Jun 23, 2021


Got some new items for you guys, plus a nice batch of cheapo cds from Collectables, lots of cool stuff.

And if you’re in the mood for a bargain, check out the DIONYSUS label, lots of $1 items!

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24617, 24558, 24616, 24453, 24545, 24520,


23539, 24321, 24343, 24329, 24332, 24330, 19894, 24438, 24334, 24423, 24206, 24310, 24274, 24311, 24403, 24313, 24328, 24272, 24320, 24322, 24342, 24420,


ACDC- Bonfire box setLabel:EPIC/ALBERT Sealed CD $50 SKU:24617

D'ADDARIO, RONNIE -COLLECTED WORKS (IYL Beatles, Procol Harum) -Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS New album produced, arranged, composed and performed by Ronnie! 40 years recording music and this new album sounds great. Recommended if you like Beatles, Brian Wilson, Procol Harum, Emitt Rhodes.. CD $10 SKU:24558

BEAT GENERATION - 3 Cassette Box set -Label:RHINO/World Beat UNSEALED BUT MINT ARCHIVE COPY BELONGING TO EITHER THE OWNER OF BOMP OR ALIVE SOME water damage to one side of the box but contents are mint, nice price! Includes a 56-page booklet filled with texts, photographs, a selected bibliography and a selected filmography on Beat.. COMP CD $10 SKU:24616

STRANGE CREATURES -The Best of REbels Vol TWO- 15 ear Bashing Greats (PEBBLES/ NUGGETS STYLE) Label:RAVING POP BLAST! Inspired by the 1980s collection 'Pebbles' which collected together '60s garage punk bands, most of whom would have vanished without trace if not for 'Pebbles' unearthing them and turning them into essential 'must haves', for lovers of raw, often cheaply recorded, guitar based music. 'Rebels' brings together like minded bands/artists from all over the world, who are doing it for love, with no glancing towards what's popular, or what the current musical fashions dictate. So here we have 16 bands, all different but all with a burning desire to play their own kind of rock and roll. From the garage '60s vibe of Leeds based The See No Evils, the wah-wah grooves of The DC Spectres and from Belgium, Thee Martian Boyfriends and Vice Barons to the Joe Meek style twangs of Diamond Daddios and the mod-flavour of (ex-Prisoners) Galileo 7, (ex-Makin' Time) The Deep Six and The Hurricanes (who bring back memories of The Purple Hearts). Bristol's very own Joe James & His Pariahs, conjure up an authentic mid '60s freakbeat sound, while also from Bristol, Rauschenberg get all space-out. The Jack Cades offer up their 'reverb on 10' take on The Byrds jangle sound, and two young 14 year olds from Devon -The Lysping Mynor Byrds- mash up a surf classic with a Clash solo! And lucky for us someone pressed record on the cassette recorder! The self declared 'Best Live Band In Britain', London Based The Fallen Leaves (with drummer Brett Ascott formally of The Chords) tell us the tale of the 'Motorcycle Girl' in an exclusive live recording. Meanwhile Coventry's Sawdust Caesars have been dragged back from the grave screaming with their lo-fi-acid-pop-psych, and the don't move or you'll miss it 'Flower Pop Show'. While from up in Scotland we have the most wonderful The Nettelles who mix their garage punk with a kind of lo-fi-C86 rumble and back down to Taunton where you'll possibly bump into Palooka 5, as they'll most likely be wearing camouflage gear! Play this loud, and often! COMP LP $25 SKU:24453

Label:AKARMA GATEFOLD Reissue of one of the UK's most valuable and collectable albums ever. Highly obscure UK HEAVY PSYCH/PROGRESSIVE band with an album originally released in a very small edition. Issued in textured gatefold sleeve with a 12-page, 7-3/4" x 8-1/2”, black & white lyric booklet. LP $30 SKU:24545

OUTSIDERS (UK) --CALLING ON YOUTH (1977 glam punk)-Label:1972 Before fronting classic post-punk group The Sound, Adrian Borland was a Wimbledon teenager enamored of Iggy Pop and the Velvet Underground. With friends, he formed The Outsiders. In 1976, they home-recorded 'Calling On Youth', a searching full-length that straddles nihilo-punk argot as well as smudged glam balladry. Its release in 1977, on the group's own Raw Edge label, with Borland's cityscape abstraction on the cover, marked the first independent punk full-length in the United Kingdom. 'Calling On Youth' announces Borland as more than a precious teenage bandleader. The nervous introspection, wiry leads and negative space that he would refine solo and in The Sound, Second Layer and Witch Trials glistens throughout 'Calling On Youth', beckoning rediscovery. LP $30 SKU:24520


