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All kinds of crazy stuff this weekend. We got some rare singles, more of those wacky import cds at bargain prices, and even a couple of collectible VHS tapes from our archives!

And if you got the post tax time blues, we have some bundles that will make you smile, 5 cds for only $10, all good stuff on the ALIVE or BOMP label. We’ve discounted some of the older titles because we would rather give them to you guys at cost instead of letting them sit here! Check out the list here!

Thanks for all!
Suzy Shaw


PHOENIX BIRD- F.T.C/ Parchment Farm’: numbered, w/picture sleeve. -Label:AMERICAN SOUND Phoenix Bird were a New Hampshire trio who formed in 1969, and cut these two songs to an acetate in 1970 or shortly thereafter, with the intention of releasing them as a single. That didn't happen until four decades after the fact. Per the liner notes, PB had "hopes of being the next big power trio." Had it been released on schedule, "F.T.C (Fuck the Cops)" would have beaten N.W.A. to the punch by a good twenty years; sonically, it sounds like the band was cutting it's teeth on Cream. The B-side is 'Parchment Farm,’ a rendition of the old-time prison standard that Blue Cheer turned inside-out for their 1968 opus, "Vincebus Eruptum.” With a great cover of Blue Cheer track! Released back in the 90s on the defunct American Sound label. 45 RPM $12 SKU:21226

WHITE LIGHTNING-Eagle EP(named after a brand of LSD, 1968 psych) -Label:AMERICAN SOUND A high density wall of sound, tightly packed vibrations without mercy and without equal among other area groups.” “Pulsing, flashing sphere of sound, make you doubt your melody, You think you’re making music, but it’s twisted out of key” Original copies of this 33rpm picture sleeve 7-inch, released in 1998, and rarely seen for sale since.The power trio White Lightning (named after a brand of LSD) were formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1968 by guitarist Tom “Zippy” Caplan, who had been a member of garage psych legends The Litter and appeared on their Distortions and $100 Fine albums. His departure from The Litter had presumably been amicable as the two bands lived and rehearsed in the same house in the Minneapolis lake area and often appeared on the same bill together (as well as sharing the same manager). ‘Of Paupers and Poets’ was written by Warren Kendrick – a producer, song-writer and label owner, composer of the all-time garage classic ‘Action Woman’. White Lightning, inspired by Hendrix and Cream, transformed the track into heavy fare and included an all too short twin guitar break. With its slashing power chords, frantic drumming, and mind-mangling atonal guitar solo, ‘William’ has long been acknowledged as one of the pinnacles of heavy psychedelia. 45 RPM $12 SKU:21227

DZYAN - Time MACHINE (1973 Krautrock) No booklet bargain!Label:Germanofon IN JEWEL CASE WITH TRAY CARD, but no booklet. Dzyan's classic second and third LP's together and complete on one CD, with all original album cover art! "When the [original] band eventually disintegrated, Reinhard Karwatky was the only member remaining. So, he drafted in jazzers Eddy Marron (ex-Jochen Brauer Sextet and Vita Nova) and drummer Lothar Scharf (from Virgo), who didn't stay long, and was in turn replaced by the much more original percussionist Peter Giger. On Time Machine [1973] they played, to quote Eddy Marron: 'in the Kriegel-Doldinger-Association-Et Cetera jazz-rock style', a very inventive fusion, the spirit of Krautrock in a radical jazz-fusion. Whilst Peter Giger worked on other commitments as a session musician for ECM and on tour with Eberhard Weber, ex-Dave Pike Set drummer Marc Hellmann filled in. By the time Giger returned, the Dzyan sound had changed considerably, as both Reinhard and Eddy had been experimenting with ethnic musics and a wider range of instruments. Mellotrons, sitar, and the mysterious 'Super String' were added. The third album Electric Silence [1974] was even more out on a limb, bringing weird avant-garde elements together with jazz, rock and various ethnic musics; all together in an extreme melting pot of styles, ideas and fertile imagination. Running from free-jazz through medieval cum raga-rock (cf. Third Ear Band) and intense rock CD $3 SKU:21236

