Dec 10, 2021


Yet another new Shindig has landed, along with some more of those groovy cheapo 70s reissue cds, check it all out below!

Suzy Shaw

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24893, 24882, 24892, 24879, 24880, 24881, 24890, 24883, 24884, 24885, 24886, 24887, 24888, 24889


12230, 12744, 15480, 15698, 16057, 16224, 20987, 21840, 22829, 23143, 24304, 24308, 24717, 24733, 24738, 24795, 24838, 24845, 24846, 24856, 24864, 24880


SHINDIG!-#122 SteppenwolfBrân The Welsh musical collective’s side projects and spin-offs Lord Tim Hudson The story of American’s “first British import disc jockey” and his brush with fame..Steppenwolf From Canada to LA via the NYC folk scene, SF garages andcelluloid immortality. Leader John Kay grants a rare interview. BOOKS & MAGS $12 SKU:24893

ALEXIS KORNER & SNAPE- Accidentally Born in New Orleans (1973 King Crimson) Label:TALKING ELEPHANT Alexis Korner and King Crimson (minus Robert Fripp) came together as Alexis Korner & Snape, and recorded this 1973 Warner Bros. release.
CD $14 SKU:24882

CRASH COFFIN - ST ( 3 Folk/Psych gem) Label:GEAR FAB Wow!! This 1973 Folk/Psych gem is finally going to see its day on Compact Disc. Presented in a beautiful Digi-Pak format, this psyched-out guy from Ohio will not disappoint!! Right off the master tapes CD $10 SKU:24892

FRUUP -Maid In Ireland: The Best of Fruup: Remastered Edition (legendary 70s Irish prog) Label:CHERRY RED new re-mastered collection that celebrates the best of the legendary Irish Progressive Rock band Fruupp.Formed in Belfast in 1971, the band featured Pete Farrelly (bass guitar, flute, lead vocals), Vincent McCusker (lead guitar, vocals), Stephen Houston (keyboards, oboe, vocals) and Martin Foye (drums, percussion). The band signed with Pye Records’ Progressive label DAWN in 1973 and were a much-loved act on the British concert circuit, sharing billings with such luminaries as Genesis, ELO, Hawkwind, Man, Supertramp, Queen et al. The band’s first album “Future Legends” was issued in October that year and saw the band gain a loyal following. The band’s follow up album, “Seven Secrets”, was issued in April 1974 and was a wonderful exercise in Symphonic and Melodic rock, the album was highly acclaimed upon release. CD $12 SKU:24879

GNIDROLOG- LIVE ( 70s Brit prog) -Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES A remastered new edition release of this superb UK progressive-rock band's live performance captured in Birmingham 1972. Contains rare, extended bonus track 'Sixpence For A Handstand' which is a non-LP track. Gnidrolog were one of the most respected prog-rock bands of the early 70s alongside Gentle Giant, King Crimson and Van Der Graaf Generator. Excellent soundboard recording. CD $12 SKU:24880

HERON, MIKE-Smiling Men With Bad Reputations (1971 rock solor debut)Label:TALKING ELEPHANT Heron's 1971 solo debut, released while he was still a member of the unique Incredible String Band (ISB). But this is NOT a folk album; it’s a rock album, and it rocks along very well. CD $14 SKU:24881

JOHN LEE HOOKER -The Very Best Of- 40 Original Classic Recordings From A Blues Legend- DBL CD Label:CHARLY Forty of John Lee Hooker’s best Vee-Jay recordings (recorded between 1955-1964) are gathered together on this 2xCD set.
CD $14 SKU:24890

