Sep 29, 2021


Got the new pressing of THE BLACK KEYS on ltd ed of 300 orange vinyl just in. Plus some imports too, and adds to our famous LAST COPIES section, things going at near cost.

And yet another shipment from our pals at GEAR FAB, lots of 60s and 70s reissues all for only $10, you wont find them anywhere else at that price.

Thanks guys, happy shopping!
Suzy Shaw

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24758, 24761, 24731, 24749, 24762, 24692


21294, 14654, 22028, 23690, 23802, 22074, 23242, 21709, 24624, 24625, 11175, 11174, L-19777, 23955, 24323, 22905, 22509, 4181, 23582, 23655, 23387, 20652 , 17580, 17157, 24193, 23046, 19762, 24593, 23131, 24420, 24226, 24115, 24372, 24561, 11914, 13701


22130, 22704, 24232, 24048, 23608, 24274, 24430, 22999, 24148, 24608, 24120, 24436


BLACK KEYS- The Big COme Up- CLEAR ORANGE LTD ED of 300 -Label:ALIVE NOTE- Keep your panties on, that aging on the LP cover is part of the artwork!! Debut 2002 album of top-of-the-heap two-man blues rock! Includes a cover of The Beatles' "She Said, She Said". Collect em all. Bound to be something to leave the grandkids later!The Big Come Up was the Black Keys debut album and the start of their career. "The album was a visceral statement, recorded in an Akron basement on a 16 track digi recorder by drummer Pat Carney.LP $25 SKU:24762

PAYBACKS - KNOCK LOUD (real-deal Detroit R&R ) Label:GET HIP Comprised of Detroit garage veterans (the Hentchmen, Rocket 455, and Ten High), the Paybacks first came to the attention of indie rock fans in 2001 with their inclusion on the compilation The Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit (Sympathy for the Record Industry, SFTRI623). Now they’re out to prove their mettle, and Knock Loud is the manifesto! Grab a 12-pack, crank up the volume, and tell the poseurs and the bullies to get lost! Rock'n'Roll is fun again!! CD $10 SKU:24758

SANDALWOOD-CHANGELING(1971 folk /rock holy grail)-Label:SEELIE COURT LTD ED OF 300 Originally released in 1971 in an edition of only 50 copies, all of which were handed out to friends, this UK folk-rock holy grail sees its awaited reissue on vinyl. Featuring two girls (on vocals and guitar) and a male bassist, Sandalwood played utterly beguiling fairy-like folk rock. Genre addicts will adore this LP. CD $19 SKU:24761

BOSPORUS BRIDGES, VOL. 3-Rare Turkish funk, jazz, beat and psych music from the 1960s and 1970s.Label: BLACK PEARL A wide selection of rare Turkish funk, jazz, beat and psychedelic music from the 1960s and 1970s. This is the third issue of the groundbreaking 'Bosporus Bridges' compilation series started in 2005 (Vol. 1) and continued in 2011 (Vol. 2). Why did it take so long for the release of Vol. 3? Because deep digging, deep selecting and the label's wish to serve you Turkish pop music of the highest order takes its time. And it is worth doing so. According to the aspiration of the 'Bosporus Bridges' series you will get extraordinary music, opening your mind and remapping your knowledge of Turkish music. As Turkish pop music is a hybrid of Western and Eastern elements, it's not just funk, jazz, beat and psychedelic music but each time a specific Turkish approach to a hybrid pop music. This incorporates Turkish language, instruments, melodies etc., all mixed with electric instruments, drums and sound effects of Western pop music. COMP LP $35 SKU:24731

BITTER SEEDS/ROCK SHOP -STATE OF YOUR MIND (superb psyche release of remastered sixties recordings)Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) A superb psyche release of remastered sixties recordings from a Monterey-based gang, active between 1966 and '70. In those heady days The Bitter Seeds were gigging regularly at all of California's legendary venues, opening for a.o. Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly and Steppenwolf. In 1967, The Bitter Seeds recorded their only 45, issued under The Rock Shop moniker, as they wanted to avoid confusion with The Seeds. 'State Of Your Mind' b/w 'Is That Your Halo' was released on the Rowena label and is a brutal garage-psych double sider. The following year the group recorded four studio tracks which have remained unreleased until now. These are perfect examples of the transition from R&B-garage to early psychedelia. Also including rare live recordings from '66, this is an exciting release for all lovers of obscure and lost West Coast psychedelia. Also included is a 4-page insert with liner notes and lots of photos and memorabilia. LP $28 SKU:24749

