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FARREN, MICK -Get On Down A Decade of Rock And Roll Posters Paperback Label: Beautiful printing in an oversized almost poster sized format, plus Mick Farren's excellent historic and sociological overview of what and how the Rock and Rock Art scene changed and how it impacted the music scene makes this book a MUST have for all that love Rock, Psychedelic Art and Rock Art at it's best. BOOKS & MAGS $16 SKU:26945

AL GREEN- LETS STAY TOGETHER -SEALED DIDIPACKLabel:FAT POSSUM Originally released in 1972, Al Green's classic album LET'S STAY TOGETHER has been remastered as part of a series Al Green classic re-releases.CD $10 SKU:26961

ANN PEEBLES-TELLIN IT- Label:FAT POSSUM NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Ann Peebles was at the height of her fame in 1975 when she cut the album Tellin' It -- she had scored her biggest chart hit the year before with "I Can't Stand the Rain," and Tellin' It reflected the kind of hard-edged but soulful groove that had taken Peebles to the upper reaches of the charts CD $5 SKU:26958

BLUE CHEER- VINCEBUS ERUPTUM -SEALED JEWEL CASE Label:MERCURY Originally released in 1968. The deafening 1968 debut from the Bay Area power trio! Includes their over-the-top smash cover of Summertime Blues. CD $10 SKU:26954

CACTUS- BARELY CONTAINED STUDIO SESSIONS - DBL CD IN FOLD OUT DIGIPAK - PROMO COPY Label:RHINO HANDMADE NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Cactus was a rock group formed by Jim McCarty and Carmine Appice. Barely Contained: Studio Sessions, a 2-disc set, contains all the studio tracks from their four Atco albums from the early 1970s, plus a few other rare tracks. These albums were "Cactus," "Restrictions," "One Way Or Another" & "Ot 'N' Sweaty." CD $25 SKU:26957

DAVE EDMUNDS- ROCKPILE Label:REPERTOIRE NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP German reissue of the Welsh root-rocker's 1972 debut album with six bonus tracks, 'I Hear You Knocking' (Single Mix), 'Black Bill', 'I'm Coming Home', 'Country Roll', 'Blue Monday' & 'I'll Get Along'. 2001. CD $10 SKU:26951

EASYBEATS- FRIDAY ON MY MIND Label:REPERTOIRE NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Comes in a 4 panel digipak CD with clear tray and with slot pocket. Includes a 12-page booklet. CD $10 SKU:26950

JAM- BOX SET 1977 POLYDOR- 5 CD SET, INCLUDES DVD AND BOOKLET Label:POLYDOR NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP 40th anniversary, five-disc box set celebrating the busy debut year of The Jam, when Paul Weller, Rick Buckler Bruce Foxton and delivered two albums and three hit singles. Features remastered versions of both In The City and This Is The Modern World, and despite a plethora of Jam box sets in the last five or six years the label have dug out six previously unreleased demos from the first album which feature on the second CD alongside five further demos which have been issued before. CD $75 SKU:26946

JOHNNY BURNETTE AND THE ROCK N ROLL TRIO- DEFINITIVE EDITION IMPORT Label:HOODOO NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Recorded in Nashville, Hollywood & New York between 1956 & 1960 CD $10 SKU:26953

MAGAZINE- REAL LIFE -JEWEL CASE Label:EMI Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Real Life is the debut studio album by English rock band Magazine. It was released in June 1978 by record label Virgin. The album includes the band's debut single "Shot by Both Sides", and was also preceded by the non-album single "Touch and Go", a song from the album's recording sessions. CD $15 SKU:26963

OTIS- THE DEFINITVE OTIS REDDING BOX - 4 CD SET, INCLUDES BOOKLET Label:RHINO NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Having died at age 26, Otis Redding gave only a glimpse--albeit a well-documented one--of what he was capable of doing. These four CDs capture Redding's best moments and give a depth that is essential to Redding and Stax-era R&B fans. Redding shaped Stax's signature soul sound, in part by further livening up already high-powered horn charts and heavy rhythms, and in part by simply singing his heart out to a ringing degree. His early, heavily showy stuff is featured here in the form of "Shout Bamalama," but very quickly this set begins to boast just how categorically awe-inspiring Redding's vocal powers were. He made the heart hurt on scorching love-lost tunes ("That's What My Heart Needs") and then could jar the floor with bursting tempi, complex horn charts and unflagging passion on a tune like "Mr. Pitiful." By the time he was churning out tracks with the estimable instrumental outfit Booker T. & the MG's, Redding's dramatic delivery and awesome power were evenly keeled, ensuring at least an unforgettable performance--many of which are on these four CDs. The first three collect catalog material, from the early tunes (a great vantage on Redding's forming talent) to "Tramp," his erstwhile hit with Carla Thomas, to the jump-out-of-your-seat energy of Sam Cooke's "Chain Gang." The last CD collects live performances, each of which is distinctly unforgettable. Then there's the sure sign of Redding's ascendance, "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay," recorded within days of this Macon, Georgia, native's tragic early death. CD $35 SKU:26947

RICHARD HELL- SPURTS- - JEWEL CASE- Label:RHINO NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP First ever career spanning compilation from the ultimate punk prototype. Includes 21 remastered tracks, 2 previously unissued songs, plus a rare live version of "Blank Generation" performed by Hell and Television at CBGB. CD $10 SKU:26959