FALCO , TAV & THE PANTHER BURNS - The World We Knew- Label:TRIPLE X American psychedelic ballroom combo founded in 1979 in Memphis, Tennessee. SEALED WITH DRILLED CASE. CD $5 SKU:21242

JEAN-EMMANUEL DELUXE -Rouen Dreams (psych/weird-pop)-Label:LION The 2019 full-length by author and musician Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe is a psych/weird-pop album that follows the concept of "Hollywood seen through the eyes of a Frenchman who has never been there". If you like to immerse yourself in weird popisms, in sweet and syrupy madness, then roll up for the mystery tour! The LP includes contributions from Sean O'Hagan of the High Llamas, Werner "Zappi" Diemaier (the iconoclastic drummer of the cult Kraurock band Faust) and Kevin Coral, who's known from an army of heady pop mavens. CD edition, comes with 12-page color booklet. Edition of 300x copies, of which only 60x are available for distribution in the US CD $14 SKU:21237

MERRELL FANKHAUSER and the HAIKU BAND -Visitor From 2000 AD (west coast surf-psych legend)-Label: This is an obscure CD release from west coast surf-psych legend, Merrell Fankhauser. Released right before the year 2000 hit and barely anyone noticed—it is a sad and beautiful world we live in. To some folks, this is the best thing Fankhauser has released since his Mu days! The track "Under A Maui Moon" is a mind-melter in particular. This recording is a breathtaking mixture of instrumental rock-jazz-surf-psychedelic flights with vocals inserted in the perfect places to complete the circle of musical life. This music speaks of the ancient Hawaiian mysteries that lie asleep waiting to be awoken. A rare and collectible CD. Very limited micro pressing. And more to the point, Fankhauser is very deservedly a legendary figure of the American psychedelic movement.Merrell Fankhauser (vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards), Tim Fankhauser (vocals and guitar), Divino (guitar, sitar and bass), Art Dougall (Drums), Ed Cassidy (Drums on “Visitor From 2000 AD), Rudy Esquire (sax), Steve Morrisey Sax and Trumpet on “Dolphins Cry” & Ancient Song”, Ralph Lewis (bass), Stephen Be (Vocals, percussion and flute), Chris Olsen (Percussion), Maui Joe (percussion), Mike Murphy Graham (congas)."The CD was recorded over a three day period in 1997 in Maui, right on the edge of the rainforest at Divino's Celestial Studio. For a jam session, this music has a startling uniformity and constitution. The opener 'The Elders Return', sets the mood with a mystical sitar while 'Beyond The Rainbow' is an exceptional excursion into the heart and soul of a traveler looking for answers. 'Into The Crater' is a tribute to the beloved Randy California, whom Merrell and Cassidy were very close to. Randy lost his life while trying to save his drowning son in the prevailing ocean tides. He is truly missed. This recording is a breathtaking mixture of instrumental rock-jazz-surf-psychedelic flights with vocals inserted in the perfect places to complete the circle of musical life." CD $12 SKU:21223

PROTOTYPE- ST (old school AOR 1983) Label:PACEMAKER A great AOR album, with a Hipginosis cover and a top 30 hit in Video Kids. Prototype was Dan Lowe and Brad Stekel who had been in the 49th Parallel, Painter and 451. "Very good, if you like old school AOR with great keys, you'll love this CD. Doug Riley is a fantastic singer and this is indeed a very fine AOR album. I don't think you'll find better examples of pompy AOR than 'Behind Your Eyes' or 'Live Forever.’ An excellent blend of high class melodic rock with great use of backing vocals and loads of keyboard blasts coming out of everywhere! CD $14 SKU:21225

GG ALLIN - HATED IN THE NATION on VHS!! Label:STF Check it out kiddies, we found some VHS tapes here at the office , some interesting stuff. Dig out those VHS players and have yourself a party. (Easily tranferred to digitial form, by the way, all kinds of places offeer the service on the internet.)
SEALED This 52 minute video includes concert footage, birthday party, & funeral. REmastered special edition VHS $15 SKU:21239

