Oct 28, 2020


Got some more of those crazy warehouse finds you love so much, including some zines from the 70s and 80s and some one of a kind vinyl. They go fast!

Also that PAUL COLLINS book is back in stock, it sold out right away before and we were waiting for the 2nd pressing.

And of course lots of discounts and saale items in your 3 favorite sections.

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Thanks for all guys, lots of love from your BOMP crew (Suzy, Ryan, and our doggies Lola and Willow) and from the gang at ALIVE too (Patrick and Peter).

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I DON’T FIT IN -My WIld Ride thru the Punk and Powerpop Trenches - By Paul Collins Label:HOZAK After two long years of painstaking research and development, we present to you, the first major memoir covering the birth of DIY Power Pop, from Paul Collins. From it’s initial conception as a film script to it’s re-birth as a full-bore rock & roll revelation, this is one crazy story from beginning to end. Outlining the first National DIY cross-country tour by an unsigned band in 1977, and by default, creating the pathway for the true indie underground network of the 80s to take as a template. It wasn’t even a second thought for Collins and bandmates Peter Case and Jack Lee, but the underground rock & roll world is a better place for it. But until now, the real details of the origins of The Nerves, Breakaways, and The BEAT have eluded most of us, so with this tome of incredible survival stories from the trenches, Paul Collins opens up and reveals all the drama, victories and defeats with such an impassioned voice, you won’t be able to put it down. The coverage of the pre-Punk 1975 landscape of both LA and San Francisco is unmatched, and your mind will be BLOWN.Featuring TONS of previously unseen photos, flyers and ephemera from the earliest days of The Nerves lineup as a FOUR PIECE, to the legal documents challenging The Paul Collins BEAT vs The English Beat, to the ill-fated Nerves reunion, and so much in between. Truly a smorgasbord of juicy details and revelatory discoveries await, balancing the failures with triumphs from the mid 1970s to the mid 2000s, when Paul returned to the touring circuit. From literally renting out a space for the first documented Punk show in Los Angeles in March of 1977, to The Screamers story about buying a copy of The Nerves EP at the Capitol Records swap meet and smashing it to pieces- it’s all in there, along with so many more soon-to-be-legendary tales from the real trenches you don’t usually rise out from unscathed…. 227 PAGES PAPERBACK BOOKS & MAGS $28 SKU:20437

FOREVER AMBER-The Love Cycle (1968 Holy Grail item for psychedelic pop aficionados)Label:GUERSSEN A Holy Grail item for psychedelic pop aficionados, Forever Amber’s The Love Cycle is, along with Dark and the first Complex album, one of a triumvirate of must-have private pressings from the UK.
Sounding like a blend of Pet Sounds and Odessey & Oracle but with a charming, homemade, lo-fi vibe, The Love Cycle was a concept album masterminded by talented songwriter / arranger John M. Hudson (a kind of Brian Wilson figure), who found in Cambridge band Forever Amber the perfect vehicle for his songwriting ideas.The Love Cycle was Out of print for several years, we’re thrilled to offer a new vinyl reissue of this essential psych album.*Original artwork in backflaps sleeve.*Includes colour insert with rare photos and detailed liner notes by David Wells.RIYL: ZOMBIES, BEATLES, BEACH BOYS, LEFT BANKE, HONEYBUS, BEE GEES…“One of the dozen best British pop albums of the late Sixties” – Mojo“Forever Amber’s The Love Cycle, though, resides in a secret garden all of its own, bursting with unfettered melodic glee and the pop experimentation prevalent in the provinces in 1968.” - Bob Stanley (The Times“…There are more memorable musical hooks per inch on this album than any other record I've heard…” – Stan Denski LP $30 SKU:23701

MIRAGE, The-You Can’t Be Serious (1968 psych pop) Label:GUERSSEN With one foot in the harmony beat-pop of the Hollies and other in the early psychedelic pop exaerimentation of Revolver era Beatles and Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd, The Mirage left behind a string of 45s and unreleased studio recordings, a selection of which is presented here for the first time on LP.Featuring UK psych classics like “The Wedding Of Ramona Blair”, “Hold On”, “Ebanazeer Beaver”, “Mrs Busby” and many more *Includes four-page insert with rare photos / memorabilia and detailed liner notes by Stefan Granados LP $30 SKU:23702

EDEN ROSE-On The Way To Eden (1969 proto prog) Label:GUERSSEN HEAVY CARDBOARD COVER + OBI+ RESEALABLE OUTER SLEEVE Proto-progressive, groovy instrumental psychedelia, recorded in France in 1969 by this pre-Sandroseband and released on the tiny Katema label.Swirling Hammond grooves by keyboard virtuoso Henri Garella, top guitar playing by Jean-Pierre Alacen and a tight, funky rhythm section create one of the best early prog/psych French albums ever. First reissued on Guerssen back in 2016 and out of print for many years, here's a repress in hard cardboard sleeve + OBI - resealable outer sleeve. LP $30 SKU:23703


ADAM & THE ANTS- 1981 book Label:OMNIBUS Straight from the archives of the legendary BOMP warehouse! Some cover wear but clean pages. Well-illustrated book based on Adam's full and informal discussion with Judy Vermorel about his development and style. 47 pages, illustrations (some colour). BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:23831

BOB DYLAN- HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED -SONGBOOK -1965Label:WARNER BROS Straight from the archives of the legendary BOMP warehouse! words & music of Bob Dylan, chord symbols, guitar diagrams included. Stapled paperback (Song Book), pp. 30, 12" x 9", color photograph of Dylan on covers. Condition is Very Good: Some wear to covers, clean pages. 1960s Greenwich Village time capsule!. BOOKS & MAGS $25 SKU:23830

BUCKETFULL OF BRAINS-#33 With 7” MArch 1990 Thin White Rope, Monkees, Chilton Label: Straight from the archives of the legendary BOMP warehouse! Good condition, 7” is Thin white Rope/Vanilla Chainsaws Thin White Rope Cover + The Vanilla Chainsaw, Alex Chilton, Sneetches, Peter Holsapple, The Monkees, Dimentia 13, Giant Sand, Green Pajamas, Chills, Twink, Plasticland, Jeff Dahl, TVPs, CVB BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:23832

