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SHINDIG!#88 DUSTY SPRINGFIELD -Breaking down in the USA, David Hollander Uncovering the hidden sound of library music, The Cords Spooky Monks in the garage, The Searchers, Epic Soundtracks, Paul Roland, Freedom and all the regular sections BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:20797

SKU: 19985

BILLY BACON AND THE FORBIDDEN PIGS - The Other White Meat (So Cal 1984 Tex Mex, R&B, Rockabilly, Pop )Label:TRIPLE X DRILLED BAR CODE BUT NEW AND SHRINK WRAPPED -Vocalist, bassist, songwriter and bandleader Billy Bacon has been leading the Forbidden Pigs for over a decade. This group is dedicated to preserving the best elements of American roots music and spices them up with aBilly Bacon And The Forbidden Pigs were formed in 1984 in San Diego Ca. amidst the southern California roots rock craze of the ‘80’s, which included such notables as; Los Lobos, The Blasters, Rosie Flores, Mojo Nixon, The Beat farmers, and The Paladins. Like these contemporaries, the emphasis was on solid song writing and raucous live shows consisting of an eclectic and vibrant stew of American roots music including Tex Mex, R&B, Rockabilly, Pop and classic Country which brought enthusiastic crowds throughout the region.Tex Mex flavor. CD $5 SKU:20921

RODNEY AND THE BLAZERS - COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1962- 65 surf/frat/pop band - Label:GEAR FAB From Coffeyville, Kansas,this great surf/frat/pop band released over 8 45s on the Kampus label between 1962-1965, including the National charting "Teenage Cinderella". They toured extensively with both Bill Haley & The Comets as well as Jerry Lee Lewis!!! All their 45s, unreleased studio and acetates...the complete collection!! CD $10 SKU:20325

TITTY TWISTER -GIMMIE SOME NOISE (Japanese punk/rock and roll)Label:DEAD BEAT Titty Twister are Japan’s best kept secret weapon maintaining their heavy activity in the Japanese Punk / Rock ‘n Roll scene for well over a decade now. They formed out of their mutual love for first wave NYC punk bands like the Ramones, Dead Boys, Heartbreakers and the New York Dolls and those first-wave finger prints are inked all over their fourth album ‘Gimmie Some Noise’. With loud slashing guitars and Thunders licks galore they fuse their power punk electricity with the girl group bubblegum-pop hooks of bands like the Go-Go’s, Blondie, the Ronettes and Nikki And The Corvettes. ‘Gimmie Some Noise’ is an infectious romp through Rock ‘n Rolls more electrifying side with songs that run the gamut from loud'n'fast three-chord Ramones punkers to brut, guitar-swinging, bar room rockers to ’60s girl group pop boppers all forged with Titty Twister’s contagious, combination of poppy bubblegum melodies and muscular, gritty guitar work. It’s a high energy album oozing with ear-candy hooks spewed across 12 buzzsaw slices of rowdy blitzkrieg pop. CD $14 SKU:20799

EMBROOKS-We Who Are (Garage, freakbeat, folk-rock, mod, psych)Label:STATE Freakbeat legends, THE EMBROOKS, are back with their 1st longplayer since 2004’s “Yellow Glass Perspections”!! “We Who Are” delivers 12 new tracks, recorded at State Records’ custom-built 8-track recording facility, North Down Sound. Garage, freakbeat, folk-rock, mod, all comes together on these recordings, which include 2 covers: “Have You Ever Loved Somebody”, from The Hollies’ 1967 pop-psych masterpiece “Evolution”, and “Peace Of Mind”, a 1966 drone-inflected slab of rock from Australian combo, The Lost Souls. LP $26 SKU:20798


(DAMNATION OF)ADAM BLESSING - The Second Damnation (PROMO ORIG PRESS 1970 STEREO ) Acid Rock, Psychedelic RockLabel:UNITED ARTISTS Small sticker on cover, VG+ cover and M- vinyl. 1970 US release in Gate-Fold cover. No mention of "Damnation of Adam Blessing" on sleeve, even on spine. Only The Title "The Second Damnation" on the spine."Damnation of Adam Blessing /The Second Damnation" on the label. LP $75 SKU:20932

FUGS-Tenderness Junction(1967 Stereo, Gatefold ORIG PRESSLabel:REPRISE Some cover wear, VG+ Arguably the first underground rock group of all time, the Fugs formed at the Peace Eye bookstore in New York's East Village in late 1964. The nucleus of the band throughout its many personnel changes was Peace Eye owner Ed Sanders and fellow poet Tuli Kupferberg. Sanders and Kupferberg had strong ties to the beat literary scene, but charged, in the manner of their friend Allen Ginsberg, full steam ahead into the maelstrom of '60s political involvement and psychedelia. Surrounded by an assortment of motley refugees from the New York folk and jug band scene (including Steve Weber and Peter Stampfel of the Holy Modal Rounders), some of whom could barely play their instruments, the group nonetheless was determined to play rock & roll their way -- which meant rife with political and social satire, as well as explicit profanity and sexual references, that were downright unheard of in 1965. Richie Unterberger LP $10 SKU:20935

