Jul 15, 2022


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25291, 25225, 25286, 25210, 25227, 22082, 25296, 25230, 25294, 25228, 25239


24719, 25247, 25248, 20404, 14509, 25116, 24221, 19761, 24738, 25057, 25305, 24503, 20882, 25110, 24119, 22609, 25141, 25055, 19260, 22511


THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION -VA 70s punk soundtrack- Label:SURVIVAL RESEAR Penelope Spheeris' ground-breaking documentary 'The Decline Of Western Civilization' captured the agony and the ecstasy of the Los Angeles punk scene of the late 1970s and its excellent soundtrack is required listening for all west coast punk fans. The raw, jagged live sets by icons such as Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, the Germs, and Fear must be heard to be believed and the numbers by X point to their later commercial breakthrough; Catholic Discipline, with Claude Bessy of Slash magazine, provide another nugget. Totally essential!
SIDE 1:COMP LP $26 SKU:25291

AUTORAMAS- AUTOINTITULADO (Brazilian garagepunkers w cover of Beatles song) YELLOW VINYL Label:SOUNDFLAT Brazil's garagepunkers Autoramas present their ninth album 'Autointitulado'. The album was released on CD and vinyl on the Brazilian label Maxilar Music for the Brazilian market only, while Soundflat comes with a yellow vinyl edition, including the exclusive bonus track 'I Wanna Be Your Man,' a cover version from the Beatles. LP $29 SKU:25225

CREEPY JOHN THOMAS-ST (1969 psych blues GEM) Label:LONGHAIR This is one of Long Hair's favorite psych-blues albums and every track is a forgotten gem of past generation. It starts with hard blues rock tune, 'Gut Runs Great Stone' with great rhythm that just kicks you at the very beginning, making you headbang and simultaneously tap the rhythm with your hand. Next tune is '(Do I Figure) In Your Life,' a chilled psych classic rock tune. Melody is the real thing here but highlight of this song is the guitar solo, it's one of those Hendrix's solo, with so much emotions that after few listening it became one of your favorite solos. 'You've Gotta Hide' is a bluesy tune with solid elements of pure classic rock, chorus is catchy and it's a good fitter on first side of album. 'One Way Track Blues' has an awesome blues riff, lead and acoustic guitar and filled with riffing on electric guitar. 'Trippin' Like A Dog' is another Muddy Waters-stylish blues tune but with psychedelic guitar wailing through whole song. 'Ride A Rainbow' is a psychedelic-trip themed tune, made by hippies for hippies - oriented on peace, unity and love. Thomas' guitar talent is obvious - with his psych-bluesy guitar sound he's painting every song with colors of vivid picture. Next tune, 'Green Eyed Lady,' instantly reminded one on the bass groove on 'The Other Side Of This Life' by Jefferson Airplane. 'Sun And Woman' is a winner with its cheery and catchy guitar. The pumping rhythm of 'Lay It On Me' will really satisfy you and 'Bring Back The Love' will wake the oriental side in you with its bongos and sitar. The album comes with comprehensive insert sheet with bandstory, different covers and photos. Recommended. This is the first official re-release on vinyl under licensed courtesy of Cherry Red Records Ltd, UK, remastered from a master copy. In 1967 Australian John Thomas moved to Düsseldorf, where his girlfriend lived, got a record deal with EMI and recorded one of the era's great lost albums: Rust's 'Come With Me,' (Long Hair LHC281). John meanwhile living in Cologne met up with sound engineer Conny Plank. They recorded with bassist and guitarist Andy 'Shotgun' Marx and drummer Helmut Pohl, who subsequently joined Gomorrha (both albums on CD and vinyl on Long Hair). Originally released at the end of 1969 The Melody Maker was impressed by the album: "Gutsy virile singing and fine guitar from the amazingly-named Mr Thomas supported by bass and drums. It roars along splendidly." LP $32 SKU:25286