RYDER, MITCH Live Rock from Detroit VHS Label:NIPPON Live in concert Feb 19 1987 Nectarine Ballroon. 1989 by MC-TV Unsealed, formerly belonging to owner of ALIVE RECORDS VHS $20 SKU:21241

JEAN-EMMANUEL DELUXE -Rouen Dreams-Label:LION "This album has restored my faith in pop music as a concept. File between Syd Barrett and Sacha Distel. Listen to it in the dark." —Tot Taylor"The work is delicious—a buoyant energy that floats above our surface tension here “ Congratulations—-and merci.” —Van Dyke Parks
LP $22 SKU:21222

LAZY SMOKE- Corridor Of Faces (ORIG copies of 1993 reissue IN PLAIN WHITE JACKET!)-Label:\Original copies in a plain white jacket of the very highly regarded Onyx label reissue from 1993. "In a genre built on obscured and unsung genius, “Corridor Of Faces” transcends and stands out as a true psyche masterpiece. Rising above any number of recently unearthed late-60s anglo-pop platters, the sole offering from small town Massachusetts phenomenon Lazy Smoke is a cohesive, solid, classic album in every sense. Ten songs that weave into one-another, painting some beautifully drifty sonic picture as they go. The first remarkable trait of Lazy Smoke's sound is the lead vocals' uncanny similarity to John Lennon. If that likeness was the whole story, we would have a Beatles sound-alike on our hands, and that would be that. Upon digging just a little deeper below the surface, we instead find a darker tone and a patient, eerie and almost shut-in feeling resonating through the songs. While bands like The Beatles and The Left Banke were singing about love, lament and hallucinated travel experiences, the songs on Corridor Of Faces get sincerely dark right away. Even the seemingly-light teenage love-themed 'Sarah Saturday' shares an undercurrent of on-the-edge uncertainty and dread. It's this undercurrent that calls to mind comparisons to Forever Changes-era Love and the more damaged end of the pop spectrum. Originally privately pressed in MA in an edition of only 500 copies in 1968 LP $18 SKU:21224


CUERO - Crecimiento RARE 70S OBSCURE ARGENTINE CLASSIC--Label:FONOCOL Obscure classic from the Argentinean '70s rock scene. Debut album by Cuero was released in 1973 and is a great heavy psych-rock & blues-rock album, very rare and hard to find as an original. Stunning guitar work and Spanish language vocals, seven long tracks, all original compositions. CD $10 SKU:19941

GUN - Reloaded - 1968 Brit legends) PLUS DVD-Label:WET WORLD RECORDS (USA) Solid fourteen track collection of non-LP tracks from this legendary English band (it says so on right on the sticker!), which featured the talents of Adrian and Paul Gurvitz, later of Three Man Army, and so on, and Peter Dunton of the Flies, Please, Neon Pearl, and T2 fame—as well as a logo designed by Roger Dean; this package features BBC recordings made between 1968 and 1970, plus three unreleased studio cuts from an 80's reunion attempt. Good-to-great sound quality throughout, plus eight pages of thorough liner notes with rare pics, thanks to the full cooperation of Paul Gurvitz. DVD contains a German Beat Club performance of the band’s massive hit, ‘Race With The Devil. CD $16 SKU:20190