BUCKETFULL OF BRAINS-#8- Chesterfield Kings, Dream Syndicate, Chris Wilson Label: Good condition. Straight from the archives of the legendary BOMP warehouse! BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:23833

BUCKETFULL OF BRAINS-#23 Jan 1987 Plimsouls, Rain Parade ,Lyres (No flexi) Label: Straight from the archives of the legendary BOMP warehouse! Good conditionRobyn Hitchcock Cover + RH & Peter Buck Flexi Soft Boys, R.E.M. Lyres, Rain Parade, Plimsouls, True West, Waves, Clay Allison, Wayne Kramer Sting-Rays & best of BoB 1-11 BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:23834

BUCKETFULL OF BRAINS-#16 June 1986 Lets Active Cover + Violent Femmes, Plasticland, (No flexi) Label: Straight from the archives of the legendary BOMP warehouse! Good condition Lets Active Cover + Violent Femmes, Plasticland, Miracle Legion, Giant Sand, Moffs, Stems, Dumptruck, Green Telescope, Flying Color, Wall of Voodoo, Yo, The Dogs, BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:23835

NOT FADE AWAY- #4 - 1985 RARE TEXAS ZINE Label: A must have for any Texas Fanzine collector. Straight from the archives of the legendary BOMP warehouse! BOOKS & MAGS $20 SKU:23827

NOT FADE AWAY- VOl 1 #2 1977 -RARE TEXAS ZINE Label: A must have for any Texas Fanzine collectorStraight from the archives of the legendary BOMP warehouse! BOOKS & MAGS $25 SKU:23828

NOT FADE AWAY- VOl 1 #3 -1980 RARE TEXAS ZINE Label: A must have for any Texas Fanzine collector! Straight from the archives of the legendary BOMP warehouse! BOOKS & MAGS $25 SKU:23829

RODNEY BINGENHEIMER- Patron Sasitnof Teenage March 75 Phonograph Record Magazine articleLabel: I found a stack of this 6 page xeroxed article in our files, original xeroxes. Nice article by the legendary John Mendelson. Straight from the archives of the legendary BOMP warehouse! BOOKS & MAGS $2 SKU:23836

UGLY THINGS - #25 LAst copies! Label: 224 pages! Perfect bound/full-color glossy cover. THE big cover story this time is on The Music Machine, a lengthy feature including interviews with once-silent members Keith Olsen and Mark Landon, plus tons of amazing pthotos, many previously unpublished. THERE IS ALSO lso have a major feature on California garage-psych group The Light, plus stories on Swedish R&B hooligans The Namelosers, South African acid rock pioneers Freedom's Children, British freakbeat icons The Attack, Chicago garage rockers The Dirty Wurds, Ohio rock & roll punks The Rubber City Rebels, and mysterious acid folksters Pat Kilroy & The New Age. We also investigate the Latino garage and R&B scene in Colton, California, featuring The Peasants and The Premiers, and the greatest '60s productions of Brian Ross. Also featured are the concluding installments of our stories on Sweetwater and Mike & The Ravens, and exclusive, insight-laden interviews with Rob Younger of Radio Birdman, Don Galluci of The Kingsmen, Jackie DeShannon, and writer Jon Savage. Plus LOTS MORE BOOKS & MAGS $20 SKU:23844

COLTRANE, ALICE- Featuring Pharoah Sanders – Journey In Satchidananda - Sealed GATEFOLD Label:IMPULSE ARCHIVE COPY - Limited Edition, Reissue, Stereo, 180gram, Gatefold The Allmusic review by Thom Jurek states, "this is a remarkable album, and necessary for anyone interested in the development of modal and experimental jazz. It's also remarkably accessible". The album was ranked number 446 in the 2020 edition of Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list.[ LP $25 SKU:23842

LED ZEPPELIN II -Super Deluxe Box Set, with 88 page book - Label:ATLANTIC UNSEALED BUT MINT VINYL, Box has VERY slight wear. This first-pressing release includes an individually numbered high-quality print of the album cover art (one of 30,000). LP $100 SKU:23843


SUN RA -Concert for the Comet Kohoutek-SEALED - 1998 pressing Label:GET BACK ARCHIVE COPY BELONGING TO EITHER THE OWNER OF BOMP OR ALIVE LP $20 SKU:23840

BOMP OR ALIVE Reissue, Unofficial Release, Gatefold, label variation LP $20 SKU:23841

SWAMP DOGG- Have You Heard This Story?-1974 pressing, inner lyric sheet, MINT VINYL Label:ISLAND Small sticker on cover, probably removable. Jerry Williams aka Swamp Dogg wrote songs in the 70s’ & 80s’ that described the times. About war, discrimination and even religion. Here Swamp Dogg delivers a super-sized portion of solid funk and soul on his fifth album with an equal share of eccentric philosophizing on the side. He discusses for example Jesus before He became a media phenomenon (“When He Was No One”). The slow funky groover “Did I Come Back Too Soon (Or Stay Away Too Long)”, which tells the story of the inattentive lover who comes home to find his wife cheating on him with another woman! The slow, bluesy driver “Dr. M.L.G. (J.A.)” is a story about an incompetent physician. And the soulful “My Hang-Ups Ain’t Hung-Up No More”. LP $30 SKU:23839

T REX -Electric Warrior SEALED Label:REPRISE 2014 Reissue, Remastered, Repress, 180 Gram, Gatefold Tracklist LP $30 SKU:23838


BABY SHAKES -CAuse a Scene(POWERPOP)SAALE~!Label:LIL' CHEWY Searing white-hot guitar riff, tough, danceable junkshop glam inspired melody and rhythmic drive glazed with lush, dreamy three part harmony. The band's fourth full-length album, shows what could easily be a contradiction of influences as diverse as Slade, Rubettes, Ramones, Bangles, Berry and the Beatles with increasing nerve and nuance. Baby Shakes' music and lyrics in particular manage to be brash, fun and forceful yet never compromise a soft innocence. CD $15 SKU:21806

BACHS - Out of the Bachs (1968 underground garage psych ) -Label:GEAR FAB Original of this was release in 1968 and is one of the rarest 6o’s garage/psych LP from the 6o’sUS underground. A Chicago-based jangle guitar/psych with gorgeous aching vocals,masterful guitar work CD $10 SKU:21940

