Jul 16, 2021


More of those limited edition imports this weekend, and restocks on a lot of items that had previously sold out in a flash. And don’t forget the new Shindig, just in. Our friend Henry Rollins stopped in to our offices for a visit and seems to be enjoying it.

Also some items back in from Dionysus, lots of real deals including some $1 items!

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MERGERS -THREE APPLES IN THE ORANGE GROVE (Brit rock/freakbeat/psych)-Label:SOUNDFLAT After three singles released digitally, here comes the eagerly awaited third album by The Mergers. After releasing two acclaimed albums, the band maintains their songwriting and arrangements strongly influenced by British rock- and popculture, dream pop, freakbeat and psychedelic moods. It even has some Britpop influences in the vein of Oasis. CD $19 SKU:24633

STONER- STONERS RULE (Desert stoner rock)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS An explosive mix and a particular branch of rock. The sound is mellow, but these are the same guys who created the legend of Kyuss, and the desert/stoner rock movement which is alive now more than ever. This album is a celebration of the sound of the desert, driven by the spirit of these incredible musicians and artists. 7 original tracks for this incredible debut album which describes how to ride into the dusty roads of the Mojave Desert where it has all begun. Brant's vocals give a classic color to the hypnotic-bluesy riffing background. Recorded at The Rad Cabin, Joshua Tree, CA on October 12, 2020 by Yosef Sanborn this is going to be your 2021 summer soundtrack!! Rad cover art by the mighty Branca Studio. Warning: this studio album has the same songs as the 'Live In The Mojave Desert' album, but the tracklist is slightly different and also sound similar because they had the same enigineer for mixing and mastering. It has been recorded one day before the live performance. CD $19 SKU:24541

HURDY GURDY SONGS(Donovan songs)-Label:ACE The latest in Ace Records' popular 'Songwriters' series is a kaleidoscopic trip into the craft of one of the most covered and influential artists of the '60s. 'Hurdy Gurdy Song' has become one of the most critically and commercially successful song of the era, and continues to attract new listeners and demand reappraisal; a proof that Donovan - the psychedelic minstrel whose records coloured the late '60s pop landscape - was one of a kind. TRACKS: 01. Herman's Hermits - Museum 02. Terry Reid - Superlungs 03. Tom Northcott - Sunny Goodge Street 04. Bridget St John - The Pebble And The Man 05. The Standells - Sunshine Superman 06. Eartha Kitt - Hurdy Gurdy Man 07. Marianne Faithfull - Young Girl Blues 08. Noel Harrison - Poor Cow 09. Paul Jones - Celeste 10. Lou Rawls - Season Of The Witch 11. Big Jim Sullivan - Translove Airways (Fat Angel) 12. Dana Gillespie - You Just Gotta Know My Mind 13. Sandie Shaw - Oh Gosh 14. Dandy - There Is A Mountain 15. The Gosdin Brothers - Try And Catch The Wind 16. The Sugar Shoppe - Skip-A-Long Sam 17. Julie Felix - Snakeskin 18. Keith Shields - Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) 19. Gábor Szabó - Three King Fishers 20. Bojoura - Hampstead Incident 21. Peggy Lipton - Wear Your Love Like Heaven 22. The Sandpipers - Jennifer Juniper 23. Joan Baez with Judy Collins & Mimi Fariña - Legend Of A Girl Child Linda 24. Deep Purple - Lalena COMP CD $24 SKU:24543

FUERA DE ATRACCION-60’S PSYCHEDELIC GARAGE FROM EL SALVADOR!-Label:EL TIGRE Issued on wax is an awesome compilation of '60s garage-psych from El Salvador! The bands presented on this LP played original material as well as covers of songs by a.o. The Doors, Blue Cheer, Country Joe & The Fish and The Alan Bown Set. SIDE 1: 1. Los Marquis - Rompe El Ritmo 2. Ricardo Alfonso Y Los Rebeldes - Una Cosa Nueva 3. San Miguel - Tienes Que Entrar En Onda 4. Los Kiriap's - El Viaje 5. Los Falcons - Afuera Es Noche 6. Los Viking's - Fuera De Atracción 7. La Nueva Generacion - La Fuerza Del Alma SIDE 2: 1. Los TNT - Love 2. Los Intocables - Qué Difícil Es 3. Los Junior's - Incomprensión 4. Los Beatnicks - Este Amor Es El Mejor 5. Los Black Cats - Sucederá 6. Los Saltos - Mi Amor Por Ti 7. San Miguel - Mientes O Sientes COMP LP $32 SKU:24631