MELANIE- The Good Book (1971 reissue)Label:TALKING ELEPHANT The Good Book” is Melanie's 1971 album, and features her Top 40 hit ‘Nickel Song.’ The album also features ‘Birthday of the Sun,’ a track Melanie originally performed at Woodstock in 1969. This album was the last 'official' Melanie release from Buddah Records – she left the company to form her own label. Melanie's cover of Dylan's "Sign on the Window" and her own title track both depict a woman tired of the music business (if not her art) and eager to tend cows and look after kids rather than deal with the trappings of stardom, and if her take on Phil Ochs' "Chords of Fame" and her own composition, "The Nickel Song," lack the agrarian influence of the former tunes, if anything they're even stronger variation on the same theme. However, it's worth noting there's no such thing as a Melanie album without a bit of emotional excess, and she speaks her heart and mind with clarity and gentle force on these numbers, while finding room for the hard-won wisdom of "The Saddest Thing" and Judy Collins' "My Father," and the playful proto-feminism of "Babe Rainbow." If The Good Book was a product of a troubled moment in Melanie's career, there's little arguing that she made the very best of a bad situation.
CD $14 SKU:24883

MELANIE-Candles In The Rain (1970 reissue) Label:TALKING ELEPHANT Melanie Safka's third album, “Candles in the Rain” (1970). While her first two LPs found her trying to make a coherent whole out of her grab bag of influences and ideas, this was where she seemed to truly hit the mark for the first time. CD $14 SKU:24884

NILSSON -ONE: The Best OF Nilsson DBL CD in slipcase Label:Music CLub Deluxe Brilliant two CD anthology from the American singer/songwriter spanning his decade long career with RCA. CD $14 SKU:24885

PICKETT, WILSON-- In Philadelphia/“Don’t Knock My Love DBL CD Label:EDSEL wo funky soul albums in one set — excellent stuff. The ninth and tenth Atlantic albums on two CD's plus 17 bonus tracks recorded between 1969 and 1973.

3-panel gatefold card sleeve, includes a 16 page booklet. CD $14 SKU:24886

STEELEYE SPAN --Please To See The King (1971 reissue) Label:TALKING ELEPHANT Second album by Steeleye Span, released in 1971. Top notch UK folk/rock. CD $14 SKU:24887

STONE THE CROWS -Stone the Crows Featuring Maggie Bell-Label:TALKING ELEPHANT Stone the Crows was a tough-luck, working class, progressive soul band that came out of the pubs of Scotland in the early '70s. CD $12 SKU:24888

GARY CROWLEY’S PUNK AND NEW WAVE (77 Tracks Rare Punk Gems And New Wave Nuggets 1977 - 1982)TRIPLE CD BoxLabel:EDSEL Veteran UK DJ and broadcaster Gary Crowley has curated Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave, a triple CD box set that seeks to avoid the usual ‘classic anthems’ and rather opts for a quirkier selection of punk/new wave singles from 1977-1982. Contains 77 tracks originally released between 1977 - 1982, including many for the first time on CD.
COMP CD $24 SKU:24889


AUGER, BRIAN -Tiger, Rod Stewart & Long John Baldry, and Brian Auger with Jimmy Page & Sonny Boy Williamson.DBL CD slip caseLabel:ATOM Slim-line jewel case, w/slipcasesTop-notch 25-track collection of Hammond organ maestro Brian Auger—the main event being Auger’s rare singles for Columbia Records (‘Fool Killer,’ ‘Tiger’ and ‘Kiko,’), as well as the rare Julie Driscoll singles for Parlophone Records (‘I Didn't Want To Have To Do It’ and ‘Don't Do It No More.’) Auger was raised in London, where he took up the keyboards as a child and began to hear jazz by way of the American Armed Forces Network and an older brother's record collection. By 1964, he won first place in the categories of "New Star" and "Jazz Piano" in a reader's poll in Melody Maker; but that same year he abandoned jazz for a more R&B-oriented approach and expanded his group to include John McLaughlin (guitar) and Glen Hughes (baritone saxophone) as the Brian Auger Trinity. This group split up at the end of 1964, and Auger moved over to Hammond B-3 organ, teaming with bass player Rick Brown and drummer Mickey Waller. After a few singles, he recorded his first LP in 1968—a session organized to spotlight blues singer Sonny Boy Williamson that featured his group, saxophonists Joe Harriot and Alan Skidmore, and guitarist Jimmy Page. By mid-1965, Auger's band had grown to include guitarist Vic Briggs and vocalists Long John Baldry, Rod Stewart, and Julie Driscoll, and was renamed Steampacket. More a loosely organized musical revue than a group, Steampacket lasted a year before Stewart and Baldry left and the band split. Auger retained Driscoll and brought in bass player Dave Ambrose and drummer Clive Thacker to form a unit that was billed as Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and the Trinity. Tracks on this compilation are culled from Auger’s many permutations of the aforementioned groupss: Brian Auger Trinity, Brian Auger & Trinity, Steampacket featuring Brian Auger, Steampacket featuring Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger, Steampacket featuring Rod Stewart & Brian Auger, Steampacket featuring Brian Auger, Rod Stewart & Long John Baldry, and Brian Auger with Jimmy Page & Sonny Boy Williamson. CD $12 SKU:24304