BAD ACID- Revelations Of The Third Eye (Heavy Psych/Occult Rock ) SALE! -Label:OZIUM Bad Acid (two former members of MAMONT) delivers a flawless debut album that totally shows just what this bandis capable of. This is the kind of album that both commands and demands your attention. BAD ACID has joined the ranks of bands such as SPIDERS, KATLA and BLUES PILLS. Just put those headphones on, take a load off, and let BAD ACID transport you to wherever it is they're taking you. And when the trip has ended, you'll definitely want another ride! CD $16 SKU:23586

BAMBOO KIDS -ST (Clash/Heartbreakers style NYC power trio) Label:GET HIP U.S. DEBUT BY NYC POWER TRIO! TIGHT BOUNDLESS ENERGY WITH HOOKS & SONGS TO BOOT.The influences include The Clash (the band name is taken from a line in the Clash song "Straight to Hell"), The Damned and The Heartbreakers. CD $10 SKU:21923

BARKER, SUE-ST (rare and highly coveted Soul/Funk/Jazz ) SALE! -Label:PLAYBACK The rare and highly coveted Soul/Funk/Jazz LP available for the first time on CD! Featuring the cult classic “Love To The People”; remastered from the original tapes and including three previously unreleased bonus tracks! CD $10 SKU:18386

BATORS, STIV-Disconnected (80s garage pop- Collectors edition w bonus tracks and alt cover)-Label:BOMP In December of 1980, Bomp released this groundbreaking album by Stiv Bators, recently (though never permanently) departed from The Dead Boys. It followed a series of singles for Bomp on which he had tried, with Frank Secich and various other players, to extend his range to include the kind of pop-garage that was his first musical inspiration. CD $5 SKU:16727

BATORS, STIV- L.A. Confidential (DEAD BOYS) Features a 24 page booklet with liner notes and rare photos. -Label:BOMP Records In addition to Disconnected, Stiv recorded a number of 45s during his days with Bomp, as well as some unreleased sessions, demos (including a never-released studio session with Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69 and members of the Runaways, produced by Kim Fowley!), recently unearthed studio recordings, and alternate mixes that remained in the can until after his death. Features a 24 page booklet with liner notes and rare photos CD $10 SKU:21941

BATORS, STIV- L.A L.A (DEAD BOYS FRONTMAN) Label:BOMP Records As the frontman for the Dead Boys, Stiv Bators terrorized audiences with his snotty, in-your-face punk rock style. But after the Dead Boys, Bators embarked on a musical journey that saw him touch upon new wave (the Wanderers), goth rock (the Lords of the New Church), and power pop (during a brief solo career), as well as a fling with movie acting. Born Steve Bator on October 22, 1949, in Youngstown, OH, Bators took a liking to garage rock and proto-punk early on -- a story he liked to tell is that it was he who handed Iggy Pop the jar of peanut butter that he smeared across his chest and threw around while walking on the audience during the Stooges' televised infamous 1970 rock festival in Ohio (additionally, Bators befriended the Ramones during the quartet's first Ohio performance). AMG CD $10 SKU:21942

BEECHWOOD- From the Land of Nod(Nuggets style true psych/rock and roll) DIGIPACK WITH BONUS TRACKLabel:ALIVE Incredible record! Bomp fans and ALIVE fans alike will love this band. Echoes of everything from Stiv Bators to the Electric Prunes to Johnny Thunders. Nuggets style true psych/rock and roll from an amazing band. These guys are going to be huge. CD $10 SKU:19440

BEECHWOOD-TRASH GLAMOUR (Nuggets style true psych/rock and roll) Label:ALIVE CD $10 SKU:20723

BIG BOY PETE-Cold Turkey (60s trippy psych) -Label:GEAR FAB That darling of the U.K. is back again. Big Boy Pete (A.K.A. Peter Miller) is emptying his archives to give us his final recordings of the 1960's in his typical flower pop style. Featuring his 1968 hit "Cold Turkey", these psyched-out tracks will not dissappoint. CD $10 SKU:14118

BILL BISSETT AND THE MANDAN MASSACRE --Awake In The Red Desert (Rare 68 bizarre acid symphony)Label:GEAR FAB Awake in the red desert- one of the rarest canadian lps ever........From 1968, this ultra-rare, bizzare, off-the-wall acid symphony/dreamies/crazy people all rolled into one test pressing is one of the rarest finds from this era.....Includes never before heard bonus tracks!! CD $10 SKU:20004

BIPOLAROID - TWIN LANGUAGE (Barrett/Pink Floyd style neo psych) - Label:GET HIP Bipolaroid play neo-psychedelic music extremely influenced by Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd, delivering odes to dissociation, time machines, looking glasses, the fifth dimension, and the like on both space rockers and more fey orchestrated pop-psychedelia.. CD $10 SKU:21924

BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES-Alive As F*ck - GREAT KICK ASS BLUES !! Label:ALIVE Recorded live on a hot-ass night of July the 24th 2009 at Dr. Johnny Walker's (Soledad Brothers / Cut In the Hill Gang) flat in Covington, Kentucky, this is the BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES absolutely live and kicking out the jam Southern style. "When they hammer away at max. tempo, they sound like The Stooges, with the Asheton brothers replaced by a really really loud Fender Rhodes piano. When they slow it down and groove, they sound like a broken down Booker T & The MGs / the theme from 'Taxi' being run-over by a taxi. They are, in parts, genuinely funky, and as jazz as a rock concert gets these days. They swing." - Paul Fuzz / Electric Roulette CD $10 SKU:11017

BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES -- A Touch Of Someone Else's Class PRODUCED BY DAN OF THE BLACK KEYS! blues groove monsters" deliver another blues/soul/rock masterpiece- Label:ALIVE PRODUCED BY DAN OF THE BLACK KEYS! Black Diamond Heavies is a self-described punk-ass blues duo from the South consisting of John Wesley Myers on bass keys, fender Rhodes, organ, and lead vocals and Van Campbell on drums, percussion and vocals. "A Touch Of Someone Else's Class" is the follow up to their acclaimed 2007's debut "Every Damn Time" (Alive), and it's a another slab of grungy, dirty, blues punk rock'n'roll with a heavy, greasy, touch of soul. This time the two-piece traveled to Akron, Ohio, to team up with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and record in his newly built studio, equipped with vintage gear. The result is everything one would expect, and more. The "blues groove monsters" deliver another blues/soul/rock masterpiece of gothic proportions. Worth mentioning is a guest appearance by Ralph Carney on horns, best known for his long-time association with Tom Waits. The CD version includes one song NOT AVAILABLE on the vinyl (featuring Dan Auerbach on guitar), and comes with 2 DIFFERENT covers; one CD cover features John's KEYBOARDS, the other one features Van's DRUM Kit. "With a sound that's blues-rooted but steeped in Stooges sludge, the Heavies' cranky, cranked-up sets burn black as tire fires-think Exile on Main Street recorded in Howlin' Wolf's casket. Nothing smooth or clean here. Just eight-bar skronk in bad need of a tetanus shot." - The Pitch. "Their attack of drums and keyboards is a mean, f-ed up, gospel punky hybrid and rocks with ragged, soulful passion." - Rock Sound. "Tom Waits growls. Joe Cocker growls. Myers bark like a man who had his throat ripped out by a wolf. He gargles the thick blues drawl of a man who has never inhaled without a Marlboro Red in his gob." - NME CD $10 SKU:23845

BLACK LIPS - S/T(Stripped down and dirty punk rock and roll ) - Label:BOMP Records garage/punk's new kings of mayhem! "Stripped down and dirty punk rock and roll that will suffice for the perfect soundtrack to a whiskey filled night of mischief. Youthful and deep dyed garage rock taken to the next level!" CD $10 SKU:23104

BLACK SPACE RIDERS -BEYOND REFUGEEUM EP (heavy space psych) )-Label:BLACK SPACE he members of Black Space Riders deliberately kept behind four songs, all original recordings, from the 'Refugeeum' sessions in order to release them separately. As the cover artwork already suggests, this EP is "different" to the songs on 'Refugeeum', unlike what you might expect from this band. CD $10 SKU:23035

BLAIR 1523 (Spacemen 3 related ) - Beautiful Debris ( Psych/Drone ) SAALE -Label:VOXX 060 Brought to us by Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3, this remarkable band from the bucolic shire of Cornwall had a variety of strengths, from strong pop songwriting to a penchant for extended freakout jams, all of which is captured on this, the only record they made before sadly breaking up. To those few fortunate enough to have heard it, it remains an esoteric favorite.. Psychedelic swirl/drone pop Early Floyd/ Elevators sound by his amazing UK band. “This album is worth buying for the cover alone. Dripping with glassy pastels of brilliant greens, pinks, purples, yellows and blues, the art work complements a round of houka hits supremely. The music picks up where Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd left off in the '60s.” - American Music Press CD $5 SKU:13057

BLESSED END - Moving on (Classic 1971 Doors style)-Label:GEAR FAB The classic 1971 LP from this great Philadelphia band.....Blessed end has been described by many as being Doors-like, both in the style of the music and its keyboards and haunting vocals. CD $10 SKU:18721

BLUE SANDELWOOD SOAP - Loring Park Love-Ins (1968 us, groovy beat psych with baroque folk sparkles) )-Label:GET HIP From the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, Blue Sandlewood Soap was one of relatively few '60s psychedelic groups from the region (though there were others, such as C.A. Quintet and, on some of their records, the Litter and T.C. Atlantic).Groovy 12-string guitar, subtle bass work, and far-out Farfisa solos are woven together by truly strange tempos and surprising breaks, about half of this release was recorded in the basement of organist Harley Toberman's apartment around 1967 CD $10 SKU:22978

BLUES GOES ON - ST (70s basement psych rock from Hamburg)Label:GEAR FAB Unpolished exploitation basement psych rock from Hamburg, with a genuinely stoned underground vibe, wasted vocals and stunning guitar brilliance! Originally released by the German budget label Ken in 1971, The Blues Goes On may very well be be the strongest delivery from the trio responsible for those awesome early '70s Hendrixploitation LP's that were credited to The Live Experience Band. At last reissued on CD for the very first time, The Blues Goes On is the real deal, for exploito geeks and 'serious music lovers' alike!! The CD is presented in a cardeboard miniature LP-sleeve and features informative liner notes from renowned record collector and historian Hans von Seydlitz. CD $10 SKU:19655

BLUES TRAIN -ST (1969 Chicago driving hard blues with great vocals)Label:GEAR FAB Ultra rare and hardly ever heard before Canadian blues band that took the hard driving Chicago Blues sound, spicing it up with riving fuzz and wahwah guitars. Pounding hammonds, blowing leslies, screaming harmonica and great vocals on top of it. Perhaps one of the best hard blues sounds you've ever heard. CD $10 SKU:21713

OUR BRILLIANT CAREERS -Cherry Red Rarities 1981-83-Label:CHERRY RED Cherry Red carved out an odd niche for itself apart from the general post-punk flow, thanks largely to eccentric A&R man Mike Always, whose tastes leaned towards melody, Englishness, and the 1960’s. Cherry red became a home for the dashing, debonair whimsy of he Monochrome Set, the mopy bedsit introspection of Eyeless in Gaza, jazzy-folky singer-songwriters Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt (separately and together as Everything But the Girl), and the Television/Velvets descended, plangent splendor of Felt. Although “Pillows and Prayers” is the best-known sampler of the label, its precursor “Perspectives and Distortions” (1981) includes many non-Cherry Red artists, which makes it very interesting; and “Our Brilliant Careers” (2003) scoops up archival arcane. It includes rare tracks by successful Cherry Red artists like Everything But The Girl (plus solo material from both Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt), The Nightingales and The Monochrome Set, plus many more. Most people probably know Five Or Six from their off-key but charming opener 'Portrait' from “Pillows and Prayers”; here we have six like low-key and absorbing tracks from them, most of which have never been on CD: 'Think' and 'Theme' are instrumentals that will surprise a few. There are also three early songs by Ben Watt described modestly by himself as 'dreary and tuneless'. Beautiful instrumental version of 'The Thousand Guitars of St. Dominiques' by the Fantastic Something ends up as the most surprising track—a high point of the collection.” Impressive and intriguing archive collection of rare recordings. COMP CD $5 SKU:20499

PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS-Vol 2 More Lost Sounds (late Sixties British psych)Label:WOODEN HILL The second volume of Wooden Hills ongoing series of lost nuggets from the soft white underbelly of the late Sixties British psychedelic scene, Psychedelic Schlemiels 2 assembles no less than twenty previously unheard acetate and private tape recordings from mostly unsigned provincial groups. With vital contributions from such obscure local heroes as Cellophane Cloud, Sweet Marriage, Varsity Rag and Forever Changes, and featuring previously unreleased demos by major label acts The Loot, Young Blood and Opal Butterfly, Psychedelic Schlemiels 2 offers another fascinating glimpse into the hitherto lost world of small-town suburban psychedelia. Eighteen of the twenty tracks are previously unreleased in any format. Numerous original songs as well as rarely-covered Left Banke, Love and Buffalo Springfield material. Re-mastered sound and lavishly illustrated/annotated 16 page booklet. COMP CD $19 SKU:23045

PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS-VOL. 3 From The Brit psych Scene 1967-1970-Label:WOODEN HILL The third volume of Wooden Hills acclaimed series of unreleased-at-the-time British psychedelic pop artefacts, PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS 3 painstakingly assembles another twenty acetates, demos and private recordings from the soft white underbelly of the late 60s group scene. In addition to featuring the first-ever demos to surface from legendary London underground club band Jade Hexagram, theres first-time exposure for psych-era unknowns the Outside Toilet, the Carley Hill Blues Band and studio project Airbus. Also including demos from such major label acts as Serendipity, the Mirror, Warm Sounds, Schadel, the Montanas and Des James (the original, hitherto unknown to exist, acetate-only version of Little Games, subsequently recorded by the Yardbirds), PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS 3 is an essential purchase for anyone with more than a passing interest in vintage British psych-pop COMP CD $19 SKU:23046

PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS-VOL.4 (More Lost Sounds From The Britpsych Scene 1966-1969) Label:WOODEN HILL The fourth volume of Wooden Hills acclaimed series of unreleased-at-the-time British psychedelic pop artefacts, PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS 4 gathers up twenty acetates, demos and private recordings from the soft white underbelly of the late 60s group scene. Major discoveries this time around include a live-from-Swedish TV track from legendary London underground club band Jade Hexagram, two unreleased recordings from Bulldog Breed and a near-seven minute acetate-only version of Jason Crests much-loved Black Mass. With fascinating unreleased material by VU/Nico-loving Surrey teens the Velvet Frogs, High Wycombe underground warriors Respect and songwriter David Matthews (the man who wrote Matt Monros countercultural anthem Were Gonna Change The World), PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS 4 is an essential purchase for all admirers of vintage British psych-pop. COMP CD $19 SKU:23156

SABRE RECORDS STORY -VA (FOR PEBBLES/ BACK FROM THE GRAVE FANS )-Label:GET HIP This colossal 27-track compilation is an outstanding research project of a musical phenomenon that transcends time and styles and an absolute must-have for fans of the Back From the Grave, Strummin’ Mental, Teenage Shutdown and Pebbles series. The CD version includes a 22-page booklet with lots of rare photos, record label info, and extensive liner notes. The Sabre Records Story collects 27 phenomenal slabs of Detroit-area instrumental and vocal rock ‘n’ roll from the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, featuring alternate takes, unreleased relics, and bonafide hits like “What’s the Word” by the Thunder Rocks. COMP CD $10 SKU:22982

SAIGON SUPERSOUND- Vol 1 1665-1975 (Vietnamese Beatles Hendrix influenced) Label:SAigon Supersound This compilation tells the story of a musical era in Vietnam that was almost lost. These tracks date back to the period 1965-1975, the so-called "Golden Music" period in the south of Vietnam, where -under difficult circumstances- a lively pop culture had developed. This period is characterized by the fusion of Vietnamese music with western pop culture. Included are many tunes that now get reissued for the very first time. COMP CD $15 SKU:21033

SEARCHING FOR SHAKES- VA Swedish Beat 65- 68 (THE SWEDISH NUGGETS) - Label:Amigo "The Swedish Nuggets! Twenty-six killer tracks from The Friends, Lea Riders Group, The Namelosers, Tages, etc. Thankfully available again, expanded digital edition of the original LP release, no overlap with the Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils series, liner notes by Alec Palao and Lindsay Hutton (Next Big Thing magazine). COMP CD $10 SKU:23131

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 1 (rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave singles )Label:SSA RECORDS U.K.Compiling power-pop, mod, and new wave gems orig released on 7" singles 75 thru ‘86. 8 page booklet full of pictures and extensive liner notes. w.. Invaders, Boyfriends, Slowguns, Quads, Squares, etc. 24 tracks.Imp COMP CD $15 SKU:20513

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 4 (rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave sngles )Label:SSA RECORDS This series compile power-pop, mod, and new wave gems orig released on 7" singles between 75 and 86. Feat. Rattlers, Code Blue, Pop, Rousers, Colors, Speedies, etc. 24 tracks. Imp COMP CD $15 SKU:210262020

STRAIGHT OUTTA BURBANK - VA - DOUBLE CD LAST COPIES! Label:BOMP Records The 25 year Bomp/Alive sampler with one disc from each label, some stuff not available elsewhere. An overview of the long-standing tradition of great music that has shaped Bomp and a statement on longevity, independence and good tast Classic unreleased material. ZEros, Dead Boys, Brian Jonestown, Surf Trio, Swell Maps, Davie Allan, DMZ, Cowgirls, Nikki and the Corvettes, Breakaways, Beachwood Sparks, Stooges, Weirdos and more. DOUBLE CD. COMP CD $15 SKU:23129

TAPESTRY OF DELIGHTS- VA Tribute to UK 60's/70's psych!-Label:BLACK WIDOW A trip through, and tribute to UK 60's/70's psychedelia with four psyche revival groups STANDARTE, SUNDIAL, FANTASYY FACTORYY and the Isle of Wight folk-psyche group BEGGARS FARM. These bands are covering late 60's/early 70's bands like ATOMIC ROOSTER, GODS, SOFT MACHINE, ACTION, HAWKWIND, HIGH TIDE, PINK FARIES, JANUS, ARCADIUM, ARZACHEL, and more. (Black Widow) COMP CD $10 SKU:20602