SANTANA- ABRAXASSEALED Label:LEGACY One of the most influential bands in rock, Santana pioneered "world beat" way before their time with a unique blend of rock & Latin music that proved to be as popular as it was visionary. Columbia celebrates the band's 30th Anniversary with the label by presenting expanded, remastered versions of Santana's first 3 albums. This reissue contains the classics "Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen" and "Oye Como Va," plus 3 previously unissued tracks recorded live in 1970 at the Royal Albert Hall (CD only).CD $10 SKU:26949

SAY IT LOUD- A CELEBRATION OF BLACK MUSIC IN AMERCA- 6 CD SET, INCLUDES BOOKLET SEALEDLabel:RHINO As with 1999's Respect box, which chronicled women recording artists, Rhino again attempts to capture and condense a mighty field with the six-CD Say It Loud! And again, it largely succeeds. A companion to the VH1 series of the same name, Say It Loud! tells one story and many. It covers the development of many related genres, the business of locking many outsize talents and personalities into the grooves of records, and the music as it mirrored a rustling, ever-changing society--that last underscored by the inclusion of spoken sound bites (everyone from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Sammy Davis Jr.). But within these larger themes move many smaller but no less compelling tales. The roughly chronological programming allows for accidental, startling juxtapositions--disc one places Paul Robeson's pained, dignified reading of "Ol' Man River" just a few tracks away from bluesman Son House's insistence in "My Black Mama (Part 1)" that "there ain't no burnin' Hell." From there, pop ballads, big bands, bop, gospel, doo-wop, rock & roll, soul from Motown! Memphis! and Philly!, gorgeous civil-rights-era jazz, funk, and rap cohere and speak to one another in a selection about as good as can be expected given its length and various legal restrictions. (The most glaring omission is Stevie Wonder.) Any taint of "this stuff is good for you" is lost in the parade of great gifts, personalities, statements, dance crazes, poetry, and word games. If the above track listing contains lots of names you don't recognize, Say It Loud! will offer you a topnotch one-stop survey course. --Rickey Wright CD $40 SKU:26948

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE- STAND- Limited Edition, Numbered, Remastered, DigipakLabel:EPIC NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP xpanded and numbered limited edition. Tracks 11 to 13 are previously unreleased.
Issued in 4-panel Digipak with clear tray. 12-page booklet contains liner notes, lyrics, credits and photos. CD $10 SKU:26960

STOOGES- FUNHOUSE 74071 -JEWEL CASE Label:ELEKTRA 1990 RELEASE NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $10 SKU:26962

WILLIE MITCHELL- IT’S DANCE TIME- THE MEMPHIS SOUND -DIGIPAK Label:FAT POSSUM INOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP t’s Dance Time begins with an introductory run-through of the days popular steps, a brief warm-up for the listener. From there, Willie Mitchell delivers his usual solid set of instrumentals. While the album doesn’t quite match up to Mitchell’s best album, That Driving Beat, it does have plenty of highlights, including the swaggering “Buster Browne” and “Shake”-styled “When My Dreamboat Comes Home,” complete with a lively fuzz-guitar and nice drum breaks. CD $10 SKU:26956

ANGRY SAMOANS--YESTERDAY STARTED TOMORROW - YELLOW VINYL Label:TRIPLE X Legendary Los Angeles punk rock band formed in Van Nuys, CA, 1978. Along with X, Black Flag, and the Circle Jerks, the Samoans were part of the original wave of L.A. punk. The band produced two classic albums in “Inside My Brain” (1980) and “Back From Samoa” (1982) and two post -punk albums in “Yesterday Started Tomorrow” (1986) and “STP Not LSD” (1988). vailable for the first time on Vinyl in 3 decades, Yesterday Started Tomorrow and STP Not LSD are the third and fourth album releases by the Angry Samoans. Originally released in 1986 and 1988 respectively, both albums reflect a mixture of punk, garage, and psychedelic sounds. Limited Edition of 500 Copies pressed on Clear Yellow Vinyl
• Back in print after 30 years
• Release Date: December 8, 2023 • Original Release Date: 1986
• Format: Clear Yellow Vinyl L LP $20 SKU:26964

ANGRY SAMOANS-STP NOT LSD- BLUE VINYL Label:TRIPLE X Legendary Los Angeles punk rock band formed in Van Nuys, CA, 1978. Along with X, Black Flag, and the Circle Jerks, the Samoans were part of the original wave of L.A. punk. The band produced two classic albums in “Inside My Brain” (1980) and “Back From Samoa” (1982) and two post -punk albums in “Yesterday Started Tomorrow” (1986) and “STP Not LSD” (1988). vailable for the first time on Vinyl in 3 decades, Yesterday Started Tomorrow and STP Not LSD are the third and fourth album releases by the Angry Samoans. Originally released in 1986 and 1988 respectively, both albums reflect a mixture of punk, garage, and psychedelic sounds. • Limited Edition of 500 Copies pressed on Clear Blue Vinyl • Release Date: December 8, 2023 • Original Release Date: 1988 • Format: Clear Blue Vinyl LP LP $20 SKU:26965