'-16 LOUD R&R INSTRUMENTALS FROM THE USA 1959-1965-Label:HEADSHAKE 50% not compiled before, 25% not on vinyl before and the other 25% for educational purposes to identify the loudest guitar sound possible. SIDE 1: 1. The Glentells - Pow Wow 2. Johnny And The Volumes - Ticker Tape 3. Hubb Capp & The Wheels - Fast Freight (To Phoenix) 4. Jerry And The Silvertones - Ce'ny 5. The Kan Dells - Cloudburst 6. The Montclairs - The Hunch 7. The Penetrators - Rebel Walk 8. The Fabulous Penetrations - The King's Palace Introduction SIDE 2: 1. The Paragons - Scramble 2. Bobby & Danny - Destruction 3. The Prem Airs - Premier Rock 4. The Flamethrowers - Whippy Wow 5. The Twisters (The Original) - Count Down 1-2-3 6. Cliff Nash & The Rockaways - Band Stand 7. The Thundertones - Hot Ice 8. The Fouresters - The Gronk COMP LP $24 SKU:24621

GRIP WEEDS--GIANT ON THE BEACH(Cheap Trick/Byrds/ CSNY) Label:SUGARBUSH Reissue of their classic 2004 album, limited to 300 copies. This New Jersey band plays the kind of jangly, space-age rock perfected by bands like the Zombies, Love, and the Quicksilver Messenger Service. There are elements of the Byrds circa 'Eight Miles High' or The Notorious Byrd Brothers, 'Revolver'-era Beatles, and San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury bands. Start with the heavy reliance on lush harmonies, mix in acoustic and electric guitars (complete with backward playing and some Coltrane-esque twisting solos), an insistent rhythm track, and ethereal lyrics, and the listener could easily believe himself lost in a time warp. LP $30 SKU:24610

JUNIPERS -RED BOUQUET FAIR (60s tinged Brit psych pop)BLUE Label:SUGARBUSH Second pressing on blue vinyl, limited to 200 copies. The second album by the amazing Junipers. The album is a fantastic collection of '60s-tinged English psychedelic pop tunes. Although released in 2016 it has "classic" written all over it and will in time be seen and heard as one of the finest British guitar psych/pop albums of all time. LP $30 SKU:24611

LAST DRIVE- UNDERWORLD SHAKEDOWN (Greek undergound rock, former VOXX artists!) Label:LABYRINTH OF THOUGHTS A unique album that shook the Greek underground rock scene, projecting and validating a unique voice and a valuable legacy spanning through a forty years career. The Last Drive explore almost each and every territory of rock'n'roll realm with their eclectic and enduring blend. 'Underworld Shakedown', was the debut album of the band, released in 1986 by the historic label Hitchhyke Records. It was also released in Europe by Music Maniac and certain songs in USA by Voxx Records and established The Last Drive on an international level. Time made it a classic, one of the top European garage rock albums of all time. Limited to 500 copies on neon green vinyl. LP $34 SKU:24559

NEW YORK DOLLS -ACTRESS: BIRTH OF THE NEW YORK DOLLS(1971 Raunchy glam!) PINKLabel:RADIATION RSD 2021 RELEASE! Raunchy glam band New York Dolls was the epitome of rock'n'roll's excess, prefacing punk's rougher edges. Recorded in October 1971, when the group was still known as Actress, this essential set is culled from demos cut before David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain joined the group. Reissued on PINK VINYL in a limited run of 500 copies, 'Actress: The Birth Of The New York Dolls' is required listening for all Dolls fans, and especially Johnny Thunders devotees. LP $30 SKU:24592

PERMANENT CLEAR LIGHT - COSMIC COMICS(Finnish psych pop) 180 gram green Label:SULATRON A superb psychedelic pop album by Finland's number one band for phantastic earworms in a psychedelic way! Permanent Clear Light is often referred to as Finland's top psychedelic group. They released their debut album, 'Beyond These Things', in 2014 to a high critical acclaim. After that, the group has released several singles, EPs and appeared on a number of compilation albums on the British Fruits de Mer label. Although PCL's musical roots lie in '60s psychedelia their sound is strictly contemporary. The trio considers the recording studio their main instrument, and their sound is characterised by multi-layered instrumental work and strong melodic vocals. After a creative break, PCL is finally ready to release its second album, 'Cosmic Comics', which shows that the band has travelled a long way through the spheres since their debut. Mastering for all tracks by Eroc. Limited to 500 copies on 180 gram mint green vinyl. LP $28 SKU:24612

