Feb 5, 2021


It’s yet another Shindig, plus a lot of weird cheapo cds for you guys too. Dig in! 

We’re working hard for you here in the Covid capitol of the world, but hey, the weather is amazing!

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COYNE, KEVIN- Sugar Candy TAxi (rare U.S. release) -Label:RUF Kevin Coyne is a strange one. As influenced by the rough-and-tumble sounds of Mississippi blues as by his job as a counselor to London drug addicts, he arrived in the '70s with a cawing birdcall voice and a collection of songs about madness, guilt, and despair. His signature tune was the chilling asylum classic 'House on the Hill', cut when the then unknown guitarist Andy Summers was in his employ. CD $10 SKU:24326

GANG OF FOUR- Return the Gift (70s UK punk) Label:V2 MArked promo in Card Sleeve (Reg CD, just not sealed) English post-punk group from Leeds. One of the most influential and groundbreaking bands to rise from the British punk scene in the late '70s, Gang of Four took the freedoms and possibilities presented by punk and brought them to wild and unexpected places, both musically and philosophically. (Mark Deming) CD $10 SKU:24334

MILLS, TONY-Cruiser (Glam power pop) Label:Z RECORDS Catchy tunes! CD $10 SKU:24324

PENTHOUSE 5-The World is Love ( rare mid sixties TEXAS garage psych) -Label:COLLECTIBLES Hailing from the Dallas suburb Oak Cliff, The Penthouse 5 had its heyday in 1966-'67, when the band recorded a number of self-penned tunes and released two 45s. Several recordings from 1967 and other, more psychedelic influenced tracks remained unreleased, but demonstrate the musical versatility of the band. CD $10 SKU:24323

SHAM 69- The Game (1996 release)Label:PsychoRelic UK punk rockers CD $10 SKU:24336

SKELETONS-Nothing to Lose (American roots music) Label:Hightone records Another charmingly ragged slice of American roots music, Nothing to Lose is a typically infectious set of blues, country-rock and rock & roll that proves why the Skeletons have long been considered one of America's best, most underrated bar bands. CD $10 SKU:24325

STAMEY, CHRIS-Robust Beauty-Label:EAST SIDE DIGITAL Not the typical, power-pop release from Chris Stamey. For Improper Linear Models in Decision Making Stamey teams up with Kirk Ross for his most experimental outing to date -- CD $10 SKU:24328

STEVENS, MEIC - Outlander (1970s Welsh Bob Dylan)-Label:Ye Elde Folk Musique Welsh national treasure Meic Stevens is oft-credited as “the Welsh Bob Dylan,” a press release-friendly thing to write and easy barb for all others to recycle upon the release of his widely overlooked masterpiece Outlander. This lovingly remastered reissue will debunk on that prescription however, as any listener worth his or her weight in wax will hear that Stevens is not merely a kowtow to the artist formerly known as Blind Boy Grunt, but instead the finest and most singular psyche-minded folkie to ever emerge from a corner of the world still trading in near-dead languages. His only English language record, soon after Outlander’s 1970 release a Syd Barrett-esque nervous breakdown forced Stevens home to the hills of the village of Solva. After recovering, he turned to writing strictly in his native tongue, becoming a nationally recognized, yet linguistically marginalized folk and blues figurehead. Outlander never made it out of the isles, restricted to a few British pressings, before Warner Bros. deleted it in the mid-’70s. CD $10 SKU:24337

TIMOTHY LEARY & SIMON STOKES- Right to Fly (1996) Label:PsychoRelic The man who urged a generation to "Tune in, Turn On, and Drop Out" is taking his ironically upbeat message to the masses with his CD, Right to Fly. Prior to his passing on May 31, 1996, Dr. Timothy Leary recorded this collection of rock 'n roll songs with Simon Stokes (Black Whip Thrill Band). Stokes also co-produced the album with partner Bayard Johnson (Mother Nature's Army) and Randall Keith. During his life, Timothy Leary was a professor, an actor, a lecturer, a fugitive, a candidate, a comedian, a software developer and a recording artist. Famous for his research with psychedelic drugs in the 60's, Dr. Leary has since become a cultural icon. CD $10 SKU:24335

