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DATURA 4 BLESSED IS THE BOOGIE still bringing in the raves: 3 ½ STAR REVIEW OF DATURA4 from ROLLING STONE FRANCE. (It’s in French, but trust me, they like it!) READ IT HERE

AND HARMONIC DISTORTION GIVES THEM 4 STARS and says: Tags such as retro or contemporary are rendered meaningless when you crank up the volume of your stereo and tune in to the tunes, and nuanced songwriting. For those who like their rock heavy and deep grooved. Good work fellas. READ IT HERE

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DEVIL’S KITCHEN- Been A Long Time Coming, Be A Long Time Gone- (legendary SF 60s psych ) Label:NONE Band-produced CD covers their entire rambling, gigging, rubbing-shoulders-with-a-multitude-of-famous-bands in the legendary San Francisco psychedelic scene of the late 1960’s existence. Duplicates only one track from the Lysergic Sound LP release of the band’s recordings, one of our best sellers here at Lion Productions… which means eleven recordings get their debut on this disc!"Devil's Kitchen Band was a four-piece rock and roll band that lived and performed in San Francisco from the spring of 1968 through the summer of 1970. They were the “house band” at Chet Helm’s “Family Dog on the Great Highway,” opening for, and often jamming with, many of the most well-known groups of the times. They performed at all of the major West Coast venues from San Francisco’s Fillmore to L.A.’s Whisky A Go Go. This CD is a collection of live recordings from 1969 and 1970 in San Francisco and is an attempt to give the listener the feel of being at a show at one of the venues of the times. The tracks were recorded on different days, in different halls, by different engineers. We have remastered these tracks to sound as much as possible as if they were all recorded the same evening as a coherent set of live music. We hope you enjoy this set of twelve songs from the late 60s San Francisco by one of the very talented but little known bands of the era. Peace, Love & Music, from Devil’s Kitchen” Legendary stuff, available at a crazy low price, in the least expected format in this day and age. So why hesitate or wonder? Buy it in profusion and be well satisfied!•Limited edition of 300 copies•Different versions of 6 of the 8 songs on the LP release—duplicates only one song, Farm Bust Blues CD $10 SKU:21305

40 WATT BANANA- Peeled (1968 Indo-Afro psych) Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS The 40 Watt Banana, formed in 1968, was a unique band in New Zealand, the only group that ventured into the esoteric realm of Indo-Afro psychedelic music. “Peeled” includes their sought-after 45 from 1971 (the sitar-psych-dancer “Nirvana”) plus previously unreleased recordings full of sitar, tabla, sarod, tanpura, trumpet, recorder, effects, tape echo… Formed by Kevin Clark and Dave Parsons, initially as a jazz combo playing in restaurants, they soon incorporated elements of Indian and African music to their sound, after some soul searching and spiritual experiences. The result was an atmospheric, spacey, improvised sound. In 1971, they released their only 45 for the HMV label. It featured a great sitar-psych track, “Nirvana”, similar to other psychedelic jazz-pop-funk experiments from the time such as “Mathar” by Dave Pike Set. But during the late 60s and early 70s, the band also recorded other stuff which has remained unreleased until now. * Insert with photos and liner notes by band member Kevin Clark (now a renowned world/jazz/fusion music artist LP $26 SKU:20956

LITE STORM- WArning (”Genuine underground freakiness”– Acid Archives)Label:OUT-SIDER “Genuine underground freakiness”– Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) Screaming psychedelic garage from L.A. with fuzzed out guitars, Vox organ, killer vocals, early Oriental vibes...Recorded in 1967-68 but not widely released until 1972. File next to Music Emporium, Tiffany Shade, Seeds, Rebecca & The Sunnybrook Farmers … Formed in California in 1967, Lite Storm was the first incarnation of spiritual seekers Johnima & Kalassu Wintergate (later on Lightstorm, One…). A pioneering psychedelic band, Lite Storm played at all the hip Sunset Strip clubs, were friends with Kali Bahlu and travelled to the Orient and Far East, touring in Vietnam in 1970. “Warning” was recorded at a four-track studio in 1967-68, first released as a custom tiny pressing before being licensed to the Beverly Hills label for a proper release. This is the first ever vinyl reissue. *Includes insert with liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It’s Psychedelic Baby).
LP $28 SKU:20953

