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The Born Bad compilation series collects together the original music that inspired bands like The Cramps. You can’t go wrong with this series. It’s a great compilation series if you are curious to hear the original rockabilly and garage punk artists that inspired The Cramps, like Hasil Adkins, Wanda Jackson, Andre Williams, Charlie Feathers, and Richard Berry, with some later 60s groups thrown in every once in awhile, like The Sonics, Tommy James, Paul Revere, and the Kasenetz-Katz Super Circus.V

SHAKE SOME ACTION -great series of powerpop, mod & new wave rarities ‘75-’86.

FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - Waleeco” + The LOST “Space Kids ( 68 Boston garage ) - Label:ARF ARF Patrick the Lama said in Acid Archives, “Obscure and impressive melodic basement garage/psych excursion with a lo-fi atmosphere that would have most purveyors flip out, hits the Ampex two-track echo & tinny drum sound dead on. This 140-minute double disc set comes with twenty pages of extensive liner notes by Kath and Badge leader Val Rogolino, and a plethora of photos from his personal stash TRACKLISTINGS ON SITE CD $10 SKU:14799

FLOWERZ-FLYTE 1967-1968 Garage Rock From Reading PALabel:ARF ARF This CD is proof why Reading, PA's Flowerz may be one of the coolest '60s combos this planet has ever produced. What sets Flowerz apart from the masses is they're just so damn good! Fortunately, this body of work recorded by engineer Clay Barclay captures their fired-up raw energy at its peak. Not only do Flowerz blossom with some mighty originals (Flyte, I Need Love Now, Talkin' About Love) but they plow through high-octane covers including plenty of Stones, Animals, Kinks, Byrds plus the rockin' hits of the day. Vocalist Jeff Stout bleeds teen spirit (Mick who') while the band kicks royal butt, creating a solid 10 on the Richter and Roll scale. (Attention garage-a-holics: No Justice mediocrity here.) Added bonus is priceless on-stage banter by local WXAC emcees during Flowerz performance on February 18th, 1968 at the Albright College Field House. All 22 tracks are actual studio recordings which were piped through the gymnasium's PA system while the band that night performed [mostly] in sync with the pre-recorded tape--thus creating twice the energy! A truly amazing historical document wrapped in a groovy 16-page fact-filled booklet.Flowerz rule! CD $10 SKU:11402


NOMADS-Made In Japan (hard rock punk garage legends, Recorded In Sweden 1995 ) Label:1&2 MADE IN JAPAN (RECORDED IN SWEDEN) 17 TRACKS OF LIVE ACTION GARAGE-PUNK! A live album from Sweden's hard rock/punk/garage legends, Made In Japan doesn't disappoint. The band wear their influences on their sleeves with pride, covering The Damned's "Fan Club", Alex Chilton's excellent "Bangkok", Link Wray's "Fire and Brimstone" and powering through their equally impressive originals. CD $10 SKU:20424

RISING STORM- Calm Before Calm Before... / Alive Again At Andover(Crown Jewel of 60s garage) -Label:ARF ARF one of the rarest rock & roll records ever made! "Calm Before... remains one of the finest and most important LPs by a US’60s group, never mind one that was still attending high school when it was released on the privately-pressed Remnant label. From a cache of moody ballads tohighly-charged, all-out flashing teen rock, everything here is broodingly and sensationally played out, including highly-personalised covers of Love’s ‘Message To Pretty’, ‘In The Midnight Hour’ and The Remains’ gold-plated nugget ‘Don’t Look Back’. The album’s mix of deep beat-pop introspection and thoroughly intense modern R&B-instigated rock remains unique among most of their peers’long-play outings, and thus played a big part in the inordinately strong pull the group would have on many young ’60s-fixated longhairs in the ’80s and ’90s.” - Shindig Magazine. CD $12 SKU:27014

THUNDERS, Johnny-Internal Posession AT Last (Live Recordings)Label:SONIC IN COLD BLOOD LIVE SHOW+STUDIO ACOUSTIC CD $10 SKU:20429

VICTORS - Victorious ( pre LITTER! 60s Brit Invasion style)- Label:ARF ARF “Before there was the Litter, there were the Victors. Including two future members (bassist Jim Kane and vocalist Denny Waite) of that fab Minneapolis combo, the Victors didn’t have the psycho-destructo stage show, fiery sound, and psychedelicized pyrotechnics of their successors. But their repertoire of British Invasion covers laid the groundwork for the Litter, and they had the teen garage sound that propelled them to battle of the bands victories and into the hearts of garage fans when five unreleased recordings were first unearthed by Arf! Arf! on The Scotty Story (now out of print) in 1993 Victorious expands the Victors’ legacy with not only those five, but also 21 previously unreleased tracks, including eight relics from their beginnings as a surf-styled band, a stunning seven-song demo tape, five spirited covers from a 1966 rehearsal, and a raw romp through “Gloria” (or “G-L-O-O-R-A,” as they erroneously spelled it!) straight off an acetate. It also includes the now legendary 1965 Scotty single, “Beer Bust Blues” b/w “Scotch Mist,” in which four-fifths of the band (billed as the Scotsmen) romped as their friend Pete Lokken did his best “Surfin’ Bird”/“The Crusher” vomit-tone into the mikeVictorious traces the evolution of the Excelsior, Minn. miscreants from a ’64 surfy combo (named after a Dick Dale song, “The Victor”) following in the footsteps of the Trashmen and fellow Minnetonka high school pals the Ready Men and the Yetti Men to a British Invasion-styled combo covering Them and the Yardbirds in 1965—before it was cool It was all over for the Victors by 1966, but their legacy lived on when Kane and Waite joined former members of the Tabs to form the Litter, a band that grew from garage Yardbirds roots into one of the most innovative hard rock bands on the scene by the late ’60s—and that has been documented on four Arf! Arf! CDs. Victoriousadds to that legacy with 31 stompin’ tracks and an extensive 20-page book featuring tons of archival photos and graphics, a band history by Doug Sheppard of Ugly Things magazine, and recollections from their producer, Warren Kendrick, the man who wrote and produced the Litter’s definitive version of “Action Woman.” CD $10 SKU:27042