FRIGATE -DREAMS OF THE DEEP(1977 psych holy grail for collectors of US tax scam releases)Label:DQ A holy grail for collectors of US tax scam releases (records put out by shady companies as a scam to avoid tax paying or to whitewash black money), this delightful, mega obscure and truly weird psychedelic rock album from 1977 finally sees a proper vinyl reissue! This edition is limited to 300 copies. LP $35 SKU:24692


PAISLEY TREE -ST(Led Zep/ Pretty Things style)Label:GREEN BRAIN Eight original songs with female vocals, plus a Pretty Things cover. Some of the songs remind of Led Zeppelin and the track 'Mystical Flow' is actually based on an original jamriff, found on a Zeppelin bootleg, from which Paisley Tree composed a new song. CD $17 SKU:22130

PANCAKES -MOKELE GOES TO TOWN (German psych krautsurf)-Label:VOGON German psychedelic krautsurf band The Pancakes featuring Rainer Neeff, also in Zone Six. CD $12 SKU:22704

PIGMY - MANIFESTACION (late 60s/early 70s style US psych/folk rock style) Label:GUERSSEN Revealing influences from late '60s/early '70s UK psych, folk-rock and baroque pop, 'Manifestacion' is another lovely album delivered by Pigmy, a.k.a. Vicente Macia of Spanish psych group Carrots. This album is recommended to fans of a.o. Honeybus/Pete Dello, Magna Carta, Fairfield Parlour, Duncan Browne, Cat Stevens, Tudor Lodge and Amazing Blondel. CD $16 SKU:24232

PINK CIGS -ST (70s style acid blues garage) Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Pink Cigs are truly inspired by the '70s kind of sound and they can write songs like if they were living back in the '70s. The sound is devoted to the low-fi, raw rock n' roll of the Freak Age, mixed with a lot of cool guitar riffs, and groovy drumming. The attitude is the one you could find back in the days, they play a unique sound of acid rock, fuzz rock, heavy blues, garage psych. They are sons of the magik trinity: Stooges, Blue Cheer and MC5 but also perfect for fans of early Pentagram, Witchfinder General and Black Sabbath. CD $15 SKU:24048


PLATT, MARC-COLORS OF THE UNIVERSE (IYL Kinks, Brill Bldg and power pop) SAALE! Label:RUM BAR Known as a member of '80s garage-beat band The Real Impossibles and for his involvement with garage-rock mainstays The Tearaways, Marc Platt now steps forward with a solo-album revealing influences from a.o. The Kinks, garage rock, '60s Brill Building hits, surf music, The Mamas & Papas and even twangy '80s indie-rock and power-pop. CD $15 SKU:24274

BRAINTICKET - PSYCHONAUT (ACID PSYCH 1971) CLEAR VINYL) SAALE! Label:LILITH While the band's debut album, 1971's 'Cottonwoodhill' was a heavily acid-laden affair dominated by droning organ, disturbing vocals and a collection of cacophonic sound effects (causing it to carry a warning label and be banned in several countries) for their second effort, band-founder Joël Vandroogenbroeck brought in a completely new line-up and changed the band's sound dramatically. While 'Psychonaut' still takes listeners into the realm of altered consciousness - making heavy use of a droning Hammond, sitar, tablas, etc. - this time the vocals are more melodic and the music itself is more song-oriented. This is by far Brainticket's most accessible album, and perhaps their most timeless. Fully remastered from the original master tapes! Comes on clear vinyl. LP $22 SKU:24430

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD-Last Time Around (Rhino Summer Of '69 )Label:ATCO/ RHINO Rhino Summer Of '69 exclusive hype sticker on front shrink .The third and final album from Buffalo LP $25 SKU:22999

CAEDMON-ST(1979 private press prog folk) w 7”SALE! Label:GUERSSEN Caedmon -a five piece student band in the '70s- recorded this album to mark their farewell concert in early 1978, before they went their separate ways after university. This debut album, originally released as a private pressing, has become one of the most sought-after progressive folk-rock albums from the UK. Fully remastered, contains original artwork and has a four-page colour insert with lyrics, rare photos and liner notes. Comes with a bonus 7". LP $25 SKU:24148