HOWELL, PETER & JOHN FERDINANDO - Tomorrow Come Someday w dvd ( 60s private press rarity) - Label:LION The second release (1969) from the home studio of future BBC Radiophonic Workshop composer Peter Howell and his musical partner John Ferdinando, makers of legendary albums under the names Alice Through the Looking Glass, Ithaca, Agincourt, and Friends. This private press album was recorded as the soundtrack for an underground film production by (later to be) renowned television director Ian Hamilton: "Tomorrow Come Someday." The soundtrack album, now presented from the master tapes, was originally pressed up in a tiny quantity for friends and people involved in the production; certainly no more than 70-80 copies were made. So what do we find here? A concept piece revolving around a village threatened by motorway expansion, and the efforts of short-skirted guitar-slinging young painter Emma Stacey and a local boy to save the day, and perhaps preserve their growing love. The film is described on the album jacket as “a musical comedy, shot on location in the Sussex village of Lurgashall, during August 1969,” which of course, doesn’t begin to tell the tale. Think perhaps of the Kinks’ “Village Green Preservation Society” characters come to life. See for yourself! For this is both the compact disc and DVD debut of “Tomorrow Come Someday,” film and soundtrack, together at last in a double-disc set. Chunky booklet with plentiful photos gives the full story of what we like to call The Wonderful Musical World of Peter Howell & John Ferdinando. CD $10 SKU:11958

HUMAN ZOO-st (70s garage psych) Label:CICADELIC RECORDS Along with The Human Expression, The Human Zoo were from the Los Angeles suburbs of Westminster and were signed to Accent Records. Their album, released in 1970 was pressed in limited numbers and has become a rare collectors item. The Human Zoo album is a quirky blend of psychedelic, garage, and funky music. Managed by Jim Foster of The Human Expression and originally called The Circus, the band changed their name to the hipper sounding Human Zoo in 1969. Now for the first time since 1970, here is an exact re-issue of The Human Zoo album, taken from the original master tapes with all album artwork faithfully restored. CD $8 SKU:11893

MOTHER MARS - On Lunar Highlands (Aussie blues psych)-Label:Pepper Shaker The fourth full-length album by this Australian band is a bluesy, psychedelic space trip to the rocky outer realm and back! CD $18 SKU:21200

NATIONAL WAKE- ST (80s South African rock)Label:FRESH National Wake, the band Ian Kadey led in the late 70s and early 80s, were South Africa's first, and indeed only, multiracial punk band. CD $16 SKU:20406

NIGHT SHADOWS - Vol 2 Little Phil Era 1964-67 (Atlanta gritty garage ) -Label:HATTRAX Gritty garage work from one of the coolest combos of the south in the 60s -- Atlanta's Night Shadows, a group with a sound that would have been right at home on the Sunset Strip! This second chapter in the group's career showcases the time when Little Phil took over as their lead vocalist -- a singer with a style that's much hipper than you might guess from his name, with a sense of darkness that really matches the raw pre-psyche guitars in the group. CD features 16 pages of notes and images from the group's history -- plus 14 titles that include "60 Second Swinger", "The Hot Rod Song", "I Did My Part", "In The Air", "So Much", "Dancing To A Different Beat", and "Perils Of Pauline". CD $8 SKU:8546

PAUPERS- Ellis Island w bonus tracks ( 60s Byrds style) Label:PACEMAKER ENTERTAINMENT (Canada) The second album from The Paupers -- a mix of searing guitar jams, more easygoing psychedelic pop bigger arrangements, even a little bit of a comic take on Byrdsy country rock-- CD $10 SKU:11175

SUN DIAL-Acid Yantra (psych)Label:ACME Reissue of the bands' most successful and critically acclaimed album, from 1995 (originally on Beggars Banquet); a blast from start to finish, as Ramon's guitar playing recalls Dave Gilmour, Eddie Hazell, Ron Asheton, James Williamson among others. A blown and magnificent performance. 24-bit digital transfer from the original master tapes, with one bonus track and sleeve-notes by Byron Coley. Artwork by Savage Pencil. CD $10 SKU:20493