BLEU FOREST-BENT CORNER BARGAIN! ICHIBAN Live At Jimmies(1969 Unreleased US West Coast psychedelic)Label:GOLDEN PAVILION SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. The very first recordings by The Bleu Forest took place after the group had played a show at the Hey You Coffeehouse in Ventura, CA. Jimmie Haskell invited the psych/acid-rockers to come to Hollywood and record on the spot at his place. His intention was to capture how the band sounded live, and that is exactly what 'Ichiban' does, thanks to the band members in fine form, two mics, a recording machine, and lots of spontaneity and raw energy with no retakes. It's a time-capsule direct from Jimmie's place in August, 1967. Limited to 500 copies. LP $12 SKU:19491

DRAGON - BENT CORNER BARGAIN! Scented Gardens For The BlindLabel:REPLICA SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. This is the New Zealand group’s second album (released in February 1975 on Vertigo Records) and is a symphonic rock album of very good quality. Dragon have a very British 70s feel. The music is basically a fairly straightforward rock (a couple of "singles" on this album) with organs and guitars. The longer tracks stand out, especially ‘Sunburst' with its excellent melodies and spacey feel. A really nice album and accessible enough for anyone into symphonic rock.” — Expose MagazineIt starts out with psych-tinged tracks, heavy on electric guitar and organ, but soon blows up into a beautiful mix of cool British-styled organ-driven Psychedelic Rock and melodic Symphonic Progressive Rock, with warm vocals and an emphasis on instant melodies. Up there for many in the same league with FANTASY, CRESSIDA, KESTREL. As with most groups of this type and era, songwriting plays a key role; Dragon could write flawless pieces with lovely, atmospheric changes, which makes them a vut above many others. Maybe that’s why this album remains an incredibly sought after collector's item, fetching three-figures in auctions. LP $16 SKU:26952

HACIENDA - BENT CORNER BARGAIN Loud Is The Night-Beatles style pop prod by DAN OF THE BLACK KEYS ) - Label:ALIVE SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. LTD ED of 200 on green vinyl ( From first note to last, Loud Is The Night is rammed with youthful rock and roll that flails around like a nun with a fork in her eye, raw riffs tussling with sleek 60s harmonies and intricate pop melodies to create something that's more than a little special. - Bearded Magazine LP $10 SKU:26967

KNAST -BENT CORNER BARGAIN! Restless Soul (Seattle garage psych Brit invasion style) -Label:CASUALS SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. The Knast is a garage/psych group from Seattle, known for its amazing live shows. The band's songs sound like lost, obscure 45 rpm gems, in a style quenched by British invasions and West Coast freak-outs! LP $14 SKU:21094

MISTAKEN, THE- ST RED VINYL Label:TRIPLE X In existence long enough to perform some live shows and record a mini-album, The Mistaken consisted of Gregg Turner – lead vocals (Angry Samoans vocalist and guitarist), rhythm guitar; Mark Givens – bass; Elizabyth Burtis – drums; Metal Mike Saunders – fuzz guitars, backing vocals, all guitar leads (Angry Samoans vocalist and guitarist). eleased in a limited Vinyl pressing in 1987, these recordings are thought by many to be the “long lost” Angry Samoans album from the 86-88 period. With “Yesterday Started Tomorrow” (1986) and “STP Not LSD” (1988) as its bookends, this mini-album is considered by Gregg Turner to be the best Angry Samoans record (after the first two), if counting this album’s collaboration between him and Metal Mike as a semi-Angry Samoans venture. he album includes a Metal Mike tune from his bottomless vault of cassettes full of his unused/unheard material with “I Just Can’t Give You Nothin”, the Gregg Turner penned songs “Pack of Wolfs,” (with blistering guitar riffs by MM), “Stranded in Some Other Time”, “Kingdom of My Mind” and “Another Lost Heartache”. The album is rounded out with two outstanding cover songs, the Velvet Underground’s “I’m Set Free” and P.F. Sloan’s “Eve of Destruction”. Considered by many to be the “long lost” Angry Samoans mini-album from the 86-88 period
• Remastered from the Original Master Tapes
• Limited Edition of 500 Copies pressed on Clear Red Vinyl
• Release Date: December 8, 2023
• Original Release Date: 1987 as a rare limited vinyl only pressing released on the band’s Bad Trip label.
• Format: Clear Red Vinyl LP LP $20 SKU:26966

TRYAD-IF ONLY YOU BELIEVE IN LOVIN'(1971 acid folk)Label: DEL VAL Last copies of this 2014 reissue of this excellent acid folk album. Del Val Records present a reissue of Tryad's 'If Only You Believe In Lovin'', originally released in 1971 as a private press. Ultra-deluxe LP reissue on the recently resurrected (and sadly now defunct) Del Val label, the obscure but legendary label previously responsible for early and collectible vinyl editions by The Brigade, The Bachs, Bent Wind, D.R. Hooker, Fifty Foot Hose, etc. Long overdue and much delayed reissue of this NYC private press few have heard and less have seen. Comparable to the best UK folk-fusion LPs of the era, this is like a Yankee version of Hunter Muskett's great 'Every Time You Move' (1970), with co-ed vocals plus bass/drums/pedal steel/flute/keys accompaniment. Consider this East Coast haunted not West Coast hip, though you'll be reminded of a certain revered private from out there that wouldn't exist for another five years: Relatively Clean Rivers. Comes with a four page lyric insert, and the cover is what they were made like fifty years ago, this one is a heavy duty, very excellent Stoughton tip-on jacket. LP $10 SKU:22511

