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FLASHBACK #9 WINTER 2017 GROUP 1850 *(NOTE! SORRY ABOUT THE PRICE KIDS, I’m paying a fortune for these!) Features: Group 1850: Led by the charismatic Peter Sjardin and featuring the brilliant guitarist Dean van Bergen, Group 1850 were one of the most imaginative bands of their era -- but it has taken decades for their legacy to be appreciated. Here their story is told in full for the first time... Jukebox: Reine Fiske of Dungen on 12 tracks that have inspired him... Disc & Music Echo: It may have been less esteemed than some of its rival pop weeklies, but that doesn't mean this paper wasn't packed with priceless information... First Person: The legendary Jeff Dexter takes us on a personal tour of '60s London's counter-culture... Fuchsia: An experimental union between a rock trio and three classical musicians at Exeter University yielded one of the era's most enduring classics... The Love-In Festival: An eyewitness account of this landmark July 1967 event, with the aid of many rare photographs... Blonde On Blonde: This Welsh quartet played many remarkable gigs and made three fine albums, but their story has never been told until now... Nicholas Greenwood: The enigmatic bassist describes life in the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, the making of his fabled Cold Cuts LP from 1972 (KIS 4046CD), and his stint with prog favorites Khan... Ben: Renowned for having made one of the rarest albums on Vertigo, this jazz-rock quartet give their first ever interview... Sweet Slag: This aggressively unique band combined driving rock, free jazz, and nihilistic lyrics, and give their first interview here... Overseas & Underground: 50 intriguing British albums that weren't released at home, spanning pop, freakbeat, psych, jazz, prog, blues and more... Reviews: Thorough coverage of recent CDs, LPs, and books, taking in household names (The Beatles, Pink Floyd), cult heroes (The Zombies, Margo Guryan, Grapefruit), and ultra-obscurities (The First International Sex Opera Band, Majic Ship)... Crying To Be Heard: The poignant story of John Phillips and his sole album, released in 1969 and missing in action ever since...BOOKS & MAGS $26 SKU:19424

BEATNIKS ,LOS - ROCK CON LOS BEATNIKS (Early '60s Mexican surf) Label:DIMSA MINI LP COVER Early '60s Mexican album with some rockabilly and surf on it. The CD comes as a nice mini-LP replica. CD $15 SKU:19443

BELMONTS - A Go Go-1966 Beatles/Dave Clark 5 style) Label:DIMSA MINI LP COVER- One of the best Mexican 1966 albums is A Go-Go by The Belmonts - a group who were catchin' up with the Brit and U.S. jingle jangle invasion of the time. "Aprietalo," the opening track of the album (a Spanish version of "Hold Tight!" by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich) made the band very popular in Mexico, getting them on national TV almost every day. They learned tracks by The Beatles, Box Tops, Dave Clark 5 and even Bob Dylan in their own particular manner and language. CD $15 SKU:19445

FUGITIVOS,LOS - En La Esquina (MExican Creedence!Great cover songs) Label:DIMSA MINI LP COVER Los Fugitivos were a Mexican rock band who cut a hard-to-find album for Dimsa in 1969, which gets an expanded reissue in this edition from Rockbeat. For the most part, En La Esquina finds Los Fugitivos covering popular American rock tunes of the day en Español, though they dig a bit deeper for a psychedelic version of Sonny Boy Williamson's "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" with lots of soloing, and a spirited run through Roy Orbison's "Ooby Dooby," as well as a few originals. What really sets Los Fugitivos apart is their apparent status as Mexico's biggest Creedence Clearwater Revival fans; no fewer than seven songs here were either written by John Fogerty or covered by CCR during their heyday, one of which lends the album its title. While Los Fugitivos generally remain faithful to the originals, they know how to add their own accents to the tunes, such as the splash of reverb and feedback at the beginning and end of "Amanecer en la Luna" (aka "Bad Moon Rising") and the fuzz bass and percussion that puts a different spin on "El Espiritista" (adapted from the Jaggerz' sole hit "The Rapper"). And most of the time, these guys play with genuine spirit and skill, though they might have wanted to spend more time with Vanity Faire's "Hitchin' a Ride" before they rolled tape, though the keyboard line might have influenced a number of synth-pop acts had they ever heard it. If only for the abundance of Creedence covers, En La Esquina would be an amusing curiosity for fans of Mexican rock of the period, though the band's own likeably skewed vision makes this interesting to a wider variety of consumers of rock esoterica.
- Mark Deming CD $12 SKU:19442

