtzman's other songs are genial guitar pop along the lines of the Raspberries, Shoes, or other Beatles-fixated power poppers of the '70s." ~Stewart Mason/ CD $19 SKU:22672

BRING FLOWERS TO U.S-20 Popsike Gems From U.S.A.-Label:MISTY LANE Long time sold out vinyl US sixties Popsike comp on Misty Lane records finally reissued on CD. Remastered, with additional info/pix,12 pages full color booklet! Rare US pop, psych compilation COMP CD $19 SKU:22557

FADING YELLOW - Vol 16 Sad About the Times - Label:FLOWER MACHINE Released five years after the previous 'Fading Yellow' CD, Volume 16 offers more delightful '60s psych obscurities, this time around featuring bands/artists from the UK, USA and, in one case, Australia. COMP CD $16 SKU:20047

FADING YELLOW - VOL.17 The Better Side (20 Timeless Gems Of US Pop-Psych & Other Delights) Label:FLOWER MACHINE Volume 17 of the compilation series which have named an own genre of '60s styled sunshine psych pop called simply 'Fading Yellow'. This time including US and some Canadian 45's from 1965 to 1971. A magical smörgåsbord of songs with that special FY vibe. Among many highlights is the original version of 'Kites' made famous by Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, The Rooftop Singers did the original version. Limited edition of 500 copies with 8 page booklet with info about the tracks and pictures COMP CD $17 SKU:22217

COSMIC DISCOTHEQUE, VOL. 2-12 Junkshop Afro Disco Funk Gems From the 70's-Label:NAUGHTY RHYTHM RECORDS (Italy) Welcome back to the magic world of 'Cosmic Discotheque'! This second volume in the series will take you on an amazing journey through the Afro side of the '70s disco productions. Certainly, bands like Osibisa, Kongas and Barrabas with their special mix of Afro-jazz-funk and tribal-freak-rock, helped to spread this unprecedented blend of sounds, that along with classic disco music, were in fact the most danced rhythms throughout the European dance floors of the era. As on the first volume, the focus is on less known artists and unearthed little gems selected from forgotten dusty singles B sides. Exotic atmospheres and highly hypnotic tribal rhythms are the main ingredients of 'Cosmic Discotheque Vol. 2'. Twelve Afro-disco singles, all so infectious that it's impossible not to dance to. Stuff that you will be definitely looking for at the next local flea market COMP LP $22 SKU:22252

REBEL ROUSERS-The Best of REbels Vol ONE- 15 ear Bashing Greats (PEBBLES/ NUGGETS STYLE) Label:RAVING POP BLAST! Made in the mould of 'Nuggets' or 'Pebbles,this compilation features bands all different, but all with a healthy DIY attitude. A collection of garage-punk, R&B, surf, pop-psych, indie-scuzz and freakbeat. COMP LP $28 SKU:22825

ACTION -Rolled GOld(legendary 60s psych)Label:GUERRSON The Action never became stars, but Rolled Gold justifies the legend.” - David Fricke (Rolling Stone Magazine) •Digitally remastered from the master tapes. •Insert with photos and detailed liner notes by Jason Barnard (Shindig!). •“It's as if Paul Weller time-travelled back to 1967 and wrote the best songs of his career. Every track is a fully realized melodic and lyrical statement.” – Matt Collar ( legendary 1967-68 recordings by UK mod band THE ACTION, registered when they were in transition from mod-beat to full-blown psychedelia, just prior to becoming MIGHTY BABY. Originally recorded as a set of demos with the intention of obtaining an album deal which inexplicably never materialized, “Rolled Gold” is a collection of brilliant songs, melancholic yet powerful. The Action’s classic line-up of Reg King, Alan ‘Bam’ King, Michael Evans and Roger Powell is augmented with the inclusion of new members Martin Stone on guitar and Ian Whiteman on flute / organ. All of them are playing their hearts out: superb harmonies, great guitar work and clever arrangements which show the influence of bands like The Byrds and the psychedelic sounds that were coming from the West Coast and UK as well as jazz giants like Coltrane. Always the stuff of legend, The “Rolled Gold” tapes were shelved at the time, not released until 1997 when the Dig The Fuzz label discovered them and did a limited LP/CD run. Out of print on vinyl for many years, we present a new vinyl edition. If you dig the psychedelic era of SMALL FACES, PRETTY THINGS, THE WHO, plus THE CREATION, NAZZ, TOMORROW, BLOSSOM TOES, THE END or TRAFFIC…look no further.
Tracklist LP $25 SKU:22829

