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Another batch of groovy 60s and 70s rarities and bizarro finds, some are the last copies.

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LEFT LANE CRUISER gets a rave from GLIDE MAGAZINE - “Today Glide is excited to premiere “The Waltz”, one of the heaviest tracks on Shake and Bake. Falling somewhere between stoner metal and heavy blues, Freddy J IV matches the thick guitar playing and beat with his gritty vocals that at times resemble the growl of Moterhead’s Lemmy if it were slowed down. This is music for cranking loud and drinking whiskey with a spirit of pushing forward no matter what challenges come your way. For such a raw rock and roll sound, “The Waltz” is a surprisingly hopeful tune.” READ MORE HERE


And check out DATURA4’s track BLACK DOG RUNNING in the video premiere via BIG TAKEOVER! WATCH IT HERE


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BOLINE & TOMRERCLAUS- LA DOT (1976-1978) Label:KARMA MUSIC La Dot' contains music in a sort of new wave'ish style, performed by Boline Erfurt and Tomrerclaus, and recorded in the period 1976-'86. CD $17 SKU:21202

DEN LILLE PRINS- HIPPIEOLOGY 1 1970-1972-Label:KARMA MUSIC Den Lille Prins and Foreningen Til Livets Beskyttelse were part of a community outside Aalborg in Jutland Denmark around 1970-1972. These two LPs sound like something between Furekaaben and Skousen/Ingemann, psychedelic rock based on folk CD $16 SKU:21204

FEO-BEDSTE PÅ DEN FEDE MÅDE (Danish hippie-folk from the early '70s,)Label:KARMA MUSIC Danish hippie-folk from the early '70s, sounding a little different than most Danish bands of the era, due to the baroque influences. These 24 tracks compile Feo's albums from 1971 and 1974, entitled 'Eg Meini Tedh' and 'Filtskolyd'. If you fancy genuinely charming and beautiful folk tunes with excellent acoustic guitar playing and gentle flutes, and you don't mind Danish vocals either, this one's for you. CD $16 SKU:21214

HANSENS HONS -HIPPIEOLOGY 3 (early '70s Danish hippie folk and rock scene.)Label:KARMA MUSIC Vol. 3 in the 'Hippieology' series from Karma Music Danmark focused on the early '70s Danish hippie folk and rock scene. Hansens Hons started as beat band in the sixties and evolved into a well respected progressive flower power rock and blues rock band frequenting the numberous festivals in Denmark at the time and at Roskild CD $16 SKU:21205

LOS ACIDOS -ST (Argentine 60s style acid drenched psych) Label:NECIO RECORDS Hailing from Argentina, this band named Los Acidos combines the sounds of the acid-drenched '60s with traces of contemporary psychedelia. Los Acidos' self-titled debut-album is now issued on CD in digipack in an edition of 300 copies. CD $17 SKU:21260

PERERIN -TEITHGAN (1981 Welsh psych folk-rockers)-Label:GUERSSEN Awesome second longplayer by Welsh psychedelic folk-rockers Pererin. Traditional Welsh folk meets rock with psychedelic guitar leads, flute, male/female vocals... This was originally released in 1981 on the Gwerin label and for many it is their best work, and it's definitely its rarest one. Definitely one of the best albums of the genre, another superb rarity brought to you with a legit reissue by Guerssen. CD comes with booklet, jewelcase with outer carton slimcase cover. CD $12 SKU:21115

PUSEY, JOSEPH-IN MY LADY'S CHAMBER- (High level Calif. psyche-folk from 1977Label:MANTRAX High level psyche-folk from 1977, Californian private release but with a sound that has more to do with UK stuff, with some Eastern influenced parts as well. Pusey, ex-Yellow Autumn, is certainly a very impressive guitar player, his playing in this album is simply incredible and especially the instrumental parts of the album will knock you out.
Theres only acoustic guitars, bells, gong, flute and slight percussions..but you wont need anything else. A brilliant record this is, sure to impress any psychedelic folk fan CD $14 SKU:21116