MAD TIMOTHy-A Very Snug Joiner (prev. unknown late ‘60s/ early ‘70s acetate heavy blooz-psych-Label:OUT-SIDER MUSIC First ever release for this previously unknown late ‘60s/ early ‘70s acetate, rescued from a thrift store in Chicago. Damaged heavy blooz-psych in the vein of Blue Cheer, Majic Ship, Mount Rushmore, Houston Fearless, Apryl Fool, Sweet Slag, Mutzie, Aum, Screw, or a wasted teenage Canned Heat.In these digital and interconnected times, it’s very rare to find an album from the 60s-70s which hasn’t been documented or “discovered” yet. That’s the case with a mysterious demo LP titled “A Very Snug Joiner” by a band called Mad Timothy. In words of Steve Krakow (of Plastic Crimewave / Galactic Zoo): “A friend of mine found this no-jacket LP at a thrift shop, and there is ZERO information on them--no one knows anything and I've spoken to many collectors. Very cool sludgy Blue Cheer/Majic Ship/Mount Rushmore kind of vibe--with a few folkier tracks---it’s all pretty charmingly primitive-- I think people would want to hear this!”Even knowing that our efforts to track down the band were fruitless, we thought that this rarity deserved to be shared with the world, so we at Out-Sider / Guerssen in collaboration with Steve’s Galactic Archive imprint, are doing a vinyl edition of the Mad Timothy demo album, hoping that any of the band members will see it and contact us…*The audio has been lovingly restored for full thudding blastage, with new artwork by underground sculptor Robert Buchholz and Plastic Crimewave (Galactic Zoo Dossier). LP $28 SKU:20837

McPHEE - ST (rare 1971 Aussie Acid-rock)Label:SOMMER One of the rarest albums from Australia, originally released in 1971 on the Violets Holiday label. Acid-rock / prog-psych with jam / club live feel: long tracks, powerful female / male vocals, prominent Hammond and hard guitar. Wild covers of Spooky Tooth, Beatles, Neil Young…plus a couple of killer originals. *Insert with liner notes by Ian McFarlane. “…One of the great lost treasures of the Australian psychedelic rock era, a truly fascinating artefact of tremendous scope.” – Ian McFarlane LP $26 SKU:21228

ONE OF HOURS-When You Hear The Music, It’s Yours-(late ‘60s US Pepperish U.S garage psych)-Label:OUT-SIDER Cool late ‘60s US Pepperish psychedelia with inventive arrangements, fuzz guitars, studio effects…Recorded in 1967-68 but shelved at the time. Famous for their “Psychedelic Illusion” 45, US garage-psych band ONE OF HOURS formed in Lexington, KY, in 1966. After adding guitar player Bob Willcutt to their line-up, they released their second 45, “Feel the Pain" / “Psychedelic Illusion”, in 1967. Work then began on an album of a complete but varied musical experience called "When You Hear the Music, It's Yours".Fuelled by the creative force of band member Shawn Foreman (a true visionary who would create the cult electro / disco project Transistor-Jet in the 80s), the group (now called Dandelion Wine) entered Chetwyd Studios where they, in true psychedelic mode, experimented and used unusual techniques like backwards recording, paper under piano strings, singing through a comb, interconnecting Fuzz boxes, etc. The finished master tape containing 12 songs with titles like “Two Heads For 25 Cents”, “Sweet Dragonfly” or “Incense C-19X” was sent to the Liberty label with the promise of an album contract for 1968…but the deal never came through and the master tape was destroyed in a warehouse fire. Luckily, Bob Willcutt kept a first generation copy of the master with perfect sound which we present here in a deluxe vinyl edition, housed in a silver mirrored die-cut sleeve. File next to West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and the like!*Insert with liner notes and photos.*Digital download card included LP $28 SKU:20958


BISTOURIES -TIME TO HAVE FUN (British '70s punk, American power pop style)Label:WHITE ZOO The Bistouries' sound is a brilliant mixture of British '70s punk, American power pop, the late '70s-early '80s mod revival and jangly '60s-tinged guitar pop. The members get their inspiration from bands such as The Jam, Sham 69, The Chords, The Paul Collins Beat, The Go, The La's and early Libertines. 45 RPM $14 SKU:20053