BLACK MERDA -ST (70s psych funk) Label:LILITH Hailing from late-sixties Detroit, Black Merda (pronounced "Murder") were both aesthetically and musically way ahead of their time. When most black groups (including Parliament / Funkadelic) were still sporting suits, singing about love and using a horn section, Black Merda had already become a tight guitar-heavy freak-funk four piece. By weaving guitar rock and psychedelia into soul and R&B they were the gods of the underground "black rock" movement which fell somewhere between Jimi Hendrix and Parliament and MC5. But it wasn't just about the music the message was just as important, starting with the bands name (Black Murder - in protest of the mass slaughter of African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement). As in the original release, features a 30-second 11th track not mentioned in the track listing on the outer sleeve but present on the album. On 180 gram vinyl. LP $24 SKU:22773

CAVE CHILDREN-Quasiland (Dreamy psych/garage like Beatles 1969 PLUS CD! -Label: INNER EAR First album by The Cave Children. Dreamy psychedelic melodies, cinematic themes and raw garage rock outbursts are blended to accompany the existential and sarcastic lyrics of 'Quasiland'. The Athenian quartet has been influenced, among others, by the evocative soundtracks of Danny Elfman, The Beatles of 1969, Frank Zappa's sarcasm, the British '90s, Greek music and the new psychedelic rock scene. LP $25 SKU:22782

CHEEKS -Feathered Tigers (powerpop psych garage kings)Label:TEEN SOUND Dortmund's own powerpop kings have evolved into one of the best Garage-Psych acts around these days. The CHEEKS new release is sort of a concept album that will led you into a fantastic world of legends, 1920s dark visuals and Doorsy psych-atmospheres. Their garage attitude is still there but the pop approach of the band demostrates how mature their now sound is, today, just like the cover LP $22 SKU:22546

J.D BLACKFOOT- The Ultimate Prophecy PLUS CD ( U.S. 70s psych ) - Label:MAGIC BOX An undisputed US underground psych rock classic! Magic Box present a reissue of J.D. Blackfoot's The Ultimate Prophecy, originally released in 1970. Formed in Ohio in 1969, J.D. Blackfoot unleashed this stunning blend of folk, country, and hard rock in August 1970. Boasting powerful vocals, searing guitar leads and outstanding drumming, it has gone on to be recognized as an underground rock classic and makes a welcome return to vinyl here, in a gatefold sleeve. It also includes a CD featuring the full album and eight rare non-album bonus tracks, including both sides of their elusive debut single. LP $24 SKU:22705

RAIN- 1971 The Lost Album-Label:JARGON The Lost Album, a collection of original songs that the band recorded in the summer of 1971, was originally planned to be a follow up to their first record, RAIN-Live Christmas Night, which came out on the band's label, Whazoo Records, in early 1971. LP $25 SKU:22780

RAIN -ST- 1972 prog/psych/power pop Label:OUT SIDER Originally released in 1972 on the Project 3 label (home also of Free Design), Philadelphia's Rain's self-titled album is a cult item among lovers of progressive pop, psych and proto power-pop. Fantastic songs, superb musicianship, dreamy vocals, hard guitar, Hammond. Echoes of late '60s Beatles, Colin Blunstone, Zombies, Caravan, Argent, Parlour Band. Includes LP $26 SKU:22476

SICK ROSE-Chapter One(:80's garage-punk)-Label: SCREAMING APPLE Considered to be one of most important 80's garage-punk bands alongside the CRIMSON SHADOWS, the STOMACH MOUTHS and the GREEN TELESCOPE Europe had to offer, they were arguably even the first european act to have the impact globally in the same manner as The CHESTERFIELD KINKS and The MIRACLE WORKERS."Chapter One", a collection of all their long outta print 45s and other rarities they've released between 1985 and 1987. Remastered by Mr. Tim "Back From The Grave" Warren in 2016. LP $21 SKU:22812