PLASTIC COW GOES MOOG- 1969 ORIG PRESS of weird electronic record- Label:DOT Some cover wear, small sticker on cover. VG+ "Hey, man, I'd like to hear a little more of that phased rubber band." That's just one of the comments that went down at the time this album was recorded. Because "The Plastic Cow Goes MOOOOOOg" is a pioneer effort in many ways, an entirely new language had to be created for its production. According to composer/arranger/performer Mike Melvoin, "The public misconception of the Moog synthesizer, in my opinion, is that it's a bloodless, body-less sound-producing machine. This came to be the case because so many Moog albums, in the past, have relied on Moog effects rather than communicative musicianship for their foundations. This album is based on musicianship, performances, and repertoire more than effects. I think it's the first pop electronic album with a soul. It's a very human electronic album." Just what is a Moog synthesizer? It's an electronic device that can create the four different basic sound waves with their characteristic tambours. After the initial production of the basic sound wave, a variety of different modulation devices enable the player to create innumerable different sounds and effects. The sounds of "old" standard musical instruments can be simulated, but more importantly, as in this album, entirely new musical instruments can be created. The first recording session for this album produced the rhythm tracks for all the cuts. Guitarist Dennis Budimir, drummers Paul Humphrey, Earl Palmer, and Colin Bailey, and Melvoin playing the bass register on the Moog laid down the rhythmic base for all the tunes. Future sessions involved Melvoin playing only the Moog as a composer/conductor "plays" an orchestra. The sounds in this album are within the ranges of all the standard musical instruments, but were not designed to duplicate their sounds. Technical assistance was provided by Bernie Krause and Paul Beaver, electronic masters of the Moog synthesizer. They, along with producer Tom Mack, and Melvoin are the men responsible for the creation of the new Moog language needed to put together this album. Listen, if you will, for such onomatopoetic sounds as a "phased rubber band," a "glass shower," "damped bells," and a "soprano with a gurgle." They're there. You've never heard them before, but you will hear them again! Mike Melvoin, originally from the jazz world, was the Musical Director of the nationally syndicated Woody Woodbury television show, and in the last several years has recorded with and for every major West Coast recording artist as a keyboard performer. One of America's most talented young musicians, he here makes great inroads in the electronic music field. The trail has been blazed, the sound has been phased. Sopranos with a gurgle . . . and listeners with an ear . . . may never be the same! LP $15 SKU:20933

YOUNG, NEIL & CRAZY HORSE-Zuma (1975 PROMO COPY , ORIG PRESSLabel:REPRISE Some cover wear, VG+ , vinlyl MINT Cover, printed inner sleeve and lyric sheet in rough paper. LP $15 SKU:20936

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SLOW GRIND FEVER #4 (slowest, sleaziest tracks from the 1950s and '60s) SAALELabel:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) The decade between 1953 and 1963 offers an endless supply of danceable, up-tempo tunes. We're talking rhythm 'n' blues, and the phase in the early '60s when it morphed into soul (now called new breed), as well as popcorn -- Belgian music with a mid-tempo style and a high groove-factor. COMP LP $18 SKU:16549

SONGS FROM SATAN'SJUKEBOX- Vol 1 COUNTRY, ROCKABILLY, HILLBILLY & GOSPEL FOR SATAN'S SAKE-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) - A small selection of satanic songs and maleficient melodies from Satan's infernal jukebox. COMP LP $17 SKU:19095

SUBURBAN LIFE- VA (60s Garage Punk) -Label:FOSSIL 16 track collection incl. some of the rarest & most outstanding unheard sixties garage collectors 45s. US moody teen anthems, straight boss 60s punk, teen garage coolness & spooky psychersAll tracks on vinyl for the first time ╨ 14 out of 16 tracks even compiled for the first timeAll tracks painstakinly remasteredA GARAGE COLLECTORS MUST-HAVE COMP LP $15 SKU:9127

THE THREE SEASONS -The Spring, Summer And Autumn Of Love (1967,68 and 69 PSYCH, ACID FOLK AND ROCK) Triple LP Color Label:FRUITS DE MER 1966-1967-1968, arguably the most creative period in modern music, the first signs of psychedelia, through the summer of love, onto the comedown. Acid-folk and psychedelia, rock and early prog, Fruits de Mer Records revisits some of the classic and long-lost songs of that period, thanks to a gathering of a total of 27 new-to-the-label artists, long-time Fruits de Mer favourites and the holy trinity of The Yardbirds, The Electric Prunes and The Pretty Things COMP LP $28 SKU:20292

YOU'RE SO SQUARE- VA mid 60's USA garage band jewels IMPORT -Label:LANCE Euro release. Compilation of 14 mid 60's USA garage band jewels, featuring DEAN KOHLER (Gooseberry Pie), ROGUES (Opportunity), TRESPASSERS (Come With Me), TRACERS (Watch Me), PICKWICK PAPERS (You're So Square), JADES (Come Back), COMP LP $12 SKU:11596


CALATAYUD-SILVIA -Nova Jazz- Obscure 1969 Mexican- Label:ORFEON Rare MEXICAN JAZZ bossa nova. Obscure recording by this jazz trio of Juan Jose Calatayud with the added vocals ( on flipside )of the bossa nova singer SIlvia. MINI LP COVER. CD $6 SKU:19520