BRADBURYS MARILYN (BLUE) Obscure midwestern pop prod by Jeff of the SHOES! Label:FRODIS Obscure Midwestern pop, produced by Jeff Murphy of Shoes in 1999 and featuring Ted Ansani of Material Issue. Backed with 'Hello Hello', this is a limited hand-numbered pressing of 100 copies on BLUE VINYL. 45 RPM $12 SKU:17958

BOSSMEN - Personally Yours: The Complete Anthology w liners, rare photos, booklet. -Label:LION Liner notes by Dick Wagner + reflections on the Bossmen by Bo White and Ryan Sparks ,Massive color booklet with rare photos, Limited to 500 copies.Dick Wagner and his guitar. The Frost. Ursa Major. Lou Reed's "Rock 'n' Roll Animal". Alice Cooper's "Welcome to My Nightmare". Kiss. Aerosmith. Peter Gabriel. Wagner's contribution to rock 'n' roll is immense. And it all started a little bit north of Detroit with the Bossmen. In just three years (1964-67), The Bossmen amassed an impressive run of no less than eight regional number one singles. When you listen to these eighteen original compositions you can sense the long hours and the countless amount of blood, sweat and tears that went into creating them. Whether it's a stinging guitar solo (the sonic blast of an intro on 'Sunshine' comes to mind), a regal four part vocal harmony or a soaring arrangement, each tune bears the distinct early characteristics of the ‘Wagner’ sound that would later bring him success on a global scale and write him into the annals of rock ‘n' roll history. "I look back on the days of The Bossmen with a sort of reverence. These were my first days of recording my own original songs, entering the concert scene and learning the basic trials of making it in the music business. I get chills even today just thinking back on the two or three block line that formed every time we played our home town venue, Daniel’s Den. The Bossmen were the heroes and purveyors of the primal Rock energy for that angelic group of screaming youth. MAN… those were the days!" —Your Boss man, Dick Wagner • Liner notes by Dick Wagner + reflections on the Bossmen by Bo White and Ryan Sparks CD $10 SKU:15879

GREEN - ST plus bonus tracks ( Chicago 80s glam power pop ) -Label:LION Seven bonus tracks, including the CD debut of the band’s 1984 EP "The Name of This Band is Green." Printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy. "Their (first) 45 had two absolute masterpieces: ‘Gotta Getta Record Out,’ which yelps and shouts along like the best of the old Bongos or Jam or Feelies or somebody, and ‘I Don’t Want To Say No,’ which is the sort of white Motown that assholes like the Replacments could never get right. This is not a punk record, except perhaps in spirit, but it isn’t any worse for that."—Steve Albini CD $10 SKU:14882

GREEN - Eau de Vie-(Power pop 2001) Label:GANG GREEN RECORDS Album number six by Green (from 2001), this collection of songs was recorded in France with Iain Burgess (of Big Black, Naked Raygun, Mega City Four fame) at his Black Box studio. It continues the layered tradition of earlier releases and builds on the Green legacy of intelligent songwriting and pathetic promotion. "Like Big Star's Alex Chilton, singer-guitarist Jeff Lescher makes sophisticated power-pop with more than a dollop of blue-eyed soul. Green's latest album in a criminally underappreciated 15-year career conjures the plaintiveness of "Village Green Preservation Society." —Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune CD $10 SKU:20528

HORIES, LOS - What’s the Time? ( Garage/Rock ) Label:OFF THE HIP Los Hories have been holed up in their garage (yes they really do practice in a garage) next to a matt black ford panel van, churning out party anthems all summer. While the rest of New Zealand was holidaying at the beach Los Hories chose the power of homebrew beer and bbq's to deliver you 11 slices of pure yell it at the wall, tear out your vocal chords rock'n'roll party magic. Whats the Time? It's Horie time! the new album recorded by New Zealand's Los Hories. Laid straight to tape by one man country band Boss Christ in an abandoned scottish marching hall. 11 tracks of pure BBQ Rock'n'Roll recorded under the influence of home brew beer, parties and burnouts! The artwork for the record was by Luke Wood a.k.a the Damned Evangelist, New Zealand's intense alpha surf rock band. CD $10 SKU:8975