CAROUSELS-LOVE CHANGES LIKE THE SEASON(60s style IYL BEAU BRUMMELS, BYRDS and BLUE THING)GREENLabel:SUGARBUSH Limited repress of 125 copies on GREEN VINYL. The debut-album by this Scottish band, recorded at home on vintage equipment, resulting in a distinct 1960s sound and feel. The band recalls the sounds of BEAU BRUMMELS, BYRDS and BLUE THINGS, yet tinges its music with a distinct Scottish flavour. LP $25 SKU:24608

CHECK 1-2-BRING IT ALL DOWN (Dutch 60s garage style) Label:CRASH This sophomore album from the Dutch band showcases a variety of styles and influences, including rock, soul, country and -of course- '60s garage. The fact that the band has two vocalists adds to the diversity. You'll also hear a Dutch vintage Philicorda organ and a twangy Fender Telecaster, all of which contribute to the deliciously edgy result. Features ex-members of The Skidmarks. LP $17 SKU:24120

CHILDREN OF ONE -ST ( late 60s rare &obscure psych-rock delice for acid fans!)-Label:SURVIVAL RESEARCH Released towards the end of the '60s, Children Of One's sole album was is a rare and obscure psych-rock delice for acid fans, heavily influenced by the so-called 'Eastern trend'. This quartet from New York picked several typical Indian instruments like sitar, tablas and others. Improvisation is largely present in their songs and overall the feeling is that of a really forgotten gem that ranks up there with the best productions of that era. First vinyl reissue since the original release on the blues label Real Records, and limited to 500 copies only, this is recommended for all obscure US psychedelic rock fans out there. LP $24 SKU:24436


OUTSIDERS -CQ (1968 Dutch rockers) SAALE! Label:RPM The American writer Richie Unterberger called them “not just the finest Dutch group of the ’60s, but the finest group from a non-English speaking country, period.” Holland’s Outsiders have a posthumous reputation that grows and grows. Their 1968 album CQ was a benchmark, one of the greatest albums of the late ’60s from anywhere. RPM International is proud to issue the legendary CQ on CD outside the Netherlands for the first time. Staggeringly it apparently sold just 500 copies when it was originally released. Our package carries bonus tracks from a professionally recorded1968 concert of CQ material at The Fanstasio, in Amsterdam, their home town, by radio station VPRO. CQ was made by a band with their own identity. Songs like ‘Daddy Died On Saturday' have the intensity of the Velvet Underground’s ‘White Light White Heat;’ 'Prison Song’ is the atmospheric equal of The Doors’ ‘The End’. Mike Stax, the editor of Ugly Things magazine, long-time Outsiders’ champion and friend of the band has contributed liner notes. With its iconic original cover art, this is the definitive reissue of CQ. CD $10 SKU:21294


OXFORDS - FLYING UP THROUGH THE SKY PART ONE (Jefferson Airplane style 1970) w ten bonus tracks!-Label:GEAR FAB When this Louisville, Kentucky Band recorded this classic 1970 LP, they also recorded 16 additional tracks between 1967 and 1971. These newly discovered tapes offer us more of their unique Spanky & Our Gang, Jefferson Airplane, and The Mamas & The Papas sound influences. All never before released. Oxfords sole 1970 privately pressed album is one of the best late 60s US psychedelic soft rock albums. Excellent male female vocals and complex original songs. It contains 4 bonus tracks from their pre-LP 45", which were not included in the original album. CD $10 SKU:22028

OXFORDS- A Classic Philly 60’s Band!!!!Label:GEAR FAB A 1960’s Philadelphia rock band cast in the mold of The Wonder’s “That Thing You Do” style. Featuring all 8 songs of their 45s on Grand and ABC Paramount plus 6 unreleased tracks recorded at Sigma Sound between 1964-1967!! CD $10 SKU:23690

PALACE GUARD- ST (so Cal 60s garage)-Label:GEAR FAB Featured on NUGGETS Yes, the great Southern California band that featured Don Grady of Yellow Balloon & "My Three Sons" fame, Emitt Rhodes of The Merry-Go-Round, and Terry Rae of Jamme. They were the featured band at The Hullaballoo club in LA in the 1960's. CD $10 SKU:23802