VIBRAVOID -BENT CORNER BARGAIN! Politics of Ecstasy (German psych heads Electric Prunes/Pink Floyd style!) Label:ANAZITISI GREECE “SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. "A heavy storm of psychedelic sounds, shapes, and colors by Düsseldorf, Germany, based psychedelic-heads, Vibravoid. File somewhere between the Electric Prunes and early Pink Floyd. This studio album is basically a musical journey through the ideas of US Acid Guru Timothy Leary and his book, The Politics of Ecstasy.” Stunning new edition of classic 2008 album "The Politics Of Ecstasy" to celebrate the group’s 15th anniversary. Features new cover artwork and re-mastered audio tracks. The album is partly re-recorded and fully re-mixed for maximum audio pleasure. This edition also presents for the first time the original recording of ‘Late As A Morning’, a charming piece of relaxed psychedelia that was first released in a different version on the flip of the ‘Doris Delay’ 7" EP from 2004. This is a bonus track. The album includes a poster size full colour insert. Limited edition of 500 copies. “"A heavy storm of psychedelic sounds, shapes, and colors by Düsseldorf, Germany, based psychedelic-heads, Vibravoid. File somewhere between the Electric Prunes and early Pink Floyd. This studio album is basically a musical journey through the ideas of US Acid Guru Timothy Leary and his book, The Politics of Ecstasy.” LP $15 SKU:21066

WAVES OF FURY - BENT CORNER BARGAIN Thirst ( Lou Reed, Iggy & The Stooges, the New York Dolls style) BLACK vinylLabel:ALIVE SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. Has a Rolling Stones swagger… it’s like Steppenwolf jamming with The Commodores and is every bit as magnificent as that alliance should be." –å God Is In The TV LP $10 SKU:26968


AGAPE -The Problem Is Sin: Live And Unreleased (1973 blazing acid jam but with Jesus!)-Label:HIDDEN VISION Collection of rare material, much of it only previously available on an extremely rare promo-only 8-track tape (!) from one of the first hard rock Jesus music bands, formed around the talent of Fred Caban during the early stages of what became known as the Jesus People movement. Most of it is live from 1973, the stand-outs being a blazing acid jam versions of ‘Wouldn’t it Be a Drag’ and ‘Change of Heart’, live at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, CA. Upon graduating from high school in the spring of 1968, Hendrix-influenced guitarist Fred Caban and his bandmates squeezed into a small Volkswagen van in search of venues to perform. One night, at Huntington Beach's Lightclub, they met a group of enthusiastic teenagers whom Caban described as being "totally immersed with the message of Christ." Though not totally understanding the "Lightclubber's” message, Caban began praying for an introduction to "whomever was out there." When he returned to the van he shared his experience and found that fellow bandmate Jeff Newman had also undergone a spiritual conversion. Caban formed another band naming it Agape, the Greek word for God's love. Having established himself as a guitarist of some merit, the band capitalized on his name to gather crowds. Agape's vision became evangelistic–desiring to share their experience with their peers. "We'd play one or two songs, we'd jam, we'd blow them away and then boom, we'd start preaching..... and people would actually stick around and listen." Within six months a group of fifty young converts had joined the trio as a loose amalgamation of spiritually searching teenagers who gathered together for Bible studies and strategy sessions to promote the band's concerts. CD $10 SKU:19053

BITTERVETCH -- Masters and Demos (GARAGE '66) Label:GEAR FAB Wow, we hit pay dirt on this one!! The band contacted us after seeing their great garage classic "Bigger Fool" on Psychedelic States Ohio, Volume 2. Low and behold, here are 18 lost and previously unreleased tracks from the band and their earlier incarnation The Chandells plus their Pixie 45 from 1966.. Garage, ballad, and fuzz rock at its best! CD $10 SKU:18619

BLACKSTONE -On The Line (arena style AC/DC, Bon Jovi)Label:PACEMAKER Arena rock reminiscent of the bands that were shaped by these musicians — AC/DC, Bon Jovi, and Def Leppard — can be heard here. Big Riffs. Catchy Chorus’. Monster Solos. Makes sense, as Blackstone evolved from Rhinoceros when band members returned to Toronto, where they released this one rare album on GRT Records. Blackstone came together in July 1972, with the help of Frazier Mohawk and his business partner, Gary Howsam. The group was completed with a new drummer, Richard Steinberg and the singer and harp player Frank 'Zeke' Sheppard, who'd played in Mainline. More importantly the new band saw the welcomed return of Danny Weis. With a suitable collection of songs to record, Finley invited his old friend Paul Rothchild up to Toronto to produce the band, a wise move bearing in mind that the original Rhinoceros members had enjoyed their greatest success with Rothchild at the helm. A deal with GRT was arranged and this album, 'On The Line,' was duly cut at Toronto's RCA Recording Studios. “On The Line” contains some excellent songs, notably a cover of Dr John's 'Qualified', and the Weis-Steinberg collaboration 'Mountain'.” CD $10 SKU:26193

CHIRCO - Visitation (1972 fuzz guitar)-Label:GEAR FAB This 1972 rock opera LP was first released in Denver, Colorado but recorded in New York City and Connecticutt. It is full of fuzz guitar, fine vocals, and outstanding vibes. CD $10 SKU:18870