NAZZ- From Philadelphia (60s early Rundgren ) SALE! DBL CD Label:AIR MAIL compilation of alternate takes and demo recordings contains also Todd Rundgren's early work with Woody's Truck Stop which is much more better than the disappointing album they did at the end of the sixties without him. This double CD was released on Air Mail Recordings in 1997. CD $10 SKU:23539

CICADELIC 60S- VOL. 8 (60s psych) -Label:COlLECTABLES Cicadelic 60's, Vol. 8 features more incredibly rare garage punkers, including We Few, Quintette Plus, Boys, and Wild Things. Also included are lost gems by J. Frank Wilson of "Last Kiss" fame and Jerry Djai that show a definite Bobby Fuller influence. However, the absolute highlight of this disc is King Richard & the Knights who do a wild Vox organ-fueled "Work Out Sally." COMP CD $10 SKU:24321

CICADELIC SIXTIES -Vol 7- From Texas to Tucson(60s psych)-Label:COlLECTABLES On series such as this, by the time one gets to the seventh volume, it's usually a point for all but the hardcore enthusiasts to jump ship. Not so with Cicadelic 60s, Vol. 7 -- most of the acts represented may have gotten past some local or regional recognition (though one, the Lewallen Brothers, made it to national TV at least twice), but the Shandells, Inc., the Shadows (not the British instrumental outfit), the Feathers, and the Rocks, any could easily have made the leap to national exposure without a lot of luck, based on the evidence here (which makes this CD also sort of sad to hear, in terms of how heartbreakingly close some of these acts got). The Shandells Inc. utilize a shimmering fuzztone effect on their material, which works well in a spacy manner on "Say What I Mean" (joined by a cheesy Farfisa organ on the break) and somewhat less so on the harder, edgier "Just Cry," which offers the drummer a great showcase for his speed on the break. The Shadows seem to have had one pretty good organist and two fine guitarists, who get to show off some of their best work on "If You Love Me," while "The Big Man" is a fairly routine dance instrumental, dressed up with some entertaining lead guitar flourishes. The Rocks are the bluesiest outfit here, and appear to have listened to a lot of Them and the Shadows of Knight, based on their one side here, "Because We're Young." The Feathers, from Odessa, TX, were heavily influenced by the Byrds and, even more so, by the Beau Brummels and the Leaves, but had a less serious edge. Most of the rest of the CD is filled out by the Lewallen Brothers, who were far and away the most successful act here -- based in Tucson, AZ, they were popular in the southwest and had a collective virtuoso attack on their instruments as well as great voices. Their six songs are worth the price of admission, and should have been enough to make this volume a keeper, especially since the last four of their songs have never been released before. But the makers have filled the CD out with a pair of sides by the Marsades, a band that backed Gayle Ann Lewallen, the fairer sibling of the Lewallen brethren represented elsewhere; they're not bad, a first-rate dance outfit who might well have made it big in L.A. in the early '60s, whence these records date, and the Lewallen sister has a pleasing rock & roll voice on "Please Let Me Know," a side that recalls Jo Ann Campbell. They also fit in doubly well in the context of this CD, as the Marsades' split led to the Lewallen Brothers organizing themselves as a band. But it's the last track that makes this CD absolutely essential to any collection of '60s garage rock -- a 23-minute interview with Cal and Keith Lewallen, where they talk about their family, the band's history, their tours with Chris Montez and the Ripchords, and sharing bills with Paul Revere & the Raiders, the Yardbirds et al; and the entire music scene around Arizona in the early '60s, as well as their near-break on Happening '68. They're so engaging that the interview is worth returning to multiple times, and is the perfect capper to an already enjoyable CD compilation COMP CD $10 SKU:24343

FROM THE GRASS TO THE OUTER LIMITS-- The Goldust Records Story (1965-1969)NEW MEXICO IN THE 60’s-Label:COLLECTABLES Great New mexico punk garage label from the 60's includes all their best releases (Collectables) From the Beau Brummel-like sounds of the Outer Limits to the far-out sounds of the Morfomen, this CD rocks! (all copies have a small cut out hole in inlay) COMP CD $10 SKU:24329

THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD - Vol 3 (60s rare Garage ) Label:Collectables Long gone US 60's garage comp CD compilation that contains super rare recordings by The Mad Hatters, The Sting rays The Apollos and The Briks. As a bonus you also get a contemporary interview with one of The Mad Hatters. COMP CD $10 SKU:24332

WASHINGTON DC GARAGE BAND GREATS - Mad Hatters/Apollos (killer 60s DC punk - Label:Collectables Very hard to find (even when it was in print!) CD version of a 1986 vinyl release on Cicadelic. The Mad Hatters contributed a band member to the more well known Fallen Angels who made two fantastic psych LP's. This CD is pretty hot garage also featuring The Apollos. It includes bonus material from1965 & 66 not on the original LP. This CD is deleted so all copies have a small cut out hole in inlay. COMP CD $10 SKU:24330


BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS- KATALabel:TUFF GONG NOTE: NOT SEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP. CD $5 SKU:24438

GANG OF FOUR- Return the Gift (70s UK punk) Label:V2 MArked promo in Card Sleeve (Reg CD, just not sealed) English post-punk group from Leeds. One of the most influential and groundbreaking bands to rise from the British punk scene in the late '70s, Gang of Four took the freedoms and possibilities presented by punk and brought them to wild and unexpected places, both musically and philosophically. (Mark Deming) CD $10 SKU:24334

INDONESIAN JUNK - LIVING IN A NIGHTMARE(Dead Boys/Cheap Trick/ BOmp style!)Label:RUM BAR Raised on a diet of a.o. Dead Boys, The Choir, Bomp! Records and Cheap Trick, and adding a bit of glam à la New York Dolls, Suzy Quatro and Hanoi Rocks, Indonesian Junk steps forward with another vicious album. CD $17 SKU:24423

LEGS DIAMOND-TOWN BAD GIRL (1990 US AOR hardrock reissue) Label:ROCK CANDY The 1990 album by this US AOR-hardrock outfit gets reissued on CD, including remastered audio, a bonus track and a 16-page booklet featuring an essay, enhanced artwork, interviews and rare photos. CD $17 SKU:24206

NATIONAL HEALTH- Dreams Wide Awake (1975 prog rock)DBL CD Label:ATOM slim-line jewel case, w/slipcases National Health was one of the last of the great Canterbury progressive rock bands, containing a heady and unique mixture of rock, jazz and classical music. The band was formed in the fall of 1975 by keyboardists Alan Gowen (ex-Gilgamesh) and Dave Stewart (ex-Hatfield & The North), who wanted to create a large "rock orchestra" by combining personnel from their previous bands. I think any listener would find it hard to deny that the first two National Health albums ("National Health" and "Of Queues and Cures", from 1977 and 1978, respectively) contained most of their very best stuff. "Dreams Wide Awake" is a two-disc compilation which contains all of the music from those first two classic albums (albeit not in the same running order, something which iTunes and a couple of blank cdr’s can easily fix). For a newcomer to this music, the 95 minutes of total music on "Dreams Wide Awake" is a great introduction to this band's unique sound, with their complex structures and compositions, numerous key modulations and time changes, continuously developing themes, and intricate, innovative sounds and melodies. CD $10 SKU:24310

PLATT, MARC-COLORS OF THE UNIVERSE (IYL Kinks, Brill Bldg and power pop) Label:RUM BAR Known as a member of '80s garage-beat band The Real Impossibles and for his involvement with garage-rock mainstays The Tearaways, Marc Platt now steps forward with a solo-album revealing influences from a.o. The Kinks, garage rock, '60s Brill Building hits, surf music, The Mamas & Papas and even twangy '80s indie-rock and power-pop. CD $17 SKU:24274