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS TEXAS- VA (rare KDB punk reissue) -Label:BLOODSTAINS What a way to kick off a series!!! This is one of the best punk reissue comps ever!. Followed soon by Bloostains Across California and ...the Midwest, these comps are the original three in the Bloodstains series. All put together by the same madman, all completely incredible. They perfectly capture the feeling of each area. COMP CD $10 SKU:10936

IGL ROCK STORY - VA PART 1 ( Iowa 60s garage pop ) sAALE! - Label:ARF ARF IGL is an acronym for the Iowa Great Lakes Recording Studio, the first one in that state. When the studio/record label scored big with Dee Jay and the Runaways' "Peter Rabbit" (included here along with other early tracks by the group) after leasing it to a major label, the bands came from all over the state and beyond, hoping lightning would strike for them too. On this sumptuous collection of 31 tracks we hear the first fruits of such studio recordings, capturing the more notable bands from 1965 to 1967. The IGL studio had a crude, echoey sound that made drums sound enormous and vocals reverberate all over the place, but as a scrapbook of the studio's early days and Iowa's mid-'60s output, this collection is invaluable. Cub Koda, All Music Guide COMP CD $10 SKU:23444

IGL ROCK STORY - Vol 2 -Iowa's Premiere Teen Label 67-68 SAALE! - Label:ARF ARF Part Two of the story of Iowa's premier label of the sixties concentrates on some of the more commercial output of the late '60s. Featuring cuts from Gemini 6, Yetti Blues Band, Mad Lads, Steve Ellis & The Starfires, Koats of Male and more, this collection with extensive sleeve notes is a fine effort. COMP CD $10 SKU:23445


DEE JAY & THE RUNAWAYS-PETER RABBIT (60s Iowa rock)-Label:ARF ARF The song, Peter Rabbit was the biggest hit to ever come out of Iowa selling in excess of 400,000 copies! This CD compiles all of the material recorded by Dee Jay And The Runaways plus four tracks by their precursors The Chevelles. Includes a huge 32 page booklet chock full of photos, memorabilia plus the complete story on the band and it's members. CD $10 SKU:27022

FARRELL, PAT & THE BELIEVERS - 1966-1968: THE BARCLAY STORY VOL. 4-Label:ARF ARF Best known to '60s rock afficionados for the bombastic garage pounder, "Bad Woman," Pat Farrell & The Believers produced a body of infectous commercial material. Included in this 17-track retrospective are both sides of their two singles for Diamond Records plus plenty of unreleased pop nuggets, early demo recordings and four songs by their early incarnation, the Triumphs. Also of note is that the band penned all songs featured on this disc.

Along with the Farfisa-fueled "Brand New Baby" and the fratty "Hey," this overview showcases their lush, Vietnam protest number "War Boy" (which charted on Billboard), the waltz-like "All My Love," the Tommy James-inspired "Oh My Angel," and numerous other slick pop creations. A special bonus stereo instrumental mix of "Bad Woman" proves how tight and imaginative this legendary Eastern PA quartet was.

Disc comes packaged with an archival 12-page booklet that documents their entire six-year history. (Note: five additional Triumphs tracks circa 1965 can be found on AA-069 Eastern PA Rock-Part One [1961-'66]). All music recorded by Clay Barclay, one of the region's key "behind-the-scenes" musical figures throughout the decade. CD $10 SKU:27023

LINDGREN, ERIK - OIL ON LINEN-Label:ARF ARF Three recent works from Boston's Birdsongs of the Mesozoic keyboardist. Chamber Suite is a 30 minute musical escapade composed of a dozen curious selections that explore a dream-like state of mind picking up where Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks left off. Levels of Insanity I/II are 20-minute soundtracks reminiscent of ambient music that unfold in bizarre and mysterious ways. CD $10 SKU:27024

LINDGREN, ERIK --SOUND ON SOUND ( 60s Anglophile style)Label:ARF ARF Back in his pianist-on-the-brink prep school/collegiate days of the early '70s, Erik Lindgren was composing sophisticated songs in his parent's Harrisburg, PA suburban basement. Assisted by his sound-on-sound tape deck, Lindgren meticulously layered and performed all the instruments and vocals for one simple reason: nobody else was around to learn this fairly complex music. Now thirty years later, Sound On Sound documents this impressive body of work by an over-achieving 18-year old kid. Despite musical and technological limitations, this glimpse into Lindgren's formative teenage years is similar in scope and vision to Pete Townshend's illuminating Scoop series. And the material' Always being a champion of the esoteric and obscure, there's a healthy influence of '60s Anglophile (Small Faces, Herd, Idle Race, Procol Harum, Nazz, etc) mixed in with his weekly counterpoint and harmony lessons in academia. These full-blown demos recall the '70s singer/songwriter era of Todd Rundgren, Emitt Rhodes, and Paul McCartney's Ram. This 22-track collection of songs and sketches is always honest, overly ambitious, and a breath of fresh air in today's world of overproduced, sterile, pre-fabricated music. The CD comes packaged with an extensive 12 page booklet crammed full of photos, notes by Lindgren, and a forward by his collaborator/Boston rock historian Eric Van. Lindgren has since amassed a boat load of eclectic musical credentials including CD retrospectives by his mid '70s mod psych power pop band TNT, Moving Parts (pre-Mission of Burma), his experimental studio monkier Space Negros, seven CDs by his progressive New Music ensemble Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic, and most notably steering Arf! Arf! into it's third decade of musical activity.
60s CD $10 SKU:27025