UNITED STATES of EXISTENCE-The Collection (Choc WAtchband/LEft Banke style 1978 neo psych) Label:U.S. Fidelity Sounds United States Of Existence were one of earliest neo–psychedelic groups from the US. Born in Baltimore in 1978 out of the ashes of prog–rock outfit Klangfarb, their goal was to reproduce the sound of their favourite 60s psych bands. CD $10 SKU:24327

WALKER, SCOTT -In the Beginning (pre WAlker Brothers) Label:CASTLE PULSE Before the brooding cult hero, before the Walker Brothers hits, came these late-'50s cuts by a teenage Scott Engel (Walker's real name). You can hear that deep, resonant voice coming into flower as he sings 'Paper Doll', 'Too Young', 'Comin' Home', CD $10 SKU:24333

CICADELIC 60S- VOL. 8 (60s psych) -Label:COlLECTABLES Cicadelic 60's, Vol. 8 features more incredibly rare garage punkers, including We Few, Quintette Plus, Boys, and Wild Things. Also included are lost gems by J. Frank Wilson of "Last Kiss" fame and Jerry Djai that show a definite Bobby Fuller influence. However, the absolute highlight of this disc is King Richard & the Knights who do a wild Vox organ-fueled "Work Out Sally." COMP CD $10 SKU:24321

CICADELIC SIXTIES -Vol 7- From Texas to Tucson(60s psych)-Label:COlLECTABLES On series such as this, by the time one gets to the seventh volume, it's usually a point for all but the hardcore enthusiasts to jump ship. Not so with Cicadelic 60s, Vol. 7 -- most of the acts represented may have gotten past some local or regional recognition (though one, the Lewallen Brothers, made it to national TV at least twice), but the Shandells, Inc., the Shadows (not the British instrumental outfit), the Feathers, and the Rocks, any could easily have made the leap to national exposure without a lot of luck, based on the evidence here (which makes this CD also sort of sad to hear, in terms of how heartbreakingly close some of these acts got). The Shandells Inc. utilize a shimmering fuzztone effect on their material, which works well in a spacy manner on "Say What I Mean" (joined by a cheesy Farfisa organ on the break) and somewhat less so on the harder, edgier "Just Cry," which offers the drummer a great showcase for his speed on the break. The Shadows seem to have had one pretty good organist and two fine guitarists, who get to show off some of their best work on "If You Love Me," while "The Big Man" is a fairly routine dance instrumental, dressed up with some entertaining lead guitar flourishes. The Rocks are the bluesiest outfit here, and appear to have listened to a lot of Them and the Shadows of Knight, based on their one side here, "Because We're Young." The Feathers, from Odessa, TX, were heavily influenced by the Byrds and, even more so, by the Beau Brummels and the Leaves, but had a less serious edge. Most of the rest of the CD is filled out by the Lewallen Brothers, who were far and away the most successful act here -- based in Tucson, AZ, they were popular in the southwest and had a collective virtuoso attack on their instruments as well as great voices. Their six songs are worth the price of admission, and should have been enough to make this volume a keeper, especially since the last four of their songs have never been released before. But the makers have filled the CD out with a pair of sides by the Marsades, a band that backed Gayle Ann Lewallen, the fairer sibling of the Lewallen brethren represented elsewhere; they're not bad, a first-rate dance outfit who might well have made it big in L.A. in the early '60s, whence these records date, and the Lewallen sister has a pleasing rock & roll voice on "Please Let Me Know," a side that recalls Jo Ann Campbell. They also fit in doubly well in the context of this CD, as the Marsades' split led to the Lewallen Brothers organizing themselves as a band. But it's the last track that makes this CD absolutely essential to any collection of '60s garage rock -- a 23-minute interview with Cal and Keith Lewallen, where they talk about their family, the band's history, their tours with Chris Montez and the Ripchords, and sharing bills with Paul Revere & the Raiders, the Yardbirds et al; and the entire music scene around Arizona in the early '60s, as well as their near-break on Happening '68. They're so engaging that the interview is worth returning to multiple times, and is the perfect capper to an already enjoyable CD compilation COMP CD $10 SKU:4601