TRIPTIDES - AFTERGLOW( 60s/70s style west coast pop psych) Label:REQUIEM POUR UN TWISTER Triptides' 'Afterglow' is inspired by the spirit of '60s and '70s West Coast pop and psychedelia, as well as legendary albums ranging from 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn' to 'The Notorious Byrd Brothers'. LP $25 SKU:24599

TROLLEY - CAUGHT IN THE DARKNESS(psych-pop, garage, powerpop Label:SUGARBUSH The second album by the amazing Trolley offers a truly excellent combination of psych-pop, garage, powerpop and moptop jangle. This edition is limited to 250 copies on orange sorbet coloured vinyl. LP $32 SKU:21759


AMEN CORNER -LIVE ON AIR '67-'69 (UK psych-pop)Label:LONDON CALLING Collected on CD are highlights from the BBC radio sessions of UK psych-pop group Amen Corner, dating back to the years 1967-1969. Included are renditions of songs s.a. 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', 'In The Pocket', 'Bend Me Shape Me', 'The Duck', 'High In The Sky', 'I Don't Want To Discuss It', 'Gin House Blues', 'World Of Broken Hearts', '(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice', 'So Fine', 'Day Tripper' and many more. Presented in a 4-panel digipack, the CD comes with an 8-page booklet offering background liners and rare images. CD $17 SKU:22868

CRIMSON SHADOWS-OUT OF OUR MINDS (80s Swedish garage legends)Label:KNIGHTS OF FUZZ Volume 2 covers the Swedish garage legends from the mid 80's THE CRIMSON SHADOWS, whose members later went on to bands like WYLDE MAMMOTHS, STOMACH MOUTHS, MAGGOTS and THE MAHARAJAHS. This CD collects both their early 7"s, the 'It's Cold' EP and the 'Hanging' Out!' mini LP + a few recently discovered unreleased studio tracks as a bonus. CD $17 SKU:23314

PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS-VOL.4 (More Lost Sounds From The Britpsych Scene 1966-1969) Label:WOODEN HILL The fourth volume of Wooden Hills acclaimed series of unreleased-at-the-time British psychedelic pop artefacts, PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS 4 gathers up twenty acetates, demos and private recordings from the soft white underbelly of the late 60s group scene. Major discoveries this time around include a live-from-Swedish TV track from legendary London underground club band Jade Hexagram, two unreleased recordings from Bulldog Breed and a near-seven minute acetate-only version of Jason Crests much-loved Black Mass. With fascinating unreleased material by VU/Nico-loving Surrey teens the Velvet Frogs, High Wycombe underground warriors Respect and songwriter David Matthews (the man who wrote Matt Monros countercultural anthem Were Gonna Change The World), PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS 4 is an essential purchase for all admirers of vintage British psych-pop. COMP CD $19 SKU:23156

ELECTRIC HELLFIRE-THE OCCULT SIDE OF 70’S BRITISH UNDERGROUND HARD ROCK-Label:ABERRANT RECORDS Focusing on the heaviest, rawest and less known side of 70's UK hard psych, 'Electric Hellfire' rescues a bunch of mind blowing gems from obscure 7"s, and even long forgotten acetates, to present and amazing overview of the early '70s UK underground. With sounds ranging from Sabbath oriented hard rock to proto punk, to fuzzed out psych, 'Electric Hellfire' will blow the brains out of anyone interested in the early days of heavy music in general and the UK in particular, grab a copy and enjoy your brain being melted! Features Heatwave, Camelot, Shado, Tonge, Grind, Sardonicus, Yellow, Pony, Unicorn, Lucifer, and Sioux. COMP LP $28 SKU:23683

BEATNIK TERMITES -ST (Cleveland power pop/punk) YELLOW VINYL Label:HEY SUBURBIA Cleveland power-pop punk trio Beatnik Termites was another group of Ramones fanatics that merged a heavy Ramones influence with a love of surf rock; their caustic pop melodies and ironic, stinging lyrics turning the soft underbelly of pop music on its head, yielding a sound that had tinges of innocence, beneath a knowing, thrash-rock wink. Front man Pat Kim (AKA Pat Termite) started the band back in 1987 with drummer Reggie Silvestri and bassist Brian McCafferty, the group was reputedly a favourite of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain according to his diaries. This is a limited reissue of their hyper rare debut 6 tracks 12", whose original copies are impossibile to find for decent prices online. All Ramones maniacs now can fill that hole in their collection thanks to the Hey Suburbia label. Limited to 300 copies on yellow vinyl with fully remastered sound. LP $24 SKU:24429