PAMELA LUCIA- INTO SPACE WITH ..(weird 1969 for fans of Shaggs, Sun Ra and Legendary Stardust Cowboy) Label:ARF ARF Originally Released in 1969 on the Gulfstream label, this truly eccentric album can only be described as free-spirited bebop stuck in Interstellar Overdrive. Any fans of the Shaggs, Sun Ra, and the Legendary Stardust Cowboy will surely be attracted to this glorious joyously uncoordinated collection of paralyzing songs. RE/SEARCH recommended CD $10 SKU:27026

PANDORA -Space Amazon (1970s glam proto punk) -Label:ARF ARF Erik Lindgren's Arf! Arf! Records is known for gathering the most obscure unreleased vintage tapes for historical purposes. (They're also known to have a giggle now and again; a couple of the label's supposedly vintage unreleased tapes are at least suspected to be by modern-day groups recording in note perfect re-creations of period styles.) Though most of the label's vintage tapes are from '60s era New England bands, given Lindgren's proximity and tastes, the 1997 release Space Amazon is actually a bunch of circa 1974 recordings by Pandora, a Cleveland, OH, band. The tapes were produced by Joe Battaglia, drummer for Cleveland metallurgists Granicus, and only the first two, the thumping "Space Amazon" and "Daze of Madness," were ever released, and even then only on a flexi-disc given away by a local magazine. The glammy songs have a heavy, proto-punk edge, as if the group were heavily into the Stooges and the first New York Dolls album, and the theatrical vocals and self-consciously "decadent" lyrics suggest a strong Bowie/T. Rex fixation as well. Fun stuff, no matter when it was recorded. (MUSIC EMPORIUM)proto punk) CD $10 SKU:19193

SPACE NEGROS -Do Generic Ethnic Muzak Versions of All Your Favorite Punk/Psychedelic Songs From the Sixties Label:ARF ARF Need we say more' Reissue of 1987 out-of-print LP that includes Friday on My Mind, Boris the Spider, We Will Fall, My White Bicycle, A Question of Temperature, Expo 2000 etc. plus an extra half-hour bonus of unreleased material! Fans of Incredibly Strange Music will eat this up. Elevator Music for maniacs. A 5-star release in a 4-star world. -- Carol Shutzbank.CD $10 SKU:27027

WHITE LIGHTNING - Strikes Twice (70s Power Hard Rock)- Label:ARF ARF Grinding with the axe of x-Litter distorter Zippy Caplan, White Lightning's current charged Minneapolis from 1968-1971. Proving that lightning does strike twice, the band electrified audiences first as trio and then struck again as they grew into a quintet. Both phases are documented on this hard rockin' 20-track CD with extensive liner notes by Doug Sheppard. CD $10 SKU:11403


CHOP SUEY ROCK Vol 3-Exotica- CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGS Label:HOT AND SOUR CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGS W/KILLER COVER ARTWORK HOT 'N' SOUR RECORDS brings you the greatest names in Ah So biz! One of the wildest and wackiest comps on this planet that will stand the test of the time! COMP CD $10 SKU:23109

FLATTERY VOL. 2:- A TRIBUTE TO RADIO BIRDMANLabel:NOMAD KILLER COVERS BY TODAY'S HOTTEST PUNK-ROCK BANDS: GLUECIFER, BELLRAYS, NOMADS, YESMEN, NITWITZ. For those of you who still haven't removed the scorch marks Volume One put in your CD player, forget it! It's finally here -- Jake Starr and Dave Champion's second helping of modern-day bands' takes on 15 Birdman classics. Dunno how the ex-Birdmen themselves feel about this project, but from a fan's perspective, anything that evokes the spirit and feeling of the Birdmen is welcome.
There's nothing here as unique as the Bon Führer or Boyettes tracks on the previous installment, but there's still plenty to appreciate here. Gluecifer turns in a credible "Monday Morning Gunk," hewing pretty close to the original -- as many of the bands tend to do; variation usually takes the form of turning up the intensity, losing some of the subtleties of light and shade that the originals had, but hey, call it the price of a fan's enthusiasm.
Among the more original approaches is the BellRays' "If I Wanted To," in which this L.A. band, whom I've heard compared to "the MC5 fronted by Janis Joplin," comes across more like Black Sabbath fronted by Aretha Franklin -- which is not a bad thing (and makes me all the more anxious to seek out their self-released full-length CD, which the Barman was unable to unearth on his recent Stateside jaunt, even in their hometown!).
Other highlights: Silver Tongued Devil's "TPBR Combo," the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs' quick 'n' dirty "Iskender Time," the Nomads' "Hanging On" (which these veteran Swedes -- my main men of the moment -- don't quite make their own the way they have other material they've covered), and the Yes-Men's "Anglo Girl Desire" (with guitar/saxophone interplay that captures the feel of the wild Tek-Masuak break on the "Ritualism" version). Spain's Kike Turmix showcases his, uh, idiosyncratic vocal approach to "Aloha Steve and Danno," while the Spoilers win the Land Speed Record Award for the fastest version of "Descent Into the Maelstrom" ever clocked in North America OR Australasia, and Amsterdam's Nitwitz (including Hydromatics stalwart Tony Slug) turn in a solid "Dark Surprise." Oh, and memo to the "Demons" -- it's cheating to bogart more disc time than anybody else by doing a medley!
Radio Birdman were like a gang that created their own universe and invited the world inside it...like the early Who and MC5. Rock'n'roll doesn't get any better. These volumes are just a hint of how widespread their influence remains, 20 years plus since they crashed and burned. Kudos to Jake 'n' Dave for making this happen. Me? I'm ready for another volume, starting off with, say Holy Curse's great version of "Cryin' Sun"...but in the meantime, this'll more than suffice. Grab these while you can -- they'll make you wanna do the Pop AND the Moving Change - Ken Shimamoto COMP CD $10 SKU:27029

