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Just got the new issue of UGLY THINGS featuring the YARDBIRDS in stock!

Also some new arrivals, and restocks of BROWN ACID and GEAR FAB titles that were previously sold out. Check 'em out, most at the $10 price point!

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UGLY THINGS- 65 YARDBIRDS Label: Our top cover story this issue: the Futuristic Sounds of the Yardbirds; writer Peter Stanfield explores their change of direction in 1965, their rivalry with The Who and lots more. Also featured: Detroit rock pioneers the Chosen Few, the band that spawned future members of SRC and the Stooges, the compelling story of UK ‘70s punk outsiders the Subway Sect as told by guitarist Rob Symmons; ‘70s power pop princes the Paley Brothers; Viennese proto-punk anarchists Novaks Kapelle; the sixties adventures of Matthew and Daniel Moore (the Moon, Colours, Matthew Moore Plus Four); and a fascinating study of the beat music industry behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Plus: Moby Grape, the Ascots, Cyril Jordan on Little Richard, and our meticulous review sections, covering all the latest vinyl and CD reissues, and rock ‘n’ roll-related books.~Mike Stax BOOKS & MAGS $12 SKU:27127

CURE- THREE IMAGINARY BOYS -All Media, Deluxe Edition, Remastered, Digipak, Cardboard SlipcaseLabel:RHINO The Cure's classic 1979 debut album expanded & remastered on 2 CDs!Contains 6 previously unreleased songs and 17 tracks on CD for the very first time! CD $15 SKU:27121

JOHNNY THUNDERS- SO ALONE - 192 jewel case release- Label:SIRE/WARNERS NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $10 SKU:27114

NEIL YOUNG WITH CRAZY HORSE- EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS IS NOWHERE - SEALED JEWEL CASE Label:NYA Second solo album from 1969 includes "Down By The River" & "Cinnamon Girl". , Remastered, HDCD, Reissue, Cinram GmbH pressing CD $5 SKU:27115

OHIO PLAYERS- HONEY - 1991 SEALED JEWEL CASE Label:MERCURY Sleeve notes are a replica of original gatefold vinyl album cover - hence sideways script CD $10 SKU:27118

PINK FLOYD- MUSIC FROM THE FILM MORE -Comes in a cardboard sleeve incl. 12-page-booklet-Label:CAPITOL NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP In 1969 the band collaborated with filmmaker Barbet Schroeder to provide the soundtrack to the film More. The new Discovery version presents the original studio album, digitally remastered by James Guthrie and reissued with newly designed Digipak and a new 12 page booklet designed by Storm Thorgerson. CD $10 SKU:27119

RAMONES- LEAVE HOME -40TH ANNIVERSARY sealed digipak Label:RHINO CD $10 SKU:27124

SAINTS- ETERNALLY YOURS - 1997 JEWEL CASE Label:AMSTERDAM NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP DRILLED BAR COD CD $15 SKU:27117

SONICS - BOOM - JEWEL CASELabel:NORTON Norton delivers the entire original album plus 1972 live tracks of The Witch and Psycho plus acool crazed first sesh alt take of their first hit! CD $10 SKU:27125

STRANGLERS - IV RATTUS NORVEGICUS - JEWEL CASE Label:PARLOPHONE NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Part of the 'Classic Collection' Series - comprising the first 7 albums. Comes in a jewel case with clear tray and 32-page booklet. CD $10 SKU:27120

T REX- ELECTRIC WARRIOR - DELUXE ED. 5337800 . DBL CD Label:A&M NOTE: Unsealed. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP NICE 8 PANELFOLDOUT DIGIPAK W BOOKLET CD $15 SKU:27113

TELEVISION- ADVENTURE - SEALED DIGIPAK Label:RHINO ELEKTRA Tom Verlaine's lyrics are printed on the custom gatefold cardboard sleeve. CD contains an extra track indexed as track 12 and listed above, which is not listed on the cover packaging or disc label. It is an instrumental version of "Ain't That Nothin'". CD $15 SKU:27116