FREEDOM'S CHILDREN- Astra (70s South African psych) 180 gram gatefold -Label:MISSING VINYL Official, deluxe 180g LP reissue of the second album of the legendary psychedelic progressive South African group, which was originally released on Parlophone in 1970. Comes in gatefold sleeve. Not only did the album capture for posterity the unique sounds - dubbed "astral music" or "acid rock" - of arguably South Africa's finest band ever, but it also caught the mood of the drugs infused culture that had taken root on the southern tip of Africa in the post Woodstock love and peace era. From the driving lead of Julian's lead guitar, a perfect match for the amphetamine and speed culture of the day, to the surreal, trippy sound of the band that tuned into the growing use of LSD, 'Astra' captured the mood and the sounds of the early '70s South African music scene. LP $28 SKU:25210

ROUTES - TWANG MACHINE (Underground Japanese garage oddity)Label:TOPSY-TURVY Formed in 2006, The Routes are undoubtedly one of the most prolific underground garage bands in Japan of the last decade. They have not been showing any signs of slowing down and they present the album 'Twang Machine' after releasing three albums in one year. 'Twang Machine' contains ten tracks of classic Kraftwerk songs arranged into mid-sixties instrumental rock'n'roll/surf guitar bangers. LP $25 SKU:25227

SEICHE - Demo Press (rare psych pressing 1981)Label:JACKPOT Originally released in 1981 in an edition of only 50 copies
• Just as rare as the rarest 60’s psych pressings
• Includes fold out poster with band archive photos and history
• Sourced from the Original Master Tapes
• Audiophile pressing at RTI / Mastered By Kevin Gray
• Includes album download w/unreleased “Larks’ Tongues In Aspic, Part II”
• Feature story about Seiche in Ugly Things magazine
• Private Press Progressive Hard Psych

Seiche formed in Chicago as a recording project to show off the skills of the musicians and the engineer.
The resulting record: Seiche - Demo Press LP was a hard psych prog record released in 1981, that sounded like it came straight out of 1973, but was mostly unavailable, due to its extremely limited release (50 printed copies).
Inspired by Psychedelic Rock and fresh out of high school, Seiche melded the often disparate worlds of histrionic hard rock soloing with some of the more skewed elements of full-blown psychedelia. This Jackpot release pulls out all the stops, sourced from the original masters and loaded with archival and bonus materials. Don’t miss out this time around. Talked about in hushed tones in recrd trading circles, Seiche lives up to its reputation and justifies its rarity. LP $30 SKU:22082

SEOMP IWe Have Waited: Singles And Unreleased- (70s heavy rock with 12 page booklet)FIRE ORANGE Label:ROCKADELIC (USA) "Huge buzz saw bass churns its way through this heavy-progressive tune, all stern Fripp-ian chord changes and driving insistency, amidst the primal guitar sludge.” — Julian Cope’s Head Heritage website

“While diverse in style, heavy beats and distorted guitars and a dark atmosphere were trademark elements of their music. Several of their tracks are heavy and doom-laden and contain other elements later to be associated with the metal sub-genre of doom metal.” — Metal Music Archives

Call SEOMPI proto-doom, call them heavy progressive/psych, call them hard rock, call them psychedelic space rock — all are true — but definitely call SEOMPI radical in their approach to heavy music — and heavy topics (police, drugs, social justice, prejudice, war). SEOMPI (Self Expression on Musically Potential Instruments) released only three singles during their time together c. 1971, but what singles! Three posthumous releases have only added to SEOMPI's aura — even though two of those were at the wrong speed + said they featured single mixes (and didn’t); and the third of those — on Rockadelic — is long out of print.

For this collection, we have gathered all of SEOMPI’s actual single A and B sides, including their incredibly rare first single, ‘We Have Waited’ b/w a guitar-less take of ‘Lay On the Floor’, a song they re-recorded for their third single. The second side of the LP is comprised of previously unreleased takes from the band’s recording sessions. A swath of tracks from these SEOMPI sessions were released on the Cicadelic Records "Guns From the Skies” CD collection — but not any of these takes.