COLLUSION - ST (Obscure Prog rock 1971) CHECK Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Reissued on compact disc, this is a genuine prog rock obscurity from 1971, originally released in a tiny run on the custom SRT label. Collusion was a Dagenham-based six piece with twin guitars and interwoven male/female vocals as the main ingredients. Expect hard-edged prog-rock with tasty folk and jazz elements. This engaging CD features seven original tracks with the stunning 'Bluebirds' and the epic 'Sweetbread Line' as the undisputed highlights. The CD is presented with a special poster sleeve offering rare pics and memorabilia. There also are extensive sleeve notes and a band history by singer Tony Davison, plus an additional comment by their manager and esteemed promoter Darrol Edwards. CD $10 SKU:20987

DOWNLINERS SECT-Sectuality DBL CD (Pretty Things/Yardbirds style)-Label:CHARLY This double-CD set is essential listening — not just for Downliners Sect fans, but for anyone who's ever worn out copies of any of the first three Rolling Stones albums or owns anything by the Yardbirds, the Pretty Things, Them, the Graham Bond Organisation, the Animals, early John Mayall, the Shadows of Knight, or any of countless blues-inspired American garage bands. In content, it includes the complete contents of the Downliners Sect's three original LPs, from the bluesy "Baby, What's Wrong" to the pounding, proto-psychedelic “Glendora.” You get two hours of some of the most delightfully raw and unaffected, downright affectionate British renditions of American rock & roll and R&B, so unstylish that they achieve a kind of beguiling, offhanded stylishness all their own. That must be why they can shift from sounding like Chuck Berry or Bo Diddley to Bill Haley & His Comets, then resemble the early Spencer Davis Group, then suddenly sound like the rawest American garage band this side of the Litter, then switch back toward the Rolling Stones and follow that with the jocular ‘May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose,’ sounding like the Pretty Things having fun. Geez, on ‘I'm Looking for a Woman’ they get into this Bo Diddley groove that's so perfect, despite being so much more flaccid than Bo would ever permit his band to sound, that your fingers will start dancing to that shave-and-a-haircut beat; there's just something so real and honest about the way these guys plunked and plodded their way through their music, running on sheer bravado and a genuine affection at their core. It didn't propel them to stardom (except maybe in Scandinavia), but it makes their stuff worth hearing in full. The sound is excellent and the annotation is very thorough; there are some misprints and missing words on the song listings, but where it counts, this set would be worthwhile even at twice the price. —Bruce Eder CD $15 SKU:24838

FERRIS WHEEL-SUPERNATURAL GIRL(1974 UK's rarest stoner-folk)Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES This is a re-mastered CD of one of the UK's rarest stoner-folk albums. Recorded in 1974, it features 14 original compositions along with fresh sleevenotes etc. This is one of the UK's ultimate downer-folk obscurities with electric sorrow and heartache etched deeply into every note. CD $12 SKU:21840