MICHIGAN MAYHEM!- Vol 1 (top notch 60S compilation, featuring garage, psych and hard rock entries)Label:MORE FUN 28 forgotten 60’s Michigan garage gems. TRACKS: Sweet Cherry – Eight Day Blues, Blues Co. – Love Machine, Illusions – City Of People, James T. & The Workers – I Can’t Stop, Quests – Scream Loud, Outcry – Can’t You Hear, Psychotics – If You Don’t Believe Me Don’t, Chevrons – Hey Little Teaser, Grifs – Catch A Ride, Undecided – Make Her Cry, Aardvarks – I’m Higher Than I’m Down, Black Rose – Love Handles, Pagens – Mystic Cloud, Jammers – You’re Gonna Love Me Too, Ebb Tides – Séance, Terry Knight & The Pack – How Much More, Olivers – I Saw What You Did, Quests – I’m Tempted, 9th Street Market – I’m A Baby, Beaubiens – Times Passed, Rationals – Little Girls Cry, Sweet Cherry – Funny Things Floating, 9th Street Market – You’re Gone, Ruby – Confusion, The Old Exciting Scot Richard Case – Get The Picture, Rationals – I Need You (alternate take), Ascots – So Good, and Pleasure Seekers – What A Way To Die. DESCRIPTION: For fans of riff-driven, raw garage rock, Michigan Mayhem Vol. 1 is a good place to start. Most of the tracks on this are good and it's a fairly eclectic compilation—from the acid rock of Black Rose to the psych-pop of the Pagens to the to the R&B-influenced garage rock of the Rationals to the countrified homage to beer by the Pleasure Seekers. Not all of the tracks on Michigan Mayhem Vol. 1 work but the range of styles represented here makes this compilation an interesting and essential documentation of the time period. Seance by the Ebb Tide provides an example of the low-budget horror film music that a number garage revival bands focused on several years later. I'm not sure why this was the case—music like this too often just plods along. The last track in this collection What a Way to Die by the Pleasure Seekers is notable because they were an all-female band with a young Suzi Quatro on bass. The song asks her boyfriend not to make her choose between him or beer, which she loves above all, apparently. The title comes from the acknowledgement that beer does not lead to a healthy lifestyle, "I may not make it to 21 but what a way to die" (Hey, remember when alcoholism was funny?) The flip side of this single is much better but not included here. Both sides of the Pleasure Seekers' single are available (with much better sound quality) on the compilation Friday at the Hideout, but that's not to say that Friday at the Hideout is a better compilation than this one. The driving, infectious garage rock on Michigan Mayhem Vol. 1 more than compensates for its occasional inconsistency and less-than-perfect audio quality. As indicated in the title, all of the bands on this compilation came from Michigan, which had thriving scenes of all sorts of music, particularly in Detroit. Perhaps what makes Michigan such a good source of garage rock of the sort on this compilation is that it incorporates eclectic influences while still retaining the inspired amateurism of garage rock. Highly recommended! COMP CD $10 SKU:27046

NEW ENGLAND TEEN SCENE- Next Generation (1978 1992 with Willie Alexander and Jeff Conolly of DMz/Lyres ) - Label:ARF ARF 26-track compilation circa '78-'92 that continues the tradition into the '90s featuring Jeff Conolly of the Lyres, Chris Horne of the Brood, Kenne Highland, the Four Commandments along with recent material from legends Willie Loco Alexander and the original Rising Storm. COMP CD $12 SKU:22943

ONLY IN AMERICA- Vol 2 33 zany and downright weird Nixon era period pieces -Label:ARF ARF Strange! Incredible! Fans of RE/SEARCH should be forewarned! 33 zany and downright weird period pieces mostly dating from the Kennedy/Nixon era. Music that defies description-any description. Includes Invisible Burgundy Bullfrog, Forbidden Five, Appleton Syntonic Menagerie, Mr. Love, Beagles, Mysterious Clown, & never before heard live version of "Foot Foot" by the Shaggs! Plus entertaining 16 page booklet illustrated by Wayno! COMP CD $10 SKU:20010

SIGH CRY DIE29 Tales of Woe and Despair (60s garage classics )Label:ARF ARF Subtitled "29 Tales of Woe and Despair," Sigh Cry Die has 78 minutes of the stuff, which -- in keeping with most Arf! Arf! '60s compilations -- is populated with bands mostly unknown even to the '60s garage buff. When King's Ransom and Fenwyck are about the most familiar bands, you know this music is way-obscure. The influence of the Beatles, the British Invasion, and the Byrds permeates much of the material, with some side nods to the Beau Brummels and the Zombies, COMP CD $10 SKU:20058

ULTRA CHICKS - VOL 1 -Filles In The Garage! (60s rarities)Label:none Lots of great French female tracks on this set -- mod numbers from that great 60s stretch that created so many wonderful records in France -- brought together here in a jaw-dropping array of excellent tunes! We've always thought we knew most of the great stuff from Paris at the time -- but this series is honestly a really ear-opening one -- as we're stunned at how many tracks here we've never heard before, and the way the collection goes way past the usual French female tunes that are often compiled and re-compiled so often -- yet still have the same great grooves we love in work by France Gall or Francoise Hardy! This first volume features 24 titles that include "Booff" by Monique Thubert, "Allons Dans Le Bois" by Nicole Paquin, "C'Est Pas Prudent" by Alice Dona, "Christine" by Stella, "Attention Aux Garcons" by Op4, "Bas Les Pattes" by Liz Brady, "A Hem Ho U Err" by Christine Pilzer, Mon Mari C'Est Frankenstein" by Nicole Paquin, and "Au Secours Aidez Moi" by Sophie Mansart. COMP CD $10 SKU:27039