QUICK, BILL -MARAVILLOSA GENTE-Label:GUERSSEN Mysterious Bill Quick..this guy was son of North-American dad and Venezuelan mum, and landed in Madrid in the early 70s, spending most of his time playing music and manufacturing leather belts and other stuff that he later sold at the popular Rastro flea market in Madrid, meeting point for all hippies of the time. He somehow got in touch with famous producer Alain Milhaud, who got really impressed by his work and quickly offered him a deal for recording a long-play to be released in Milhauds own Explosion label. Then Bill recruited some of top studio musicians and foreign friends who were also living in Madrid at the time; the list of people who play on the recordings is impressive: Salvador Dominguez & Chema Pellico (ex-Cerebrum), Rafa Galvez (Vainica Doble), Frank Rojas (Sangre). Jess Lam (Jess & James).. and up to eleven musicians joined Bill in the recording studio. As a result, "Maravillosa gente" (Beautiful people) was recorded. Ranging from beautiful, introspective, acoustic solo tracks like "Beautiful People", "Only the weather" or the acid-folk of "Winters gonna come" to full backing-band hard-edged ones like "Take me away", "Somebody" and the folk-rock sounding of "With you, Lord" or "I sing this song", the album is a real treat from start to finish. It has an awesome sound and amazing production (it was recorded at one of the most advanced Spanish recording studios at the time), along with top musicianship and Bills amazing songwriting. A real big ticket that was absolutely ignored in Spain at the time, and even today remains unknown to most of folk-rock collectors and fans. Curious enough, the album got released in Brazil as well (with poor sales again), with a different cover artwork. Now this is reissued for the first time, including a booklet with pictures and detailed liner notes telling the wonderful and strange story of this mysterious musician and carefully remastered sound. Outer carton slim case CD $10 SKU:21117

STEPPEULVENE -HIP (reissue of classic 1967 LP STONES /KINKS style ) Label: ELAP Reissue of classic 1967 album by legendary Danish band Steppeulvene. Musically a mix of Stone/Kinks-like R&B and USA folk ala Dylan, etc. CD $16 SKU:21208

STEPPING OUT -ANOTHER CONCERT SOMEWHERE(Heavy psych blues 69-70)-Label:KARMA MUSIC Stepping Out was a Danish band that took the stage along with their fellow countrymen Beefeaters, Alrune Rod and Burning Red Ivanhoe on many occasions and festivals. All the heavy psychedelic/blues rock material on this CD was recorded live somewhere in Danmark between 1969 and 1970. Featuring some 10, 15 and even 20 minute long tracks. CD $16 SKU:21209

TOMRERCLAUS -EN SPADE ER EN SPADE:(1978 Classic Danish guitar psych)-Label:KARMA MUSIC So 25 years later comes the follow up to this classic 1978 TOMRERCLAUS album. A must for guitar lovers. A strange fusion of HENDRIX style electricity and Balkan music mixed in with SHADOWS style. Very interesting indeed, and full of energy! CD $16 SKU:21210

DET BAR ROCK - VA 29 tracks Of Danish '60s and '70s rock'n'roll and beat-Label:KARMA MUSIC ..OG RUL MEN VI KA SGU LI DET! A collection of 29 tracks Of Danish '60s and '70s rock'n'roll and beat. COMP CD $16 SKU:21212

HARDE SMART (2CD)-FLEMISH & DUTCH GROOVES FROM THE 70's' -Label:SDBAN After taking a deep dive into the dusty crates with Belgian and Dutch music, 'Harde Smart' now unearths a smooth selection of jazzy, funky and soulful gems. All the music you hear, was recorded and produced during the 1970s, in either Flanders (the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium) or Holland. Besides exquisite grooves and hard-pounding drums, the selected songs also have Dutch lyrics in common, making this a rather unique way to approach and compile lyric-driven Flemish and Dutch music from back in the days. Record collectors all over this language area seem to have neglected a considerable part of their own musical legacy for a few decades, while firmly searching for rare grooves and breaks in the bins with more exotic music. Yet nothing is so certain as the unexpected. 'Flemish & Dutch Grooves From The 70's' is the first 'Dutch' compilation album to uncover the genuine, Afro-American funk and soul vibe. A sound that - albeit infrequently - influenced the work of some of the popular and less popular singers and musicians in this small part of the world in the '70s. Although influences undoubtedly also derived from the French chanson and rock music from that era. This 21-track album smashes all musical predictability and takes you on a weird and nostalgic trip; offering a revised set of 'essential homegrown classics' for the local listener, yet also being very exciting to the ears of the non-Dutch speaking audience. Includes mixtape CD. COMP CD $16 SKU:21220