CIRCUS- 1973 (hard hitting Wisconsin R&R blues)-Label:GEAR FAB Another great undiscovered band from Wisconsin. This hard hitting Rock and Roll and Blues band played with Tayles, Yancy Derringer, SOUP, and Tongue and toured the mid-west from 1969-1976 to crowds of thousands. Their Loggins & Messina/Allman Brothers sound comes out loud and clear on their 1974 self-titled LP. Off the master tapes, this release also features bonus tracks not on the original LP. CD $10 SKU:19615

CONCRETE RUBBER BAND -Risen Savior(Official reissue of this insane underground basement psychedelic rock album, a massively-rare 1974 release)Label:HIDDEN VISION BIzarre burbling electronic embellishments find unity with abundant fuzz guitar, organ, and male and female lead vocals. A very strange rock album (in the best way), which just happens to have religion as its subject. "Official reissue of this insane underground basement psychedelic rock album, a massively-rare 1974 release on the Missouri-based American Artists label (AAS1164), of which only two or three copies are known to be exist in private collections. The song titles reveal the Christian undercurrent, but don’t be put off by that (if such a thing would be off-putting for you): this is a very strange and unusual rock album which just happens to have religious undertones, replete with organ, fuzz guitar, male and female lead vocals and masses of electronic embellishments—arguably more akin to Debris or Intersystems than anything else. The label says this about it: "Some of the most ‘out there’ psychedelic sounds can be found on this Kansas trio's mega-rare custom LP. The song, ‘Christian,’ for example, opens with a Bach fugue before laying in its steady rock beat punctuated with subterranean wah-wah guitar and a wild, heavily modulated lead. The song, ‘Wicked,’ opens side two with a bizarre amalgam of what sounds like synthesized, bubbling lava pits, frequency oscillations, distorted, sci-fi vocals and shortwave, static patterns. This is psychedelia at its most underground and extreme, with all the ear marks of a bad drug trip which, given the songs dark subject matter, works just fine. Likewise, ‘What Shall We Do?’ opens with a lengthy outpouring of some of the most vicious, distorted, fuzz guitar ever then relaxes into a spooky, dream-like ballad before it climaxes with a flying saucer effect that sounds straight out of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.” There are several fine and moody garage tracks here as well. The overall impact is difficult to describe: the songs are highly listenable and quite creative. Dense echoes add to the homemade feel of the entire project. Duncan Long, the main man behind the synths, guitars and song writing is now a published science fiction author, which explains a lot, we think. CD $10 SKU:26057

CRYSTAL SYPHON- FAMILY EVIL/ ELEPHANT BALL (SF 60s)Label:GEAR FAB Comes in an old-style “tip-on” jacket with a digital download. Plying their trade in the fertile San Francisco scene of the late '60s, Crystal Syphon's name was only known to aficionados through viewing copies of old SF gig posters and through the index of bands at the back of Ralph Gleason's book on the rise of Jefferson Airplane. Then both their studio and live 1967-1969 archival recordings were discovered that replaced the imagination with true grooves in 2012 and 2015 with the release of 2 LPs on Roaratorio Records. Trying to find comparison with other Bay area bands from that era has proven a bit fruitless as they don't specifically evoke any of the heavy hitters of the era. They have a bit of a dreamy, stoned vibe with some great harmonies and some have compared their style to Quicksilver Messenger Service (John Cipollina was their idol!!) as well as H.P. Lovecraft. As with so many bands of the era, the draft, time and declining fortunes signaled the end of the band. There is some great guitar work alongside the Farfisa organ in the extended jams, and fans of the west-coast sound should delight in these recordings. CD $14 SKU:23863

FALLEN ANGELS- Mad Hatters Meet The Fallen Angels (unreleased 1966 Byrds style) Label:CICADELIC In 1965, Barry Seidel formed a music company called Traydel Productions. The first band Seidel signed was the Mad Hatters from Washington DC. In the course of one year the band released three stunningly great singles, 'I Need Love,' 'Go Find a Love' and 'I'll Come Running,' all with Dylanesque-PF Sloan sounding folk-rock songs as the B-sides. Mad Hatter live shows were legendary as well, as is exemplified by the explosion of the amps during their electrifying medley of 'Since You've Been Gone/I'm All Right/The Mad Hatter Theme' and their rocking version of 'I Need Love,' both included on this album along with all their singles, making this the most complete collection of Mad Hatters' material ever released. The Fallen Angels were the second band Seidel signed and they are represented by a six song set of singles and unreleased recordings from 1966. These are the earliest recordings by the band and range from folk-rock ('Pebble In My Sand,' 'Hello Girl,' 'I Have Found') to Love (Arthur Lee) type ballads ('Have You Ever Lost A Love,' 'Every Time I Fall In Love') and garage ('Who Do You Love?'). In addition to all this excitement are two previously unreleased 1966 folk-rock Byrds sounding gems from the Loved Ones, plus a 1967 version of 'I Need Love' by the Time Stoppers. Rare photos and radio promos make this a complete trip back to 1966, when the Mad Hatters and the Fallen Angels were the two hottest bands in Washington DC and 'I Need Love' mania swept the airwaves." CD $10 SKU:19087