CALLAHAN, EDDIE - False Ego (rare 1976 California private press gem w. heavy mini-LP style cover, Japanese woven inner sleeves, and a double-sided insert ) Ltd ed -Label:TIME LAG High quality reissue of very rare 1976 California private press gem, originally issued on the Ocean label. “First ever reissue, deluxe and legit, of this quite rare 1976 southern California private press gem. It's a strange, fantastical, and totally distinct album that will have you sucked in almost instantly. This one is extremely hard to pin down - think something like a loner powerpop rock opus, heavy on the psychedelic production values, studio dreamer vibes, and timeless hooks. The perfectly strange and beautiful cover art seals the deal. False Egos is mastered from the artist's well preserved and great sounding master tapes. CD version is packaged in an exact reproduction heavy mini-LP style cover, with Japanese woven inner sleeves, and a double-sided insert with a bunch of great vintage photos of Eddie rockin' the Marshall stacks at the False Ego sessions, and new notes from Eddie, his wife Donna-Davi, and album producer Robert Berry. Edition of 500 copies CD $14 SKU:15150

CANDIDO-Dancin' and Prancin': Expanded Edition (DISCO 1979) Label:BIG BREAK Ooriginally released in 1979 on Salsoul Records at the dizzying peak of the Disco craze. There were four songs on the original album, aimed squarely at the Discos and their glittering lights. “Dancin’ and Prancin’” delivers four dance classics, all of which found a home in discos and clubs across the world, particularly in New York and Philadelphia. 'Jingo' and 'Thousand Finger Man' remain dj favorites and receive club play to this day. The album has a sunny over all feel with some Latin flavor thrown in, as was standard with many Salsoul released in the late 1970’s. This edition has six bonus tracks, which include instrumental versions, 12" extended versions, etc CD $5 SKU:20666

CAPTAIN SUUN-BEACH BURRITO(Bristolian garagepsych)Label:MUZA This EP by the Bristolian garage-psych combo serves up four delightful, mind expanding tracks CD $10 SKU:19972

CARAVAN -American Antarai (Thai prog rock 1976) 3 ONLY Label:STRAWBERRY RAIN An album by the progressive Thai folk rock group featuring protest songs against US military actions in the mid seventies. The album was ready for release before the mass public protest, demanding for the withdrawal of all US forces from Thailand by 20th March 1976. CD $18 SKU:20503

CASE, PETER- The Case Files (PLIMSOULS/NERVES) digipak ltd ed -Label:ALIVE The Case Files collects demos, out-takes, one live shot and other unreleased material from the 1985-2010 span of PETER CASE’s solo career following his work with his pioneering bands THE PLIMSOULS, THE NERVES & THE BREAKAWAYS. Compiled by Peter himself, this long-overdue collection combines rockin’ full band electric tracks with a selection of dynamic acoustic performances, and also features collaborations with many of Peter’s talented friends, such as Stan Ridgway, Eddie Muñoz, T-Bone Burnett, Ron Franklin and Tony Marsico, among others. CD $5 SKU:12835

CATHERINE’S HORSE- Garage Blues from Connecticut (rare 1969 5 star POKORA FAVE!) - Label:BREAK- A-WAY RECORDS (Germany) Due to a long time growing interest into local 60s rock, most band stories, even of those who did put out rare and local records, have since been written. Not so with Connecticut band Catherine´s Horse. Their sole album dates from 1969 and was released only in an inner sleeve and no cover. Due to its rarity it is still a largely unknown release among today's record collectors and honoured with five stars in Hans Pokora’s “1001 Record Collectors Dream Book”. But those who happen to be familiar with it, appreciate it for the fresh sound of the music and the clear production. That and the fact, that it’s an amazing white blues rock album with a strong garage attitude provided by five high school students who never played professionally. The tracks are nearly all cover versions of classic, often moody blues tracks reminiscent of early Paul Butterfield Blues Band or Blues Project. The LP incl. long time standards such as “Good Morning Little School Girl”, “Think Twice”, “One More Mile” or “Can’t Keep From Cryin” mixed with covers of Jimmy Brenstons’ “Rocket 88” or Jagger / Richards “Good Times, Bad Times”. The only group original ''Sun Going Down'' hints at the talent and potential the band had and rounds off the groups effortless white electric bluesrock expertise. As the vinyl release from 15 month ago, this CD release comes with the originally intended coloured cover-art. The detailed booklet has the band’s history as related by original members Roger Goodspeed, Jay Geary and Putnam Smith, alongside rare photos and memorabilia. A 100% legit release and a must for late 60s rock collectors.500 copies only! CD $12 SKU:13721

CEM KARACA-Nem Kaldi (TURKISH ROCK PIONEER 1960s and 70s)LAST COPY! Label:PHARAWAY Cem Karaca announces his intent to slay all enemies of Istanbul’s leftist counterculture with stompin’ prog keyboards. Sophisticated & passionate, with flamboyant taste in sunglasses, Cem Karaca led Istanbul’s music fans through a period of violent political turmoil. Karaca reworked traditional folk lyrics with molten electric bass lines that played up both a poet’s broiling righteousness and also his listeners’ common ground with their elders in Turkey’s history. 1975’s ‘Nem Kaldi’ gathers more 60s-70s singles that lead the listener through Karaca’s own musical history, skipping across various collaborations. Sink deeper into the intrigue both musical & otherwise as fractious personnel changes & real-life assassins multiply, yet the double-time drums & badass synthesizer schwings pound o CD $15 SKU:20540

CENTRAL RAIN - Kick the Moon-Label:OFF THE HIP Central Rain is the antidote to auto tune: no-frills, melody-drenched indie rock that blurs The Church, Neil Young,R.E.M. and the Go-Betweens.. CD $10 SKU:19183