GILES BROTHERS - 1962-1967 (pre King Crimson prog)-Label:VOICEPRINT (England) The Giles Brothers are famous for being founders of the band Giles Giles and Fripp, which eventually metamorphosed into King Crimson, one of the giants of Progressive rock. The recordings on this album, however, come from a period when the Giles brothers were members of a number of pure pop, R ‘n’ B and soul influenced bands; the Giles brothers were the fraternal rhythm section with six bands: Johnny King And The Raiders, Dave Anthony And The Rebels, The Dowland Brothers And The Soundtracks, The Sands, The Interns, Trendsetters Ltd. and The Brain. Six singles were released by the Dowland Brothers and Trendsetters Ltd., with two additional releases by The Trend and The Brain in 1967. Michael and Peter Giles backed Bo Diddley, Napoleon XIV, and Gene Vincent; they appeared on television shows, and played live on BBC Radio 1's Easybeat, and the group's own four program series. Reviews: “The nine 45’s plus half a dozen EMI out-takes the Giles Brothers appeared on as members of a succession of early-mid '60s pop outfits from the duo's pre-Crimson days make for fascinating listening.” “The good folks at Voiceprint Records have done more than most to keep interest in the brother's earlier work. The Giles, Giles and Fripp album 'The Brondesbury Road Tapes' is a fascinating collection of previously unreleased material which remained for some thirty-odd years in a private collection before Voiceprint issued the album. Now Voiceprint have released the work that the Giles Brothers recorded between 1962 and 1967, and it's going to be something of an eye-opener even for those who have always expected the unexpected from this most extraordinary drummer and bassist... This is a fascinating collection of tracks, that even if they weren't connected by the Giles Brothers would put to shame many of those 1960’s compilations of rare recordings that appear frequently. Although this release has obvious appeal to followers of the Giles Brothers, there is so much here that anyone who has even the slightest interest in British pop music (before and just after those four guys from Liverpool changed the face of music forever) will simply love.” All the tracks come from the personal archives of Peter and Mike Giles. CD $12 SKU:12230

GNIDROLOG- In Spite of Harry’s Toenail w bonus tracks and booklets ( 70s Brit prog ) -Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Newly remastered from the original master tapes and features a previously unreleased bonus track, a booklet that fully restores all original album artwork with a new essay. CD $10 SKU:15480

GNIDROLOG- LIVE ( 70s Brit prog) -Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES A remastered new edition release of this superb UK progressive-rock band's live performance captured in Birmingham 1972. Contains rare, extended bonus track 'Sixpence For A Handstand' which is a non-LP track. Gnidrolog were one of the most respected prog-rock bands of the early 70s alongside Gentle Giant, King Crimson and Van Der Graaf Generator. Excellent soundboard recording. CD $12 SKU:24880

JOSEFUS --Not Dead Yet (Texas hard rock Unreleased 1978 Studio Sessions & Live)-Label:SHROOMANGEL Josefus are part of the first wave of Hard Rock bands formed in the end of the 60s, being the true pioneers of Heavy Rock in Texas. Their Dead Man album is one of the greatest American Hard Rock albums of the early 70s and deserves all the cult status it has been given all these years. The band resurfaced in the late 70s and then again in the late 80s, recording sporadically never abandoning their Bluesy Hard Rock roots. In the new millennium when everyone was thought the band was history, Josefus hits the stages again and keeps to this day active. This collection of rare material starts with 4 demo tracks from 1978, plus selected live cuts (mostly from 2012), where we can see the power of the band revived and refreshed after 5 decades of existence.
Presented in a 6-panel Digipak and limited to only 300 copies! Second in the Texas Rock Dyamonds Series. File Under: Heavy Rock, Blues Rock, Southern Rock, Psychedelic Rock. (LIMITED TO 300 COPIES - TEXAS ROCK DYAMONDS SERIES) CD $14 SKU:24717

