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PURPLE GANG -Granny Takes a Trip-Label:TALKING ELEPHANT When Pink Floyd recorded ‘Arnold Layne’ in a converted Chelsea abattoir in 1967, their producer Joe Boyd was also working in an adjoining studio with another band. The former Young Contemporaries Jug Band, renamed the Purple Gang (for “the whole rhythm section” in Jailhouse Rock) seemed to have a gem in ‘Granny Takes a Trip.’ The Floyd’s Syd Barrett thought it would be a hit and John Peel called it “one of the all-time great records” ? but the BBC had other ideas and promptly banned it, even though the trip referred not to LSD but to an old lady’s ambition to visit Hollywood. With its honky-tonk piano, homemade jug taking the bass line and one of pop’s great kazoo solos, Granny remains an innocent, timeless reminder of the first summer of love. This 50th Anniversary version of the band’s album features bonus tracks, including two versions of the Syd Barrett song ‘Boon Tune,’ which he suggested to the band they should use as a follow up to ‘Granny Takes a Trip.’ A bit of the hippie acid-folk vibe seeps into one of the better and more mysterious cuts, ‘The Wizard,’ which actually does have a trilling electric guitar. A wee bit of British pop-psych bonhomie also colors ‘The Sheik,’ ‘Kiss Me Goodnight Sally Green,’ and their most famous track by far, 'Granny Takes a Trip’ (which is still jug band-based, despite the psychedelic implications that some read into the title). CD $12 SKU:24853

RARE BIRD -Somebody’s Watching (60s Brit prog) -Label:TALKING ELEPHANT Rare Bird were an English progressive rock band, formed in 1969, who released five studio albums. “Somebody's Watching” was the bands fourth album, released in 1973. It includes their classic interpretation of Ennio Morricone's theme to ‘A Fistful of Dollars.’ Rare Bird is a very interesting group. They started out as progressive soul meets hard rock unit, not unlike Spooky Tooth. By the time Rare bird recorded “Somebody's Watching,” they had evolved into a much funkier groove. The title track has a Steely Dan like precision. The is some exciting funky prog. And the show stealer is the closing track, ‘Dollars’: Rare Bird created a funk rock monster jam that many take hands down over Babe Ruth’s ‘The Mexican’ jam, also an homage to Ennio Morricone's classic. CD $12 SKU:24854

RED KRAYOLA - God Bless the--Hardbound Media Book + CD Label:CHARLY A low-fi psychedelic classic. With its weird time signatures, loopy bass and drums, Mayo Thompson is a kind of Syd Barrett by way of Texas. Their previous album is a loud, freaked out classic. This album influenced bands as diverse as Galaxie 500 (who covered the catchy ‘Victory Garden’), Spacemen 3, Gastro Del Sol and in spirit if not sound, many of the Chicago bands that involve John McEntire (The Sea and Cake, Tortoise) and many others that record for the Drag City label. Second album by the American experimental rock band Red Krayola, released in May 1968 by the International Artists record label. “‘God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail with It’ bears precious little resemblance to anything else that appeared at the time; it would take a few decades of post-punk experimentalism before Mayo Thompson's vision would have a truly suitable context, though the album's playful undercurrent goes a long way toward making these tiny shards of sound go down easily for the musically open-minded.” The Spin Alternative Record Guide called the album "superb," describing it as "small songs full of quiet terror and acoustic confusion.” Media book packaging is very nice.Along with the Elevators, The Red Crayola were the mainstays of the International Artists label, and are recognised in Psychedelic circles as producing some of the strangest music ever (combining elements of avant-garde and garage with wild, experimental freak-outs and chilling stripped down songs which sounded unlike anything from the 1960s). CD $15 SKU:20346