KATH - 1 (original album) + Unreleased Material -Obscure garage psych ACID ARCHIVES FAVE! - DBL CD Label:LION As Patrick the Lama said in Acid Archives, “Obscure and impressive melodic basement garage/psych excursion with a lo-fi atmosphere that would have most purveyors flip out, hits the Ampex two-track echo & tinny drum sound dead on.... At times the vibe is almost like Mystery Meat or Index, and that's not something you run across every day. A totally outside garage/psych/private LP that feels as personally projected as those Michael Yonkers sides. CD $14 SKU:14509

MONTES-Cuando Brille El Tiempo (1974 Argentine rare psych rock )Label:Serie Collectors 1974 argentina, heavy trippy psych rock Reissue of classic rare psychedelic rock record from Argentina circa 1970. Very guitar-drenched in a Fraction kinda way, with westcoast overtones. Long tracks, stunnin hard guitar-odyssey effects, phased vocals, everything the mind boggles is here. Has nice surrealistic cover-art. CD $15 SKU:20289

MOUNTAIN -Canadian Festival Express 1970 LAST COPIES!-Label:VOICEPRINT Scorching live recording by Leslie West's legendary band of rockers, recorded at the Canadian Festival Express in 1970. The tenth volume in the Mountain Bootleg Series was recorded on their Canadian Festival Express tour in 1971. As with all the other volumes in the series, all of the recordings come from Leslie West and Corky Laing's personal archives. Some of the performances are not sonically perfect, but the quality of the performances are never in question. When 1970 began, New York hard rockers Mountain were one of the most promising new bands. Their 1969 debut (while the album was titled “Mountain,” it was credited solely to Leslie West) had led to a highly coveted spot in the original Woodstock festival, thrusting the band was into the spotlight. By the year's end, due to their exceptional sophomore effort, “Climbing,” Mountain were one of the US's premier rock outfits CD $8 SKU:19503

MOUNTAIN -Live in San Bernadino, CA 1971 LAST COPIES!-Label:VOICEPRINT Mountain was formed in 1969 by guitarist Leslie West and bassist and former Cream producer Felix Pappalardi. The two met while West was a member of Long Island R&B band the Vagrants When West left the Vagrants to record a solo album it was agreed that Felix Pappalardi would produce the said album which was entitled Mountain. The sessions for the album went so well that it was decided that the pair would form a band and the band would take its name from Leslie’s album. So it was that Mountain was born. Joining Leslie and Felix was drummer N.D. Smart who had also played on Leslie’s album and keyboard player Steve Knight. The band started to gig and whilst the response was positive no one would have dreamed how big the audience would be for the bands fourth gig. In August 1969 Mountain along with the likes of the Who, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby Stills Nash and Young—and of course Jimi Hendrix—played at the Woodstock festival. CD $8 SKU:19504

MOUNTAIN - Live At The Capitol Theater 1974 LAST COPIES!-Label:VOICEPRINT Continuing this great collection of Live Mountain performances here is a show from 1974 from the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey, from the period when the band had re-formed and the core trio of Leslie West, Felix Pappalardi and Corky Lang reunited for a series of successful dates and a great album called "Avalanche". The re-union was unfortunately short lived which makes the recordings on this disc all the more precious. CD $6 SKU:19505

MOUNTAIN - Live At The Capitol Theater 1973 LAST COPIES!-Label:VOICEPRINT This King Biscuit Flower Hour concert was recorded in late 1973 at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey. By this point, the band had been through many of the cliche rock band phases: the breakup, the side-projects, a reunion with new members. The short version of the story is that the band split up, and Leslie and Corky hooked up with former Cream bassist/vocalist Jack Bruce to form the supergroup West, Bruce and Laing, with whom they put out a number of albums. Mountain later reunited, but during '73, the band went on a Japanese tour without Laing, because of an alleged dispute between him and Pappalardi. CD $6 SKU:19516