The year was 1970, and Dave Williams was done with his stint at one of Texas's finest barbed wire facilities — the same path that had landed Roky Erickson at Rusk Stale Hospital had put Dave behind bars. Five years earlier, Dave was a founding member of the Headstones, McAllen Texas's answer to teen angst rock music. Not content with being the usual 'cover’ band, Dave began to write original tunes and worked long and hard in rehearsal sessions to perfect them. After releasing legendary singles on the Pharaoh label and being courted by numerous major labels, the Headstones called it quits in 1968. Always an innovator, Dave formed SEOMPI, first as a three piece guitar-less two bass and drums band, and then adding blazing guitar.

SEOMPI takes you on a trip back to 1971, when Texas was a stomping ground for epochal rock music, proving with each track that they could, and in some cases actually did hang, with other legendary psych and rock heavies such as The 13th Floor Elevators, The Zakary Thaks, ZZ Top, and Johnny Winter.

•First ever reissue of most of this material

•Includes 12-page booklet with band founder Dave Williams talking about SEOMPI for the first time! LP $30 SKU:25296

SHROOMS CIRCLE - THE CONSTANT DESCENT (stoner/doom rock LTD to 200 copies)-Label:DHU Hailing from Vevey, Switzerland, Shrooms Circle return with a new magnum opus entitled 'The Constant Descent.' Heavier, darker and more captivating than previous releases, 'The Constant Descent' shows the band becoming a considerably powerful entity within the ever evolving stoner/doom rock scene of the underground. The riffs are deep. The voice; majestic. The rhythm; seductive. Comes in a glossy gatefold jacket and includes A2 poster with the fantastic cover artwork by Christine Sefolosha and also includes a Bandcamp download code for the complete album. Limited to 200 copies. LP $32 SKU:25230

TRYP - MY BRAIN COLLAPSED!! - Label:TRADING PLACES The roots of 80s English psychedelic freak band The Tryp lie in a hoax perpetuated by Steve Lines’ indie mag Mardenbeat, based in the town of Calne in the Marden Delta, which reviewed a gig by a non-existent band; former JP Sunshine main man Rod Goodway and partner Christine Cotter then gave flesh to the beast with Lines and Paul Ricketts of Unhinged mag, cutting My Brain Collapsed! as an exploration of mushroom-fuelled mental instability. First issued on cassette label Marden tapes and later by Acid Tapes (just as Lines took over from Alan Duffy), this edition is the first on vinyl. LP $26 SKU:25294

WEEED - GREEN ROSES PT. 1 EP (OLIVE)-Label:SIX TONNES Opaque pale olive coloured vinyl version. "The sound is a logical progression from 2021's 'Do You Fall?' album, which featured the band shifting over from heavy acid rock to more acoustic-based tracks. On this album, the band dips into trance-inducing wooden drone pieces ('Harmonium'), spiritual Popol Vuh-esque folk rock ('Song For The Homies') and even some violin-heavy cosmic jams ('What Was Lost'), the latter of which brings to mind heady Swedish prog bands like Kebnekajse. The release even ends with an uncharacteristically pastoral nylon string guitar and harmonium duet that sounds like something that might appear on a Tara Jane O'Neil record." ~Record Crates United, May 2022 LP $30 SKU:25228

YAPS -PUNK DIRECTO DE LAS MONTANAS (Ramones/ Damned style) -Label:RADIATION Heavily influenced by The Ramones and The Damned, Los Yaps had been shredding around Mexico since the early '80s. At that time punk began to penetrate the marginalized areas of Mexico City and the band started to practice even though they did not know how to play an instrument. Over the years Yaps changed several line-ups but still they created this unique sound leading them to tour with Total Chaos and open up for main acts such as Ramones, GBH, Exploited, Eskorbuto and many more. This LP includes the 'S/T' 7" from 1988 and the 'Tu Sentencia' LP from 1990. Mexican punk at its best! Released in cooperation with the original members and the sole rights' holders (Bam Bam Discos). Comes on red vinyl.
LP $25 SKU:25239