RED KRAYOLA - FAMILIAR UGLY Parable Of The Arable Land-Hardbound Book + 2xCD-Label:CHARLY On their 1967 debut album, the Red Crayola themselves conjure up a sound that's part psychedelia, part garage punk, and partly some sort of experimental rock that would not truly make itself known until many years down the road, and they generate an impressively freaked-out energy on deliberately primitive numbers like ‘War Sucks’ and 'Hurricane Fighter Plane.’ Six of the twelve tracks on The Parable of Arable Land are devoted to the Red Crayola; the rest find the three members of the group collaborating with friends, acquaintances, and fellow travelers credited as "the Familiar Ugly.” Pitchfork gave it a 9.3 and said: “In March 1967, The Red Crayola walked into the studio and spent a day making one of the most visionary album of the year, The Parable of Arable Land. It's a band that has no idea how to play its instruments. In fact, they don't even know what instruments are, or if the guitarist has the ability to remain conscious long enough to play whatever it is a "note" might be. Shattered psalms, wobbling percussion courtesy of poet Frederick Barthelme, patently overused echo chambers, and the clumsiest staircase bassline in garage history smashes into a bunch of clopping machine men as Mayo Thompson croons out the only serious line in his entire career: "I have in my pocket a hurricane fighter plane.” After Houston-based International Artists Records enjoyed unexpected commercial success with one of the most eccentric bands to emerge from the State of Texas, the 13th Floor Elevators, the label's proprietors presumably set out to find some folks who were even weirder, and they found a band that fit the bill in the Red Crayola. Media book packaging is very nice.
Along with the Elevators, The Red Crayola were the mainstays of the International Artists label, and are recognised in Psychedelic circles as producing some of the strangest music ever (combining elements of avant-garde and garage with wild, experimental freak-outs and chilling stripped down songs which sounded unlike anything from the 1960s). CD $15 SKU:24855

SAVANNA- Collected Madness (1973 Mega-rare, tripped out underground acid-folk)Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Mega-rare, tripped out underground acid-folk recorded in 1973 and pressed up in tiny quantity by legendary custom pressing plant Deroy Sound Service. We rate this so highly musically that it must be in the top three UK acid-folk private pressings. The band combined spellbinding 12 string guitars, harpsichord and occasional bass to outstanding effect on an album brimming with original songs that displays creative charm amid gusts of melancholia. Extended tracks with thought provoking vocals. Similar territory to Red Television, Ferris Wheel and Midwinter etc only more accomplished from start to finish. A minor classic.Recorded in 1973 and pressed up in tiny quantity by legendary custom pressing plant Deroy Sound Service. CD $12 SKU:24870

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS- Assume Nothing. Very Best Of” 2xCD -Label:MUSIC CLUB DELUXE An excellent compilation from one of the greatest socially conscious first wave punk bands. Includes all the hits and more. Includes some singles mixes which were never released in the U.S. Stiff Little Fingers were heavily influenced by The Clash. “What the Clash’s first album did more than anything else was give me the confidence, through its lyrical subject matter, to realise it was OK to write about my own life and experiences,” said STF main songwriter Jake Burns. The group started to write songs about growing up in the Troubles in late 1970's Northern Ireland. “Assume Nothing. Question Everything” is a pretty appropriate title for what Stiff Little Fingers have done since they broke upon the scene in 1979. Right from the start they were either criticized or lauded for their choice of subject matter. Since then, the band have continued to plough their own furrow. Listen to this 44-track collection whilst reading Jake Burns' sleeve notes and you'll understand why CD $12 SKU:24856

STRAY-Mudanzas (1966 hard rock prog)- Label:TALKING ELEPHANT Stray had a prolific career, yet managed to elude the fame enjoyed by contemporaries like Cream, Thin Lizzy, or even Mountain. Formed in 1966, the hard rock, prog, and R&B outfit comprised of vocalist/guitarist Del Bromham, vocalist/guitarist Steve Gadd, bass player Gary Giles, and drummer Ritchie Cole signed to Transatlantic Records and released its debut, self-titled album in 1970. The group flirted with success throughout the '70s, releasing nine more records. “Mudanzas” (“Changes”) was their 1973 album. ‘I Believe It’ is an elegiac number crowned with a guitar solo reminiscent, in key, to ‘Stairway to Heaven;’ ‘Pretty Things’ more urgent, with room for blistering six-string work from Del Bromham. The guitarist did away entirely with these frills on more stripped-down, fan-familiar hard rock efforts like the Quadrophenia-esque ‘It's Alright Ma!’ and the Status Quo-styled boogie rock of ‘Hallelujah.’ He then led the group down distinctly Beatles-ish roads on ‘Oil Fumes and Sea Air’ and ‘Soon as You've Grown.’ Del Bromham (guitarist): “When we were signed up by Wilf Pine of Worldwide Artists, his decision was to take us off of the road for a while as we’d been constantly gigging for years. He thought coming back after a period of absence with a new sound and look could be what was needed. So now music was going to be the top priority. I remember when Wilf heard the new material for ‘Mudanzas’ he said: ‘I thought I’d signed the new Black Sabbath, but I think I’ve found the Beatles instead.’” CD $12 SKU:24857

T.REX-(MARC BOLAN & T.REX) The Slider 2xCD-Label:EDSEL 2xCD edition of Bolan's 1972 album, presented in an eye-catching digipak with a plastic slipcase. Disc one features the original album remastered, accompanied by three non-album single sides, 'Cadilac', 'Thunderwing' & 'Lady'. Disc two is a bonus disc of fascinating work-in-progress versions and demos, which mirrors the original album’s running order, plus extended play featuring 'Lady' & 'Sunken Rags'. The package is completed by a 16-page color booklet, including lyrics, photos and memorabilia, with extensive and updated annotation by Mark Paytress, editor of Mojo Collections.