MY EDUCATION -BAD VIBRATIONS (Texas psych)Label:STRANGE ATTRACT Described as "advanced ecstacy" by David Fricke in the pages of Rolling Stone, Austin, Texas instrumentalists My Education create sweeping, cinematic music evocative and of the high-lonesome expanse of the Texas Hill Country landscape they call home. Formed in 1999 and comprised of former members of Austin-area psych mainstays Stars of the Lid, ST37 and Cinders, the band has since played over 300 shows all over the United States, alongside like-minded artists Pelican, The Black Angels, Six Organs of Admittance, A Place to Bury Strangers, Isis and many others. Three full-length albums, several compilation appearances and multiple singles are to their credit, including a must-have 12" vinyl collaboration with avant hip-hop act Dalek released last year. Additionally, My Education have received the remix treatment by Kinski, Pelican, Red Sparowes and the aforementioned Dalek, and even have composed an original score to the F.W. Murnau 1927 silent film Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, which premiered at the famed Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in March 2007. In short, the band has gotten around. Behind this slow-burning momentum, the band is slated to deliver their finest outing to date, the beautiful and sublime fourth full-length Bad Vibrations. CD $12 SKU:20019

MY HOME ON TREES - HOW I REACHED HOME (60s and 70s Airplane style) -Label: HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS My Home On Trees is a young band from Milano, Italy, influenced by late '60s and '70s gods such as Black Sabbath and Jefferson Airplane, and '90s sons à la Kyuss and Fu Manchu. Occult stoner rock from a dark forest, heavy riffs and psychedelic grooves. A storm of fuzz meeting a powerful female voice, for fans of Jex Toth and Blues PillsGatefold paper wallet cd edition. CD $8 SKU:20701

NURT - COMPLETE RADIO SESSIONS 1972/1974 (first Polish heavy rock band )Label:KAMELEON The two opening tracks are great stuff, especially the second”It's heavy and raw bluesy, progressive rock. The fourth track, Syn strachu, reminds med of Deep Purple bar the organ but holds a surprising trumpet solo, performed in a sort of primitive Miles Davis fashion. Interesting track, which leaves the Purple territory and heads into some sort of ballad and back to the jazzy menace of Davis vs. Purple. Morze ognia is more hardrock, Holograficzne Widmo is progressive and Gato is simply raucious but great.”CD $14 SKU:19156

OH SEES- SMOTE REVERSER (head-destroying psych-epics)Label: CASTLE FACE Oh Sees have spawned another frothy album of head-destroying psych-epics to grok and rock out to. Notice the fresh dollop of organ and keyboard prowess courtesy of Memory Of A Cut Off Head-alum and noted key-stabber Tom Dolas, while the Paul Quattrone/Dan Rincon drum-corps polyrhythmic pulse continues to astound and pound in equal measure, buttressed by the nimble fingered bottom end of Sir Tim Hellman the Brave and the shred-heaven fret frying of John Dwyer, whilst Lady Brigid Dawson again graces the wax with her harmonic gifts. Aside from the familiar psych-scorch familiar to soggy pit denizens the world over, there's a fresh heavy-prog vibe that fits like a worn-in jean jacket comfortably among hairpin metal turns and the familiar but no less horns-worthy guitar fireworks Dwyer's made his calling card CD $14 SKU:20263

OLYMPIC- EVERYBODY! (1965-68 Czech beat) Label:MUNSTER RECORDS (SPAIN) Formed in 1963, Olympic were the first Czech beat group to appear on vinyl in 1964, and the first to have an LP album in 1968. They were one of the first bands to write and perform exclusively their own songs, with lyrics mainly in the Czech language. This outstanding compilation presents their best tracks from their "classic" beat period 1965-1971. CD $12 SKU:20130

ONE WAY TICKET-Time Is Right (obscure 60s Brit psych)-Label:GUERSSEN Musically, its an odd album which ranges from late-sixties underground psych in the Chocolate Soup vein to freaky blues-psych not unlike Olivers "Standing Stone" with some glam-mod-psych and rockin tunes. It even features three tracks also covered by the legendary Five Day Rain on their rare album. Reissued with original artwork and remastered sound, insert with lyrics and 500 copies only. CD $12 SKU:20254

PANDORAS - STOP PRETENDING (1986 GIRL GARAGE GODDESSES) -Label:WOUNDED BIRD The Pandoras were an all female rock band from Los Angeles, California. They had a following in the Hollywood garage rock band scene. They were also associated with the Paisley Underground era in Hollywood's alternative rock scene that shared an aesthetic heavily influenced by 1960s and psychedelia. 'Stop Pretending' came out in 1986. This expanded edition CD adds 10 rare bonus tracks to the original 12 song lineup that was on the original Rhino Records LP release. CD $14 SKU:3862