CHAINS ST (60s pop The El Paso Beatles!)Label:60s GARAGE BANDS Referred to as "TheBeatles of El Paso," The Chains recorded four singles - all examples of 1960's garage rock at its finest. This first ever compilation of the Pinney brothers' '60's music includes all of the 45s released by The Dolphins and The Chains as well as many never-before-heard and previously unreleased demos and acetates .16-page color booklet with detailed band history by Tor Pinney 20 songs - 10 never before issued! Rare photos CD $10 SKU:8929

CHAN, JONNY AND THE NEW DYNASTY - SO YOU WANT ACTION (Chinese garage)- Label:DIONYSUS Move, gyrate and lose your mind! Pure attitude, finely tailored suits, Rickenbacker guitars and a cover version of "Little Black Egg"...sung in Chinese! CD $3 SKU:19742

CHAPLIN HARNESS-II(60s psych)Label:GEAR FAB Off the master tapes, their follow-up lp to their self-titled album in 1969 recoded at Mod Sound Studios. Featuring the beautiful female vocals of Geri Mingori, more great late 60s Psychedelic music with distorted guitars and heavy organ. CD $10 SKU:12224

CHEATS-HATS OFF TO THE CHEATS-Label:OFF THE HIP 2 piece garage from Melbourne CD $5 SKU:19224

CHEEPSKATES- It Wings Above ( power pop )- Label:MUSIC MANIAC This powerpop favourite from 1988 is listed as #49 of all time power pop albums by John M. Borack in his book Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide It's even better than that! CD $5 SKU:16182

CHEEPSKATES- Live in Berlin (power pop)- Label:MUSIC MANIAC Recorded during Berlin indie days. CD has 3 extra tracks. CD $5 SKU:18771

CHILLIWACK - All Over You(Canadian 70s pop) LAST COPIES Label:PACEMAKER Chilliwack rose from the ashes of The Collectors: while spending time in California, the Collectors had been signed to a record deal. After a pair of albums and a string of radio singles between 1967 and 1969, and tours with the likes of The Doors and Jefferson Airplane, The Collectors were dead… and up sprung Chilliwack. The band released an eponymous double album set a year later (1971), featuring the classics ‘Lonesome Mary,’ ‘Music For A Quiet Time,’ and the seventeen-minute long ‘Night-Morning.’ To sort out any confusion, fans refer to the first Chilliwack album as "The Mask Album" and this as "The Double Album" as it was originally... guess what? a double album. From the back of the album: "A few words about the music... Our objective in the studio was to get as much life into the music as we could. Side One contains songs we hope are suitable for AM play. "Changing Reels," on Side Two, is a long sectional composition. The lead vocals in the last section are improvisations, and the song was written around then afterwards. "Music For a Quiet Time" was performed by Bill and Claire sitting in an echo chamber for a couple of hours. "Night-Morning" is the result of a studio full of instruments and microphones set up to record any free-form music we might want to play. Ross sat at the organ and started to play sounds with hands, head and elbows. Bill and Claire joined in with piano, flute and vocals, and the piece grew from there. We hope you find something here for you. CD $10 SKU:19932

CHILLIWACK - ST (Canadian 70s pop)- LAST COPIESLabel:PACEMAKER With their catchy, easygoing hooks and bright, melodic style — distinguished by the soaring falsetto and tasteful guitar playing of lead singer and principal songwriter Bill Henderson — the Vancouver rock band Chilliwack produced some of the most enduring Canadian songs of the 1970s and early 1980s, including “Lonesome Mary,” “Fly at Night,” and “My Girl (Gone Gone Gone). CD $10 SKU:19933

CHILLIWACK - RIDIN HIGH(Canadian 70s pop)- Label:PACEMAKER With their catchy, easygoing hooks and bright, melodic style — distinguished by the soaring falsetto and tasteful guitar playing of lead singer and principal songwriter Bill Henderson — the Vancouver rock band Chilliwack produced some of the most enduring Canadian songs of the 1970s and early 1980s, including “Lonesome Mary,” “Fly at Night,” and “My Girl (Gone Gone Gone). CD $10 SKU:19946

CHIRCO - Visitation (1972 fuzz guitar)-Label:GEAR FAB This 1972 rock opera LP was first released in Denver, Colorado but recorded in New York City and Connecticutt. It is full of fuzz guitar, fine vocals, and outstanding vibes.
CD $10 SKU:18870

CHOSEN -AS IF BY MAGIC (90s POWERPOP)-Label:PAISLEY ARCHIVE Presented here are the unreleased second album and rare recordings from the '90s cult band. This CD is a lasting testimony to the power popping journey that was The Chosen. CD $12 SKU:19431

CHURLS-SEND ME NO FLOWERS PLUS ST cd ( Canadian'60's psychedelic)- Label:PACEMAKER he chord-crunching blues-rock on the Churls self-titled debut was hardly a million-seller for A&M. Still, that didn't stop Herb Alpert from issuing a second set of songs for the lads later that very same year. And for an obscure Toronto quintet churning out a mix of Claptonesque power chords and proto-boogie in the coffee houses of Yorkville, the trip out to A&M's studios must have seemed like the chance of a lifetime. But as their manager Bill Riley recalls in the blogosphere, it turned out to be a silly move in hindsight. "We all wrote, arranged and practised 24/7 on creating definite British converted American blues sounds, which unfortunately due to a lousy agreement with A&M were not able to be recorded. Old Herbie Alpert wanted a sort of rocky yet not too harsh sound from a Canadian band... (but) in order to get the studio time and hope for some exposure, we took the deal." The Churls may have fancied themselves contemporaries of Cream or the Rolling Stones, but Alpert probably had his sights set more on a radio world about to fill up with the rock-lite of Norman Greenbaum, the Jaggerz and Sugarloaf. On the resulting follow-up “Send Me No Flowers” the late-sixties blues-rock dots are all connected. Those creamy Hammond organs and searing guitars are everywhere, propping up Robert O'Neil's heady vocal, especially on the buoyant title cut and the equally hard-hitting 'See My Way'. Even so, Alpert sent pink slips instead of roses, and it wasn't long before the Churls' brief moment on rock's stage had ended. Two LPs on one CD CD $10 SKU:15406