BLUE CHEER -7 (1979- Rare look at the world’s first Heavy Metal Blues band!) Label:SHROOMANGEL A new limited edition TEXAS ROCK DYAMONDS series of small press-run CD releases Raw, heavy, and straight to the point—a rare and wonderful glimpse of Dickie Petersons Blue Cheer. Produced by Eric Albronda and Jim Keylor. Recorded at Army Street Studios in 1979. "Blue Cheer 7 represents a rare look at the world's first true Heavy Metal Blues Band during a late 70s reincarnation which was closest to the sound of their original great success with "Vincebus Eruptum," their million selling debut. "In 1972, the late Dickie Peterson, walked out of the studio after announcing Blue Cheer was finished, after punching his drummer in the mouth for trying to make him drink carrot juice. Despite a glowing review of their sixth LP, "Oh! Pleasant Hope!" by Lester Bangs in Rolling Stone, the band's demise was swift, and about as loud as one hand clapping. Peterson, by his own admission, struggled for years with drug and alcohol abuse, but wasn’t ready to give up on his band. In 1974, an association with Kim Fowley could not get the revamped Blue Cheer lineup a recording contract, though the demos they made together were quite good. Five years later, Dickie had another go at it, briefly enlisting guitarist, singer and songwriter Tony Rainier (whose older brother had been a Cheer roadie before dying in Vietnam) and drummer Michael Fleck." Packaged in a luxurious 6 panel digipac includes expanded artwork and seven additional bonus tracks not on the LP version! CD $12 SKU:24719

BRAZDA BROTHERS - ST (Mesmerizing 1973 acid fuzz 1973) Label:VOID /HALLUCINATIONS RECORDS (USA) Mesmerizing acid folk/rock album from 1973 by Canadian band fronted by acoustic guitarist Bystrik and lead guitarist Andy Brazda; features acoustic material with bursts of electric guitar and keyboards; some great acid fuzz guitar work, which means that at times the sound is more garage psych than folk-all that convoluted psycho-jargon aside, a fine album; originals now fetch around $800 each, so here's your chance to own this rarity at a sane price. CD $10 SKU:25247‚Ä®

HOLY GHOST RECEPTION COMMITTEE #9- Collected Works ( 22 psych tunes sure to blow your mind! ) Label:VOID/HALLUCINATIONS RECORDS Twenty-two cool, raw, psychedelic songs with a Christian twist that are sure to blow your mind. These boys were going to Catholic High in the late 60's, dropping acid, and listening to the Beatles and the Byrds. The Holy Ghost Reception Committee No.9 were a band of young kids bored with regular Catholic hymns. While secretly listening to The Beatles and The Byrds while their parents were asleep, they came up with the idea of singing religiously inspired music with a modern music rhythm. This idea took off right away amongst other young people in their area, and even was accepted by their pastor, who ended up getting them a deal to record their music. They released two albums, both great garage/psych albums. One of the best examples of what Christian psych can be. Both Holy Ghost Reception Committee LPs ("Songs For Liturgical Worship” and “The Torchbearers” — both released in 1969) — on one disc. CD $10 SKU:25248

IMPI-ST (Rare sole 1971 album by African influenced prog rock band)Label:FRESH Not much information out there about this rare one-off 1971 album (released by CBS back in the day); African influenced progressive rock, by some or all of the members of the South African band the Bats. There are the occasional flashes of pastoral flute/pennywhistle tinged folk mixed with psych guitar, jazz rock brass, soulful vocals and thundering percussion. Comparisons with Vertigo bands Jade Warrior, early Gravy Train and Assegai and bands like Chicago and Greatest Show on Earth. As for the Bats: It all started in 1964 when Eddie Eckstein, Paul Ditchfield, Pete Clifford and the late Barry Jarman, burst onto the local scene and became, to many ardent followers, South Africa's answer to the Beatles. They toured for more than a year (1966) in the UK, sharing the stage with the Kinks, the Troggs, the Zombies, etc. They had a string of successful singles and LPs on CBS, before going through the temporary identity crisis that resulted in the Impi album CD $14 SKU:20404‚Ä®