PAPIR MEETS ELECTRIC MOON -- THE PAPERMOON SESSIONS: LIVE AT ROADBURN ( For fans of kraut rock and psych)Label:SULATRON Sula Bassana and Komet Lulu from Electric Moon, all the guys from Papir and Mogens Deenfort from Oresund Space Collective got together for an exciting show at the 2014 edition of the well known Roadburn fest in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The recording offers two long tracks, which include all the power and love these six people share in a musical way. Fans of kraut rock and psychedelia should definitely check this out. The CD comes in a digipack and is limited to 1.000 copies. CD $18 SKU:20385

RADIO BIRDMAN -LIVING EYES (ROCKFIELD VERSION) (2CD)Label:CITADEL Living Eyes' was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales during a break in the band's 1978 tour of Britain and Europe. Relations between members were falling apart and Sire had dropped the band prior to the start of recording. Their breakup soon followed. Initial releases were cut from a tape dub of trial mixes as the band never received an official master. Red Eye Records retrieved the master tapes from Rockfield in 1995 and the album was remixed. The second CD contains the original Rockfield tracks remixed for the Redeye Records CD reissue, outtakes and the 1989 12-inch EP 'More Fun'. CD $19 SKU:19468

RAMONES -OLD WALDORF,SAN FRANCISCO,JANUARY 1978 -Label:ECHOEs On CD, this is an energetic and complete KSAN-FM radio broadcast performance, recorded at The Old Waldorf, San Francisco in January 1978. Comes with remastered sound and background liners. Armed with guitars, drums and with the trademark "1,2,3,4.." assault, the band rip through their 1978 setlist, a near carbon copy of their more familiar NYC performance from the same period which was aired on the King Biscuit Flower Hour. Incidentally, Tommy Ramone would leave the band shortly after these shows to make way for ex-Voidoids drummer Marc Bell (a.k.a. Marky Ramone) and to concentrate on producing. CD $15 SKU:16554

REAL KIDS/KIDS -1974 DEMOS/1977/78 DEMOS/LIVE(+BOOK)Label:CRYPT Eight previously unissued proto-punk godheaded rippers from the pre-Real Kids combo The Kids recorded on Nov. 10 1974 - plus four previously unissued Real Kids demos from spring 1977, recorded by DJ Oedipus at WTBS radio station with 1 mic suspended above the band - plus 10 BLASTING live cuts recorded at the Rat on January 22 1978! 22 cuts, 78 minutes of GREATNESS! Includes 204-page booklet crammed with tonsa liner notes, NEVER SEEN photos, flyers, press-clippings, info etc. on John Felice's days with The Modern Lovers, his combos The Children's Rock & Roll Band, The Kids, and The Real Kids!! CD $25 SKU:19646

RUNAWAYS -WAITIN' FOR THE NIGHT (1977) -Label:CHERRY RED Re-issue Originally not released in the UK or US and only available on import, 'Live In Japan' was recorded in 1977 during the girls sold out arena tour! By this time The Runaways had become genuine superstars in Japan and this album, which boasted superior sound quality (by '70s standards) and explosive, uninhibited versions of You Drive Me Wild, Cherry Bomb, California Paradise and other hard rock pearls only proves to serve their worth. With the line-up still the same, just before Jackie and then Cherie were to leave the band the girls were on top form, making this one of the best live rock albums of the 1970s! CD $15 SKU:

SAROFEEN AND SMOKE- ST (1970s Jefferson Airplane style psych) Label:EARLY DAWN Hailing from New York, this band was led by singer Anne Sarofeen, who's described in the album's own liner notes as 'a lady both fierce and gentle, whose music knows truth, tragedy and beauty'. We don't really know if she's fierce or gentle, but her incredible voice has often been compared to that of Janis Joplin, Ellen McIlwaine and Mariska Veres (of Dutch stars Shocking Blue); unfortunately rock history is cruel and she never received the credit she deserves for being right at the top with other unique female singers. She has also composed half of the songs on this 1971 album. The album offers 9 songs in a bluesy, heavy psychedelic vein, which to a certain extent remind us much of Jefferson Airplane. Most of the songs are the band's own compositions, with the only exceptions being a take on Martha Velez' 'Swamp Man' and a cover of 'Rocky Mountain Blues', well chosen covers that fit perfectly the band's identity. Certainly recommended to fans of Janis Joplin, Affinity's Linda Hoyle, Jefferson Airplane or basically any strong, dominating female voice in psychedelic rock! CD $15 SKU:20578