CLARK, TODD TAMANEND - NOVA PSYCHEDELIA DBL CD 1975-1985Label:ANOPHELES (2CD) A complete collection of the entire vinyl output recorded between 75-85 under the names THE STARS, THE EYES, TODD CLARK GROUP, and TODD CLARK. Thirty-three tracks of ambitious, out-there psych and experimental proto-cyberpunk action, packaged with a 20-page booklet with history, track notes, photos, and artwork. CD $16 SKU:20614

CLEARING- S/T (70s hippie acid)Label:RIVERMAN MUSIC (KOREA) DIGIPACK This is the first-ever CD reissue of the second, better-known 1973 album from this pastoral Boston-area hippie trio, now remastered in a 24-bit remaster. Intimate, low-key hippie tunes with several things going for it. Warm male and female vocals create an appealing blend supported by acoustic guitar, piano, tablas and flute. Far from being trad, a playful and occasionally improvised feel dominates with nocturnal Eastern flourishes for that special late-night acid feel. When Clearing stick to the femme-vox hippie picnic sounds, the sound is quite appealing. Comes in a handsome paper sleeve that precisely reproduces the original LP sleeve in miniature form. Includes detailed liner notes written by one of the original band members. CD $12 SKU:11099

CODE BLUE ST (DELUXE great new wave/power pop 1980)- Label:WOUNDED BIRD Code Blue was a great new wave/power pop album that was released in 1980. This American rock trio's biggest claim to fame was the song "Whisper/Touch" from the "Pretty In Pink" soundtrack. Originally released on vinyl in 1980 with 11 tracks, this 24 track disc was previously only available as a Rhino/Handmade limited edition CD. CD $14 SKU:20360

COFFIN LIDS - Rock N Roll(wild fuzzed out garage rock)Label:BOMP Records Ironically, the last band Greg Shaw signed before he died. The wildest, fuzzed out garage rock to be heard in quite some time. Fourteen fuzzed out tracks played with Sonics like intensity straight from Boston. “Some of the rawest, loudest and most offensive soundwaves to explode from a set of speakers.” - Ear Candy CD $5 SKU:1933

COFFIN LIDS - 'Round Midnight.(Boston wild fuzzed out garage rock )SAALE -Label:BOMP Records Ironically, the last band Greg Shaw signed before he died. Thirteen new fuzzed out tracks from Boston's Kings-o-Trash! ar on Bomp! records. This crazeee garage release also includes the much requested, "I'm Going To Have My Way (with The 5,6,7,8's)" as well as "Creepy Crawl". “The Coffin Lids should walk tall as this record is going to be a timeless classic.” - Ron Kirsch / Left Hip magazine CD $5 SKU:4325

COFRADIA DE LA FLOR SOLAR- ST (1971 S American psych)-Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) Named after a student artistic community 50 km south of Buenos Aires, 'The Brotherhood Of The Solar Flower' was originally formed in 1968 by three musically inclined participants. After a compilation appearance and RCA/Vik 7" their only LP, produced by Billy Bond, was finally released in 1971 on the Microfon label. With fourth member Kubero Diaz on lead guitar, the group created a slightly-stoned mix of acoustic/electric fuzz guitars and phased vocals, and the album went on to become one of the most highly-regarded Argentinian rock LP's, alongside releases by Almendra, Vox Dei, etc.; a catchy rock record with psychedelic flavor that has some great moments, as any album combining the talents of Kubero Diaz and the great Billy Bond! CD $10 SKU:820

COL. KNOWLEDGE & The Lickity Splits - Fall In Love All Over Again With (60s style Garage/Pop)Label:ALIVE 60s inspired soulful garagey pop, performed with taste and craft by four young dudes from Athens, Georgia. CD $5 SKU:2199


COLLINS, PAUL & THE BEAT -FLYIN' HIGH -power pop (NERVES related ) Label:GET HIP 1979 PAUL COLLINS recorded, with his band THE BEAT, the album that many consider THE BEST POWER-POP RECORD OF ALL TIME. "Flyin' High" has an organic feel reminiscent of his early solo releases, and some of late Beat recordings. “ CD $13 SKU:4529

AMERICAN BLUES EXCHANGE-Blueprints (1969)-Label:GEAR FAB The Connecticut band that released the great LP "Blueprints" in 1969; all 9 original tracks plus previously unreleased material from the 69-70 timeframe. Don't bother with the bootleg currently being peddled; it is of poor quality and just won't tell you the whole story of this great Northeast band!! Lots of never before seen photos and posters also!! CD $10 SKU:19004