PALACE GUARDS - ST (60s Louisiana garage ) -Label:GEAR FAB What everyone remembers about this Metarie, Louisiana garage band are their 5 great 45’s released on the White Cliffs, rAe, and U-Doe labels (the first 10 songs listed). What everyone didn’t know was they also recorded 3 alternate versions of these 45s as well as 10 previously unreleased tracks from June, 1966 through April, 1969.These alternate versions and never before heard tracks reek of fuzzed out garage sounds!!CD $10 SKU:22074

PANDORAS, THE - It's About Time ( Psych fuzz goddesses PEBBLES STYLE Label:VOXX Psychedelic fuzz goddesses The Pandoras were the first, and in many ways the most original, of L.A.'s garage revival bands. They transformed the traditional garage sound of their "Pebbles" favorites into a vehicle for an all-girl band in wild day-glo fashions, openly sexual, assertive and outrageous in a time when girl bands were expected to be more like the demure Bangles. This is their landmark Voxx debut album. CD $10 SKU:23242

PANICKS - COMPLETE RECORDINGS (Ohio 60s psych garage)Label:GEAR FAB The great Ohio garage band that was featured on Psychedelic States Ohio In The 60s. 8 previously unreleased studio recording plus their two great 45s and a great live version of "You’re My Baby CD $10 SKU:21709

PATRON SAINTS- Proto Bohob ( rare 1969 private press U.S psych folk)-Label:PATRON SAINTS The Patron Saints' 1969 album Fohhoh Bohob is considered by many collectors to be one of the most highly sought-after privately-pressed records ever released. Only 100 copies were produced originally, now fetching prices of $2500 and beyond. In the early months of 1969, The Patron Saints laid down various demo versions of all of the songs which ultimately appeared on Fohhoh Bohob; this CD contains these previously unreleased gems.
ReviewOne of our favorite lost US psychedelic folk LPs ever is the original Patron Saints LP, a cheerily twisted New York rarity from 1969 (LP and CD reissues BOTH by the way). This CD offers up 16 previously unreleased tracks from 1969 that represent all the demos and early versions of the original LP tracks and more. Wonderfully unsettling stuff. -- Aether Records Mailorder CatalogPatron Saints-Proto Bohob: A whole CD of demos from 1969 by this obscure acid guitar folk band from New York. Featuring different versions and different tracks to their scarce "Fohhoh Bohob" album, this is a collector's wet dream... -- The Freak Emporium/Delerium Records CD $10 SKU:24624

PATRON SAINTS- Latimer Sessions (rare 1970 private press U.S psych folk)-Label:PATRON SAINTS This CD compilation contains all of the songs from the Latimer sessions, plus a number of bonus goodies. Kirk s lovely Love Is A Game appears here for the first time. Early versions of Spring Forth and Goodbye, recorded sometime in late 1970, are next; in Saint history, they are the only recordings made with me, John, Kirk, Joe and Jon as a five-man band. Six rare live cuts follow, recorded between July and September of 1971. Finally, we ve included two tracks from our 1973 reunion session, a remake of Doin It All Myself and the never-before-recorded April s Fool. CD $10 SKU:24625

PAUPERS- Ellis Island w bonus tracks ( 60s Byrds style )- Label:PACEMAKER ENTERTAINMENT (Canada) The second album from The Paupers -- a mix of searing guitar jams, more easygoing psychedelic pop bigger arrangements, even a little bit of a comic take on Byrdsy country rock-- CD $10 SKU:11175

PAUPERS - Magic People ( 60s Byrds style ) - Label:PACEMAKER The Paupers, along with the Guess Who, were one of the first Canadian bands to capitalize on the British Invasion. Their early sound was a classy mixture of roots music, blues and folk-rock (think early Byrds or Lovin Spoonful. Great great work by The Paupers essentially a 60s folk rock combo, but one with a really groovy sound! The group come up with loads of great guitar interplay on the session -- janging acoustic and electric together in a style that comes up with some nice hippie and eastern edges -- and which means that even on the vocal tracks, the album's got an instrumental charm that kind of links it to some of the hipper rock/jazz crossover projects on labels like Verve and Impulse at the time. Most tracks do have vocals, in a style that ranges from Sunshine Pop to folksy -- and the whole album's pretty darn great, filled with tracks that include "Let Me Be", "Magic People", "It's Your Mind", "Black Thank You Package", "Simple Deed", and "Tudor Impressions". This edition includes 2 bonus tracks: "Like You, Like Me" and "Sooner Than Soon CD $10 SKU:11174