ASTRAL PROJECTION- The Astral Scene (1968 Spacey Pop/Psych-get out the lava lamps! )-Label:GEAR FAB This 1968 Pop/Psychedelic Rock album is just chock full spacey instrumentation and utilizes horns, woodwind, and string sections very much like those used in Sgt. Peppers. The theme of this release is based upon the thoughts and feelings experienced if one were to leave the physical body (Astral Projection) and become the spiritual embodiment (Astral Body). The Astral Body begins to go back into the physical body and causes one to think about The Astral Scene…..There are some very nice male and female vocals which are backed up by the great orchestration and this LP is one to set the lights down low on and turn on the Lava Lamps!!! CD $10 SKU:19613

AURA- Sativa (70s SF psych funk -SAALE! Label:CICADELIC S.F. based psych-funk band that formed in 1974 and played extensively throughout Northern California. Replete with rare band memorabilia and three previously unreleased bonus tracks. CD $10 SKU:12753

BACCHUS -CELEBRATION (powerful psychedelic/hard-rock/boogie power trio )Label:GEAR FAB Born out from the ashes of legendary Florida garage band The Tropics, Bacchus was a powerful psychedelic/hard-rock/boogie power trio influenced by Cream, Hendrix, Allman Brothers et al. They only released four rare 45s, collected here for the first time. With extensive liner notes, interviews and rare photos!! TRACKS: 1. Carry My Load 2. Celebration 3. Good Time 4. Hope 5. We Like To Boogie 6. Ya Ya Ya 7. The Coo 8. A World Behind Time CD $10 SKU:26273

BAINS, LEE - There is a BOmb in Gilead (Gram Parsons, the Allman Brothers, Muscle Shoals, early Skynrd, Canned Heat, Creedence and all that Southern boogie goodness,digipack CD - Label:ALIVE Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, LEE BAINS III & THE GLORY FIRES are the latest accomplished outfit to emerge from Alive Naturalsound. "There is a Bomb in Gilead" – which is a lyric of a traditional spiritual about the salvation of the soul (the “balm”, not “bomb”) that Bains misheard as a child – incorporates some of the most iconic regional styles of American music. With a nod to Jim Ford, Gram Parsons, the Allman Brothers, Muscle Shoals, early Skynrd, Canned Heat, Creedence and all that Southern boogie goodness, "There is a Bomb in Gilead" sees Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires deconstruct the music of the Deep South, strip it down and reassemble it, to make a righteous ruckus that sits at the vanguard of the vernacular. ( NOTE - CD and lp have the same tracks. ) CD $5 SKU:13826

BIG BOY PETE-Cold Turkey (60s trippy psych) -Label:GEAR FAB That darling of the U.K. is back again. Big Boy Pete (A.K.A. Peter Miller) is emptying his archives to give us his final recordings of the 1960's in his typical flower pop style. Featuring his 1968 hit "Cold Turkey", these psyched-out tracks will not dissappoint. CD $10 SKU:14118

BIG BOY PETE - THE MARGESTON DEMOS ( 60s trippy psych ) -Label:GEAR FAB Darling Boy Pete is at it again! 23 Previously unreleased psychedelic and trippy jams from the 1967-1968 period. 68 Minutes of music CD $10 SKU:19413

BILL BISSETT AND THE MANDAN MASSACRE --Awake In The Red Desert (Rare 68 bizarre acid symphony)Label:GEAR FAB Awake in the red desert- one of the rarest canadian lps ever........From 1968, this ultra-rare, bizzare, off-the-wall acid symphony/dreamies/crazy people all rolled into one test pressing is one of the rarest finds from this era.....Includes never before heard bonus tracks!! CD $10 SKU:20004

BLOODY HOLLIES - Yours Until the Bitter End digipack - Label:ALIVE The trio’s hybrid of punk rock and hard blues really, really works. High-energy rock with good songs is pretty rare these days. With stratospheric vocals, take-no-prisoners guitar work and a rhythm section that won’t quit, this crunchingly-produced CD is one of the best hard rock albums I’ve heard in a while. Also they have an awesome name. Bloody Hollies – get it?" – Blogcritics

"Yours Until the Bitter End" is a work that reflects a lengthy career that fully embraces The Bloody Hollies' vast influences while at the same time maintaining the band's unique sound of explosive, over-driven mayhem balanced with intelligently thought-out songwriting. What is most impressive about The Bloody Hollies, however, is the diversity of their strengths, ranging from 70's classic rock, Americana blues, to an even power-pop songwriting style.