ASTRAL PROJECTION- The Astral Scene (1968 Pop/Psych-get out the lava lamps! Label:GEAR FAB This 1968 Pop/Psychedelic Rock album is just chock full spacey instrumentation and utilizes horns, woodwind, and string sections very much like those used in Sgt. Peppers. The theme of this release is based upon the thoughts and feelings experienced if one were to leave the physical body (Astral Projection) and become the spiritual embodiment (Astral Body). The Astral Body begins to go back into the physical body and causes one to think about The Astral Scene…..There are some very nice male and female vocals which are backed up by the great orchestration and this LP is one to set the lights down low on and turn on the Lava Lamps!!! CD $10 SKU:19613

BLIND RAVAGE- ST (60s Hard rock blues)-Label:GEAR FAB Blind Ravage were formed in Montreal in the late '60s by well-seasoned musicians, including keyboard virtuoso Serge Fleury and ace guitar player Jean Charbonneau. In 1971 they released their only album, on the Crescent Street label. Hard rock with bluesy overtones, heavy guitar playing, punkish vocals, and swirling Hammond organ. Nine original songs plus a killer hard rock version of "Susie Q." CD $10 SKU:18872

CENTURY EXPANDED CONCERT-Concerto For Wah Wah- (Prev unknown early 70s psych gem)Label:GEAR FAB Wow!! What a find!! A previously unknown Gem from early 1970. Originally released on the ultra-rare Perspection label, this Psychedelia Jam features two long tracks of Wah Wah, fuzz and tremolo dueling guitars, spacey vibes and percussion, and an overall trippy sound reminiscent of the Summer Of Love San Francisco sound CD $10 SKU:18839

CHILDREN - Rebirth (TEXAS PSYCH 1968)Label:GEAR FAB Great psych from Texas band who released only one classic album in ‘68. Starting out as Stoics back in 66, they evolved into Mind's Eye. Inc all their 45's as Stoics, Mind’s Eye and Children lp from ‘68 plus more unre material as Children from 1969-1970. 77 min. 26 tracks. From master tapes CD $10 SKU:18657

COUNTDOWN FIVE -Complete Recordings 1969 GARAGE psych ) DBL CD Label:GEAR FAB Finally, the complete recorded history of Galveston’s Premier Psychedelic/Garage band. All 7 of their Pic, Toucan, Cinema, and Cobblestone 45s PLUS 20 previously unreleased recordings from 1966-1969. With the exception of their first 2 45s on Pic (Tracks 1-4), all are off the master 4 & 8 Track tapes!! Featuring their complete biography with photos, posters, and other memorabilia from their inception to final break up!! Take a trip with the band members through the greatest period of American Rock Music!! CD $14 SKU:20074

CRAZY PEOPLE - Bedlam(pioneering 60's Psych)-Label:GEAR FAB he innovative and pioneering 60's Psychedelic band from Lumberton, North Carolina. All 10 songs from their classic 1969 LP, 4 earlier recordings from 1966 by the bands' predecessor group The Young Ones, 2 tracks from the post-Cykle band from 1969 -The Rhodes Scholars, plus solo material from Jimmy Sossamon. 17 tracks in all!!!! CD $10 SKU:19616

DAY BLINDNESS- ST (1969 San Francisco psych) Label:GEAR FAB Day Blindness- Yes, the great San Francisco Psych band that bear an uncanny resemblance to the Doors and Iron Butterfly!!! Late 60's West Coast Pysch at its Best!! CD $10 SKU:690

MILLENIUM - Pieces- Essential listening for sunshine pop and psych-pop fans!- Label:VOICEPRINT (England) By 1969, the Millennium, Curt Boettcher (who was also an independently contracted producer for Columbia Records), executive producer Gary Usher of the band’s “Begin” album, and a slew of Usher-produced acts like Gene Clark, the Peanut Butter Conspiracy and Chad & Jeremy, were all let go by the label. Combined with the internal conflicts the Millennium were experiencing, and multiplied by the inherent pressures of their rock-n-roll lifestyles, the loss of their recording contract was a fatal blow for the group. The Millennium disbanded in 1969, leaving behind a classic one-shot "desert island" LP. Yet the Millennium's breakup did not eliminate all interest in the group. Somewhere along the line, enough "people in the know" purchased or were handed copies of their album, and soon a small but devoted cult began to form around the record. For whatever reason, a good amount of unrealized Millennium material languished in the vaults. It is an incredible revelation to finally hear these missing puzzle pieces which reveal a band of enormous depth and songwriting talent. After listening to these unreleased demos, the divine results of the cosmically profound collaborative effort known as the Millennium become even more apparent. Unlike most of the concurrent L.A. super-groups (e.g. Rhinoceros), the members of the Millennium actually gelled musically. The various band members engaged in a variety of writing partnerships that resulted in some of the most beautiful (if under-appreciated) music of their era. Essential listening for sunshine pop and psych-pop fans! CD $10 SKU:12228

PLEASE FEED THE ANIMALS-SAN FRANCISCAN NIGHTS-Label:GEAR FAB From 1967 on the Canadien Exploito label ARC. Fantastic covers of all the Animals greatest hits from 1963-1967 CD $10 SKU:20652