PEACHFUZZ - ABOUT A BIRD( 60's/70's POWERPOP STYLE)Label:DIONYSUS L.A.'s Peachfuzz create a delightful musical concoction - taking all the best of '60s pop and '70s powerpop and melding it into the snappiest, self-effacing yet supercharged sound coming out of the new millennium! CD $4 SKU:-19777

PELME- You Need To Smile More Often LAST COPIES -Label:GTA Records 15 tracks/ 70 minutes A completely disjointed ride through an art mangled violently paranoid landscape of extreme thrash and noise that combines elements of various musical genres into a sound no one else comes close to , making most of what people consider to be "extreme" music sound rather tame and listener friendly. The soundtrack to insanity. CD $10 SKU:23955

PENTHOUSE 5-The World is Love ( rare mid sixties TEXAS garage psych) -Label:COLLECTIBLES Hailing from the Dallas suburb Oak Cliff, The Penthouse 5 had its heyday in 1966-'67, when the band recorded a number of self-penned tunes and released two 45s. Several recordings from 1967 and other, more psychedelic influenced tracks remained unreleased, but demonstrate the musical versatility of the band. CD $10 SKU:24323

PILSNER -AUTOSUGGESTION (Iggy,Ramones,Thunders style!) -Label:GET HIP Influenced by rockers like Iggy and the Stooges, the Ramones, Motorhead, and Johnny Thunders, ,inspired mix of punk, blues, and heavy metal. CD $10 SKU:22905

PINK FAIRIES -The Polydor YEARS- 3 CD SET (1967 underground supergroup)-Label:FLOATING WORLD Three CD set packed with bonus tracks, beautifully re-mastered! Pink Fairies grew out of The Deviants, a loose-knit band formed in 1967 by members of the West London hippie commune in Ladbroke Grove. Consisting primarily of vocalist Mick Farren, guitarist Paul Rudolph, bassist Duncan Sanderson, and drummer Russell Hunter, the group also featured satellite members Marc Bolan, Steve Peregrine Took, and players from the band Group X, later rechristened Hawkwind. After a disastrous US tour, Farren was fired and the remaining Deviants returned to London, where they recruited vocalist and former Pretty Things drummer Twink (born John Alder), who suggested the name Pink Fairies. Despite gaining a reputation for mythic debauchery, the group remained largely an underground sensation before signing to Polydor and releasing the three albums featured on this 3xCD set. The first two albums were recorded by the original line-up but Rudolph was replaced by Larry Wallis for the third (Kings Of Oblivion). Their first album (Never, Never Land) is the strongest of the three albums with solid 'heavy' guitar from Paul Rudolph and some furious drumming from Twink. The four bonus tracks include alternate edits of three great tracks plus the early single 'The Snake'. CD $15 SKU:22509


PLASTICLAND- Mink Dress and Other Cats (post punk psych) SAALE - Label:TIMOTHY'S BRAIN Record Collector magazine in England rightly calls this "a superb compilation of one of the true pioneers of post-punk psychedlia:—and it's true; an amazing collection of ultra-rare early singles from a truly under-rated band CD $10 SKU:23582

PLASTICLAND- ST Aka Colour Appreciation (60s influenced psychedelic/garage magic) - Label:Hardknocks Hard-to-find band-authorized CD version of the 1984 debut album from these neo-psychedelic greats—pure 1960s influenced psychedelic/garage magic, a trip not to be missed for any reason! This seventeen-track CD has all the material from both of these (and several other) editions of the band’s debut, including their hair-raising version of the Pretty Things’ (as Electric Banana) song ‘Alexander CD $14 SKU:23655

PLEASE - Circus Days A Collection of Demos and Studio Recordings 1967-69-Label:ACME/LION Sink into a vision of a dreamy psychedelic universe which seems to have been Peter Dunton’s own on “Circus Days," the third collection of previously unreleased recordings from Dunton's late 1960’s British psychedelic band, Please. CD edition includes three bonus tracks not on the LP version!! CD $14 SKU:23387

PLEASE FEED THE ANIMALS-SAN FRANCISCAN NIGHTS-Label:GEAR FAB From 1967 on the Canadien Exploito label ARC. Fantastic covers of all the Animals greatest hits from 1963-1967 CD $10 SKU:20652

MUSIC SUPERVISOR’S BEST FRIEND - VA 1998 - Label:DIONYSUS UNSEALED PROMO ONLY RELEASE with samples of Hell Yeah, Bacchus, Dionysus . COMP CD $5 SKU:17580