Many who are familiar with the band’s sound know them by their trademark murder-themed blues/rock anthems that remind listeners of the 60’s and 70’s golden age of rock & roll. The new album still embraces the dark side of raw garage punk, but comes armed with a more eclectic array of songwriting and musicianship. But don’t let the touches of organ, violin, and xylophone fool you, the band’s hybrid of blues and rock & roll continue to shine more impressively than ever. The Bloody Hollies recorded in San Diego, but enlisted the expertise of Jim Diamond in Detroit, a familiar friend of the band’s that helped bring the sound of this record to its full potential.

The Bloody Hollies was one of the last bands to be invited to play on John Peel's "Peel Sessions". Although John Peel passed away a week before the session was scheduled, The Bloody Hollies went on to record three songs and their "Peel Session" was played on BBC Radio 1 at the end of November 2004 by interim DJ Rob Da Bank. CD $10 SKU:13357

BLUE MAX -ST - LIMITED EDITION (Led Zep Jethro Tull style 1975 Canadian fuzz rarity) Label:GEAR FAB The rare 1975 LP recorded in the Maritime Province of Nova Scotia. Truly one of Canada's best unknown bands, the musical influences of Led Zepplin and Jethro Tull abound. Hard driving fuzz guitar, booming bass, and hard drumming come on each and every track. CD $10 SKU:20005

BOKAJ RETSIEM PSYCHEDELIC UNDERGROUND (67 German explotation) LAST COPIES !-Label:GEAR FAB This 1967 German exploitation LP features fuzzed out vibrato guitar, wailing organs, and strong english vocakls very much like Hendrix, The Animals, Vanilla Fudge, and Iron Butterfly. A real psychedelic trip! CD $10 SKU:18725

CASE, PETER- The Case Files (PLIMSOULS/NERVES) digipak ltd ed LAST FEW! -Label:ALIVE The Case Files collects demos, out-takes, one live shot and other unreleased material from the 1985-2010 span of PETER CASE’s solo career following his work with his pioneering bands THE PLIMSOULS, THE NERVES & THE BREAKAWAYS. Compiled by Peter himself, this long-overdue collection combines rockin’ full band electric tracks with a selection of dynamic acoustic performances, and also features collaborations with many of Peter’s talented friends, such as Stan Ridgway, Eddie Muñoz, T-Bone Burnett, Ron Franklin and Tony Marsico, among others. CD $10 SKU:12835

CHILDREN - Rebirth (TEXAS PSYCH 1968)Label:GEAR FAB Great psych from Texas band who released only one classic album in ‘68. Starting out as Stoics back in 66, they evolved into Mind's Eye. Inc all their 45's as Stoics, Mind’s Eye and Children lp from ‘68 plus more unre material as Children from 1969-1970. 77 min. 26 tracks. From master tapes CD $10 SKU:18657

CRASH COFFIN - ST ( 73 Folk/Psych gem ) -Label:GEAR FAB Wow!! This 1973 Folk/Psych gem is finally going to see its day on Compact Disc. Presented in a beautiful Digi-Pak format, this psyched-out guy from Ohio will not disappoint!! Right off the master tapes CD $10 SKU:24892

CYKLE - Featuring the Young Ones (US 60s PSYCH LEGENDS! - Label:GEAR FAB Reissue taken from the original masters by USA PSYCH-LEGENDS 'Cykle'. Included here all of their 1969 album + 4 tracks by THE YOUNG ONES (pre-CYKLE) and 3 solo trax by Jim Sossman (leader of the group CD $10 SKU:19324