WAVES OF REVERB, SEA OF FUZZ-International Exotic insto treasures Vol 1-Label:NO FUN Surf bands from far away places. First in a series of 4 featuring Los Kahunas,(ARGENTINA) and The Invisible Surfers (GREECE) WITH GREAT ARTWORK BY DR. ALDERETE COMP CD $12 SKU:27040



BLUES TRAIN -ST (1969 Chicago driving hard blues with great vocals)Label:GEAR FAB Ultra rare and hardly ever heard before Canadian blues band that took the hard driving Chicago Blues sound, spicing it up with riving fuzz and wahwah guitars. Pounding hammonds, blowing leslies, screaming harmonica and great vocals on top of it. Perhaps one of the best hard blues sounds you've ever heard. CD $10 SKU:21713

DRAGONFLY (USA) - ST (60s Calif heavy psych for fans of Iron Butterfly, The Who and Stack)Label:GEAR FAB Their self-titled hard psychedelic rock LP from 1970!!At last a CD reissue of this killer cusp of the 60's heavy psych album from California.Plenty of wailing psychedelic guitars, and a heavy garage psych edge give the album an awesome power. CD $10 SKU:11171

ECHOE BAND -The Complete Recordings (One of South Florida's hottest garage and Psych bands of the 60's)- Label:GEAR FAB One of South Florida's hottest garage and Psych bands of the 60's! Featured on Florida Volume 1, their fuzzed-out song "Shades" appears here again in two other alternate versions. Featuring two previously unreleased tracks, all their Argee, Art, Rebound, Universal, and Dukoff 45s and acetates, plus 5 cover tunes they played on the popular Miami Teen Venue "The Rick Shaw Show" in '68. 23 Tracks in all!! CD $10 SKU:19638

ETERNITY’S CHILDREN- The Lost Sessions (60s Mississippi sunshine pop) -Label:GEAR FAB Toured alongside the Seeds, the Blues Magooes and headliners the Strawberry Alarm Clock. CD $10 SKU:23197

GRAPES OF WRATH-ST (Phoenix AZ 1970 Brit invasion style)Label:GEAR FAB From Phoenix, Arizona, this band recorded 14 great hard driving songs, two of which were only released but all will appear on this reissue right off the Master Tapes!!!!. From 1966-1970, this band layed down some great tracks and embraced the spirit of the British Rock Sound in their music. CD $10 SKU:21717

KRISTYL- ST (classic 70s underground ) Label:GEAR FAB A real classic of '70s underground rock, the 1975 self-released sole album by Kentucky band Kristyl is regarded as one of the best guitar psych-rock albums from the '70s and a true collector's gem, CD $10 SKU:24823

OXFORDS - FLYING UP THROUGH THE SKY PART ONE (Jefferson Airplane style 1970) w ten bonus tracks!-Label:GEAR FAB When this Louisville, Kentucky Band recorded this classic 1970 LP, they also recorded 16 additional tracks between 1967 and 1971. These newly discovered tapes offer us more of their unique Spanky & Our Gang, Jefferson Airplane, and The Mamas & The Papas sound influences. All never before released. Oxfords sole 1970 privately pressed album is one of the best late 60s US psychedelic soft rock albums. Excellent male female vocals and complex original songs. It contains 4 bonus tracks from their pre-LP 45", which were not included in the original album. CD $10 SKU:22028

RUBY WHEELER - No One in Your Way (solid 60S Psych and hard rock FORMER STACK MEMBERS)Label:GEAR FAB This is an unreleased studio album by 2 of the former members of the late 60’s San Diego group Stack, who have Established themselves through their years on the Gear Fab label as one of the best of their genre!! Rick Gould’s guitar work is even better than that of their 1969 Above All album, and Bill Sheppard’s vocals are just superb!! Featuring 10 tracks of solid Psych and hard rock, this music will not disappoint!! Taken off the master tapes from 1972. The tracks are:
CD $10 SKU:26997

THUS- All of Thus - (1968 garage rarity with liners by Mike Stax)Label:GEAR FAB Reissue of this late sixties garage rarity is a long lost gem. Originally released in 1968 on the Century label, it features good organ driven-driven garage punkers and several catchy garage ballads. Featuring extensive liner notes by Mike Stax of Ugly Things from his interview with the surviving band members CD $10 SKU:25112

TORMENTORS, THE- Hanging 'Round ( 1967 undiscovered psych pop) -Label:GEAR FAB A truly experimental psych/rock/pop album from 1967. Featuring some very good garage, psych, and British Invasion sounds. Fuzzed out guitar, great vocal harmonies, and some really bizarre background sounds. CD $10 SKU:10787

MORE PSYCHEDELIC GUITARS - & PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS - 2 ON 1 CD (Extremely rare 1960s Exploito albums ) - Label:GEAR FAB Psychedelic Guitars & Psychedelic Visions- Extremely rU
are 1960s Exploito albums recorded by unknown studio musicians. Very much in the vein and style of Tswift & Bokaj Retsiem, these albums show the mainstream Music Industrys attempt at cashing in on the then new Psychedelic Sounds coming from the East & West coasts. Turn on the Lava Lamps!! COMP CD $10 SKU:11170

PSYCHEDELIC CROWN JEWELS-VOL 2( previously unrel. obscure 60s garage with 10 page booklet) Label:GEAR FAB 29 tracks from 65-69 from bands never before heard!! Plus a 10 page full color booklet of who these bands were-right from the mouths of the band members themselves!! Includes 9 photos too!! 75 minutes in length. COMP CD $10 SKU:18621