LOST & FOUND- Everybody's Here (Elevators style 60s psych - Rigid digibook w 16-page illustrated booklet plus 3 bonus cuts ) -Label:CHARLY Originally known as The Misfits, Lost & Found came together in Houston in 1965, changing their name just prior to undertaking a six-month residency at Houston's Living Eye Club -- one of the centres of the area's thriving psychedelic scene. Like anyone who frequented the club, smoked the odd joint and worshipped at the altar of The 13th Floor Elevators, they became friends with Roky Erickson. He in turn introduced them to Lelan Rogers of International Artists, who promptly signed them up. The group's sound displayed a marked Byrds and Love influence, which doubtless stemmed from the time they had spent in L.A. A planned follow-up album for International Artists unfortunately never came to fruition after the band disintegrated after a 30-day Texas tour with national garage gods The Music Machine. Band member Peter Black later joined Endle St Cloud." Comes in a deluxe digibook with 16-page booklet and International Artists catalog. Includes three bonus tracks: "When Will You Come Through," "Professor Black" and "25 MPH." CD $14 SKU:15698

MAGMA-Uber Kommandoh (French prog rock) DBL CD Label:ATOM slim-line jewel case, w/slipcases 2-cd set contains the Üdü Wüdü and Attahk albums in their entirety as well as a live track from 1988. Led by classically-trained drummer Christian Vander, the Paris-based Magma was, in their way, perhaps the ultimate progressive-rock group; while other artists achieved greater commercial success and critical acclaim, Magma typified the many ambitions and excesses of the genre which won it as many detractors as fans, even going so far as to invent their own lyrical and musical language in order to bring their unique vision to life. The son of a jazz pianist, Vander initially followed in his father's footsteps, modeling his technique on the work of John Coltrane alum Elvin Jones and starting his career with a number of jazz and R&B outfits. While in Paris in 1969, however, he was struck by a vision of earth's spiritual and ecological future which so disturbed him that he decided to explore his fears by musical means, assembling Magma with the aid of wife and vocalist Stella, singer Klaus Blasquiz, and fusion bassists Francis Moze and Jannick Top. This fourteen track 2xCD set contains the entirety of “Udu Wudu” (their seventh album, originally released in 1976), and “Attahk” (their eighth album, originally released in 1977), as well as an eighteen-minute track recorded at The Taverne De L'Olypia in Paris in June 1975. CD $10 SKU:24308

MARIE CELESTE- And Then Perhaps (70s psych folk private press) -Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES A remastered CD-edition of one of the rarest privately pressed LP's from the UK's early '70s psych/prog folk boom. The material combines covers with outstanding self-penned tunes, featuring haunting twin female vocals. Recommended to fans of Spirogyra, early Steeleye Span, Spriguns, Trader Horne and Mellow Candle. CD $10 SKU:24845

MILT MATTHEWS INC-.For the People (Ultra-collectable 70s psych-soul gem" —Record Collector) Label:FANTASTIC VOYAGE Highly recommended: not just as a curio but something which bears repeated hammering. A stone classic" –Shindig. ”Ultra-collectable 70s psych-soul gem" —Record Collector. 1971 Ember label album that sought to span musical genres and appeal to both soul and rock fans, with powerful vocals in the Otis Redding mould and a lead guitarist who had obviously studied Jimi Hendrix. Milt Matthews sang lead vocals, played rhythm guitar and wrote the original songs. The opening track is an extended workout on B.B. King’s 1970 hit ‘The Thrill Has Gone’ with a menacing string arrangement provided by Bert “Super Charts” DeCoteaux, who had also embellished B.B.’s version. The bluesy ‘Can’t See Myself Doing You Wrong’ is the first of Milt’s compositions and features strong backing vocals, possibly by the Sweet Inspirations. Artists in the seventies frequently included a Beatles cover on their albums, Milt’s choice was to apply some funk to ‘Hard Day’s Night’ supported by outstanding fuzz guitar from Randall. ‘Oh Lord (You Gotta Help Me)’, another Matthews song, is a fine pleading soul ballad with tasteful strings and girl group sweetening. ‘Runaway People’ had been an R&B charter for Dyke & The Blazers the year before and Milt adds some screams that Dyke would have been proud of. Probably Milt’s best love song, ‘That’s The Way I Feel (Like A Burning Fire)’ also has the benefit of Burney’s scorching fuzz interjections. A plea for peace and love, ‘Disaster Area’ was much in the psychedelic soul style of the Dennis Edwards-led Temptations at the time. The closing selection is a sympathetic cover of ‘Presence Of The Lord’, Eric Clapton’s song from his tenure in the short-lived supergroup Blind Faith. If you love rock and you love soul, then you'll adore this. Nice shrink-wrapped slip-case packaging.
CD $12 SKU:24846