HOMER - ST (70s Texas psych hard rock ) Label:GEAR FAB An historic release in digipak format. Homer was one of the best psychedelic/hard rock bands to come out of Texas.hey had their early beginnings as the Outcasts and some members played on the Stoics/Mind's Eye 45s reissued on The Children Anthology. While their 1970 LP is very highly rated and rated R4 in rarity, their three 45s are even rarer. Newly discovered tapes have uncovered unreleased songs and demos. All are included in this comprehensive collection. A very young Christopher Cross participated on some of the tracks. CD $10 SKU:14119

HOWELL, PETER & JOHN FERDINANDO - Tomorrow Come Someday w dvd ( 60s private press rarity) - Label:LION The second release (1969) from the home studio of future BBC Radiophonic Workshop composer Peter Howell and his musical partner John Ferdinando, makers of legendary albums under the names Alice Through the Looking Glass, Ithaca, Agincourt, and Friends. This private press album was recorded as the soundtrack for an underground film production by (later to be) renowned television director Ian Hamilton: "Tomorrow Come Someday." The soundtrack album, now presented from the master tapes, was originally pressed up in a tiny quantity for friends and people involved in the production; certainly no more than 70-80 copies were made. So what do we find here? A concept piece revolving around a village threatened by motorway expansion, and the efforts of short-skirted guitar-slinging young painter Emma Stacey and a local boy to save the day, and perhaps preserve their growing love. The film is described on the album jacket as “a musical comedy, shot on location in the Sussex village of Lurgashall, during August 1969,” which of course, doesn’t begin to tell the tale. Think perhaps of the Kinks’ “Village Green Preservation Society” characters come to life. See for yourself! For this is both the compact disc and DVD debut of “Tomorrow Come Someday,” film and soundtrack, together at last in a double-disc set. Chunky booklet with plentiful photos gives the full story of what we like to call The Wonderful Musical World of Peter Howell & John Ferdinando. CD $10 SKU:11958

IMPECCABLE--Live on the Rox(Rare Texas private press 1979 )Label:ROCKADROME Long anticipated reissue of rare Texas hard rock private press record originally released in 1979. Loud, ferocious, untamed guitar work, courtesy of Darren Welch, dominates this 6/21/2019Lubbock, Texas band's hard to find debut album. Impeccable deliver a massive dose of raw in-yourface rock and roll energy here, captured live in 1979 at a popular night club in Lubbock called The Rox. As a bonus, there are two tracks from the band's ultra-rare debut single from 1978 when they were still known as Axxe. This single is on a lot of collector want lists and is nearly impossible to find these days, even here in Texas. Includes liner notes and photos from the Impeccable archives. First time reissue of classic 1979 Texas hard rock private press record that collectors regularly hunt for. Originals are changing hands for over $100, if you can find one. Has cross genre appeal for fans of classic hard rock, 70s proto-metal and Texas rock and roll or anyone into groups like Granicus, Poobah, Montrose, Moxy, early Rush, Van Halen, Ted Nugent and the like. Includes liner notes and photos from guitarist Darren Welch. Re-mastered by Tony Reed (Saint Vitus,Truth and Janey - Erupts, Iron Claw, Mos Generator, Grifter, Stone Axe and more) CD $15 SKU:20415

KENSINGTON MARKET-Aardvark (1969 Cream style rock )-Label:PACEMAKER In 1969, Kensington Market released their final LP, “Aardvark.” This album is a weird and wonderful mini-masterpiece upon which much of Kensington Market’s reputation rests. This time out there were no silly jug-band tracks and many of the album’s ideas are fully formed and well thought out. Some of the songs, like the beautiful, trippy ‘Cartoon’ and the ahead-of-it’s-time ‘Help,’ use primitive synthesizer in all the right ways. ‘Help’ sounds like a lost Flaming Lips track with its open arrangement and blissed-out guitar playing. Other tracks like ‘Think About The Times’ and ‘If It Is Love’ have more of a melancholy air but are equally excellent and reveal a more pessimistic side of the band. Felix Pappalardi of Mountain fame is credited with "musical direction" as well as production this time around, and it shows in the heaviness, and the wistful, surreal weirdness of most of the tracks (similar in flavor to Cream's “Wheels Of Fire” and the Mountain albums), even contributing a short piano piece called ‘Ciao.’ CD $10 SKU:26890

KOPPERFIELD- Tales Untold (Ultra rare 70s hard rock) Label:GEAR FAB The ultr-rare 1974 hard rock LP by a great yet unknown Michigan band. The music is hard driving, with loud and screaming guitar, tortured vocals, and an organ sound very similar to early YES. Taken off the master tapes, this release features Nine bonus tracks never before heard. CD $10 SKU:11394

LONDONERS/ THE KNACK - 14 MOD BEAT NUGGETS 65-67- Label:WET WORLD RECORDS (USA) Presented here are The Londoners and The Knack's complete discography—fourteen mod/beat nuggets plus an unreleased take of ‘Back In The USA,’ plus unreleased pics and liner notes spanning their haberdashery roots to the present day. CD $10 SKU:20192