PSYCHEDELIC CROWN JEWELS-VOL 3 (previously unrel. obscure 60s garage with 10 page booklet) Label:GEAR FAB Yes, as promised, our third installment of this great series chock full of never before released or compiled bands from 1965-1967. Fuzzed out guitars, wailing organs, and lots of teenage angst vocals, coupled with photos and bios of the bands. " A Barrage of Garage" for sure!! 28 Tracks, 75 minutes in all!! COMP CD $10 SKU:18620

PSYCHEDELIC GUITARS/WHAT’S HAPPENING - PSYCHEDELIC GUITARS/MIND EXPANDERS ( 60s ) Label:GEAR FAB Here are two Ultra-rare and as yet Un-reissued Exploito lps from 1968. Mind-blowingu titles, crazy sound effects, mystical instruments, discordant guitar work and outright and far out sounds from a time when who could be the weirdest won awards! COMP CD $10 SKU:11016

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- Alabama In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB More great unearthed 60's stuff by recently discovered bands from Alabama. Lots of unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18599

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- Arkansas In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB This is Gear Fab's first trip to the Razorback State! Many of these tracks have never before been heard, let alone compiled in the past. Features music by Five By Five, The Light Brigade, The Rubber Band, The Spires Of Oxford, Paul Allen, The Vectors, AND MORE COMP CD $10 SKU:23681

PSYCHEDELIC STATES--Carolinas TRIPLE CD Label:GEAR FAB We make it to the great states of North & South Carolina to document the fantastic bands that graced these states in the 60’s and 70’s. 80 tracks in all, many of which have never before been compiled. A triple CD jewel case with a 24 page color booklet chock full of band photos, original 45 scans, and biographies of these bands!! COMP CD $20 SKU:25741

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- GEORGIA In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB Yet more undiscovered bands from 1965 through 1968!! Many unseen photos and stories, 27 tracks. COMP CD $10 SKU:18610

PSYCHEDELIC STATES-ILLINOIS In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB Featuring many never before heard bands. Many unseen photos and stories 27 track collection contains many songs that have never been released before. Features a load of Illinois psychedelic groups including Poother, Ultd., Children Of Darkness, Nervous System, The Untamed, The Todds, Mourning Daze, Intruders, Lord & The Flies COMP CD $10 SKU:26034

PSYCHEDELIC STATES-NEW JERSEY IN THE 60S-Label:GEAR FAB We make it to the Garden State and boy did we find some fantastic unreleased tapes and Acetates, as well as some rare and uncompiled 45s. Featuring 32 tracks and lots of band photos and bios! COMP CD $10 SKU:26470

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- NEW YORK In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB More obscure, rare and unreleased 60's music from the Empire State. 28 tracks,many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18607

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- NEW YORK In The 60’s VOL 2-Label:GEAR FAB More obscure, rare and unreleased 60's music from the Empire State w. Cavemen, Omen, Weird Street Carnival, Majic Ship, etc. As usual many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:21175

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- NEW YORK In The 60’s VOL 3-Label:GEAR FAB Third Installment of the New York Series and Nineteenth of the series to date. featuring many never before compiled tracks from 1965-1970!! Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18608

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- OHIO In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB 27 rare and never before released tracks from the great state of Ohio!! any unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18615

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- OHIO In The 60’s VOL 3-Label:GEAR FAB 27 rare and never before released tracks from the great state of Ohio!! COMP CD $10 SKU:18613

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- TEXAS In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB Many never before released and rare bands from '66-'68 with lots of photos and stories. Including 2 prev unre tracks by Bubble Puppy + bands like Pastels, Crabbs, Airhead, Pastels,etc. 18 tracks COMP CD $10 SKU:23196


AS YOU LIKE IT- AGES COME AND AGES GO(70s prog rock) . Label:SEELIE COURT Stunningly complex progressive rock led by Hammond organ and mellotron, these studio tracks recorded between 1973 and 1975 are a significant discovery for fans of Gentle Giant, Yes, Fantasy, Spring, England Garden Shed, Genesis and Caravan. Never before issued. LP $24 SKU:26284

AWESOME MACHINE - GOD DAMN RARE 2 (STONER ROCK)Label:OZIUM The spirit of Kyuss lives on years after their breakup, and Sweden has churned out a number of quality stoner rock bands in recent times, such as Mushroom River Band, We, Spiritual Beggars, and others. The Awesome Machine was another such band, and one of the better late-period Kyuss soundalikes to be heard in some time. A lot of stoner bands seem to stick to the tried and true, and in that respect The Awesome Machine was no different, but they were excellent at what they did. This second volume again includes outtakes, rare tracks and demos. LP $24 SKU:26137

BAKER,KURT-BRAND NEW B-SIDES(powerpop For fans of a.o. Cheap Trick, early Elvis Costello and Paul Collins Beat)Label:DOl For fans of a.o. Cheap Trick, early Elvis Costello and Paul Collins Beat, here are 11 energetic power pop tunes that will have 'em bouncing around the room in no time! LP $15 SKU:21331

CRAMPS, THE M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M MAD MAD DADDIES- live 1978 Label:CTHULHU FHTAGN LIVE AT NAPA STATE HOSPITAL' - On 13 June 1978, NYC punkabillies The Cramps played a free show for 300 psychiatric patients at the Napa State Hospital. The greatest live show in the history of rock and roll music!!! A unique document of a wild performance where the only folks wilder than the band are the audience!!! LP $19 SKU:26689