INVISIBLE -El Jardin de Los Presentes (Argentine import) 1976 Label:SONY MINI LP COVER Rare Argentine prog from 1976. Excellent addition to anyprog rock music collection. This is yet another wonderful album from the Argentinian rock scene that presents a nice collection of thoughtfully and inventively arranged pop songs that boast the sophisticated flourishes of both progressive rock and jazz rock here and there. CD $15 SKU:19444

MEGATON - Gas Rockers (Extremely rare Mexican heavy metal from the 80’s.)-Label:DISCOS GAS Extremely rare Mexican heavy metal from the 80’s. Going for huge bucks elsewhere. MINI LP COVER CD $40 SKU:19441

SKY CRIES MARY-SPACE BETWEEN THE DROPS-(Trippy Seattle trance rock) Label:TRAIL LAST COPIES. SKY CRIES MARY is a respected trance rock unit from Seattle. 'Space Between The Drops' collects some of the finest trippy recordings from the band's previous releases, and also offers tracks that are exclusive to this title. You may expect beautiful psychedelic music, with ambient elements, poetry, appealing female vocals, use of acoustic instruments, excellent musicianship and passion for detail. CD $14 SKU:19355

LE MAT- WALTZ OF THE FOOL (80s UK psych-revivalists)Label:PAISLEY ARCHIVE An awaited compilation-CD of early '80s UK psych-revivalists Le Mat. This collection contains early recordings (the debut-single, the track from the well-known 'A Splash Of Colour' compilation, rare demo cuts) as well as 12 tunes that were recorded at a 2010 reunion show. The 12-page booklet features sleeve notes from the band's singer, and a whole array of rare photos and memorabilia. CD $16 SKU:19124

MINERS OF MUZO-REALLY.. IS THAT A FACT? (DUTCH 60s inspired garage psych)--Label:DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUB The official release of 'Really.... Is That A Fact?' on Down At The Nightclub Records. A few copies of this CD were previously released in 2013 by the band as a promo CD. The CD features Lee (vocals and guitars), GJ (drums), Marc (bass), Wannes (guitars), Corn Biekens (lead guitar on #4) and The Salsa Kid (Trumpets on #4, #9 and #12). The CD contains an eight page lyrics booklet. On offer are 13 sparkling guitar songs, sometimes stomping fierce, fuzzing and rocking the garage way, sometimes melodic, or even melancholic, but always with conviction and persuasion and depth. You can hear the influences from the past, you can hear some '60s twang or some '70s hook, but it is definitely a contemporary sound. The Miners are diggin' deep once more. The title refers to an old J.R. Ewing (Dallas) quote. CD $16 SKU:19410

MINERS OF MUZO-LOVE & LIFE PART 2: DIGGIN' THE FUTURE (2CDR) AUTOGRAPHED DBL CD HANDMADE BOX SET-Label:DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUB This DOUBLE-CD boxset, featuring 23 previously unreleased songs from the years 1999-2010, is dedicated to the loving memory of Gert Jan Smits (r.i.p. 2013), a skilful engineer, a great drummer and a fine man. The box is handmade by the band and released in a limited edition of 85 numbered copies. Every copy is signed by Lee (vocals, guitar), Marc (bass) and Hanz (guitar), the remaining band members. CD $16 SKU:19411

MONSTER-O-RAMA (+CD)Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORYMONSTER-O-RAMA (+CD) El Vidocq has concocted a monstrous playlist from the 1950s and '60s, since these were frightingly creative decades for both cinema and music. Indeed, both worlds were intertwined, as melodiously illustrated here by f.i Lon Chaney (The Unknown) with his 'Monster Holidays'. No style lags behind, from the surfrock of the Noblemen to the cha cha cha of Bruno Martino, and from the rockabilly of Jim Burgett to the big band jazz of Jackie Jocko. Get ready to rock and rumble wth Frankenstein, Dracula and a hungry horde of Zombies. Wha ha ha ha!!! COMP LP $22 SKU:19276

NIGHT IS SO DARK- VA (rare US 60’s punk garage)-Label:LANZE Euro release. 14 Moody, fresh & fuzzy US garage rarities. This follows the 'Time Won't Change My Mind' compilation album. All tracks previously uncompiled. Featuring DIAMOND RINGS (Which End Is Up), INNSMEN (I Don't Know), DOLPHINS (I Should Have Stayed), JIM CARTER & THE SENATORS (Society), SHADES (I Need You), etc COMP LP $14 SKU:668