MASON-HARBOUR (70s Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Grand Funk) style aCID ARCHIVE FAVE!) Label:GEAR FAB From the ashes of the mythical Argentine duo Sandhy & Mandhy—who recorded in 1969 the intensely rare and beloved album “Para Castukis” (reissued by Lion Productions on vinyl and CD), a record suffused with beat and psychedelic influences—comes this resurrection by Mandhy of his "Celestial Stories." Alberto Vanasco Jr. (Mandhy) resumes his musical tale with twelve tracks written between 1968 and 1978. Recorded with the analogue essence and sound of the 70s, using vintage instruments like Farfisa and Hammond organ, and fuzz guitar. Features Argentine rock legends Nexus as the backing band. A record which brings together all of the various crucial elements of Argentine rock music: psychedelia, heavy blues, classic rock, and progressive rock. Stunning CD $10 SKU:22026

MONOCLES /HIGHER ELEVATION - THE SPIDER, THE FLY & THE BOOGIEMAN ( psych 60s ) -Label:GEAR FAB As promised in the liner notes from Psychedelic States: Colorado In The 60s, here is the complete story of The Monocles and their earlier incarnation, The Higher Elevation. 31 Tracks, many of them never before released, from the Greeley, Colorado band that used to drive around in a Hearse!! Hard rocking and psychedelic music From 1966-1970!! CD $10 SKU:19930

MOUNTAIN BUS-SUNDANCE (70S GRATEFUL DEAD STYLE)Label:GEAR FAB The Grateful Dead sounding band that was sued by Windfall Music and Columbia Records for using the name "Mountain", although they actually had been together for 4 years before Mountain was officially formed!! Their classic "Sundance" LP from 1971 plus unreleased live and studio material off the Master Tapes from this Chicago band- A total of 13 songs and 70 minutes of music. Don't bother with the French bootleg, the original pressing was poorly done and nothing the piraters did have helped the quality!! CD $10 SKU:18654

MOUZAKIS - MAGIC TUBE PLUS 14 (Delaware power trio 70s psych-Label:GEAR FAB Before recording their great self-titled 1971 Psych LP, this band was previously known as The Fabulous Pharoahs. They recorded 7 45s on a variety of labels but this release also features 4 never before released tracks as well as their LP. CD $10 SKU:21723

MYSTERY PLANE-Still Life (70s Amon Duul style)-Label:LION Mystery Plane formed in 1980 from the ashes of 70's new wave band 3D5 who's line-up also featured future Cure member Porl Thompson. This record was originally a demo cassette made in 1981 that was hawked around record labels with a view for release. Later Color Tapes released a 100 copies edition. To support their demo at the time the band played such gigs at the Marquee, Rock Garden and The Bridgehouse supporting bands such as Fad Gadget, Modern English and Henry Padovani (Ex-Police) in London. Mystery Plane have been featured on the Cold Waves Of Color compilation series. CD $10 SKU:26173

NIHILIST SPASM BAND -No Record (1968 counterculture weirdness) -Label:LION One of very few indie label releases on Spin Magazine's list of 100 top counter-cultural music, ahead of legends like Mulatu Astatke, Brigitte Fontaine, Pärson Sound, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra and His Solar Arkestra, Harry Partch, and Os Mutantes. Zowie!•Comes with massive booklet with the band’s story and rare photo and more!•From the master tapes.•Limited edition of 500 copies. CD $10 SKU:20093

OPHIUCHUS-ST (obscure 70s psych blues) Label:LION This ambitious album somehow manages to blend grungy psychedelic rock, acoustic blues, and densely orchestrated French pop/psych (in an Ilous & Decuyper vein) into an impressive and cohesive whole. Sandy Spencer, cellist and member of Mormos contributed wonderful playing on ‘Ne cherche plus’ and ‘Inachevée.’ This reissue includes the original album plus eight bonus tracks in English meant to be the basis of an international album that was never issued. CD $10 SKU:20094

SALEM MASS - Witch Burning (1971 Fuzz vocals, heavy organ)- Label:GEAR FAB Salem Mass, the Caldwell, Idaho band that recorded their classic "Witch Burning" LP at their favorite bar, converted into a studio, in 1971. (Using serial number 023 Moog Synthesizer!!) Heavy Organ, Outstanding Vocals, Fuzz Guitar, Pounding Bass, and Drums that will shake your walls!!!! Turn up the volume on this one!! CD $10 SKU:21730

SKEPTICS - The Complete Early Years- 1965-1969digipack - Label:GEAR FAB Finally, on Compact Disc and in Digipak Format, the great and legendary garage band from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Featuring all their 45s, alternate takes, and a rare unreleased bonus track. Many collectors andenthusiasts of this period consider them to be the forerunners of the American Garage Sound of the 1960’s!!
These are the complete recordings featuring their lead singer Jerry Waugh. CD $10 SKU:13799

SOUL INC - Vol 1 (NOT SOUL! 60s psych from Lousville!-Label:GEAR FAB Don't let the name fool you!! SOUL INC were one of the biggest bands in Louisville during the 60's and released 7 singles between '65-'69. They recorded much more that was recently discovered in the studio archives. Great PSYCHEDELIC music that shows the band transition from mid- to late 60's when they became 'Elysian Field'. CD $10 SKU:22032

TARBABY - February (ultra rare Florida 1972 -Outstanding vocals and searing guitar leads)Label:GEAR FAB A great, long lost ultra-rare LP from this Florida Panhandle band. If you like Ten Years After & The Allman Bros., this one is for you!! CD $10 SKU:21733