CRAMPS/STING-RAYS - FUCKEDUPNSTEAMININPORTSMOUTHGREATBRITAINXXX- Live 1986Label:IGNITE From the ashes of the mythical Argentine duo Sandhy & Mandhy—who recorded in 1969 the intensely rare and beloved album “Para Castukis” (reissued by Lion Productions on vinyl and CD), a record suffused with beat and psychedelic influences—comes this resurrection by Mandhy of his "Celestial Stories." Alberto Vanasco Jr. (Mandhy) resumes his musical tale with twelve tracks written between 1968 and 1978. Recorded with the analogue essence and sound of the 70s, using vintage instruments like Farfisa and Hammond organ, and fuzz guitar. Features Argentine rock legends Nexus as the backing band. A record which brings together all of the various crucial elements of Argentine rock music: psychedelia, heavy blues, classic rock, and progressive rock. Stunning LP $19 SKU:21661

EXKURSIONS - ST (Late '60s Chicago psych blues) SAALELabel:TWISTED FLOWERS Late '60s Chicago psych blues rock band pioneering the Christian rock movement. Their sole album was released in 1971.Heavy guitar wah-wah fuzz riffs, a must have for fans of early Cream or Jimi Hendrix. Limited to 100 copies on clear vinyl. First time reissue on vinyl. LP $22 SKU:26136

GARAGE PSYCHIATRIQUE SUBURBAIN- 1980-1982 demos- SAALE! Label:CAMELEON Garage Psychiatrique Suburbain, abbreviated as G.P.S. was formed in 1977 in Sèvres by Thomas Darnal and Pierre Caquard dit Leloup. They recorded several demos, followed by their debut single in 1982 on Underdog. The band released two albums: 'Bien Dans La Ville' (1983) and 'Waiting For The Next War' (1985), before the band split in 1987 due to musical differences. This album compiles the band's demos from the period 1980-1982. LP $19 SKU:25967

HEROINAS- HOCUS POCUS (late 70s Velvets stye)Label:FAMILY SPREE Heroínas has been described as a tribute to The Velvet Underground and the New York rock'n'roll scene of the late '70s. The band features Indy Tumbita (Thee Tumbitas, Indy Tumbita & The Voodoo Bandits, Joao Tomba, Los Duques de Monterrey), Linda Lamarr (Thee Tumbitas, Los Duques de Monterrey) and Coral (Aerolíneas Federales). LP $18 SKU:25956

LEGAL WEAPON- DEATH OF INNOCENCE (1982 Pioneering LA punk band)Label:RADIATION Pioneering LA punk band Legal Weapon was formed in 1980 from the ashes of The Silencers, which Steve Reiner formed with guitarist Brian Hansen and vocalist Kat Arthur. By the time of this riveting 1982 debut LP, the band had Arthur, Hansen, future Adolescents/Agent Orange bassist Steve Soto, and drummer Charlie Vartanian. Just as Exene Cervenka was a primary draw in X and Penelope Houston in The Avengers, Kat Arthur is the major lure that kept this band outstanding, as Hansen and Soto vary the musical action, keeping their hardcore on the melodic side throughout. Essential listening for west coast punk fans!
Limited yellow vinyl, remastered audio, complete with printed inner sleeve with liner notes by founding member Brian Jansen, and exclusive live shot by Allison Braun in a folded poster! LP $18 SKU:26131

LIMONADA -ST (legendary 1970 Peruvian obscurity)Label:LION Although they sprung ready-made from of the ashes of legendary candombe/beat group El Kinto, one of the best-kept secrets from Uruguay’s musical mythology is nevertheless the group of musicians who recorded one album as Limonada. So what happened? The story starts with the end of El Kinto, when band leader and iconoclastic maniac Eduardo Mateo decided to embark on a solo career (see our forthcoming Lion Productions collection of his early music for more details), and the other members of El Kinto said “let’s do something together”. And so it was that in the middle of 1970, Limonada recorded their one and only album, “LimoNada” (Sondor 33.111). It is a strange record, with backwards tape splices, abrupt song changes, yet at the same time it is absolutely accessible and very groovy, in a Tropicalia sort of way, which might explain why it was an immediate success. In truth, it’s a profound mystery why the Limonada LP—one of the ten best sellers of its time within three weeks of its release—seems to have vanished from the consciousness of even the most devoted fans of obscure music. Until now, of course. This carefully researched reissue contains the entire Limonada LP (its reissue debut), supplemented by an extended live bonus track. The sixteen page booklet includes historical background on the Uruguayan scene, details of the band’s past, plenty of photos, as well as a brief overview of the legendary Sondor label. LP $14 SKU:26830

NIHILIST SPASM BAND -No Record (1968 counterculture weirdness) -Label:LION One of very few indie label releases on Spin Magazine's list of 100 top counter-cultural music, ahead of legends like Mulatu Astatke, Brigitte Fontaine, Pärson Sound, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra and His Solar Arkestra, Harry Partch, and Os Mutantes. Zowie!"In 1965, eight guys from London, Ontario, decided to start a free-improv group — 'free' to the point of building their own instruments, which they decided couldn't be set up to produce specific pitches... Their vocalist, schoolteacher Bill Exley, banged on a cooking pot and bellowed hilariously about stupidity and destruction and Canada. They didn't treat what they were doing as an advanced, visionary form of experimental music, but as a big, stupid, fun, ecstatic noise. By the '90s, noise artists finally recognized NSB as their ancestors — and, almost 50 years after they started, the surviving members of the Nihilist Spasm Band still play every Monday night while their children haunt loft spaces the world over." —Spin"The record you’re holding is one of the masterworks of that big gray area of noise/weirdo/freak-out music. It’ still hard to believe that No Record was released in 1968. This was a time when popular music was still growing up, and these outsider guys from Canada came out of nowhere and made this mindfuck of record that was years ahead of itself. And as with albums like Trout Mask Replica, and The Faust Tapes, it still sounds fresh today. No Record is mandatory listening. —Lasse Marhaug•One of very few indie label releases on Spin Magazine's list of 100 top counter-cultural music•Comes with massive booklet with the band’s story and rare photo and more!•From the master tapes. •Limited edition of 500 copies. LP $18 SKU:26831