DAHL, JEFF - Heart Full of Snot Stooges/ Dead Boys style ) promo copies- Label:TRIPLE X Dahl pulls no punches about who and what he dislikes on songs like "All American Overdose," and a rant against music-oriented media that even disses Maximumrocknroll, "People That I Hate," "Can't Be Bothered," and the Ramonesy "Hung On You," all highlights of the record. CD $5 SKU:15020

ELDERS- Looking for the Answer ( Ohio flower pop rarirty)Label:GEAR FAB Another great and as yet undiscovered album from 1970. Formerly known as Jerry & The Others and also featuring Ron Skinner from The Pictorian Skiffuls, this Dayton, Ohio band recorded this album which blended driving guitar and organ with late flower pop music. CD $10 SKU:21715

ELLISON-St(amazing 70s heavy psych)Label:GEAR FAB Reissue of one of all time's best HEAVY-PSYCH albums. One and only lp recorded in 1971. From the original mastertapes. Soundquality is beyond belief! CD $10 SKU:18835

FONGUS- Guadalajara Rock (First ever reissue of this 1978 Mexican hard-rock album. mini-lp papersleeve)-Label:ORFEON First ever reissue of this 1978 Mexican hard-rock album... great fuzzed-out guitar here and there, and mostly sung in English. CD $10 SKU:15117

IMPALA SYNDROME - ST (ultra rare 60s Venezuelan Cream style psych gem) mini lp slv - Label:GEAR FAB Reissue of ultra rare psych gem. Finally, on Compact Disc and in Mini-LP Cardboard Sleeve Format, the classic and ultra-rare 1969 recordings from this Venezuelan band that made more impact on 1960’s Psychedelic Music than most American-born bands. Sounding very much like Cream, their effective blend of melodic, laid-back songs combined with fuzz guitar numbers left a resounding impact on the American Pop culture of the 60’s. CD $10 SKU:13698

JUPITER AFFECT Restoration of Culture.. (catchy pop w Michael Quercio, of the legendary Three O'Clock) Label:ORANGE SKY Restored! The Jupiter Affect return with their second full length CD, The Restoration of Culture After Genghis Khan, following their critically acclaimed release Instructions For the Two Ways of Becoming Alice. The band returns better than ever with their special brand of incredibly catchy pop hooks. This time around they bring in even more outside instrumentation: strings, horns, keyboards and all such wonderful things. From the heavy rock of "Genghis Khan Blues Theme" to the beautifully orchestrated "Do You Remember," the band continues their tradition of mixing heavy guitar and classical instruments. Leading the band is Michael Quercio, former member of the legendary The Three O'Clock, joined again by drummer Chris Bruckner and new members, guitarist Brad Lindsay and Keyboardist Eric Tricket. This latest release is sure to catch the ears and imagination of a public who do long for a Rock and Roll "Culture Restored!” CD $5 SKU:5160

KEYES -ST Louisville Music Series #7 (mid 60s psych rock) Label:GEAR FAB The Seventh Installment of our Louisville Music Series. Another great band that exchanged band members with Soul Inc., Elysian Field, The Rugbys, and The Oxfords. Featuring the brother combo of Tom & Jim Owen, these 25 tracks were recorded between 1965-69 and are off the Master tapes from Sambo Studios!! Great mid-60s rock and psych sound. 22 of these tracks have never before been released. CD $10 SKU:21718

MASON, DUTCH - Im Back ( DUBBED by BB KING AS “PRIME MINISTER OF THE BLUES! )LAST FEW COPIES! Label:MARILYN From the ashes of the mythical Argentine duo Sandhy & Mandhy—who recorded in 1969 the intensely rare and beloved album “Para Castukis” (reissued by Lion Productions on vinyl and CD), a record suffused with beat and psychedelic influences—comes this resurrection by Mandhy of his "Celestial Stories." Alberto Vanasco Jr. (Mandhy) resumes his musical tale with twelve tracks written between 1968 and 1978. Recorded with the analogue essence and sound of the 70s, using vintage instruments like Farfisa and Hammond organ, and fuzz guitar. Features Argentine rock legends Nexus as the backing band. A record which brings together all of the various crucial elements of Argentine rock music: psychedelia, heavy blues, classic rock, and progressive rock. Stunning CD $15 SKU:13114