CREATION FACTORY - ST (psych rock)Label:LOLIPOP RECORDS The debut record from The Creation Factory! An authentic psychedelic rock n' roll, foot stompin' record featuring members of Mystic Braves! Produced by Lolipop Records! LP $18 SKU:22150

DANGEREENS -TOUGH LUCK (70s glam rock style ala Dolls and Bowie) SAALE!Label: ALIEN SNATCH! Dangereens are Canada's hot new unadulterated rock'n'roll outfit. With a Montreal signature raw enthusiasm the fieve piece is devoted to 70's glam rock, paying homage to David Bowie, The New York Dolls, T.Rex and Slade. " LP $18 SKU:23289

DATURA4 BUNDLE! 5 LP "BOX " SET- with FREE BONUS DM3 LP, POSTER, AND STICKER! Label:ALIVE Amazing bargain, get all of their releases on color vinyl in our famous "BOX" set including FREE STICKER, POSTER, and BONUS DM3 LP! $80 SKU:21131

DEARLY BELOVED - Complete Recordings 60s US Beatles-style garage LAST COPIES -Label:VOXX LAST COPIES-GOING OUT OF PRINT - Forming in 1963 as The Intruders and later known as The Quinstrells they became known as The Dearly Beloved in late '65 and were Tucson's most popular sixties band. The Voxx compilation is an excellent guide to their career with full liner notes by Lee Joseph. It contains all the band's better 45s and some of their unreleased recordings for Columbia. [7/82]-Greg Shaw LP $15 SKU:22110

DETONATIONS-Static Vision (Raw Power-era Stooges style!) LAST COPIES Label:ALIVE LAT COPIES will not be repressed. Color vinyl. A three piece rock-n-roll time bomb from New Orleans with a unique freaked-out sound. “Now THIS is what's been lost in the age of CD: rocking out and then getting out before one's welcome has been royally outstayed. Detonations have the same laudably single minded approach as Raw Power-era Stooges, paring everything down to pure driven riff.” - Shindig. “Sneered vocals, clunky rhythms and buzzsaw guitar riffs, all stripped of any non-essentials like harmony vocals and solos that consist of more than the song's main riff played louder.” – AMG LP $10 SKU:22946

DETROIT- Get Out The Vote - With mitch Ryder SEALED ORIG 1997 PRESSING. -Label:TOTAL ENERGY Live At The Hill Auditorium - April 1972 Rare, out of print Total Energy Records release.Detroit/Mitch Ryder: Mitch Ryder (vocals, tambourine); Johnny "Bee" Badanjek (vocals, drums); Brett Tuggle (guitar, background vocals); Steve Hunter (guitar); Harry Phillips (Hammond B-3 organ); "Dirty Ed" Okalski (congas).Recorded live at Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan on April 1, 1972. Includes liner notes by John Sinclair. LP $50 SKU:13023

DIRTY STREETS - BOX SET WITH ALL 3 ALBUMS ON COLOR VINYL! young heavy-power trio hailing from Memphis TN, with a great psychedelic, bluesy, folky, soulful, and all rock n’roll sound that reaches back to the 60's and 70'sLabel:ALIVE GET ALL THREE OF THEIR ALBUMS IN A UNIQUE "BOX" SET. Add all of their CDS using the pull down menu. LP $50 SKU:23472

DM3- West of Anywhere -amazing NERVES/SHOES /ROMANTICS style powerpop RASPBERRY VINYL Label:ALIVE DM3 made their mark on the international Power Pop scene with three official albums from the mid-to-late ‘90s and are revered by fans and critics alike. Consisting of Dom Mariani (frontman of legendary Australian garage rockers The Stems & more recently the heavy-hitting rock band Datura4), Toni Italiano and Pascal Bartolone, this trio could, arguably, be the best Power Pop band Australia has produced. "West Of Anywhere" compiles their best material from 1993’s “One Time,Two Times, Three Red Light,” “Road To Rome” from ‘96 and 1999’s “Rippled Soul.” The album has been carefully REMASTERED and the music sounds as contemporary as ever. A must have for rock ‘n’roll fans everywhere!

DM3’s Dom Mariani must be considered one of the top 5 pop titans of the past decade or so. Brilliant. – GOLDMINE LP $20 SKU:16992

DM3 - ONE TIME TWO TIMES THREE TIMES MORE: THE BEST OF (DOM MARIANI of DATURA4)Label:CITADEL Collection of greatest 'hits' by post STEMS/SOMELOVES band DM3 as founded by Dom Mariani in the early 90's. LP $20 SKU:23316

DMZ - Relics (Legendary Boston Boston garage psych masterpiece 1978 ) PINK MARBLEl- Label:VOXX Four Craig Leon-produced tracks and five demo tapes that were recorded on four-track comprise this excellent collection. "When I Get Off" was the number two Garage Record of the Year in 1978 in Boston's Real Paper, and it is a psychedelic masterpiece. The dueling guitars, slashing riff, and great Corraccio bass complement Mono Mann aka Jeff Connolly's blitzkrieg vocals. Here is a slice of pyschedelia that is the fans outdoing the bands they idolize LP $15 SKU:16390

DRAGSTRIP 77- Sin City Hotrods (Las Vegas' premier rockabilly combo) -Label:DIONYSUS Produced by the legendary Ronnnie Weiser of Rolling Rock Records. Dragstrip 77 is Las Vegas' premier rockabilly combo, bringin' to you no-holes-barred rockin! LP $5 SKU:19832

ENHOLM ,SHANE - Divine American Pariah (Syd Barrett, Lou Reed and Woody Guthrie style) -Label:OUTRO Shane Enholm brings all the best elements of Syd Barrett, Lou Reed and Woody Guthrie mixed in one truly BRILLIANT songwriter and album! This L.P. is destined to become a Folk/Punk classic with it's honest, personal and brilliantly quirky performances. LP $18 SKU:22719

EX NORWEGIAN-Hue SPotting( POWER POP PSYCH) SAALE-Label:BEYOND BEFORE On their 10th studio album, Ex Norwegian take a psychedelic trip driving thru progressive pop territories under multi-coloured skies with 10 original tracks sending a love letter to classic British psychedelia. LP $22 SKU:23526