ALRUNE ROD -4-VEJS (1974 heavy prog)Label:KARMA MUSIC CD reissue of the band's 5th album, originally recorded in 1972 and released in 1974 on their own Mandagora Records. Musically in the spirits of the band's early '70s heavy progressive heyday CD $15 SKU:21059

BEEFEATERS -THE SECRET TAPES (1968 Danish garage legends-Label:KARMA MUSIC Denmark's '60s legends. The Secret Tapes' are from around 1968. They were recorded privately by a friend of the band. The sound is great due to the fact that it was recorded reel-to reel and with 2 mics: 1 near the soloist, another near the group. The tapes were carefully cleaned up, and sound is matrixed in a way, so there is both depth and wide stereo CD $18 SKU:21060

BLUE SUN -FESTIVAL(1970 Hendrix style Danish hippies!) Label:KARMA MUSIC Blue Sun's 2 albums and 1 single on 1 CD. Includes the 'Peace Be Onto You' LP, a live recording from Tagskaegget in Arhus in 1970, originally released on Spectator, and their second album called 'Blue Sun', and their only single, both originally released on Parlophone. This Danish hippie party band was influenced by Dollar Brand, Jimi Hendrix and black soul music. CD $18 SKU:21061

CHEEPSKATES- It Wings Above ( power pop )- Label:MUSIC MANIAC This powerpop favourite from 1988 is listed as #49 of all time power pop albums by John M. Borack in his book Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide It's even better than that! CD $5 SKU:16182

CO4 - HIPPIEOLOGY 2 (70s Danish psych/prog/folk sceneLabel:KARMA MUSIC Vol. 2 in series 'Hippieology' about the Danish psych/prog/folk scene from the early '70s, sees the reissue of material by CO4 a band that started in late '60s inspired by CREAM, STEPPENWOLF, FREE, etc. Folky, rural progressive rock with some furious leadguitars. CD $16 SKU:21064

GASLIGHT - LIVE EVOLUTION LOST (1970 folk psych rarity)Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES This mega rare, dark sounding folk-psych rarity, recorded and privately released in 1970, sees its debut CD release. CD $12 SKU:21110

HAURU, JUKKA/NONO SÖDERBERG -POP-LIISA 5-6 (70s Finnish prog) Label:SVART The 'Pop-Liisa' broadcast sessions series presents previously unreleased and forgotten gems from the biggest names of Finnish '70s prog. CD $12 SKU:21112

LONDON DRI - Western Skies 1967-69 LOS ANGELES PSYCH Label:BREAKAWAY 8-page booklet with history by Mike Dugo & pics - London Dri had it all: From garage-rock to classic US psychedelia to UK styled Mod/psych. Finally here’s the band’s legacy—11 killer tracks in their distinctive London Dri style. CD $14 SKU:16371

MOTHER MARS - On Lunar Highlands (Aussie blues psych)-Label:Pepper Shaker The fourth full-length album by this Australian band is a bluesy, psychedelic space trip to the rocky outer realm and back! CD $18 SKU:21200

POPPY FAMILY -- WHICH WAY YOU GOIN' BILLY/POPPY SEEDS (70s psych folk rock) Label:GRANADILLA MUSIC he Poppy Family's 1969 and 1971 albums, together on one CD. Featuring Susan and Terry 'Seasons In The Sun' Jacks, this Canadian band released two wonderful LP's. Fans of psychedelic folk-rock will love trippy tunes s.a. 'Free From The City', 'There's No Blood In Bone' and 'What Can The Matter Be', which are no less than stunning! The title track of 'Which Way You Goin' Billy' hit the charts in several countries. For fans of a.o. Jefferson Airplane, Yankee Dollar, Peanut Butter Conspiracy and Carolyn Hester Coalition.
CD $12 SKU:20872