PURPLE GANG -Strikes Label:TALKING ELEPHANT When Pink Floyd recorded ‘Arnold Layne’ in a converted Chelsea abattoir in 1967, their producer Joe Boyd was also working in an adjoining studio with another band. The former Young Contemporaries Jug Band, renamed the Purple Gang (for “the whole rhythm section” in Jailhouse Rock) seemed to have a gem in ‘Granny Takes a Trip.’ The Floyd’s Syd Barrett thought it would be a hit and John Peel called it “one of the all-time great records” ? but the BBC had other ideas and promptly banned it, even though the trip referred not to LSD but to an old lady’s ambition to visit Hollywood. With its honky-tonk piano, homemade jug taking the bass line and one of pop’s great kazoo solos, Granny remains an innocent, timeless reminder of the first summer of love. This 50th Anniversary version of the band’s album features bonus tracks, including two versions of the Syd Barrett song ‘Boon Tune,’ which he suggested to the band they should use as a follow up to ‘Granny Takes a Trip.’ A bit of the hippie acid-folk vibe seeps into one of the better and more mysterious cuts, ‘The Wizard,’ which actually does have a trilling electric guitar. A wee bit of British pop-psych bonhomie also colors ‘The Sheik,’ ‘Kiss Me Goodnight Sally Green,’ and their most famous track by far, 'Granny Takes a Trip’ (which is still jug band-based, despite the psychedelic implications that some read into the title). CD $12 SKU:24853

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS- Assume Nothing. Very Best Of” 2xCD -Label:MUSIC CLUB DELUXE An excellent compilation from one of the greatest socially conscious first wave punk bands. Includes all the hits and more. Includes some singles mixes which were never released in the U.S. Stiff Little Fingers were heavily influenced by The Clash. “What the Clash’s first album did more than anything else was give me the confidence, through its lyrical subject matter, to realise it was OK to write about my own life and experiences,” said STF main songwriter Jake Burns. The group started to write songs about growing up in the Troubles in late 1970's Northern Ireland. “Assume Nothing. Question Everything” is a pretty appropriate title for what Stiff Little Fingers have done since they broke upon the scene in 1979. Right from the start they were either criticized or lauded for their choice of subject matter. Since then, the band have continued to plough their own furrow. Listen to this 44-track collection whilst reading Jake Burns' sleeve notes and you'll understand why CD $12 SKU:24856

ELECTRIC HOLYLAND -ST- (Jesus fuzz psych 1960s)Label:LION Only 300x copies made! Music known as “Jesus rock” or "Jesus psych,” the synthesis of the Christian philosophy combined with heavy rock or psychedelic music, first saw light of day in the late 1960’s and was immediately pressed on vinyl. It didn’t dent popular consciousness and was met with almost zero popularity in its infancy. Over the years, astute collectors and music lovers began to realize that some of these records, almost all of which had been privately pressed in very small quantities with little to no promotion, contained some of the heaviest, catchiest, guitar-driven psych rock ever released. Many of us feel that these early greatly talented, creative and innovative Jesus rock artists, which, sadly, have been mostly overlooked and remain stlll relatively unknown, deserve to be heard. They broke the traditional mold of what Christian music should sound like and need to be known and recognized along with the well-known rock artists and bands of the era. This album presents twelve cuts of some of the best and sometimes heaviest obscure Jesus psych rock ever. Several tracks are from ultra-rare albums that are well-known to vinyl collectors, while others are from albums so obscure that only a few copies are known to exist. Enjoy your fuzz-drenched trip through “Electric Holyland”! COMP CD $10 SKU:24738