KATH - 1 Obscure garage psych ACID ARCHIVES FAVE! - DBL CD Label:LION (original album) + Unreleased Material -...As Patrick the Lama said in Acid Archives, “Obscure and impressive melodic basement garage/psych excursion with a lo-fi atmosphere that would have most purveyors flip out, hits the Ampex two-track echo & tinny drum sound dead on.... At times the vibe is almost like Mystery Meat or Index, and that's not something you run across every day. A totally outside garage/psych/private LP that feels as personally projected as those Michael Yonkers sides. CD $12 SKU:14509

MCCULLY WORKSHOP INC-Best of(S African 60's psych KINKS, YARDBIRDS, PRETTY THINGS style ) Label:FRESH McCully Workshop, arguably South Africa's top psychedelic progressive bands, dominated the airwaves in the 70's with six songs in that nation’s top 10, ('Why Can't It Rain', 'Birds Flying High', 'Sweet Fields Of Green', 'Guinevere') including two number ones ('Buccaneer', 'Chinese Junkman'). Known for always recording and producing their own material they were innovative in the extreme and were a loss to the industry when they disbanded in 1979 (although all members pursued lucrative solo careers). Perhaps the highlight of their career was their run at the "Canterbury Inn" in Rondebosch, Cape Town from 1977 to 1979, during which they showcased all their original hits along with rocking covers of groups like Jethro Tull, Supertramp and many others. In addition to their music, they were almost infamous for their irreverent comedy, ripping off all the celebs and politicians of the time (including Tully's notorious Vorster!). In December 2004 the group was persuaded to get back in the studio where they wrote and recorded 'Reaching For A Dream' due to their affiliation to the Reach for a Dream Foundation, included herein. All the band’s key tracks are now available in this expanded version of their own self-released disc from the days of yore; with liner notes and rare photos
 CD $14 SKU:25116

SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT- END OF FOREVER - STONER PSYCH , for Radio Moscow fans -Label:ELECTRIC MAGIC Samsara Blues Experiment, one of the heavyweights of German psychedelic rock are leaving the scene, but anything but silently! 'End Of Forever' consists of seven songs. Compared to the 2017 album 'One Of The Universe' - which was defined in particular by the elaborate, 15-minute title track - the listeners will again experience a very organic production and a self-reflective bow in the direction of the early days of the band, without copying themselves. What is striking is the almost equal use of keyboards and synthesizers next to the guitar, which again and again manage to create a great atmosphere, not infrequently reminiscent of bands like Pink Floyd in the seventies - not necessarily from the sound, but simply from the craftsmanship with which they manage to send the listener on a journey, where destination and return are indeterminate and solely at the discretion and imagination of the listener - if he gets involved. With 'End Of Forever' Samsara Blues Experiment created a farewell statement, which already makes you want to see them again." (Rockblog Bluesspot) CD $19 SKU:24221‚Ä®

TROYES - Rainbo Chaser-Complete REcordings (67 psych)- Label:CICADELIC RECORDS The Troyes exploded onto the music scene with 'Rainbow Chaser' a regional smash hit that climbed to number 3 on the top 40 in September of 1966. Sensing a new phenomenon, famed bandleader Ray Anthony (who already had smash hits with 'Dragnet' and 'Peter Gunn') signed the group to his new rock label Space Records. His faith in the band was so big that nearly two albums worth of material were recorded at United Sound (Detroit) in 1966 and 1967. Unfortunately, only two singles were issued and the rest of the material was never released. Now for the first time ever, all twenty-four of The Troyes' recordings are compiled on one album. The recordings range from far-out psychedelic to unhinged fuzz and farfisa garage to moody haunting sounds. Included with this album is a detailed booklet of rare photos, radio surveys, newspaper articles, and Troyes memorabilia CD $10 SKU:19761‚Ä®