TAYLES - Who Are These Guys? (1971 blues psych)-Label:GEAR FAB From Madison, Wisconsin came this merry band of musicians. Includes all tracks from their great 1971 LP plus four songs from their double 45 gatefold. Hey, two of these songs were banned from radio!!!!FROM TOP 25 POP MADISON ALBUMS OF ALL TIME: Recorded live at the Nitty Gritty, this collection of blues-rock captures the musical feel of Vietnam-era Madison. Paul Reyzold's organ added pyschedelia that was as bright as a tie-dyed shirt; Scott Eakin's flute was as groovy as a VW bus. Jeremy Wilson started the band in 1966. Like hippie culture, Tayles faded away near the end of 1972. CD $10 SKU:19456

TONGUE - Keep on Truckin (forgotten classic of late '60s American psych)Label:GEAR FAB Tongue were a blues-based, organ-fueled, country and rural folk-influenced hard rock band that emerged from the copious student population of countercultural Wisconsin. Though Tongue remains a criminally underrated outfit, and never made it big on a national level, their touring reached legendary status, particularly in the mid-west. They were on the road for 10 years and played 250 gigs a year without flying to a single one of them. CD $10 SKU:19455

YANCY DERRINGER -Openers (1974 ACID ROCK w Weedburner and more) Label:GEAR FAB Yancy Derringer was a four-piece band from Wisconsin that recorded an album titled Openers in 1976. With an original pressing of only 1000 copies, the album reflected the band's live act and creative talents in seven original songs. The sound of Yancy Derringer was similar to that of some of the more hard driven southern U.S. rock acts of the day such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, Ozark Mountain Daredevils and many more. After selling out the initial thousand pressings very quickly, the band ordered a second pressing, which got caught up management hassles and was delayed. This caused fans to lose interest in the band; by 1976, the group's momentum had passed Yancy Derringer broke up, leaving the world with another limited pressing album. In the late '90s, Gear Fab acquired the rights to the band's original masters and released that long lost album for fans of '70s rock to enjoy. With detailed band history and song information as in all Gear Fab releases, Yancy Derringer can now take its place in the history of American rock music. ~ Keith Pettipas, Rov CD $10 SKU:25314

COLD WAVES OF COLOR -VA VOL 5 (rare UK Cold Wave 81-85) Label:LION A superb album, compiling electronic synth pop, cold wave and minimal tracks from the Color Tapes label, spanning 1981-1985. The Color Tapes label was the brainchild of a young Gary Ramon after being inspired by cassette labels such as Fuck Off Tapes, Weird Noise and other underground UK labels; also by the music of the late ’70’s and early ’80’s such as Cabaret Voltaire, Suicide, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Throbbing Gristle, Fad Gadget, as well as electronic musicians such as John Cage, La Monte Young, Stockhausen, Pierre Henry, Moondog, and others. The tracks from this compilation originally came out only on limited cassette runs of 100 copies sold at gigs, mail order and record shops. COMP CD $10 SKU:22077

COLD WAVES OF COLOR -VA VOL 3Label:LION Includes 36-page booklet reprint of the second issue of the Purple Twilight fanzine from 1985. Blinding 3rd volume of wave obscurities sourced from hard or impossible-to-find tapes originally issued in the early-mid ‘80s! Color Tapes again reveal a hitherto unheard slice of British garage cold wave recordings ranging from certifiable dancefloor aces to synth escape pods and integers between. COMP CD $10 SKU:20206

DALLAS 66 - ESQUIRES & THE EXOTICS Dallas '66(psych-pop gems )w rare radio promos and unreleased materialLabel:CICADELIC Subtitled The Now Sound is Here. "In 1966 Dallas was a Mecca for great bands and two of the best, The Exotics and The Esquires, are included on this album. The Exotics began as a rock and roll band in 1959, but by 1966 were recording psych-pop and folk-rock gems. They released three singles, one of them, 'Come With Me,' reaching the top ten. The Esquires formed in 1965 and recorded four singles, mixing folk-rock with a hard edged sound. The wild 'Come On Come On' and 'Judgment Day' are what make The Esquires legendary today. Dallas '66 contains all seven of The Esquires' original songs and seventeen tracks by The Exotics, including rare radio promos and unreleased material." COMP CD $10 SKU:13444

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- NEW YORK In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB More obscure, rare and unreleased 60's music from the Empire State. 28 tracks,many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18607

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- WISCONSIN In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB 31 Rare and unreleased tracks!! COMP CD $10 SKU:18616

PSYCHEDELIC STATES-Kentucky DBL CD Label:GEAR FAB We venture into the great Bluegrass State of Kentucky, which has been no stranger to Gear Fab through the years!!Featuring dozens of never before compiled tracks, this double CD promises to be the best of our previous 24 installments: COMP CD $14 SKU:24821

WHOLE ENCHILADA ,THE - -3 LP set w 70 page book! A deluxe multimedia package detailing the history of Desert Rock from 1976-1994Label:San Jacinto Records From the mind of Rich Hopkins, co-founder and guitarist of the Sidewinders/Sand Rubies and one of Arizona’s most accomplished rock ’n’ roll exports, comes THE WHOLE ENCHILADA: The History of Desert Rock 1976-1994. This whopping three-LP + 70-page book + access to film multi-media set, a who’s-who anthology of Tucson, Arizona’s musical trailblazers — and its woefully overlooked — arrives in April from the San Jacinto label. COMP LP $35 SKU:25039