ELECTRIFIED NEPTUNE STAIRCASEVA- lost bands spanning prog-rock, mellotron-psych and cosmic quirkiness.Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Fifteen track compilation of selected Audio Archives label classics alongside several unreleased & forgotten songs from long lost bands which span prog-rock, mellotron-psych and cosmic quirkiness. Bands featured are: Fantasy, Airbridge, Elder Kindred, Guggenheim, Cirkus, Whitsuntide Easter, My Cake, Second Sign, Mother Superior, Graphite, Witches Brew, Northwind, Gringo and Narnia.
COMP CD $14 SKU:24864

IT’S A HAPPENING!-Texas Girls of the 60s- Label:CICADELIC All seven recordings by The Heart Beats are included on this album, along with other great female led bands from 1966, such as The WordD from Dallas and The Bombshells of Houston. An added bonus is folk singer, Linda Pierre King from Houston, whose self-penned originals from 1966 foreshadowed subsequent folk singers such as Janis Ian and Melanie. COMP CD $10 SKU:12744

KNOTWEED -TWISTED-FOLK ROOTS & PSYCHEDELIC SHOOTS (Very rare psych 68-70) SAALE! Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES 23 track compilation of some of the rarest psychedelic folk obscurities ever recorded in the UK and Ireland. Artists include Zeitgeist, Zacchaeus, Dreamscape, Secret Acoustic Band, Gimli & Gloin, Gomrath, Aragorn, Valda, Tarquin Bolton, Guggenheim, New Wine, Ceathrar, Merruwyn plus others. Also featured are two ultra rare tracks from the Scrapyard and Foister projects, both recorded as part of a series of offbeat musicals at Dartington Hall 1968-70. COMP CD $12 SKU:23143

SMOKIN' & TRIPPIN- VA Psych comp stunning tripped out poster sleeve that's crammed with rare pics and info.-Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES This psych compilation features 17 ultra-rare tracks taken from UK private press releases, studio demos and acetates with additional acidy live material. Acts include The TJ Assembly, The Incas, Projection, Kozmik Kev, Dog Rose, The Underground Set, Metz, Cathedral, Graphite, and there's a classic pop-psych mystery gem. Comes with a stunning tripped out poster sleeve that's crammed with rare pics and info. COMP CD $12 SKU:16057

ACTION -Rolled GOld (legendary 60s psych)Label:GUERRSEN The Action never became stars, but Rolled Gold justifies the legend.” - David Fricke (Rolling Stone Magazine) •Digitally remastered from the master tapes. •Insert with photos and detailed liner notes by Jason Barnard (Shindig!). •“It's as if Paul Weller time-travelled back to 1967 and wrote the best songs of his career. Every track is a fully realized melodic and lyrical statement.” – Matt Collar ( legendary 1967-68 recordings by UK mod band THE ACTION, registered when they were in transition from mod-beat to full-blown psychedelia, just prior to becoming MIGHTY BABY. Originally recorded as a set of demos with the intention of obtaining an album deal which inexplicably never materialized, “Rolled Gold” is a collection of brilliant songs, melancholic yet powerful. The Action’s classic line-up of Reg King, Alan ‘Bam’ King, Michael Evans and Roger Powell is augmented with the inclusion of new members Martin Stone on guitar and Ian Whiteman on flute / organ. All of them are playing their hearts out: superb harmonies, great guitar work and clever arrangements which show the influence of bands like The Byrds and the psychedelic sounds that were coming from the West Coast and UK as well as jazz giants like Coltrane. Always the stuff of legend, The “Rolled Gold” tapes were shelved at the time, not released until 1997 when the Dig The Fuzz label discovered them and did a limited LP/CD run. Out of print on vinyl for many years, we present a new vinyl edition. If you dig the psychedelic era of SMALL FACES, PRETTY THINGS, THE WHO, plus THE CREATION, NAZZ, TOMORROW, BLOSSOM TOES, THE END or TRAFFIC…look no further.
Tracklist LP $28 SKU:22829