SNAKEGRINDER - And the Shredded Fieldmice (70s psych Grateful Dead style) - Label:OBSCURE OXIDE "Every burg in the '70s that had a steady supply of weed and electricity undoubtedly provided a birthing ground for the formation of bands influenced by the likes of Jerry Garcia and Lowell George, and the Delaware area was no different. What was different was that our subjects-at-hand got it together and in 1977 released an unassuming document for posterity, containing nothing but original, winding (dare we say "snake-like"?) compositions and good vibes throughout. Since then, the album has garnered accolades from the Acid Archives crowd and so we felt the time was right to give the group's efforts a proper (and properly licensed from the band) presentation, with an "old-style" heavy mini-LP sleeve and thick booklet containing pics, gig posters, song lyrics and liner notes by producer and longtime fan GREGOR ALLIGATOR. In addition, we've added a half-hour of unreleased live tracks from the same era, and everything you hear (album and bonus) was transferred from the mastertapes." CD $10 SKU:8709

SOUL INC - Vol 2(unrel. rock and psych tracks )3 only Label:GEAR FAB The second installment of the Great Louisville, Kentucky band. More of their original 45 releases plus loads of unreleased rock and psych tracks, 17 in all! CD $10 SKU:20324

TANGERINE- The Peeling Of.. (rare 60s garage psych )Label:GEAR FAB The long lost, rare album from PA-based band, in the style of Iron Butterfly & Banshee, with booming bass, pounding drums & distorted guitar, inc. the 14-minute space-out song "My Main Woman" IMPORT CD $10 SKU:18722

TRUE WEST-Best Western 80s Paisley Underground LIVE,UNRELEASED,RARE RECORDINGS)Label:SKYCLAD True West was an American rock band that originated in 1982 in Davis, California. They were considered part of the Paisley Underground, a psychedelic-inspired rock music movement in California during the 1980s. CD $10 SKU:20432

ASTRAL DAZE - VA 4 (tracks from the heydays of South African psych)Label:FRESH MORE SNAPSHOTS OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN ROCK UNDERGROUND' - The fourth part of this compilation series features 19 classic, rare and obscure tracks from the heydays of South African psychedelic rock. COMP CD $16 SKU:19283

TWELVE STRING HIGH #2 -Mind expanding tunes! DBL LP PLUS CD Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS Explosive second volume features 24 tracks of 12-string electric guitar mastery from international artists like Ronnie D'Addario, Peralta, Diamond Hands, the Naturals, Anton Barbeau, Tommy Lorente, the Britannicas, and more! (2017) COMP LP $29 SKU:19145

AZITIS - HELP (stunning West Coast mystical psych)Label:MISSING VINYL A stunning West Coast psych styled religious, mystical, psychedelic firestorm.Strong melodies, gentle vocals, and moody passages with swirly organ that sound like they were lifted out of the middle of 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida'. First ever official reissue.
Exact replica of the original cover.Taken from the original master tapes. Fully authorized. 750 pieces limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl. LP $22 SKU:20847

CRASH COFFIN - ST (Private press 1974 psych) Label:MISSING VINYL Crash Coffins eponymous album was originally released privately in 1974 on the MUS-I-COL label. It is very rare and sought after by early 70s US psychedelic collectors worldwide. Not unjustly so, since it contains one of the best psychedelic songs ever recorded (God Loves the Loser) and a couple of other great moody psych tracks. It contains 2 unreleased bonus tracks from the same period. 500 pcs limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, heavy original cover and insert with group history. Insert also contains a sketch of how the original cover was supposed to become, if it were not for lack of funds, that led to an original release with plain white covers - half of them carrying Crash Coffins signature. LP $22 SKU:10991

FLIES -Complete Collection 1965-68 (UK Fuzz psych legends )Label:ACME lion From the opening riff of the Flies’ hard-edged debut single for Decca, ‘(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone,’ you might think that here was a band who were destined for glory—possibly even fame and fortune. But their story, like that of many awe-inspiring UK underground bands from the 1960s, was not a success story. Yes, the Flies had a few other releases on Decca and RCA, none of which attained any chart success. If not for the inclusion of this one slab of fuzz psychedelia on the legendary compilation "Chocolate Soup for Diabetics", the Flies would perhaps have remained unknown to devotees of the 1960s psychedelic scene. Still, this was a band that played major gigs with the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, the Moody Blues, and Traffic, and were a big part of the mayhem at the legendary 14-hour Technicolour Dream event in London in 1967; this is a band whose key members founded bands like Please, T2, Bulldog Breed, Gun, and Infinity, and whose producer was Ivor Raymonde, who co-authored and arranged Dusty Springfield’s big hits for Philips (and also sired Cocteau Twins’ bassist Simon Raymonde). Although commercial success eluded them, it is fitting that the Flies have now achieved cult fame—their singles, which range from freakbeat to Mark Wirtz-esque pop/psych, merit the acclaim, and their introspective demos are perhaps even better. Contains everything by the Flies—released and unreleased—including demo versions, and alternates LP $22 SKU:20817

ORIONES -Kyklos (rare 70s Greek rock)Label:ANAZITISI Oriones' story begins back in the early 70's (when they were known as Familiar Love) and... it never ends, as they're still alive recording and gigging.They started playing mainly covers on well-known hits by such artists as Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones. Then they transformed into a typical 70's greek underground rock band writing their own songs and in 1978 they were responsible for one of the best 7" singles ever resurfaced from Greece. LP $22 SKU:20826

SHADRACK CHAMELEON - ST (basement psych-rock private pressing from the Midwest, 1973 ACID ARCHIVES FAVE ) Label:OUT SIDER Reissue with newly remastered sound of this teen basement psych-rock private pressing from the Midwest, 1973. Great distorted guitars, organ, melancholic vocals, raw homemade vibe, inventive songs and some cool Neil Young / Crazy Horse influences. File next to Rayne! *Insert with liner notes. “A personal fave of mine that seems to sound better with each passing year” - Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) LP $17 SKU:17399