SUN DIAL-Libertine-deprogrammed(psych)Label:ACME What do you mean you don’t know much about Sun Dial? The quintessential neo-psychedelic band Sun Dial gained prominence in the early 1980’s after the release of their first album, “Other Way Out,” which has been universally praised in the independent music press, winning awards and accolades. Subsequent Sun Dial albums have explored many branches of psychedelia, including space rock, acid rock, stoner rock, neo-psychedelia, and psych/pop. Their music has been praised by prominent artists such as Monster Magnet, Nirvana, Spiritualized, and Spacemen 3. And they should know…the original version of “Libertine” the band’s third album, was released by Beggars Banquet in 1994. Sun Dial themselves were never happy with the results, however, feeling that the songs were buried in the production sheen typical of the era. Now that they have recovered the use of their own back catalogue, band leader Gary Ramon has worked his way through the original takes, and produced an entirely new version of this album. This definitive version of “Libertine” has stripped everything down to raw basics, and represents how the band truly sounded at the period in question. Truly a new album, in that it contains 80% previously unissued material. New sleeve-notes by Byron Coley CD $10 SKU:20494

SUN DIAL - Return Journey (PSYCH)-Label:Gallium Arsenide more recordings from the same time period as "Other Way Out", including some less-polished interpretations of early Sundial tracks, and an incredible cover version of Open Mind's 'Magic Potion'; tripping the trip fantastic, with characteristic great guitar from Ramon; slightly revised artwork for this U.S. reissue of the out-of-print Acme LP/CD. CD $10 SKU:19041

UGLY DUCKLINGS - Somewhere INSIDE (W historic interview and radio segments ) -Label:PACEMAKER January 1967 appearance on CHUM radio in the Ugly Ducklings’ hometown of Toronto. Framed by on-air interview segments are six live in studio recordings, three demos, and one alternate mix. The live in studio tracks are all of good fidelity, and of the familiar numbers also recorded for their lone album, ‘Nothin’’ features a more elastic and loose Roger Mayne lead guitar, while this ‘My Little Red Book’ is a bit faster and more like the Love version. Another of the tracks listed as “live” is ‘My Watch’ which is an original Dave Bingham and Glynn Bell composition and has a solid funky blues quality to it. The cover of ‘I’m A Man’ did turn up previously in Sundazed’s Garage Beat ’66 compilation series, but it goes well with the short take on ‘Home In Your Heart’. Of the three songs listed as demos, all are covers. There is also a great alternate mix of ‘Postman’s Fancy,’ which has more psychedelic effects than the original side. With all the historic interview and radio segments this disc makes a good addition to the Ugly Ducklings collection CD $10 SKU:4956

COLD WAVES OF COLOR VA VOL 1 ( UK new wave post punk electronic 1981-1985) Label:LION Collection of rare UK cold wave tracks taken from Color Tapes label cassettes released in micro editions between 1981-1985. Color Tapes was the brainchild of future Sun Dial leader Gary Ramon: COMP CD $14 SKU:20169

HERE’S TO OLD ENGLAND-An Artpop Sampler (Great UK ROCK)-Label:ARTPOP "Edward Ball is the second best songwriter in Britain today," Noel Gallagher said with customary humility; "A modernist musical alchemist," said Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine—and no wonder, as several tracks here could have been from early MBV EP releases; "Ed Ball is one of my favorite songwriters in the world,' Alan McGhee (Creation Records). This compilation features the work of Ed (ward) Ball, prolific songwriter who has released nearly twenty albums under various guises over the years (including being co-founder of Television Personalities, and a part time member of the Boo Radleys). This unique compilation contains some of the best loved tracks by the Times, Teenage Filmstars and O Level as well as a version of 'Love Is Blue' which charted in the Top 75 in 1997. All the tracks were unavailable at the time this comp was devised, and had (and have) been for some time and are much in demand." Guitar laden, feedback heavy, absolutely great UK rock. And we are practically giving these away COMP CD $6 SKU:20496