SKY CRIES MARY-SPACE BETWEEN THE DROPS-(Trippy Seattle trance rock)Label:TRAIL LAST COPIES. SKY CRIES MARY is a respected trance rock unit from Seattle. 'Space Between The Drops' collects some of the finest trippy recordings from the band's previous releases, and also offers tracks that are exclusive to this title. You may expect beautiful psychedelic music, with ambient elements, poetry, appealing female vocals, use of acoustic instruments, excellent musicianship and passion for detail. CD $14 SKU:19355

SPACEMEN 3-TAKING DRUGS TO MAKE MUSIC TO TAKE (1986)-Label:SPACE AGE A remastered and official CD-edition of this bootleg, originally out in 1990 on the legendary/notorious Father Yod imprint. The original seven tracks, dating back to January 1986, and the first recordings to feature Pete Bain on bass, are collectively known as the 'Northampton Demos'. CD $16 SKU:19768

STONE MACHINE - ROCK AIN'T DEAD (Blues-based hard rock band from West Virginia)
Label: GROOVEYARD The excellent third album by a blues-based hard rock band from West Virginia. Here are 11 tracks of awesome dynamic Southern inspired guitar rock. Recommended to fans of Led Zeppelin, Free, Bad Company, Humble Pie, Whitesnake, James Gang etc. CD $16 SKU:19728

STRAWBS -Deep Cuts (1976 Dylanesque) LAST COPIES-Label:WITCHWOOD MEDIA ncludes the UK smash single I Only Want My Love to Grow In You and contains some of the strongest songs the band ever recorded. This popular album from 1976 has been re-mastered from the original tapes and includes a previously unreleased bonus track. Tony Mitchell, reviewing for Sounds in their 25 September 1976 issue: "Strawbs have a distinctive style, accreditable to founder member Dave Cousins... Cousins' presence is as powerful as it has ever been; he dominates both the writing ... and the singing, drawing on the other members of the band for back up vocals only. ... Deep Cuts is characterised by a sense of drama; many of the songs have strong story lines... with a moralistic or allegorical content reminiscent of contemporary folk music, or perhaps more accurately of the mid-to-late Sixties era when songsmiths like Dylan and Baez dominated... This is none too surprising since the roots of the original Strawbs lay very much in that era and that kind of music. But this is definitely rock music... undoubtedly enhanced by the guitar work of that other old Strawbs Dave Lambert and the rhythmic patterns generated by Chas Cronk and percussionist Rod Coombes. Indeed the choice of ''I Only Want My Love To Grow' as first track... seems to say 'Here we are, we're a rock band' but the following track 'Turn Me Round' has Cousins in more classical form with Dylanesque vocals and slurred phrasing, saying, if you like, 'but we're still the Strawbs'" All in all, concludes Mitchell, "an album which will not disappoint Strawbs fans and probably get them a good few more. It has power and it has magic. CD $8 SKU:19076

ZOOT MONEY-Transition (LOST 70S PSYCH GEM)-Label:RIGHTEOUS An excellent album! Featuring the same players who were in the Big Roll Band (including future Police guitarist Andy Summers) on all tracks, Zoot Money came up with this tip-top set, which has soulful ballads, up-tempo mod material and a couple of dreamy sitar numbers written by Summers; 'Soma' inspired Summers and Money to push the boundaries and encouraged the band to wig out further, and in a state of psyche-pop bliss, they decided they were so far out of the Big Roll Band sound that they should change their name to Dantalian's Chariot. They played shows with the Pink Floyd and featured a couple of the tracks from “Transition” in stranger incarnations; Dantalion’s became a cult classic in the process, but turned their existing mod following off and failed to ignite. After the Dantalion hiatus, “Transition” was finally released (in 1968) on the Direction label; by that time, the mods had embraced the psychedelic bug and the album slipped into obscurity, and became one of those buried treasures that is talked of but seldom actually even seen. Finally, this lost gem has made it to CD. Remastered from the original quarter inch tapes, with all of its glorious sweeping sounds, aching vocals and groovy upbeat tunes intact, it's the epitome of cool. CD $8 SKU:19014