ELECTRIC PSYCHEDELIC SITAR HEADSWIRLERS - VOL 1 (60s and '70s psych obscurities ) - Label:PURPLE LANTERN Turn off Your mind, relax and float downstream! The title of this obscure but long-running collector-oriented series gives you a pretty good idea of what it's all about: vintage psychedelic raga-rock (late 1960s, maybe some early '70s as well) with prominent sitar or sitar-like sounds. COMP CD $10 SKU:24322

ELECTRIC PSYCHEDELIC SITAR HEADSWIRLERS - VOL 9 (60s and '70s psych obscurities ) - Label:PURPLE LANTERN Turn off Your mind, relax and float downstream! COMP CD $10 SKU:24338

FROM THE GRASS TO THE OUTER LIMITS- The Goldust Records Story (1965-1969)NEW MEXICO IN THE 60’s-Label:COLLECTABLES Great New mexico punk garage label from the 60's includes all their best releases (Collectables) From the Beau Brummel-like sounds of the Outer Limits to the far-out sounds of the Morfomen, this CD rocks! (all copies have a small cut out hole in inlay) COMP CD $10 SKU:24329

THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD - Vol 3 (60s rare Garage ) Label:Collectables Long gone US 60's garage comp CD compilation that contains super rare recordings by The Mad Hatters, The Sting rays The Apollos and The Briks. As a bonus you also get a contemporary interview with one of The Mad Hatters. COMP CD $10 SKU:24332

WASHINGTON DC GARAGE BAND GREATS - Mad Hatters/Apollos (killer 60s DC punk) - Label:Collectables Very hard to find (even when it was in print!) CD version of a 1986 vinyl release on Cicadelic. The Mad Hatters contributed a band member to the more well known Fallen Angels who made two fantastic psych LP's. This CD is pretty hot garage also featuring The Apollos. It includes bonus material from1965 & 66 not on the original LP. This CD is deleted so all copies have a small cut out hole in inlay. COMP CD $10 SKU:24330

BIRDS-SAY THOSE MAGIC WORDS - BLUE VINYLLabel:BEAT Say Those Magic Words collects 12 essential tracks by The Birds (UK), a brilliant mid-60s Garage-R&B-Beat band featuring Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood. Repressed on blue vinyl. (2016) LP $19 SKU:24275


UGLY THINGS- 54 In this special issue we pay tribute to Phil May of the Pretty Things. Included our interviews with those who knew him best, including his close friend and lifelong collaborator, Dick Taylor, as well as an array of rare and previously unseen Pretty Things photos. Also this issue, the story behind the Electras’ gnarly sixties punk masterpiece “Dirty Old Man,” the tale of Midwest psychedelic masters the Paisleys (Cosmic Mind at Play), Southern California garage-psych combo the Search, guitarist Craig Tarwater (Hawk & the Randelas, Sons of Adam, Daily Flash, Arthur Lee & Love), and a night of music and mirth with Hasil Adkins. We also explore the world of gypsy jazz guitarist Gabor Szabo and its intersections with pop and psychedelia in the 1960s, and tell the strange story of the San Jose garage pop group People, who recorded a hit version of the Zombies “I Love You,” only to become enmeshed in the sinister world of Scientology. All this and a lot more, including as always our expansive review sections covering all the latest reissues and rock & roll-related books. BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:23516

AVIATION BLONDES - Edge of Forever (POWERPOP) -Label:GET HIP A short and sweet 7-song debut CD by Pittsburgh’s new Power Pop band! The Aviation Blondes play an energized, tuneful brand of rock ‘n roll full of delicious pop hooks, loud guitars and brazen attitude and mesmerizing female vocals. CD $10 SKU:22086

CARSICKNESS- 1979-1982 (17-track retrospective album from seminal Pittsburgh Punk )-Label:GET HIP 17-track retrospective album from seminal Pittsburgh Punk band! Remastered from original masters for best possible in-your-face sound. These songs stand the test of time and show a band full of raw talent and originality. Liner notes by Michael Chabon. CD $10 SKU:22754

COLLINS, PAUL & THE BEAT -FLYIN' HIGH -power pop (NERVES related ) Label:GET HIP 1979 PAUL COLLINS recorded, with his band THE BEAT, the album that many consider THE BEST POWER-POP RECORD OF ALL TIME. "Flyin' High" has an organic feel reminiscent of his early solo releases, and some of late Beat recordings. “ CD $10 SKU:23957