APRIL MARCH & STEVE HANFT -Magic Monsters (FRench flower Pop) DINGED CORNER BARGAIN! 180 gram Label:MARTYRS OF POP (France) SMALL DINGED CORNER, BIG SAVINGS! French pop/psych treat for all! Record Collector said of the album: “French pop meets flower pop: April March is a highly talented individual who’s collaborated with Brian Wilson and Quentin Tarantino, illustrated with Spiderman creator Steve Ditko, animated for Ren & Stimpy and here hooks up with film director and musician Hanft, harking back to classic 1960s French pop and West Coast psych. March’s lyrical, melodic tones gently trip over each song, with ‘Attention Cherie’ a study in tippy-toe French pop and ‘Flashback Part II’ supplying more grit with simple March vocal stylings on a romantic bent. When Haft pipes up, even while claiming to be a ‘Killer on the run…,’ the atmosphere retains a sense of period innocence, with flowers a-plenty and sunshine beaming. 4 stars.” the label said: “Tracking April March's movements is a complicated matter. She plays very few shows but packs them in when she does. Her songs, perhaps because of their hyper-originality and cinematic style, appear often in films including in the work of Quentin Tarrentino, Gus Van Sant, and Alexander Payne. She has recorded and collaborated with great artists like Brian Wilson, Ronnie Spector, Bertrand Burgalat, Jonathan Richman and Alain Chamfort. Her early career as an illustrator, assisting Spider Man's creator Steve Ditko, and as animator for such cult favorites as Ren and Stimpy and Pee Wee’s Playhouse betrays her innate gift for both visual and iconoclastic expression.” 180 gram vinyl, limited to 500 copies. LP $12 SKU:21048

GREYLOCK MANSION-ST (underground PSYCH 68 w 3 inserts) Label:Lysergic Sound Unother buried treasure of pure underground psychedelia: GREYLOCK MANSION, who emerged loudly from Tucson, Arizona in 1968. The band's sound (as heard on the opening track of LSD's best-selling "St. Albert's Dream" compilation) is powerful, deep underground psych with thick, dominant funereal organ and distorted fuzz guitar and effects, backed by heavy precise drumming. The Doors and Iron Butterfly influences are evident, and a touch of early Black Sabbath’s slow grinding sludge rears its head at times. For all the desired heaviness, which is plentiful, the lyrics might be even more impressive—dark, meaningful, thoughtful, masterfully constructed and thought provoking, with mystical, sci-fi and otherworldly themes like time travel, death, and other wicked inventiveness. It would be difficult to believe that Greylock Mansion's lyrics and music were written by a 19-year old, until you realize that the teen in question was Merl Reagle, soon to be a master wordsmith, raconteur—oh, and the most famous crossword puzzle author in the U.S. Reagle was syndicated in the largest newspapers in the country, made numerous television and movie appearances, and was even portrayed on the enormously popular TV show, The Simpsons. Roaring heavy fuzz guitar, doomy organ and spiritually mysterious psychedelia—a robust and compelling mix of original songs that meld science fiction, horror movie themes and Reagle’s lyrics. Greylock Mansion's musicianship, heavy yet melodic tunes, and songwriting are superior to many of the “big name” bands of the time; they can finally and deservedly be heard and appreciated by fans of the heavy ultra-obscure underground psychedelic gems of the era.
Included are three inserts—a 4 page folder with pictures and text; a psychedelic poster w/lyrics; and a color reproduction of a poster from Unifest 1970 in New Mexico. Nine original songs, all of restored and remastered from the original 1969 studio reels. Three of the tracks were released on private label 45 micro-pressings in 1970 and 1971; the other six cuts are released for the first time!
•A true masterpiece of 60’s U.S. underground psychedelic rock, finally re-issued
•This is a fully licensed Lysergic Sound Distributors release, presented only as a limited vinyl release.
•Comes with three inserts! LP $24 SKU:17972

LIGHTNING - Lost Studio Album 1969 - Label:AMERICAN SOUND Featuring previously unreleased Lightning (post-Litter) recordings from before their 1970 debut album on the PIP label. LP $22 SKU:21078

MANDHYLON -Negra ciudad(68-70 Argentine blues psych )LP + color insertLabel:LION From the ashes of the mythical Argentine duo Sandhy & Mandhy—who recorded in 1969 the intensely rare and beloved album “Para Castukis” (reissued by Lion Productions on vinyl and CD), a record suffused with beat and psychedelic influences—comes this resurrection by Mandhy of his "Celestial Stories." Alberto Vanasco Jr. (Mandhy) resumes his musical tale with twelve tracks written between 1968 and 1978. Recorded with the analogue essence and sound of the 70s, using vintage instruments like Farfisa and Hammond organ, and fuzz guitar. Features Argentine rock legends Nexus as the backing band. A record which brings together all of the various crucial elements of Argentine rock music: psychedelia, heavy blues, classic rock, and progressive rock. Stunning LP $25 SKU:20954