BLACK MERDA -PSYCH-FUNK OF BLACK MERDA (70s psych funk) Label:FUNKY DELICACIES A hard hitting collection of totally out-there material from these '70s US psychedelic funk-rockers, including tracks recorded with/by vocalist Linnie Walker, bass player VC L. Veasey and the Hendrix-inspired, pre-Black Merda outfit Soul Agents. Essential stuff for fans of Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic, Parliament, Sly Stone, Scorpion, Purple Image and the like. This LP was first released in 2006, now it's finally available again. LP $32 SKU:22146

CHILDREN OF ONE -ST ( late 60s rare &obscure psych-rock delice for acid fans!)-Label:SURVIVAL RESEARCH Released towards the end of the '60s, Children Of One's sole album was is a rare and obscure psych-rock delice for acid fans, heavily influenced by the so-called 'Eastern trend'. This quartet from New York picked several typical Indian instruments like sitar, tablas and others. Improvisation is largely present in their songs and overall the feeling is that of a really forgotten gem that ranks up there with the best productions of that era. First vinyl reissue since the original release on the blues label Real Records, and limited to 500 copies only, this is recommended for all obscure US psychedelic rock fans out there. LP $26 SKU:24436

DARK -ROUND THE EDGES (Highly obscure 70s UK HEAVY PSYCH/PROGLabel:AKARMA GATEFOLD Reissue of one of the UK's most valuable and collectable albums ever. Highly obscure UK HEAVY PSYCH/PROGRESSIVE band with an album originally released in a very small edition. Issued in textured gatefold sleeve with a 12-page, 7-3/4" x 8-1/2”, black & white lyric booklet. LP $30 SKU:24545

HIGH N'HEAVY-WARRIOR QUEEN(70s style rock,doom blues(RED)-Label:ELECTRIC VALLEY The Massachusetts-based band's 2019 full-length release 'Warrior Queen' offers a formidable blend of dirty '70s style rock, doom and blues that'd make the devil blush. This is a repress on RED VINYL. LP $28 SKU:24536

PAX- May God And Your Will Land You And Your Soul Miles Away From Evil(1972 Peruvian prog psych) Label:MUNSTER A classic Peruvian psychedelic/progressive heavy rock LP, originally released in 1972, gets reissued on vinyl! The group was led by Pico Ego-Aguirre, an ex-member of iconic garage band Los Shain's. The LP contains eight killer tracks with English lyrics and influences from the mind expanding '60s as well as early hardrock groups à la Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Essential! LP $35 SKU:24215

SILVERHEAD -16 AND SAVAGED (1972 raunchy 70s glam rock, gatefold slv) Label:TRADING PLACES Star-studded Silverhead was glam-rock with a difference. Led by the actor/public schoolboy Michael Des Barres, who appeared in 'To Sir With Love' in his youth, the band had Bowie alumnus Rockin' Rod Davies and Stevie Forest on dual guitars, solid drummer Pete Thompson, and best of all, future Blondie bassist Nigel Harrison, already showing melodic depth in his grooves. This killer second album (1973), from Deep Purple's Purple label, has Robert Plant's mate, Robbie Blunt in place of Forest and benefits from the keyboard skills of Rabbit Bundrick, who played with Paul Kossoff and Bob Marley. This is tasteful, tongue-in-cheek rock on the raunchy side of glam, a welcome reissue for all discerning glam fans. Comes in gatefold sleeve. LP $25 SKU:24521

SWELL MAPS -MAYDAY SIGNALS - Prev rare and unreleased recordings)(2LP)Label:EASY ACTION Here available as a DOUBLE-LP set including printed inner sleeves, 'Mayday Signals' is a collection of rare and previously unreleased recordings of UK DIY punk pioneers Swell Maps. This release comprises 36 tracks, including demo versions of the singles 'Dresden Style' and 'Read About Seymour'. The liner notes are by Jowe Head and the exclusive artwork was originally designed by Epic Soundtracks and Jowe Head in 1977. LP $35 SKU:24468