MOURNING DAYZE- LOST RECORDINGS (1967 Wisconsin psych) -Label:GEAR FAB This Wisconsin band appeared on "Psychedelic states Illinois" with their swirling psychedelic track "Fly my paper plane". Now the band have discovered six other original tracks recorded in the fall of 1967. The music is powerful, loud and reflective of their sound. There's also a previously unreleased alternate version of their single CD $10 SKU:23589

OLIVE, BRIAN - ST Stax-influenced late 60's, early 70's rock & roll circus.- Greenhornes/Soledad Brothers _ Label:ALIVE Henry Oliver (aka Brian Olive) is ex Soledad Brother and Greenhornes guitarist whose solo debut is a richly imbedded Stax-influenced late 60's, early 70's rock & roll circus. If you're a fan of the classics like I am, look no further, this is your album of 2009. - Electric Soul. "A pretty impressive self-produced affair that takes the trashy, rollicking, Brit invasion revivalist sound of his former groups and then injects a healthy dose of bluesy soul backbeats and N'awlins horns to the mix." - Other Music. CD $10 SKU:10246

OWEN B - ST ( 70s Ohio fuzzed out psych ) - Label:GEAR FAB The unknown rarity from Ohio that released this great Psych album in 1970. Off the master Tapes, this music is hard driven fuzzed out Psychedelic Rock that has never been reissued before. Includes 4 bonus tracks. CD $10 SKU:12766

PALACE GUARD- ST (so Cal 60s garage)-Label:GEAR FAB Featured on NUGGETS Yes, the great Southern California band that featured Don Grady of Yellow Balloon & "My Three Sons" fame, Emitt Rhodes of The Merry-Go-Round, and Terry Rae of Jamme. They were the featured band at The Hullaballoo club in LA in the 1960's. CD $10 SKU:23802

PALACE GUARDS - ST (60s Louisiana garage ) -Label:GEAR FAB What everyone remembers about this Metarie, Louisiana garage band are their 5 great 45’s released on the White Cliffs, rAe, and U-Doe labels (the first 10 songs listed). What everyone didn’t know was they also recorded 3 alternate versions of these 45s as well as 10 previously unreleased tracks from June, 1966 through April, 1969.These alternate versions and never before heard tracks reek of fuzzed out garage sounds!!
CD $10 SKU:22074

RADIO MOSCOW- The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz digipack - bundle only Label:ALIVE “Radio Moscow does for Blue Cheer what The Black Keys do for 21st century blues.”12 - The Austin Chronicle
Radio Moscow’s popularity is growing rapidly as more and more fans tune into their unique brand of American psychedelic blues rock. Their music is rooted in the power-trio sounds from the golden age of rock’n’roll in the late sixties and early seventies.

"The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz" is the Californian based band’s third album for Alive Natural Sound Records. It’s also a genuinely thrilling follow up to their previous releases, brimming with toe curling Hendrixified guitar soloing and the mariju*na and acid laced caterwauling of Blue Cheer, not to mention some seriously impressive blues guitar work that would make Seasick Stevie green with envy!

The wild card and golden boy of the group Parker Griggs grew up in Story City, Iowa. As a young basement dwelling cave teen obsessed with mid-60s garage-punk he home recorded a slew of songs in that vein which saw fruition as Radio Moscow (the moniker having been lifted from Nikiita The “K”’s ‘Go Go Radio Moscow’ from the garage comp Ya Gotta Have Moxie Vol. 2). However, although never tiring of garage-punk, Parker Grigg’s was excelling at the guitar (and drums - which he plays on all of the albums), progressing musically towards the proto-metal blues of Cream, Hendrix, Sabbath and Blue Cheer. This was apparent on the debut on which Parker played everything bar bass. A demo handed to Dan Auberbach after a Black Keys gig impressed the musician so much he landed Radio Moscow a deal with Alive and produced their startling power-trio infused debut. A further album followed the 2007 debut in 2009. "Brain Cycles" adhered to the old adage of if it ain’t broke don’t mend it and saw the teenage guitar assassins smelt gold from their vintage heavy, psychedelic blues licks.