Glam Rock at its finest, a classic album that stands the test of time, as fresh to the ears today as it was all those decades ago. Buoyed by two U.K. number one singles in ‘Telegram Sam’ and ‘Metal Guru,’ “The Slider” became T. Rex's most popular record on both sides of the Atlantic. “The Slider” replicates all the virtues of “Electric Warrior,” crammed with effortless hooks and trashy fun. All of Bolan's signatures are here: mystical folk-tinged ballads, overt sexual come-ons crooned over sleazy, bopping boogies, loopy nonsense poetry, and a mastery of the three-minute pop song form. The main difference is that the trippy mix of “Electric Warrior” is replaced by a fuller, more immediate-sounding production. Bolan's guitar has a harder bite, the backing choruses are more up-front, and the arrangements are thicker-sounding. Even with the beefier production, T. Rex still doesn't sound nearly as heavy as many of the bands it influenced (and even a few of its glam contemporaries), but that's partly intentional — Bolan’s love of a good groove takes precedence over fast tempos or high-volume crunch. It's nearly impossible not to get caught up in the irresistible rush of melodies and cheery good times. Even if it treads largely the same ground as Electric Warrior, The Slider is flawlessly executed, and every bit the classic that its predecessor is. Marc Bolan's success was peaking at the time he released The Slider in 1972. Coming off hits such as ‘Bang a Gong’ and ‘Hot Love,’ he packed Slider with anthems like ‘Metal Guru’ (also a No. 1 British single), ‘Baby Boomerang,’ and ‘Rock On,’ built around simple rock & roll boogie riffs and burnished to perfection by Tony Visconti's ambitious production. CD $16 SKU:24860

T.REX -MARC BOLAN & T.REX) Bolan’s Zip Gun 2xCDLabel:EDSEL 2xCD digipak edition with a plastic slipcase, featuring the original album, two bonus single tracks, 'Do You Wanna Dance?' & 'Dock of the Bay’, as well as 19 tracks of demos and alternate versions; comes with a 12 page booklet. Having reinvented himself as a bionic soulboy across the course of 1974's Zinc Alloy, Marc Bolan's “Zip Gun” was less a reiteration of his new direction than a confirmation of it. Much of the album returns to the understated romp he had always excelled at — the delightful knockabout ‘Precious Star,’ the unrepentant boogie of ‘Till Dawn’ and the pounding title track all echo with the effortless lightheartedness which was Bolan at his most carelessly buoyant, while ‘Token of My Love’ is equally incandescent, a playful blues which swiftly became a major in-concert favorite. But the essence of “Zip Gun” remains firmly in the funky pastures which characterized Zinc Alloy, with the only significant difference lying in the presentation. Out went the plush production which so diluted the earlier set, to be replaced by a sparser sound which emphasized the rhythms, heightened the backing vocals, and left rock convention far behind. Even though Bolan's popularity was waning and he was questioning his place in the music world at the time, he was able to create a masterpiece. The album rocks where it needs to, but has some of the most beautiful harmonies and compositions he ever put on record. CD $18 SKU:24859

THREE HEADED DOG-Hound of Hades (UK 70s underground)-Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES THREE HEADED DOG-Hound of Hades A mysterious three-piece from Birmingham, Three-Headed Dog played underground hard-rock, clearly influenced by other contemporaries from the Birmingham rock scene such as Judas Priest and Black Sabbath and Wishbone Ash. Three-Headed Dog were among the more obscure acts playing a circuit which included bands like Iron Claw, Necromandus and Flying Hat Band. Before disappearing in the mist of time, they left behind an ultra rare demo tape - recorded in 1973 - which included a couple of cover versions from Wild Turkey and Edgar Broughton Band along with self-penned material. This CD also features a few bonus tracks from other rare bands of the era discovered in the studio's archives. CD $12 SKU:24869