ELECTRIC HOLYLAND -ST- (Jesus fuzz psych 1960s)Label:LION Only 300x copies made! Music known as “Jesus rock” or "Jesus psych,” the synthesis of the Christian philosophy combined with heavy rock or psychedelic music, first saw light of day in the late 1960’s and was immediately pressed on vinyl. It didn’t dent popular consciousness and was met with almost zero popularity in its infancy. Over the years, astute collectors and music lovers began to realize that some of these records, almost all of which had been privately pressed in very small quantities with little to no promotion, contained some of the heaviest, catchiest, guitar-driven psych rock ever released. Many of us feel that these early greatly talented, creative and innovative Jesus rock artists, which, sadly, have been mostly overlooked and remain stlll relatively unknown, deserve to be heard. They broke the traditional mold of what Christian music should sound like and need to be known and recognized along with the well-known rock artists and bands of the era. This album presents twelve cuts of some of the best and sometimes heaviest obscure Jesus psych rock ever. Several tracks are from ultra-rare albums that are well-known to vinyl collectors, while others are from albums so obscure that only a few copies are known to exist. Enjoy your fuzz-drenched trip through “Electric Holyland”! COMP CD $10 SKU:24738

FROM MORDEN TO WIMBLEDON-(A Trip Through The Forest Of Oak Records 1967–1970)-Label:TOP SOUNDS After the highly decorated '17 From Morden' album Top Sounds pay a second visit to R.G Jones' studio with 'From Morden To Wimbledon', a compilation which collects fifteen tracks transferred from OAK label acetates. Comes with 12-page booklet COMP CD $19 SKU:25057

BEAD GAME- Baptism ( 70s pop psych rarity)Label:AMERICAN SOUND (USA) Last ever copies!!! Recorded in 1970 but not released until 1996. Follow up to their highly heralded album “Welcome” which is a classic psych album. This one is psych flavored pop/rock. Comes with paste-on sleeve. LP $17 SKU:25305

BLASTING ROD -III(Fuzzed out Japanese psych on random color vinyl) Label:GLORY OR DEATH Blasting Rod's long awaited third chapter! Fuzzed out psychedelic atmospheres and hard rock grooves from Japan. Comes on random coloured vinyl. LP $28 SKU:24503‚Ä®

GILA - Night Works (1971 psych rock masterpiece) Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS (Germany): Gila is probably the GOD label's best or second-best known artist. And deservedly so... their eponymous 1971 debut album (known as 'Free Electric Sound') is a psychedelic rock masterpiece. The same foursome (fronted by guitarist/vocalist Conny Veit, who later had a stint with Guru Guru) then recorded a concert for radio, broadcast on 26 Feb 1972. This was subsequently edited down to 43 minutes—adly that is all that still exists of the show. Released here as "Night Works," it captures a different dimension of the band in a live setting. On tracks like ‘Braintwist’ and the wonderfully cosmic ‘Gila Symphony,’ the group comes across much like the Doors doing their own “Space Ritual.” However, the overall mix of textures ends up sounding very Germanic in the end; for example, the outstanding ‘Trampelpfad’ simply couldn't have been created by an American group. The source tape isn't perfect (a few noticeable dropouts now and again) but we’re glad that the magnificence of this single performance is still preserved. All of the tracks included here are unique to “Night Works,” making it a true second album by the band’s original lineup. Cover artwork was painted by Gila guitarist Conny Veit himself. The 12-page LP-sized booklet contains an extremely elaborate history of the band in German, English and Swedish, a very meticulous discography, numerous cover and label repros, many so far unseen Gila photographs, leaving nothing left to be desired. Limited edition of 1000 numbered LPs.
 LP $30 SKU:20882

LITHIUM X-Mas-ST -ST (“Best psych single of the decade” Byron COley) Clear windowpane vinyl- Label:GROOVE NET “Frenetic rave-up of American V.U.” Spin Magazine (Alternative Record Guide)

“In a personal hell of abstract paranoia, a group like Lithium X-Mas is the soundtrack of Life” - Your Flesh

“Psychedelic Bliss” “Jump Into The Fire” (Trance Records Syndicate) “Single Of The Week” - Sounds (UK) 

“Best psych single of the decade” - “Message To Charlie” (Rockadelic) - Forced Exposure (Byron Coley)

“Fuzz drenched freakout of godlike proportions” - The Bob 

“Lithium Christmas not only sets off on its own direction, in actually gets somewhere.” - Dallas Observer (Tom Maurstad)
LP $25 SKU:25110