"The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz" was recorded, mixed and mastered in analog at the legendary Prairie Sun recording studios in Northern California (artists such as Tom Waits, Commander Cody and Leslie West, among many others have recorded there). In order to achieve the true natural sound they were looking for, the band used vintage Supro, Gibson and Alamo amps, as well as other off-beat gems, while Parker would, at times, run his vocals through a tape echo, a Leslie cabinet or an old Gibson reverb tank. "The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz" is an amazing album that updates an old-school style with craft, passion and plenty of psychedelics!

The album art is a throwback to the psychedelic covers of the late sixties/early seventies, and instead of being minimalist, as is the norm these days, the album is a super-sized, gatefold edition that's a trip in itself! The first pressing is a MAILORDER EXCLUSIVE, on Blue Vinyl, ltd. to 500 copies! CD $12 SKU:13366

Rodney and The Blazers- COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1962- 65 surf/frat/pop band - Label:GEAR FAB From Coffeyville, Kansas,this great surf/frat/pop band released over 8 45s on the Kampus label between 1962-1965, including the National charting "Teenage Cinderella". They toured extensively with both Bill Haley & The Comets as well as Jerry Lee Lewis!!! All their 45s, unreleased studio and acetates...the complete collection!! CD $10 SKU:20325

SIGHTS- Most Of What Follows Is True (Thin Lizzy, Mott The Hoople and Grand Funkstyle, Kick ass, GREAT RECORD!) Label:ALIVE This is classic rock for modern people – especially those who like the harder sound of bands like Thin Lizzy, Mott The Hoople and Grand Funk Railroad. Awesome opening track “How Do You Sleep” may sound like it was recorded 35 years ago, but it, along with much of the record, transcends any era-trappings. It feels current and it kicks ass. The band wisely re-teamed with old producer Jim Diamond, who is responsible for at least 75% of the best straight-up rock records of the past decade (The Dirtbombs, The Ponys, The Whites Stipes…etc), and he doesn’t disappoint here. As with past Sights records, some of the ballads have an “aw shucks” earnestness that I can do without, but those cloying moments are a small price to pay for the live-wire jolt of the album’s best tracks like “Hello To Everbody”, “Take and Take” and “(Nose To The) Grindstone”. CD $10 SKU:12166

SIGN OFFS- ST ((Duane Peters label- kick-ass classic punk rock)LAST FEW COPIES Label:DISASTER What the hell is it about young kids from culturally dead suburban wastelands that makes for such goddamn good rock? Case in point: Cleveland's The SIGN OFFS. Whereas most punk kids are happy just to dress the part and play in useless, shitty bands until banking or insurance sales brings dreary normality to their doors, this bunch of high-schoolers from way-the-hell out on the far-west side of town, knocking out quickie rock'n'roll burners inspired by the usual suspects, (D-Generation, Turbonegro, G'nR, US Bombs, AC/DC, Dead Boys) quickly matured into a powerhouse live band. The the singer and both guitarists just turned 18 when they recorded this album, and one of the members was still in high-school. Some high-energy kick-ass punk rock rooted in their hometown's tradition. CD $10 SKU:23226

SILENCERS ST 60 style Detroit surf set ala Link Wray, Ventures andDick Dale - Label:TOTAL ENERGY The twistin twangers of the Detroit surf set ala Link Wray, Ventures andDick Dale . The Silencers add a heap of individuality and creativity to the saturated surf genre and all that , so open up yer wallets and spring for it. Artwork by Detroit illustrator Mark Arminski. CD $10 SKU:13104