PRINCIPAL EDWARDS- Round One (60s uk weirdness)Label:ESOTERIC The band managed to amass an impressive series of live appearances opening for such luminary acts as PINK FLOYD, ELTON JOHN, JOHN & YOKO ONO, VAN DER GRAF GENERATOR, CARAVAN, FLEETWOOD MAC, YES, KING CRIMSON, LED ZEPPELIN, EGG, THE WHO, DAVID BOWIE, MANFRED MANN, DEEP PURPLE, and THE STRAWBS among many others.Originally released on Decca's Progressive imprint Deram in 1974, “Round One” (produced by Pink Floyd member Nick Mason) was the band's only album for the company. Originally formed in 1968 at Exeter University, the band was first known as Principal Edwards Magic Theatre and was a "loosely based musical and theatrical co-operative". PEMT were, at their height, a 14-piece group who delved into costumes and theatrics during their surreal shows. They released two albums (Soundtrack (1969) and The Asmoto Running Band(1971)) on John Peel’s Dandelion label before folding. After this, however, a subset of the group decided to continue as a tighter, more compact unit, with a fittingly more compact title: Principal Edwards. This Esoteric Recordings reissue has been remastered from the original Deram master tapes and includes three rare bonus tracks. Digitally remastered and expanded edition — the album’s first ever official UK CD release. CD $12 SKU:24311

REDUCERS-Redux (1978-1988 ) IYL Groovies/Clash/Undertones Label:RAVE ON REDUX compiles the best of The Reducers first 3 LPs in one astounding package. 29 tracks! Formed in late 1978, Connecticut's Reducers wowed thousands of fans with blazing tempos, catchy melodies and killer licks. "You know, rock and roll like you dream about it." - Christgau, The Village Voice. "The Reducers deftly execute that timeless musical somersault: they release rage and frustration via barbed guitar lines, growling vocals and pointed wit." - Boston Globe CD $10 SKU:24403

SMALL FACES --Greatest Hits: Immediate Years-Label:CHARLY Mono versions! Classic hit singles, worldwide A & B sides newly remastered from original mono master tapes. We all know the Small Faces was one of the finest bands of the 60's. Remastered from the original tapes and sounding better than you have ever heard them before, this collection of their Immediate years A and B side singles reminds you of the classic songs that the band produced. CD gatefold pack. Twenty tracks. CD $10 SKU:24313

STAMEY, CHRIS-Robust Beauty-Label:EAST SIDE DIGITAL Not the typical, power-pop release from Chris Stamey. For Improper Linear Models in Decision Making Stamey teams up with Kirk Ross for his most experimental outing to date -- CD $10 SKU:24328

SURVIVOR -ALL YOUR PRETTY MOVES (1979 Louisiana hard rock meets classic metal) Label:ROCKADROME Reissue of 1979 Louisiana hard rock meets metal classic and collector's item with a sound inspired by Thin Lizzy, UFO, Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest, highlighted by the outstanding guitars of Pat O'Hara and Paul Restovich! Includes bonus non-LP cut! This group later evolved into the Christian heavy metal group Philadelphia, who released 2 albums. Finally available again after over a decade, now on the Rockadrome label. This was originally released on their own label in 1979. Digipak with 4-panel insert with liner notes, lyrics and photos. CD $19 SKU:24272

WEDGE--LIKE NO TOMORROW (power trio MC5 Deep Purple style) Label: HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS The Berlin-based power trio once more is driving their musical Wedge in between many different genres: garage rock turns progressive while psychedelic guitar lines are tripping over hard rocking riffs. Does this work together? Hell yes! For fans of Deep Purple, MC5, Led Zeppelin or Humble Pie this album is a sure shot. CD $17 SKU:24320

ELECTRIC PSYCHEDELIC SITAR HEADSWIRLERS - VOL 1 ( 60s and '70s psych obscurities ) - Label:PURPLE LANTERN Turn off Your mind, relax and float downstream! The title of this obscure but long-running collector-oriented series gives you a pretty good idea of what it's all about: vintage psychedelic raga-rock (late 1960s, maybe some early '70s as well) with prominent sitar or sitar-like sounds. COMP CD $10 SKU:24322

FADING YELLOW - VOL.18 (psych)-Label:busy bee Long running series 'Fading Yellow' originated as a tiny DIY project in 1995. Since then it's become its own genre and a way for collectors all over the world to update their wish lists, but even if you're not a die hard collector and just really enjoy the sunnier side of psychedelia, then Fading Yellow is for you. Over 18 installments the series is curated by leading experts on rare psych. Sometimes the volumes might dig into a specific country or theme, but mostly they're just a way to collect fine tunes. Busy Bee presents this 18th volume that includes gems from all over the world, including an unreleased song by Howling Wind (pre-Candle), an obscure Rhodesian 45 and a Danish cover of Keith West's 'On A Saturday' among other treats. Comes in fold out soft pack with booklet. COMP CD $17 SKU:24342