CEPTIC FROG-legendary deep underground South African heavy acid rock / proto-doom recordings from 1969!Label:LION Ultra-rare rehearsal sessions from 1969 by this South African heavy psych / acid rock band, mastered from a tape transfer — and yet still doom-laden, dark, heavy, and as messy as can be, in all the right ways. Influences from heavy bands of the time, such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Steppenwolf are noticeable, with proto-doom and psych/funk undercurrents. Do you like fuzz guitar? You’re going to hear it screaming and wailing and building to epic tidal waves and crashes, the kinds of astonishing guitar cascades not heard since you cued up the best of all available live Jimi Hendrix recordings.

"In here lies the bones of all heavy metal ancestors. Enter at your own peril.” — a poster on Reddit

And talking about a track known online as 'Bufo Gutturalis,’ another poster’s assessment: “I gotta say this is one of the most shocking songs from 60s, it's impressive how the sound can be heavy and dark — it is also one of the [earliest] released songs most closely to call proto-doom.”

"When you listen to the stuff, well the first thing you might say is 'this stuff is pretty raw' and you are right. But that is what I always dug about it... I was told they would all go to a rehearsal session after smoking lots of “Durban Poison” and I think the result really speaks for itself. I am very happy that this little dirty gem is finally seeing the light of day. I have no idea what the world is going to think of it, but maybe because there’s no names, faces, or information other than my own recollections, maybe that forces the listener to use their imagination. Ceptic Frog, 1969: music created by South African teenagers very high on Durban Poison. Gotta love it." —Rich Patz, ShroomAngel Records

•Ultra-rare heavy psych / acid rock recordings from South African c. 1969

•Highly recommended for fans of psychedelic obscurities and hard rock from the 1960s and early 1970s. LP $28 SKU:24733

FULL MOON-Moon Fools (1976 progfolk gem LP (140 gr., 300 gr. sleeve) + CD Label:PQR-Disques plusqueréel First ever reissue of the Dutch progfolk gem “Moon Fools”, limited collector’s edition of 200 copies also featuring an exclusive CD with the previously unreleased album “Eternal Rhythm” (1976).Long due for a place in the pantheon of 60s and 70s European progfolk, acid folk and psych folk gems, Full Moon’s first release, Moon Fools, is finally brought back to life. Originally released in 1976, as a limited private pressing of 500 copies that were mostly sold in gigs, "Moon Fools" is a journey to the East, a constant interplay between darkness and light, in quest of musical illumination. Foregrounded by an instrumental dialogue between Johannes Luttik’s unique guitar and Lucas Amor’s tantalizing, weeping violin, a mesmerizing tapestry unfurls. Every second is like a chronotope that combines Johannes’ memoirs from his musical expeditions in India with Lucas’ travels to the Middle-East. Driven by Norman Halsall’s slow yet seething tablas/bongos, the compositions alternate between an utmost of lyricism and free-floating jams. Moon Fools is reissued by PQR-Disques plusqueréel, fully remastered, in a limited, collectors’ only vinyl edition of 200 copies, and includes exclusively a cd with the previously unreleased album "Eternal Rhythm" (recorded in 1976) LP $34 SKU:24795

SEARCH PARTY-- Montgomery Chapel A psychedelic masterpiece !180 gram w insert- photos, Label:LION The only authorized reissue of this psychedelic masterpiece180 gram vinyl edition .A holy grail for collectors of psychedelia Insert is packed with info and band history by band leader Nick Freund, plus photos from his personal archive LP $22 SKU:16224