QUARTETO 1111 -Singles and EPs(POP PSYCH 1967)-Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) A very nicely packaged fifteen track collection of delicious melodic pop/psychedelia that leads off with Quarteto 1111's striking debut single 'A Lenda De El-Rei D. Sebastiao' from 1967, a song which changed the course of pop music in Portugal. CD $10 SKU:18994

ROOSTERS All of Our Days (60s jangly garage W stunning never-before-seen photos.) - Label:BREAK-A-WAY The Roosters have been known among fans and followers of the Californian mid 60s folk rock scene for a long time. Their “One Of These Days” b/w “You Gotta Run” 45 has been included on early garage compilations and is a huge favourite among collectors. Less well known is their second and at least as brilliant 45 “Rosebush” / “Ain’t Gonna Cry Anymore”. Additionally there´s a rare 1965 surf/mersey punk single released under the name “Five More”, an early 1965 acetate put down as the Avengers and most of all, three 1966 stunning unreleased folk/garage janglers recorded at Gold Star Studio. This collection finally puts all these gems in one place and unravels the enigmas behind the band on a LP sized full glossy insert with a detailed history of the band emerging from the memoirs of guitarist and songwriter Timothy Ward and the band’s vocalist Ray Mangigian. This is embellished with a load of stunning never-before-seen photos. Finally here´s the legacy of an underrated, but excellent band direct from Los Angeles, the mid-Sixties epicenter of jangle – The ROOSTERS! CD $10 SKU:19670

SINGING END - LISTEN TO THE MUSIC (1971 rare German psych)-Label:LONGHAIR Originally released in the beginning of 1971 this extremely rare and terrific album is now available for the first time on CD. The six lads from Cologne/Germany played a fine sort of pop music with psychedelic influences similar to the groups on the "Great British Psychedelic Trip", Vol. 1-3 Compilations. Gentle melodies, excellent harmony vocals and rich instrumentation (including fuzz-guitar, flute, organ and occasionally orchestrations) show the musicians great talent and remind to the wonderful late sixties. After The Singing End called it a day, a few members founded Tanned Leather and recorded two albums and a few 7" on the famous Harvest Label. In the late seventies bandleader and composer Rainer Pietsch did arrangements for Queen an ELO. The CD contains the first non-LP 7" as Bonustracks and comes with comprehensive booklet. Great music for all time!!! CD $14 SKU:21101

SUN DIAL-MADE IN THE MACHINE(psych)Label:SULATRON Made In The Machine' is a follow up of sorts of 'Mind Control' as it explores the same themes. This 2016 release by the the UK's neo-psych veterans delves even deeper into the surrealistic worlds of sci-fi and space rock, including hints of early kraut and dark psych music. However, it still retains the classic elements of the well known Sun Dial sound which is mainly due to Gary Ramon's guitar work and the band's psychedelic trademark. The vinyl edition is limited to 500 copies. CD $12 SKU:18226

TOMRERCLAUS -JAGUAR(Danish psych legend)Label:KARMA MUSIC The 2016 album by Danish psychedelic music legend Tomrerclaus. Much in the vein of his first album from 1978. Tomrerclaus plays guitars, clarinet, synth and he sings as well. Thomas Vilhelm plays the drums this time around, and Preben Madsen plays bass. In these days, with acid rock and flower power music being retro, it is good to see that the master can still show how to do it. 'Jaguar' is a thumping fat album, which should be in any psych-rock fanatic's record collection CD $16 SKU:21057