DONOVANS BRAIN -TINY CRUSTACEAN LIGHT SHOW (Montana Psych-pop)Label:GET HIP The group, which is loosely based out of Bozeman, Montana, includes guitarist Matt Piucci, late of Rain Parade and – of all things – Crazy Horse; guitarist Bobby Sutliff (Tom Stevens (The Long Ryders) on bass. And if that’s not enough college rock/alterna-cred, the group’s lineup features guitarist Deniz Tek (of American/Australian punk heroes Radio Birdman) and drummer Ric Parnell (better known to rock fans as Mick Shrimpton, spontaneously-combusting drummer for Spinal Tap, and also a member for a time in Atomic Rooster). The group is rounded out by names slightly less well known but of equal musical caliber: founder Ron Sanchez (multiple instruments), Scott Sutherland (many instruments as well), and vocalist Kris Wilkinson Hughes. CD $10 SKU:22087

FORTUNE AND MALTESE- and the Phabulous Pallbearers-ST (Paul Revere Style Garage ) Label:GET HIP Fortune & Maltese have been cranking out their take on Paul Revere & The Raiders for several years producing a handful of tracks on various 45s and comps. This CD contains the 19 tracks that made up their Screaming Apple LP plus a previously unreleased track, 'Louise.' While their style has the authentic '60s sound, they have the energy of modern garage bands like the Cynics or Chesterfield Kings. CD $10 SKU:22948

HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS--HEELS 'N' WHEELS(guitar-fueled rock n’ roll )-Label:GET HIP Heels ‘n’ Wheels brings more of the fun, raucous, guitar-fueled rock n’ roll HSS does so well; packed with hooks and riffs and sweetened juuuuuuust a bit with infectious “Brill Building” melodies. Punk , pop and garage delightfully converge, perfectly showcasing the band’s irresistible part-trash/part-panache style and reminding you that the best rock n’ roll means great times, great songs, and the refusal to sacrifice either! CD $10 SKU:22636

LINK PROTRUDI & THE JAYMEN-Hit and Run collection of balls-out bone-crushers)Label:GET HIP This steamin’ slab is a testimonial to what real rock’n’roll is all about! Link & the Jaymen’s first two LP’s, Drive It Home (1987) and Missing Links (1989), are featured here on this collection of balls-out bone-crushers, totally remastered and appearing for the first time on CD (fer those of you who need to grasp every subtle nuance that modern digital enhancement can milk outta 4 tracks – ha ha). Up till now, these gems have only been available on import vinyl. CD $10 SKU:22639

MONDO TOPLESS - Freaking Out (fuzz-drenched, organ-fueled garage mayhem w 60s garage covers ) Label:GET HIP Influences are the Sonics, Fuzztones, Kinks, Lyres, Cynics, Chesterfield Kings and morePhiladelphia's Farfisa-drenched garage masters Mondo Topless have been serving audiences a fiery concoction of shredding guitars, throbbing bass, and thumping drums for a while now. This driving, raunchy and in-your-face rocker serves the perfect musical background for a night of debauchery.. CD $10 SKU:21823

MONDO TOPLESS - GO FAST (fuzz-drenched, organ-fueled garage mayhem w 60s garage covers ) Label:GET HIP Influences are the Sonics, Fuzztones, Kinks, Lyres, Cynics, Chesterfield Kings and morePhiladelphia's Farfisa-drenched garage masters Mondo Topless have been serving audiences a fiery concoction of shredding guitars, throbbing bass, and thumping drums for a while now. This driving, raunchy and in-your-face rocker serves the perfect musical background for a night of debauchery.. CD $10 SKU:21933

MYSTIC EYES-OUR TIME TO LEAVE! (primal 60s garage rock sound.)Label:GET HIP 4 bonus tracks. If ever there was a band that could do justice to a ‘60s folk-rock chestnuts like “Clam Me Down,” it’s the Mystic Eyes. And on this LP, they prove it yet again. “Clam Me Down” is not only faithful to the original in form and delivery, but also recreates the feel of the primal ‘60s garage rock sound. But as good as their take on the Human Expression hit is, it doesn’t compare to the absolutely breathtaking originals that they churn out on this LP. 14 songs in all including a couple choice covers. CD $10 SKU:21822