ORANG-UTAN - ST 1971 hard rock/psych- w insert ,rare pix and liner notes -Label:SOMMOR Included is an insert featuring rare pix and liner notes telling the bizarre story of the band for the first time.
Orang-Utan was a London based band that was actually named Hunter. The line-up featured vocalist Terry "Nobby" Clarke (of psych-pop legends Jason Crest), guitar player Mick Clarke, drummer and songwriter Jeff Seopardi and bass player Paul Roberts. They recorded their sole album in 1971. In a bizarre twist of events, their producers/managers took the tapes to the USA, where they arranged a release on Bell Records under a new band name, Orang-Utan, without telling any of the band members. The album is a lost classic of blazing, early hard-rock with minor psychedelic hangover vibes, a twin-guitar attack, and waves of fuzz/wah, along with powerful vocals. Think Leaf Hound, Budgie, Bang, Sir Lord Baltimore, Hard Stuff... This first ever legit reissue is done in co-operation with the original members. LP $26 SKU:16062

THEE PROPHETS- Playgirl (1969 Hendrix style) SEALED ORIGINAL w drill hole-Label:KAPP This band from Wisconsin had a promising pop future, thanks to their minor Bubblegum/sunshine pop hit ‘Playgirl,’ but stopped recording after this 1969 album, and then ditched the bubble-gum sound for Jimi Hendrix and Cream covers in concert. So much for a career. This, from Bubblegum University: “The most common schizophrenic theme, paranoia, combines the self-centeredness of narcissism with the hopelessness of depression to make the sufferer feel as if the entire world is against them. Two songs, "It's Up to You, Petula," and the Rare Breed's "Beg, Borrow, and Steal," make the comparison of being kept on a string as a way to illustrate the mental control that someone has over them. The singer in "Dizzy" makes no such metaphor, but admits to the object of his affections, "Girl, you got control of me." "It's Up to You, Petula" illustrates a different type of paranoia, when the singer complains, "I know you've been seeing someone else." LP $8 SKU:17125

WILSON MCKINLEY-Heaven’s Gonna Be a Blast(70s Xian Psych ACID ARCHIVES FAVE) Label:OBSCURE OXIDE LION The first vinyl reissue of these Jesus-Rock pioneers' 1973 LP. •Full liner notes with rare clippings and photos. •Cut from uncompressed, unequalized transfers of the original analog master tapes—heaven for your ears! •Limited edition of 500 copies
Rare and highly-rated Xian West Coast guitar album from 1971, often compared to Rainbow Promise and Moby Grape. Simply, one of the best USA Xian rock albums ever. Cool raw basement-sound production, great songwritting and guitar leads. Featured on Hans Pokora book with a 3 stars rating. It still stands as one of the finest examples of early 1970s garage rock and as a major milestone in Contemporary Christian Music. LP $22 SKU:16803

WILSON MCKINLEY-SPIRIT OF ELIJAH (70svJesus psych!)-Label:OBSCURE OXIDE LION Brand new, 100% legitimate, high-quality vinyl pressing of this classic LP, using exclusive transfers from the original analog reels, with all lacquer cutting and plating done under one roof for the most accurate sound. The bands' longtime associate Timothy Smith has written detailed liner notes for a new insert, featuring vintage photos and press clippings. Original jacket artwork and label art are faithfully reproduced. •The first legitimate vinyl reissue of these Jesus-Rock pioneers' groundbreaking 1971 LP. •Full liner notes with rare clippings and photos. •Cut from uncompressed, unequalized transfers of the original analog master tapes—heaven for your ears! •Limited edition of 500 copies. LP $22 SKU:16804