ORIGINAL PANTHER BURNS OGPB (TAV FALCO) -ROCK ME/WHISTLEBLOWER BLUES-Label:SPACECASE Lo-fi and direct, this is a great single by Tav Falco and Ross Johnson. If you dug 'Behind the Magnolia Curtain' and 'Panther Phobia', you're also going to want this one. Limited to 500 copies, this record will not be repressed! 45 RPM $15 SKU:19363

RADIO BIRDMAN -LIVE AT PADDINGTON TOWN HALL DEC. 12TH Label:CITADEL This 19-track release engenders a previously unreleased live concert recorded at Paddington Town Hall (Sydney, Australia) in December 1977 onto 16-track tape just prior to the band's departure for the UK to promote the Sire release of their 'Radios Appear' album. This live recording has been mixed from master tapes that have languished forgotten for decades. The result is a totally wild and raw release that captures the band's true primal energy perhaps in a way that other recordings haven't. The songs represent a wide selection of their originals along with covers of Blue Oyster Cult, MC5 and Bo Diddley. Disc 2 is a DVD featuring 6 tracks recorded at Paddington Town Hall Dec. '77 and April '77, Macquarie University '76 and a promotional video of 'Aloha Steve & Danno'. CD $19 SKU:19385

RAG I RYGGEN- ST(milestone in Swedish hard-rock history 1975) Label:ALTERCATS Widely regarded as a milestone in Swedish hard-rock history, 'Råg I Ryggen' is the homonymous debut-album released by six youngsters from Stockholm back in 1975. Clearly influenced by bands like Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and even Yes or Jethro Tull, the sounds contained here will appeal to hard-rock, heavy psych and progressive fans alike. It has it all: heavy crunchy riffs, loads and loads of over the top double lead guitar parts, wah-wah and fuzz-wah guitar effects, wild Hammond passages, analog synth parts and tasteful flute arrangements... you name it! This first official vinyl reissue includes a download card and an insert telling the story of the band. LP $24 SKU:19380

RUNAWAYS -WASTED: LIVE AT THE PALLADIUM, NYC,7TH JAN.1978 -Label:RADIO SILENCE The Runaways recorded live when they opened for the Ramones at the NYC Palladium on January 7, 1978, in a four piece line-up with Joan Jett on vocals. Classic hard/glam/punk-rock, captured live at the height of their powers and popularity. LP $24 SKU:18083

SICK AND TIRED- VA (14 Unknown US 60's Garage Rarities-Label:STROKE Unknown US 60's Garage Rarities COMP LP $16 SKU:10612

STONED JESUS - SEVEN THUNDERS ROAR- BLACK VINYL Label:NASONI The highly regarded second full-length by Ukrainian psychedelic stoner-doom outfit Stoned Jesus was originally released in 2012. This is a special repress on PURPLE VINYL, manufactured in a limited run of only 50 copies. LP $26 SKU:18861

TEENAGERS- COMPLICATION/TAPS (1967 rare beat/garage gem)-Label:FEATHERED APPLE Here's a limited edition 50th anniversary collectors reissue of a rare beat/garage gem from Switzerland, originally datin g back to 1967! The A-side is a killer cut featuring Marco Zappa on lead guitar and with a cool (Vox Continental) organ sound, while the flip contains a fantastic instrumental. Original copies are more or less impossible to find, as only some 300 copies were pressed back in the day! This official reissue comes with superb sound quality (that sounds even slightly better than the original) and with a photo packed 8-page booklet including detailed liner notes. 45 RPM $14 SKU:19281

THREE SEASONS-THINGS CHANGE (vintage '70s sounding acid blues rock) COLORED VINYL Label:HEADSPIN THREE SEASONS is one of today's leading vintage '70s sounding acid blues rock units. On their fourth album these Swedes will teleport your right back to the early '70s when heavy blues rock bands were dominating the world. But it's not just blues oriented hard rock what we have here, there are elements of many other styles. The result is an absolutely fabulous album with amazing production, that takes the band to the next -incredibly high- level $24 SKU:19361

YOU'RE SO SQUARE- VA mid 60's USA garage band jewels IMPORT -Label:LANCE Euro release. Compilation of 14 mid 60's USA garage band jewels, featuring DEAN KOHLER (Gooseberry Pie), ROGUES (Opportunity), TRESPASSERS (Come With Me), TRACERS (Watch Me), PICKWICK PAPERS (You're So Square), JADES (Come Back), COMP LP $14 SKU:11596