NOX BOYS - OUT OF TOUCH ( 60s style garage ) Label:GET HIP The Nox Boys recorded their first album as teenagers in high school with Producer Jim Diamond in one weekend. This time around they went full throttle to create a true GARAGE PUNK album: “Out Of Touch”. With special guest appearances and production by Gregg Kostelich (The Cynics / Get Hip Records) on bass, and engineered by Pete Drivere (Blue Ash/Deadbeat Poets/Infidels), the album features a broad mix of psychedelia, pop, and punk elements…. “Out Of Touch” opens with title track written as an outlet for the frustrations of growing up in today’s political climate and circumscribing a pathway of your own. LP $12 SKU:21270

OUTCASTS (N. IRELAND) -SELF CONSCIOUS OVER YOU (Legendary 1977 Belfast punks)Label:RADIATION Legendary Belfast punk band The Outcasts formed in 1977, playing a mix of originals and covers. After signing with local punk label Good Vibrations for the 'Just Another Teenage Rebel' single, their popularity was boosted by airplay via John Peel, paving the way for their debut LP, 'Self Conscious Over You.' Full of teenage angst and romantic fixations, there's a nod to social issues on 'The Cops Are Comin',' but the album mostly deals with the agonies and ecstasies of teenage life. Capturing the band at their rawest and most unfiltered, there are jagged edges galore and hints of greater glories-worth revisiting for all fans of Belfast punk. Comes on red vinyl. LP $22 SKU:26132

PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SYNDICATE- Space Alley-Label:LION Plastic Crimewave Syndicate has finally returned with a wide-ranging/raging new album — recorded two years ago in an expansive, benevolent alleyway in the midst of a dark, diseased, claustrophobic time of global chaos. The new PCWS album, entitled "Space Alley," boldly travels into the relatively unexplored malevolent terrain of free doom, space/noise punk, and darkly dubbed-out library/soundtrack grooves (call it 70's crooked-cop show/freak-funk, if you must). This is all capped off with a sidelong, (beat of the) earth-harvesting modal exploration of synthed-out kraut-throb. With new bassist Rob Rodak (Dead Feathers) aboard, and guests like sax-skronk legend Taralie Peterson (Spires That in the Sunset Rise), flautist Sara Gossett (Spiral Galaxy), and synthlord Will MacLean (Protovulcan), new influences have seeped into PCWS's dystopian vision. The Syndicate have opened for revered deities like Nik Turner, Loop, Simply Saucer, Chrome, and Josefus; but now a more diverse and groovy array of past underground sounds like Skin Alley, Sound of Imker, Here and Now, Mann/Sharrock, Black Sun Ensemble, Parson Sound, and Schizo have influenced PCWS's journey. Recorded by Eric Block (Rhys Chatham, Sick Gazelle) of Rec Rooms studios, and mastered by Monster Magnet/Desert Sessions guitar god JP McBain, the mind-fry level is set to 11 on Space Alley! LP $18 SKU:26361

PUSSY--INVASION (70’s Hard Rock post-Jerusalem material from 1972/73)Label:ROCKADROME /LION •Includes insert with photos, lyrics and liner notes by Pussy/Jerusalem bassist and primary songwriter, Paul Dean Pussy, managed and produced by Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), was formed from the ashes of Jerusalem, well known among 70s hard rock enthusiasts thanks to their stone-cold classic 1972 Deram label debut album, and our recent vinyl reissues. This 1973 album, with Pau Dean and Ray Sparrow of Jerusalem along with Brian Goff on guitar, was long-rumored to be an unreleased second Jerusalem album. That it is not — this is a different crunchy guitar beast. Although Pussy kept the raw, no rules edge from Jerusalem which sets both bands apart from many others of the era, there seems to be a touch of Ziggy Stardust crunchy space glam in the mix. Ian Gillan was far more proactive this time around: he played piano and percussion, and was responsible for many backing vocals on the songs.
•Vinyl return of early 70s UK hard rock recordings produced by Ian Gillan of Deep Purple•Features former members of legendary UK underground hard rock group Jerusalem, whose 1972 debut album reissue, also produced by Ian Gillan, has been a Lion/Rockadrome best seller!•Limited second edition of only 500 copies LP $19 SKU:26360

SILOAH -ST (STONER TRIPPY psych-Kraut 1970 ) booklet and 7” Label:WAH WAH This is drug influenced psych-Kraut of the highest level. Private press debut from 1970 from mostly acoustic trippy hippie ethnic LSD-dropping folks from a Munich commune; some Hapshash & the Coloured Coat, Amon Duul I, and Incredible String Band action, which puts them in excellent company, although the music of Siloah is more coherent; tracks like ‘Yellow Puppets Hanging in the Sky’, and ‘Krishna’s Golden Dope Shop’ (featuring Ali on guitar) certainly stake their claim to your attention if you like ethno folk psychedelic head trips. Includes a generous 16-page LP-sized booklet. LP $22 SKU:19427

SOHO ORANGE - KINGS OF THE ROAD (70s searing hard rock Zep style proto metal) Label:SEELIE COURT Searing hard rock that combines the savagery of early Budgie with the mystical edge of Led Zeppelin, this Scottish band is an important addition to the roster of early proto metal bands. Taken from original 1971 master tapes, this LP ranks with the best of early seventies UK hard rock. Six long tracks that decimate many established proto metal albums, this restores track title and session order that were mangled on a well intentioned German bootleg decades ago. LP $22 SKU:26285