EX NORWEGIAN-SOMETHING UNREAL: THE BEST OF(POWERPOP) SAALE! Label:THINK LIKE A KEY A best of compilation for this arcane US pop/rock outfit led by Roger Houdaille that showcase their love of classic power pop with of hints of psych and garage. First time these 15 tracks appear on vinyl. LP $22 SKU:23527

FACTORY- Path Thru the Forest (60s freakbeat legends)-Label:GUERRSON Sixties UK freakbeat legends get a new legit re-release of their complete available recordings and Guerssen is the proud new home for them. A real cult freakbeat & psychedelic group, well-known for such all-time classics as "Path through the forest" and "Try a little sunshine", Factory released only a couple of 45s (both of them obscenely rare and paid big$$$ when rarely showing up). Here we get the 4 tracks appearing on these 45s, plus a couple tracks taken from acetates (killer covers of Familys "Second generation woman" and Fairport Conventions "Mr. Lacey"), as well as a new mix of "Path through the forest" that includes the original, different psychedelic effects that were supposed to make it to the original release but were dropped out by the MGM label superviser. Remastered sound (only beware, "Second generation woman" comes from a destroyed acetate!) and with linernotes by Factory's producer Brian Carroll LP $24 SKU:22866

FLAMIN GROOVIES Featuring Chris Wilson - A Collection Of Rare Demos & Live Recordings -1993 Label:MARILYN Rare LP. LP $50 SKU:21537


BARNABUS-BEGINNING TO UNWIND(1970-73 heavy 70s monster) Label:RISE ABOVE RELICS Truly a cult album for fans of obscure, heavy '70s progressive hard rock! The CD edition comes with a 44-page booklet detailing the history of the band, including many photos and flyers from their personal archives.Barnabus were a band from the West Midlands/Warwickshire region of the UK, who were active between the years 1970-1973. During that they built up a local reputation and recorded an album of heavy-duty material in late 1971, which has never seen the light of day until now! Apart from a handful of acetates being made up and distributed to family and friends, 'Beginning To Unwind' has remained an unreleased album for all this. After several years of extensive research, Rise Above Relics is delighted to bring you this underground heavy '70s monster, painstakingly remastered from the original analogue tapes, which have been carefully baked for optimal reproduction. In their day, Barnabus were actually given the seal of approval by none other than the dark princes of Doom themselves: Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi, when they judged them winners in the regional heat of a national competition for legendary British Music paper, Melody Maker, in 1972! CD $17 SKU:23141

BEAUSOLEIL, BOBBY- LUCIFER RISING O.S.T-Label:AJNA OFFENSIVE This score was originally pressed on LP in 1980 and then presented as a 4LP boxset (and 4CD boxset) featuring the original release plus additional session recordings. Now we get an affordable, remastered release of the legendary/notorious 'Lucifer Rising' soundtrack that was originally composed for Kenneth Anger's film of the same name. CD $15 SKU:22994

BEAUTIFY JUNKYARDS-ST (covers of songs from the '60s and '70s)Label:METRODISCOS Reinterpretations of songs from the '60s and '70s by Beautify Junkyards from Portugal, keeping the roots but at the same time taking new directions under the influence of the present times where societies, technology and artistic creation are at a boiling point. The post-production of the album was held at the Electric Garden studio in Lisbon, where the sound was transported in various directions like branches extending in between delays, synthesizers, acoustic guitars and vocals in reverb, forming a dense forest with multiple forms and foliage colours CD $10 SKU:22538

BLAAK HEAT -SHIFTING MIRRORS (avant-garde psych-rock trio.)-SAALE! Label:SVART A timeless, vivid blend of thundering psychedelic rock and Arabian tonalities, an altar to heavy riffage, mind expansion and social insurgenciesPreviously known as 'Blaak Heat Shujaa', the band has become more primal and more indigenous. Also notable is that the Eastern influence is expanded by incoorperating more traditional instruments and due to the contributions from percussionist Nelson Bragg (The Brian Wilson Group). CD $10 SKU:20654

BLACK SPACE RIDERS -AMORETUM, VOL. 1(heavy space psych) SAALE!Label:BLACK SPACE Fifth album by the new wave of heavy psychedelic spacerock band Black Space Riders from Germany. This album is interspersed with a flowing groove throughout and an ever-present atmosphere that embraces the listener. Heavy, sometimes proggy, often psychedelic, always engaging and almost catchy and danceable, 'Amoretum Vol. 1' takes us by the hand, shows us the dark side, and then wants to give us the hope back that we so often painfully miss. CD $17 SKU:23034

BLINDSTONE -DELIVERANCE AT THE CROSSROADS (Danish power trip killer heavy guitar Hendrix style!) SAALE! Label:GROOVEYARD Outstanding 9th studio disc by this awesome power trio from Denmark. This album includes 11 tracks of supreme, powerful, blues-based, killer heavy guitar rock. 'Deliverance At The Crossroads' is an amazing display of bad-ass riffage and lead guitar firepower that is highly recommended to fans of Jimi Hendrix, Frank Marino, Robin Trower, Leslie West, Eric Gales, Lance Lopez and King's X CD $15 SKU:22285

NUDA-21 EXCITING CUTS FROM ITALIAN SEXY-COMEDY DISCO SCENE (1975-1981) SALE!-Label:FOUR FLIES The infamous Italian sexy-comedy genre now has its own saucy compilation. 21 cuts, including 13 tracks never published before on any format, taken from the finest original soundtracks of the genre. From groovy disco bangers and charming jazz-funk, sleazy-listening and rock blends, to analogue electronic experiments, pure "aerobic groove" that spells out the melodic action of female starlets like Gloria Guida, Edwige Fenech, Nadia Cassini, Lilli Carati, and all the other heroines in this genre of film whose main task was not only to tease and undress, but to dance on the screen. Featuring unreleased soundtracks by Alessandro Alessandroni, Fabio Frizzi, Pulsar Music Ltd., Gianni Ferrio, Franco Micalizzi, Franco Campanino, Nico Fidenco, Giacomo Dell'Orso, and for the first time on vinyl, music by Enrico Simonetti, Walter Rizzati, and Detto Mariano. COMP CD $15 SKU:22131