SKEPTICS - The Complete Early Years- 1965-1969digipack - Label:GEAR FAB Finally, on Compact Disc and in Digipak Format, the great and legendary garage band from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Featuring all their 45s, alternate takes, and a rare unreleased bonus track. Many collectors andenthusiasts of this period consider them to be the forerunners of the American Garage Sound of the 1960’s!!
These are the complete recordings featuring their lead singer Jerry Waugh. CD $10 SKU:13799

SKY FARMER - Amazing Grace (1971 country blues psych) Label:GEAR FAB “Country blues with tinges of psychedelia" -- a cross between J. Geils and It's A Beautiful Day. he Post-Mountain Bus R&B/Rock band that fromed in 1971 and continued on until 1975. Never before released studio and live sessions!! CD $10 SKU:21732

SOUL INC - Vol 1 (NOT SOUL! 60s psych from Lousville!-Label:GEAR FAB Don't let the name fool you!! SOUL INC were one of the biggest bands in Louisville during the 60's and released 7 singles between '65-'69. They recorded much more that was recently discovered in the studio archives. Great PSYCHEDELIC music that shows the band transition from mid- to late 60's when they became 'Elysian Field'. CD $10 SKU:22032

SOUNDSATIONS /The Ramrods- Complete Recordings SHOUT (Michigan garage 2966 rarity) Label:GEAR FAB The Ramrods Complete Recordings- Another great undiscovered Michgan garage band that released this ultra-rare (R5) LP in 1966. Featuring the female vocals of Patsy Stevens, this reissue includes their long-lost 45 on the rare Fenton label and many unreleased tracks!! True 60's Garage enthusiasts will droll over this one20326!! CD $10 SKU:20326

SSM (Szymanski, Shettler, Morris)- Break Your Arm For Evolution -with Dan of the Black KEys on Guitar !) Label:ALIVE The follow-up to their acclaimed 2006 self-titled debut. "Break Your Arm For Evolution" finds John Szymanski (vox, keyboards), Dave Shettler (drums, programming), and Marty Morris (vox, guitar) further expanding their sonic horizons and fearlessly morphing genres. SSM likes to flirt and "Break Your Arm For Evolution" is not merely a title but an earnest philosophy : the endlessly catchy Daft Punk-meets-The Seeds of "Déjà Vu," the psychedelic kraut rock'n'roll of "Regenerate Your Face" transforms itself into the synth pop of "Let's Make a Baby", which metamorphoses into the indie alternative dance "Start Dancing" and quickly burst into the punk rock "Emotional Tourist", all the while challenging the traditional conventions of pop songwriting. "It's common knowledge that you can't teach an old garage band new tricks. Or, at least I thought it was common knowledge that garage bands forever stayed in the garage, until I put on this new track by SSM, "Start Dancing." On this number from their second album, SSM have updated a steadfastly rigid genre with a synthetic, robot groove that bridges the divide between Detroit's storied histories of techno and garage." - I Rock Cleveland CD $5 SKU:23708

SWAMP DOGG - Total Destruction to Your Mind! digipack W OBI CARD Label:ALIVE TOTAL DESTRUCTION TO YOUR MIND” (1970), has been called “one of the most gloriously gonzo soul recordings of all time”.The title track is a slam-bangin’ chunk of rock and funk that’s pushed by a great session band including guitarist Jesse Carr and drummer Johnny Sandlin, and is easily Dogg’s finest moment on record. But the rest of this is great too, ranging from the consumer nightmare “Synthetic World” to the paternity blues of “Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe.” – AMG CD $12 SKU:15002

TANGERINE- The Peeling Of.. (rare 60s garage psych )..-Label:GEAR FAB The long lost, rare album from PA-based band, in the style of Iron Butterfly & Banshee, with booming bass, pounding drums & distorted guitar, inc. the 14-minute space-out song "My Main Woman" IMPORT CD $10 SKU:18722

TURPENTINE BROTHERS - We Don't Care About Your Good Times (Bastard lovechild of 60's soul and Nuggets proto-punk)-Label:ALIVE The Turpentine Brothers are two parts Kings of Nuthin' (singer/guitarist Justin Hubbard and organist Zack Brines) and one part Mr. Airplane Man (drummer Tara McManus). "Get this album or miss out on one of the most exciting and important new releases of the year." - Kopper / CD $5 SKU:13133