ELECTRIC PSYCHEDELIC SITAR HEADSWIRLERS - VA Vol 6 (60s Psych ) LAST COPIES -Label:PURPLE LANTERN Volume 6 of the series features psych & folk tracks with sitar by 60s/70s artists including: Tomorrow, Family, Magna Carta, 3 Hur-El, Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band, Joseph, The David, The Shiny Gnomes and more. COMP CD $8 SKU:12879

ELECTRIC SITAR HEADSWIRLER- VOL 1 (60s and '70s psych obscurities ) - Label:PURPLE LANTERN LAST COPIES Volume One of this superb compilation series of 60s/70s psych and psych/folk songs - all featuring the sitar. Artists include: The Pretty Things, July, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, C.O.B., Blonde On Blonde, Lord Sitar, Fraternity of Man, Darius - 21 tracks in all. COMP CD $8 SKU:10758

BISCUIT -TIME FOR ANSWERS (60s style psych freakbeat) -LAST ONE! Label:NO TOMORROW Biscuit is one of those (rare) bands than take their inspiration mainly from 60s sounds (beat, garage, psychedelia, freakbeat, hard-rock, folk-rock, soul, rocknroll) but do not sound like just another 60s band. Their sound is uniquely their own, and trying to compare them to another band is so silly that lazy reviewers come out with comparisons as diverse as Urge Overkill, Soundtracks of Our Lives, the Byrds or The Prisoners in the same line. Which of course are all wrong. What is sure right is that these guys have a good thing going when it comes to combine meaty, solid guitar riffs with beautiful melodies. They know the secret of how to make well-crafted, passionate songs, the kind that grow with every listen. They can rock as fuck one minute and melt your heart the next. You can feel the anger, rage and desperation in their songs, but also the gratefulness, love and tenderness. You can feel the people behind the music. In a phrase, they've got soul. In my book, a truely classic record". LP $17 SKU:19899

CRAMPS, THE- LET’S GET UGLY- Live SF 1981 DOUBLE Label:TRADEMARK OF QUALITY Recorded live at On Broadway Club in San Francisco, USA on 6 November 1981. The gig presented here, on double vinyl, features a good splattering of tracks from 'A Date With Elvis', alongside a number of Cramps fave-raves and a good helping of cover versions LP $21 SKU:20481

SHIVA'S HEADBAND -The Singles Collection- (1966 TEXAS psych )PIC DISC -Label:BLUETHROAT RECORDS "Flash back (literally) to 1966 when Austin was first feeling its oats as musical hotbed. The 13th Floor Elevators were the headliners and Conqueroo the in-crowd favorites; the third member of the Unholy Three was Shiva's HeadBand. Spencer Perskin was their flamboyant frontman, wailing away on electric violin and leading all God's children to the promised land of psychotropic drug-induced bliss. He had a wonderful partner in pianist Shawn Siegel, and a rhythm section second to none. They may have never gotten the absolute adulation of the Elevators, but in many ways Shiva's was the true hometown hero." "Shiva’s Headband are routinely ranked alongside Texan contemporaries 13th Floor Elevators and The Moving Sidewalks. Their raw-boned, sinuous and superb 1968 debut single, 'Kaleidoscoptic/Song For Peace,' fair reeks of head shop joss sticks, but the following year’s 'Take Me To The Mountains' is rather more representative: a country-rock scuffle, topped with Perskin’s scratchy fiddle, in which one can almost discern the approving clang of spittoons." —Record Collector magazine " To this day, the extravagantly-bearded Shiva’s Headband violinist/vocalist Spencer Perskin resides in Austin, Texas and still fronts a version of the band he formed in 1967. The Singles Collection compiles the four 45s they released between 1968 and 1975, appending three live tracks, and comes to you in the form of an agreeably lurid vinyl picture disc in a limited run of 1,000 copies. (limited edition Picture Disc LP, with sticker signed by the band) LP $25 SKU:20961