TOWNES VAN ZANDT -Flyin' Shoes Mini-LP sleeve- Label:CHARLY Another stalwart collection from Townes Van Zandt. The melodies here are strong, the lyrics full of Van Zandt's razor sharp insight, and the production is sparse and to the point, bringing to mind the inconspicuous polish of High, Low and in Between. The feel here is a balance between folk and country, with Van Zandt's voice and guitar up front, letting the songs speak for themselves. The tunes are full of heartbreak and hopelessness, making it a great album to put on during, or right after, the breakup of an affair. ‘No Place to Fall’ sports one of Van Zandt's strongest melodies with a melancholy chorus that immediately imbeds itself in your mind. Pedal steel, a brief mandolin solo, and almost inaudible percussion add to the despairing feel of the track. ‘When She Don't Need Me’ is another hopeless love song, this time with a Tex-Mex feel and a measured tempo that wrings every bit of drama out of the lyric. The title track has to be one of Van Zandt's saddest songs; images of winter, desolate hillsides, and loneliness complement an achingly beautiful melody. On the slightly brighter side, there's an Everly Brothers influenced country-rock take of Bo Diddley's ‘Who Do You Love.’ ‘Brother Flower,’ a striking meditation on mortality and the impermanence of love, has a melody that recalls Gordon Lightfoot's ‘Don Quixote’ while ‘Dollar Bill Blues’ is a sea shanty celebrating gambling, booze, self-destruction, and the desperate late-night search for love, or maybe just sex.” —AllMusic CD $14 SKU:24862

TURTLES-Turtle Soup DBL CD- Label:EDSEL The Turtles enjoyed eighteen US hit singles between 1965 and 1970, three of which (‘Happy Together,’ ‘She’d Rather Be With Me,’and ‘Elenore’) were also huge hits in the UK. The Turtles traversed several different musical paths during their career. It is precisely this power through diversity that makes the Turtles’ body of work one of the most rewarding and enjoyable of the 1960’s. October 1969’s “Turtle Soup” was the group’s most consistent album, as well as their only to feature all original material from the pens of the band members. Produced by Ray Davies of The Kinks in Hollywood, it remains the only complete rock album that Davies helmed outside of his legendary band. Inspired by The Kinks, The Turtles turned in ditties like ‘Bachelor Mother,’ the fanciful ‘John And Julie,’ as well as the more muscular ‘Come Over.’ “Turtle Soup’’s” real standouts include ‘You Don’t Have To Walk In The Rain’ and ‘Love In The City,’ both issued as hit singles prior to the album’s release. The bonus CD features six songs from the band’s abandoned follow-up album “Shell Shock,” produced by Jerry Yester, as well as demos and outtakes from “Turtle Soup.” This 2xCD digipak edition has been newly re-mastered by Bill Inglot. Booklet notes by Andrew Sandoval. CD $15 SKU:24861

ALICE IN WONDERLAND--The Great Lost Southern Popsike Trip 65-71 (Hardbound Media Book + 2xCD)Label:CHARLY 40 original garage, psych & popcorn tracks from 1965-71 from the vaults of Sun & SSS International. Includes rare & previously unreleased recordings, plus a fully-annotated photo-laden booklet.
COMP CD $16 SKU:24863

ELECTRIFIED NEPTUNE STAIRCASEVA- lost bands spanning prog-rock, mellotron-psych and cosmic quirkiness.Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Fifteen track compilation of selected Audio Archives label classics alongside several unreleased & forgotten songs from long lost bands which span prog-rock, mellotron-psych and cosmic quirkiness. Bands featured are: Fantasy, Airbridge, Elder Kindred, Guggenheim, Cirkus, Whitsuntide Easter, My Cake, Second Sign, Mother Superior, Graphite, Witches Brew, Northwind, Gringo and Narnia.
COMP CD $14 SKU:24864

STEREOPHONIC SPACE SOUND UNLIMITED- The Spooky Sound SessionsLabel:DIONYSUS Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited have returned with their sixth Dionysus album, "Spooky Sound Sessions," a collection of 14 brand new songs recorded entirely at the legendary Spooky Sound Record Store in Zurich, Switzerland. The elusive duo consisting of Ernest Maeschi and Karen Simpson have once more worked their magic and created a series of instrumentals which will take you onto a journey into The Great Unknown. Guitars, organs, sitars, Indian banjos, Moogs, bongos, and sounds of obscure electronic equipment exclusively available to the Spooky Sound Lab have been woven into the unique Sound experience that is Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited. LP $5 SKU:24851