ALIVE AT THE DEEP BLUES FESTIVAL -VA W Radio Moscow,Buffalo Killers,John The Conqueror, Left Lane Cruiser, Porkchop, and more!Label:ALIVE BUFFALO KILLERS and RADIO MOSCOW turned in super heavy sets soaked in psychedelia and reverb, while LEE BAINS III & The GLORY FIRES fiercely ripped through their show with a blistering set of songs steeped in Southern rock, R&B, soul, gospel and punk. BRIAN OLIVE and his backing band melded soulful R&B with technicolor garage-pop for their early daytime set, while HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE (the Welsh duo), LEFT LANE CRUISER and newcomers JOHN THE CONQUEROR perhaps kept closest to the Deep Blues curriculum with their respectively raunchy and heavily amplified modern interpretations of rural gutbucket Delta Blues.

Grab a copy of Alive At The Deep Blues Fest, invite a bunch of good friends over for some food & drink, and PLAY IT LOUD! COMP CD $10 SKU:14692

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 2 - ( rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave singles )Label:SSA RECORDS This series compile power-pop, mod, and new wave gems orig released on 7" singles between 75 and 86. Feat. Infidels, Notes, Zippers, Puppet Rulers, Boys, Secrets, etc. 24 tracks. Imp COMP CD $12 SKU:11742

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 3 - ( rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave singles )Label:SSA RECORDS Feat. Strangeways, Kick, Spys, Moondogs, Speedmetors, etc. 24 tracks. Imp COMP CD $12 SKU:20174

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 1 (rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave singles )Label:SSA RECORDS U.K.Compiling power-pop, mod, and new wave gems orig released on 7" singles 75 thru ‘86. 8 page booklet full of pictures and extensive liner notes. w.. Invaders, Boyfriends, Slowguns, Quads, Squares, etc. 24 tracks.Imp COMP CD $12 SKU:20513

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 4 - ( rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave sngles )Label:SSA RECORDS This series compile power-pop, mod, and new wave gems orig released on 7" singles between 75 and 86. Feat. Rattlers, Code Blue, Pop, Rousers, Colors, Speedies, etc. 24 tracks. Imp COMP CD $12 SKU:23125

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 5 - (rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave singles )Label:SSA RECORDS This series compile power-pop, mod, and new wave gems orig released on 7" singles between 75 and 86. Feat. Invaders, White Heat, Jolt, Tours, Questions, etc. 24 tracks. Imp COMP CD $12 SKU:23126

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 6 - ( rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave singles )Label:SSA All Around The World- This series compile s power-pop, mod, and new wave gems orig released on 7" singles between 75 and 86. Feat. The Spliffs, Badge, Rousers, Vertex, Tweed, Mops, Esqueletos, etc. 24 tracks. Imp COMP CD $12 SKU:23127

SOUND OF SAN FRANCISCO- ST w Two Gallants, Coachwhips and more ) Drilled promo - Label:ALIVE 17 exclusive tracks and 13 bands. Features The Coachwhips, Two Gallants (early recording), Boyskout, Black Cat Music, Hotwires Titans, The Flakes, Big Midnight, etc. "There's a bevy of talent boiling over, captured on this surpringly consistent compilation. The hard-rocking Joan Jett-meets-AC/DC riffage of Nagg opens things with the smug "Beauty of the Bitch." the Coachwhips and Boyskout serve up cool synth-heavy tunes. Big Midnight and Black Cat Music layer Iggy Pop-style confessional rock with ominous layers of guitars and organ. the Holy Kiss sounds desperate and desolate like the finest work of Rowland S. Howard and The Aktion deliver solid power-pop hooks. The Sound Of San Francisco is just about as splintered and random as when I'd left it, but the bands of that time seem to have grown exponentially good extremly quickly." - Skyscrapper COMP CD $5 SKU:13080