OLD SKARS AND UPSTARTS -VA1 999 w. Rancid, Stitches, US BOMBS LAST 4 copies! -Label:ALIVE LAST COPIES Features rare and unreleased tracks ! COMP CD $10 SKU:17157

OUR LIVES ARE SHAPED BY WHAT WE LOVE - Motown's Mowest Story 1971-73-LAST COPIES! Label:LITA First ever Mowest anthology.Lovingly re-mastered from the original tapes. Extensive liner notes and photos. You know the old saying, “Go west, young man”? Well, it’s far from cliché. Over the years, some have hit the road in search of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour, others, simply for warmer climes, but in the early 1970’s, Detroit-native and Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr. brought his musical family to the left coast, one piece at a time. He began by launching the Mowest subsidiary in 1971, a new L.A.-based label dedicated to coastal grooves and an eye towards the top of the charts. COMP CD $10 SKU:24193

PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS-VOL. 3 From The Brit psych Scene 1967-1970 SAALE! -Label:WOODEN HILL The third volume of Wooden Hills acclaimed series of unreleased-at-the-time British psychedelic pop artefacts, PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS 3 painstakingly assembles another twenty acetates, demos and private recordings from the soft white underbelly of the late 60s group scene. In addition to featuring the first-ever demos to surface from legendary London underground club band Jade Hexagram, theres first-time exposure for psych-era unknowns the Outside Toilet, the Carley Hill Blues Band and studio project Airbus. Also including demos from such major label acts as Serendipity, the Mirror, Warm Sounds, Schadel, the Montanas and Des James (the original, hitherto unknown to exist, acetate-only version of Little Games, subsequently recorded by the Yardbirds), PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS 3 is an essential purchase for anyone with more than a passing interest in vintage British psych-pop COMP CD $19 SKU:23046

REVOLUTION -Teen Time In Corpus Christi (1966 Texas garage) -Label:CICADELIC In 1966, famed lead guitarist Rod Prince (later of Bubble Puppy) re-wrote the 13th Floor Elevators' song 'Tried To Hide' as 'All Night Long' and released it with the Bad Seeds as their third single. They were the number one band at the time in Corpus Christi. Although 'All Night Long' would beat the Elevators' 'Tried To Hide' (on International Artists) to the market, the Bad Seeds disbanded in the summer of 1966 and other renowned Corpus bands would follow in their footsteps, most scoring top ten hits on the way: Four more with the ultra-rare single 'Problem Child' b/w 'Don't Give Up Hope'. The Zakary Thaks with 'Bad Girl' and 'Face To Face'. The Liberty Bell with 'The Nazz Are Blue' and 'For What You Lack'. The Buckle with 'Baroque Rock' on 'I've Got Something On My Mind'. Folk-rock singer Michael backed by The Zakary Thaks on all three of his singles, sounding more like a 1966 era Bob Lind than Bob Lind. And Kubla Khan singing about changin' times in 'Revolution' and pondering whether 'the brown grass will be legalized'. Memorabilia such as top 30 radio surveys, rare photos, news articles from the era, interviews with band members, sixteen page booklet, and twenty-eight tracks (including previously unreleased recordings) combine to make this a trip back to the '60s, when a revolution in sound was happening in Corpus Christi, Texas." COMP CD $10 SKU:19762

ROCK AND ROLL VIXENS, VOL.4- 25 rockin' movers, groovers &shakers, recorded between the early 1950s and the mid 1960's.-Label:KOKO MOJOROCK AND ROLL VIXENS, VOL.4 Here's the fourth part of this cool series of female African American singers from the late 1950s and early 1960s. On offer are 25 wonderful movers and shakers, presented in a three-part digisleeve. Featured artists/groups include Dakota Staton, Linda Hopkins, Bonita & The Blues Shacks, Tiny Topsy, Miss Ann Fleming, Katie Webster & Ashton Conroy, Etta James, Betty O'Brien, Joe & Ann, Shirley And Lee, Damita Jo, Eunice Davis, Ten Queens, Donna Hightower and many more. COMP CD $22 SKU:24593

SEARCHING FOR SHAKES- VA Swedish Beat 65- 68 (THE SWEDISH NUGGETS) - Label:Amigo "The Swedish Nuggets! Twenty-six killer tracks from The Friends, Lea Riders Group, The Namelosers, Tages, etc. Thankfully available again, expanded digital edition of the original LP release, no overlap with the Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils series, liner notes by Alec Palao and Lindsay Hutton (Next Big Thing magazine). COMP CD $10 SKU:23131