THOMOPOULOS ,ANDREAS-Born Out of the Tears of the Sun (Terrific underground acid folk 1971)-Label:ANAZITISI “Terrific underground acid folk LP by Greek singer/songwriter (now a film director) Andreas Thomopoulos, who lived in UK for many years. Recorded at Chalk Farm and released in 1971, by Mushroom Records (Magic Carpet, Simon Finn “Pass the Distance,” Second Hand, etc.). This is the second album by Thomopoulos, more acid/folk, more sensitive and more enigmatic than his first singer/songwriter effort ("Songs of the Street.”) Thomopoulos accompanies his melancholic voice with guitars, piano, bouzouki, kalimba and harmonica, and gets support from his colleagues from the same label, members of the band Second Hand (Ken Elliot, George Hart and Kieran O'Connor), helping on organ, bass, violin and drums. The well-known Barbara Thompson guests on flute, Malcolm Budd on sitar, Nick Hoare on kalimba, triangle, Tony Pedroza on electric guitars and Raphie on vocals. Lyrics are in English (only ‘The Stranger’ is in Greek—and what a song!!!). A totally vanished album, very rare as an original and a must listen!!! Licensed from Andreas Thomopoloulos. Includes the original lyric sheet plus one more insert with photos. PVC protective outer-sleeve. 180 gram vinyl, as usual.” LP $22 SKU:20840

SOVIET HIPPIES O.S.T.- VA (rare 60s Iron Curtain psych)Label:CECE MUSIC Music from the documentary film by Terje Toomistu. The hippie movement that captivated hundreds of thousands of young people in the West had a profound impact on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Within the Soviet system, a colorful crowd of artists, musicians, freaks, vagabonds and other long-haired drop-outs created their own system, which connected those who believed in peace, love, and freedom for their bodies and souls. More than 40 years later, a group of eccentric hippies from Estonia take a road trip to Moscow where the hippies still gather annually on the 1st of June for celebration that is related to the tragic event in 1971, when thousands of Soviet hippies were arrested by the KGB. The journey through time and dimensions goes deep into the psychedelic underground world in which these people strived for freedom. Liner notes by Mart Kalvet, Klemen Breznikar and Terje Toomistu. Limited to 500 copies on pink vinyl. Includes download code. COMP LP $28 SKU:20252

STRIP-O-RAMA + CD- Vol 1 (55-63 with bonus CD)Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY Includes bonus CD copy, Dutch import These 16 songs recorded between 1955 and 1963 and lovingly selected by El Vidocq will magically transform your living room into a tiki bar. A killer cocktail, cool and erudite, to be enjoyed without moderation! So don your finest Hawaiian shirt and let the groove warm your soul!

COMP LP $22 SKU:18392

VAGOUSH BEDEY -Funk, Psychedelia And Pop From The Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation- DBL Label:PHARAWAY Groovy Tehran 70s pop singles swirl like the skirt of a dancing dervish!! With five volumes, this series is now the most complete investigation into Iranian singles ever issued. By now, you╒ve probably developed an ear for the way that 70s Tehran pop stitches phrases together. And you know generations raised during the Pahlavi dynasty╒s warmth for the West were excited to apply arranging tricks they gleefully swiped from disco & funk hits. Hear the microtonal grace notes as powerhouse singers like Soli & Sattar hit devotional ecstasy. Or just groove to the glamorous party when magazine stars like Neli & Nooshafarin knock-off bass lines they heard in English language movies. Remastered sound, insert/booklet with pictures and detailed liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records COMP LP $22 SKU:20758

VIP VOP TAPES- Vol 2(obscure and rare rockabilly put together by Lux Interior)Label:MMR Volume two in the 'Vip Vop Tapes' series. These legendary compilations were put together by Lux Interior himself. He compiled these tapes to be played before The Cramps would take to the stage, mixing obscure and rare rockabilly, doo wop, surf and just plain weird tracks with crazed voice-overs and excerpts from B-Movies and worse! Should be considered as complimentary to 'Born Bad', 'Songs The Cramps Taught Us', 'Purple Knif Show' and 'Forbidden City Dog Food' albums. This is an ultra-limited edition of 300 copies and will sell out in a matter of weeks. COMP LP $22 SKU:19576

WE AINT HOUSEWIFE MATERIAL- An international Collection of ALL GIRL PUNK AND GARAGE-Label:DIONYSUS This all-female/female fronted punk, rock and garage compilation features some of today's hardest rocking girl bands from all over the globe! A must-have for all fans of girl bands, rock 'n' roll and hi-velocity punk rock! Killer artwork by Andrew Brandau! COMP LP $5 SKU:19793

WILD THINGS-16 KIWI FREAKBEAT NUGGETS 1966-1968-Label:VOSTOK ..FROM 1966-1968' - The 25th anniversary edition of this collection of out of control, filthy and fuzzy mayhem from the 'bottom' of the world. Get wild with these kiwi teens 'out-prettying' the Pretty Things with the mod-ish ferocity of The Who and strong doses of Beck and Page-ish rave ups. Armed with locally manufactured guitars and amplifiers through home made made fuzz boxes, these 16 skull busting smashers were recorded under minimal conditions in primitive studios. All the tracks are in mono, and transfered from the master tapes. COMP LP $20 SKU:19378