MARIANI, DOM -& THE MAJESTIC KELP-- HI SEAS (60s surf sounds featuring Dom on guitar) Label:SUGARBUSH Taking its cue and influence from soft '60s surf sounds Dom Mariani's 2018 album also incorporates elements of Lee Hazlewood, Jack Nitzsche and sounds of exotica. Always prevalent, however, is Dom's twangy reverb drenched guitar. What makes this album stand out are the superb arrangements and an overwhelming air of mystery and wonder. Some of the tracks are so laid back as to be almost soporific but keep the listener hooked and awaiting the next surprising twist. The album is almost completely instrumental with a few vocals added here and there. Limited to 300 copies. LP $30 SKU:24119‚Ä®

MESSER CHUPS -CHURCH OF REVERB (surf/rockabilly )Label:TRASH WAX REPRESS The holy grail of Messer Chups vinyl! Originally released on a small Russian label in 2013, this album typifies the surf/rockabilly sound they have become famous for. This album (and the album 'The Incredible Crocotiger') are their 2 most sought after releases with the price on the 2nd hand market hovering around the 100 euro mark. Yours for a fraction of the price, be quick, this will sell out fast LP $25 SKU:22609‚Ä®

NORTHWEST COMPANY - EIGHT HOUR DAY (Killer '60s garage-punk)Label:OUT-SIDER Killer '60s garage-punk from Vancouver! The LP includes the famous scorcher 'Hard To Cry', many other cool tracks from the band's seven 45s, released during the period '66-'73, plus some early demos!‚Ä® LP $32 SKU:25141‚Ä®

PINK FAIRIES-KINGS OF OBLIVION (USA) 1973 HARD ROCK- Label:FUTURE SHOCK Kings Of Oblivion' (1973) is one of the best-kept secrets of hard rock - and an important part of its history. If you like your rock and roll "real," it doesn't get much more real than this. Just don't go expecting Judas Priest, AC/DC or Black Sabbath; This is high-energy rock that truly belongs on the streets, and a landmark album in its genre. Truly a classic. LP $25 SKU:25055‚Ä®

THREE MAN ARMY- 3 (must-have for all 70s HARD PSYCH ROCK) unreleased material nice glossy sleeve - Label:WET WORLD Vinyl edition of totally UNRELEASED material by THREE MAN ARMY, a band led by the famous ex 'GUN' Gurvitz brothers. These recordings were initially meant for a proposed 2LP set of their third LP, but to reason unknown were shelved away and their third LP came as single album instead. Nine songs, clocking at 33 minutes now presented here for the first time ever on vinyl, are an absolute must-have for all HARD/PSYCH ROCK fans. Officially licensed from the GURVITZ brothers, coming in nice glossy sleeve. LP $16 SKU:19260‚Ä®

TRYAD-IF ONLY YOU BELIEVE IN LOVIN'(1971 acid folk)Label: DEL VAL Last copies of this 2014 reissue of this excellent acid folk album. Del Val Records present a reissue of Tryad's 'If Only You Believe In Lovin'', originally released in 1971 as a private press. Ultra-deluxe LP reissue on the recently resurrected (and sadly now defunct) Del Val label, the obscure but legendary label previously responsible for early and collectible vinyl editions by The Brigade, The Bachs, Bent Wind, D.R. Hooker, Fifty Foot Hose, etc. Long overdue and much delayed reissue of this NYC private press few have heard and less have seen. Comparable to the best UK folk-fusion LPs of the era, this is like a Yankee version of Hunter Muskett's great 'Every Time You Move' (1970), with co-ed vocals plus bass/drums/pedal steel/flute/keys accompaniment. Consider this East Coast haunted not West Coast hip, though you'll be reminded of a certain revered private from out there that wouldn't exist for another five years: Relatively Clean Rivers. Comes with a four page lyric insert, and the cover is what they were made like fifty years ago, this one is a heavy duty, very excellent Stoughton tip-on jacket. LP $15 SKU:22511‚Ä®