BURN RITUAL-THE VOID (doom, stoner rock, heavy psych and a sound that oozes Sabbath RED VINYL Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACT Blending elements of doom, stoner rock, heavy psych and a sound that oozes Sabbath worship - this is Burn Ritual. Based out of Texas, the band is the project from multi-instrumentalist and producer Jake Lewis. Hazy vocals, heavy fuzzed out riffs, and dark mysterious tones have been the goal from the beginning of the project. Started as a one man project by Jake, then later as a full band and now once again a one man band. The evolution has now come full circle. Comes on red vinyl. LP $28 SKU:24226

CADDY - TEN TIMES FOUR (powerpop!) SAALE! Label:SUGARBUSH Caddy features Tomas Dahl, known as the drummer of Turbonegro and The Yum Yums. Another very fine selection of fantastic songs, this really is the last word in powerpop, influenced by bands as diverse as The Beach Boys, Teenage Fanclub, The Shadows and Kraftwerk. With fantastic production, a killer cut and a fantastic sound, this 140 gram pressing is housed in a PVC lined inner for added protection. Only 300 copies pressed, this is expected to sell out very quickly. LP $19 SKU:24115

CHUZPE- TERROR IN KLEIN BABYLON (early Austrian punk rock)Label:BACHELOR Deluxe gatefold sleeve. This is a limited edition of 500 copies. Don't be ashamed of your "record collection" you can now upgrade your possessions of early Austrian punk rock with the purchase of this essential album. Bachelor Records did spare no expense or effort to present you this groundbreaking masterpiece, the first recordings of the first punk band from Vienna, Austria: Chuzpe. This ain't no shabby thing here, no bootleg pressing of practice room tapes that spent decades under someones filthy mattress. No wrong liner notes, no thin paper sleeve... sorry. This is just what this band deserves. Eric Brady took the audio and did some wizardry, Robert Wolf himself took care of all artwork, Al Bird Dirt - impresario extraordinaire - was responsible for the liner notes. LP $25 SKU:24372

CLOWN- Lord of the Ringside (70s prog rock rarity)-Label:ANAZITISI RECORDS Clown were an excellent progressive rock sextet which had the luck (???) to produce only one single in early 1972 for CBS, containing the tracks 'Lord of the Ringside' and ‘Rumania'. The band’s line up was including the classic rock core of guitar-bass-drums augmented by the sax-flute-keyboards progressive touches. Superb musicianship, beautiful orchestration and rhythm changes which flirt with the late 60’s psychedelia and early 70’s British folk rock.

At the same sessions which produced their single, Clown recorded six demos. These tracks were intended for a forthcoming full-length album by the same label, which unfortunately never materialized. On the bright side, they appear here for the very first time, together with both sides of the band’s only single and four more tracks recorded as their first demo in January 1971.

All 12 songs included on “Lord of the Ringside” LP here, come from old surviving tapes which have been carefully restored and remastered. 'Ed Welch', the song which concludes the album, is taken from a semi-destroyed tape — but as it is one of their best (and indeed heavier) songs, and an excellent example of Clown’s powerful live presence, Clown members wanted to be included. And so we did our best to make that possible, restoring it from the scratch.

•Fully laminated cover.
•4-page LP-sized color insert with bio, photos, lyrics and memorabilia.
•Limited to 200 black copies. LP $35 SKU:24561

COLLINS, PAUL & THE BEAT - FLYIN' HIGH - 180 GRAM power pop (NERVES related ) Label:GET HIP 1979 PAUL COLLINS recorded, with his band THE BEAT, the album that many consider THE BEST POWER-POP RECORD OF ALL TIME. "Flyin' High" has an organic feel reminiscent of his early solo releases, and some of late Beat recordings. LP $18 SKU:11914

COLLINS, PAUL & THE BEAT - Kids Are The Same - Powerpop 80 gram -Label:Columbia-Get Hip The Paul Collins Beat is back and better than ever, touring constantly in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Japan! We are very proud to present after some 32 years in the bargain basement bins….The Kids Are The Same! Now re-mastered and reissued for the first time on 180 gram vinyl, The King of Powerpop rides again! LP $18 SKU:13701