WOODEN LION -ST (unreleased 70s heavy psych )Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES On CD, here's one of the rarest previously unreleased heavy psych album from the early '70s UK underground by the original five-piece band. Painstakingly re-mastered from the only surviving acetate, you get long, tripped-out tracks with an early Hawkwind feel, toughened by dark vocals that combine to make this a cosmic-doom classic. Highlights include the atmospheric 'Ice Maiden', the spaced-out 'She Paints Strange Pictures' and their notorious tour de force, the lengthy three-part 'McAlistairess Phantoms'. Plenty of rare band shots, items of memorabilia and detailed sleeve notes included in this long lost forgotten classic. CD $14 SKU:21108

CORNFLAKE ZOO USA 11-THE ORIGINAL PSYCHEDELIC DREAM' -Label:PARTICLES Another frivolous dose of psychedelic wonder, episode 11 assembles a selection of the most delightful, juvenile '60s absurdity to reach the auditory senses! Included are delightful Dutch bands s.a. Roeks Family, The Riats, The Clarks and The Megas, German heroes The Rivets, The Bats and Tony Hendrik Five, and many others. The 20-page booklet includes background liners and images. COMP CD $17 SKU:19585


HEAVY PROG FALL OUT- VA rare, prev. unrel. & live 69-73- Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES A trailblazing new compilation CD of rare, previously unreleased and live material recorded between 1969-73 by a number of obscure and unknown UK bands alongside some AA nuggets from our Prog-Rock catalogue. COMP CD $14 SKU:21105

MIXED UP MINDS - Pt 3 British Pop - Label:PARTICLES The Mixed Up Minds series sets forth into the deep and wondrous valleys of British pop, daring to bring forth a collection of rare, overlooked and obscure gems that have so far eluded compilers worldwide, gleaned from the flamboyant underbelly of British rock and adolescent pop of the late 60s & early 70s. This eagerly anticipated third volume presents twenty slabs of melodic disgrace from a variety of bad-tempered boy bands when it was cool to be boys in a band! On this collection, we present the final days of British Garage punk with echoes of freakbeat and psychedelia being laid to rest in this celebratory volume of Rare and obscure British Rock and pop.. COMP CD $12 SKU:14439

MIXED UP MINDS -PART 7(Featuring some of the finest psychedelia and progressive rock from the early 70s ) -Label:PARTICLES Mixed Up Minds Volume Seven promises a further dive into the abandoned boundaries of British rock and pop and returns with once neglected treasures for our enlightenment. Featuring some of the finest psychedelia and progressive rock from the early 70s, COMP CD $12 SKU:15592

GRAVEYARD TRAMPS EAT THE FORBIDDEN - Vol.1 CITY DOGFOOD Double 10” (obscure rockabilly, surf and R&B tracks)- Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) . Nearly 30 years ago, a now legendary LP by the name of 'Forbidden City Dogfood' was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. The release on Vip Vop Recs spawned many imitators such as 'Wavy Gravy', '4 Hairy Policemen' et al and paved the way for the equally legendary 'Purple Knif Show'. What few folk knew was that 'Forbidden City Dogfood' was actually less than half of the compilation made by Lux Interior. Now, for the very first time, the entire recording is available, weighing in at well over an hour of crazy, whacky sounds from the Maestro of Mad himself. Remastered from the original source, these obscure rockabilly, surf and R&B tracks are interspersed with B-movie trailer clips and wigged out voice overs. This one won't be around for long, so get it while you can. COMP LP $22 SKU:19926

BONNEVILLES-FOLK ART AND THE DEATH OF ELECTRIC JESUS ..BLACK/GREEN SPLATTER VINYLLabel: BLUES FOR THE RED SUN Garage punk blues duo straight out of Northern Ireland. They are shaking Northern Ireland in a way it hasn't felt since Van Morrison and Them obliterated Club Rado in 1964 and Stiff Little Fingers blew apart The Trident in 1977! With 3 studio albums already under their belt the band has become one of Europe's top alternative blues acts, sharing the stage with bands such as Left Lane Cruiser, James Leg, Johnny Walker and Guadalupe Plata. Deep dark punk and stylish hard roots music with good pop-sense and without a whiff of retro poly stink! Originally released in 2012. LP $25 SKU:19426