PACIFIC NORTHWEST FUZZ BOX -VA 60s Garage-punk stompers from Salem's enigmatic Garland Records SALE!-Label:BEATROCKET The drive's cranked all the way up and the needles fully in the red for this set of uptempo garage-punk stompers from Salem's enigmatic Garland Records. Packed with killer, crunchy bass, pummeling drums, in-your-face vocals, and (of course) mountains of fuzz-guitar! Loaded primarily with originals, plus distorted deviations of select known numbers, all ranging from impossibly rare to previously unreleased COMP CD $18 SKU:21832

PACIFIC NORTHWEST STASH BOX (GARLAND RECORDS- VA -From the thriving hotbed of sixties garage and psychedelia of the PNW SAALE! - Label:BEATROCKET From the thriving hotbed of sixties garage and psychedelia of the PNW and Salem's orphic Garland Records comes this potent cache of rare and previously unreleased recordings. Chiefly composed of moody and mellow folk rockers and ethereal groovers, there are also a few far-out, heady reconstructions of familiar faves. Be warned, these hooks are very sticky! With Sundazed Music's acquisition of the Garland Records catalog you're in for a tidal wave of great garage rock, psych, soul, and even some country. Here with 'Pacific Northwest Stash Box', you're treated to hook laden cuts that sound laced with a little something, and not just "Life Laced Leaf COMP CD $18 SKU:22039

REBEL ROUSERS-The Best of REbels Vol ONE- 15 ear Bashing Greats (PEBBLES/ NUGGETS STYLE) SAALE!Label:RAVING POP BLAST! Made in the mold of 'Nuggets' or 'Pebbles,this compilation features bands all different, but all with a healthy DIY attitude. A collection of garage-punk, R&B, surf, pop-psych, indie-scuzz and freakbeat. COMP CD $15 SKU:23478

ROCK' N' ROLL KITTENS-Vol 1 Friction Heat (Early female rock and roll!) Label:ATOMICAT Top shelf, early female rock'n'roll (and some country ramblin') action. These gals and ladies paved the way for women's lib and girl power! COMP CD $17 SKU:22283

SOUL LIKE FIRE-VA- (beat, garage and mod comp)SAALE! Label:HEAVY SOUL A great beat, garage and mod compilation, featuring The Movements, Woggles, Blow-Ups, Frantic V, Lost 45's, Modus, Heretics, Patterns, a.m.m. The CD offers 18 tracks COMP CD $10 SKU:21847

DASZU-Zone of Swans/Lucid Actual + 1/2 Dativa(underground post-punk 79-83)- SAALE Label:LION with 8 page insert booklet.
Unlike earlier Daszu music, Lucid Actual 2000 was digitally constructed and edited from recordings and generated loops for use in live interactive 3D performances: many of them were performed at a Digital Electronics Festival in Montreal in 1999. The introduction of a visual element into the mathematical minimalist world of Daszu composer Mark Rudolph allowed for a more ambient, repetitive, suggestive—and danceable—style.

These pieces were composed by Daszu creative mastermind Mark Rudolph via listening to combinatoric loops with an occasional long melody or vocal line spinning over time. Their style is described by Rudolph as 'hypno'—"an attempt to free the mind from its material neighborhood and make possible a better future based on mutual respect and kindness, despite the fact that our home is not here in life."

It is life-affirming, energetic music—particularly the *Enticement sequence of 'Butterfly Close to Me,' 'Kanushnaya Sweet,' 'Oo Eh' and its inverse 'Hey Suni'—music for a joyous club life that may or may not exist or have ever existed—or which perhaps may be encouraged into existence by experiencing this music. LP $18 SKU:22093

DEJA VEGA-ST(Psych rock Hendrix style) SAALE!Label:SISTER 9 This killer self-titled album by the sensational psychedelic rock band from Manchester is recommended to fans of Jimi Hendrix, Goat and everything in between. LP $18 SKU:22707

DUSTAPHONICS - BIG SMOKE LONDON TOWN (70s style punk/R&B/GARAGE SAALE! Label:DIRTY WATER THE DUSTAPHONICS' music is a fantastic mash-up that details their musical influences. We hear elements of booze-soaked 1950s rhythm and blues, vintage stomping buttshaker soul, '60s garage rock and British beat/r&b, Vegas lounge, sleazy grind instrumentals and surf guitar. And the whole deal is sealed and delivered with the spirit of '70s punk. The best of vintage music styles, performed and produced in a way that can suit modern ears. LP $19 SKU:22997

ELECTRIC FEAT-ST(psych, proto-metal and heavy blues) SAALELabel: INNER EAR This is Electric Feat's debut album. A hard rocking album, with psychedelic, proto-metal and heavy blues. Cream and Alice Cooper are not far away LP $19 SKU:22784

ELECTRIC HOLLERS-ST ( RIYL Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Ten Years After, bluesrock, psych,stoner rock) SAALE!Label:SELF After the release of debut album 'Rise' in 2018, things moved quite faast for Dutch psychedelic blues/rock trio Electric Hollers. The band did performances throughout the Netherlands and worked hard on new material. Now here is successor 'Electric Hollers', a self-titled album with a raw sound and live feel. The band recorded the album with producer Bonne van der Wal in Leeuwarden. RIYL Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Ten Years After, bluesrock, psychedelic rock and stoner rock. Limited to 300 copies. LP $19 SKU:22680

EMBRUJO ST (1970 Chilean psych) SAALE!- Label: SURVIVAL RESEARCH Chilean prog band Embrujo began as El Embrujo Ques Besa or Kissing Spell, formed by the guitarist, singer and drummer Carlos Fernandez with chief songwriter Juan Carlos "Tato" Gomez on bass and vocals and Ernesto "Kiko" Murillo on lead guitar, with organist/flautist Ernesto Aracena and pianist/flautist Guillermo Olivares joining later. Signing to Camilo Fernandez's Arena Producciones in 1970, debut LP 'Los Pajaros' was issued under the Kissing Spell moniker, but Chile's unstable political climate, subject to CIA meddling, saw them renamed Embrujo for their coveted second album, the self-titled disc mixing subtle Latin elements within their beautifully-delivered songs of quietly contemplative psychedelic rock. A must-have for all South American psych fans out there, limited to 500 copies only. LP $19 SKU:23419